Walk like a pre-script ‘un

A busy period of work and life meant just a few snatched games on Friday afternoon, and no PES at all until Monday evening.

Yesterday I put in a hefty 10-match session (split into two over the course of the evening, thanks be to the PS4’s Standby feature).

Moving into the main part of Season 6, the game seems to be taking revenge for an offhanded remark I made in comments over the weekend. I said that when I focus properly, I can almost always win on Superstar. I stand by the spirit of that fate-tempting remark, if not the fact…

Here are October’s results (Spurs match was the Cup match):

That result at the bottom came on Friday afternoon. I was 3-0 up by the hour mark, and Paused the game to go and get ready for work, planning to finish it off just before I headed out. (This is why football games fit in so well with life. Imagine trying to play a game-game – a Final Red Dead Solid 4 type of game – in this fashion. It just wouldn’t work.)

When I resumed, Reading got an 80th minute goal to make it 3-1, and I thought, oh well, so they got a consolation goal. Then at around 88 minutes they got another one back and I thought, oh well, my goal difference won’t be as good as it would have been. Then they got the equaliser with the game’s last kick, and I turned the air blue.


Three great results in a row and then that game at the bottom. Every PES player reading this will know what I mean when I say this was a match I was never meant to win. They scored with their one clear-cut chance. I made 6 clear-cut chances – each with my players alone in front of the keeper, not under pressure – and the keeper got a hand to each shot.

It was a match I was simply not meant to win. Every year in PES I get one match where I wonder what would happen if I quit and reloaded and played it again. Would the game ‘remember’ that this was a match it wasn’t going to let me win (if that’s what it was)?

I don’t have time this year to do anything but always move forward with my ML, so I just carried on. It amazes me there is still a nucleus of PES fans who doggedly maintain, against all evidence to the contrary, there is no such thing as scripting in the series. None of which has spoiled my enjoyment of the game (if it did, I would never have enjoyed any PES at all).

PES2019, amazingly, is ticking along at a solid 9/10 experience, session in, session out. Scripted bollocks is as much part of the series as its 1960s menus and Eurovision music tracks.

One slight reservation: in my 10-match session on Monday the game often felt very fast (on the same -1 speed I’ve been on since the start). There were also very few fouls. Back down to an average of 1.3 per match or so. An unpleasant whiff of the worst of nuPES. Session variance, hopefully.

No great goals to speak of. I’ve scored a fair few goals that have made me whoop with delight, but more because of the context and the results they got, rather than the aesthetic joy of them. That’s 98% of all goals in PES or any football game of course.

The table:I’m only 3 points behind the playoffs. Which is suspiciously fortunate for a team that’s lost 7 matches, isn’t it? Oh yes, Master League table scripting is also a certain thing.

I’ve played a few more matches after the screenshot above, all the way to mid-season, and have moved up to 7th, with just 1 point between me and the leading pack.

I’m in January, and the wages bill is slowly coming down as the months roll by and the merchandise money drips into the coffers.

I’m planning for the Premier League, but anything could happen here. A few bad results and I might leave myself with too much to do to get back into promotion contention. Maximum focus required for every single match. It’ll be tough.

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  1. Whooooooaaaaaaaa …. reel those lines in …. we have a big one on here lads …..
    NG well and truly took the bait, landed a monster!!!!
    Surely you must have realised I was winding you up NG.

    How many times have I said in the past that I’d love to see a return to the ‘points’ days of PES, where you have to wheel and deal, scrimp and scrap every season to make those points balance come the September finance deadline?

    Many times, so it should have been obvious that I’m just winding you up.
    Do find it quite amusing though that you thought I was trying to ‘persuade’ you of something? what exactly? That PES is crap? that FIFA is amazing? none of those things, in any way shape or form.

    And its even more amusing your little outburst claiming FIFA has chalky graphics, weird animations and is an empty feeling game with goals that are only scored via dinked through balls.

    I could literally rip that statement to shreds right now, but I don’t feel the need to have to.

    If you want an ’empty’ feeling game maybe choose a game that has zero crowd atmosphere, where every match feels identical, where the commentary is piss poor and often blatantly incorrect, where you have to play every game in an identical 60,000 euro bowl stadium, on your way to winning what …… oh there’s no trophy to win is there.

    Now THAT’S empty!!!

  2. NG-Yes professional is definitely accessible to me this year (I used to “be” a Regular but forced myself to move one and now i can stay afloat in top player) i’m going to make a few more games with the setup i described and if it proves consistent i’ll definitely go to Top Player)

    As for the finances issue,
    From my main Masterleague the pattern has been: you very slowly increase your salary budget.
    After maybe 2 seasons, you start getting affordable 16 year old talents with increasingly better stats, either on the youth team or on the “free/no-renewal” market. Every 2-3 years you are faced with salary increases you can’t afford.
    You make a few tough choices that clear the salary sheet a bit, allowing you to get a few young quality replacements.
    this pattern apparently will repeat itself.
    Im my case, i started by having to sell Arcas who wanted +2mil on the first big salary crush, and now, 4 years later, i’m faced with selling a young Touré who wants 4 mil.
    The threshold exists but moves steadily up.
    I’m not saying it is realistic, but you can keep a competitive team and a few players of choice, and move up in the salary scale. (By recycling regens, basically)

  3. I’m getting the popcorn out here!! Where’s the “like” button when you need one… Keep the “art” coming please

    Pual- You forgot to make it the game of the year edition 24/10,
    which it is by the way 😉

    I’m supposed to be doing something now but my session variance just changed so i’m going to be an hour or so late, 99/10

  5. Yes NG – As Jay would say in his teenybopper Grime Loving rap-wannabe gangster tones …. RECOGNIZE !!!!

    Trophies, galore!!! and stadiums, all real and every team in the league ….

    It’s a hard life over in FIFA land.

    View post on imgur.com

  6. LOL!!!! Sorry nG the PES Brexit edition is winning so far, superb!

  7. Hahaha That’s so Hilariously inaccurate that it’s actually humourous NG.
    I know you are struggling with the game, so you may find this useful.

    View post on imgur.com

    View post on imgur.com

  8. Nice Shed!!! haha

    NG – if a dead Sexual predator is used to depict FIFA, what is PES?


  9. Don’t forget your jumper NG, Thanks for the giggles.

    I’d award you a trophy for your efforts but apparently its in fashion to not include trophies, or promised lighting systems, or even Rangers or Celtic stadiums as was promised.

    but here’s a pack of Tattoos, balls and boots and a few faces, you cant have them until December 6th though.

  10. Excellent work all round gentlemen. A good old-fashioned slobberknocker.

    But to argue Paul’s first point from the previous page, the finances are only tight when you’re in the lower division. You can sign players, you just have to be frugal. nG is struggling because he’s been in the Championship too long, and the wages of his top players are creeping up, and they should have realistically jumped ship by now! The wage budget soon goes up when you’re in the top flight, which is how it should be. If you want to sign Premier League players in your first season in the Championship, I guess you’d have to play the “other” game, now.

    ML update – January season 4, currently 8th in the league. Just made my first “big” money signing, Allan Saint-Maximin for £11m and £1.4m in wages.

  11. In keeping with the phat theme here recently…lolz

    However, I’m going to nix the midfield waltz through and score idea because the game is being stupidly shite to me at the moment, like it’s back to season one when all was new. Yes I can waltz from box to box, I can even evade a tackle, but if I try and shoot from the edge it miraculously goes an inch wide of the post. Every single time. It’s like the year that woodwork was being pinged on a regular basis, or when shots went just past the upright giving you hope you could score long rangers. The physics is just plain bollocks. I have no doubt in time this will change and the game will allow these goals for me.

    I will also dismantle NGs theory about my wages and likely future scenario. I’ll stick with boro for the foreseeable in order to see, even though I was offered the England job after two seasons of mediocrity in Scotland. Absolute rubbish as usual.

  12. Turf – Southgate has the England job after two seasons of mediocrity in Middlesbrough and he’s brilliant so don’t do yourself down.

    Both my first team strikers are asking for a £4 million pay rise so I’m ditching them for regen Forlan and Jonas on half the money. Legend is tough, probably about 40% wins since moving up but it’s a fair challenge. No more midfield waltzes though.

  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3555846/rangers-celtic-pes-2019-ibrox-parkhead/amp/

    Really isn’t good enough and shocking PR.

    As for images above in this banter I can’t view them so have no idea what you are going on about.

  14. Very good indeed and the Paul’s Brexit Edition also gets my vote.

  15. I know that Tommy re the finances. I was just winding NG up which is what led to our pic-banter.
    Just for the record though, you can’t sign a premiership player as a championship side in your first season, or any other, in FIFA.

    I was in the premier league and had to break the bank wages wise to get Suarez for a year.

  16. Thanks for the shout out, Paul! I don’t get the reference though, let alone recognise it.

    Brexit Edition won it for me.

    I’ve just won an achievement trophy – Half Season Champions – 1600 points – for being top after 19 games. My record is 16-1-2 and I really would be unbeaten had I just concentrated instead of texting/being on the phone, just like NG’s claim! I’m on 77 goals too, so averaging 4 goals a game in my first full season since changing tactics. If I keep it up and hit 154, that’s up there as one of my biggest PES achievements. I will, as promised, move to Legend once this season is up.

    I’d post my players’ wages and how many players I’ve bought in my 9 seasons, but I don’t want to upset the apple cart……..

  17. Darryl – eh that’s strange to say the least. Celtic and rangers fans f*cked over again? Makes no sense that they would bring De Kuip in as this was mentioned nowhere before, ever? I personally have no problems with it since it means “my” Eredivisie is getting a little more much needed attention but I would be fuming if I were a celtic or rangers fan. Baffling. Not even a mention of the two promised stadiums. Shambles.

  18. Konami sold ‘special’ branded editions of the game to Celtic and Rangers fans, hyped up the licensing of these 2 teams and the SPL pre-launch, and did a PR day from Celtic park where they showed the stadium , yet 6 months after release and the stadiums are nowhere to be seen.

    Basically all the SPL licensing is, are the kits for each team, there are no stadiums, including the 2 that were promised, and only a handful of Celtics players have been face scanned. apart from the kits and an SPL logo that swooshes across the screen during replays, there is nothing. Konami pay money for these licensing agreements then do absolutely nothing with them, its embarrassing.

    But they add 2 random stadiums that have never been mentioned before as a priority over the SPL stadiums which have been promised, who in their right mind is going to wait until Feb/March to start an SPL ML ?

    Same with the enlighten dynamic lighting system, was promised, and shown off and hyped, and then didn’t even make it into the game.

    The level of incompetence surrounding Konami is incredible, absolutely reeks of amateurism.

  19. I thought my subtle Jimmy Savile (one ‘l’) was the best personally.

    Darryl – appalling from Konami and you’ve got to wonder just what and how the decision-making process is. Sold on false pretences. If I’d bought the game on the basis that Celtic-Rangers stadia would be in it ‘soon’ I’d think weeks at worst, not multiple months. Konami deserve every ounce of acid coming their way right now. Appalling.

    Uncle Turf – the wages thing will be unavoidable if you want to keep your best players. Only way to avoid is to observe that constant revolving door policy of the past few years.

  20. Must try harder NG 😉

    Just don’t understand why they’d PR features and stadiums and licenses, then just not deliver, surely they can’t be of the mindset that people will just forget.

    They did the same with Fulham last year, they agreed a partnership with them, Fulham even had PES plastered all across their shirts, yet the face scans and stadium never materialised. Konami just did not bother with any of it.
    Fulham fans bought the branded edition, hoping to play a ML with a licensed Fulham, with real faces and craven cottage, all they got was basically the kits.
    Rinse and repeat this year with the Scottish teams.

    This can’t be assed attitude is rife and evident throughout their game with the features they half-introduce, or features that don’t work and need multiple patches (that take months) to fix.

    It’s a shame you can’t log an OFCOM case against them for irresponsible retailing, or selling products based on false advertisment.

  21. I will be sticking with the boro long enough to show you the folly of your words NG. Keep that list handy, some will inevitably go – the ageing midfielders and back up keeper most likely first and obviously any free regens better than my reserve striker oliveira – but the bulk of them will still be there for years to come. And I’ll be in wage surplus. This I guarantee.

  22. Turf – I’m in season 10 and my wages are minus £13 million. Highest earner on £4 million. Last seasons renewals killed me. Up to 4th, 5 points behind top in February and in EL last 32.

  23. Lloyd – ssssh, this is going to be good.

  24. Are you allowed to mention “Jimmy Savile” and “slobberknocker” on the same page without breaking the internet?

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