Smells like Team Goal spirit

Over the weekend just gone, as I knew would happen, life and work conspired to slam the brakes on in my progress with PES2019. The previous weekend, I’d been just as busy with things, and made the mistake of trying to play whilst tired and really pushed for time – a deadly combination that no game, book, movie, or TV show could ever really shine in. Football gaming in particular needs a focused, considered approach. Every match should be swilled around and savoured like fine wine.

I picked up the reins again yesterday, and almost got to the end of Season 3, but not quite.

I still have two league matches remaining in the season. Here is the table after 44 matches:I’ve bobbed around in those playoff spots for about ten matches now, sometimes threatening to sneak up on the top two, but always falling away. As can be seen, one defeat or even a draw could see me drop out of the top 6 and face a Season 4 in the Championship. I would not like that and will be exerting maximum effort and concentration in these two big matches.

Quite randomly, out of the blue, at the end of a previous match (that I won), my players all flopped to the floor and did their best ‘Bayern Munich at the end of the 1999 Champions League Final’ impersonations.

Seeing these scenes confused me. Had I unknowingly played to a point where I could no longer finish in the top 6? Then I realised. It was after this match that I could no longer mathematically win the title. Rolleyes.

Today – Tuesday, the day of posting – I should complete the season.

I haven’t scored any goals worth recording and posting. Focused on racking up the points, I’ve been taking the ‘Team Goal’ route to goal. I side-foot in from 4 yards a lot (yawn). I always make sure of getting the points. I did score an R2 curler with Lincoln but it was only from about 22 yards.

I nearly scored the Goal Of All Time with Rice from 50+ yards (seriously, it was from the centre circle) – a first-time rising shot that I thought was going in, but it whistled past the upright. One day…

As ever, I have to file a dutiful report on how the AI is behaving or misbehaving. All I can say is, if the PES2019 AI was hot-swapped with the PES2018 AI, I would not notice the difference 98% of the time.

Low Cross Spam continues not to be even remotely a thing for me.

I do see a good deal of fast-passing followed by a shot (1-2-3-bam) but that originates from all zones on the pitch. This and other things constitutes the 2% of AI behaviour that does mark the PES2019 AI.

This coming Thursday sees the arrival of one of the most hotly-anticipated patches for a PES game since patches began. Not even the PES2014 patches generated this kind of anticipation.

I have decided I will be installing the patch from the outset.

It’s a peculiar one for me as I’m not seeing the main bugbear, LCS.

I am seeing a degree of ‘AI fannying around when it should shoot’ (AFAWISS) that I would prefer not to see. Also, a few long shots from the AI would be nice. So I am looking forward to the patch almost as much as the LCS-sufferers. It’s going to be an interesting day for PES2019 no matter the outcome.

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  1. Paul – I honestly believe TS makes a difference. I got quite a few of the 1-2-3 passes followed by a backheel and smash when my TS was sub 70ish but rarely rarely see them now my TS is almost always 90 or above. This may well be due to high TS or better defenders, but likely both. When I have to play CBs or fullbacks who are unaccustomed to my tactics and thus have no heat map around them on the TS map it is noticeable in game that their position is out and they’re sloppy in play. It is a deliberate feature. I’m confident you’ll see it less the better you and your team get at the game, and that’s not at all meant as a dig!

    Cook – I think I’ll find it easier than pre-patch in the long-run because early impressions are that the gameplay from the AI is far less forced leading to a more varied and open game and likewise the ways to score show promise of being more varied too. Not easier in a poor way, easier because the opposition play will create different scenarios and opportunities.

    Again, I’ll reserve full opinion on the patch until a few more sessions, but I can see this being the first PES I’m playing past January in years.

  2. well it has certainly sorted out LCS for me, a bigger variety of attacking AI to deal with which is great. No headed goals yet but fouls are holding up at decent levels and keepers are crisper off their line. And yet like Turf and Cook I have got a sense of unease about the more churning end-to-end gameplay and perhaps a lower difficulty level, with loads of space opening up

  3. Konami gonna Konami : apparently (at least on pc) all CL matches are now taking place at daytime.

    Otherwise the patch continues to impress across the board seemingly.

  4. Just won the FA Cup! Beat Chelsea 2-1. Seems I’ll be in the Europa League next season. Currently 3rd in Championship after being 8 points clear at Xmas. 4 games to go, really don’t want to be in the play offs again. Come on you Lions!!!

  5. Had another quick go on patched up PES last night and had a better time of it. I too saw more variety from the AI, a decent number of fouls but I still felt it was all rather frantic and end-to-end. I also don’t think headers have been improved as much as I would like.

    Overall, it’s the game that should have been released. For a nuPES, it’s the best we’ve had.

  6. It feels like Konami have finally reached peak FIFA/PES hybrid they have been attempting for some time. There are some very good changes this year, most notably fatigue, individuality and a hardcore ML financial system but ultimately I’m wondering whether the frantic nature of the game is just going to be too tiring. I play PES to relax not get all shoot em-up sweaty palmed.

    Back to ML and I made a tough decision yesterday selling my top earner to free up some wages to bring in a couple of weaker players hopefully to make the squad stronger overall. I love it that I’m being forced to make squad decisions again, it’s been so long. With any luck by next year we’ll have something else to spend all that transfer money on too.

  7. I really won’t get to play again until tomorrow night and will be keeping a close eye on that frantic pace and how it makes me feel. PES2016 part 2 I do not need.

  8. As far as speed goed what I’m seeing is variation. It DOES feel more frantic at times, yes. But I get slow (slower than before) games in about equal measure. Really divisive, this years pes.

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