That Friday Feeling

In the August transfer window of Season 8, I couldn’t resist bringing in (on Loan) one of last year’s heroes.

Yes, it’s the return of a hero of yesteryear: F FRIDAY.

Nope, it never really works out, brining back the heroes of previous PES instalments, but I do keep trying. Veldwijk of PES2018 didn’t work out in PES2019 (most of you will barely even remember that I had him).  Forlan of PES2012 isn’t quite doing the business yet either. But this is the kind of thing that’s part of the allure of Master League.

PES2019’s Friday still feels pretty useful. He’s already got a couple of vital goals, leading to some legendary scenes of celebration.Friday is strictly only here as cover for Gomez. PES2019 favours the big, strong type of striker who can receive a ball and turn into a defender. When Friday moves on at the end of this year-long Loan spell, I don’t believe I will miss him greatly. But you never know.

The financial conditions of the game have changed for me. I’m easily in surplus on the wages bill at the moment, which means that the era of relying almost entirely on Loan players is over.

Here is my complete Squad and First XI for Season 8:19 of these 22 players are my own. I only brought in three Loanees – FRIDAY, ENOMOTO, and MIDDLETON – to act purely as cover in their positions.

BENAT and DANNY are two promoted Youths – again, like Joaquin and Cesar Navas, they’re two older Youths that I had to watch mature over the past few seasons when I couldn’t buy any new players. I’m curious how they’ll do.

Special early mention for FAZIO, a promoted Youth CB. I’m going to say something very bold, which is that Fazio could be PES’s most individual-feeling CB since Vornander. There. I said it.

I think this is a great squad and can’t wait to find out what I can do with it. I also still have about £1.5m left in the wages budget to spend in January if I have to.

The financial squeeze is over – for now. Just wait till my top players’ contract demands go up another few notches, which they will.

I had the worst possible start to the season – 3 straight defeats out of 3 matches, on the bounce. I rallied a little to reach mid-table after 8 matches, but my W-D-L record is still a pretty poxy 3-0-5.I’ve played a bit beyond the pictured table – a brief session yesterday (Thursday) that saw 3 very decent matches, including against one of the top teams, which for once wasn’t a 1000mph frenetic blur.

I’ve said it before and will say it again: the fast and furious, Old Boys/Rivals type of gameplay – that nuPES throws up all too often – might be the worst football gaming I have ever had the misfortune to experience, and I’ve played FIFA2003.

I’d score those kinds of PES2019 matches around 3/10, at best. I’d score a good match of PES2019 at around 8/10 or 9/10. The gap in quality between the two is a wide one.

PES2019 generally continues to play a good game. I’ve given it way more time than I should have done. Really and truly there are other things I should have been doing over the past few months. One of my 2019 resolutions is to spend more time doing other things that I need to do, by force if necessary. I’m considering a self-imposed cap of X hours per week.

The thing with football gaming is that it’s so easy. It fits into your routine like a hand into a glove. Regular games can’t really do that. Who would boot up Red Dead Redemption 2 for a quick half-hour before work? I’m sure some people would – but only football gaming lends itself well to that kind of convenience.


No post on Christmas Day, a Tuesday this year. I will return this time next week – Friday 28th December 2018 – with a new post, as I will certainly find time to get on the game between now and then.

Bah, humbug.

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  1. abbeyhill – it imparts curl to the ball and has done since at least PES4. Has to be applied while the player runs up.

  2. and how does it differ from the curl you get from just moving the left stick left or right in the run-up?

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