The dinking man’s game

Oh, dear. The wheels have well and truly come off my promotion push in Season 5 of my PES2019 Master League progress.

Superstar difficulty was something I thought I’d got a handle on at the end of last week. At the start of this week, I’m not so sure.

Perhaps my formation meddling has something to do with it.

This is what I switched to – a slightly expanded (width-wise) 4-1-3-2, with no DMF for the first time in my PES history.

Valverde in this screenshot is a CMF. Rice usually plays in that position, but was suspended for this screenshot.

So how did it go?

Here are my full results for the month of November:

That’s some serious goals-against, there. My own goal-scoring isn’t too bad but I’m never going to win anything with defending like that.

It doesn’t help that the AI’s supercharged ‘straight from kickoff’ tendency is probably the most aggravating I have ever experienced it in PES. This is where the AI sweeps upfield from its kickoff to snatch a goal that it seems you can do nothing to prevent.

It’s a real issue in PES2019, and something that constantly gets me. Every away match starts with the AI kicking off, which means I effectively start a lot of away matches 1-0 down. If I score to take the lead, there is a high % chance the AI will equalise from kickoff. I do try fouling the buggers, but when the AI is up to shenanigans, its players can magically jump and jink past everything you throw at them. ‘Defend better, then!’ I know.

I tweaked the formation again. I left the wide-left SS role where it was, but pulled the CMF all the way back to DMF position – still a CMF, but now a DMF in all but name.

Slight improvement…

Here are my December results:

A slight improvement probably isn’t good enough for promotion, though. In the middle of January, I am some way off the top 6. I might yet go on a traditional ML charge up the table – if I get the results, I definitely will do that.I am still loving PES2019. The best PES since PES2012 for sure. Shaping up to be the best since the PS2 years? Still too early for me to make such a huge call. I have to see how the game plays in the Premier League. If I ever get there.

I am paying the price for not getting out of the Championship. It’s contract renewal time for many of my players. A few don’t want to renew, and the others all want eye-watering amounts of money that I really don’t have. Sure, I can go heavily into wages debt and keep them that way – but that means no new players, and I need new players in order to compete for promotion. Such is the life of a struggling club in the lower tiers of football. (And I am loving it, if that’s not abundantly clear.)

Certain players love the club. Rice signed a new contract with no messing, and for not that much more money. Others… either refuse to negotiate, or want so much to sign that they are effectively forcing their transfers to bigger clubs. It’s still mid-January at the time of writing and I have yet to decide which way to jump. I will probably risk keeping them all until the end of the season and see what happens then.

Gomez will be up for renewal next season. He’ll be at his peak as a striker and will want to play in the big time. Will I be able to afford him? This is the very real quandary. I believe I’ll need to be in the Premier League to even have a chance of keeping my very best players.

Finally a slightly different vid from the norm – 3 quirky little moments:

1: I only recently discovered how to get a secondary kicker standing over a free kick, and then take the free kick with that secondary player. L1+D-pad(up) to get the second player, then hold L2 to take the kick with him. In this case Giorza took the kick before the 1st kicker (Castledine) – and as a bonus the shot was a knuckle-style shot, over the wall and satisfyingly into the net.

2: An example of the fouls that the AI has started to dish out on Superstar. A wonderfully filthy two-footed scissors-style lunge from behind that takes out Lincoln on the edge of the box.

3: A delicate looped header from Jarvis. This match was a crazy one where I was 6-2 up at the time. The AI scored immediately from the kick-off – of course it did – to make the final score 6-3. The only high-scoring match of its kind that I have yet had on Superstar. Love the dinked header.

I have not scored an R2 curler – with Lincoln, or anyone – for over a season now. Not for the want of trying either. They just don’t happen on Superstar for me.

Updated: 13th November 2018 — 11:07


  1. Modric pulls up with a calf injury. I have no subs left. Only 10’ left. Five minutes later he goes down and an injury notice (separate from ‘hurting calf’ Japanglish) and he goes off injured! Out for a week. Emre got injured for 10 weeks earlier in season. My new high intensity tactics are increasing, rightly, my injuries. By end of the game literally all but my CF are running on empty. Old formation my CBs, both CFs and my CM would be fine!

  2. Turf – the manager transfer option works, it just takes bloody long sometimes before you get a reply. Just to get an idea: what position in club ranking are you in currently?

  3. #1-I am on PS4, so sadly can’t use the option file you suggested. Also one question does changes in edit data reflect in an ongoing ML or you have to start afresh?

  4. Jamiey – depends on what kind of edit data. Visual edit data (faces, names, stadium assignments and so on) work in ongoing ML saves. Changes to team tactics, players stats and abilities and such do not.

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