I wonder if anyone will think of saying ‘PES2020 vision’ this summer?

I nearly scored the greatest goal of all time in a recent session – here is the replay:

My cleared corner leads to a tussle about 35 yards out. I get a toe in, and knock a loose ball towards my stalwart CB, Cesar Navas, who’s lurking on the halfway line. Why the hell not, I thought, and unleashed the kind of 60-yard attempt on goal that the word ‘speculative’ was invented to describe.

The ball flew goalward. It was heading for the top corner, but the AI GK saved, of course.

But…. if it had gone in the net, it would have been a great goal, one of my all-time best.

Somehow, I don’t think goals like that are ‘allowed’ in PES2019 anymore. A lot has changed in this game in the wake of recent patches.

It’s been 2 seasons since I scored a true long-ranger. It’s been about 5 (FIVE) seasons since I got one of the R2 curlers that decorated the opening seasons. It’s been many seasons since I gave a single thought of any kind to Visual Fatigue. My stamina-depleted players just play on now, as is traditional in nuPES. Most matches feature 0 (ZERO) AI fouls now. There’s the odd match with a couple of fouls, as per PES2018, but generally, nope. The sequence goes 0,0,1,0,0,2,0,0, etc.

I no longer get at least one free kick in shooting range per match. I’m lucky to get one per session.

The life and soul has progressively been patched out of this game, to the point now where it’s little more than just another nuPES instalment.

Why do they do this, time and again? Why, no matter what good things are in the game(s) in the first few weeks and months after release, are things progressively diluted to the point of this 1000mph, high-turnover, generic mush?

We all know the reason why, of course. My questions are entirely rhetorical. No need to answer.

The only real question might be: why can’t us single-players have our own separate game? Or separate settings? And let the drooling multitudes have ‘fun’ out-squeezing each other online?

I’ve been saying it for years, along with every other single-player football gamer, as we have watched in collective horror while everything that is great and valuable about PES is destroyed.

No matter what is shown to us of PES2020 in the rapidly-approaching summer; no matter what the early testers say; no matter what kind of old-school-friendly noises we hear from Konami PR; no matter what anyone, anywhere says – just a few weeks after release, the real project of turning PES2020 into the most multiplayer-friendly game it can be, will begin.

Anyway, to business – the table:31 matches played, 7 remaining. 11 points off the top, with a vastly inferior goal difference. I should make the Champions League from here, but the title seems out of reach.

Even the most generous ML table scripting would struggle to hand me the title with a straight face from here. (Although I bet if I now get 7 straight wins, I’d come close.)

My form isn’t that great. I have good months and bad months. February was an indifferent sort of month:Look at the goal-scoring. I got 10 goals in the month, and Gomez scored 8 of them. He really is as good as those figures suggest. One of my all-time top PES strikers.

Gomez is one of the reasons that PES2019 and Master League are still a going concern, despite the multiplayer madness that has claimed it. Nearly 10 seasons in, and it has enough of a hold on me that I want to see it through. It’s good for another 2-3 seasons, probably. But then I’ll walk away with a feeling of some relief, as I have done in every year of nuPES.

Updated: 18th January 2019 — 11:42


  1. If’s and Buts, mean nothing.
    IF that shot had gone in it would have undoubtedly been one of the best goals you’ve ever scored.
    If Pes 19 hadn’t been patched to death it would still be a great game.
    If Cameron hadn’t have called the euro referendum, the country wouldn’t be in such a mess ………….

    Did well to keep it on target from that distance with a CB though.

    If you win a majority of your matches and that rubber banding table scripting even lets you anywhere near the top 2, then that would be a joke, completely unsubtle and if it was me, would taint any kind of achievement knowing I was nudged towards it.

    I am quite relieved that i don’t have to go through this whole Pes starts off great, levels out then becomes a mess scenario, its happened every year as you said and it its now monotonous.
    The deeper I get into FIFA, the better it gets, gameplay is more than holding out, in fact maturing for the better, and new players are appearing as after 5 seasons players have retired and regen’ed, and youth players are coming through, so unearthing new gems, its still as fresh as game 1 of season 1.

    And continuing from the last post around your question about the Old firm stadiums, thats as close an answer you will get.

    There is no reason, Ibrox and Celtic Park are not in FIFA, no other company holds any licensing rights to either of the stadiums, Konami have sole licensing use to include the stadiums in their game and have held the license since July last year.

    Konami released 2 new stadiums last DLC, the De Kuip, and Estádio Palestra Itália, a Dutch stadium and an old no longer used Brazilian stadium, they also released 2 other stadiums in the DLC before that including Monaco’s Stade Louis II stadium, that were never ever marketed, publicised or hyped up, when they could have spent that time and effort releasing the 2 scottish stadiums, in a league thats licensed, and both ‘partner’ clubs, but they didn’t bother.

    Even if there is a deep rooted reason behind the stadiums not being released, its an abysmal show seeing as they hyped up the SPL and stadiums before release 9 months ago.
    To wait 7 months for 2 promised stadiums is unacceptable.

  2. Paul – I thought with you being a Twitter person you might have picked up something from one of the Konami PR people. There must be a reason, I think. It can’t be just an arbitrary withholding, considering the flak they’ve taken for it.

    Re. my almost Goal Of All Time, I well remember Phil Jagielka scoring a superb long-ranger to secure a late 1-1 result at Anfield about 5 years ago, from about 30 yards on that occasion. It should be the case that distance goals with CBs are possible, maybe once per season, but as I say in the post, I have a suspicion that long-range goals as a whole are effectively nerfed to PES2018 levels now. I haven’t yet been online in PES2019 (and time reasons mean I might never go online), but I imagine there were plenty of glorious 30-yarders online in the first months of PES2019. Which would of course make the onliners complain, as their whole game is built around max-pressuring and smothering play, so the ability to pop in a goal off from 30 yards would negate that. Also, I would imagine it’s their collective voice that got Visual Fatigue nerfed almost to invisibility.

  3. NG – If there is a reason, its irrelevant, as to hype the SPL and Rangers and Celtic being Partner clubs, and raking in pre-orders based on that fact, and to promise the stadiums in a DLC shortly after release, then making customers wait 7 months is just unacceptable.

    They should either have not hyped the stadiums and promised them if they couldn’t deliver, or should have communicated that there would a delay on them, either way its a piss poor show once again from Konami.

    PS: I was at that game at Anfield, gutted was an understatement!
    I was sat behind the goal that Jagielka’s shot went into, the ball did not spin or move a millimeter in flight, it was as straight as a homing missile, he will never ever hit a ball that true again for the rest of his life.

  4. Paul – the reason would be of great interest to me, as either there is one, in which case I’d like to scrutinise it for believability and reasonableness, etc.; or there isn’t a reason at all, and it is simply a random negligent whim, which would be just as interesting for other reasons. Either way it’s interesting and relevant to the overall picture of what is happening to PES in a single-player context. I’d imagine the Old Firm stadia are of main interest to offline players.

  5. NG – Totally with you, I’ve asked the question on Twitter many times.
    I genuinely want to know why too, The stadiums are not in FIFA, and no other company makes a football/soccer video game so there are no licensing restrictions there, Konami signed both clubs as licensed partners giving them access and exclusivity to the face scans, kits, branding and stadiums.

    The possible scenarios are that :-

    a) They announced the licenses in July last year and then set about modelling and creating the stadiums, which take months to do, in which case:
    i. Why announce that stadiums would be DLC shortly after release if you
    know they won’t be ?
    ii. Why Create and release other miscellaneous stadiums before the SPL ones?
    Unless these stadiums were already done and if so, why didn’t they
    release them for PES 18 ?
    iii. Why not communicate to the fans and paying customers?
    iiii. If they take so long to make then how can amateurs make amazing looking
    premier league stadiums and release them in a much shorter time on PC ?

    b) They have no sense of priority, direction, or loyalty to customers, or just know that 2 SPL stadiums aren’t going to benefit the game in any way in terms of adding any ££ to the purses through MyClub.

    Don’t forget Konami have a proven track record of lies and deception and promising then not delivering.
    Fulham last year, licensed partner club, face scans and Craven cottage to follow in a DLC …… Nothing!! No Stadium and no face scans ever materialised.

  6. Oooooh! So close there n-G. Of course the ‘keeper should save those but it would be nice to see the off one or two crash in.

    I sold my copy of PES 2019 and don’t miss it, nuPES nor this gen gaming. My game of choice now is PES 2008 on the PS2 which I’ve been playing fairly regularly in the shed. It’s a real gem of a game. A true PES game with all the old charm of classic era PES and a bit more besides – a ruthless AI being one.

    It took me four joyously short seasons in Div 2 to get promoted and I’m now battling away at the lower end of Div 1 hoping to strengthen my squad in January.

    Back here in 2008 on my old PS2 slim, I’m marvelling at player individuality, shot variety that puts nuPES to shame, in game injuries, fouls (not PES5 levels but good) and penalties. Tactics make a difference and there’s a fatigue/form system that makes sense and forces squad rotation. I just battled to 0-0 at a snowy St James’ Park, got thrashed at home to a rampant Arsenal and plotted a glorious smash-and-grab raid at Old Trafford.

    I do feel sad about the state of PES but I’m mightily heartened that these old games still hold up so well beyond just offering a nostalgia fix for us old timers.

  7. 2019 has to be the end of the line. Any noise about 2020 will be meaningless given how we end up, they’ve just become data updates.

    Draw the line in that sand right now – Sept 2019 should be the start of a new old chronicle.

  8. Sad times Turf but you are right, Konami are never going to make a game that caters for the offline player in any way, anymore.

    I personally wouldn’t have much interest in older games, they don’t do much for me, they are just melancholic memories at best, never as good as remembered, not even PES5, which is IMO, pretty average in this day and age, but was superb back in 2005.

  9. Paul — I can picture you standing outside Konami HQ with a megaphone and sandwich board and a big white beard.

    I can’t imagine it being anything other than some licensing thing, for all the reasons you describe — it’s probably not straightforward to do an Anfield or an Emirates, but I can’t seriously imagine it taking longer than a week of a few people working a few hours a day on it. So for it be 6 months and counting suggests there must be a corporate reason holding it all back. Don’t forget Old Firm clubs have various sponsorship specials between them, e.g. the same shirt sponsor for a good few years. It seems so stupid to do what they’re doing that there must be a coherent business reason. I want to know what it is!

    Shed — what more can we say about the direction of nuPES that hasn’t already been said a hundred times here over the past few years. The frustrating thing is that this was the year when they seemed to have an actual PES-centric vision, rather than an online-centric one.

    PES2008(PS2) will serve you well, and IF you really want to dive deep, get yourself a PSP (original with UMD drive) and a copy of PES2008(PSP). Using a USB cable you can transfer savegames back and forth between PSP and PS2, so you can keep the ML going on both and not be limited to shed-based play. I played many many seasons that way back in the day, and it wasn’t at all fiddly. Sample post from May 2008 here. Complete with a Motorola Razr goal replay.

    Uncle Turf — it’d be very very difficult to resist spending 30-odd quid on the PES release week experience alone, so I won’t be foolish enough to commit now to a course I know I won’t stick to. But given that I now know for sure PES Productions* is capable of dismantling any amount of good work, it really doesn’t matter what PES2020 is like at any stage. It’ll all end up in the same nuPES mush.

    *Konami being just the publisher of PES, not its maker in any way. We say Konami for shorthand, but that’s really like having a go at Penguin for J.K. Rowling’s latest being poor.

  10. I’m still getting fouls and longish range goals but there definitely is something off with the gameplay now. The game feels like it is literally begging you to sprint clamp and play at 100mph. Funny thing is I still can’t put my finger on when it happened. It’s not like we all woke up one morning and the game had obviously turned rubbish, the impact of session variance I guess

    Although PES5 was of course pretty average even at the time I am still excited about revisiting the lost PS2 titles 2008-2014 emulated on PC. Plus modern FIFA of course. Plenty of footy gaming to look forward to

  11. abbeyhill — I think there were two patches in December — after the first, I noticed a huge speed increase and increased frantic play from the AI, which as you know promotes sprint-clampy response, which leads to more frantic play, which spins the vicious circle. It was after the second December patch (3rd week or so) that my fouls dried up to 0,0,1,0,1,0 levels and long-rangers (25+ yards) became non-existent. I don’t see that old running-into-space thing anymore either. PES5 is the best thing in the history of things, no returns.

  12. Abbeyhill – what we’re all, some sooner some later, experiencing now is pretty much a universal experience looking at the forums and this very blog. I think it’s a combination of having progressed “too far” into ML and of course the ruinous recent patches. Semi-curious to see how new ML would fare but I imagine it wouldnt be much better. I’d start a new one to find out but can’t be arsed as the endgame will always be what it is now.

  13. Patch / mod still doing the business for me. Straight back into the glory days of the game with mid and long rangers again possible. Perfect pace, measured aggression by cpu, marked difference in team strength is back and there is an actual midfield now. Some cpu cheat shenanigans but nothing too rage inducing and, this is key, varied. Might post some goals over the weekend just to show what I’m seeing. Marvelous stuff.

  14. I put a post on Paul’s blog earlier and am still not over it. I have put a lot into this years FIFA as with the depth of Career Mode to do 10 seasons so far is a long slog. Then I get this bollocks, which has ruined the magic. With 5 games left of the season I had worked out that a win would give me the title in my next game at home to Spurs. A draw would do if Chelsea lost. The game started and the commentary team started going on about me already winning the title and the trophy presentation at the end of the game. Strange I thought but put it down to a commentary error. I only drew 1-1 but the commentary team said the result was irrelevant. Then as below we has the presentation. I have also included footage of the league table afterwards and imagine my disbelief when I worked out that Chelsea could still catch me. It really has ruined the immersion for me. Make your own mind up as to how you would feel in a similar position:-

  15. not sure I would be that bothered Darryl mate. An irritating calculation/commentary glitch sure, but the important thing is that you have poured so much effort and got so much great gameplay in return from FIFA19 and now topped it off with winning the premier league with Fleetwood on world class. I seem to recall you saying that you had never really won many big trophies on FIFA/PES, and suspect the memory of the achievement and of key matches during the season will far outlive this relatively minor presentational issue

    #1 – I’ve been stuck perpetually in season 1 of ML and the gameplay has definitely deteriorated as the patches have accumulated. Can imagine it would be even worse a few seasons in with 90+ teamwork

  16. Darryl – I’ve responded in full over on FIFAFX, and while I’m a bit more perturbed than abbeyhill is, your FIFA19 story is about the journey much more than the destination, as in ML. I’d be annoyed, but it wouldn’t take much of the gloss off things.

  17. Sorry Darryl but it would bother me much more than the other two, unless…you win/draw the next game thereby making the premature commentary and celebration come true. If you lose them and Chelsea win then I’d quit, throw the game in the bin and never play football titles again.

    My attempted return to non football gaming took a whack with arkham asylum yesterday. I completed the game back in the day but with 80% of it done I realised there’s a limit to end of level boss battles – observe, hit, runaway when the signal comes of an attack. And arkham was one of the best. I’ve got a few more lined up I’m hoping offer more variety but I see a future where I have one footy title, one pick up standard shoot thing and of course skyrim. Ultimately I’ll be forced off the console by mini turf and it will be strategy gaming on the laptop again.

  18. Abbeyhill – almost forgot about your groundhog-season save. How many seasons have you got clocked now? Must be 10 at least?

  19. #1 – have started over 20 seasons now but sadly never managed to finish one, yes probably a good 10 seasons worth of actual matches. One thing I have finished is Witcher 3 at last, rolling the end credits of Blood and Wine last night. Thanks for your encouragement to keep going with it after an unpromising start, it comfortably rates among my top 10 gaming experiences ever. As Geralt retired to his beautiful vineyard in the Provence hills with daughter Ciri for companionship I started wishing that my retirement could look exactly the same

  20. Abbeyhill – glad that you enjoyed it! I loved that vineyard and the whole atmosphere in and around Toussaint. So different from the main game yet fitting with the lore at the same time. Geralt is such a proper main character as well. How did you find the end boss? Had to take the difficulty down a notch myself, as he was one-shotting me for fun.

    As far as pes goes – surely you’ll be wrapping things up then soon?

  21. yes that Detlaff higher vampire was bloody hard. I was only on the normal (‘story and sword’) difficulty but it took loads of tries plus a quick look at a guide. Just did it again this evening to prove it wasn’t a fluke and to play through the final hour once more. By luck rather than any research I got the ‘happy’ ending with both royal sisters surviving

    will probably keep trying with PES for a while longer. I’m viewing it as a gritty challenge rather than a football game per se. Really should not be that tricky to survive a season on superstar challenge mode but it is so gloriously unfair; your approval rating can fall from 50% to 18% by just two games into the season

  22. Turf – NFC decided by the referee there, so much for infallible american sport officiating. Saints were the best team all season for me so hard to take going out like that. Incredible FG at the end though.

  23. NG – As I said before if the SPL stadiums was a licensing thing then don’t announce that stadiums will be available shortly after release, don’t hype the game and sell pre-orders off the back of something you promise and can’t deliver.

    And how can it take them months to produce 2 stadiums when Daniel from Ealing, a p/t painter & decorator, can produce 12 premier league stadium which look amazing within a few months?

    There is absolutely no excuse for the way Konami have behaved from a customer loyalty standpoint this year, lies, false promises, false PR and hype, minimal production effort, my measley 40 quid a year won’t cause the demise of PES unfortunately but they certainly won’t be getting another penny from me ever again unless they seriously change the way they operate.

    And until the PES fanboys on twitter start acting the same way, they will just think they can get away with it year after year so nothing will change.
    Had an argument on Twitter yesterday with some jumped up prick whos defense for konami was that Adam played some different ML mode which was really good, hence him tweeting that ‘ML was a breath of fresh air’ prior to release, but there may have been some issues with the mode so Konami dropped it from the final game, and that Adam/Asim aren’t liars, they just pass on info that people above them tell them to, and that they have no involvement in the development or direction of the game.

    When I pointed out that Adam moved to Japan to work closely with the devs on the direction of the game, he suddenly went all quiet.
    Honest these pathetic retards will make any and every excuse to still try to portray PES as some godly thing, when its actually a leaky bowl of baby turd and vomit mixed together.

  24. Abbeyhill – that was a bloody hard boss wasn’t it, much harder than the boss from the other DLC. But it was fitting since he’s supposed to be the final baddie and all. He got me every time on his transformation to the multiple bats-and-then-hit-you-in-the-face-move. Marvelous game.

    BTW, if you’re into a gritty challenge, Bloodborne might be a good idea. You can play it intermittently as there’s not much of a story to begin with. You die often but it’s not a disaster when you do, you learn to live with it. I play it on and off and just defeated the first boss after a number of tries. What a rush that was. Real nail-biting stuff where the odds are always stacked against you and enemies are always bigger, faster and stronger.

    Still more fair than pes scripting though.

  25. Cook – there is no angle of replay or obvious reason why that was not a penalty. He simply took out the receiver. Still the Saints have a dirty coach so I don’t have an issue with them losing, but yes I think they were the best looking team this year. Wonder if that fieldgoal would have been made outside – no doubt being in a dome helps with consistency of conditions. A swirling Denver or frozen Green Bay might have been different.

  26. Cook/Uncle Turf – I have seen the call in question that looks like textbook interference. The point about US sports officiating isn’t that they’re infallible – they’re clearly not, and I’ve seen enough dodgy calls in baseball to know that that’s not true. The point is that they don’t make incorrect calls based on context. There’s no ‘well, the Saints have already had too many penalties this game/this season, so we’ll just ignore this one’. E.g. when it was 0-0 in Huddersfield-Man City yesterday there was a 100% penalty on Raheem Sterling that the referee just waved play on for. Why? Because the situation was ickle Huddersfield vs mighty Man City, and the ref didn’t want to be a pantomime villain and give the big guns a one-goal head start. You can’t seriously mount an argument for the American football refs making the same kind of contextual call in the Rams-Saints case, especially as the result would ‘only’ have been better field position.

    I can’t wait for VAR to come in in the Premier League next season, because incidents like Vertonghen blatantly pulling Mitrovic to the ground at a corner yesterday should be given every single time as penalties – that’s what the system is for. The thing is, they WON’T BE given, even if a few are given in August (when every new innovation gets an airing: remember when automatic yellows came in for any dissent whatsoever? That didn’t even last until the end of August, 3 years ago). After the first few penalties awarded via VAR for corner grappling, there’ll be a manufactured ‘outcry’ about the VAR practice ‘ruining our game’ and a fevered, hostile atmosphere from opposing fans and teams whenever the refs run toward the VAR booth, and there’ll be a call for ‘common sense’ – wait and see.

  27. Paul – it’s the reason I’m interested in, not how it operates as an excuse or what it means from the bird’s-eye view of how PES Productions works/treats the fans, how Konami communicates etc. What’s the reason! It’ll be utterly bizarre and indefensible, whatever it is, but it’ll be a definite thing, not just some random evil whim by Konami.

  28. NG – have you not learnt from Konami’s behaviour ? They Lie, blatantly, to customers.
    So any reason they give is likely to be a fabricated excuse engineered to make them look as inculpable as possible.

    Possible reasons ?

    License Issues
    Then do NOT advertise release of stadiums that you know you can’t deliver for months, and at least communicate to paying fans that bought the game on the back of the promised licenses and stadiums

    Takes ages to design and model and implement new stadiums
    If it takes a billion dollar games developer so long then how can amatur bedroom programmers and designers make 12 stadiums in a matter of weeks, all of which work perfectly in the game and look amazing ?
    And if that is the case why not focus solely on the stadiums you did promise rather than releasing 3 or 4 hodge podge stadiums that no one cared about?!

    Just didn’t bother
    put focus on boots, tattoos, faces, MyClub – self explanatory

    Whatever way you look at it, none of the reasons could in any way be acceptable.

  29. Paul – I think it has to be some version of number 1, i.e. licence issues, in which case that will be interesting from the POV of advertising stadia they know they can’t deliver for 7 months. It can’t be any other reason, I think.

  30. We will never ever be told why it took 7 months of course, we will just get the ‘we said after release, so we wasn’t lying’ schpeel.

    The fact that they consider a main DLC 7 arriving 7 months after release aeceptable or sensible pretty much says it all

  31. Paul (and others) – have Konami ever issued a statement regarding Fulham and Craven Cottage? These were supposed to be in at sometime, no? The utter silence on matters like this is just infuriating.

  32. #1 – nope. Never. Not even a sniff.
    You’d think some one at Fulham’s licensing and marketing dept. Would have piped up and asked why the team were running round with PES splashed all over the back of their shirts last season yet none of their players even had real faces within the game and no stadium.

  33. The Fulham thing was such a non-thing that I didn’t even remember it was meant to be a thing until it was mentioned here again in the last few days!

    Just checking in on the PES forums again for the first time in a month or so (I think it was last-patch, a month ago, when I last dropped in), and things are looking and sounding very familiar, which is a bloody shame. I’ll pinpoint the AI fouls issue as the canary in the coalmine. To go from the demo (an average of 5 AI fouls per FIVE-MINUTE match) to the release game (I ended up averaging 2-3, which I deemed acceptable, including a shooting-range free kick in most matches) to the current state of affairs (average 0.5 per match, with a shooting-range free kick once again the rarest event) is disgraceful.

  34. NG – what forums are you looking in on? Evo-web? As i dont think WENB or PESFan exist anymore.
    Whats the general feeling about PES 19 there then?

    And the Fulham thing was only a non-thing if you dont support them or have any wish to play as them, but its still an instance of Konami promising and marketing a product based on having Fulham licensed,with faces scanned and stadium and delivering none of it, not even a word.

    Rinse and repeat this year with the SPL teams, lighting engine which isn’t even in the game and was mass publicised pre-release, Snow (which isn’t even snow), licensed leagues, when all they have is kits which any decent option file would give you, no other presentation elements for the licenses at all, no stadiums, no adboards, no graphics, no league specific balls, no commentary – nothing!

  35. Paul – EvoWeb and Reddit. The latter is particularly interesting as the default stance of all commenters and posters there is that PES is a multiplayer game. There’s no ‘does anyone think that – ONLINE – this, that, and the other thing is a pain/a joy?’ Instead they say ‘does anyone think that this/that/the other is a pain/a joy?’ and it’ll be an entirely online-oriented thing.

    The main EvoWeb thread is currently in its ‘let’s try to Edit certain attributes to see if we can get more fouls’ cycle.

    A great shame that PES2019 has been reduced to just another nuPES entry. It had so much going for it. Right now I’m very much in the ‘finishing up with a nuPES instalment’ zone, and for the longest time it never seemed that would be the case.

  36. Thanks for the summary NG, saves me looking.
    I’m sure PES as a multiplayer game with friends is a great bundle of fun, but thats about all.

    That brings me back around to the 7 month wait for SPL stadiums, the shelf-life is about 6-8 months so Konami are releasing the SPL stadiums in Mid Feb, do they really expect the same level of people will still be playing ML by then?
    Or that people will start a brand new Ml after 6 months of invested time, just to be able to play in those stadiums? Im sure a handful will do, but very very few, it all seems quite pointless to me.

  37. Paul – if you look at it as if the long-term Konami strategy is to dis-incentivise ML and single-player, it makes more sense perhaps. I would bet their early post-release metrics (which they of course receive via Sony and Microsoft and Steam) showed more people playing single-player modes than they liked. I put the tinfoil hat on when it comes to this topic because of my knowledge that if I were Konami and had a business to run, I would do exactly what they seem to be doing.

    ‘If we release this feature now, it’ll freeze X amount of people in single-player.’ ‘Hold it back then.’

    ‘If we turn down the AI fouls dial by X amount, it’ll prompt Y amount of people to drift into myClub, because they might as well.’ ‘Turn it down, then.’

    Etc. I genuinely believe considerations like the above are real and they happen.

  38. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the example you mention are reality, after all it is a business, designed to make a profit.The shareholders don’t care if their dividends come from people playing MyClub ort ML or just sitting in menus.

    Id rather they just came clean though and ditched ML altogether and said ‘we are changing our direction with the series’ rather than dish out half finished modes, then lie about it to incentivise sales.

    What other purpose does the 9 new licensed leagues they implemented have outside of offline player modes?
    Apart from I guess making the players available within MyClub mode, which could have been done without league licenses, I don’t think there is any purpose.

    Why bother spending money time and effort on licensing leagues which are only really any benefit to the offline ML mode, if you are trying to kill it off?

    Screams of them having no clear direction to me.

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