Lincoln Scream

Season 2 has come to a close. In my final session I scored the goal I’ve been waiting to score on PES2019 – and on nuPES – for a long time.

I posted the goal in comments on the previous post, and spoke about it there a great deal.

For the many casual readers of the blog who won’t have seen it, here it is – the goal that well and truly scratched my long-range itch:

It’s an R2 sidelong ‘whip’ from Lincoln – that useful Free Agent signing that nearly everybody will come across. The distance travelled is about 40 yards, which has been scientifically proven. It was intentional.

I have been trying to score this exact sort of goal, specifically with Lincoln, from around that distance, for a few weeks now. I usually have a couple of goes at it per match if Lincoln is playing. This was approximately the 60th such attempt.

I am still not tired of watching it. I accept that this is akin to laughing at your own jokes, but I don’t care. A huge element of the enjoyment I get from football gaming is the occurrence of moments like this one. I shrieked like a girl, at 2am Saturday night/Sunday morning, when it actually flew in. I find when I watch it back now that my eye follows the trajectory of the ball, and I still can’t quite believe it when it drops into the net.

At the end of the season there could only be one name in the running for My Favourite Player.

To be fair to the rest of my squad, this goal was the only real thing of note Lincoln has ever done (apart from hit the post and crossbar from similar range several times through all of those 60 attempts).

The season ended with me firmly mid-table. At times this season I had threatened to put together a run good enough to get into playoff contention. But that oh-so-mysterious aspect of nuPES – the great performance that’s followed by an inexplicably bad one; players who are great for a match or two, then go missing for long stretches of the season – always came to the fore.

The final table:

Next season I will finish in the top 6. That’ll be my aim from the outset.

I got one player into the Team of the Season – Tomas Necid. His place was totally justified based on his goals this season. He bagged 19, in a side that averaged only 1.3 per game or thereabouts.

I was surprised in the week post-season to see some actual moving pictures in the Master League screen.

Rice had one, and so did the new main man, Lincoln. Check his final line here.

I continue not to see the infamous AI Low Cross phenomenon. This is huge. I’m not ‘coping’ with Low Cross, or ignoring it, or mitigating it, or somehow making the best of it. I’m not seeing it. No more than would be expected, anyway. The proportion of AI attacks that flow down the wings and then develop into the centre, is entirely proportionate. About a third of attacks, scaling up to half sometimes.

I count myself extremely fortunate. AI Low Cross is the main factor in the general community disenchantment that surrounds PES2019.

I now only occasionally see the PES2019 quirk that does bother me: the AI striker with a nailed-on shooting chance, who will instead shuffle off to the side and play in a teammate. I see instances of this roughly 1 in 5 matches. Not good, and I hope the patch obliterates it along with whatever causes LCS syndrome.

And so to Season 3.

Performing my customary health-check on the state of PES2019 at the moment… everything continues to be strangely ‘very good’. 9/10 good in fact.

Updated: 9th October 2018 — 10:36


  1. Paul – personally would swap out the HDD for a small SSD (getting really cheap now) which would speed up PES load times a lot and get a GTX 1050 just to be comfortable, that could do max graphics settings albeit maybe not quite 4k

  2. Thanks Abbeyhill, found the following:

    Intel i7 Processor Quad Core @ 3.2Ghz
    240GB SSD
    Geoforce 1050i 4GB Gfx Card
    8GB RAM


    Seems ok doesn’t it?

  3. Paul – all I can contribute is the benefit of having 16GB RAM, which might be cheaper to add afterward of course. SSD is a no-brainer. Expected lifespan of mechanical HDD: 3-5 years*. Expected lifespan of SSD: 80 years.

    I love my gaming PC, even though it’s not a PES machine. It’s an XCOM2 machine. It’s a Civilization machine. It’s a PlayStation2 machine (flawless PCSX2 emulation, allowing completion of all PES and FIFA collections). It’s a Word 2010 machine (my favourite edition of Word). It’s a whatever I want to do machine! I’ve got one of those towers that provides easy access at the side (like the old modular ‘cheesegrater’ Mac Pro). If there was room for it in my bedroom, I’d probably have gone the PC route for footy gaming a year ago.

    [*typed on a much-used and much-loved 2009 iMac with a still-working mechanical HDD]

  4. Paul – Just catching up but it looks like you are thinking of paying almost £500 in order to play PES 2019. Seems odd as, even on PC with mods, it’s still essentially no-frills, bland ML PES 2019 isn’t it?

    With midi-Shed done with his Spidey game for now, I have a PS4 window most days now. Three games in season two of my ML last night – a draw, a defeat and a 2-0 win. No 65 yard curlers, even with my version of Lincoln, but I did try.

  5. Thanks NG, although money isn’t really an issue, I want to pay as little as possible for something that would only ever be used for PES and PS2 emulation.
    I have a PS4 and PS4 Pro, and have just ordered another PS4 Pro to replace the standard PS4 in the bedroom, and have a 2017 Macbook pro, so as small an outlay as possible on yet another computer would be ideal.

    I will be converting the office into a games/movies/reading room after xmas, so the PC would sit in there and be connected to a 4k Tv via HDMi, either that or running off the new LG minibeam short throw projector.

    Shed – not just to play PES by no means, but decent PS2 emulator, and also as mentioned it will be in the new games room so will be used as a Media hub with IPTV on so don’t have to have another SkyQ box in there.

  6. Shed – keep plugging away at the 70-yard howitzers, and they will come, as they have for me.

    I had a chance to see that Spider-Man game in action in a shop yesterday and watched for a few minutes. Not greatly impressed with what I saw. Even the much-vaunted web-swinging. I played a Spider-Man game almost exactly like it on PS2 in the early 2000s.

    Paul – you can never have too many computers, is my thinking. A full-fat gaming PC opens so many new options. What’s the Far Cry modding scene like? Interesting, I’d bet.

  7. I couldn’t understand all the fuss about the Spiderman game either, i couldn’t have been any less interested about a game, ever.

    Red Dead redemption 2 though, that’s another story, have it on pre-order, can’t wait, it looks beyond amazing.

    Haven’t even touched FC5 since I got it months back.

  8. Catching up a bit late, but I’m with Paul on the psychometric testing malarky. I took one as a recent grad nearly 30 years ago and stormed it, but decided then that I never wanted to go for a job where that was deemed a reliable way to gauge my personality and fit. Fortunately, as far as I was aware, they have fallen out of favour these days.

  9. Paul – 1050ti, even better, looks a bargain!

  10. nG – thanks for burning me a copy of your PES. I forgot to say thank you on release day.

  11. Chris99 – certainly 3 or 4 years ago, psychometric tests were all the rage, i had to sit through 2 lots of them in a job a few years back, businesses pay top money for these companies to come in, get you to do all sorts of stupid tasks, use as many buzzwords as they can and then issue with a bit of paper, and a foam brick stress block.

    There was a follow up course but after I told the instructor that he was full of BS and it was a waste of 2 days of my life I wasn’t invited back to the follow up.

  12. Jay – thanks for the suggestion, I have a bit of previous with said organisation though and am not sure I could keep my mouth shut if I saw total incompetency.

    Paul, Chris99 – I am of the same opinion, I once did some day long ‘what kind of learner/sales person/listener’ bollocks thing years back when I was an IT rep. Sat all day in this hotel in London trying not to get caught rolling my eyes every time my boss looked round only to come out sounding like I was some kind of Deanna Troi empath. Years later Mrs Turf told me it was completely discredited by research and yet people were still wasting their money on it.

    Sadly, as NG suggests, I might have to play the game, although I similarly question whether I’d want to work for an organisation daft enough to do this. It’s not as if the questions are actually asking me anything about the job – they are all what would you do if… to which my immediate response is always ‘what do you mean by X’? The reality is more someone saying ‘just do this’ and not giving you a choice.

    Oh and btw, I’ve started a new ml…I had built a complete new squad full of very good players (Gomis, Sanches, Klaasen, etc etc) team spirit was 71, formation settled. Fuck all difference. Superstar is just too over powered for me, I’m dropping to see if I can find this pot of gold in top player.

    I did notice a very stupid trait influence – this time my defaults have the keeper Giesler (?) as my ‘risk taker’. When he is on an up arrow he adds huge numbers to team spirit, when he is a red is drops by 14 points. Wtf? why would a risk taking keeper do that? It sounds like a poor translation of the term. ‘Leader’ I can understand.

  13. Turf – what are your key skills? what would you want to ideally want to do for work? Except head groundsman at the Camp Nou of course.

    what league are you playing in and with what team now Turf? isn’t this the 4th ML you’ve started?

  14. Paul – that’s about the last thing I’d want to do. I used to teach lads who do that and their personal lives suffer horribly. Working all hours, for no money in the pissing rain as a rugby league grounds mate of mine said. My biggest problem is every job/postgrad thing I’ve done has come about through chats in smoke filled rooms, knowing some bloke who knows some bloke and in one outrageous case having the job description being written while I sat in the room telling them what I could do. My record on seeing jobs, filling in forms and donning a suit is appalling. I think you should just all list your jobs, I’ll pick the one that looks most interesting and you can resign with a note to your boss as to the best replacement!

    It is indeed the 4th as I don’t count villa’s one game. Motherwell was 3 seasons. Bolton lasted half a season at most. Denmark likewise. I went through all the leagues looking for the shortest fixture list – some are ridiculous combinations of leagues and top eight round robins. Russia came out lowest with 30. I chose Rostov as I nearly went there 20 years ago and I didn’t want all the Moscow derbies.

  15. You’d be fine over at the Camp Nou Turf, get up early, stick a fork in the pitch a few times, wheel out the light lamps, go back later and turn on the sprinklers, sit in the sun and read a book and be down by the marina sat in a tapas bar in the sunshine with manchego croquettes and a glass of Rioja by 6pm. Easy life.

    Let us know what the fully licensed Russian league is like, I’m guessing apart from the kits (which anyone can create anyway), there will be absolutely nothing to suggest its licensed, no branding, no stadiums, nothing.

    Lets hope the fourth restart of ML has left some stray port open which auto-connects to NG’s ‘Golden Game’ server. Jay has the password.

  16. By psychometric testing I meant a pencil and paper test, or online mouse and monitor these days. What you’re describing seems to veer more into the kind of team building, role playing rubbish that inexplicably seems to still be popular.

    I have previously told a recruiter that I wouldn’t go near the job he was describing when he said the first interview comprised solely of a psychometric test. I don’t think he was amused when I suggested they may as well put me in a duck pond to see if I was a witch.

  17. Had a game with headers, counters, and 1-on-1s earlier, so I’ve compiled the highlights with some extended highlights of certain goals and I am currently uploading it to YouTube. It’s my biggest victory to date – 7-1 – on Superstar and Forest spent much of the game one bar up on ATT/DEF only occasionally dropping to the default middle bar. I soaked up and hit them on the counter, created 1-on-1s, scored some headers and generally had a good time. So of course I am looking forward to Paul explaining why each goal didn’t show him the evidence he’s been asking for all along :p I even included proof it was on Superstar.

    (Love you Paul)

  18. 7-1? On superstar? In this pes? Now that’s got to be witchcraft. What formation? What level of players? Team spirit? Most I’ve scored on superstar is 3. However, I do think the powers are declining rapidly. I’m the game equivalent of the cmf who’s legs have gone and stats are starting to drop into orange. Top player just got off to a 0-0 start. It was pretty much a carbon copy of my Denmark first match.

  19. 7-1. On Superstar. In PES 2019. The formation I have outlined here twice before but will do so again:

    “playing a 442 diamond (DM CM CM AM) with two CFs with the right one slightly higher then the other.

    Advanced Tactics I have both strikers as counter targets, the DM on Defensive and Attacking Full Backs.

    Attacking: counter attack (though my personal style is possession based, this just gets the players up the pitch quickly) central and maintain formation.

    Defensive: frontline pressure, conservative and middle.

    I have the support range with all but one bar on, the defensive line all but two, and for compactness I have three bars on.”

    TS was 95 for that game and line up was as follows with OVR listed:

    Macey 71

    Hatsuse 66
    Marcellis 72
    Botia 70
    Ridson 68

    Diawara 82
    Romulo 75
    Winks 79
    De La Cruz 76

    Rivero 72
    Austin 74

  20. So, chants make a nice addition and work as advertised. Welcome change to match atmosphere. Also keep getting confirmation that “stats matter” which is nice. Both Stockdale (gk) and vasilj were on a down arrow after having acquired two players on the same positions from the youth academy. Don’t know if this is a feature – I doubt Konami are this clever – but it forced me to field the new players. Vercoutre, the goalie, is inferior in pure goalkeeper stats to Stockdale but he has far superior speed. Sure enough a cpu player fires a top corner shot from inside the box so speed was essential…would have been a goal with Stockdale between the sticks but Vercoutre kept it out. Might be coincidence but i enjoyed that nonetheless.

  21. A 7-1 scoreline isn’t worrying in and of itself. Many’s the past ML that was punctuated by high-scoring games, as ‘real’ football often is. But… if PES2019 buckles and becomes a PES2016-style scorefest, that would be very disappointing to say the least. Best PES since PES2015 for me so far, and hoping for more than that.

  22. It was very much an anomaly. In nearly two seasons of ML i think that’s the only time I’ve scored more than 5 and I don’t score 5 often. Anyway, it’s about the goal types nG?l The man asked for proof and proof has been given.

  23. Jay – ah I’m afk (at work) and have been all evening, I thought Uncle Turf’s incredulity at the 7-1 was the thing. I see your earlier comment now. I have scored 3 a couple of times but never more.

  24. I wasn’t trying to give the impression I either misbelieved Jay, or felt he’d indulged in jiggery pokery, it was simply that I’m finding this the most difficult pes to score since 2014 (and easily the most boring since then as a result). The change to top player doesn’t feel like it’s done a thing, still have flying keepers catching balls they’d barely get a hand to, still encountering perfect slides and very very few fouls – which is odd but then again the Russian league is very good, 70-80 level players. I have however had a Lincoln curler. Only from 22 yards or so, not far outside the box but r2 on an angle from the goal and it arc’ d round and in.

    That compilation of yours Jay looks like another pes to mine. The first forest miss would never have happened, it would have been top corner, their goal was very typical of what I do see. I couldn’t believe what I was watching for your goals though, I simply don’t get that much space within the last 25 yards and keepers do not parry shots. Maybe it’s your team spirit opening up runs and space but I have never had that much freedom in the box, every team just packs it out and rough houses me off the ball. Free headers are just not possible. I’m not taking the piss when I say I’d almost expect 2018 to show up in the info. It looks a really good game, it’s just not mine.

  25. Jay – just saw the vid, a crazy game indeed, but that is also the PES2019 I play. Speaking of playstyles so much recently, you play differently from me, so maybe it can’t (all) be that either. I think Paul’s forensic examination won’t admit the one-on-ones into evidence as the AI defender(s) were always close. A classic one-on-one must see the attacker bearing down on goal with the nearest defender several yards behind him. You used to see this kind of one on one quite regularly in ‘real’ football, but not so much these days (if ever) now that coaching and awareness is more sophisticated.

  26. Thanks for explaining ‘risk taker’ Turf, that clears up one of the TS mysteries. So what are your plans for ML #4 formations and signings? I have reverted to an old school 442 in my #4, with a higher defensive line which may or may not make it harder for the AI to enter the LCS corridor of doom. A couple of 75 ovr free gnarled cbs, Durica and Mantovani, and the same up top with F Marquez and another tall striker. Plus two loans, a classy dmf called Fuego and Taarabt for RMF. Have a good feeling about this setup, although we lost first game of the season to Metz 2-1

    Jay – super stuff, really enjoyed watching that and did particularly like your shot feints. Also had a 1 on 1 this evening, quite similar to your second goal. Clean through with Mihailovic and had a bit of time to decide what to do. In classic PES would usually go for a chip or shot feint past the keeper but did not have a good feeling about either so slowed down and passed it into the corner

  27. Jay’s one on one if it happened to me would result in the defender catching and jostling me off the ball, last minute shot stoppers are the norm. I’m not saying speed is nerfed but it’s not as big a difference between players as it should be, a 90 sprint is not really a 90 when compared with a 70. Jay is clearly a better player than me but I’ve got enough years on the clock to vary approaches and try different things and I’ve never seen some of those scenarios.

    Abbeyhill – if you look on the team roles in my team screen it summarises all the named roles and their effects, and if anyone can justify why some of them do what they do I’d be impressed – bad boy in particular is ridiculous. Pleased you are on number 4 too as it makes me feel less of a flip flopper, I’m sure there is a nugget there to find eventually. I’ve gone with what I was given again – a 5-1-2-2. I’ve dispensed with wingers, rmf/lmf as crosses never work, never, not ever. Like corners into the box. My line up is new goalie, giorza, canning, vasilj, 2 cbs, new dmf, castledine, new amf, arcas and most of my budget on the best free striker I could buy. Everything on him is green. He is noticeably a bit sharper but not enough that you can turn and shoot, outstrip a defender, win a header, etc. I’m trying counter (like jay I try and possess but counter suggests space and runners), long ball (even though most are shorter), and so on. Anything to work openings.

  28. Jay firstly, good result and some nice goals, But …..

    I was regularly beating teams by a similar scoreline on PES 18, including an 11-2 victory over Real Madrid in the CL semi-final. Absurd.

    As NG stated, those weren’t one on ones, not in the true sense:

    0:35 – COM def just watches as you waltz past
    1min – 1-2 round back of defender
    1min25 – your defenders just stand and watch – happens in my game all the time
    1min 32 – abysmal awareness from COM just watches as you waltz through midfield, other COM def does same when you turn him in the box
    2min22 – again 1-2 past defender, too easy, LB just stops running
    3min25 another 1-2 past last defender

    A few observational points, don’t get me wrong, all good goals and kudos on the score, but rather than you provide me ‘evidence’ of the game being good, on the contrary you’ve just provided proof as to why I think the game is so shit.

    Every ‘one on one’ you had was a result of a 1-2 round the back of the last defender, with absolutely no awareness from the other defenders, no one dropped back to cover the run, no defender put any tackles in, just watched you 1-2 past for a shot, and also none of the GK’s came off their lines to narrow the angles, just stood there rooted.

    More evidence of packed boxes, and you was able to 1-2 round them.
    A true one on one would be where the COM team presses high up the field, you win possession, launch a counter attack, outnumber them, and send a forward running in on goal with the defender trailing behind, I didn’t see a single piece of evidence showing that.

    I mean, look at 6mins 18s onwards in the video, this is superstar, you are allowed to just run freely, no challenge, right through the midfield whilst a COM defender just watches, then at 6m 22s, inside the box, goal threat, where is the awareness of the situation as the COM defender again just watches you turn, stands 2 yards from your player and doesn’t attempt to make any kind of tackle, lunge, anything.

    That Video does PES 19 absolutely no favours at all.

  29. It’s like Kanye v Taylor this…whoever they are kidz.

  30. Remember replays are slower than gameplay. If it’s all so easy I look forward to seeing you post a similarly successful video on Superstar.

    Thanks to those who enjoyed/were kind and equal thanks to Paul for curling a steaming turd into my bowl of jelly and ice cream. I knew it was coming 😉

    You could describe my footage how you did Paul, or you could say I pulled defenders out of position, created the “extra yard,” etc at the end of the day it’s subjective experience and descriptors. All a bit Black Raven Paradox.

  31. Jay – for me the most interesting aspect of the vid was seeing your playstyle in action, so different from mine – your style is to work the ball as close to the goal as possible and then finish. I rarely even deliberately use a shot feint. My style as you know is to blaze away as soon as a sight on goal presents itself, whether that’s from 10 yards or 50 yards. Evidence that playstyles cannot be all ‘it’, whatever it is that produces such different experiences of the same game.

  32. Jay, I never said the game was easy, I implied that these big scorelines can happen, as they did last year, with the example I pointed out.
    I did also comment that there were some nice goals and you did well to put 7 past them.

    I just also picked out a few issues with some of the goals, not your issues but issues with the COM and how it is never aware of the situation around it, you can only play whats put ion front of you I guess.

    I pointed out issues I saw, and you are trying your best to defend the game, very subjective.

    I wouldn’t call what I picked out at 1min 32s / 6m 18s as ‘pulling the defender out of position’ – because you didn’t.
    The COM player blatantly runs along side you all through midfield, never once attempts a challenge, just watches, then when you pass the ball into the box, same thing, COM defender just stands and watches you turn and shoot, no attempt at tackling, no awareness of the goal threat, nothing, just idle.

    I realise this is just one occasion, but I see this every match in PES, or did, not just attacking but more so being attacked where my players are just Zombies and don’t react.

    You’ll be getting play test day invites and freebie packs from Konami next.

  33. nG – it certainly does lean towards evidence that playstyles are not all it. I particularly played that way because Forest spent a lot of that game *not* camped on the edge of their box and with their ATT/DEF bar one up. It gave me opportunity to run at and get behind the defence.

    You are right in that one core part of my playstyle is to shoot within the box or from the edge if it’s crowded. Shots from 25+ plus will only come with confidence to do so based on scoreline and my strength of my squad.

    I’ve got 4/5 games left and I’m 9 points off of 2nd (Fulham) who are my last opponents of the season. I’m thus expecting to finish in the play offs – previously unaccomplished feat for me in PES – and will have to fight for promotion that way. I really will feel deflated if I don’t seal promotion!

    It’ll be done today. It’s my day off and I’m currently 10+ days deep into a bout of man flu.

  34. Jay – In my new post up on FIFA FX there is a goal I scored whereby I did a little feint skill and sidestepped a defender and shot from the edge of the box and scored, watching back it appears the defender was too static, he also didn’t make much of any attempt to close me down, so it’s not just PES that suffers from this, but in over 40 matches I’ve only seen it once or twice, in PES, in my game at least, it was every match.

  35. Paul – only if Konami read this blog! Would I be able to sell these packs on? For as long as PSN costs I will not play online. Only time I’ve played online it’s been when they’ve sent me free months to play.

    I’ve already been, done and commented on your blog this morning. FIRST!

    As for shot feints it has been a PES Staple of my playstyle since time immemorial!

  36. You do realise that I’m just largely winding you up Jay?
    I do stand by my comments about PES, I think the AI is worst We’ve ever had, but no game is perfect, its just a shame Turf, I and others have such contrasting experiences of the game compared to you and NG and others.

    I bought a 12 month PSN Plus card in the Amazon Black friday sale last year, was meant to be £49.99 but was £22 – Bargain, It must have ran out because I just had a notification flash up on my watch saying I have Paid Sony 49.99 for a new 12 month sub.

    Bloody auto-renew, well worth it though, for £4 a month you get a solid online platform plus 2 or 3 free games every month, I’ve recent got Destiny 2, Friday 13th, They Lie Within (VR Game), Rocket League, Laser league, all free, thats worth 4 quid a month surely.

  37. PSN is well worth it for the free games alone, but then there’s the secure online backup on Sony’s servers of all savegames and data (which you can do yourself manually, but having the console do it for you automatically is great). And last of all is the ability to play stuff online, which for me will only ever be a spot of myClub when the time comes for the Irregulars once more.

  38. Paul – I do realise you are largely winding me up. I am playing my part for our doting audience.

    I have only, ever, played PES and FIFA on PS4. In a one month free trial back in 2016 I got to Division 1 on FUT. I only play PS4 for 4 months at a time in any 12 month period. None of it would be worth it for me. My PES and therefore PS4 calendar is firmly September-January.

  39. why only Sept – Jan Jay?
    What happens after Jan ?

  40. Paul – I’m all PESed out. And that doesn’t say anything about PES; instead it says everything about me. I do any and every thing intensely until I grow bored of it, which I do every and any thing. This year January will bring a baby, but normally after I’m done with PES I’ll play the latest update of ChampMan0102 until I’m bored of that. Or maybe nothing in particular takes its place at all. Another unfortunate behavioural gaming trait I have is that if I go more than 2 weeks without playing any career mode across any of the football games I play, I feel like I’ve dropped out of the loop and lost that imaginary connection with my players. Especially if they’re newgens.

  41. I see jay, that’s a very regimented approach, if it works for you of course great and with the baby on its way, you won’t be getting any free time at all any way 😉

  42. She’ll be scoring headers and popping in 50 surfers before she can walk!

  43. popping in 50 surfers?
    sounds so wrong!

  44. 50 yarders! Yarders. I meant yarders.

  45. Nice goals Jay. The way you play is probably the most effective way to get on and up in PES 2019’s ML, given how crosses and long rangers are less of a thing – apart from n-G’s 70yd curly ones of course.

    I’ve also switched to 4-4-2 diamond with a DMF, 2xCMF, AMF combo, mainly to stop the opposition. It’s certainly felt solid in the few games I’ve managed to play.

  46. Just had a mini-session to advance my Season 3 another but. 3 matches and the fouls count went 0-0-2. This is the only blot on an otherwise more than acceptable copybook this year. AI behaved fine.

    Jay – I posted my ‘All AI Attacks’ vid a while back that shows me not experiencing what so many others are experiencing, so the different experiences is a fact, the question is why. Until I saw your vid I was convinced it could only be 95% individual playstyles, but yours is very different from mine.

    Paul – it’s definitely not the worst AI ever in my experience – certainly nowhere near the best either though. I always refer you back to my ‘All AI Attacks’ vid of a few weeks ago, because it’s totally representative of my majority experience. Nothing has changed. Looking at that vid through a neutral eye I can see the seeds of the problems you’ve all been having with the game. For me, the seeds don’t flower into weeds, but uh, into flowers. (Ambitious metaphor is ambitious.) Once in a while the AI will do an unstoppable wing attack and cross thing, but it’s just a single moment in an occasional match. I’ve said all this before many times of course. I feel the need to respond to comments about the AI being bad as if that’s an objective, settled fact, when it certainly isn’t. The PES2019 AI issue is the biggest and strangest split in PES fandom since… since forever, I would say.

  47. Shed – I really feel the classic PES feels with PES2019. Reminds me so much of how PES2012 grew and grew over time and surprised us all. It’s not just the 75-yard goals that I have indisputably scored. It’s the general rhythms of play. They’re PES in a way PES hasn’t felt for me since I hit the heights with PES2015. None of the editions of the past 3 years have given me the classic PES feeling. This one is.

  48. Jay -can totally relate to the two week absence from a footy game resulting in the mythical “bond” broken with a team. My biggest worry is for me Red Dead Redemption is only a few weeks away and I think that will take up game time because I don’t think I can wait to leave it until Pes time passes.

  49. Plus anyone looking for a copy of Pes 2011 on ps3 just pm me and I will post it on have 2 here for good homes.

  50. Two things of note;

    “Forest spent a lot of that game *not* camped on the edge of their box and with their ATT/DEF bar one up. It gave me opportunity to run at and get behind the defence.” (Taylor Swift*)

    – I have honestly never seen the AI not park the bus with their defence and increase their attack bar. I might have missed times that they have as I’m so obsessed with my own tinkering, but seriously I have never encountered a team that varied from the periods of manic speed and pressure followed by everyone filling out the box. It’s got so that I can confidently announce when I will concede as my CB has just mysteriously fluffed a clearance that took a bounce that..etc. But I’m going to persist and try different things.

    “Only if Konami read this blog” (Swift again)

    – Please. Of course they do, it’s the most open form of undercover agent report filing ever seen. It’s the Kim Philby of the PES world, so visible that no one ever thinks to question why ‘NG’, ‘Adam’ this mysterious ‘Daniel Henry’ character and the president of Konami have never been seen together at the water cooler. I think Werd got close to discovering the truth through his tin foil hat group which is why he was suddenly absent and replaced by someone claiming to play the game normally without the editing/pasta/town building/bus journeys, etc etc.

    *I figured Paul must be Kanye as I reckon he’d be more pro-Trump than Jay.

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