A Spur to greatness

Ah, a new season. That refreshing Day 1 feeling never gets old. Look at this bright blue August sky.Now look at your grey November sky outside.

And I am still in the Championship, in Season 6. This season will present me with quite a few challenges.

If I don’t go up this season, I might never go up.

PES2019’s Master League salary shenanigans are by now well-documented. I’m sceptical of whether Konami intended for it to be this way, but it is this way, and it is good.

In a nutshell, throughout all this time in Division 2, in order to hang onto my best players I have had to pay them so much salary that I haven’t been able to afford any other players’ wages.

I have had to resort to Loans. For the past 3 seasons or so, I’ve been running the club with around 18 club players, plus 5 or 6 Loanees to flesh out the squad.

This is by choice. I could offload some or all of my high-earners and assemble a full squad of lower-earning players, but I choose to persist with things as they are.

I need the likes of Mario Gomez (£1.8m a year), and Giorza (£1.1m), and Castledine (£1.1m), and Lincoln (£1m). There are about 10 others on the £900k mark, such as Rice and Robben, whom I could not bear to part with either.

And here’s the thing: all of the above will be out of contract at the end of this season. They’ll all typically want another million each to stay on.

And I’m currently minus-£3m in the red on the salary front.

So it’s all built to a head. There will be no easy answers. I will have to part with a few favourite players no matter what. But do you know what would make it all a touch easier?

Getting promoted.

Let’s go.

Pre-season, I let Rodriguez and Cahill go. Each were up for renewal this very month, and both wanted silly money. I managed to sell Rodriguez before his contract expired. Cahill left as a Free Agent.

So I was down to 16 players. I went hunting and got a shock: only 11 (ELEVEN) players, in total, populated the Loan list.

I helped myself to Bakayoko. PES2019’s ML has a weird tradition of offering up top-rated DMFs for Loan. I’m more than happy to help myself.

I grabbed a few others, and took a chance on requesting Loans for Transfer-listed players who were not Loan-listed. I got a couple that way.

I won and lost the first two matches in August. Then September came and with it a patchy run of form, to say the least. The first result here was in the FA Cup, and the rest in the league:


I’ve played a bit of October. Form is about the same. Leading to the current table:

A 2-1-3 record is disappointing, but the dilution of Team Spirit and a seeming stiffening of the Superstar spine has meant I did well to get those two wins, really.

I’m still confident that I have enough experience and know-how with Superstar now to get promoted this year.

I have had an early taster of what life in the Premier League might be like. My next FA Cup opponents were Tottenham.

Here is a useful pic showing my full Season 6 squad on the left, and Spurs’ current Season 6 squad on the right:

My loanees this season are Pereiro (playing up front here for the knackered Jarvis), Piotrowski, Blind, Khaoui, Enomoto, Johnsen, and Bakayoko.

22 players in total.

7 loanees.

Just 15 players of my own.

No, I really cannot keep doing this.

I lost the cup match against Spurs, 2-1.

They were fast and furious. Dizzyingly so. But I coped quite well for long periods and was unfortunate to go 1-0 down, then 2-0 down. Near the end I snatched a lucky goal to set up an exciting finish – but as so often happens in PES2019, scoring my goal sent the AI into a frenzy and I had to resist a battering for the last 10 minutes. I don’t think I made a single chance.

Meeting up with Spurs like this was an experience of a totally different order to my usual opponents in the Championship (even though most of them, too, are tough opponents). Strong motivation to get out of this division was already there. Now, it’s even more there.

The season continues slowly. Work and life distractions mean I’ll be making slow progress on this season. Expect it to last until the first week or two of December.

Finally today, technical issues prevent me from posting a great laces long-ranger from that gem of the new Defaults, Rice. I will post the goal in due course. Maybe later today in comments.

In the meantime, here is a short highlights reel of the opening to Season 6:


Updated: 23rd November 2018 — 11:54


  1. Cheers NG, will probably go for something basic. The charm of pes for me has always been in the fantasy I create around it. Just sick of looking at forgettable teams like “ST red” and want to make teams a bit more memorable. Simple name and kit changes will give it the additional bit of personality I need.
    Thanks Pete will definitely give that a go

  2. NG-Looking forward to seeing your Rice long ranger?
    Yesterday i scored a 35 yarder but it wasn’t a rising shot or with rice, it wasn’t top bins either i thought it was going to be blocked or going wide and was really surprised when it hit the net.

    After dabbling with Legend and not enjoying the super fast pace I have to play on SS I restarted with house rules and I am LOVING it again.

    My sweet spot is playing on SS against bad teams with bad players, currently french division 2.
    I have a squad average of 70ovr or less and I can feel so much more individuality between players. My favorite player so far is 65 rated. Also I have never played with a true target man before, I always play with a goal poacher all rounded striker, it has opened up a whole new style of play for me. The way he backs into the center back, shields the ball and actualy has decent passing, even my 85ovr strikers in my old save couldn’t hold up the ball like this 72ovr beast.

    I actually set my alarm to wake up early so I could play x-)

  3. Max – agreed! Player individuality in Domino’s Ligue 2 on SS is super. I also use a target man, as short goal kicks can be risky my keeper just punts it long for a flick on. Using a big Dutch striker called Weghorst, or the default Mihailovic. Who is your 72 OVR guy?

  4. Max – good call, the Rice goal did slip my mind over a very busy weekend (which was also a PES-less weekend. I am gagging to get back on the game today).

    Here it is, notable for the unusual crossfield pass I play, the first time I’ve spotted my deep-lying CMF (Rice’s position) in so much spaaaaaaaace:


    The placement on the pitch-level view prevents it being a classic long-ranger. But it is a laces long-ranger after weeks of R2 curler domination. R2 curlers feel heavily nerfed to me. The ball doesn’t travel in the same way in the air with them, with any player.

  5. NG- Lovely goal! I have yet to score one like that or the Gomez goal and i try a lot.
    I have scored a few R2 curlers recently though i think i have found the sweet spot but its still 1 in 30.

    Abbeyhill- J. Mateta, 21, actually hes 74ovr my highest rated player. He’s not that great, physical contact only 72, but not not being pushed off the ball so easily isn’t something i’m used to. I am looking forward to trying some other stronger target men as long as i can find some with my house rules.

  6. Max – the R2 curlers were always around 1 in 25 attempts for me, but since the October patch I’ve got 2 in all matches played across two season. I try them at least once per match, on average, so a definite nerf for me. Which is probably a good thing, really, as it has made me look for ‘proper’ laces long-rangers more, and they are coming.

    Laces long-rangers in PES are one of my favourite things in the world and I would take even a moderate one (like the above) over the best R2 curler or, needless to say, over the best team goal.

  7. NG- Same here! Closely followed by the dipping volley, they are so hard to score but i always end up getting one or two from outside box. I was close last night i actually thought it went in for a second!

    And of course anything off the bar that bounces down then up again Tony Yaboya* style!

  8. NG – BOOM!!

  9. ‘Phat’? ‘Top bins’?? Dear Lord, this place used to be a haven of responsible use of English, like our libraries it’s gone sadly downhill.

    Thanks for the suggestion Jay/Tommy – I currently do none of that, opting for the old method I used to find success with which was an up and down dink effort (which doesn’t work as I find out). Tbh I don’t get enough in shooting range to worry unduly about having jettisoned hopeless default defenders that only the misguided or insane would persist with.

    Speaking of…abbeyhill – I’ve been clearing out my decks in readiness for this weekend’s mega community day and noticed my phone is absolutely bleeding battery life with the latest update. I usually got an hour and a half but 30 mins now and it’s dying. How does yours fare? I’m stuck on 500 slots so I’m going to have to catch/delete/catch/evolve which can hasten the decline. Fortunately I have a usb battery thing.

  10. Uncle Turf – top power saving tip if you don’t already do it – disable your phone wi-fi while you’re away from home. The powersave you get from stopping your phone trying to find a wi-fi signal every few seconds isn’t that massive, but it is significant. On Android anyway. If I start running low without a charger, switching off wi-fi usually sees me through.

    Max – no dipping volleys for me yet this year. I got a few last year, none yet this.

  11. Turf – actually hadn’t noticed that. Just left it running on my phone for 15 mins but only 6% battery draw. I guess it is constantly reading the map after the recent update even when your phone is off which must drain some battery. Sadly my son is losing interest in the game these days, in favour of War Robots and Shooty Skies, so I have to press on alone

  12. Hmm. Maybe I’ve got some setting ticked then. I’ll try that WiFi thing NG, it is always on so maybe it will help.

  13. 5 draws, 2 defeats, everything is faster and stronger in the championship, desperate times call for an 11th hour £8m signing of an 18yo regen from Other….Peter crouch. Never an ml Legend for me but could this be the year.

  14. Cook – you should try incas latest game play mod. I’ve outlined a summary of what it does in the corresponding evoweb thread at post #1466.

    Was able to grab a few wins against “lesser” competition in the prem after having faced a murderers row of all the top teams (except arsenal) really. Up next is arsenal which should see me getting my ass kicked again. I like that team strength and player strength is actually a THING again after so long. Long overdue.

  15. Uncle Turf – how’s the wages bill?

  16. NG – Who stole your midfield for that goal??? 😉

    New (delayed) FIFAFX post up.

  17. Not sure what the budget is but I have 3m spare. Boro were handily paying some huge numbers to reserve keepers and retiring centre halfs. I got the regens for a fraction of this – crouch is on 400k.

  18. Uncle Turf – you’re going to have a very interesting wage budget after a season or so… Not sure how much of this you saw in Scotland, but all your best players, to renew, are going to want roughly whatever they’re on now *3. Do the math…

  19. Another great session this morning, started with a few losses got played off the park then I made a few tactical adjustments and player changes and now I’m on a 3 game winning streak. I love how different players play with different styles with the same tactics, next up top of the league.

  20. I lost 4-0 and had 31% possession x-)

  21. Max – at the end of every winning streak in PES is a game you will never win.

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