Patch of the Day

That’s DIAWARA up above, my new Loanee DMF.

83 OPR. A bit slow and lumbering, and he hasn’t got much of a shot on him. Which makes him a bit of an oddity for me in DMF terms. To be truly beloved, my DMFs have to have great shots on them. But if they’re good enough as DMFs, I’ll overlook weak shooting. Neeskens in PES2012 was one of my legendary DMFs, but had one of the weakest shots in that game.

Diawara is astoundingly good so far. At the end of this season when the loan expires I will do my best to keep him. He’s immense.

Five days with the October PES2019 patch, and my own verdict more or less parallels the general verdict: great, but still with misgivings. My misgivings relate to general speed. I find the game faster now, and frequently unpleasantly frantic. The feeling comes and goes.

Fouls continue to be almost absent for me. I still average about 1.2 per match, which is I suppose an improvement on PES2018’s 0.25 per match.

LCS (Low Cross Spam) was not a thing for me before the patch and remains not a thing for me after the patch. I can see that the AI’s general wing-tendency is much reduced, though.

One fix that was critical for me was the fix to ‘AI dithering’ in and around the box. That was properly game-wrecking whenever it happened (at least once per session). I am happy to report not one instance of it in around five full sessions since the patch.

First business of my new season was to add a couple of new kits, courtesy once again of PESFX Kits maestro (and current FIFAFX blogger) Paul.

Home on the left here, Away on the right.

In the Transfer market pre-season, I decided to use the feature/exploit that sees you able to furnish yourself with plenty of high-quality Loan signings. More on that below.

I’ve played a lot. I’m already at the mid-season transfer window. Yes, it’s January already in my Season 4. I have covered a lot of ground since last Friday’s post.

Life in the Championship in PES2019 is something I desperately want to get away from – but one of the side-effects of the Great Patch, for me, was to make Top Player feel too easy.

Possibly it was the effect of all my loanees, but I think it was the patch,

This was the Season 4 table after 8 matches, all on Top Player:I was romping to victory in every match. And I mean romping. Promotion would have been a formality on Top Player.

I couldn’t have that. So I switched up to Superstar.

And here is the table after switching to Superstar:I’ve only won 2 matches since the switch. This is much more how I want my struggle to go. I want it to be struggley.

This is my full squad:

Teixeira and Nunes are Youth signings. As soon as I get the finances settled in a season or two, they’ll go out on loan themselves.

Of the others, the following are all Loanees: Diawara, Cuellar, Mas, Fydriszewski, G Gomez, and A Gojak (who loves ya, baby). That’s 6 (SIX) players on loan. Only 16 (SIXTEEN) of my players are my own.

Finances are on the way back to healthy, I am pleased to report. Currently £600,000 in the black. I predict the post-season will see some order restored.

My gut instinct is that promotion this season is going to be incredibly tough, maybe even impossible for me on Superstar at the moment. It’ll probably take me another season to acclimatise, being the average-skilled PES gamer I am. I’ll try my best for promotion this season, but a Season 5 in the Championship is a very real possibility. I am just not getting to grips with Superstar.

We shall see.

Finally today, my very first Lincoln R2 curler scored on Superstar. This happened only last night, and made me shout in delight just as much as the first.

Slightly different this time, with Lincoln facing the goal instead of running parallel as in all the others. I felt forced into the attempt by the defender closing in.

Updated: 30th October 2018 — 11:46


  1. Whoops, forgot to change the server time (again) and this posted early. Excuse live edits here and there.

  2. I just can’t trust Paul’s opinion anymore; he’s a time traveller:

    I also had to re-check the clocks hadn’t already gone forward as your post was up early! I thought I’d lost an hour as quickly as I gained one.

    NG – Nice to see Diawara on loan for you. I had him on loan for one season and then had two seasons without him before signing him permanently. He is indeed great. Picks up quite a few cards, which I don’t seem to recall my previous DMF, Ralf, getting.

    I’m pleased to report season 5 (FIVE)* still sees me struggling financially. I have £12m in transfer funds but in the red for salary budget. I’ve just finished January Transfer Window of season 5 and it’s the se one consecutive window I’ve gone through with 0 (ZERO) ins or outs at all. I’ve one had one loan since season 3, last season’s 36 y.o Rooney – purely for his TS raising stat, which was vital in rotation.

    I’m sure you want promotion this season NG! Season 5 in The Championship would be gutting, but as long as you’re enjoying it.

    Paul – I do hope my zest and zeal for PES 2019 isn’t genuinely annoying you; I mean nothing by it and enjoy are to-and-fros generally.

  3. Another incredible R2 curler! I have been trying way to much and have only scored a couple although one was from pretty far out, the third horizontal line of the grass.
    I have managed to score a long range rising shot too from the second line.

    I think PES has to be a struggle or it isn’t fun. I’m ridding high in the prem 2nd after 23 games but its anything but easy going, i am conceding an average of 2 goals per game so it makes it intense trying to stay one goal up.

    I am the highest scoring team in the league but only 5 teams have conceded more, knowing that a 2 goal lead means nothing keeps me on edge for the full 90.

    I just lost to Man City 4-5 which included 3 kick-off goals…

  4. Jay – Don’t be silly, You enjoying a game would never annoy me, I’m pleased for you, and NG, and Abbeyhill and Cook and the others that can see through a very average game and get a lot from it.
    My disenchantment with PES is my own personal opinion, and I would never think for one second that entitles me to force that view upon others, you play what you enjoy and you hopefully enjoy what you play.

    The only thing that does annoy me, is when people continuously attempt to make excuses for Konami, paper over their cracks, or gaping holes and try to make the game out to be something greater than what it is, as that’s not just personal opinion, its fabrication.

    I can present video, photo and whatever other evidence for any of the criticisms I make about PES, I don’t just make them blasé because I don’t like the game, they are all based on fact, and as eluded to in the last post, whether you choose to ignore, accept or condone these issues, is down to your own personal expectations/needs/wants from a football game.

    I still enjoy the banter here though and hearing about peoples PES ML journeys, even if it isn’t something that I currently wish to play myself.

    I think the total lack of realism just grates too much on with with PES, I know ML has always been about the fantasy world you create, but within that, there has to be an adherence to the basics of the sport, and there just isn’t with Konami.

  5. nG – It makes sense that the kit on the right is the away one. The added distance is why the player seems smaller.

  6. Can always rely on Chris99 to say something unusual.

    NG – Kits look good.

  7. I particularly liked this long range curler because of the pressure being applied by the defender. I’ve finally given up on Lincoln and swapped him for a younger AMF because he was about to start declining and wasn’t much cop for me anyway.

    I don’t think the loan system is too exploitative because of the downside of losing all the invested time building team spirit/player familiarity. Free transfers are a more exploitative game mechanic in my opinion.

    I’m nearing the end of season 7 (I think, lost count). In the FA Cup final, Europa semi-final and desperately clinging on to 4th place. I’ve had to manage the demands on the squad carefully due to the congested schedule. In particular I decided to write-off a league game against Manchester City to rest players for the Europa League. Overall it’s been thoroughly enjoyable since patch day.

  8. Diawara looks quite generic but that’s a cracking rendition of Stanley tucci signing him.

  9. Turf – I was gonna say Mark Greene from ER.

  10. Uncle Turf/Tommy – I look like neither of those gentlemen, nor like my avatar. I’m bald with glasses, but no beard, and a differently shaped head.

    Cook – I do keep trying the R2 curlers with players other than Lincoln, but only Lincoln feels worth a pop. At the end of PES2019’s run, whenever that is, I wonder what kind of R2 curler Lincoln showreel I’ll be able to put together.

    Max – PES2019 is shaping up to be the most enjoyable since PES2015 for me, maybe it’ll turn out the best since PES2012, who knows. And mainly because it is a struggle, as you say. I coasted through the last few years’ MLs. Not this one.

  11. Aha, I did suspect that these long range curlers would dry up on superstar not-Greg, principally because I have not scored any, but clearly wrong on that count. Must (sign Lincoln and) try harder….

  12. There is no doubt in my mind that the patch has made the game easier. I know I obviously have a better team in season two with greater spirit but already I’m doing things I simply couldn’t in previous campaigns. There is much more time to turn and shoot in and near the box, headers now come off and keepers seem less perfect. I’ve just scored five in two games with my main striker Gomis and for a lukaku-a-like such as him there is now a good chance of out muscling defenders and seeing an effort fly past an outstretched arm. Still on superstar but it’s only season two and Motherwell isn’t a lifelong job. Might have to review situation were I to go on a long run of victories this early.

  13. Turf – I’ve generally agreed with all the opinions on the new patch, but I genuinely haven’t noticed headers becoming easier to score, though I didn’t find them non-existent as some did pre-patch. I’ve been patiently waiting to discover the knack of it, but it’s yet to come. My 196cm striker with the Heading trait, receiving balls from Pinpoint Crossing midfielders is scoring them at the same rate as before the patch, i.e not PES2017 levels but not none at all.

    Re: the difficulty – I think it’s become ‘easier’ to score but harder to defend, due to the variation of AI attacks. I’ve conceded an absolute bucketful this season with the same defenders and goalkeeper as last season with OVRs the same or higher due to growth.


    Just had my second leg of the first knock out round of the CL. I was 3-1 down against Real Madrid after the first leg, having scored my sole goal in the 83’ minute already 3 down. It gave me hope of overturning it at my home ground, St. Jakob Park.

    In my notifications prior to the match I received news my lead striker, Pellegri, was out injured and would miss the game. My heart sank. He’s vital to me getting the ball out when under the cosh: aim for his bonce and he will win the aerial battle for a knock down to my AMC, Tevez, or a flick on to my other CF, Aduriz.

    I go into my team selection screen and Aduriz is on a red downward arrow. My heart penetrated the seabed it had sank to. I move Tevez from AMC into Aduriz’s slot and bring Adebayor (still not accustomed to my style and thus no heat on the map) in for Pellegri. My eyes glance to my midfield diamond and back four. I’ve already had to move Tevez up front so Walcott took his position, but I’ve lost N’Zonzi from CM into CB as my best CB, Edu Dracena, is on an orange downward arrow. So I start with 3 of my best XI missing and a further 2 out of position. Only PES could do this to me in a must win CL game.

    I decided I’d need to have as many shots as possible in this game, knowing I could waste too much time being patient in my build up. I still probed and refrained from hit and hope stuff, but if there was a chance I could score I took the shot. My first goal came from such a spurious effort, with Tevez lashing one goalbound from a tight angle wide. It won me a corner and Adebayor, with a volleyed toe poke I’ve only seen him do, and multiple times so, grabbed me my lifeline.

    In the 75th minute it was still 1-0 and I plumped for a triple substitution and notched my ATT/DEF level up one. Nagatomo came on at RB and with Nacho at LB for Madrid already on a yellow, I went at him relentlessly. He took me down almost immediately, unable to keep up with the fresh legs. I was begging for a red, instead he was subbed off. Regardless, it was my wing for the taking and Nagatomo got to the byline and whipped in an early cross. Cometh the man, cometh the hour. My little Argentine with a giant leap met the cross and nodded in: 2-0 and 8 minutes (5 would be added on) to play.

    I changed formation to a 4411 with two DMs and doubled up on the wings, setting my Advanced tactics to wing-backs. And then the final whistle blew. I’d done it. Brief respite from losing to United in ET of the FA Cup, keeping my trophy hopes alive. Liverpool in the quarters of the CL await.

  14. Uncle Turf – Top Player became easier for sure. I am finding Superstar very tough and would normally acknowledge that it might be too soon for me and go back down to Top Player for a while, but it really is too easy now, so I am stuck on Superstar. At least it’s not the actual hardest difficulty level…

    Jay – that is exactly it this year, that level of decision-making and the general approach to each match. Superstar is so tough for me that I need every slight edge and am spending ages on the pre-match screen.

  15. Don’t forget I’m in Scotland, they are low level teams so there could be a jump to premier league superstar, but as I’ve played 5 seasons in Scotland in pre and post patch I feel I can say it’s definitely dropped.

  16. Jay – what i took from that was that the game once again failed to give a red card when it was warranted as it does in so many situations, and the players form is f**ked up as for what reason would players in a team that have won the league and are playing in the champions league, suddenly have such drastic drops in form from the previous match? Nonsensical.

    The player ratings and player form has always been messed up in PES.
    Congrats on overturning the tie though, Real Madrid of real wouldn’t have let that happen, did the com play defensively against you to protect the lead? doubt it, again, no awareness of the score over the tie, just that one match in isolation.

    It’s these sorts of things that stop PES being anything other than a decent game.

  17. I’ve had a few days away and only got back to some gaming time last night. The shed was too cold and with no time to get the heater going for a PES5 session, I fired up PES 2019.

    Reading the post-patch reaction here, I knocked up the difficulty to Superstar before picking up season three of my ML with Brighton. What followed was a match that included fouls, a couple of great goals and a winner for me from the penalty spot! AND then I found myself celebrating again after the match at the news that one of my players is injured. Hooray!

    I played one more match and lost 2-0 to a very AI-that-we-need type performance from Bristol City. Even the mighty PES5 rarely has you up against it an AI that comes at you the way this one does.

  18. Paul – straight from kick off Madrid went down one notch to blue on the ATT/DEF bar

  19. Jay- what a comeback against the odds!!!
    I’m struggling with headers but the few times i have scored is when i cross it in very early in line with the 18 yard line but only with my RB Walker-Pietters. My LB Tierny has pinpoint crossing and the ball travels so slow through the air that the defender gets back.

    If i get to the byline i prefer a fake-shot or trick inside and look for a shot or pass.

    I love that it is actually possible to dibble past and pull off tricks against the AI this year.
    I recommend highly the R1 let the ball through your legs move, looks great and very effective when used at the right moment.

    Just about to finish my second season, top player, 4 games left in the prem and i’m first on goal difference, next season i’ll start on SS.

  20. Max – do you press L1 for the actual early cross command or do you just cross it early?

  21. Headers and fouls: two things mysteriously absent from my previously golden copy of PES2019… Headed goals are maybe once a week (a real-world week). Fouls still roughly 1.2 per match.

    Other than that, though, all is still golden. I ended up playing another 2am session last night, just to progress my ML. Some injuries and squad decisions. On-pitch the Superstar action is now very formidable to me. I had an epic match against newly-relegated Huddersfield, who played like it, that finished 4-1 to them. PES2019 is pretty great.

    Shed – I have one room that always feels cold even with the central heating on. Last winter I picked up a halogen heater from Argos for £20. End of problem. #middleagedsolutions

  22. Of course Jay, and did they switch to an all out attack, and push 3 up top when they went 2 down and needed a goal badly?
    Did Bale and Marcelo and Kroos dribble past any players?

    Max – Skill moves dont work at all against the com, unless they have been tweaked post patch, as before, no matter what feint or turn you did the COM always just stuck a foot in and stopped it, every time.

  23. n-G – I have one of those plug-in oil radiators from the very same catalogue outlet. Like me, it just takes a while to get going.

    On the subject of form arrows, I have to say that one thing I miss about nuPES while playing PES5 was those random and, yes Paul, utterly unrealistic dips in form. These and transfer offers I miss.

    My house rule of never playing a player on any form of downwards condition arrow adds a level of team shuffling and selection problems that would never happen other than to address fatigue. It’s funny how these ways of making do in a bland ML mode have turned into something fairly positive.

    Which begs the question, how are you managing to put out an in-form XI each week (sorry, I mean week-in week-out as that’s how it’s said by ALL footy pundits) with such a small squad n-G?

  24. Paul – I cant remember if they changed levels for the last 8 minutes. I was too busy focusing on myself. Marcelo didn’t play (I’m five seasons in) for the same reason Bale was a late sub. Their front three was Vinicius Junior 84, Diaz 82, Isco 86.

    Also, skills do work. I find the most effective ones the two ones Max mentioned – feints and through the legs. I’ll happily upload videos of both. You’ve got many valid criticisms of PES but these two aren’t.

  25. Shed – I’ve got a normal-sized squad now, thanks to Youth signings and loads of Loanees. When I was playing with a squad of 16 it was frequently the case of playing one or more players with a down-arrow and/or no stamina, though. Visual fatigue is still a thing and costs me in quite a few matches.

    Paul – you would count that through-the-legs thing (oo-er) a skill move? Anyway it does work in PES2019, and did pre-patch too. I also accidentally did a rainbow flick the other night that ‘worked’. Skill moves are profoundly un-PES, though. I frown upon them.

  26. from PES 16 or maybe even earlier onwards, players forms were supposed to change during a match depending on their performance (pass completion, tackles, shots, goals, team result etc) but never do, have no idea how its calculated, can pretty much only imagine its randomised, as what sense is there in a player scoring 2 goals in a 3-0 win, and then being on a red downward arrow for the next game?

    Or a player scoring a hat trick and getting 2 assists in a 6-0 win and only getting a 7.5 rating?

    Again, basics, always ignored. This is the kinda simple shit Konami need to sort out, its been like it for years.

  27. Jay- No L1, i just O about 70% i think that sometimes i even press O before the automatic cross zone but aim to the back post. Only scored 3 headers in almost a season post patch but i do notice more space for the attacker. Pre-patch i tried all kinds of L1, R2 and positions and not one header so i’m a little hesitant to even try now.

    Paul- i disagree strongly but completely agree for the last 3 pes or so it was as you say. The fake shot is even a little overpowered i think, i can get past one player anywhere on the pitch, when through on goal i regularly fake shot inside the defender then score. Also other feints do work for me like the ronaldo chop or scissor move.
    Also speed burst, double R1, standing or from R2 dribble works a treat.

    I have goal saved that is a “skill run” if you can call it that. was on of the first goals i scored actually. i’ll try and up it to youtube with my long range rising shot goal but i don’t really no how yet. Maybe with the share button?

  28. Jay – I will happily watch your videos then upload 20 of my own doing ‘proper’ skill moves, not dummies, like cut-behind turn, double touch, roulette spin, that is just cut out every single time by the CPU.

    As I said, haven’t tried skills post-patch, so may have changed but before patch, player skills vs COM were next to useless. one in 20 would ‘fool’ the CPU.

    So no, these criticisms aren’t invalid, unless of course the Golden copy allows you to do them at free will.

  29. Max – Speed Bursts aren’t skill moves, its just a change of pace.
    yeah lets see your Skill run goal, intrigued to see how the golden PES plays having never seen it myself.

    And yes, you use the share button on the PS4 controller to save videos to the PS4 or upload them to YT.

  30. Or I’m just better at them? 😉

    Regularly get 8.5s for hattricks. Yet to see higher though.

    Also, I remember the in-game form feature. Shame it didn’t work! Badly implemented by Konami there.

  31. You must be Jay, I mean, if a skill move is Up diagonal on RS and Left on LS, then you must be so much more knowledgeable about what those directions actually are, I must be pressing down and down or something completely moronic.

    Remember the overpowered stepovers in PES 3? Maybe not, you weren’t born then 😉

  32. Waheeeeey! I’ll have you know I was 9! My first football game, too. Sadly I don’t remember much about PESs prior to PES6. I’m general I’m not one to use skills other than feints and cancels, it’s only this year I’ve started to use the through the legs dummy. When I used to play FIFA online with mates, someone who used spammed the use of skills was known as a “trick stick dick,” due to FIFA’s trick stick.

  33. Paul- Speed burst while R2 dribbling for a run around or nut meg is the “skill” but speed burst at the right time is nice to.

    ok i tried yesterday but didn’t think it worked(ps4 wifi not strong enough) but it up while i was playing, if you fancy seeing a few retro pes goals there are also a lot of videos of the long lost(but not forgotten) PES long shot. All from about 5/6 years ago when it was possible to do semi regularly. Badly recorded on a dodgy phone camera x-)

    its not an amazing skill run but there are 2 skill moves and a dribble R1 at the end, it was funny as was in the 90th min and my guy was wrecked and probably the 2 or 3rd goal i actually scored in my ML.

    tried linking it properly but i have know idea…

  34. Max – Make sure your Youtube account is linked to your PSN ID, can do that under settings > broadcast and sharing on the PS4, then in game just tap the share button and it will capture the last minute, 5mins, 15mins, 30mins, whatever you have it set to, as a video and save to your PS4, which you can then upload directly.

    Jay, I remember a guy called Marius Hjerspeth who used to do Youtube FIFA goal videos, amazing editing skills but every single goal contained about 40000000 skill moves, as do a lot of them online player goals today.

    Forgot to say jay, if you need a new kit for PES just shout.

  35. Paul- apparently it did somewhat work as i had about 7 different videos upped the same lol

    Just about to play the last game of the season, level on points with Man City going in and its against Newcastle…

  36. Max – the confusion might be because they upload in the background. You can see when they’re done in Notifications. Lovely solo goal. Rising shot was nice too!

    Paul – thanks for the kit offer 🙂 I’ve been considering it but been slowly brainstorming for ideas!

  37. Lovely rising strike Max, not quite the farthest but probably the most powerful I’ve seen. The skill move goals is something I’d never try let alone pull it off, good stuff.

    I beat Man City in the Europa League semi-final. 3-2 win in the home leg and then early goal and shut up shop in the away leg. Garbiel Jesus hit the woodwork 3 times so feel like I benefitted from some positive scripting, all good though. I have Rangers in the final who despite a poor looking squad have stormed to the final beating some good teams along the way. I’m also in the FA Cup final against a very good Chelsea team who routinely beat me in the league. The Europa League run bought 2 much needed owner bonus’ of >£500k each for the wage budget so I’m back up to full strength next season without any loans. Just need to save up a few million for the 9 contract renegotiations.

  38. Jeez Max, what speed do you play on!?!?!?!?!?

  39. Max – great thump! I love my Lincoln R2 curlers, but I’d swap most of them for just a few more rising shot cannonballs. I’ve got one or two, but want more. It’s a good year for long-range fans regardless.

    Paul – that’s not live action footage, that’s Max fast-forwarding a replay with the right stick.

  40. NG is right was me pressing the right stick, from now on if i score a up worthy goal i will use the share button i think i’m getting the hang of it.

    I am tring to sign another good DFM with rising shot to partner Mili next season on SS so i will be trying from a lot further out now.

    I don’t if its because my hands are cold, the coffee i had was to strong or just nerves about winning the league but i have been playing terrible for the last 3 games. The AI were rubbish, bottom of the league teams, but i just couldn’t score.
    Luckily i scrapped it in the last seconds, share button activated!
    Now how to i post the video here as a direct link? lol
    i’m useless…


    jumped out of my chair when that went in, but a draw would have been enough anyway… lol

  42. Max – A 93rd minute winner on the last day of the season, to win the league, Man City style. Nice Feeling!!!

    Shame there’s no big shiny trophy for you to parade round.

  43. Only won with 81 points and top player though, next season SS, this pre-season tour thing is a good chance to test myself and new formation, the cm/amf will become a dmf just need to sell and buy a few players as budget is tight even after winning the league. Knowing this will be my final season before starting the true defualt ML i am enjoying looking for some experienced players even they are on there way down.

  44. Max – if its enough, its enough. Leicester won the premier league in 15/16 with 81 pts.

  45. I won both the FA Cup and Europa League. FA Cup thanks to a penalty save much like Dave Beasant’s in 1988. Goalkeeper won man of the match too, first time I remember that happening in a while. The Europa League was easier thanks to a weak Rangers team. I scored this goal at the end to round off the victory. I finisehd 5th in the league so winning the Europa League is my route into the Champions League for next year.

    Loadsamoney from the chairman as reward for trophies.

  46. Cook – at last, you finally got one, and it was one of the best ones too 🙂

  47. Congrats Cook – Seems those R2 range curlers are way overpowered this year, everyone is bagging loads of them.

    According to the commentators, nearly every match when Beglin is asked who he thinks will influence the match, its always the goalkeeper!

  48. Was that on SS, Cook? That was the best one I’ve seen so far. What’s his related stats like? My Modric one remains the only one I have bagged but I am regularly trying two a game now.

    Into the CL semi finals after a 4-2 aggregate win over Liverpool. I’ll face Manchester United, who smashed Man City 6-0. Other semi is Juventus vs Spurs. With 5 games left I can no longer win the title (I’m 7th) and I’m 6pts off of 6th. I better bloody qualify for something European. Now I’m patch-accustomed I think I’ll be fine next season. I’ve lost 8 in the league all season and 6 were in the first 15.

  49. If we can get back to the most interesting point….NG, Shed – would you say that a halogen heater is better than the oil filled (I had one and its very slow to warm) and one of those hot air fans? I have the fan myself and its immediate heat but has to be kept on permanently otherwise the temperature drops as soon as the air stops flowing. Is the halogen a longer lasting warmth? I also have one of those filled wheat type bags and two minutes in the microwave gives a surprisingly useful targeted heat.

    No point asking Paul with his underfloor heating that runs off the labours of a dozen illegal child immigrants shovelling diamonds into a furnace.

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