Party like it’s PES2014

Something very peculiar happened in one of my recent matches in PES2019. Something that completely confused me for several seconds, until I had a chance to go back and look at the replay.

No, it’s not the freak screenshot above. It’s something that happened in general gameplay.

I present the brief sequence of play below for inspection.

Yes. In this final week of November, in the year of our Lord PES2019, verily, it came to pass that I was awarded a penalty.

Albeit a PES2014-style penalty, where a defender slid in recklessly and took out Lincoln, who wasn’t even on the ball. Which is still a penalty, although you’d almost never see such a penalty given in ‘real’ football, with its fluid rulebook. Any ref who gave this in a real match would be surrounded by complaining players for several minutes and engulfed in a ‘storm of controversy’. And so they’re not given.

Thankfully, PES reffing is occasionally better than real life, and this perverse virtual ref pointed straight to the spot.

A penalty – a direct free kick with no defensive wall, taken from a designated central spot 12 yards from the goal-line!

These things have been rare in PES in recent years, to say the least.

Time was when you could bank on getting a reasonable amount of penalties per season. To get a penalty near the end of a tight match was a thrilling moment, with real stakes involved as to whether you would score it or miss it.

Countless times in ‘the old days’ I would be a goal down or drawing in a game that I needed a result of some kind from, and nothing was happening for me in front of goal. Ah, but then I would get a penalty, and have to lick my lips and steady myself to take the kick… Leading to elation or despair.

That aspect of football is gone from nuPES. Not since PES2014 have we seen regular penalties in the series. Okay, I do still get approximately one (1) a year, but that is across several hundred matches.

Whatever the reason for it (‘a necessary requirement so that online shitfest matches don’t feature 10 penalties per side’ is of course the reason), it’s almost more disappointing to get 1 (ONE) penalty per year than none at all.

The current league table:I would love it (just love it) if I could get into that 2nd spot (or even sneak up into 1st) and get promoted automatically. As things stand, the playoffs seem more likely.

The prospect of competing in the playoffs makes me nervous. I have now lost 11 matches, which clearly indicates just how possible it is for me to lose any match. There would be 3 matches in a playoff series, against top opposition. I wouldn’t back myself to do it.If – if – I do collapse at any point and end up having another season in the Championship, I wouldn’t be too bothered, to be absolutely honest. If anything it would enhance the experience even more. Playing these multiple seasons of PES2019 down here have been some of the most enjoyable footy gaming I’ve ever known. Easily the best since PES2015’s highest high points, and probably the best overall since PES2012.

My team and players are a tight nucleus of individuals that I am somehow hanging onto, season after season, despite the most stringent finances since PES2010 and 11’s long-vanished and still-missed MLs.

Another busy work-and-life crunch means I will not now resume until next week, and I can’t wait. It’s great to have that feeling back again. Even if there are no bloody penalties.

Updated: 30th November 2018 — 10:18


  1. NG – already extended the contracts of half my squad. Signed some Real Madrid full back on a free as well, big hair and leader quality. Easy peasey as klopp wouldn’t say.

    I do feel, and I’m not suggesting conspiracy or stealth patch etc etc, just maybe an initial over the top enthusiasm, that the game has settled back into the original game v2. I’m conceding a lot of very similar goals, having very similar matches, finding there really isn’t much about the championship than a better version of the Scotland churn. It’s a big drop after the surge of happiness at the LCS fix.

  2. Turf – looks like more of us having a bad patch. I think – as it has been in the past few years – it’s TS related in combination with ML scripting. Whatever it is I’m not happy with it.

  3. Me no having bad patch. The odd match feels unpleasantly like Fast and Furious: PES Edition, and the Total Fucking Bullshit goals are still there, but the bulk of my experience is still pretty damn good. The AI had a free kick against me tonight where it did a training ground free kick routine, and scored. It was almost Riquelme at France ’98 levels of trickery. I remain very impressed with PES2019 overall.

    #1 – you’re not the sort of footy gamer who plays one thing for long periods, not with your recently acquired FIFA19 sitting there just begging to be played. If I were you I wouldn’t even wait, just crack that thing open now.

  4. NG – it’s moments like that freekick you described that’s keeping me on the pes side of things for now. Moved it up to top player after my comment and strange enough it played a (much) better game from the off. i remember reading on the forums that the gameplay patch I am using is designed specifically for top player and above. Hence the odd behavior on professional I suppose… But I’m keeping my eyes open.

  5. And what’s this about Paul somehow being the Judge Dredd of PES? Geezer’s not even playing the game.

    And that’s why I’m not playing the game NG. What Turf shown we have argued over in-depth before so no need to re-hash it, but as per the point I made back then, these are not isolated incidents whereby I’m just seeing the player create space and then take advantage of that after 100000000000’s of hours of tight, closed down play.

    Jay’s posted vids, Max has posted vids, Turf has posted vids, and the dozens and dozens of goal clips I see all over social media show all the same thing, the Brexit edition of PES 19 in full swing, where the positional and situational awareness, along with the midfield has been removed from the game.

    I don’t care how many excuses you try to come up with for this kinda thing, it will never be good enough.
    Turf’s video showed it in its full glory, running 80 yards, unchallenged and shooting is not clever play to create space, its just full on abysmal AI.
    Look at the 2nd goal, WTF is that midfielder doing??? he stands there wobbling like a zombie, and just watches, and the 3rd goal, running freely and even slowing down from the edge of your own box to the edge of the COM’s box, and scoring?!
    And this is on Superstar!?!?!?

    There is no excuse intricate enough to cover up for this kinda trash.

    Origi for the freedom of Liverpool. with Pickford as his slave.

  6. #1 – ah, I forgot about your PC witchcraft. That you were having AI shenanigans on Professional is very significant, as Professional on console (vanilla PES2019, relative to your setup) is so insultingly easy that the AI is lucky to cross the halfway line, most of the time. If anything I’d be happy you’ve got options to play on lower levels. I’m stuck in D2 on Superstar and would actually like to play on TP or Pro levels.

    Paul – unless you’re secretly playing PES2019 and speaking from your own experience, you have no idea how well PES2019 plays. Drawing conclusions from everybody’s cherrypicked moments is what you’re doing. I was up again until after 2am playing a long session. There were 0 (ZERO) of your favourite no-midfield moments. And I could have done with a few, as I needed goals.

  7. NG, Yes, I’m cherry picking from every single video spanning multiple people playing in different ways all over the world.
    SO explain to me in Turf’s video, how any single one of those 3 goals where the AI does nothing to challenge, tackle or even run with him, how that was created by a single piece of great play ? or How in any way any of those goals is justifiable and explainable?

    I played 4 seasons of PES 19 you forget, pre-LCS yes, but the AI from what I see is still extremely poor, as it was when I played.

    I’m glad for you that your golden copy keeps you up until 2am, but that’s what it is a golden copy that only exists in yours and Jays worlds, where PES has no faults and is amazing, in most other worlds the issues are glaring and obvious.

  8. Paul – explain how you never noticed the problem when you played 4 seasons? And why the PES forums (or forum singular, really) aren’t in constant uproar over the issue? I’ll explain: because it doesn’t exist enough to make it an issue. And it’s not an issue. PES2019: da best eva. 28/10.

    I haven’t got time for this constant back-and-forth today. We must have gone over this 50 times by now and it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s for me and me alone to decide whether or not the meal I’m eating is tasty, and that’s the end of it.

  9. Seriously and genuinely NG – as someone who is well versed in PES 19 and has played enough and seen enough football over the years, and is intelligent enough to put a point across concisely, please explain to me, so I can understand where you’re coming from, how the goals that Turf posted in his video are acceptable and allowable within the confines of PES 19 ?

    Because every goal showed complete unawareness and no intelligence about where players where or what they were doing, every goal allowed him to run unchallenged the length of the pitch and score, how is that ok or enjoyable to witness?

    I did notice it, and mentioned it many times when I played, my main issues were the constant LCS and the empty Midfields.

    You are rightly entitled to eat a meal and think its delicious, if you enjoy the meal, then that’s all that matters, to you, but if that meal is poorly cooked, lacks flavour and is presented piss poorly then it doesn’t make it a michelin star meal just because YOU enjoy it.

    I can show you several massive issues and provide video evidence for each of them, proving that the game has massive faults, all I’m asking for is a counter explanation that proves that the game is as amazing as you say, and its just me that’s being over-critical of it.

    and I wouldn’t call seeing these issues in literally every goal pic that anyone posts both here and on social media as Cherry picking.

    I would absolutely LOVE to hear a proper justifiable reason as to why those Turf goals were ok, and why it was Ok for the AI to just watch, run alongside for 40 yards, never make a tackle and allow the opposition to score?
    Please enlighten me. Anyone!?

  10. ^ what I just said

  11. As I thought, no plausible explanation for how that shockingly poor AI can be justified.
    So damn lucky you got that Golden Copy, Imagine if you had a normal one and could actually see all these glaring issues, quite ironic considering 5 months ago you swore black and blue you wouldn’t be buying PES 2019 no matter what unless they brought fouls back into it.

    Fast forward 5 months and what is PES 2019? A no fouls (1.2 on average you get isn’t it?) with glaring AI issues that required 2 major patches that customers had to wait months for to make it playable (unless you had a golden copy), that’s missing half the features and content that the game was sold on, and its being banded about as a 28/10 game, making it nearly 3 times as good as PES 5.

    All quite amusing.

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