No seasonal turkey sandwich analogies here

My final post of 2018 is a short one. These days between Christmas and New Year might as well be deleted from the calendar. They might as well not exist. They’re peculiar days.

First, my current table:I’ve got a 10-point cushion between me and the relegation zone, so there’ll be no relegation battle this season.

I still have a chance of hauling myself into Europa League qualification. That’s what the chairman wants me to do.

But overall, it looks like this season is going to be a rare one without any Last Day Drama – but we’ll see. With 9 matches remaining, anything is possible.

The above were my results for the month of November, which started with that 5-0 mauling at the hands of Liverpool, but which then saw me accelerate (briefly) into my best form of the season so far.

What’s put me mid-table this season is starting to win a few matches I would have drawn last season, or even lost, and that’s made all the difference.

I’ve been through the mid-season transfer window and picked up two new players.

I sold JOAQUIN. Not individual enough.

The two new players were ENACHE, a right-back who will purely act as cover for Giorza. And step forward ADURIZ. I finally plucked him from the Free Agents list. He’s getting an eye-watering £1.8m per year. In his first few matches he’s been so bad that I genuinely nearly sold him in the same transfer window that I bought him in. But he will get a season at least.

I’m not happy about a few things that have started happening in PES2019. 1000mph online-style matches where none of the players really stand out. ‘No fouls football’ seems to be a thing again. I haven’t scored a long-range goal for six or so sessions, and it’s definitely not for want of trying.

I suspect the worst, but it’s hopefully a random wrinkle in the stretched-out blanket of ML. Hmmm. We’ll see.

A clip to end with that features two interesting moments.

First, I scored what I thought was a fine hook-volleyed goal with Gomez to seal an important win. But the game awarded it as an own-goal. Check the replay and decide for yourself. Technically, I see why the game did it. But is the flight of the ball really affected? Looks like a clipping issue, but that happens all the time in PES.

And then there is a red-card moment for my keeper. My second such in this PES.

And that’s me done for 2018.

Have a great whatever’s-left-of-2018 for you. No new post on New Year’s Day itself (a Tuesday). See you next week, 4th January, when normal service will be resumed, and Christmas-New Year will seem but a fading dream.



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  1. Is it just me or has the fouls situation changed after the last patch – I am much more frequently seeing a lot of fouls called against me and hardly any in my favour. Just now I committed 7 fouls against Athletic de Bilbao’s 2. Never had that before..

    On another topic: can anyone describe or show me a goal you conceded recently against the AI, in ML, on Superstar or higher that was the result of a well-crafted chance or logical sequence of play? I won’t go any of my over-the-top-rants of how cheaty as fuck the game usually is (and it is) but I think I might be losing it here. Literally all goals I’ve conceded during, say, this last week, is due to my players being pulled out of position, silly deflections, you fucking name it.

    prsgame – that sucks, hope everything is well.

  2. indeed, all the best prsgame, hope she is recovering now. Liked your review of Into the Breach on your website, just picked that up on Switch

    #1 – ermmmmm, there was one where the AI picked up the ball on the flank, somehow weaselled the ball past my perfectly positioned RB with a low cross, backheeled by a CF at the near post and then my CB moved away from his man (despite team spirit of 88) leaving a tap in. Actually come to think of it there have been a few like that. Not noticed any change in fouls

  3. #1 – I believe AI fouls have progressively been all but eliminated from PES2019 over the course of the patch cycle since release. Right now things are at PES2018 levels for me – 0 or 1 fouls in all matches except a rare few. I don’t expect this to change.

    Re. AI goal types, much like your free kick frustrations, I don’t share them – maybe 1 goal in 8, roughly, will be one that makes me groan. The others do at least give me the illusion that I could do something about them. I never see the AI score a great goal, though. The majority are still team goals that end in a finish from inside the box, and of course team goals are not great.

    abbeyhill/#1 – I’ve had Into The Breach since its day of release and just started playing it over the past few weeks, by coincidence. I kept restarting after bad early missions, until I realised that’s the point, to go on and live with disasters, make them part of the experience, a la XCOM.

  4. NG – I’m thinking you’re not seeing these freak occurrences because you are not yet challenging for prizes yet. As soon as you come in reach of winning anything really, the cheat engine is activated in full. At least that’s what I’ve experienced. That, or you really do have a golden copy in which case; lucky git. Also on the subject of things patched out: stamina has no influence on CPU anymore either it seems? In earlier seasons it was REALLY noticeable and actually there, but now I’m seeing red-lined 60 OPR wingers just zooming past my VIrgil van Dijk as if he’s not there. SUrely that has changed as well? Or is that a difficulty-related “thing”? (if so it should not be)

    I WANT to like this game but it’s doing everything in its power to ensure that I don’t. I’m constantly shifting from “wow that was a great passage of play” to utter shit matches or passages of play during matches. There is NO inbetween. Just now I conceded a cheat-insta-goal, came back through careful build-up and making the most of using Gegenpress scoring a great goal where Justin Kluivert passed the ball to his dad, Patrick Kluivert in a very PES-like goal and moment. Utter madness yes, but great to look at and felt great to score.

    ONE gameplay minute after; zack zack zack zoom BAM high corner shot, you lose human, 2-1 loss. Everything went to shit in just a few minutes. On route to goal the CPU was allowed to hack down my players, morph through mine to ensure passes stuck and was in possession of superhuman reflexes, speed and clairvoyance that would make Nostradamus jealous.

    So next up for me; FIFA. I cant keep doing this shit anymore, going back and forth between flashes of brilliance and (mostly, to be honest, at the moment) crap, formulaic football gaming without any randomness or intelligence whatsoever.

    Don’t know if I’ll stick with it, knowing me i’ll be flip-flopping back and forth before long but I’ll at least give it a go.

  5. #1 – I think Konami have patched out a lot of the Visual Fatigue mechanisms due to complaints from you-know-where.

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