Smells like Team Goal spirit

Over the weekend just gone, as I knew would happen, life and work conspired to slam the brakes on in my progress with PES2019. The previous weekend, I’d been just as busy with things, and made the mistake of trying to play whilst tired and really pushed for time – a deadly combination that no game, book, movie, or TV show could ever really shine in. Football gaming in particular needs a focused, considered approach. Every match should be swilled around and savoured like fine wine.

I picked up the reins again yesterday, and almost got to the end of Season 3, but not quite.

I still have two league matches remaining in the season. Here is the table after 44 matches:I’ve bobbed around in those playoff spots for about ten matches now, sometimes threatening to sneak up on the top two, but always falling away. As can be seen, one defeat or even a draw could see me drop out of the top 6 and face a Season 4 in the Championship. I would not like that and will be exerting maximum effort and concentration in these two big matches.

Quite randomly, out of the blue, at the end of a previous match (that I won), my players all flopped to the floor and did their best ‘Bayern Munich at the end of the 1999 Champions League Final’ impersonations.

Seeing these scenes confused me. Had I unknowingly played to a point where I could no longer finish in the top 6? Then I realised. It was after this match that I could no longer mathematically win the title. Rolleyes.

Today – Tuesday, the day of posting – I should complete the season.

I haven’t scored any goals worth recording and posting. Focused on racking up the points, I’ve been taking the ‘Team Goal’ route to goal. I side-foot in from 4 yards a lot (yawn). I always make sure of getting the points. I did score an R2 curler with Lincoln but it was only from about 22 yards.

I nearly scored the Goal Of All Time with Rice from 50+ yards (seriously, it was from the centre circle) – a first-time rising shot that I thought was going in, but it whistled past the upright. One day…

As ever, I have to file a dutiful report on how the AI is behaving or misbehaving. All I can say is, if the PES2019 AI was hot-swapped with the PES2018 AI, I would not notice the difference 98% of the time.

Low Cross Spam continues not to be even remotely a thing for me.

I do see a good deal of fast-passing followed by a shot (1-2-3-bam) but that originates from all zones on the pitch. This and other things constitutes the 2% of AI behaviour that does mark the PES2019 AI.

This coming Thursday sees the arrival of one of the most hotly-anticipated patches for a PES game since patches began. Not even the PES2014 patches generated this kind of anticipation.

I have decided I will be installing the patch from the outset.

It’s a peculiar one for me as I’m not seeing the main bugbear, LCS.

I am seeing a degree of ‘AI fannying around when it should shoot’ (AFAWISS) that I would prefer not to see. Also, a few long shots from the AI would be nice. So I am looking forward to the patch almost as much as the LCS-sufferers. It’s going to be an interesting day for PES2019 no matter the outcome.

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  1. “Every match should be swilled around and savoured like fine wine”. I could not agree with this statement anymore. I still play on the odd occasion when tired but am training myself to resist the temptation. I find when doing so that you sprint clamp more and take a more direct route to goal. As a result the matches feel more frantic.

  2. Good Luck with the end of season playoff push NG, having just come through the same period myself on FIFA, I know how tense it is. Make sure you play uninterrupted, with focus.

    As you will soon start a fourth season, Your sponsorship deal with MIDREPRO has come to an end, the board have signed on with a new sponsor, Coventry based technology company, PENSO.

    You also signed a new kit deal, this time defecting to Adidas.

    Here are your new kits for the next season (should you want them of course).




  3. Darryl – rather than my usual late at night sessions, I made sure I played the play-off final on FIFA on a Sunday afternoon, about 4pm, whilst fresh and could concentrate.

    NG – posted a comment, guess its being held for moderation, those damned 3 link rules you have.

  4. Followers of other Midlands based clubs are already getting out their magic markers and drawing an i on those shirt sponsor logos

  5. I have a good ‘Team Goal’ saved from this morning that I’ll be adding to my season 2 highlights. Shades of Arsenal vs. Norwich 2013.

    Alright, maybe not that good, but it felt like it at the time!

  6. Paul – many thanks again. Those are sumptuous kits once more. Possibly the only thing you’re currently missing from the other side of the aisle is the kit customisation.

    Uncle Turf – there’s not enough of a gap for one thing, and another thing is that there are no other Midlands clubs whose followers would care enough about Coventry. I’ve mentioned before here how the club has no true derby rival in the way other clubs have. Some Villa fans will politely make an effort but they’re really just humouring us.

    Tommy – was watching the Arsenal game last night and the amount of disproportionate gushing over their third goal was extraordinary. That’s what I don’t like about team goals. I know the technical argument in favour of them but it doesn’t touch me emotionally (oo-er). There’s an interesting and false media perception that the general viewer admires team goals a lot more than is actually the case. In terms of visual spectacle and the amount of euphoria generated, one single 30-yard piledriver is worth a dozen ‘Arsenal goals’.

  7. Here’s to Patch Day then.

    It’ll have to be quite some patch to lure me back in from the shed and PES5.

  8. NG
    Good argument about team goals vs spectacular piledrivers.
    If i may put this here for your consideration, i think there is some middle ground that may be what really makes me tick, personally:

    A goal that envolves some pretty awesome individual dribble skills, team efort, and perfect finishing.

    Not to mention that in this case i’m on the right side of the derby 🙂

  9. Glad you like NG. Yes fouls & Kit customisation. If FIFA had those I’d never need to buy PES ever again.

    look at this detail, just look at it.

  10. Paul — that’s astounding levels of detail and it also gives me a new generic name for bicycle/scissors/overhead kicks: jumping volley kicks.

  11. I knew you’d pick up on that NG – now to be known as JVK’s

  12. Had a short session very symbolic of recent discussion:

    Decided to play the ICC Cup after I woke up from nightshift today. My first thought was to sim it but then, as annoying and perhaps trivial as it is, I remembered it is technically a Cup I had to qualify for in the first place and secondly that the game told me it could have significant financial reward. Secondly, dimming friendlies is one thing and it has no meaning, but summing a game that matters is the same as replaying a game because it wasn’t the result you wanted, in my opinion.

    I chose to play the three games – Shakthar, Madrid, and Boca – but didn’t consciously switch my mental approach from meaningless preseason friendly to meaningful Cup game. It was only after I lost the opener that I thought “ah, if I win this it could do a Quintuple.” Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition, winning 1 and losing 2.

    My next game is the Community Shield vs United. I probably *shouldn’t* play it before work tomorrow, but I probably will!

    So this year, it is possible to win the:
    Premier League
    FA Cup
    Community Shield
    Champions League
    UEFA Super Cup
    Club World Cup
    ICC Cup

    All in one year, that would be a septuple (SEVEN). That *has* to be the aim.

  13. Thought you did some social media thing for the m.o.d or their ilk Jay?

    My first season continues with a fair to middling pace before #thepatchthatweallneed . I am not bottom thanks to stop at all costs defending – 5 wins, 13 draws in 31 games. I’m actually 9th mr chairman, but in the spl he wants UEFA qualification. I still feel like every game with the exception of Celtic is the same game over and over. That’s probably partly due to the teams in a small league (can anyone really differentiate between st Johnstone and Livingston? Hamilton and st mirren?) but also because it remains undercooked. First person to post an AI long ranger should win a goldfish.

  14. Turf – I do, it’s 24/7 shift work tho

  15. Blimey, why is there a need for that? I’m always amazed we’ve got into a situation where warehouses sending out DVDs are considered essential enough to be permanently staffed.

  16. Jay – you said you were leaving to be a full-time writer roughly a year ago? (And are you really supposed to be talking about your job?)

    Uncle Turf – Jay says he is an analyst, which is a real-time, 24-hour operation. Terror Never Sleeps. E.g., @cuntyfuckbollox2000 and @[[twittyhatclap]] are supposedly having lulz at 4am about their favourite Marvel movies, but no, the film names are actually codewords for a fiendish plan to blow up your pale white ass!!! Somebody has to monitor stuff like that. Chortle.

  17. nG – good memory. I was leaving to work in Ecuador as a full time writer, correct. Put it on hold though as we decided to have a child first and move out after, though it may now end up not being Ecuador as my contact has moved on since.

    Turf – Social Media Analyst. Data, analytics, analysis etc It’s 24/7 because the world runs on many clocks as nG full well knows……talking of clocks, they go back this week. Did you know that Hugo Chavez once changed the time for Venezuela by 30 minutes overnight moving it out of sync with every other country? Maduro reversed the change in 2016.

    But no, my area of expertise is Latin America.

  18. And you won’t actually see a trophy for most of them
    Jay, if any !!!

    I used to work as a crime intelligence analyst. Spent time at the MI5 building. Different world.

  19. Jay – ah right, sorry, didn’t realise it was analysis, thought it was something more marketing-ingy ie. join us, not don’t kill us.

    NG – you know way too much about that stuff to not be up to something. What’s the message in those ‘kits’ that ‘paul’ keeps sending?

    I’m into the final three games of the final six and am going to complete the season before the glorious patch of save us all. I won’t be bottom and need to give a shout out to the evergreen burdisso at centre back. 38 yo but still charging around like a young buck. Sadly I’ve put him up for sale as he’s worth 7m and if he doesn’t retire he’ll just keep dropping. I also uncovered a lovely nimble amf but he’s tiny and unfortunately with this over the top edge of the box sliding and battering (I swear there is a different foul threshold within the last 30m) he just gets knocked over too easily. Not that any of the 2015-18 pes’s would have been kinder, I just don’t think it’s a game for the zola type any more.

  20. Paul – figures you would have some kind of Jams Bond-like past! I am seriously thinking about making a move toward that kind of work as well. Making the world a safer place and all that bollocks.

  21. Turf – Have you head of Steganography ??
    #1 – I applied for an Analyst role within MI5 a few years back, sounded good, very interesting, you’d be responsible for analysing and identifying data that could lead to breaches of national security, then pass on to field agents and work closely with them to resolution and prevention.

    Based in London, it was a 12 month application process, you wasn’t allowed to tell anyone of the role you applied for, all your financials and immediate partners financials were vetted, along with criminal records etc.
    I withdrew my application as the starting salary was 28k. for a role of that importance. based in Central London.

    No chance.

  22. I had a rather turgid session last night, still enjoyable but not as good as previously. My team spirit is in the mid-90s for the first team and I’m blaming it on that. The AI has become very passive, just letting me attack at will most games, even Chelsea and Liverpool.

    Hopefully the patch will mix it up tomorrow or I may try out Legend if this continues. Mind you I had the same experience last season up to January but then only won 2 games until the end of March.

    Money wise, I’m £1m in debt on wages and have agreed 4 loanees to cover for the first team for 6 months. I won my Europa League group with ease so hoping for a cash bonus at the end of December so I can sign a couple of youth teamers.

  23. Turf – sounds a respectable first season there. In my last couple of restarts the chairman has for some reason demanded first season promotion rather than 9th plus winning the Cup as well, absolutely ridiculous. Might have to turn off Challenge mode, which would be a shame. I am starting to defend the relentless LCS better but very short of ideas up front, like you am finding the diminutive AMFs and SSs entirely useless regardless of how many skill traits they have

    #1 have you heard of a 79 OVR Dutch DMF/CB called Luckassen? Signed him from free agents last night, can just crunch attackers out of the way, tremendous player for season 1!

  24. My second journey through PES5’s ML continues to throw up some amazing matches and some unexpected firsts. This one was a first in any PES ever for me.

    Approaching halfway in season four and my Brighton side sit third in the Premier League but we’re now in a horrible run of having to play mostly top six sides. Chelsea are second so my home game against them is crucial if I am to keep pace with them and Man Utd in first.

    I set up to keep things tight and hit on the break and it works to a degree. A header off the line is my best chance but then Chelsea break, I foolishly bring my keeper out and Wayne Bridge slides the ball into the net from a tight angle. Another stunning goal, a diving header from Damian Duff, right after half time and I seem done for…especially when we’re still 2-0 down with just injury time to go.

    On all-out attack, I punt the ball forward, slip it to B.Laudrup in the box, he turns. PENALTY! Laudrup steps up to score a consolation goal. Chelsea kick off, Dodo wins the ball and off we go again. Laudrup picking it up on the wing this time, he skips inside Bridge, crosses but the whistle goes just as the ball gets to my striker. Full time? No. PENALTY! Up steps Laudrup again to make it 2-2.

    Two penalties in injury time. I’d be happy to get that many in a whole season of nuPES ML.

  25. Shed – ah, the PES that market forces have ensured we’ll never properly see again, unless we go back in time ourselves and seek it out. PES2012 was maybe the last time I remember you speaking about PES in this way. By now you must be thoroughly immersed in PES5 and it would be a crime against PES to disrupt the spell with any other footy gaming activity. You can easily get 40+ seasons out of ML in PES5 and never be tired of it.

    I would add that you’d never see 2 penalties in injury time of a real-life footy game. Few referees would dare to give such a ‘big decision’ once, and none would ever do so twice. Cf. the ref in the Arsenal-Leicester match the other night – proof (not that it’s needed) that the rules of the game are not actually the rules of the game, but are instead just a general guideline to be considered in particular contexts.

    Uncle Turf – AI-driven linguistic analysis is doing most of the legwork but you still need humans to filter out false positives. I must say that AI tech (in public at least) is proceeding at roughly the same pace as the average continental shelf.

    Cook – PES2019 has taken an upswing for me over the past few sessions. I think session variance – the PES secret sauce that the forums are mysteriously ignorant of every Data Pack Day – operates over groups of sessions as well as individual ones.

    Looking forward to the patch tomorrow as the AI is frequently passive whenever it works a good situation, preferring to do all that passing around when it really must shoot. I don’t like seeing that as it’s counter-immersive if nothing else.

  26. Shed – haha, I was celebrating when Rice was tripped up in the area last night and the whistle blew. Only for the ref to give the free kick the other way. Could not fathom the decision after watching the replay several times, it cannot have been for diving (is there still a dive button combination in PES?) as he wasn’t booked

  27. N-G – totally agree with you about session variance. Sunday night I had a poor session scoring no goals, last night I scored 4. May have something to do with which TV I play on though, I feel like I need to sit less than 6 feet away to play my best for some reason!

    Also one of my wingers got crunched on the ankle by a poor tackle by the AI in the 5th minute of the match last night. Immediate injury and game took me to the tactics screen as he had to be replaced. After the game found out that he has sustained ankle ligament damage and is out for 9 weeks. Its my third injury of the season and is good to see in the game.

  28. Paul – 28k?! That’s low even in my neck of the woods, let alone London.

    Abbeyhill – yes I know who he is, Derrick Luckassen. Kind of a youth prodigy over here, if I’m not mistaken he played for AZ? Great player!

  29. I’m quietly optimistic. If they address all the items on the list and everything works as it should, we could have a heck of a game on our hands. That’s if.

    To refresh your memories…

  30. Just catching up on the comments. You beat me to a mention of steganography Paul.

  31. I knew that you’d be aware of it Chris99.

    Tommy – If the patch does fix everything on the list, then they only need to:

    – Improve commentary x 1000000000%
    – Improve match day atmosphere and audio so it isn’t just one generic wall of sound
    – Improve the Menus and AI so it isn’t bland greyness
    – Improve all COM teams tactics and play styles so not every match is rinse and repeat, so Barca feels different to Burton
    – Make key players actually stand out, so the likes of Hazard, Salah, etc are threats
    – Innovate ML so it isn’t the stale boring hollow entity that it currently is
    – Actually include a visible trophy so when you’ve slogged it out for 40+ matches over 3 weeks, you actually get some kind of reward.
    – Improve the physicality system so that not every single physical coming together results in loss of possession.
    – Fix 100% accurate possession taking laser guided COM slide tackles
    – Reintroduce half time scores from your division
    – Reintroduce detailed player career stats
    – Scrap the OVR rating and go back to the detailed stats

    Maybe THEN they’d have ‘one heck of a game’ – until then far too many basics are missing or don’t work for it to be anything other than a game that looks nice and plays ok.

  32. Yes, all those things. I’m confident the patch will address ALL of the things you mention.

  33. @Paul – PES2030 will have all that. Probably.

  34. If they could also fix that quirk that an offside decision is sometimes cheered as loudly as a goal it would be nice. Also when my chairman moans ‘What, you’ve let another team walk off with the French CupTrophy’ every season. Plus the crashes when I exit to windows

    Paul – yes would love it if OVR was scrapped!

  35. Shed – I had two penalties in one game in my last season (PES2019). They were my only penalties of the entire season and I can’t remembee if I had one the season before. It was my 4th or 5th from final game and it was against Huddersfield. Both were in the first half for stray arms catching Tevez in the face.

    The Rumour Mill – I’m exactly the same when it comes to TVs! I can’t relaxed with my back to the sofa and legs up, I have to sit perched on the edge with my elbows on my knees under 6ft or less from the screen. Any further and I’m disconnected. I might just need glasses……

  36. Abbeyhill – The point was making an effort to finish a game.
    One developer of footy games manages it, the other just cant be assed.

  37. Essentially, I want a game that is exactly like FIFA, that isn’t FIFA.

  38. Abbeyhill – it’s my best yet, dull but steady. I have signed luckasson about four times but lost put this restart, got simons instead. Great defensively, completely pointless shooting with him.

    Know nothing about any of that their stegosaurusary or whatever but there’s a bloke up here causing huge bother by waging a one man campaign against the council and their use of 5g – cooking children in their beds was one line. Swivel eyed doesn’t even begin to…

  39. Turf – Steganography is technology used to hide messages in images.

    5G – where are you turf? Anywhere near WERD? they’re just getting 3G.


    Except we aren’t getting 5g, no, nothing to see here folks, move right along, never even heard of 5g in our stevenography….(pushing a button under the desk mr burns style)

    Btw surely other people must find the use of percent for a value over 100 a particular bugbear? Not in Paul’s example where it is a multiplier but the classic sports ‘I’m giving 110%’. It’s up there with the clock losing an hour and us all getting more sleep for me.

  41. Finished 9th; w8 d13 l17 gf30 ga50. That last stat was the key to the improved performance and experience. Boring but without the previous rage. Celtic won it about three months ago.

  42. Hmm, the patch I was testing out just got better. I think I’ve finally found a “fouls patch”. 6 fouls on average by the cpu, 10 minute matches. Still early doors but it feels and looks great. Combines the good points I mentioned earlier with far greater physicality and fouls (!). TTB made a video about it if you’re interested. Don’t be thrown off by the fact that he’s playing a derby match ; that’s not where the increased fouls are coming from. Short version: if the controller vibrates quite a bit due to physical contact: you’ll get the foul. Player goes down with hands raised looking at the ref: you’ll get the foul. I’ll be damned if Konami can top this tomorrow! Luckily in my case, they don’t have to.

  43. Not sure who said the other day about LCS being “through ball” in the stats but the summary of my 50 + 8 cup goals against is revealing (factoring in that there will have been non-LCS through balls):

    Dribbling 1
    Pass 11
    Cross 1
    Set piece 5
    Penalty 2
    Through ball 38

  44. The last 4 goals scored against me were all low crosses, so a good place to leave it ready for tomorrow’s patch!

  45. and goals from outside the area presumably 0! SPL does not sound much fun to me, Turf – no relegation, or chance of catching Celtic, or licensed stadiums or much character to the lesser teams. How about trying the French Ligue 2?

  46. strangely I’ve just had my best ever session on PES2019 Tommy, with a huge variety of gameplay from the AI and some tremendous matches. Moving up towards the edge of the playoffs, although I’m not sure there are playoffs in France. Almost hoping the patch gets delayed a few days to see if this sustains….

  47. Fun Abbeyhill? Since when was master league season 1-3 fun? I suggest you go back and re-read the Tao of superstar grind volume 1. Of course there were no goals from outside the box.

    I got offered a few jobs – 2 in Scotland, some South American thing, probably in Ecuador but who the hell wants to go there, and one I was very tempted by in dinamo mos, but their squad was ageing and there was no indication of the budget. So I stayed and got some regens in, best among them santi cazorla. Sadly some very good regens went straight to other teams. Likely this will be my last in Scotland before I look for a move.

  48. Late to the party, but I am 110% certain that Konami will deliver all of Paul’s List and more. In the extra hour of time that will be magically created from nothing on Saturday night, I’ll be playing a souped-up PES2019 filled with long-range AI goals and fouls galore.

    I have already played to the end of my Season 3 – I really didn’t want to play any crucial matches with a (supposedly) game-changing new patch. I will keep schtum about the outcome until Friday’s post.

    It’s all about tomorrow and it’s quite exciting. Konami have got ‘previous’ for greatly improving game with patches (PES2014). I can’t recall them ever drastically worsening a game, although plenty of times in recent years things have felt faster and more arcadeyer after a patch. I have a foreboding that they’ll hit the ‘revert to nuPES default’ button.

    #1 – intriguing news. Please keep me posted on developments with this patch. The gaming PC is sitting on the subs bench, ready to spring into action should the need arise.

  49. Turf – it was me. My GA is of a similar ratio.

    I went ahead and played the Community Shield game vs United; or the Super Cup as Beglin and Drury referred to it as. A penalty win after a 0-0 draw. My ‘keeper’s penalty shoot out heroics duly receiving man of the match!

    Next game is the first of the season and I haven’t yet bought/signed a single player this window!

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