Lincoln Scream

Season 2 has come to a close. In my final session I scored the goal I’ve been waiting to score on PES2019 – and on nuPES – for a long time.

I posted the goal in comments on the previous post, and spoke about it there a great deal.

For the many casual readers of the blog who won’t have seen it, here it is – the goal that well and truly scratched my long-range itch:

It’s an R2 sidelong ‘whip’ from Lincoln – that useful Free Agent signing that nearly everybody will come across. The distance travelled is about 40 yards, which has been scientifically proven. It was intentional.

I have been trying to score this exact sort of goal, specifically with Lincoln, from around that distance, for a few weeks now. I usually have a couple of goes at it per match if Lincoln is playing. This was approximately the 60th such attempt.

I am still not tired of watching it. I accept that this is akin to laughing at your own jokes, but I don’t care. A huge element of the enjoyment I get from football gaming is the occurrence of moments like this one. I shrieked like a girl, at 2am Saturday night/Sunday morning, when it actually flew in. I find when I watch it back now that my eye follows the trajectory of the ball, and I still can’t quite believe it when it drops into the net.

At the end of the season there could only be one name in the running for My Favourite Player.

To be fair to the rest of my squad, this goal was the only real thing of note Lincoln has ever done (apart from hit the post and crossbar from similar range several times through all of those 60 attempts).

The season ended with me firmly mid-table. At times this season I had threatened to put together a run good enough to get into playoff contention. But that oh-so-mysterious aspect of nuPES – the great performance that’s followed by an inexplicably bad one; players who are great for a match or two, then go missing for long stretches of the season – always came to the fore.

The final table:

Next season I will finish in the top 6. That’ll be my aim from the outset.

I got one player into the Team of the Season – Tomas Necid. His place was totally justified based on his goals this season. He bagged 19, in a side that averaged only 1.3 per game or thereabouts.

I was surprised in the week post-season to see some actual moving pictures in the Master League screen.

Rice had one, and so did the new main man, Lincoln. Check his final line here.

I continue not to see the infamous AI Low Cross phenomenon. This is huge. I’m not ‘coping’ with Low Cross, or ignoring it, or mitigating it, or somehow making the best of it. I’m not seeing it. No more than would be expected, anyway. The proportion of AI attacks that flow down the wings and then develop into the centre, is entirely proportionate. About a third of attacks, scaling up to half sometimes.

I count myself extremely fortunate. AI Low Cross is the main factor in the general community disenchantment that surrounds PES2019.

I now only occasionally see the PES2019 quirk that does bother me: the AI striker with a nailed-on shooting chance, who will instead shuffle off to the side and play in a teammate. I see instances of this roughly 1 in 5 matches. Not good, and I hope the patch obliterates it along with whatever causes LCS syndrome.

And so to Season 3.

Performing my customary health-check on the state of PES2019 at the moment… everything continues to be strangely ‘very good’. 9/10 good in fact.

Updated: 9th October 2018 — 10:36


  1. Excellent post nG – I too would give PES 2019 a solid 9/10 but I thought the same for 2018 and that fell apart quickly after a few seasons. To get a 9/10, the 2019 ML would need to hold up for 8 seasons minimum. So far so good.

    With regard the Switcher for PC, I’m using it at the moment without issue and it is fantastic. It’s also easy to customise and update, new mod comes along, just add it to the switcher in a couple of minutes and away you go. If you have a 2nd wind with PES 2019 I’d recommend doing so on the PC.

    I’m now 10 games into season 5 and have put together a formidable team which would’ve easily been good enough to dominate in previous versions. This year is different though, this year is better.

  2. n-G – That 45 yarder of yours gets better and better with every viewing.

    The fact you are still bobbling around mid-table after three seasons is good sign that this is a ML with legs.

    I played one game on PES 2019 last night after prolonged sessions of PES5 in the shed. That old game certainly holds up but there is one thing lacking – goals against. Even on top difficulty, I rarely concede. I’ve played five games in the Premiere League now and conceded just one goal. This included a 0-0 at Man Utd and a 2-0 win at Arsenal.

    I know what it is, I’m missing that AI that we need. That was PES 2018 of course but even PES 2019 and its mysterious LCS and top-corner finishing has the kind of AI that has you desperately hanging on to a clean sheet.

    Another thing I wanted to pick up from comments on the last post is the subject of individual team playing styles. I have to admit that I don’t think I ever really notice much difference between the way teams play in footy games beyond certain teams having much better players than others.

    I think I would notice a Stoke like ariel bombardment opposed to a Barcelona-like approach but I struggle to remember ever seeing such an obvious variable in a video game. Not even PES5.

  3. Shed – the main, and possibly only, difference I see is in their ATT/DEF bars. Poorer teams spend far less time in the upper bars, even when behind. So that’s just differences in attacking/defensive mentality that I experience but it’s enough to consider it as individual playing style. Formations and AI formation changes are noticeable, too.

    I’m in February of Season 2 (TWO) and in a play off place. I’m aiming for automatic, hoping for play offs, and desperately trying to avoid missing both!

    Team building is much harder and I’ve very much got much at stake on promotion as out of my starting XI 4 are loans – 3 of my 4 midfielders and one of my strikers. I had to sell a striker to balance the books in January (mainly salary after renewals), meaning once the loaners go home I’ll have just one striker with OVR 70+ left. Charlie Austin and Andy Carroll will return to their parent clubs.

    It’s a 9/10 game for me too.

  4. I’m not sure if you guys defending AI play styles are having an inside joke and actually just trolling the rest of us?

    You don’t see an issue with AI play styles Jay/Shed ?

    So some teams attack a bit more than others, and that’s ok?

    How about a Stoke side pumping long balls up to Crouch or a target man, knock downs, driving from midfield, high aggression and physicality?
    Or a Chelsea side with dangerous dribblers, quick inter-passing and shots from outside the box? A Bristol City side with work-horse like midfield who pack the middle of the pitch real tightly to stifle the opposition, or even a Good counter attacking Norwich side with the likes of Maddison being a focal figure?

    None of this exists in PES, and I’m happy for you to prove me wrong by showing me videos of PES 19 where teams distinctly play differently.

    Hazard is Chelsea, without him they would only be a top 8 team at best, he creates everything and scores everything, his dribbling at defenses is the corner stone of Chelsea’s play, yet in PES, he’s just ‘Player 4’ – does nothing like what Hazard does, doesn’t dribble, doesn’t fire off snap shots, doesn’t make hugely influencing runs..

    Of course you pay your money and can enjoy what you like, but it really does baffle me how in this day and age, supposed football fans and/or football gaming fans accept this as ok.

  5. Paul – Isn’t that what I was saying? No, I don’t see any of that. As I said, I don’t recall ever seeing this level of team identity in any game ever. I stand to be corrected as it could just be that I’m always too wrapped up in what my team is doing and how I am going to score or defend.

    You do seem to have gone from someone eager to play what was always going to be a very nuPES PES 2019 to someone seemingly incredulous that anyone could get any enjoyment out of the game. Lots clearly are despite the issues the game has – whether that includes LCS or not. Personally I had a lot of LCS, then none, then some and now none again.

    PES 2019 plays well for the bare bones of a game that it is. I’m getting my money’s worth out of it while hoping this patch improves certain aspects of the game – if it ever comes.

    I’m also following FIFAFX closely to see how you and others are getting on with FIFA 19. If by the end of the year, you are still playing FIFA 19 and there’s no hint of wonky difficulty levels or slipping into sliders to balance gameplay, I’ll be done with nuPES.

  6. As of 15 minutes ago I have the final missing piece of my PES 2019 Master League option file puzzle! I can finally start my ML!

  7. Shed – I can honestly tell you, in half a season on FIFA 19 I’ve seen every team pretty much play their own unique way. Of course teams have similarities, but each plays very different to the other game to game, and even phases of play during each game.
    It’s so noticeable, which in turn makes PES’ complete absence of any varying styles so much more apparent.

    I guess if I’m honest I am quite bemused that people are enjoying PES 19 so much, as for me there’s very little there to enjoy. Even if LCS was completely eradicated, there still wouldn’t be any variation in team play styles, individuals such as Hazard, Salah, etc would not shine through, there still wouldn’t be a trophy after you’ve slogged through a 46 game season in the Championship, or 38 games in the Prem, or the FA Cup.

    ML has basically been reduced to a continuous sequence of friendly matches, and Yes, I’m fully aware its just an opinion, and NG and Jay may be loving PES, and fair play to them, I wish I did, but as I will reiterate, I want and need more from a football game than that, and its still fact that most of the game is in an unfinished state.

    – No Dynamic lighting as promised and hyped
    – Transfers were broken, took 2 months to fix them and then you had to restart, wasting 2 months worth of effort
    – AI play is broken (for the majority) – will be 3 months thats if the patch even fixes anything
    – Where are all these licensed stadiums the game was sold on? drip feeding via DLC’s? So its months and months before you actually get the package you paid for
    – Broken commentary (whether you have this turned off or on is irrelevant)
    I could go on ………..

    Good Luck Tommy, lets hope you get the ‘Golden Copy’ of the game.

  8. Paul – like I said before, with the exception of last year (a year in which I got married and bought our first flat) I’ve played every recent (2012+) iteration of both FIFA and PES. I like them both and both can provide things the other doesn’t, can’t, or won’t.

    I think it was nG who once said that a football game and real life football are two completely distinct things for him (paraphrasing).

    My experience of PES isn’t the one you describe and I do, honestly, see *some* variation in play styles. It’s not to the level you aspirationally describe but that’s because, in my opinion, you’re describing an ideal we’d all love but simply doesn’t exist. The closest we get to that is online play where each team is controlled by a human and therefore will be unique in part, but even then many gravitate towards a tried and tested method. In the book Soccernomics they point out

    I completely agree with the notion that you’re upset that a product you’ve paid £50 for hasn’t met your expectation, but that shouldn’t equate those who are enjoying it to be labelled “supposed” football fans, rather than just “football fans.” There’s an implicit suggestion there, which I don’t think is fair.

    I genuinely respect your opinion, read your FIFA blog because I enjoy that too, and appreciate your contribution to the PES Community – a community that is a fundamental part of being a PES fan. My experience being different to yours isn’t me being antagonistic or anything other than a positive subjective experience.

    Shed – agree with essentially all your sentiments.

  9. Paul – I very much haven’t, I can assure you. But I’ve had a bit of a 2019 sabbatical as you know, so I’m hoping to start again with fresh eyes. I’ll take it for what it is, warts and all. Hopefully it’ll hold up just enough to last through until the fabled gameplay patch.

    Excited now to start again, hopefully tonight after work, but I’ll probably only have enough time to install all the option file. Thursday evening and Friday should get things well underway.

  10. Paul – Is it just coincidence that most of those points you make cover cosmetic features?

    I do agree that each of those features needs addressing in PES but even if all those points are nailed in FIFA, I would still be lured back to PES. It’s how the game feels when you’re on the ball, passing, pushing for a goal and trying to take your ragtag group of nobody players to no-cup-presentation glory that always lures me back – lures all of us back.

    You said it yourself a few weeks back ( I think), if only PES had FIFA’s modes and presentation or if only FIFA had PES-like gameplay…

  11. Shed – I scored a 55-yarder late last night that I posted in the previous post’s comments, that you might have missed. So here it is again!

    Looking at that now, it might even be 60 yards. Must. Score. More…

    Uncle Turf – (answer to your great comment on prev. post) It’s a mystery to me too, as we’ve discussed here many times and rolled it around, it always comes back to what it can only be, which is individual play-styles. If anyone has a better explanation I’d like to hear it. There are no magic Willy Wonka copies of the game. No secret configuration of leagues, settings, OFs. Playstyle is all it can be. You’ve seen my ‘All AI Attacks’ vid a few weeks ago. I don’t know what plainer proof is required that I’m seeing and experiencing a relatively decent AI. Irritating as hell when it does the ‘striker shuffle’ thing, but LCS is not a thing for me.

    Paul – loving your enthusiasm for FIFA19. Re. team styles in PES, I echo Shed: I’m not not seeing anything in PES2019 that I’ve never not seen before, if that makes sense. Going all the way back to the dawn of ISS, I’ve never seen great differences in team styles.

    I’ll repeat something I said a few days after release, that still applies. If I hadn’t heard so much about the terrible AI, I’d barely know there was anything to complain about. ‘AI striker running away from goal’ is the only issue for me. The AI is not the AI that we need, but it’s by no means broken. I know, I know: the court of public opinion has returned its verdict, and the overwhelming verdict is ‘hang the AI’. I’m Henry Fonda on this one. It’s a great debate that ties into one of my personal obsessions: what is reality? Who gets to decide? Is the reality of PES2019 what I see, or what an aggregate of other people see? The prime question not just of PES2019 but of everything.

    Jay – just embarking on Season 3 and I’m very pleased to find that I don’t have funds to bring in any new players. I’d first have to get rid of players that I want to keep, so it’s looking like a traditional squeezed-budget, shrunken squad. The great sin of nuPES was in making it far too easy to start a revolving door of players who all pretty much felt the same as each other. PES2019 forces traditional ML considerations at this early stage. For now.

  12. Turning this around a little – has anyone got an iconic player in their squad and are seeing his typical style and traits? I ask because I have old man Rooney in my danish season one and he might as well be chunky midfielder x. There’s nothing Rooney like about him. I’m wondering if it’s because he’s yesterday’s man and so they’ve not bothered too much on his individuality, but the likes of Messi, salah and Neymar play differently for you (as ibra did when I had him in previous ml’s) or not (as Messi did when I had him in 2015 or 16)? I haven’t seen a real life star play like a real life star yet, flicks, tricks n all.

  13. Uncle Turf – I’ve had Rooney several times in nuPES, and he is nothing at all in this new generation of PES IMO. ‘ChunkyAMF002314’ does sum him up – him and hundreds of others. Lacazette in PES2018 was likewise nothing. Individuality is still only just noticeable in a few players for me. The demands of online balancing.

  14. So many comments, I don’t have the time, or will to reply in depth to all of them, So I won’t.

    A couple of take out points though:

    Cosmetics – isn’t everything presented in a video game cosmetic? Even the mechanics?

    I’m not suggesting an ideal which simply isn’t possible with the varying AI play styles, because it is possible, and does exist in FIFA 19, the people saying it doesn’t obviously haven’t played FIFA 19 or if they have, haven’t played much at all.

    PES doesn’t lure me back Shed, the Camels back is well and truly broken. As I said before it depends what you want from your footy game, and I’m certainly not saying FIFA is ‘better’ than PES, or trying to convince anyone to jump ship, they are their own games in their own unique ways, and you play what you enjoy, if that’s PES then that’s fine, I enjoy reading this blog and hearing about peoples exploits whatever game its on, but for me personally, playing a game with superb presentation, great commentary, real stadiums, good match day atmosphere, against teams that play differently and have individual players that stand out and play realistically, with trophies, and finally, superb simulation-focused game play,is far more appealing than a game that doesn’t any of those things.

    The fact that PES 19 polarizes so many people with so many people playing the exact same game, and having such contrasting experiences, is proof in itself that its a very inconsistent product, so many PES-heads always want to defend PES and justify the incredulous things it does and doesn’t do in any way possible, and it always comes down to PES vs FIFA.

    This isn’t about PES vs FIFA, its about PES as its own standalone consumer product, which IMO, is disgustingly low quality this year, to the point where half the announced package and features are missing, several patches have had to be worked on within the first few months just to get the game to an acceptable level, if it even does, and the ‘community’ is largely unimpressed with the product.

    We could carry this debate on for ages, no one would be right or wrong, but there are facts which can’t be ignored, some are happy with a sub standard product, some aren’t, simple as that really.

  15. Back to PES 2019 after moving house.
    Beat top of the table Dresden side who lost their last game and then drew 0-0 with bottom Freiburg who had won their first game of the season prior to playing them. Best sesh I’ve had on 2019 so far.
    Zorc for Freiburg stood out a mile as a midfield maestro and virtually held his team together. LCS has dried up with plenty of crosses from the AI in the centre of the field and niggly fouls to boot. 2019 is great at the mo and the best for me since 2008(ps2 version) had a longish ranger, not a patch on NG’s though.

  16. Uncle Turf – I have 36-year-old Carlos Tevez on loan and he does feel a bit different to your usual SS/CF. I accept that at least some of that is that part of my brain that houses my own little PES World going, ‘Ooh look, it’s Tevez, the guy who scored that last minute winner to land the league title in PES5. He’s still got it.’

    Overall, I do think player individuality is a little better this year.

  17. Uncle Turf the “superstars” are just that Neymar can singlehandedly crucify a team with skills and control. I have a couple of legends being Ronaldino and Gullit and they are incredible Gullit feels like a steam roller and Ronaldino a Ferrari the individuality this year IMO is a real step up.

  18. Gary – Assume you are talking about MyClub?

  19. Paul yes its all i have played so far.

  20. There you go then, Legends may be like steamrollers and Superstars may be awesome when you are playing online against other people but these superstar players do not play anything like what they should do when you play offline, they are just generic player 1, or 2, or 3 and pose no greater threat than Dean Smith, a CB at Burton.

    If PS4 PES 19 looked and payed like this, I’d be playing, but if you want this level of ‘finished’ product ( all made by random fans not Konami) then you have to fork out £700 for a PC. No Thanks.

  21. That does look fantastic – you must be pleased with how the AI shoots and is aggresssive. He doesn’t say if his Hazard opener was an R2 but it looks like it. Comments on that vid are very reminiscent of the whole debate this year too. I have the £700 PC of course and might get set up as a side-project, but I’m set up in my comfortable PS4 armchair already and will not move. Almost guaranteed now that the late-Oct patch will BREAK my game…

    I just put together a cheeky supercut of my 5 (FIVE) long-rangers so far, and after putting them together I noticed something peculiar. They’re all in the same right-sided goal.

  22. I’m confused…thought you said that was a long ranger compilation, I played it till the end but didn’t see any (Boom, Boom).

    Pleased that it’s not just me failing to get the best out of Rooney. I’ve listed him. I do recall the crushing disappointment of finally getting the best player in the game a couple of years back and finding he was just another SS. I’ll carry on with the grind in the hope of something clicking but it’s when it failed to by season three that I binned it. Maybe it takes a lot longer this year, maybe it doesn’t ever.

  23. Uncle Turf – There are individuals in nuPES but they’re not the household star names, I’ve found. At least in single-player. Going all the way back to PES2015, Crouch is the most well-known name who I felt was an individual.

    Tommy – all the best, and good luck with trying to keep a Zenlike detached mind with this one…

    One last thing: popped on for a couple of matches just now, and got yet another long-ranger with Lincoln, this time from the left side of the pitch:

    27 yards? 30?

    And yes… I’m starting to think this ‘horizontal L2 whip shot’ is something of an exploit. The placement low in the goal denies it classic upper-net long-range status. Still made me shout out loud, though. Earlier I was saying how all my distance goals so far had been in the goal on the right of the screen. I love how the game is giving me everything I ask of it. 9.5/10!

  24. I really enjoyed how close Lincoln was to the referee when that went in Lincoln pointing one way to celebrate and the referee pointing back to the centre circle.

  25. And check the ref stooping slightly to ‘see’ if the ball has gone in or not, before straightening and pointing. Nice touch.*

    It does seem to just be Lincoln who can fire off that shot. I’ve been trying with others, and I’ve got 3 or 4 other players who should in theory be capable of it. If it does turn out to be a Lincoln specialty, there is precedent for this sort of thing with individual players. I’ll leave it to Uncle Turf to wax reminiscent about a certain Ribeiro of PES2012.

    [*yes, I know it’s just as likely part of his normal running animation, and the occurrence of it right there was coincidental]

  26. nG – Another one? What is this, PES 2009?

  27. Tommy – ooh, let’s see, PESes with high long-range capability (for me): PES3, PES5, PES2010, PES2011, PES2012, PES2013, PES2016.

    PES2019? We shall see. It’s certainly looking promising now. PES2018 was a dry desert for distance shooting. How I’ve missed it.

    If I have much more success with Lincoln’s R2 whip, I’ll have to find a way to take him online and annoy the online players with their tika taka, finish-from-6-yards ways.

    I don’t specifically remember PES2009 as having high long-range potential like the others I’ve listed, but as we get further away in time from each game’s year of origin, my memory does get patchier.

  28. I haven’t had one. Even though I’ve ticked off the long ranger card it was a deflected shot that wrong footed the keeper and limped in.

    And my beast has turned out to be a kitten. I thought I could train him up to be explosive but he’s declining so his huge frame is too lumbering. I thought he was a Sibon, he isn’t. And he’s not even a fraction of the player Ribeiro was….

  29. I’ve got most of the mods TTB is using. Does add to the game and since I’m a pc player primarily anyways… Good times. I’ll look into proper recording software and make a video or two somewhere down the line.

    I’m up to the midway point of season 1 (lots of faffing about as always) and picking up steam. Got 8 new players, 5 in the opening transfer window which makes 13 total. However they are by no means great players, barely better than the defaults and in order to keep youths (I’ve signed 3) I really need to break the bank to keep them longer than half a year. The rest are freebies which the exception of Mitchell Dijks. 4 of the inital 5 signings i count as individuals. The remaining 8 remain to be seen. So far I like how pes handles signings and youths. Way better than last year, that’s for sure.

    NG – way to keep banging in those long rangers! From the players you’ve gotten I see you did a search on “rising shots” as a trait, no?

  30. #1 – I’ve been trialing a few different bits of software for recording and I’ve found the best one to be Windows own Game DVR found in the XBOX app. If on Windows 10 you should already have it and can easily set up recording for the last couple of minutes to capture the good bits just past.

    In order to get the best of PES I’m running GeForce Experience to optimise graphics performance, Lenovo Nerve Sense for fan boost to cool the CPU, Windows Game DVR for recording, Sider for the mods and of course PES 2019. I need a checklist when starting the game.

  31. Uncle Turf – I think there are two Long Range trophies. I got the one you got for the deflected effort, but after the Lincoln 60-yarder I got another, can’t remember what now as I pay little attention to trophies. There’s a punchline about nuPES in there somewhere…

    #1 – yep, Long Shots searches have been conducted, and I have picked up a couple with the skill. I just wanted to see one go in and figured it’d maximise my chances if all 11 outfield players have the skill. That’ll always be the dream. Think I’ve got 3 at the moment.

  32. honestly, someone on FIFAFX suggests playing Pokémon over FIFA19 and Paul is as nice as pie to them. If the likes of myself, Turf or (heaven forbid) Jay had done that on here….

  33. Even putting the accent aigu over the ‘e’. Pathétic.

  34. Another truly desperate four games for me. I’ve changed formation and tactics but if anything the spammy scripty guffery worsened. Rooney gone, klaasen in – I doubt it will be noticeable.

    But the really big stink about today, the bowl of turds surrounding a thimbleful of punch, was me getting Mr Wtf Mime in a 7km egg. Not alolan Mr M, just plain old, pick him up everywhere, the twat doesn’t even evolve, git. Seven km I walked that mother. He came in an egg from Sweden so at least when I trade we get a big distance.

  35. that really sucks Turf, I thought 7k eggs were guaranteed to give an Alolan form, they all have for me so far

    given up on 4-1-4-1, although it’s a nice formation defensively and gives a lot of possession I found myself repeatedly breaking forward through oceans of space in midfield only to get to the edge of the area with no passes on and shots either missing or slide tackled down. Restarted with an old fashioned 4-4-2, looking to sign a couple of free veteran CBs and big CFs plus a high quality RMF on loan

  36. Abbeyhill – you should have noticed that I totally ignored his Pokemon comment, wasn’t worth my energy typing.
    He played FIFA on the Switch – what did he expect ?!

    And yes… I’m starting to think this ‘horizontal L2 whip shot’ is something of an exploit.

    NG – L2 shot? What is that? R2 is finesse, thought L2 was manual ? These long rangers aren’t manual shots are they??

  37. Paul – ach, my mistake, it was of course R2. I never try manual shots. I sometimes do do L2 manual passes when it’s safe to do so, and feel well ‘ard when they come off.

    Uncle Turf – have you searched ‘Ribeiro’ in the ML world, out of curiosity? All my old names are in there somewhere. Mathieu of course. Camacho. Prieto – I had him again last year. Etc.

  38. Ahhhh NG. Thought you’d mastered manual shooting 😉
    Your long shots are like Coventry buses!

    And 9.5. Bold statement. So it’s only just off PES5 then !!

    That True Brits video does look class. If I had s proper pc I’d be all over it. But not buying one just for PES. And that’s all I’d ever play on it.

  39. No blockbuster goals from tonight’s late late session. The only highlights are another outrageous Lincoln effort – from 50 yards at least – that again smacked the upright:

    And lastly, a rare PES one-on-one situation (with its own commentary line). You can almost see me panicking and not knowing what to do:

  40. Conclusive proof individual team styles exist; that was classic Saints defending.

    That latest Lincoln effort would’ve been better than the other, no?

  41. Abbeyhill – in the latest promo you could get kangaskhan, farfetchd, tauros and mr mime in 7 eggs. Apparently it’s region specific ones, so people from other regions have a chance of getting on, or trading. I have all of them except tauros. I trip over mr mime walking to the shop, the weird fingered, useless bastard haunts me, draining balls and doing his non evolve marcel marceau shit. It’s like walking a ten km egg and getting a pidgey. The only positive is that my latest special task needs me to hatch 9 eggs.

    You’re spot on about the 4-1-4-1, that’s exactly what happens with my formation, regardless of team spirit. You can drive a bus down the middle of the opposition half yet when you get inside 30 yards you either get slid, which of course is an immediate ball loss, or you can have a straight laces shot that will never go in. Never. All of the long rangers I’m seeing (and not gregs mid rangers) seem to have an angle or create a curve – I feel confident that the straight on thumper as often employed by my dmf (in superstar) is dead, it might still stand a chance in other levels. I’ve scored 7 (seven) goals in 18 games. I’ve won 3 and drawn 3. Says it all about the quality of the matches.

  42. Btw any thoughts on topic…I’m starting to apply for jobs now I’m almost done and a few weeks back I did one that required me to do an online test, a sort of psychosymetric bollocks what would you do effort. It was marked by percentile based on whether you thought options would be positive, negative, etc. I scored 44%! 56% of applicants did ‘better’ than me. I was narked. Yesterday I applied for another job with them, I didn’t really want it but I wanted another crack at the test – the previous responses aren’t saved so it’s the same test done clean slate. I opted for different answers to those I’d given last time, not ones I actually believed but ones I thought would be more favourable to the marking. I scored 19%!! I can do this test as often as I find a job wth them available so I will do it a third time. That time I will pick everything I haven’t yet picked. If I actually pass this time I will have done so by supposedly showing that I am a good decision maker who would fit in well. When of course I’m really mr 44%. I don’t have much experience with these things are meant to show but isn’t that the biggest load of shat??

    – and if anyone knows what kind of jobs a veteran of many could do these days I’d be all ears – I haven’t got a clue.

  43. NG – I’d imagined as much. Did the search for that trait myself yesterday and saw Fernandao and Lincoln pop up among others. I tried something similar on pes 11 to get everyone to have the 360 dribbling card I think it was called. Think I managed four.

    Paul – I wouldn’t get a pc solely for pes either if you know that’s all you be playing. Luckily I have a 4 year old gaming pc with still quite-good specs so I can run most games on high or ultra (pes easily) buttery smooth. I’ll stop gushing about the mods but I noticed a pretty complete chant pack being out now for pes 19. This made a huge impact – shit as pes 18 was imo – in terms of team / game atmosphere last time around. Gone is the generic mumbling in the background, hello proper chants. Going to give this a go tonight.

    Cook – thanks for the heads up! I know of that windows tool but only seen it pop up when using an Xbox one controller… I vastly prefer and an currently using a ps4 one. But undoubtedly it’s in some menu somewhere, I’ll find it.

  44. Turf – I don’t know where you live, age, background etc but Border Force are hiring a ton of staff across all grades and roles at the moment, but to Brexit. Civil Service job portal always has hundreds of jobs and once you’ve applied for two or three you can essentially recycle your application. The Met are also hiring constantly.

  45. NG – That one on one only came about via a special circumstance though where the defender passed straight to your unmarked forward from a FK, you never get one on ones from normal open play because every defence just sits back camped in their box.

    #1 – what are your PC specs that play PES19 smoothly? Maybe I could get away with not having to go quite so up to date?

  46. Paul – off the top of my head but will check tonight.

    Gtx970 – 4gb
    8gb of ram
    i5 processor

    I think you can get that for 400 euros or thereabouts nowadays? It runs pes easy peasy at 60fps (also in cutscenes btw – you have that option on pc) but also runs witcher 3 on ultra, skyrim and fallout 4 loaded to the gills with mods, you name it. Especially for pes you don’t need to go all out on specs at all.

  47. #1 – would this spec suffice in your opinion?

    AMD Athlon X4 950 3.5GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) Quad Core Processor
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB Graphics Card
    8GB Apacer Panther 2666MHz DDR4 Memory (1 x 8GB)
    1TB SATA3 6Gbps Hard Drive
    Gigabyte A320M-S2H Motherboard

    Maybe an upgrade to 4GB gfx card?

  48. Paul – I know, it was a pinch-the-ball moment rather than an ‘organic’ one, but it amused me that we were just that day talking about one-on-ones, and here is the game presenting me with one. Continuing the running joke about the game mysteriously bending over backwards to please me. No LCS, all the long-rangers I want, and now a one-on-one!

    Uncle Turf – oh dear, those psychometric tests are cunningly structured to detect all attempts at falsehood. Most of the questions rhetorically mirror each other and if you’re trying to meet an imagined ideal, it’ll show. I took one once at a job I already had, and they never told me the results, but the person running it said they were coming in ‘huge’ in employment soon and he said the only real red flag would be when the results showed dishonesty. They’ll take a Hitler, if that’s what the results show, but somebody trying to game the system? Never!

    I’ve worked for big organisations constantly since leaving school – Civil Service, water company, a bank, and the NHS – and there’s no better kind of employer if you just want to do an anonymous job of work and get paid. I briefly worked at a smaller company once and the atmosphere of cheery camaraderie was horrifying. Couldn’t get out quick enough.

  49. NG – Does seem the game has a special ‘Reward NG for his years of service’ mode which has obviously detected your PS4’s MAC address, referenced it to your PNS ID, retrieved your user details, recognised its you and turned itself on.

    All those tests are pure BS, much the like the famous ‘Insights’ model, whereby you spend a day doing psychometric tests and team building exercises and at the end they present you with a colour, on a spectrum wheel of colours and a description and blurb about your personality, managerial style, how to be handled, etc.

    I sat there in glee whilst everyone was gushing over how accurate it was and must be some kind of magic, to be told that I was uncategorised, and ‘Black’ on the wheel of colour. That pleased me no end.

    I worked for the NHS not so long ago, never, ever, ever again.

  50. Paul – I see no obstacles in those specs though the graphics card may be a tad light. Don’t have the minimum specs for pes 19 on hand but would upgrade to 4gb if the price doesn’t go up too steeply. Also – you’d do well to check the evoweb pc thread a bit – I think I remember someone saying the “stuttering issue” being worse on amd processors somehow.

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