There’s no placement like Gomez

Results have picked up, but I’ve left myself too much to do. Season 5 is still a washout – probably. Unless a minor miracle occurs in the last 8-or-so matches, I will remain in The Championship for Season 6. By the time I get to the Premier League, God knows who’ll be playing for whom.

January was where results picked up – opening with the 6-3 extravaganza that closed off my previous post:

These slightly improved results came about through one simple method: keeping 10 men behind the ball, parking the bus, and letting the AI dash itself against the side of that bus until I got the ball back. Then play very cautiously and see if I might snatch a goal.

As these improved results show, it’s an approach that works for me.

It continued in February:

Not bad, not bad. 3 wins, a draw, and that 1 disappointing defeat at Norwich (that I should have won).

Onto March, and things really picked up:

This is promotion form! Or it would be if I hadn’t been in relegation form for the first half of this season.

These performances were good enough to earn places for 5 of my players in the March Team of the Month:

And next onto April, where my form flickered when it really counted, against two of the league heavyweights, Leeds and Brighton:

The match versus Leeds was a 6-pointer (see table below) that I went behind in early on, went down to 10 men, then down to 9 men (two straight reds for filthy tackles), but still snatched a draw with a late, lucky goal.

The current table heading into May:If I’d won that match against Leeds instead of drawing it, I’d have been 6 points off 6th place with 8 matches remaining. And would have more than likely had a shot at the playoffs.

As things stand, it’s still not out of the realms of possibility – but it is very unlikely. ML league table scripting would have to be at its most generous to let me into this promotion fight now.

I’m resigned to spending at least Season 6 in The Championship, but will be exerting maximum effort to win as many as possible of my final 8 matches this season. Just in case.

Finally, after a whole season without an R2 curler, I was beginning to think I’d lost my mojo. Or that the R2 curlers had been stealthily patched out of the game by one of those Secret Konami Patches that are announced every few days on the forums.

I finally have got another R2 curler – with Mario Gomez, of all people. Very much a box striker for me in PES2019 so far, Gomez somehow was chasing down a loose ball 30 yards out. I got the ball under control, turned side-on to goal – and thought, hell, why not have a pop:

Updated: 16th November 2018 — 10:29


  1. You not patched Lloyd? Noticed the ‘English league’ and ‘European masters cup’ pop up. Some cracking goals though.

  2. Turf – didn’t install logos etc. All teams done though.

  3. Jay – answering comment on previous thread, I have had Robben out twice now for periods (first 1 week, then 2 months) with in-match injuries that forced me to the formation screen and to make subs. I haven’t made a fuss of it my own ones of these as it’s pretty well established now that this much-missed aspect of ML is BACK. PES2019: da best eva.

    Uncle Turf – I’d stick it out in the Scot Prem! I really would, despite the lack of relegation. Nice shorter seasons (presumably) and more focus on Europe.

  4. n-G – When was the last time you spent this long in Div 2? 2012 was it? Looks to me like you’ve left yourself with a little too much to do to make the play-offs but promotion has to be the goal next season.

    Lloyd – Some stunning goals there. I love the Ben Arfa strike and that Hulk smash (it’s more of a curler but that’s not as funny) is a beauty. I really want a goalie goal too.

    I’ve made my annual donation to Children In Need which allows me to be excused from having to watch any of the television broadcast tonight. I’ll be sneaking the PS4 in the shed for a prolonged PES 2019 session.

  5. Only the top two qualify for Europe so it’s basically a competition against rangers and Celtic. Hence it can be like one of those very long FIFA seasons where you have nothing to play for by mid February (insert Paul rebuttal here…). And of course it has master leagues ridiculous mix up quality – thinking the end of phase one is the end of the league and the phase two top six/bottom six run in is a separate league. Consequently you get odd celebratory cut scenes for no reason.

    I’ve got a good squad though – begovic, barzagli, mertesacker, Barry, mascherano, carrick, etc etc. Not a default in sight.

  6. Shed – I forgot it was Children in Greed night.

  7. Did my bit today. Picked the kids up from school in a Bananaman costume.

  8. Lloyd – and they let you anywhere near a school looking like that? Well done though.

  9. I’m more intrigued by the thing in the corner of the room – a light pull switch not quite recessed into th ceiling or an extremely tall candleholder?

    From nowhere I’ve suddenly found I got Europa league football by finishing 4th. It was never mentioned, never celebrated, not remotely included in any financial considerations. Consequently I’ve signed Jamie vardy on loan to cope with the extra games. Poor start domestically where I can only scrape 0-0s

  10. Children in need of a damn good hiding, more like.

    And hang on, re. Lloyd’s costume, has CiN turned into some sort of Halloween dressup thing? So now there’s a continuous throughline between Halloween-Bonfire Night-Children in Need-Thanksgiving-Black Friday-Christmas-New Year?

    Uncle Turf – Jamie Vardy was one of the many AMF/SS/FC types in the last few years who seemed like nothing at all to me, so it’ll be interesting to hear if he handles like an individual to you in the Great PES2019.

  11. NG – The kids had a pyjama day at school so I improvised.

    I have regen vardy and he’s quick.

  12. NG – you would need a little miracle there indeed but nice to see form picking up. Let’s hope you can keep the momentum going into next season and then finally make that push. It must be turning into a slog now, surely?!

    Turf – question for ya. Do you see teams in the Scottish prem improving / evolving? Are they bringing in new players and getting stronger?

  13. NG – I have always associated Children in Greed with dressing up as you used to see people come round the pubs in silly costumes. I used to work with a woman in her 60s who was always raising money for charitable causes. I often wonder about these people and thier motives and if it is about making them feel good about themselves. She always wore a costume on CIN night and a group of us lads took bets on what she may be. One year she was Charlie Chaplin and the rumour went round that she had come as Adolf Hitler. Another year she wore a Sumo suit but the battery for the fan keeping it inflated kept going flat. This was not flattering as she only had her underwear on underneath. So she drafted in a young girl to follow her with a screwdriver. Her job was to replace the battery when required. This was the 90s so it has always been a thing.

  14. No doubt in my mind this game has got harder – I’ve scored one goal (1) in seven games! Whether it’s AI getting my measure or not I don’t know but all of a sudden my 79 and 80 rated strike force, and Jamie vardy on loan, can’t buy a goal.

  15. Turf – wanna try my formation and tactics? I can upload if you want

  16. Slow going in my ML, what with the cowboy simulator getting most of the screen time. I’ve just past January in season 3. Had to let a couple of players go due to excessive renewal demands, including the very promising Adli. Replacements incoming, including the very promising Koyalipou*. Wage budget still tight, but doing ok, if you’re prepared to let a couple go here and there. Loads in the transfer kitty, most of which will probably never get spent.

    Lincoln has finally started to show how invaluable he is, he must have sensed I was contemplating letting him go. Recently he bagged 4 goals in a game, including a first half hat-trick. New two-year deal.

    *Interestingly, Koyalipou’s appearance is all wrong. He’s completely unedited, despite being an in-game player from a licensed team. Wrong race, all appearance stats at their default values. He was like that last year too. Konami.

  17. Jay – thanks but this is something else. Never had an issue dominating possession and scoring, it’s the not conceding that scuppered me. Now it’s like the AI has gone up a couple of levels. I finally got another goal and was leading 2-1 but lost in the last minute. I wonder if it’s maybe being in Europe signalling a tougher deal as the teams I’m facing are still relatively low level and this has happened across three sessions. My shots are going wide more often, the keepers are better, the defenders much tighter. Of course it hasn’t been a stealth patch….but…

  18. Morning guys,
    Just catching up on comments as I’ve been away all weekend in Brum, Hotel, Spa and concert, xmas market and shopping.

    NG – sounds a little by the style of your post that you are becoming a little exasperated with PES 19, or more so, frustrated at life in the Championship?

    With 24 points max available from your last 8 games, you’d need to win every one more or less and hope the teams in 3rd to 6th place lose at least half their matches, highly unlikely, or very unrealistic if they did, so a season 7 in the Championship most likely, equals my worst record of 7 seasons to get promoted from PES 11.

    I’m sure you’ll say its the sign of a great PES with Longevity, and I’d agree.
    Will make the promotion and subsequent Premier league experience all the more rewarding when you do get there.
    Just a shame it will be all in the same stadiums and with no difference to presentation.

  19. I had a couple of sessions this weekend. I’m in February in season 7, top of the league by 10 points and in the Champions League last 16 against Real Madrid. Overall still great fun but there’s a couple of things I’m disappointed with. Firstly, the quality of the youth team. Mine has better players than most of first teams in the league and whenever I have to release a player for wage reasons I just dip into the youths for a replacement. Secondly is the lack of intelligence of AI transfers/team building, most teams in the Premier League are worse now than when the ML kicked off and the bottom clubs in the league don’t offer up much challenge anymore. Still good fun but it’s not looking like it’ll be a long ML campaign now when just a month ago it looked as if it’d be a classic.

  20. Just catching up on comments myself after a hectic working weekend. Not a single moment of PES played since Friday morning and am gagging to get back to it today.

    Uncle Turf – if it’s got harder it’s a built-in facet of the game, rather than an added element. I noticed a data update last week. The forums, bless them, advance the notion that Konami could smuggle game changes into these without telling Sony. So the multi-billion software company Konami will happily run the risk of getting their products banned or infracted in some way, to make a few thousand gamers’ virtual players run faster/slower/whatever, without the fuss and bother of submitting those changes to Sony QA as is the procedure. The forums, parts of them, actually believe this scenario.

    #1 – a miracle indeed, and I would need to maintain results myself first and foremost. I’m not going to win every match and there’ll be a few defeats sprinkled in my run-in. Not going to happen. Season 6 here I come.

    Paul – no, the opposite of exasperation! Whatever that is.

    Cook – my Youths seem pretty poor mostly. All but one of them (Cadavid) has been a bench-warmer and been sold eventually.

    Tommy – my Lincoln’s goals have dried up and I’m looking at his £1m salary and wondering if he’s worth it. (Hoping the psychic factor will make him step it up now.)

  21. Turf – you and me both. Was getting no results at all on top player, especially with low TS. I’ve even dropped back down to professional for a few games… And even then no goal-fests / easy victories. Even the ol’ give and go around the defence isn’t “there” for me anymore on professional.

    Oh well – it’s a good thing in my eyes, makes moving up a league to the prem just that much better. The Premier League? Yes indeed, I once again channeled my inner Werd and abandoned my French campaign. Can’t do it when there’s zero attachment to any of the teams. Just can’t. Especially if I’m getting my ass kicked.

  22. Just a quick one: for anyone that wants to, Tevez absolutely oozes individuality; I love shooting with him because it feels so different to other players.

  23. I played a fair few games pf PES 2019 over the weekend. Very enjoyable they were too in a rock hard way. Superstar is brutal. I think I scored three times over eight games. I might drop back down to Top Player and return to this hardcore mode for the Premier League.

    Jay – I’d be interested to see what formation and tactics you’re using. I tried all sorts over the weekend. On Tevez, I had him on loan last season and you could certainly tell he was a grade above my other players, even at 36.

  24. Ah, the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. I’ve just had a message saying that another club could trigger Lincoln’s release clause. Since I’ve only just given him a new deal, I’ve got to wait until summer before I offer him something new. Given that he’s “glowing” and improving dramatically at the moment, he may end up being unaffordable anyway. A double edged sword.

    I wouldn’t mind if I knew the transfer money could be put to good use, but it’s mostly redundant in this year’s game.

  25. Tommy – in the 2 seasons of PES 19 ML I played and the 10 in PES 198, I never once saw any COM team try to trigger a release clause for any of my players and a lot of them had them.

  26. Tommy – I’ll echo that and say that the few times I’ve had it threatened, it’s never come to pass. You might be all right. Might…

    Shed – was that Tevez in ’19 or in ‘5?

  27. n-G – I had a veteran Tevez in ’19. He was on loan and I’m rather missing him, as my awful record so far this season shows. Only three league goals in seven matches. I did beat Arsenal in the cup though.

    Having been a little disappointed at how relatively easy I’ve been finding PES5 on 6-star difficulty, it’s been rather startling to be battered by the opposition on PES 2019. I feel a little guilty dropping back down to Top Player from Superstar but I really have been struggling to get anything going.

  28. You have to enjoy what you are playing Shed and if that means dropping down in order to enjoy the game and get more from it then so be it, no rewards for playing on the hardest setting.

  29. Shed – if someone can instruct me as to an easy way to upload, I will. Otherwise I’ll take screenies and upload when home! It’s essentially a 4-4-2 with one DM and one CM and I have fluid turned on to make the deeper CF become a SS when off the ball. I have 4 advanced tactics set: counter target (the CF), attacking full-backs, gegenpress and one other that escapes me but I think it’s tiki taka. I then have my attacking and defensive instructions set, but I’d have to be in front of my screen to state them all. The key ones are attacking instruction is counter attack, even though I play possession-based, because it gets my players high up the pitch fast, attacking areas wide to keep the width, and for my defensive instructions I have frontline pressure, aggressive, and the defensive line on all bars bar two. I’ll drop it one more if the opposition play with a quick striker and through balls.

    It’s very intensive and you’ll concede in most games due to the high line, but it’s key in keeping the ball in their half. I get 15+ shots every game and regularly break 20. I got s trophy a few games back for hitting 20 shots on target. The tactic is very much attack heavy but I am conceding less than before as I’m winning the ball back quicker. The one downside is every match at least 5 of my players are spent by 70-75 so tiredness/injuries are a threat. I’ll iploar screenies if you’re interested!

    Tommy – Transfer money isn’t redundant this year, though I thought exactly the same in my first few seasons. It’s jyst that money is *much* tighter than any recent PES by far. If you’re happy with your squad it’s worth sticking with them for a few seasons. I echo that I’ve never had a release fee triggered.

    NG – Tevez really is a delight. I play him left midfield and cut in with him. He isn’t a starter, though he may well be after his current glowing form subsides as I’ve been starting him through it and he’s been wonderful.

    I’ve won the Super Cup and World Club Cup this season and still in the title race – top by 3 with about 12 left – and in the second round of the CL. So I could do the quadruple in Season 8. Would be my first title in 4 years. PL finishes have been: 7-1-7-2-2.

    PES is a solid 9/10 for me still.

  30. Shed – I’m pondering whether I should try Top Player again right now to see if it’s still as easy as I was finding it. Superstar is rewarding when I win but such hard work with a poor squad.

    Jay – still a comfortable 9/10 for me too. It’ll take a huge collapse for PES2019 not to be a classic now. Other opinions are available of course, but we play (and judge) PES (or anything) for ourselves alone.

  31. Jay – Thanks. That actually sounds very similar to my set up apart from the fact I have my backline set to defend deep. This may explain why I sometimes struggle to get up the pitch.

    I find I can keep possession on Superstar up to around the opposition penalty area then it either break down and/or my player gets barged off the ball. I’m not getting anywhere near enough shots on goal.

    n-G – I dropped back down with a sense that it is perhaps unrealistic (as is that matters in PES) for Div 2 fodder to be quite so good. I’ll be more up for a hardcore challenge in the top division.

  32. For what it’s worth I’ve had one release clause triggered in one of my first ML saves. I’ve multiple warnings that the competition was planning to do so. I’d say about 5 across 3-4 complete seasons (adding all my stop-start campaigns into that number.

  33. nG – Here’s a screenshot of my youth team, they’re better than Spurs’ first team. Giroud can be signed for 2 seasons at £650k which is a bargain for an 82 rated forward. It’s probably linked to club rank but this isn’t good for ML longevity.

  34. Holy crap Cook. That’s some youth team. Ready made title winning squad right there. And all famous names.

    Konami really need to ditch regens, once a player retires he stays retired or can be hired as a scout or something.
    They do it every year. Regens have ridiculously good growth curves whether they are played or not.

  35. Wow, I have nothing like that. I have a few names but we are talking glen johnson and James Collins, they come in at the 480k mark so are double an equivalent free agent. None have ever exceeded 72ish so that must be a club ranking thing. What’s odd though is that Gareth Barry retired in my first season and I got him as a regen. A year later he’s not even close to your 80 rated player.

  36. This is the first ML I’ve signed regens in in years. A “no regens” policy with the defaults on this year’s ML would be some mammoth task. Garagantuan.

    Has anyone long enough into the game noticed that if you don’t sign a regen from your academy he can end up hitting 19/20 and then regenning back to 16 and a low OVR once more? I’ve had it with one or two of them. The highest OVR regen I had in my academy was 84 – he was 20 and he’d been sitting in the academy since 16 and I’d tailored his training. Never signed him cos he wouldn’t have suited my style etc. It was Danny.

    I reckon it probably is club ranking related as well, in terms of who you get joining your academy. I’m yet to have a massive name start in mine. The big name regens I have, I signed as free agents or Other.

    Hope you had a good weekend Paul; look forward to next FIFAFX update.

  37. Cook – I have nothing like that either. I’m an edited PES United and the biggest name I’ve ever seen in my Youths has been Mario Gomez, and I signed him. Since then I can’t remember one. All my Youths are called things like Cadavid and Frillipaz (et cetera), 60-odd rated, a few hundred thousand salary. Definitely a club ranking thing. You have to remember as well that whether or not something like this is longevity-affecting depends on whatever kind of player you are. I.e. a good player like yourself, this is very much a thing. For me, an average player, barely at all (assuming it starts happening when I hit the big time).

  38. Jay – I think that’s been a thing for a while, at least in recent PES editions. Not sure.

  39. Tommy – Might well have been, but I wouldn’t have noticed as I didn’t even look! The closest I got to using the Youth Team in recent years is signing regens with real faces but that I hadn’t heard of and giving them made up names. I’m really enjoying some of my regens this year – Aduriz, Tevez and N’Zonzi have been my favourites.

    Shed – want me to upload full instructions for my tactic? I might upload a full game, too.

  40. Top of Ligue 2 now following massive wins against leaders Lorient and 2nd place Le Harve, and eventually overhauling them. 7 points clear and 11 clear of third with 8 games remaining. Looking good, and planning for the top flight in season 4. Pavlović has been relentless and is on 23 goals for the season so far. My biggest single-season haul for a ML striker for years… and counting! There’s a lad from Le Harve only one goal behind him, would be a shame if he didn’t get the golden boot.

  41. Thanks Jay, great long weekend, a new update went up on FIFA FX yesterday.

  42. Tommy – my strikers also often feature in the top few strikers of the league, and that’s a departure for nuPES. I haven’t had that feeling of ‘having a striker’ in PES for years. They’ve been just another player who happens to play up front. In PES2019, they’re strikers, the handling and tactical setup being properly PESlike.

  43. NG – opposite of that, the only real ‘feeling’ of a specific player I’ve had over the last few years has been in the CF/ST position.

    Embolo on PES 17 was the main real standout player, who won world footballer of the year 3 times, and Lukaku last year, apart from that the only other player who felt like a real player was Upamecano at CB.

  44. Unbelievable Jeff

  45. Jay – safe to say you might have cracked PES2019…

    Paul – jury’s still out on individuality as a whole for me in PES2019 (the verdict is looking favourable though), but up front, for sure, the old Schwarz-and-Shimizu feeling is back.

  46. Jay – Euuuugh that does PES 19 no favours.

    NG – I’m looking forward to sampling PES 19 again at some point, I will resume my saved ML, just not yet as too much investment (and enjoyment) with FIFA.
    But I hope to experience the classic feeling that you and Jay are gushing about.

  47. Jay – I think you need to go up to Legend. I’m considering it because >80% of matches are a stroll in the park now but still have PTSD from trying last year. I’m missing pre-patch difficulty tbh.

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