Back in the goaled routine

Boy, am I making a meal out of being in Division 2 in PES2019, or what?

I am currently 2/3rds of the way through Season 6 in the lower league.Β It’s now looking entirely possible that there will be a Season 7 in the Championship.

By this stage a lot of virtual time has passed in this ML world, and all the teams I come up against are beefed up with talent. Brazilian Ronaldo at Millwall is a particular highlight. He always seems to torment me.

Work and real life have been extra-busy for me lately. It’s become impractical for me to play on working days in particular. This was yet another week that featured a few days of enforced absence from the game. Yesterday I finally got back on, and as ever it felt really good just to kick back and relax with a football game.

And then the AI started to kick my arse.

Here’s my first four results, from March in Season 6:

I was 2-0 up in that Bolton match as well. I did well to hang on for a point at the end.

Hull’s goal was from a weird free kick. The kicker, instead of shooting over the wall as I expected, passed sideways to a team-mate, who then passed the ball to a lurking unmarked team-mate on the outer edge of the box, who rifled the ball home. I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen.

Since when has the AI done training ground free kick routines? I’m not breaking out the bunting. I couldn’t do anything to stop it, as it was so unexpected. The AI had effectively given itself a hard-coded goal (the winning goal, it turned out). I’ll be wary of such ‘routines’ in the future, but it cost me this match.

I’ve moved into April and have picked up a couple of wins, but the overall trend remains one of struggling mightily for scraps of results here and there.

The table after 37 matches:Anyone who still doubts the existence of ML league table scripting, please examine this table.

I have lost 15 matches. My form overall should really be relegation form. But still I remain just 5 points outside the playoff spots. No matter how many I lose or draw, enough teams above me do the same to keep me close.

How is PES2019 faring overall, in gameplay terms? Very well, but a few issues are starting to show through. Roughly 1 match in 4, on average, is a blur of sprinting and sliding. No fouls. Uncomfortably close to the last few years’ 1000mph crap.

Thankfully the other 3 matches (in this notional sample) remain good enough to keep PES2019’s running score at around the 9/10 mark. At least once per session there’ll be a match that I can honestly say has the true taste of classic PES. This is not something I’ve seen in PES for a few years.

It’s a magic spell that I don’t want to break. Would promotion to a higher division (faster matches, presumably) break that spell?

9 matches remain. ML table scripting will doubtless let me into the playoffs – if I can deliver the results. I will certainly have finished the season in time for Friday’s post.

Updated: 4th December 2018 — 11:04


  1. And that just goes to show the extreme variations in what people consider good in a PES game.

  2. I love the Best PES list conversation, it’s a way of talking about PES that never gets old. I think this is the first one with Golden Age instalments excluded, which is probably wise. Those PS3 games now seem so much better than they sometimes did at the time. abbeyhill deeming PES2015 ‘shit’, even jokingly, really shows how individual taste, expectation, and sometimes whatever’s going on in the rest of your life, really defines the way we see a game.

  3. Wasn’t even joking, hated that one and canned it after less than one ML season. Would be interesting to revisit PES2015 with fresh eyes now as most of you guys rated it

  4. Ditto PES 2014. I hated everything about it, from what I can remember. Terrible shooting, poor first touch, clunky, slow menus, ridiculously inflated player ratings. But I never played it post-final patch, so never got to experience the game at it’s best.

    For me PES 2009+2010 blur into one, also 2012+2013. So it’s hard to comment fairly on those.

  5. PES 2014 should never even have been released, the quality of it was so poor, it was pretty much unplayable, until April, 7 months after release, thats absurd.
    I never played it post-patch, because I wasn’t waiting 7 months for a product i’d paid good money for to be fixed.

    If i Had to pick one standout or memorable feature from each of those games, Id probably say:

    PES 10 – Awesome ML Mode, and the way the COM kept the ball for massively long periods of the game, just passing it around.

    PES 11 – Loved the new passing system, hated the stumble animation

    PES 12 – Stadium Editor

    PES 13 – Bootgate

    PES 14 – Vomit

    PES 15 – No Option Files or Editing

    PES 16 – The Ball

    PES 17 – How easy SS level was

    PES 18 – No fouls at a new level of bad.

    PES 19 – LCS

  6. Love that “vomit” remark Paul πŸ˜‰
    14 and 15 I owned but actually never played due to life-things happening and them just feeling quite shit from the off.

    Post-pes 5, pes 2011 is still my favorite. The closest to the “classic” pes feel for me and for the time actually quite feature – rich with a solid ML.

  7. #1 – Have to agree with you on PES 11. It may not have been the best overall game, but it was a solid package. The first ‘re-boot’ of the series, where they got rid of rigid fixed directional passing and made it more free, with the new power gauge, and a solid ML mode, and that particular ML gave me my most memorable one to date.
    Took me 7 seasons to get promoted, and the signing of Villalba and Marcos Ruben elevated my experience to the next level.

  8. Paul – What’s ‘The Ball’ refer to re PES 2016? Is it MK street slang for jolly good or was the ball too small/big that year?

    I have a terrible memory for old PESes but my faves in the non-classic era (not including PES 2019) are:

    PES 2011
    PES 2010
    PES 2015 (PS3 version)
    PES 2013
    PES 2012 (marked down for central shooting in early ML)
    PES 2017
    PES 2009
    PES 2014

  9. Shed – No, I literally meant the ball. I can’t remember anything standout, or too negative about PES 16, it was very run-of-the-mill, I just remember the ball, it was the ‘Continua’ and had the black and gold panelling, I still use it in some games up until this day whenever I play PES.

    Im a ball whore, forget faces, tattoos and boots and but the ball, for me, has to have some sort of distinctive design which makes it recognisable and able to see the spin etc during a game, PES 16’s ball was that.

  10. Lloyd-some lovely goals as usual. I’m looking forward to seeing that long range free kick. Funnily enough I just scored to long rang fks with Rice today, in the same game, one from inside the center circle.
    Let’s just say Paul is going to have a field day.

    Playing so much pes over the years I could never rank them properly as they just merge all together but I do remember somethings strongly.

    IIS DELUX on the N64- I would play that to death and there was after touch on the ball after shooting which equalled some amazing goals(if you ignored the keeper).

    Pes 4 PS2- I played that for a couple of years as I didn’t get a PS3 and I loved it and mainly played it multiplayer.

    Pes2010- I finally got a PS3 and was my true introduction to ML combined with 6months without a job I played it to death.

    Pes 2011-2013 will be remembered for the amazing long shots and manual knuckle ball ability(and finding this blog).

    2014-2018 remembered for knuckleball in open play gone and long shots almost complete gone from what I was used to. Didn’t play much more then a month or so each year because of that and life in general.

    2019- loving the master league and the long shots, although still to nurft for my liking, but a little easy but I don’t mind starting over many times and building a new squad each time. The biggest disappointment for me is the lack of second divisions in Spain and Italy. Could be a problem for me long term.

  11. My two pennorth…and to be honest I’d have stopped playing a long time ago if I weren’t part of this community. I remember the games more for the experience than the actual features of the game.

    From top to bottom;

    2012 – it had obvious flaws but it was the last time I felt the balance was right. Cheated outrageously but allowed easy routes to goal.
    2013 – overpowered but still enjoyable
    2011 – apart from the insane crossing from one wing that went out on the opposite flank
    2016-18 – no fouls, one foul, half a foul, pretty much nothing between any of them. I don’t think I got beyond four seasons in any due to how easy they were, their lack of variety and the utterly hollow ml.
    2014 – could have been a contender but way too late in the day
    2015 – whatever decent game there may have been those detestable delays and shocking every other face looked like sideshow bob made me wince.

    When I review it like this I kind of think that there are a lot more misses than hits but how many other games have I had this many hours from.

    I burned my remaining cex vouchers on one of the new tomb raiders and yakuza today. I’ve now got half a dozen games I’ve never even played so I have more than enough if season four is yet again the break point. I doubt it if I manage it carefully as it’s still tough to win.

  12. Turf – I got Yakuza free this month as part of there 2 free monthly games you get with PSN Plus. Looking forward to playing it at some point.

    Have FIFA 19 ongoing, Red Dead 2 ongoing, and Detroit:Become human still in its wrapper, Uncharted lost Legacy still in its wrapper, and about 4 free games off PSN including Yakuza still to play, not enough free hours in this lifetime.

  13. I’ve been out of all contact for 6 hours thanks to the O2 thing. It’s been like The Road.

  14. Max – Centre circle!! Mines not that good.

    I remember the first time I scored from way way out in PES 4 against my mate with Roberto Carlos. We spent the next hour shooting from anywhere, scored some crackers. There still on a memory card somewhere.

  15. Lloyd- Its a knuckleball shot that bounces before going in… not a top corner screamer like yours probably is x-)

  16. Here is my list:-

    PES 2011 – will always be my favourite.
    PES 2015 – epic ML with difficulty spikes. My longest ML and should have taken it further.
    PES 2017 – my only league success on Superstar so in top 3 for this reason.
    PES 2010 – probably the only real ML in terms of depth of management.
    PES 2013 – One of the best PES games on the pitch in its prime.
    PES 2018 – first two seasons brilliant with a lesser team. Not so afterwards.
    PES 2014 – plenty of fouls but more by fault than design.
    PES 2012 – too high scoring for me and a bit buggy.
    PES 2009 – OK I suppose but not played a lot of it to be fair.
    PES 2016 – my worst PES by far. Professional level broken with cricket score matches. Utter vomit dog shit.

  17. 2019 for what I played of it would be about 8th on that list.

  18. nG – I can only imagine the horror, did you desperately try to connect to random wifi? When I’m on the bus to and from work there’s a couple of dead spots and at one near some traffic lights I’ve signed up for a nearby company’s guest wifi to ensure I don’t miss any dank PES Chronicles memes.

    Another great session just now. 2 wins, 2 defeats, a draw and the end of the transfer window, perfect football gaming right there.

  19. I’m imagining the horror of getting a bus to work. The exposure to other people, their miserable faces, the germs….give me docklands light railway with their friendly station masters as a commute any day…

  20. Cook – the low point was standing outside a random public library trying and failing to agree to their terms and conditions. I knew about the problems before I left the house but the feeling of being cut off was extraordinary. 6 hours of no Internet, no texts, no calls, nothing. There’s free wifi at my workplace but it doesn’t reach to where I work and the filter on the work PCs is absolute. I learned enough about myself in that 6 hours to understand better something I already knew: in a comprehensive End of the World scenario, I would be one of the first to make a dignified exit.

    So I missed all the discussion over today, which I can usually follow on my phone and occasionally chip in on.

    Pleased to see that Shed remembers PSE2012’s central/wrong-side shooting – one of PES’s biggest-ever shockers, that one, right up there with LCS et al. An occasional commenter, Dan, was put off PES for 2 editions by central shooting. Shooting has to be right or it’s a major problem, and PES2012’s shooting was majorly problematic.

    Another PES shocker, related to Max’s and Lloyd’s long goals, was PES4’s ability to score from the halfway line at the same kind of rate as PES2019’s pre-patch R2 curlers. Not so many that they were guaranteed, but enough to make them a bit icky in the end.

  21. What PS3 version of PES was is where you could score from the half way line frequently, was it 2009?

  22. NG – it is all a bit frightening this world we have all enabled. They can pull the plug on us at any moment and have left ourselves vulnerable.

  23. And all because of an expired Security certificate, schoolboy stuff that.
    Glad im not on 02, I don’t trust public wifi’s especially at this time of year, absolute rife with phishing and spoofing.

  24. Tommy- it was pes 2010 I believe, when you had possession in your own half the opposition keeper would stand outside his area and with the right player and manual long pass you could lob him.
    Was also the first time I played pes online and I would use it sometimes to beat “Barca whores” with the defaults, oh the dm’s I used to receive!

    Will be having a go at the new gameplay patch shortly anybody noticed anything?

  25. Max – reading the patch notes there’s not much to notice or get excited about.
    Looks like its a bunch of cursor switching fixes, some online stuff, and now, after the last patch making keepers come out in one-on-ones, they’ve now tweaked this so they don’t come out as quickly. (?!?!)

    Oh, and of course, boots, faces and tattoos, and 2 stadiums that nobody ever asked for.

  26. Paul- i have heard that like how patch 2 might have sped up the game a little patch 3 has slowed it again, also that the AI are now taking long shots among a few other things.

  27. Max – I literally heard about this patch half a minute ago when I read your comment. I predict there’ll be a massive array of differences noticed, almost none of which I will notice, if any. I’ve just seen a ridiculous list of perceived changes on EvoWeb. As a moderator then asks: ‘Why would they make all these changes and then say nothing about them in patchnotes?’ The simple answer of course is that they wouldn’t.

    Tommy – I don’t remember any PS3 PES having the ‘score from the halfway line’ thing in it. There’s a long tradition in PES of certain things being assumed universal that are particular only to oneself or a set of players. E.g. this year in PES2019 I can say I have never scored a chipped/lob goal. I do try. They just don’t work. ‘Oh, but they’re easy, all you have to do is X, Y, and Z…’ I know, but it’s just not happening. Max has about 10 in his vid above. I have none.

    Paul/Darryl – I never actually managed to connect to any public wifi (glitchy T&C’s failing to load or not responding) so my donkey porn stayed safe from scrutiny. Highlight of the day was the office (entirely O2, it turned out) clustering around a radio to hear a radio bulletin for the latest news about the issue. It was like something from WWII. ‘This is London calling…’

  28. Did you hear this on the forums Max?
    If so i’d discount anything you heard and just play it for yourself and see.

    Konami could release a statement saying a patch has literally only changed one thing, the kerning on the wobbly font in the menus, and forumites would insist that there have been massive game play changes, with the nets now billowing more, new animations, faster game play and reworked tactics for every team – Which is always all BS!

    Max perfectly recreated the exact type of goal that used to plague me pre-LCS patch in his video, the goal at 1min10s whereby he plays 2 blindsided, first time backheels inside the box then a tap in from edge of 6 yard box.

    Have that CPU, how do you like it ?!?

  29. Paul- i don’t often find the space or time to pass in the box and thats exactly what i thought when i scored it lol

    I watched a youtube video of a guy who plays master league a lot and on legendary.
    I always make my on conclusions about pes and never really take into consideration other peoples thoughts on the game. To each their own. But it will be easy to notice some of the things he said and demonstrated in the video so here we go, i just loaded up the first game!

  30. Max – it would take a week of play over multiple sessions to be sure that anything you see this morning is actually a change, and not simply session variance. I’m a committed sceptic when it comes to unannounced gameplay changes. Konami have never done it. No software company has ever legitimately done it.

  31. Could be a League and CL double on the cards. Nine points clear with 5 to play and have got Sporting in the CL semi. Boom!!

  32. Here we go again with the fucking patches . Quite sure my option and edit file will be all kinds of messed up again when I start it up later. Just tired of all the fucking around just to get it to work. I want to Play the damn game,not screw around with all the editing and stuff. Think I’ll try to not download it if thats at all possible.

    As for the gameplay changes, saw a ridiculous summary of improvements as well over on evoweb none of which are in the patch notes. Classic comedy each and every time.

    NG I remember 2012 central shooting as well which made the game a bit “meh” for me. But disappointing after the excellence of pes 11. Regardless I created the entire Dutch second division from scratch, don’t ask me why, looking back that was crazy.

  33. #1 – You should be able to d/c your PS4 from the internet which would prevent any DLC or patch downloading.

    PES 2012 was another subjective experience as I remember clearly NG’s frustrations with Central shooting, but it wasn’t such an issue for me.
    GCS (Golden Copy Syndrome) is almost as much a a definite thing as session variance.

  34. Paul – #1 is PC-based, hence his distress whenever there’s an official patch as it knocks all his fan-made stuff out of whack. This is one aspect where the console experience is clearly better IMO. I often wonder if the PC modding capability generates an anxiety similar to Slider Syndrome.

  35. So far i haven’t noticed much of a difference apart from the Ai has shot 3 outside the box first time volley’s from corner clearances which i don’t remember ever seeing before, they would always control it and look for a pass.

    Also i have noticed a few more stray passes from the AI and my own players…

    ALSO they seemed to use more one touch passing and a little less turn and shield the ball so 3 of players together can’t disposes him.

    Let that placebo sink in πŸ˜‰

  36. NG – it did induce a bit of slider syndrome with me in the past but I’ve since learned to curb it. I dislike fiddling nowadays and the pc version does indeed throw things out of whack. Console is superior in that regard as it is much more straightforward.

    Paul – I like that view. Pes11 was a great pes for me but I remember NG struggling greatly with the “fucking ™” stumble animation. He must’ve thought others had GCS back then..

    Max – my theory on all the (placebo or not) perceived changes is that when a patch comes the exe and the script tied to it resets. So after awhile the script will again “take over” based on X number of matches played in combination with TS and whatnot.

    Because of this these changes are either not real or due to session variance (nobody ever mentions this phenomenon on the forums but we know it’s there if course) or they won’t stick. As long as pes relies on scripting so much this won’t ever change.

  37. You could definitely score from your own half in one PES on the PC, although it wasn’t easy. It may well have been 2010. I always used a patch, and one of the players who could do it was Park Ji Sung.

  38. nG – Lovely picture of Torreira’s bicycle kick


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