Patch of the Day

That’s DIAWARA up above, my new Loanee DMF.

83 OPR. A bit slow and lumbering, and he hasn’t got much of a shot on him. Which makes him a bit of an oddity for me in DMF terms. To be truly beloved, my DMFs have to have great shots on them. But if they’re good enough as DMFs, I’ll overlook weak shooting. Neeskens in PES2012 was one of my legendary DMFs, but had one of the weakest shots in that game.

Diawara is astoundingly good so far. At the end of this season when the loan expires I will do my best to keep him. He’s immense.

Five days with the October PES2019 patch, and my own verdict more or less parallels the general verdict: great, but still with misgivings. My misgivings relate to general speed. I find the game faster now, and frequently unpleasantly frantic. The feeling comes and goes.

Fouls continue to be almost absent for me. I still average about 1.2 per match, which is I suppose an improvement on PES2018’s 0.25 per match.

LCS (Low Cross Spam) was not a thing for me before the patch and remains not a thing for me after the patch. I can see that the AI’s general wing-tendency is much reduced, though.

One fix that was critical for me was the fix to ‘AI dithering’ in and around the box. That was properly game-wrecking whenever it happened (at least once per session). I am happy to report not one instance of it in around five full sessions since the patch.

First business of my new season was to add a couple of new kits, courtesy once again of PESFX Kits maestro (and current FIFAFX blogger) Paul.

Home on the left here, Away on the right.

In the Transfer market pre-season, I decided to use the feature/exploit that sees you able to furnish yourself with plenty of high-quality Loan signings. More on that below.

I’ve played a lot. I’m already at the mid-season transfer window. Yes, it’s January already in my Season 4. I have covered a lot of ground since last Friday’s post.

Life in the Championship in PES2019 is something I desperately want to get away from – but one of the side-effects of the Great Patch, for me, was to make Top Player feel too easy.

Possibly it was the effect of all my loanees, but I think it was the patch,

This was the Season 4 table after 8 matches, all on Top Player:I was romping to victory in every match. And I mean romping. Promotion would have been a formality on Top Player.

I couldn’t have that. So I switched up to Superstar.

And here is the table after switching to Superstar:I’ve only won 2 matches since the switch. This is much more how I want my struggle to go. I want it to be struggley.

This is my full squad:

Teixeira and Nunes are Youth signings. As soon as I get the finances settled in a season or two, they’ll go out on loan themselves.

Of the others, the following are all Loanees: Diawara, Cuellar, Mas, Fydriszewski, G Gomez, and A Gojak (who loves ya, baby). That’s 6 (SIX) players on loan. Only 16 (SIXTEEN) of my players are my own.

Finances are on the way back to healthy, I am pleased to report. Currently £600,000 in the black. I predict the post-season will see some order restored.

My gut instinct is that promotion this season is going to be incredibly tough, maybe even impossible for me on Superstar at the moment. It’ll probably take me another season to acclimatise, being the average-skilled PES gamer I am. I’ll try my best for promotion this season, but a Season 5 in the Championship is a very real possibility. I am just not getting to grips with Superstar.

We shall see.

Finally today, my very first Lincoln R2 curler scored on Superstar. This happened only last night, and made me shout in delight just as much as the first.

Slightly different this time, with Lincoln facing the goal instead of running parallel as in all the others. I felt forced into the attempt by the defender closing in.

Updated: 30th October 2018 — 11:46


  1. Yes, my first proper long ranger. Thing is I wouldn’t have tried it if it wasn’t for the scoreline and being late on.

    Jay – On SS yes. The player does have good shooting stats, both kicking power and finishing in the 80s, but he’s been crap all season except for this peach. I was going to sell but he’s just bought a stay of execution.

    Paul – I wouldn’t say overpowered, this is my first one in 7 seasons. nG does have more success but I hear the AI is complaining about LRCS (long range curler spamming) on his copy of the game.

  2. Halogen gets very hot but burns out quicker Turf, can also be a safety hazard.
    Never used an oil one, prefer just to set fire to one of the outbuildings if i need more heat!

  3. Paul stockpiles the tears of fanbois and has a steam powered heater.

  4. Btw last night I was wished ‘a happy halloween’….I shuddered….like Homer Simpson. Where to begin?

  5. Uncle Turf – it was bad enough a few years ago when I started to hear ‘Happy Easter’, but now it looks like Halloween is too deeply embedded ever to go back to being what it was when I were a lad, i.e. very little more than nothing at all.

    As for halogen vs oil, I read all about the lesser reliability of the bulbs and was going to go for an oil radiator, but they were out of stock when I got to the store, and I came away with the halogen after all. I got through all last winter – including the Beast From The East – without a problem. Very very toasty heaters – its great advantage is that it gives instant directed heat, rather than slowly radiated over time. Anything that generates heat is a potential safety hazard so for total security, go for the oil radiator. Like I said, I’d have got that one if they’d had it in stock.

  6. Cook – and what an exhilarating moment when they go in! I do think I’ve scored more of them than I should have been ‘allowed’ to, but at only 8 or 9 goals out of my total goals haul, over nearly 200 matches, still a long way short of gamebreaking.

  7. Over the fan heater though? I found the oil heater too cumbersome and slow unless you were in the room for a long time with no intention of moving. Wonder if I could frack under the house and light the escaping gas?

  8. Fan heaters are much too noisy. My order of preference for portable heating would go:

    Oil radiator.
    Halogen bulb setup.
    Calor Gas bottle fire on wheels
    Fan heater

  9. My preference is an extra jumper.

    On Halloween: I sh!t you not, I was just in the Londis and three kids walked in, upto the check out and said Trick or Treat, then they did it in the Chippy too!

  10. Jay – ambient comfort demands some sort of portable heating solution. The years will pass and you will see.

  11. I’m so sick of reading about this stuff now but social practices and the environment 101 is when did we get to a state where jay’s jumper, the solution in days gone by, gave way to NGs consumption of energy to achieve the same end. We are doomed I tell you. Till then I’m in the bit of both camp.

    Not sure I’d know where there was a londis in the NE. Co-op, nisa, the odd spar and independent corner shop but Londis is some sort of foreign emporium. I saw copies of red dead 2 in cex at the weekend. Who can be sick of it after two days?

  12. Lovely goal Cook!

    Early days, just 3 games in the international cup, but SS is really fast!
    Attacking wise i didn’t notice much but in defense they are all over me, the AI is sliding in all over the place!

  13. Max – I find the ICC Cup to exist in a little world of its own in terms of gameplay, pace, etc. Much like rivalry games.

  14. Turf – me and the misses have the annual wrangling at this time of year as to whether or not the heating should go on. I really don’t think it is cold and would rather just go with the Jay jumper solution. As for shops up in Fleetwood there is a domination by the likes of Bargain Booze and Premier. Co-op establishments are slowly becoming extinct round here. The nearest shop to me (Bargain Booze) has a pet corner with everything you need for your fury little friends, which also includes toys.

  15. Halloween has just become a source for mass consumer overload, it’s meant to be a spooky or scary time but you see people dressed up as wonderwoman, unicorns, all sorts of non-spooky crap.

    I don’t answer the door to trick or treaters round here, the kids are more likely to kick your door down and rob you than knock and say trick or treat !

    Got a few more games under my belt on FIFA last night, season is nearing an end, new post up at 10.

  16. Bring back the old days when Bonfire Night was the main event at this time of year. Youths could be seen hanging around outside the local convenience shop (Wavy Line or Happy Shopper round these parts) with an old shirt and trousers stuffed with newspaper and a paper-mache head taped on top. “Penny for the Guy, mister?”

    The trick-or-treaters in my neighbourhood are incredibly well behaved. No knock on the door unless you are displaying some form of Halloween tat outside. The closest you get to a trick is the odd caved in pumpkin from the big kids taking out their frustration at feeling suddenly too old to beg for sweeties.

    Midi-Shed wore a Venom hoodie to hang out with his mates at the local park before coming back to slump in front of MY PS4. Luckily I had warmed the shed ready for a PES5 before bed.

  17. The Penny for the Guys should be wearing jumpers at this time of year, not shirts. See above comments.

  18. The under-25s generally don’t remember a time when Halloween wasn’t a thing here, and are confused by older people’s scathing contempt for it all. Halloween was never a thing here, not even remotely. They have a good time with it over in America – dressing up as non-horror figures, and parties, and trick and treat etc. – but over here it’s just a weirdly transformed menace festival.

  19. Would make it more interesting if every halloween, for 6 hours between 8pm and 2am, they allowed a Purge, like in the films, where everything is lawful.

  20. Nice goals there Lloyd, that GK goal at 1m20 takes the piss, to control it and knock it up on this thigh then volley home!

    See there’s a trophy for a pointless pre-season tournament, but wasn’t one for the FA Cup win, can’t tell you how much this annoys me.

  21. Lloyd – something of everything in that one! A rare GK goal, and a shiny trophy at the end.

  22. Btw last night I was wished ‘a happy halloween’….I shuddered….like Homer Simpson. Where to begin?


    If I handed out sweets to random children any other time of the year I’d be on a register. At our house the doorbell comes down and a note that says “No loud noises please. Baby asleep.” goes up on the door.

  23. Chris99 – “No loud noises please baby. Asleep.” Corrected for you.

  24. Off topic but for anyone slightly interested in marketing, this guy from LinkedIn, stands out and his content always makes me chuckle.

  25. Local news here reporting some kids out trick or treating were given ecstasy tablets in a bag….it’s a fiesta this week for things that surely can’t fail to elicit a response.

  26. Mixture of despondency and hunger for success with PES right now!

    CL qualification in the league looked unlikely (I finished 7th in the end) but I was in the semis vs United, who’d already knocked me out the FA Cup in the quarters. I lost the first leg (away) 4-3. I was confident going into the 2nd leg with away goals on my side. Instead my GK was on a red down arrow and my CB and DM were both on orange downward arrows. I lost the second leg 3-2. Due to 12th placed Leicester winning the FA Cup I didn’t even qualify for Europa. Next season I’m winning the domestic double. If I don’t win either I’ll cry. Aduriz won the Golden Boot with 43 goals. Pellegri was 3rd with 23. I scored 99, but conceded 67 – only worsened by the bottom three. I’ve got to grips with the patch now though.

  27. Paul – I read that entire pdf, which has that whole ‘this is about life, not just marketing’ resonance about it. What made you post it? Just curious as it is directly applicable to various things going on in my life right now, and its appearance seems so bizarrely timely.

    Uncle Turf – urban myth alert (although there are verified cases, which strictly speaking means they’re not full-on urban myths). Maybe the clowns are behind it all?

    Jay – Aduriz Regenned in my ML world last transfer window aged 17 and I’ve got him on the future list. Also, I will be spending at least one more season in D2.

  28. Ah the clowns, I’d forgotten how our streets were once thronged with clowns driving white vans full of sweets and puppies.

  29. Serendipity maybe NG. I just saw his post on LinkedIn and thought ‘another gobby twat trying to attract attention’ but after reading his PDF, his gobbyness actually translated into real world meaning, just in a way most of us would say it in our heads, rather than all that buzzword corporate BS. Just found it refreshing,and humourous.

    “Kids born with hair all over them and no shins” !!!

    If you found it useful or even just a good read then I’m glad.

    I’m now 3 matches away from the end of season 2 on FIFA, things are teetering in the balance down in the relegation zone, exciting and nervous times.

  30. Jay – sounds like you employ a Brazil tactic – may concede a few but usually score more.
    43 goals for a single player, in a side that didn’t even qualify for europe is a travesty, you must feel hard done by.

    You gotta feel a sense of BS with this random poor form to key players for key matches thing?
    Target for next season – Squad depth, so any key players on a down arrow can be replaced without any loss of TS or ability.

  31. Warmed the shed nicely for a PES5 session last night and despite hitting a tricky patch of form, it now looks like I’m nailed on for a top six finish. Still nine games to go of season four but Chelsea and leaders Man Utd look uncatchable. I’m also in the FA Cup semi-final (love the two-legged ties in old ML) so there’s a chance of silverware.

    Generally, I think I’m a better PES5 player than I was 13 years ago. I’m not sprint-clamping as much as I did, even though that wasn’t even a known term back then. I’m also scoring free kicks which I hardly ever did on PS2 PES. Scored a beauty against Wigan last night.

    One thing that might be a problem is that I may have gone a little too mad with signings. I bought Iniesta and Chivu in the last transfer window and I’m still worryingly in the red. I’m hoping some end of season prize money might bail me out.

  32. Shed – beware the Game Over in PES5, if you’re not already beware. If you’re in trouble, frantically Releasing players is the traditional way to get back in the black. If you’re only a few thousand in the red, pre-season friendlies take place before the budget is calculated, and you of course get Points for winning or drawing them, and even for scoring goals. (Old ML was Best ML.)

    Paul – as one who flies into a rage if any website pops something up at me for me ‘like, share, subscribe’ etc, that was an interesting read indeed. E.g. I might get myself a Chromebook to tinker with. Been a few years since I had one, I like them (great for sticking Linux on), and they are of course cheap and cheerful. So I landed on this website 90% intending to buy, only for it to splash a marketing popup at me that turned out to be unclickable even to get rid of. Instant CMD-W on the page.

  33. n-G – I do remember that Game Over threat but I’m a little fuzzy on just how it all balances up when its time to pay. I’ll dig that lovely piggyback guide out for some swotting.

  34. Shed – simple enough, if you’re in the red on Finance Day, it’s Game Over. Check Expected Earnings for a guide to where you stand. I remember it’s not always reliable though…

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