The imperfect ten

Season 10 is well underway. That’s Season TEN.

PES2019’s Master League is the first to reach double figures for seasons since PES2015 – which made it to 14 seasons in the end. Will PES2019 equal or better that? It’s got a great chance of doing so, despite the game’s recent lurch toward the arcade side of things.

A big reason why PES2019 is showing longevity is the great start it had. I’m bedded down in the game and have a Master League that I want to see to a conclusion.

It took Konami 3 months or so to cave in to pressure and twiddle the knobs to make PES2019 faster and more flowing the way the majority of the online contingent likes it. PES2019 is now not much more than just another nuPES instalment. No fouls, poor player individuality, and much too frantic much too often. I sincerely hope whoever makes these decisions at PES Productions tragically falls into an industrial mincing machine.

I scratched together enough pennies to get 1 big new signing, and he was quite a doozy.

Step forward Javier Mascherano from the Free Agent list.

21 years old, he seems set to establish himself in PES2019’s twilight seasons. My search for a truly legendary DMF continues. A legendary DMF in a nuPES game is a contradiction in terms, because so much of legendary DMF status in any PES is the ability to pop goals in from long range, and nuPES is hostile to long-range goals. Gotta love that online balancing act.

Thanks to regular commenter Paul – currently of the FIFAFX parish – for these new Season 10 kits. Home on the left, modelled by R Jarvis (he still gets the odd game, and nearly always gets a goal, despite being a creaky 70OPR now). On the right is Mascherano celebrating a goal that someone else has scored, naturally. DMF goals in nuPES are… eh, I’ve already done this bit.

I’ve played 8 matches in the season so far. I’m not badly positioned for a title push, but I said the same this time last year and that didn’t turn out well.Look at that table closely. What’s unusual about it? That’s right – bloody Huddersfield in top position with the most peculiar record I’ve ever seen. 6 wins and 2 draws. 7 goals scored in 8 matches. 0 conceded.

I’ve checked their current roster and other than Regen Samuel Eto’o, they haven’t got anything special. Time will tell if this is just a strange fluctuation in the ether.The Europa League has got underway. I really do want to do well in this tournament. Nice to see Rangers in the group. Shame I won’t get to play them at Ibrox.

A little minute-long goals trilogy now, all on a theme: 3 goals scored in off the post. (All goals scored before I updated the kits for Season 10.)

First a lovely aerial through-ball from Mascherano for Castledine to hit on the half-volley. Then a breakaway move against Man Utd to seal a 2-0 win – Danny starting it off with a delicious outside-of-the-foot through-ball. And finally a nice 20-yarder from Buonanotte, with his native left foot. This youngster is 81OPR now and has forced himself into the first team. The new Shimizu? He’s got a chance.

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  1. Kits looking decent NG !!
    If you want an updated GK kit to go with, just let me know.
    Huddersfield are becoming the new George Graham Arsenal, a 2-0 win, then 5 1-0’s.

  2. NG – I would view that as a good sign and that if you were to find yourself toe to toe with Huddersfield later on in the season that they are likely to fall. Interesting that Man City are the only big team up there. I would be eyeing this up as a chance.

    In other news I have been playing The Forest over the last few days, which is ironic given Paul’s choice of team. The game appeals to two things I like most in none footy games and that is crafting/building and one’s that give you a spooky sense of isolation. Currently working on getting my set up of base camp, fire put, defensive walls and water collection points etc. For now it is about keeping the mutants at bay before I make wider adventures.

  3. Paul – the kits are great, many thanks again. The home one is very modern-feeling and the away one is like an old CCFC red-dominated away kit of 1992-3-ish.

    Huddersfield is bloody weird. They really haven’t got any reason to be up there like that. If it continues I’ll suspect the programmers of inserting a deliberate Leicester-style ‘wildcard team’ feature.

    Darryl – I’ve beaten both Manchester clubs away, but of course I then lost 2-1 at home to West Brom, so the same old story continues. I’ll need to get close to the title and to win a cup this season though.

    I’ve heard of The Forest and the others like it, and wish I had the time to give to them. I do play other games that are almost as important to me as ML – XCOM2 and Civilization, of course – and have no other time.

  4. Strange how pes seems to vary the retirement and regen of players. Mascherano at 21 in your season ten when I got him as a gangly 16 yo in my season two of Motherwell.

    I wondered about that one Darryl as it seems to combine my enthusiasm for far cry type survival, no man’s sky, minecraft and that journey sort of thing. Is it download only though?

  5. Jesus, what a goal by Goodnig-, I mean Buonnanotte. Do you think it would be a valid test to restart a master league with the lower teams so to check the possibility that less skilled players have more identity? I can recall a time that you very well described PES player identity-ness consisted more of what the players _can’t_ do instead of what they can.

    Again, I have no platform to play games myself and reading your report is pretty much my gaming amusement lately (when I’m not playing PES 2009 on a notebook with a marvelous 45º movement restraint that makes Gutierrez the best player in the game). Though you still seem to have fun, it is sorrowful that you’re not having that bewildering time you were having at the Championship. Good luck on your new season!

  6. Uncle Turf – if you want an easily picked up game with insane addictive qualities that will run on any computer, have a look at Slay the Spire.

    Araraquara – I think it would be a valid test to do just that – in fact you’d probably find the game at that level much as it was a few months ago. Perhaps a huge chunk of my recent plunge in quality is down to all my players suddenly being highly statted and skilled. When nearly every player can do nearly everything, it’s arcade PES.

    I won’t be restarting. Never say never of course, as I did just that back in PES2017 with that summertime St Etienne career. Although that was a case of me moving clubs in my then-season 8 or whatever it was, rather than restarting.

  7. NG – Huddersfield May well be a case of real life smaller team doing well for the first few months of the seasons then falling away.

    See it a lot on Fifa too. Likes of West Ham, wolves etc mounting a title push only to fall away drastically come

    If you’re a fan of the resident evil series the. I suggest downloading the new resident evil 2 one shit demo off the psn.
    Remastered 4K ver of Res 2 but with new animations and content
    Pretty spooky gory stuff.

  8. Turf – sadly it is download only. The game is showing massive potential though.

  9. Why do I now have to enter my details every time on this site? When I haven’t cleaned out the browser I mean. I smell scam…

    Anyhow…I’m doing rather well for season one, although I feel that is me going through the team in preseason and kicking everyone out in favour of solid frees, combined with an 8 season or so understanding of the game (it feels much much easier now) and France d2 being weak. I’m 8th with a 12/10/10 record which would favour a play off push except in France its top two only. Very undramatic and I’m going to need to really grind next year to do that. Weirdly one of the defaults I sold only six months ago is now on a free, keen to come back to me and available for a fraction of his outrageous second season wage demands. Arcas. And I’m going for him because far worse than the identikit, no individuality amf feature nowadays is the Second Striker don’t play up to your stats syndrome. All these high 70s supposedly nippy creative types are largely average, with absolutely nothing to choose between them. Konami seems to have pushed so many decent options into the cf bracket (Tim Cahill a centre forward?!) that there are few real quality players to play just off the shoulder of the main man. I know you can switch a cf but it’s a specialist position that can’t be played by eg. A crouch or lukaku, I feel they’ve abandoned it in their quest to push their superstar forward online formations.

  10. I personally like it when the no-hope teams make a push for the title. Inserts a bit of randomness into it all. Shame that in PES it isn’t the result of Huddersfield having a good team, just the random number generator deciding that Huddersfield should be number one. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it as is evident on the pitch as well.

    I think the leveling off of the game in general has everything to do with stats. If your stats go above that of the cpu team, the cpu has to compensate. Hence the script kicks in and the cheating commences. This destroys the purpose of developing players and your team – at least after a certain point – hence destroying the purpose of master league altogether. Progression is key in game modes like these and if there isn’t any, whats the point of carrying on?

    The only difference I see at the moment with the past two pes games is that in pes 18 that turning point came very quickly. Pes 19 had a bit more longevity but for most that point has been reached. Post-patch of course. Before that it was a different story altogether.

    The mods I was raving about are more of a patchwork solution. It can paper over the cracks but eventually the scripting will take over. The frustrating part of that, for me, is that I can have a great match for 85 in game minutes due in large parts because of the mods I’m using, and then have the script ruin it for the remaining 5. For me that effectively ruins the entire match.

    For me it’s a question of completing the current season with a team filled with interesting players on paper – Mascherano (he has rising shots btw but sure you noticed that NG), Zanneti, Patrick Kluivert, Sneijder, Hamsik, Casillas, the list goes on. None show even a glimpse of indivuality once the script rears its head. After this season – a much needed break.

  11. Finished 13th, w13 d10 l15. Very solid for a starting season. Nothing much in the youth regens so I’m starting the season with a mix of old and new – arcas, lobato, Gomis, de Jong, etc etc. Oneor two may make it long term but it’s very much a squad to do a job.

  12. Uncle Turf – the sameyness of so many AMF/SS/CF types is one of the greatest sins of PES since PES2014 or so. There’s a reason for it of course, a concrete gameplay reason, and that’s to make online play competitive and satisfying for all, ie balanced. Offline it dilutes or destroys a massive part of what makes ML compelling, but as Konami might tell us in so many words, tough shit, get with the program Grandad, etc. Arcas wasn’t a good Arcas this year IMO. PES2016 was his last (only?) good incarnation.

    #1 – I agree, above a certain level it’s at least 50% to do with the upper-level players (all the over-80s, say) having much the same capability to do all the things that only some players should be able to do. Patches are still big villains of the piece I think.

  13. The bonus is I’ve signed arcas for three years on 300k. Impossible from default position but obviously part of the grand plan of a wages defying financial expert…

    The long term punch bowl dwelling turd in Abbeyhill’s France recommendation is of course the presence of psg when I finally get to compete for honours. Whether I can ever get close to their level is questionable.

  14. Arcas on 300k is still just Arcas – only good for the occasional bursting run finished off with a feeble shot. Not a patch on the magisterial 2017 Arcas. Pretty good first season effort though Turf. I’m hoping that if I ever get in a position to compete with PSG their side will be somewhat different

  15. Arcas of PES 17 was an absolute beast, my front 2 pairing was Embolo and Arcas, Embolo won the World player of the year 4 times back to back with Arcas second each time.
    3 back to back trebles with those 2, admittedly PES 17 was probably the easiest PES ever, but still …

    I have a spare PS4 in the bedroom, with a digital download of PES 17 on so might run a PES 17 ML alongside my FIFA career, just for a few games each night in bed, no option file, just vanilla.

  16. Arcas has already proved himself more useful than van der vaart. I thought vdv was a sure fire success but in half a season he did not put on a single point of improvement. He’s another one with lots of abilities in the skill list yet doesn’t show any of them. I’m not sure about signing lobato either, while I don’t want to operate the revolving door the wage situation means carrying players who offer little is out of the question. Worryingly samba hasn’t improved either. I might play arcas as a cmf, utilising that scurrying ability.

    Current lineup is; Forster, burdisso, mukiele, samba, Diaz, Francis, fernandes, okewucho (ish), de Jong/arcas/vdv, Gomis and Cahill.

  17. Paul – I remember pes 17 and that version of arcas fondly. Was just thinking of resuming my old pes 17 save on ps4 as pes 19 is going nowhere fast (again) and fifa is hard for me to get into.

    Turf – VDV is quite poort stats – wise hut detected lots of indivuality on him. Granted that was pre-shitshow patch. Regardless I just got him as a regen. 64 OPR but good skills.

  18. Yes, #1 got him in Jan as 64 overall regen. He’s now a 64 overall regen despite being on ‘classic no 10’ training and playing every match. Samba exactly the same – destroyer training, every match, no rise. It’s worrying if they’ve nerfed it further. It’s only six months but if no move by next January then it’s a problem.

  19. Uncle Turf – even when PES2019 was at its height (Sep-Nov) I found Cahill to be so nuPES drab and generic. I had him for 2 seasons, and won’t be surprised if you don’t remember him being mentioned here.

  20. I had Lobato in PES 18, his stats were incredible for a young player, but he did pretty much nothing of any note all season, so I loaned him out, he came back having increased by 10 OVR points!!
    I put him back in the team, was still anonymous, showed no individuality at all, and his contract was due so I sold him.

    A couple of seasons later when doing a transfer search, he was rated as one of the top 3 players in the game at 94 OVR.

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