So long, and thanks for all the R2 curlers

Goodbye, Lincoln. It’s been emotional.

Lincoln has been one of my main players from the very start. He was my first ever signing, a promoted Youth, and has been a faithful servant for 6 (SIX) full seasons, longer than many nuPES players ever get.

His silky skills, and of course those goals, pre-October patch, have gone a long way to define the PES2019 experience.

But now the finances in Master League have forced my hand. For most of the past six seasons, as the wages bill has crept up and crept up, I have relied on Loanee players to bulk out my squad. It’s time for that to start coming to an end.

This season – Season 7 – is my maiden season in the Premier League. I need to equip myself with the players I need long-term to make it big in the Premier League. And for this I need a solid squad of players of my own. I need to reorganise my finances. Hence Lincoln being sold.

This is not something I can do in one go – as will be seen, I will have a load of Loanees again this season. Possibly next season too. Depending on what happens budget-wise, where I finish, what I win, etc.

Lincoln was snapped up immediately for £10m. More significantly, his salary of £1.3m was removed from my budget.

All my Season 6 loanees departed. This was literally my entire squad on Day 1 of Season 7:

Rabiot is a Loanee who’d just arrived. Lincoln is about to be sold (and looks like he knows it).

I got cracking and went straight for the 20-year-old free agent Forlan up front, plus a CB at the back, Cabezas. Getting both of these used up all my wages bill and I was back to shopping for loans.

Here’s the squad I ended up with after deadline day:

Rabiot is a major coup, and is showing a lively lofted pass. Jack Wilshere is a sublime passer of the ball and has bags of immediately apparent individuality, which took me by surprise – he was a bench-filler, but has started nearly every match he can (his famous Weetabix ankles are a thing here too). My new reserve GK has an amusing name. Lozano might be the best Loanee I’ve had yet, and is a Level 3 star player who will put a few hundred thousand per month.

I won my first match, with Gomez (top scorer in the Championship again last season) getting the solitary goal.

That result made me wonder if the Premier League was going to be all I needed it to be, to continue the PES2019 experience.

But I needn’t have worried.

Played 9, won 1, drawn 3, lost 5. Second from bottom.

Whatever I do, I can’t do anything.

Forlan hasn’t been great so far. I got him because Jarvis was only getting about 10 goals a season. I thought Forlan might be the answer – 20+ goals a season, surely?

Well, in 9 matches so far, he’s scored just 1, a routine side-footer from 8 yards. I won’t let him sit in my team indefinitely, earning big money in seasons to come, without a return on investment. I’ll give him 2 seasons at least. He was one of my heroes of PES2012. There’s never yet been a case of a hero of one PES becoming a hero of another, so we’ll see if that curse can be lifted.

Forlan’s other key contribution was a nice assist for a consolation goal in a defeat by Man City.

It’s a type of goal I rarely post on the blog, so here it is for connoisseurs of neat near-post headers – and also to see my new Home kit in action: 

Last week another official patch arrived for the game, and as is now the tradition, a whole host of imagined changes were soon reported by the busy PES community in traditional ‘I know it sounds crazy but you gotta believe me!’ style.

As a committed patch sceptic, I feel almost embarrassed to confess that I now find the patch has loosened up the ball a touch. There is a palpable Sensible Soccer-style tendency for the ball to roll away from players in certain contexts, that simply wasn’t there before. The AI also now plays loose passes more often. I know it sounds crazy but you gotta believe me.

PES2019 seems better than ever. Life in the Premier League is good.

I do miss Lincoln. Something feels missing in my team. I think I made a mistake, now. It was a toss-up between getting rid of him or Giorza. I should have got rid of Giorza. I can always buy Lincoln back in the future I suppose.

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  1. Paul – my mid-season league table tomorrow will show exactly what kind of player I am at this game – an average one – and I love being that. Being a genuinely average footy gamer has always been my secret advantage when it comes to longevity in footy gaming. I never have won a league title on Superstar on nuPES. Every year since PES4, when I first got online and read a PES forum (PESfan, RIP), I’ve been reading sweeping pronouncements that X, Y and Z are all too easy this year and I just chuckle to myself. I’ve got a mini-highlights reel for tomorrow that features my only free kick goal this season so far. In context, for me, it is a special goal and a special event. To another player, a free kick goal isn’t special for any reason – but what should other players be to me?

    I don’t think Lloyd needs to go up a level based on what he’s said of his recent exploits, but Tommy probably does.

  2. in fairness free kicks are pretty much automatic on top player and below, it is only on superstar and legendary they require some skill

  3. NG – my statement that FK’s are too easy is based purely on the ratio of success vs kicks taken, not on the players ability at all areas of the game.

    Meaning that if you aim 3 yards inside the post, and power to halfway, or just over, and hold the LS to either side for the curl, it will go in an unrealistically high number of times, 8 or 9 out of 10 times.
    IRL players hit FK’s with the right amount of curl and power to be on target quite often, but the keeper saves them, in PES, they dont seem too.

    That’s all.

    As for Lloyd going up a level, every video I’ve ever seen of his goals, the scorelines always show him winning comfortably, thats why I said he needs to go up a level, cause it looks like he wins quite easily.

  4. abbeyhill/Paul – again, if none of that is true for me, is it universally true as you both imply?

    Let me state it another way. If 999 people dislike the taste of cinnamon, but I like it, what is the answer to the following question: Does cinnamon taste nasty or nice?

    If 99 PES2019 players can knock free kicks in 9 times out of 10, but I can only knock them in maybe 3 times out of 10 (on all levels), is the statement ‘free kicks are easy’ True or False?

    I’m genuinely amazed this isn’t getting through. There is no way it can ever be said that free kicks are easy in PES2019 when there is even 1 player of PES2019 for whom they’re not easy. Saying ‘Oh, but just do this, this and this, and you’ll get loads, and therefore they’re easy’ doesn’t cut it. That’s not an argument. It’s just a version of the whole Harry Enfield ‘you don’t want to do it like that!’ character spiel.

  5. Paul – you’ll see a mini-highlights vid of mine tomorrow in which I’m winning each match quite easily. Then you’ll see the current league table. I think you know the rest…

  6. NG – not at all, you are incorrect.

    Your analogy of the taste of Cinnamon is non-comparable, as the taste of something is down to personal preference, not fact.
    In PES, if you stop the bar at the right position and push the stick in the right direction, it is a goal 90% of the time, thats FACT, not opinion or preference, and I can promise you, a far higher percentage of players are able to score the FK’s, than not, so in that respect, YES, the FK’s are too easy, or put a better way, the method of taking the free kick is not the ‘too easy’ part, but the fact that an unrealistically high percentage of the fk’s that are taken optimally, go in, is the ‘overpowered’ element.

    Saying ‘Oh, but just do this, this and this, and you’ll get loads, and therefore they’re easy’ doesn’t cut it. That’s not an argument.

    You saying they aren’t overpowered or easy because YOU aren’t as good at taking them isn’t an argument either, my point bis that the number of on target FK’s that go in, is overpowered, not that the taking of them is easy.

    As for your highlight video, yes I appreciate the goals shown may just be cherry picked occurrences of matches where you have scored, and be winning comfortably but say the other 60% of matches you are losing, that’s perfectly understandable, from a goals clip that shows just a few goals, it’s just that Lloyd posts a fair few videos, all 3-7 mins long containing numerous goals and he’s always winning in every one of them, which is what drove my comment.

  7. Paul – exactly, it’s neither one nor the other. This is very true:

    an unrealistically high percentage of the fk’s that are taken optimally, go in

    – but again it’s a case of me having to play optimally (in general as well as FKs), and I don’t. Just because I’m poor at FKs, I would never assert that they’re tricky this year. It all depends on individual. I really do love being an average gamer. Currently playing – and losing – a game of Civilization V on that game’s equivalent of Regular, and losing. But the Civ forums are packed with players who will only play on the equivalent of Legend and regard various features as easy etc. And of course I’ve never done anything of note in any Football Manager. I used to be great at Asteroids (the 1980s cabinet game) because I had a knack for piloting my triangle spaceship between the asteroids, but that’s about it.

    Lloyd’s remarks about him getting knocked out of CL and missing out on titles by a few points etc. point to where he’s at with the difficulty more than a highlights vid could do. It does seem though this year that Superstar has been tweaked to make Legend more attractive. I bet hardly anyone played Legend in PES2018.

  8. Ok NG, to clear up any confusion, I will re-word just for you.

    The method of taking a FK in PES 2019, by means of aiming in the optimal direction, applying the right power, and adding the correct curl/dip is neither easy or hard, but based purely on your own individual ability.

    However, when a FK is taken and has the optimal curl and power applied and is on target, then they become Overpowered/too easy to score, as the unrealistically high % of on-target FK’s are not saved.

    Hope that makes my point clearer.

  9. Paul – yes, I agreed with you in my last comment and quoted your own line that describes it well. For a player who takes FKs optimally, a large number will go in, more than is realistic, and for those players, they will be easy. But that has no bearing on my game. If I score an FK I’m going to experience it as special, and I might even shriek like a girl.

  10. NG – That’s because in your copy the FK’s are harder and all set to ‘realism level, as they are in the Golden Copies.

    As a side note, in the 2 seasons I played before ditching it, Vasilij, had scored 6 FK’s in one season. out of no more than 8 or 9 awarded.

    Sebastian Larsson holds the record of most FK’s scored across premier league history, with 11, he has made 231 appearances across 11 seasons, assuming that even only one FK within shooting range was taken in each of the games he has played, thats a conversion rate of 4.3%

    Overpowered. 5.5/10

  11. Best game eva, 34/10, #GoldenCopyFTW

  12. you missed the decimal point

  13. The step up from TP to SS with manual passing has been interesting. Less space, more midfield battles and less goals. Should have a video up tomorrow with the tail-end of season 11 and the start of season 12.

  14. I haven’t scored a free kick in 2019. Not one. Not even with jay’s guide.

    NG – having sold giroud im on a surplus of around 1.2m with 20 players in Jan season 4. My highest earner is partey with 1.7m, currently indispensable. I have all my key players signed up till 2024 – as far as they will go – so they are on what you estimated, starting salary x3 give or take eg. Defoe 1m. The squad fillers are 2023 and still on their 300kish deals. It’s about 50/50 in terms of numbers. The quandaries are Buffon and corluka. I like them both but is Buffon worth 2.5m if I can get regen cech for 500k? Same with corluka who wants 1.8m – is any cb in a world of easy to acquire cbs worth that? Buffon to be honest hasn’t distinguished himself as the irl Buffon but past ml’s suggest there’s no one better in the game when he does hit that point. I suspect he will stay and corluka can do one. I currently get 185k a month addition to wages from some ground receipt bonus? I have very few players with any kind of status – no star tag or the like – so not sure why I get that.

  15. Uncle Turf – you’ve done very well to last until Season 4 with those players, but you’ve got some big decisions looming. Had I had advance warning things might have gone differently for me (glad they didn’t, though, it’s been hugely enjoyable scratting around for pennies and players).

  16. Hi all,

    I find the whole difficulty debate interesting, and also absolutely subjective. And if i may here is my point of view.
    I for one, used to be happy playing on amateur/regular in the PES of old, as i played on a PC Keyboard. Then i got myself a nice XBOX controller to used with PES on PC and i was able to do more stuff, with greater precision, and i moved to regular/professional. Then PES 2019 came along and also my nephew who in some aspects is a better player than me, and challenged me to move to top player, and so i did.

    What i find is that i am probably about as average as NG, as far as skills go, but i have a much lower resistance to frustration. And so i don’t think i could endure the 6 seasons in championship, but on Pro i can get promoted on the second Season, and that is ok for me. I could probably endure doing it on more seasons in TP, but why? i like the feeling of progression, and in PES it still comes from various angles: my own skill gets a little better, then team spirit… then the individual players i can develop or afford. I can not hang to a game if i am not geting the feeling that i am indeed making progress and moving to other stages.
    Could be because of my age… 🙂 i feel i don’t have as much time as i used to.

    So in short, the “right” difficulty for me is the one that lets me have fun at the same time that it poses a challenge i can hope to surpass. It’s a fine balance.

  17. I’ve only had them since January season 3/summer beginning season 4 as that’s when I got my hands on the boro. I didn’t bring anyone with me from my Motherwell stint, even if I wanted to none of them were interested. I have developed a bit of a bond for somethough, despite the lack of time vested in their development. However, it’s all about my development, I am more important than the team. It’s about me!

  18. Turf – not a single free kick goal? Damn, I usually score 3 or 4 a season 🙂

  19. None. But I probably would if I switched to full assistance professional. You’re only cheating yourself lloydster…

  20. Luis – good thoughts, and it probably says more about my nature and expectations as a gamer that I never experienced any of the 6 seasons in D2 as frustration. It was pure enjoyment all the way, and when I finally got promoted I was actually disappointed it was over. I could have played 10 seasons in D2 – 15, 20 seasons! – and not been bothered at all, as I was getting a very rich PES fix from the experience. None of the setbacks and failures had any negative emotional effect on me. Never been a controller-thrower and never will be one. Setting the difficulty bar where I’ve really got to ‘suffer’ is the right difficulty for me.

  21. Abbeyhill – any time you fancy a battle?

  22. Sorry but I just HAD to comment this, nothing to do with anything but royally pissed me off. Further proof (if needed) of table scripting. I played half the season on professional and was top by 4 points in Jan. Turned it up to top player and couldn’t win a game. Fell to pieces but towards the end of the season I’ve got it together, much to my chagrin really as I didn’t want to be promoted. A good run of form saw me get back to second but 2nd-5th separated by 2 points. I just got HAMMERED 4-1 away at Middlesbrough. That’ll allow 3rd placed Swansea to overtake me I thought.

    Unbelievable. Swansea lost 4-1 at home to 2nd bottom Sheffield Wednesday. Absolute bollocks.

  23. Things have settled down again now, after a 12-game winning run I’ve lost two and drawn one. 5 point lead at the top is now -1. Purple patch over, and apart from the big boys, Ligue 1 is turning out to be a bit weaker than I imagined.

    nG – Legend will only be triggered when I’ve won the league and CL.

  24. #1 – I’m on Bravo and default (latest) Konami exe which I’m planning to stick with until I conclude my current ML save. Maybe after a go with FIFA I’ll come back to PES and try the new one recommended on the forum but for now I’m happy with the balance and a few additional fouls. Before the mod I was averaging 1.5 fouls a match but last season I had 3.5 average which is about right.

    My career as England manager come to an end with a last 16 defeat to Netherlands in the World Cup. A Bergkamp hat-trick, unstoppable performance to be honest. My aging front partnership of Kane and Owen was good but but not Bergkamp in his prime good. Season 10 has begun with a few new faces due to ridiculous contract requests and I’ve collected 6 strikers for 2 positions which may be problematic. Still have £11m to play with in wages budget after a couple of sell-on clauses paid out. Hoping to challenge for the title and win the Europa League this season and can’t wait to get a couple of sessions at the weekend.

  25. Mike – no proof for table scripting required, just as there’s no proof for in-match scripting required. It’s there and we know it. It can go against us too. I had a scenario two seasons ago where I needed the AI team to lose on the last day to give me a playoff spot – but the AI team won. Table scripting is intended to keep you interested for Last Day Drama. In 6 seasons so far I’ve had Last Day Drama of some kind for 5 of them. Considering I’ve never even been close to any titles, that’s clearly game-level manipulation at work.

    Tommy – even if you’re finding Superstar relatively straightforward, a League-and-CL Double will still be tricky I think. Good longevity from the game this year.

    Cook – I’m very pleased with the maths of money in the Premier League, but if/when my main men start to ask for silly money, I don’t think I’ll be able to part with them.

  26. nG – it’s a wrench for sure but I had one CB asking for £6m (from £1m) and still only a 65% chance. I think he wanted to leave. Agree completely that the (probably) unintended financial system is brilliant though.

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