Lincoln Scream

Season 2 has come to a close. In my final session I scored the goal I’ve been waiting to score on PES2019 – and on nuPES – for a long time.

I posted the goal in comments on the previous post, and spoke about it there a great deal.

For the many casual readers of the blog who won’t have seen it, here it is – the goal that well and truly scratched my long-range itch:

It’s an R2 sidelong ‘whip’ from Lincoln – that useful Free Agent signing that nearly everybody will come across. The distance travelled is about 40 yards, which has been scientifically proven. It was intentional.

I have been trying to score this exact sort of goal, specifically with Lincoln, from around that distance, for a few weeks now. I usually have a couple of goes at it per match if Lincoln is playing. This was approximately the 60th such attempt.

I am still not tired of watching it. I accept that this is akin to laughing at your own jokes, but I don’t care. A huge element of the enjoyment I get from football gaming is the occurrence of moments like this one. I shrieked like a girl, at 2am Saturday night/Sunday morning, when it actually flew in. I find when I watch it back now that my eye follows the trajectory of the ball, and I still can’t quite believe it when it drops into the net.

At the end of the season there could only be one name in the running for My Favourite Player.

To be fair to the rest of my squad, this goal was the only real thing of note Lincoln has ever done (apart from hit the post and crossbar from similar range several times through all of those 60 attempts).

The season ended with me firmly mid-table. At times this season I had threatened to put together a run good enough to get into playoff contention. But that oh-so-mysterious aspect of nuPES – the great performance that’s followed by an inexplicably bad one; players who are great for a match or two, then go missing for long stretches of the season – always came to the fore.

The final table:

Next season I will finish in the top 6. That’ll be my aim from the outset.

I got one player into the Team of the Season – Tomas Necid. His place was totally justified based on his goals this season. He bagged 19, in a side that averaged only 1.3 per game or thereabouts.

I was surprised in the week post-season to see some actual moving pictures in the Master League screen.

Rice had one, and so did the new main man, Lincoln. Check his final line here.

I continue not to see the infamous AI Low Cross phenomenon. This is huge. I’m not ‘coping’ with Low Cross, or ignoring it, or mitigating it, or somehow making the best of it. I’m not seeing it. No more than would be expected, anyway. The proportion of AI attacks that flow down the wings and then develop into the centre, is entirely proportionate. About a third of attacks, scaling up to half sometimes.

I count myself extremely fortunate. AI Low Cross is the main factor in the general community disenchantment that surrounds PES2019.

I now only occasionally see the PES2019 quirk that does bother me: the AI striker with a nailed-on shooting chance, who will instead shuffle off to the side and play in a teammate. I see instances of this roughly 1 in 5 matches. Not good, and I hope the patch obliterates it along with whatever causes LCS syndrome.

And so to Season 3.

Performing my customary health-check on the state of PES2019 at the moment… everything continues to be strangely ‘very good’. 9/10 good in fact.

Updated: 9th October 2018 — 10:36


  1. PES2019 has occupied my attention so much that it’s 2 weeks now since I looked in on Fallout 4. I’m much the same in that games I lose touch with eventually wither away. Red Dead 1 is just one of many examples of games started but then not played for so long that they became ex-games. Fallout 4 has had too many hours invested in it (and become too much part of my life) to be likewise forgotten, but it is a common danger of the adult gamer I think. It’ll be interesting to see how Red Dead 2 fits into all your lives in a few weeks’ time.

  2. NG / Jay – I don’t doubt for one second that either of you are being anything other than truthful about your experiences, you say what you see, and what you see is mostly very good, that’s great, for you.

    In previous PES’s the issues with Ai not marking, tracking etc have been there too, but not to the point that it’s so noticeable to me, and in every match.

    A game that constantly attacks in one way only, is severely repetitive, produces laser like slide tackles every time, leaves COM players to walk past them, with no sense of awareness or situation, is a pretty bad AI to me, that’s a FACT, based purely on what I experience.

    A game that feels like old School PES, that varies its attacks, doesn’t have too many zombie moments, and produces spectacular goals, sounds like one of the best Ai’s there’s ever been – FACT, based purely on what YOU experience.

    It will forever be a mystery as to why there is absolutely, proven beyond doubt, two distinctly separate game experiences on show with PES 19.

  3. n-G – Similarly, PES and retro PES in the Shed has meant I’ve rather lost track of where I am and what galaxy I was doing it in in No Man’s Sky. I see that game had yet another free update this week, including space bikes and all sorts of other odds and sods.

    Midi-Shed has a mate round this evening so I doubt I’ll get on the PS4. It’ll be in the shed for me with the PS2. But, and brace yourself n-G, I’m feeling a bit flat about PES5 and this powder-puff attack that I really don’t remember from playing the game first time around.

  4. On a sidenote: found my copy of the Piggyback PES 5 strategy guide, pretty immaculate condition.
    Any takers?

  5. Exactly Shed, if there ever was a game that could use some LCS to beef up the attack

    Turf – I was thinking more Nicki Minaj versus Cardi B

  6. Kanye is one of my all time favourite artists. It’s a FACT based on my experience that he is one of the greatest musical artists to have ever lived.

    I am however not Kanye, defined as Pro-Trump in this said argument, evidenced by the very fact my ML custom made kit, supplied by Paul, carries the Cuban flag and Che Guevara on it.

    I finished 4th (FOURTH) in my second season of ML, ending the season on a five game winless run. Thankfully I had accumulated enough points that play offs were never really threatened.

    To my absolute dismay, but widely sought after PES Joy, both my LB and RB were injured for the first leg of the semi-final. This meant I’d have to play second choice defenders there who had no heat map TS affinity with the formation or their compadres. It was a perfect storm for the opposition wingers to cause havoc. I was 2-0 down inside the opening 30 minutes and it finished 2-1. The second leg saw my RB return but LB missing and adding to this one of my first choice CBs was on a downwards arrow (ORANGE) and my goalkeeper on a completely downwards arrow (RED). In the 61st minute players were tiring and I was still one goal down. Cometh the moment, cometh the PES AI We Need; subs make a difference as does fatigue and on came my fresh as a daisy AM Ryan Kent to inspire a comeback, scoring the first as we overturned the deficit and won 3-2 on aggregate.

    The final saw me up against Aston Villa (does Bolasie really play for them IRL?) and they played one bar up (RED) on the ATT/DEF from the off. I played one down (BLUE) as a result. ….over to you

  7. Jay – can’t watch vid until later tonight but I take it you got your promotion by the upbeat tone overall.

    Can confirm here 100% that the well-timed sub makes a massive difference. I turned a 0-1 into a 2-1 victory with 2 key introductions at the right time, and a formation tweak. So many times in PES2018 and previously the matches would just go on as they’d been going on no matter what you did. I think Visual Fatigue (assuming it’s all part of that system) is a complete winner this year.

    Shed – total sacrilege. But yes PES5 was noted for its curiously passive AI even in its original year of release. I have to say that with a fully developed squad in the Premier, the AI does level up against you, RPG-style. On 6* it’ll always give you a good game.

    Paul – my eBay PES5 book is still on its way. Gone are the days when 2nd Class post meant two days instead of one. Nowadays it’s up to a week or more.

    If it wasn’t for eBay 2nd Class post wouldn’t even still be a thing, I’m sure.

    Uncle Turf – some recent reading on the topic of superintelligent AI has me slightly convinced that PES2019 is reading my blog and it knows what I want. (The hallmark of superintelligent AI is that it would silently influence the course of world affairs (and PES), without revealing itself until it knows we couldn’t switch it off.) If it’s reading this I’d just like to say ‘great so far, loving the 80-yarders you’re letting me score, but more superintelligent AI fouls, please’.

  8. Jay – Congratulations. You deserve promotion for that kit alone.

    How’s Andy Carroll in this ML given how headed goals aren’t as much of a thing as they used to be?

    Good luck in the Prem. Tempted to go up to Super Star?

  9. Nice little narrative there Jay, and congrats on the Promotion.
    Where did you get those kits?? They look incredible.

    Look forward to seeing how you get on in the Prem, and if the quality of teams ramps up or if its just more of the same, with a different skin.

  10. Shed – I’ve been on Superstar all along 🙂 Carroll was useful for me. He was a good release for a long ball as very strong and won lots of flick ons. Also powerful shot and left footed, which always sticks out. Headers are harder to score this year but far from non existent, so he got a few of them too.

    Paul – PESFX made them. Curious chap.

    Trying to squad build for the Prem. in general I don’t sign regens but thought “I might have to, this is really difficult to sign players this year,” just to see how much some of them want in wages! Money is so so tight. No windfall for promotion!

  11. I bet he’s a wonderfully talented, good looking fella Jay.
    Isn’t that Konami all over though.

    Last year finances were ridiculous, I had over 600 million in transfer funds, but only about 15 mil in salary funds, the money you accumulated was absurd, so they have tweaked it, fair enough, but now to not get ANY money for being promoted to the Prem is just twattish.

    The top club gets around 8 mil for winning the championship, but then, earns around 160 mil over 3 years in the premiership, if they are relegated first season, they get about 60 mil in parachute payments.

    So to get NOTHING in PES is yet again a complete lack of attention to basics.
    Whats your transfer kitty now you are in the prem Jay ?

  12. Paul – I started the Transfer Window with the £11m I already had in the bank but as I said none was competition prize money. I’ve finished the window with more money (£15m), though I did pay out around £6m (guesstimate) in loan fees. I didn’t buy any players; I bought in loans and signed a few frees, missing out on Xavi to Leganes whilst I was raising salary funds for him!

    My best signing of the window was Mario Gomez. He wasn’t the best signing OVR but his Player Role makes him invaluable as when I captain him TS rises across the board for all players. This is essential as it allows me to play young players who will become first teamsters but would bring down TS too much to start without M.Gomez in the line up. I like the narrative that provides: aging international joins newly promoted side to captain and nurture young talent at the club.

    The first game of the season was against Bournemouth and M.Gomez was on a downwards arrow (RED) meaning he was out and with him 3 others, as was the accumulative effect of him dropping out the line up. This meant an unacclimatised CB alongside the established Botia, as well as a new loanee at LB. Their unfamiliarity showed and gifted Bournemouth the equaliser for 2-2 after I’d come from behind to lead.

    My second game saw M.Gomez start and he got the only goal in a 1-0 win over Saints.

    I’ll post a team photo later 🙂

  13. Nice Jay – Thats still poor though, not to get any end of season promotion money, the very essence of ML is that you build a cohesive team, string together results to get promoted, then buy and develop players to become the best, how are you meant to do that with little to no money?

  14. That’s it, I’ve sorted it, I know what to do, I reckon. And it’s all thanks to the celebrity known as Pay (or Jaul). Your loving exchanges made me have a closer look at one twos – I have used them but previously I’ve been a patient builder upper so have tended to retain the ball when it reaches the second man, looked around and then played the pass (which has gone nowhere). Instead I did immediate one twos, didn’t bother stopping to see and just played the pass and it makes a huge difference – as Paul says the defender doesn’t bother tracking initially so you actually have space, that second or two I usually allow gives them chance to regroup back around the player and hustle him off the ball. I even got a few headers in. This was against lokomotiv Moscow who are a very good outfit so I’m more than positive this will be the key against lower teams. I’m sure way back NG described a play style of treating the ball like a hot potato too (?) Its disappointing that dribbling, crossing and long rangers from more than 36 yards seem out as a main threat but I’ll take it as being better than what I was trying to do. Of course the attacking AI is still cack…

    So, it’s ml number 5 about to start, a low level league and superstar – I’m going back to Scotland, back to Motherwell, and if this fails then I’m completely out of ideas.

  15. Paul – that’s not a demerit for PES2019 but a massive plus. Tightened finances are exactly what the series has needed for years. Classic ML was never, ever about getting promoted and suddenly being able to splurge on new players. It was always a continuation of the straitened budget you’d had to operate with in D2. You used to have to get established in the top flight after long, careful struggle. Tomorrow’s post will show me managing to get just 1 new player and go down to 20 players in the squad. What a welcome change from recent years. I’m just starting to feel how the tightened finances are improving the game wholesale forcing me to get the most out of lesser players rather than jump on the transfer merry go round.

    I fully expect it to all fall apart pretty soon and to again have half a billion (HALF A BILLION) in the bank, just like recent years, but for now, it feels very much like ML of PS2-PS3 finances-wise.

    Jay – Gomez is still knocking around as a seasoned Pro in your ML world? He Regenned as a 16 year old in my Youths in my first season. Spoiler alert: his 18 year old self is my one new signing for Season 3.

  16. not-Greg fully agree. The fact that it takes some trade-offs to get that one new key player adds a lot to individuality compared to the previous revolving door

    Turf – ha, exactly the same as me, continuously restarting in search of that perfect ML experience! I thought the initial conclusion on here was that 1-2s had been nerfed in PES2019?

  17. Got the evoswitcher mod working. Will try to post a video tomorrow. It looks fantastic.

  18. Turf. I’d just give up if I was you. A game where you have to restart 5 times and play an unnatural Way just to get ‘something’ from it clearly isn’t for you.

    I haven’t played PES for weeks. I left it pre-season 2 where I’d signed 2 or 3 new players.
    I know the patch isn’t here but when I get home I will fire it up. Play a ML match and record commentary over it and upload it for you all to see/analyse.

  19. Uncle Turf – I was just about to say the same thing. I remember a forum poster a few years ago who would play an ML match, save, then shut down his game and restart it, reloading his ML save, so every match he played in his ML was always the first match of a fresh session, because he’d discovered that that was the only way he could enjoy PES. I remember thinking: at that point, what is the point??? In PES as in so many things in life, if you have to force it, if you have to make the kind of effort that feels unpleasant, it’s not for you.

    Paul – no need to dilute your FIFA experience, you could get a good few matches of your CM in in the time it’d take to play and record and upload a PES match. I don’t see the purpose of it.

    abbeyhill – I know House Rules have always been there to enforce low-budget ML’ing, but there’s nothing like the mode itself enforcing it. Makes me feel safe.

    No recollection of any ‘nerfed 1-2’ talk? They still work fine, and I probably over-use them, half the time just for sending players on decoy runs though.

  20. Finally underway in my ML with Red Star on SS. LCS evident but not unbearable, some high crosses too. The first season slog begins!

  21. Tommy – and may God have mercy on your soul. Interesting to imagine how you’d find a game (or a film or book or anything else) if you’d never heard anything about it. I think back often recently to my experience on PES2, PES3, and PES4 where it was just me.

  22. It’s last chance saloon, am I the problem sort of stuff because if this is it for me then the series is over. I’m not a go back to days gone by person. But I’ll never be convinced it’s a good game, the problems are too many – whoever is responsible for the line of code that says keepers do not come out should never work on a game again. I lost a really tight first match as no matter how long and hard I pressed the button he wouldn’t advance beyond the six yard box.

    To add to the finance/tight debate, I agree it’s a good thing to have restrictions caused by finance on player recruitment but it’s not really properly implemented is it? You can easily have a hundred million in the bank yet your wage budget is a fraction of that. There are so many free agents you need never buy a player. There’s some sort of control but it’s not as it should be.

  23. not-Greg e.g. your comment on 5th Sept:

    So all in all, massively positive about PES2019 right now.

    I never realised how much I have come to rely on the quick give-and-go to get through defences until it was nerfed this year.

    Turf – you can at least use your transfer budget for loaning in some pretty decent quality players without touching wages?

  24. abbeyhill – I withdraw that remark, or better say amend it as my experience with the game has grown. The 1-2 is less effective than previous years, but not ineffective. It’s a half-nerf.

  25. Turf – I have been there many times and the obituary is already written.

    One of the problems of not really following the news anymore is that you are often out of the loop with conversations. Yesterday I really didn’t get the Kanye/Trump references until I switched on the TV and the Good Morning Britain was on and they were talking about the meeting between the two. I am retreating back to my cave.

  26. On the Jaul 1-2 Initiative: I’d say that video was not representational of the frequency and general success of 1-2s, rather it was successful due to the high up and pressuring of the AI. Like nG, I pass holding L1 (phase one of the 1-2) mainly to send the passer on a run. In the opposition half, DM excepted, I rarely pass without holding L1. Vital for creating space. I take no credit nor responsibility if your ML v5 (FIVE) doesn’t work.

  27. Jay – it’s entirely on you. No pressure but the future of the entire series, football gaming and my life is resting on your recommendations.

    When I say 1-2s what I really mean is the first half of that, or at best the 1-1.5 ie. as you’ve said the send someone on a run. I think it’s going to be vital because I think the other pre through ball stick push send on a run is horrible this year – it seems the first whiff of fatigue and they simply don’t move. That’s why I’m still desperate for the patch.

    Darryl – I’d like to just point out I’ve never watched good morning Britain or any of that ilk on itv, Roland rat was probably the last time I tuned in to that channel at breakfast time. I similarly had no idea till I read a long winded feature on the bbc website. I have no idea who the people Abbeyhill mentioned are.

  28. Cardi B is an accomplished reggaeton artist who is now best known for rapping in English. Minaj is a husband beating rapper who is nonetheless the best female rapper this side of Lauryn Hill.

  29. *All irrelevant because rap should have a C put in front of it.
    (C)rap music is the worst form of artistic media there is, along with hip hop. It’s people of a certain creed, talking over some loosely produced computer music, about bitches, bling, gangs and guns, and has absolutely no emotional attachment whatsoever, its all recycled, repetitive complete and utter shit.

    And Lauren Hill is a racist.

    Now that’s cleared up, I loaded up PES 19 this morning before work, only had 10 mins so was a rush affair, stuck my 3 new signings in the team, Team Spirit 56, started the match to find that all my kits had gone, haven’t removed any images or anything since i last played, then the match started, match one of season 2, Bristol City, they kick off, ball played back to the defender, CF runs up top, long ball through midfield, he runs straight to the wing, and low crosses it, first time shot, keeper saves.

    It’s as if nothing has changed (because it hasn’t). I switched it off after 2mins 36secs of in game play.

  30. Paul – I was thinking of you as Minaj, old school veteran, paid dues, put in time around the block, collaborated with some real OGs, very accomplished at diss tracks. Versus Jay’s bright, brash, up and coming soundcloud rap styles Cardi B

  31. The M.Gomez Effect:

    With M.Gomez as captain, TS is 92 allowing me to play new signings (all regens) Eliseu, Hilton, Edu Dracena and Nagatomo. If he wasn’t playing that back 4 would have no TS with rest of squad (no heat map) and be an absolute shambles – TS would drop below 80.

    The same line up but just without M.Gomez as captain drops 10 TS Points and as you can see the heat map (read familiarity/chemistry) in the back four becomes non existent.

    If M.Gomez doesn’t play, I am required to change 3 of my back four for lesser players and the heat map lessens around all new signings. TS drops to around 79. (I forgot to remove M.Gomez in this screenshot).

    M.Gomez’s impact on TS is all due to his Team Role (not training schedule) of Playmaker Lvl.2.

    Summary of Transfer Window:

    GK – Heaton* – 71

    DF – Nagatomo* – 71, Eliseu* – 75, Edu Dracena* – 73, Hilton* – 74, Botteghin* – 72, Criscito^ – 78

    MF – Ralf• – 72, Loftus-Cheek^ – 80

    ATT – M.Gomez^ – 78, A.Gomez^ – 84, Pellegri^ – 76

    * – regens as free transfers
    ^ – loans
    • – regens from youth academy

    As you can see I did not *buy* a single player. I have approximately £15m and £800k in the budgets. Quite a tasty bunch of players retired in the summer, so perhaps my youth academy will receive some of the better ones. So far it’s been filled with dross, Ralf accepted.

  32. Paul – I am now going to refer to you as Polar Paul, because all your opinions are highly polarised! It’s in jest and so far all your opinions are harmless. Though “a certain creed,” is very suspect, unless of course you mean creed in its main use as of in a religious sense. There’s a current trend of Islam increasing as a choice of faith among rappers as well as its lexicon perforating the UK and US rap scene. “Akhi” – an abbreviated form of the Arabic for “brother” is now common in the UK grime scene, as is “Akh” it’s even shorter version.

  33. That’s fine Just because I say so Jay.
    Its only ‘suspect’ if you take it like a whiny little easily offended princess, which i’m sure you won’t. Mind you the kids of today are very fragile.

    A ‘Certain Creed’ is factual. whats the ratio of white Rappers to Black Rappers?
    You will be able to answer this better as you’re obviously a fan, whereas I can’t stand the shit.
    But I’d definitely bet there are loads and loads more black rappers than white.
    And that’s nothing racist in any sense whatsoever, its just a simple fact.

    Much like there are way more white politicians than black ones, not racist,. just fact.

    I really couldn’t care less what words are used in ‘Grime’, its all complete bunkum.

  34. I think I preferred it when the off topic was crisps.

  35. Paul – I wasn’t offended. Actually your response reminded me of one of my favourite rap verses, which I’m sure will resonate with you:

    You find me offensive? I find you offensive for finding me offensive.
    Hence if I should draw the line at any fences; if so to what extent if – – at any, should I go? Cos it’s getting expensive, being on the other side of the courtroom on the defensive. They say I cause extensive psychological nerve damage to the brain when I go to lengths – this – far at other people’s expenses, I say you’re all just too goddamn sensitive; it’s censorship and it’s down right blasphemous.
    Let’s end this shit now cause I won’t stand for this.

  36. I dislike all music anyway so it’s all equivalently irrelevant for me. I don’t undertand any of the rap references. I’ve only heard of Kayne West in the context of Donald Trump. I’ve literally never heard of Nicki Minai or the others. Music stopped when The Smiths broke up.

    Paul – I still don’t see what prompted your quick play of PES2019. Who/what gave you the idea that ‘something had changed’? You seem to have thought there’s been a patch or a rumour of a patch?

    Uncle Turf – the system held Jay’s big TS comment for moderation. It’s there now for you to peruse.

    Jay – Gomez is still playing in your ML world? He retired in mine and was Regenned in my Youths.

  37. Paul, obviously there are more black rappers than white rappers, it’s more that you seemed to express this as one of your reasons for hating the genre……

  38. nG – I’m 90% confident it’s still M.Gomez and not his regen. I’ll confirm when next on PS4. At a wedding today.

  39. I don’t know why you’ve read into it that way Abbeyhill, cause i never stated that as a reason at all, in fact I’m pretty sure I stated that I find it repetitive drivel with no emotional attachment, which is the sole reason i dislike the genre, not to do with anybodies skin colour.

    I hate Eminem as much as I hate Drake. And I’m the least racist person you’ll ever meet, most of my closest friends are Asian or of African ethnicity. So don’t even try to play that card or insinuate anything.

    NG – No one gave me the idea anything had changed, I put it on for a quick match in the remotest hope that this mega session variance swing that seems to be in effect with you and Jay loving the game and others hating it, had swang the other direction for once in my game, but it hadn’t, as simple as that, there was no expectation, just hope.

  40. Not in Windsor is it Jay? Are you manning the decks with your hip grime garage funk crossover (disclaimer…I have no idea what any of that stuff is and only know there’s a wedding on due to the outrageous cost to us for someone who does nothing. I won’t be watching).

    Shed – are you mad?! Have you not forgotten the wispa’s not a biscuit war of last year?

    NG – or is it the Notorious N.G? Yes, I have seen similar with my early ‘risk taker’ form impact, an on song risk taker raises TS by a lump an off form one drops it significantly. It is of course a crock of horse shit because what possible difference does jay’s Mario Gomez being captain make, let alone ten points? He’s still on the pitch either way. If you said Spurs without Kane might take a ten point hit that makes some sort of sense but it’s the equivalent of saying Kane on the pitch with long sleeves or short sleeves makes a 20 point Peter snow esque swing to playing intentions. It strikes me as a clunky way of cobbling some my club type blending into master league and is approaching bootgate world. Heat maps and round pegs/square holes make sense, players missing the game makes sense, but not the simple armband wearing or whether someone is a bad boy should help the others recover quicker.

  41. I’ve just got yet another L2 curler with Lincoln, so I’m all good here. Only 25 yards or so so it’s not even worth posting.

    Uncle Turf – belatedly about your keeper-rush triangle-press no-show – predictably, it works fine for me. I bring my keeper out to the edge of the area and beyond quite regularly. *kisses golden copy of PES2019*

    Paul – I interpreted your ‘certain creed’ to relate to the default rapper attitude, that they all have to put on show in order to be rappers, black or white, which I confess to finding utterly tiresome as well. The nadir of all things was Vanilla Ice pretending to be streetwise in the 80s. Now it’s all feds and fams and shite. ‘Keeping it real’ my arse. Bollocks to the lot of them. I know there’s a credible mytho-poetic dimension to it all but I’m generationally apart now and staying that way.

    I just put on the game to grab a screenshot I missed grabbing for today’s post – and of course had to have one match just because, and it was the most sublimely PES-ish match of PES since PES began. At this stage it will seem to regular readers as if I’m having some harmless fun and tweaking noses, but I am being 100% truthful here. It had everything. Varied AI attacks, wonderful play, fouls, good goals – that Lincoln curler among them. Brilliant.

    *I will post the Lincoln goal here actually as it went in off the underside of the bar and looked good. Uploading now.

  42. NG – At least you got where my post was coming from. Even if you continue to fabricate your experience of PES 😉

    Turf – Its Konami’s belligerent way of saying ‘We know you all hated the magic bootgate RPG element of PES13 that we implemented without any request, but as we like to f*ck you all over every year, we have kept it in, just more subtlely by calling it player roles’

    Take the Bad Boy role fore example

    Konami’s description:
    He’s got flair and technique, but he doesn’t always fall in line and that’s earned him his reputation as the Bad Boy of the team.

    Does he demand a certain shirt number?
    Does he lunge into reckless tackles?
    Does he have a much worst disciplinary record?
    Does he moan at being played anywhere other than his preferred position?
    Does he demand more money during contract negotiations ?

    Of course the answer to all these is NO. he doesn’t do anything, the Player Role is nothing more than a static text label assigned to a player, thought up by Konami.

    All it affects is his next match condition based on his prev match rating, and as we know, ratings are broken in PES. You can win 6-0 and a CF score 5 and he will only get a max of 7.5. so in essence, this role is completely pointless.

  43. Shows that not only is there zero effect from this role, apart from the match ratings which is broken, but that the (non-existent) effect of a bad boy can actually LOWER other team members conditions. WTF !?!?!

  44. Paul – it affects disciplinary records in a way: if he gets sent off he will get a longer suspension, according to the in-game description of Player Roles within ML. I agree that that particular role isn’t great, though.

    I do like the implication and tactical jiggery pokery form, condition and player roles make though. Having Gomez captain is vital to me blooding youngsters as he leads the way and similarly if he is absent for now others must be absent with him.

    Played two more league games last night: 2-1 win over Fulham, who alternated between one bar up on ATT/DEF and the default middle. Really saw and felt the difference and hated being pressed high up and being suffocated in my own half. Then I played City who dispatched me, but only 1-0. Sane was an absolute menace with fast direct running.

    Triangle works just fine for me too, The Notorious nG. Looking forward to today’s post.

    Continues to be a 9/10 PES for me but I’m incredibly interested as to how the Salary Budget affects the ML long term. Will it be the restricting yet realistically challenging restraint needed for a pure ML experience – in which case the game remains a 9 from me – or the slow death chokehold that will drop it to a 7/10?

  45. Paul – I think Konami rely on most of the effect coming from the players’ own imaginations. The deeper I get into my ML the more I believe I see certain things. Whether these things are ‘really’ there or in my mind or not – doesn’t matter! Last year and the year before my Youth Robben would have been sold on almost at once but this year I’m getting something from him and, disturbingly, all my players that I haven’t had in an ML for many years. You’ve been there and you know the score when it comes to feeling that feeling in ML. Maybe the miracle patch will ‘fix’ all your games and wreck mine.

    The Latest Lincoln R2 Curler:

  46. nG – Lincoln reminds me very much of Taarabt IRL. The way he nonchantantly strikes the ball from that distance almost as if having to shoot is an inconvenience to him. I’d love a goal like that.

  47. And the ‘Suspension period for being sent off in a match may be longer’ ??

    If you get a straight Red its a 3 match ban.
    If you pick up two yellows and as a result a red its a one match ban, those are the rules of the sport, but apparently Konami think that being a’Bad Boy’ player means you can get longer ??

    Beyond belief.

    I agree Player Roles seem a good idea, but as with everything Konami do, they have been implemented piss poorly.

    Here’s the full list and descrips if you want to see what other pointless roles there are.
    And lets not start on the player nicknames ….

  48. Seriously?! Really, genuinely, I know you wouldn’t just say that, seriously your keepers come out?? I can’t get mine to move beyond the six yard box, really I can’t when I want to (I’m not talking about the automatic times when they srpint towards a loose ball), even when there’s a yawning gap behind my back line I press triangle and it just doesn’t move him far enough forward. I’ve never had a really good keeper but that shouldn’t matter to this. You two are in some Faustian Konami pact.

    And I checked the different teams bar/settings – you’re right Jay they were different from match to match, but not in match ie. I went 2-0 down yet they still played the same eg. four notches, gegenpress option for the full 90 mins. I’ll continue to monitor.

  49. Jay – these replays I’ve posted over the last week must give the idea that they’re more common than they are. Only Lincoln seems able to get them, Castledine has come close, and Rodriguinho too from the other side, but Lincoln gets them. I try at least once per match with him in the side. Scored maybe 4 or 5 by now (including the super-duper 90-yarder) after a season’s worth of attempts. Worth getting, and they always please me. Lincoln is my Ribeiro (callback to PES2012’s celebrated header of the ball, as used by Uncle Turf).

  50. NG – seems Lincoln is fast becoming your Coutinho, renowned for his long range whipped curled shots.

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