Smells like Team Goal spirit

Over the weekend just gone, as I knew would happen, life and work conspired to slam the brakes on in my progress with PES2019. The previous weekend, I’d been just as busy with things, and made the mistake of trying to play whilst tired and really pushed for time – a deadly combination that no game, book, movie, or TV show could ever really shine in. Football gaming in particular needs a focused, considered approach. Every match should be swilled around and savoured like fine wine.

I picked up the reins again yesterday, and almost got to the end of Season 3, but not quite.

I still have two league matches remaining in the season. Here is the table after 44 matches:I’ve bobbed around in those playoff spots for about ten matches now, sometimes threatening to sneak up on the top two, but always falling away. As can be seen, one defeat or even a draw could see me drop out of the top 6 and face a Season 4 in the Championship. I would not like that and will be exerting maximum effort and concentration in these two big matches.

Quite randomly, out of the blue, at the end of a previous match (that I won), my players all flopped to the floor and did their best ‘Bayern Munich at the end of the 1999 Champions League Final’ impersonations.

Seeing these scenes confused me. Had I unknowingly played to a point where I could no longer finish in the top 6? Then I realised. It was after this match that I could no longer mathematically win the title. Rolleyes.

Today – Tuesday, the day of posting – I should complete the season.

I haven’t scored any goals worth recording and posting. Focused on racking up the points, I’ve been taking the ‘Team Goal’ route to goal. I side-foot in from 4 yards a lot (yawn). I always make sure of getting the points. I did score an R2 curler with Lincoln but it was only from about 22 yards.

I nearly scored the Goal Of All Time with Rice from 50+ yards (seriously, it was from the centre circle) – a first-time rising shot that I thought was going in, but it whistled past the upright. One day…

As ever, I have to file a dutiful report on how the AI is behaving or misbehaving. All I can say is, if the PES2019 AI was hot-swapped with the PES2018 AI, I would not notice the difference 98% of the time.

Low Cross Spam continues not to be even remotely a thing for me.

I do see a good deal of fast-passing followed by a shot (1-2-3-bam) but that originates from all zones on the pitch. This and other things constitutes the 2% of AI behaviour that does mark the PES2019 AI.

This coming Thursday sees the arrival of one of the most hotly-anticipated patches for a PES game since patches began. Not even the PES2014 patches generated this kind of anticipation.

I have decided I will be installing the patch from the outset.

It’s a peculiar one for me as I’m not seeing the main bugbear, LCS.

I am seeing a degree of ‘AI fannying around when it should shoot’ (AFAWISS) that I would prefer not to see. Also, a few long shots from the AI would be nice. So I am looking forward to the patch almost as much as the LCS-sufferers. It’s going to be an interesting day for PES2019 no matter the outcome.

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  1. Patch/DLC is downlosding now, but no time to test this morning. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned here but has on the forums is headers. I’ve scored a few scruffy ones but I’m excited for the prospect of actually being able to score them a little easier, if the patch does its job.

  2. abbeyhill – Session variance at work! I’ve been flying the “A.I. ain’t so bad” card lately, but yesterday’s two games were damning.

  3. Look forward to everyones views on the patch.

  4. Lloyd – Sturridge and Mirallas playing for Millwall in Div 2?
    and How comes Liverpool are in Div 2?

  5. “That is fantastic, from captain fantastic” – that’s a line I have never heard in my game, ever. And I feel I have head all ten of them over and over again. Must be different commentary on amateur level?

  6. Maybe your captain doesn’t score goals Turf? Wondering if purity reasons demand a restart post-patch, which would be a shame when we are both enjoying our best ML efforts so far. Managed to fit in 12 games last night, unprecedented for a nuPES

  7. I’m playing The Patch right now – one of the advantages of my working hours – and it does feel immediately different. Already scored a thumping header and the AI, if anything, seems to incessantly go down the middle. Quite a few chaotic melees in midfield with clumps of players. The ‘AI fannying around in shooting positions’ thing was always my number one grievance and so far… that hasn’t happened. In a couple if instances where the AI had to decide to pull the trigger or fanny about, it pulled the trigger. Only 1 match though so far and it will take multiple long sessions to determine what’s what.

  8. NG – I’ve seen reports on Twitter that the Ai attacks goal more now, will need to keep an eye on the play through the middle though, would be classic Konami to fix incessant wing play by changing it to incessant middle play.

    Anything else with the DLC except Monaco Stadium and the patch? Just faces?

  9. nG – Good news. It’s early doors yes, but the reddit consensus is generally positive. AI playing more down the middle, shooting from distance, lobs and through balls better.

    There is talk of the gameplay feeling a little faster, overall, which I imagine you aren’t a fan of. Did you notice that much?

    Would you say, albeit with limited games under your belt, that the AI is harder to play against as a result of the patch?

  10. Tommy – just came here to say, after feeling it in Game 1 but wanting another few to be sure (played 3 now): Konami have definitely hit the speed-up button. Feels up to 20% faster at times, generally around 10%. Why oh why…

    The midfield melees seem to be a thing now. Hmmm.

    Overall AI difficulty seems about the same currently. I noticed it covers passing lanes better for my medium-long passes. Keep getting them cut out.

    AI very pleasingly incisive around the box. Already seen 4 or 5 concrete instances of it not fannying around. I’ve conceded two goal in 3 matches and each of the two was from a lethal central pass and a tidy rifled finish (inside the box).

    Not seen the AI try any long shots yet.

    I’ve been trying my patented ‘Lincoln R2 curlers’ and not got any yet. If these have been nerfed, I riot.

  11. ” I’ve conceded two goal in 3 matches and each of the two was from a lethal central pass and a tidy rifled finish (inside the box).

    Haha – LCS from the wing has now been changed to LCS from the centre.

  12. I’m poised to trade in PES 2019 unless proper attacking headers are in the game post-patch and that the AI is a little less inclined to smash it in the top corner from those passy-passy attacks.

    I’ll hopefully get to give this latest fluffed-up nuPES a go later on today so we’ll see.

    n-G – Are you playing on 0 speed or -1?

  13. Paul – by central pass I just mean that’s the region of the pitch where they occurred. Both balls were diagonal in direction and properly ‘organic’. Not a good sample size anyway. At least 20 matches required.

    Shed – Currently on -1 and have been since day 1. I think I’ll need to go to -2 based on current evidence. As mentioned, though, I’m not committing the forum-like sin of taking my experience in my first match or two as representative. A couple of meaty headers have occurred, though.

    p.s. – very important – considering where you are with PES5 (which will never not be the pinnacle of PES), I’d park PES2019 until January at least.

  14. Paul – Lots of reports on the forums of a healthy mix of both central and wide attacks. More instances of the wide attacks ending up with a high cross. Sounding very positive so far.

  15. I’ve played a couple of games. The AI is more direct and clinical in build up but I’m finding it much easier to score too (8 goals in two games). The game speed and pass speed both seem to have been increased and it feels more end to end as a result. I will be going down to -1 to try to improve this. I’m not impressed to be honest. Feels more ‘arcadey’.

    I’m on PC so will probably be using one of the gameplay mods once they’ve been tested out.

    The first goal I conceeded post patch was a low cross, wasn’t having a problem with them beforehand.

  16. Paul- they are regens mate. I got sacked from the Liverpool job at Xmas in my first season, took the only job offered. Loving Millwall’s orange away kit.

  17. I was just joking Tommy, I’m hoping the patch is a success as I’ve got some nice new kits ready to use in PES at some point when I break from FIFA.

  18. Ahh you’re playing on Challenge Mode then?
    I haven’t forgotten about the strategy guide Lloyd, just been busy.

  19. Again declaring FIRST FEW MATCHES ONLY up front, but AI fouls have gone 2,4,3,3, which is fantasy land territory for me. I’ve had sessions like that before on vanilla though.

    Had to take a little break now for something, but should get another half-session on it later. So far pretty positive. Never had an LCS issue but I still notice how the AI no longer wants to go wide all the time. I was always defending well against the LCS before, I can see now. I am the bestest defender.

  20. nG – Fouls have been up-and-down for me (pre-patch, not installed anything yet). Roughly, it’s been a bit like 1-0-6-0-1-5 etc.

  21. All sounds good. I’m on a PES week next week if Red Dead doesn’t take up all my time.

  22. Abbeyhill – I’m happy to play on with patch as I reached a natural pause. Season one should always be hard and my main aim of offloading defaults and building the squad would be unaffected. Season 2 at the ‘well is fine by me. Altering difficulty levels is of course grounds for a restart but not the inclusion of some obscure league.

  23. Just played two matches post-patch in my paused ML. I’ve not been playing PES 2019 very much at all lately but it didn’t feel like the game had changed very much.

    I was awarded one free kick for a foul over the two games. I conceded three times from low balls into the box from out wide (not LCS but the kind of thing that could be mistaken as LCS) and it felt like the game has become a little more frantic.

    Overall, this patch seems unlikely to have messed the game up for those who have been enjoying it. No doubt the improvements will be fully appreciated over a dozen or so games.

  24. Just had a couple of fun games, one in particular against Palace was great, gritty midfield battles with a couple of scrambled goals, finishing at 1 each. I’m not noticing many fouls or stoppages at all. In both games I struggled to make subs after 60 minutes because the ball never left the pitch. Still too small a sample to draw any conclusions but I’m more positive than earlier.

    I’ve amended the game speed back to the same as pre-patch with the slider in EvoSwitcher tool. Not sure why Konami felt the need to mess with speed.

  25. Another 3 matches and normal AI foul service has been resumed: 0, 0, 0. NOT good.

    Speed definitely faster, quite a lot as well. Not good, but I have the option to go down to -2.

    AI presses much more. Less time on the ball. Good, but the frantic melees that it sometimes leads to – not so good.

    I’ve now scored two meaty ‘neck muscle powered headers that would never have happened before, including one from the penalty spot just now that I would love to post here but can’t without spoiling the outcome of Season 3 for tomorrow’s post.

    There seems to be a new ‘poor first touch’ mechanic that affects both sides. I never saw this before in PES2019. Good if it’s real and not just session variance.

    Shed – I’ve been playing PES2019 a lot and things have definitely changed in numerous ways. I can’t really comment on LCS as I never had LCS before and still don’t have it now, so those who did have it might have a different perspective.

  26. I presume it has in no way affected MLs or someone here would’ve said by now? About to play for a couple (or more) hours….

    UPDATE: can you believe it? My internet is down for the first time in yonks.

  27. Turned the router on and off again. As if by magic if works!

  28. Jay – no MLs affected.

  29. From what I’ve read, the consensus is the DLC shouldn’t effect any edited teams already in place either. The two new leagues, CSL and Thai are added, and PEA league disappears. All teams in PEA are moved to Other Asia, but the league should stay intact in ML if you’ve edited it – I hope! I have a user created CSL or J-League in there currently (I forget which way round I did it). I could end up with more duplicate players (I already have two Axel Witsels) but I’m not sure if any of these players will be added to ongoing MLs (like in free agents for something).

    I’ll find out for sure later on, I guess…

  30. I managed 8 full matches in the end, good going for me on a workday these days. Overall the AI behaviour feels improved, but I don’t like the speed and the frantic feel. Re. AI fouls my last 5 matches all went 0,0,0,1,1. Guaranteed that one of the main feedback points from the people who get listened to will have been they don’t like the extra few fouls in PES2019.

    I probably won’t get to play now until Saturday night. I’m planning to put to good use that non-existent extra hour that magically comes into being at 2am.

  31. Took half a day from Work as wasn’t feeling great. Came home, downloaded PES 19 DLC and played 5 ML matches.
    I don’t see any change in game speed at all. Felt very much the same.

    There are still some woeful things that happen. Being able to run my DMF 50yds down the centre of the pitch, com controlled team mates still don’t track bark or mark properly, laser accurate com slide tackles, and first gme I lost 4-0, 2 of the goals being LCS from the wing, first time backheel, first time shot, goal.

    The other 4 matches though definitely felt better. Less wing play and when they did it was mostly a high cross with only 1 or 2 low crosses. Com also shot a lot more.

    The patch has definitely addressed a few issues and made PES 19 playable again. I could easily play ML now for a good few seasons, but it’s still way off being ‘one hell of a game’.

  32. had a few games just now. ML doesn’t seem too mucked up, only thing that has happened as far as I can see is that the PEA league is now the CSL and that’s it. Probably some duplicate players / assorted weirdness but haven’t seen it yet.

    Gameplay has improved. I would say it now behaves similarly to my pre-official-patch experience with the community patch installed. THough CPU now definitely has more attacking intentions and mixes it up better. low shots, high shots, shots from distance. Saw some dribbling as well and better reflexes from goalies. Good!

  33. My first impression is that the speed doesn’t seem much different to me but the matches are more open, the AI definitely has a looser touch on the ball, a more flawed first control. They attacked directly often but failed to capitalise and a pass pass shot ended in a complete miscue – never a feature previously. Overall I’m happy so far, with suggestion it could be as good as we effectively get in the new era. Of course there was only one single foul in my first match so we will have to keep an eye on that.

  34. In gameinjury to cazorla requiring substitution. Bone fracture.

  35. 5 fouls against me in the last match, 2-4 in the others. same as pre-patch.

  36. Yes, that match with the injury was filthy, my players hacked down all over the pitch, and they were all called as fouls.

  37. I’m at a loss to account for the differing experiences with fouls and game speed – here and on the forums, there is a wide variance there. It can only be play-styles, Shirley.

    I was going to post earlier that the Lincoln R2 goals have been definitely nerfed, but then with almost the last kick of the last match I scored an absolute pearler from 35 yards, nearly as good as the one that kick-started the phenomenon. For this goal the AI gave Lincoln acres of space in midfield, for the first time in all 8 matches. Also got a 30-yarder with Rice in the preceding match that ‘edged’ in off the keeper’s glove. I’ll post them in comments on tomorrow’s post. Give me a few long-rangers and I’m a happy man.

  38. I’ll post my comments on the patch after a session more but early indications are that it is a very good improvement. In a 12 game session I did not have a single instance of LCS (nG or Paul’s version) and no fancying about; attacks mode varied from the AI; and goalies coming off their line much more. I haven’t seen an improvement in headers yet.

    Proof goalies are coming off their line below. I scored two chips during the 12-game session, in which I scored 23 goals in total. League form suggests I won’t be retaining my title – W3 D1 L4 – FA Cup was a 2-0 win – CL is W2 D1

  39. Jay – and that replay shows a real, proper 1-on-1!

  40. 3 games in post-patch, and I’m happy. The new directness of the AI is now causing me a few issues, 2 losses and a draw. But overall it’s an improvement. Noticing better headers, slightly loser passing from me and the cpu, and getting my attacks snuffed out well in the final moments is bugging, but a new challenge to overcome. Speed feels the same.

    New leagues aren’t anywhere to be seen in my ongoing ML, nor are the players. Current CSL and J-League is intact just as before. Grand.

  41. Tommy – very much my feelings too. New challenge and new muscle memory to form. It’s a welcome challenge though. Pogba blasted one in from outside the box versus me and higher frequency in headers from high crosses.

    Very surprised Paul suffered LCS followed by backhill and smash. I think that’s down to TS, familiarity and defending styles. Likewise, I think foul absence and a melee like middle for nG is down to a slow playstyle, allowing the AI to crowd in midfield and a lack of fouls due to slow and deliberate movement and passing.

    I must admit, it was incredibly frustrating and slightly disheartening to lose 4 of my first 8 league games on the new patch but it’s definitely for better in the long run. Particular sore point was chucking a 2-0 lead over Wolves away with their equaliser coming in 85+ and losing 2-1 to Watford after leading with less than ten left. Happy with my CL start though and the fact my entire team now have at least 2 year contracts and many have longer.

    Paul – I hope you venture back and have a ML campaign, but FIFA is obviously your choice of tipple this year!

  42. am suddenly losing more as well. I think it’s good thing by and large but the one thing that is slightly beginning to annoy me is that the CPU seems to be back to the super clinical finishing of pes18 and pes17. if they pop up in front of goal it’s a goal, simple as. or it could be that my 66 OPR rated goalie is just too shit at the moment.

    otherwise i like it. more errors and miscue, I see more variation in CPU styles i.e. Brighton dug in and hit me on the counter and Leicester tried to overrun after which I hit them on the counter but they ultimately overwhelmed me after all. fouls are definitely lower for me so I’m sticking on my fan-made patch later on to see what happens there.

    One turd in the punch bowl – I’ve got about 70 players running around now called “Player” in my ML. Faceless and with shit stats. These were other players before I’m sure. Must be a PC thing and a result of the patch. Slightly annoying.

  43. not often there’s a PES patch and a new Ipswich manager on the same day, hopefully at least one of them will be a success. Paul’s excitement at a rejuvenated PES was clearly enough for him to pull a sickie!

    turned off internet on my laptop in order to play a few more pre-patch ML matches but the wretched game refused to start offline

  44. Jay don’t pull that BS. Down to play style and TS ? Seriously ?! No. It was just a small leak. Before the LCS style ping pong pass first touch backheel shot was 8 out of every 10 attacks. Post patch it’s more Like 2 in every 10 attacks.

    The one I suffered in the very first com attack of the very first match after the patch was the quota. I barely saw LCS as we know it innthe following 4 matches.

    So yes. I will say so far, early days, the patch has vastly improved the AI. Just a shame it was 8 weeks after release.

    Definitely no change in pace here. If anything it at times felt slower. The ball felt heavier. It was a rainy match though. MUbe they tweaked how much it holds up on wet pitches.

  45. Hmm, couple of things to keep an eye on for me…with my setup I have two wide full backs, I can pass it out to one in my half and he is able to run straight up the wing, then cut in all the way to the 25 yard mark without any attempt to stop him. This was definitely a feature of previous pes’s with the centre half able to run 60 yards unchallenged. Also I’ve seen the post and bar clattered more times in three games than the whole of season one. History tells me to be cautious with the praise.

  46. Contrary to others I’m finding it easier, put it on Legend for my final game this evening and drew with Man Utd so a bit concerned about difficulty.

    Overall, I’m not sure what to think so far, it’s a bit hurdy gurdy, back and forth, end to end, full on 100mph football whereas pre-patch it was more considered and thoughtful.

    Turf – I’ve run 3/4 the length of the pitch without challenge a few times and it’s not a good look for a football game. Basketball/football hybrid to make it fun I assume.

  47. Turf/Cook – as mentioned earlier, in every match I was able to regularly run my DMF right through the centre of the pitch to the edge of the opposition box totally unchallenged. Worrying.

  48. Uncle Turf – don’t think I hit the post once today, but I get sessions in which the ball loves the woodwork.

    Paul – I get that DMF 50-yard run sometimes too. No more than once per match though, and they’ve never led directly to a goal until today – Lincoln’s latest R2 curler (replay tomorrow) came at the end of such a run. Those with long memories will recall PES2010 featuring a similar running-free thing with the AI defenders backing off and backing off.

    I’m not withdrawing my claim of it being faster and more frantic. I played a single 8-match session though, so it remains to be seen how session 2 will fare.

    Fouls I was getting a few before I had a mid-session break (left the PS4 on standby), then after the break I got none.

    Overall this does show potential. The words REMEMBER REMEMBER SESSION VARIANCE-EMBER should hang heavy over this patch and all the claims, pro and contra, made on its behalf. It’ll take many sessions to come to a considered view.

  49. I think to count-act all of that, the defenders are now harder to beat in their own box and always capable of a last-ditch effort to snuff you out. I’m barged off the ball in the final moments of an attack. I did however manage to dodge one and score using a shot fake, something that I’ve not once managed to do successfully before the patch, and something that worked a lot in 2018.

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