Can you hear the drums, Rodriguinho?

After a golden session where several straight wins saw me approaching the playoff zone, I experienced a couple of bronze sessions. More defeats than wins. After 30 matches of Season 2 I am in 16th place, 12 points off the playoffs. I will remain confined to The Championship for another season.

Some late business from January deadline day: I picked up a new signing – youngster named RODRIGUINHO – from the Free Agents list. He’s a Regen of a real player. Here is his real-life counterpart, who is currently only 30 but close to retirement by the looks of things. One of those South Americans who never took the Euro bucks, and whose career currently seems to be winding to a close. An amazing in-game likeness as well. The PES database indicates he could develop to an impressive level, so I have high hopes.I got him mainly because of stats that are good for his age, and he has the Rising Shot skill. I want to score a 40-yard Rising Shot in PES2019. It’s my ambition.

I knew Rodriguinho wasn’t a good tactical fit for my setup. He has been on a down-arrow almost permanently since his arrival. The above screen popped up after he’d been at the club for an in-game month without playing.

When he did take to the pitch… he handled just as a 16-year-old Regen from the Free Agents should. Adequately, but nothing special. I saw his Rising Shot once.

Here is my First XI and squad for the backend of Season 2:

Lybohy and Cadavid are both teenage CBs from the Free Agents list. The Free Agents list is an absolute goldmine in PES2019 – at least at this stage of Master League.

Also new to my squad is that name right at the bottom of the list on the right: Fernandao. He should feature in at least one ABBA-themed punning post title.

I found Fernandao by searching in Free Agents for a player with the Heading ability. He’s also a youngster, albeit a few years older – 20. In general handling he’s very Veldwijk-like. He’s only played so far when one of the first-choice front two are unavailable. 4 goals in 6 appearances. I’m almost certainly going to give him a regular start.

The season is a write-off in terms of promotion, barring a completely unprecedented collapse by the CPU teams ahead of me. Not even Master League with its Scriptiest McScriptface on could bring that about, so Season 3 in the Championship it is.

And I’m not bothered. This is the best PES for me, at this stage, since PES2013.

The match above brought me a glorious last-minute winner. It was another match where fatigue and form forced me to play Karlsen at SS. Karlsen is one of the least-mentioned Defaults in Default history. When he plays LWF out wide, he’s anonymous for me. But played more centrally at SS just behind a CF, he’s phenomenal, and always seems to bag a goal.

In this match he bagged two goals. Then Jarvis popped up with the winner in the very last moments of injury time. A classic all-round PES encounter.

Jarvis performed some kind of ‘Gordon Strachan ’86’ mounting celebration with an advertising hoarding, and got me that GP award. And I got a trophy for the late winner.

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  1. Uncle Turf– nice goals and even nicer kit. The overhead kick is one I’ve come close to a few times but it’s rare enough to see the animation. Which league are you in at the moment?

  2. Nice goals there Turf.
    A FK in off the bar always brings a smile.

  3. Ruben Castro – a PES ML Legend (normally as a regen)

  4. Thanks, they were two of the very few worth saving from my first effort (no other ml has lasted more than a few games). That was Motherwell in the spl, it was a decent league to be in, they had the league split right but the lack of ibrox/Celtic park was very poor. Ultimately that campaign fell in season 3 as the LCS just became ridiculous. An overhead rather than a vertical scissors?

    Now I’m AGF in Denmark, similar licensed small league with split. Completely different experience, possibly due to my formation? LCS not an issue, scoring goals is incredibly hard though and now I’m not distracted by the crossing there’s some things that bother me. I noticed them a bit but was getting so annoyed by the same repetitive AI goal I didn’t put much store by them…

    1. Some of my passes go way off beam, not just a little bit to the side or behind the player but a completely opposite direction. Far too often for it to be button/stick lag. It’s always when I’m attacking and it can be a pass going backwards and to the left rather than forward to the right, or vice versa.
    2. Some passes are also way too powerful. I do a brief tap and the ball flies out. I’m on pa1 so some variation is expected but as above it’s only when I’m going forward that this final ball can be a move ender.
    3. By contrast all my crosses seem to end up as the same power, about 3/4 and they end up middle of the goalmouth. No matter who and how hard they feel very fixed.
    4. Doing the stick push to initiate a run seems to sometimes end any runs. I can have a player jogging forward and so I press the button ready to play a through ball yet he stops dead. It’s not fatigue, it can happen in the first five mins.

    None of these are particularly game breakers but I’ve had this nagging feeling from day one that it’s not just opponent AI that is suspect, there is more than a whiff of clipping the wings of your own abilities.

  5. If I could chip in with this goal I posted it here few weeks back. Think it qualifies as a long range lob. The transfixing thing for me is watch the eyes….

  6. Gary – that’s a fine goal and answers the question posed earlier as to whether lobs were still in PES. They certainly are. (The goal is at 1:10 in the above vid; the replay from another angle comes before it, confusingly!)

    I think I’ve sussed long-rangers in PES2019 now. They’re definitely in. Not just my Lincoln goal and the couple of Rodriguez efforts…

    There’s this one tonight from Rice:

    From almost exactly the same spot as the Lincoln goal!

    Great goals are IN, in PES2019. Loving this.

  7. not-Greg – nice, I was trying all sorts of strikes from that 40 yard* mark last night and almost scored one with Rice. Remind me, on PES these days for an R2 shot do you hold down R2 and then hit shoot, or apply R2 after powering up the shot? Liking your ultra-late night gaming sessions, always a great sign

    Turf – don’t suffer from 1 but do sometimes get 2, was thinking it’s something to do with TS between the two players. That 4-1-4-1 (if you’re still on it) is better for defending but tough to score, there’s not enough movement up front to create space

    *subject to judicial inquiry

  8. Abbeyhill – that seems the problem with formations and the LCS, if you try to combat one you struggle with the other. I’m starting to feel like Paul, that formations and tactics are really not much of anything. I don’t have fluid on yet I can find my dmf standing way up the field from a goal kick, defenders go wandering, etc etc. I don’t think this is any different from previous pes’s (LCS aside) but the lack of attacking variation just magnifies the issues. I’m finding it the most boring master league I’ve ever played. I’m not the most patient or creative player but it’s still very very dull.

  9. I continue to have the “nG experience” of PES2019. I barely suffer with any of those 4 points and when I do it’s like abbeyhill said – TS and positioning. Try sticking your DM on “defensive” in the advanced settings.

    nG – another definite long ranger. I’ve not had any true long rangers yet (over 30yds) but haven’t really tried bar free kicks. Getting a fair share of them around 20 yards and I rarely feel comfortable enough to shoot from distance in terms of scoreline. I noticed in your clip that you were on one bar up on the ATT/DEF bars at 55 minutes; I know you were 1-0 down but I’d rarely do that, especially versus a stronger team in the league! I’ll start recording some nice goals when I score them and make a montage.

    In terms of my personal favourite long ranger: we all scored plenty of them on PES 2013, but for context, unlikelihood and meaning my favourite came in PES2008. I was playing on PS2 slimline and I’d bought a screen from Toys R Us that plugged directly into the back of the PS2 making it look like a laptop and meant you could sit on the sofa playing PES as if it were. You could even plug it into the car!

    So I’m level in the semi final of the Champions League. I’d really had to battle to be one up against a Liverpool who were dominant all game with plenty of talent. That year I had lots of Croatians – they seemed a goldmine of talent that year – and up front I had Klasnic and Petric. Liverpool score in the last minute and I was devastated. In sheer anger I shot straight from kick off, in the “this game’s over” manner. To absolute delight Klasnic found the top corner. This was literally from the centre spot. I went upstairs, got my mum and made her watch it.

  10. Whjy the Slow-Mo over everything Gary? Goals look so much better at normal speed, some nice goals in there too, although FK’s in PES are way too easy this year.

    Another nice 35 yarder NG.

    I cant help but think anything other than ‘Mehhhh’ when I watch PES 19 videos now, everything is so off, player positioning, runs, or lack of them, awareness by the COM players or your own players.
    It just grates.

    Those that are enjoying ML – fair play, you obviously have some steely patience.

  11. Paul – I did find myself getting quite angry when Celtic and Barcelona played exactly the same way in the ICC of my most recent restart. Endless short passes on the side of the box until eventually an unmarked striker was available for a tap in. No long shots, dribbling at players, pace, headers, anything. Even PES5 had better AI and we all know that was shite!

  12. I think that’s the biggest bugbear for me Abbeyhill. Just as big as the LCS issue, and is something that was evident in PES 18 in spades too, the fact that every single team plays the same way.

    You just don’t see any variation in PES, when you play Bournemouth its not tight, due to the small pitch, they don’t pass and move but appear weaker at the back, when you play Chelsea, Hazard does not dribble or take anyone on or unleash those snap shots from the edge of the box, Burnley are not physical and pack midfield, you may as well be playing Team 1, team 2, Team 3 etc as every single team ius the same, just with a different name and kit.

    This makes it boring, especially in the Championship, 46 games of rinse and repeat identikit play style from the COM.

    Just my opinion of course, I know people here enjoy PES 19, but seriously, show me videos, of any of these teams dribbling, beating players, taking shots from outside the box, being overly physical compared to other teams, hitting long balls to a target man, it just doesn’t happen.

  13. NG the first angle is to show Nani look up pre contact it gives the impression he is checking for the keeper off the line,,,I know I am grasping but for this moment I think it looks great!
    Paul duly noted ref the slow-mo!
    I will upload a few proper net bursters later with a few of my favourite type of goals the long range piledriver in off the bar variety.
    I have as yet not started ML but am over 250 games deep in MC. I am honestly torn as I am enjoying the MC campaign wholeheartedly but would love to be playing an ML but don’t think I could run them concurrently.

  14. Boring is exactly it. Every game is the same challenge, every team does the same. It’s all I’ve got right now so I’ll keep going but the patch will never address all these things.

  15. I don’t want to compare PES to FIFA because a) they are different games in their own right b)people enjoy what they enjoy and c) FIFA is nowhere near perfect but it does give so much more of an experience, every team plays differently, I know when I am playing a stoke vs when I play a Liverpool, COM players take me on and beat me using skills and they shoot from all over the place, its so refreshing to see different things all the time.

    Its actually quite exhausting playing because I have to focus and concentrate so much because I severely need points, and one mistake would be punished by the COM, and not knowing what they are going to next is so much more immersive than knowing they will punt up to a lone CF on the half way line who will play the ball to the wing, run into the box, receive a low cross and first time smash it into the net.

    The PES patch Id be surprised if it even properly addresses the LCS issue, it certainly WON’T fix rooted keepers, repetitive AI play styles and identikit tactics.

    It baffles me that they would go to the trouble of paying for and adding 9 newly licensed leagues but every single team in all these leagues is the same play wise.

  16. abbeyhill – It’s squeeze and hold R2 first, then shoot for a finesse shot. The traditional way. The only time it was the other way round was in PES2012, for inscrutable Konami reasons.

    The Rice goal just above was a laces shot. Over the years my long-rangers have all been plain direction+shoot. The 50-yard Lincoln goal was a very rare example of a long-range R2 goal for me. I can’t think of any other, in fact.

    Paul/Uncle Turf – I’m not waiting for the patch, though… I’m not impatient for it, expectant of it, desirous for it, or needing it. I’m more concerned about the patch breaking the magic spell. I’m worried it’ll undo things I need left intact, and do things that I don’t need. It seems to baffle and annoy, but look at it this way. There are people out there who are who are obsessed with Blake’s 7, or making models of Spitfires and the like. It’s basic. It’s absurd on the face of it. There are other options for TV shows and toys that are clearly objectively ‘better’ and more sophisticated in multiple ways – but this is my thing, and I will have my thing… There’s no persuading me to ‘see sense’. This is my sense.

    Jay – it’s always that roar-out-loud factor with PES, isn’t it? That’s what we’re seeking when we seat ourselves for a session. Something – a moment – something that will thrill and entrance. The last few PESes have been poor for that. PES2016-17-18 were the lowest point of the series IMO. Nice games, poor PES games. PES2019 is a PES game. Fingers crossed the patch doesn’t wreck stuff.

  17. Paul – that is truly baffling indeed and something I “feared” beforehand; how the hell were Konami going to properly implement these leagues if they couldn’t even succeed in doing that with the leagues that were already there?!
    Good description of Fifa (I am of course referring to 18 since I haven’t played 19…yet) – exhausting. You really have to be on your toes and I remember in 18 not only teams differing from one another but also there being distinct “phases” in a match, say a phase where the cpu presses high up the pitch, if that fails they try blocking the wings or employ an offside trap or whatever..
    .. From what I’ve read over on fifafx that’s still in?

    I am holding on to pes for now though since flip flopping is what absolutely murdered my football gaming season last time around. It’s giving me plenty of joy on the ball for now and have my gameplay patches on pc as a backup. Very curious what the official patch will “fix”. My cynical side says “nothing” and it will be a “fouls mega-patch” all over again.

    Great goal(s) NG! I assume you realizing these are now actually possible must go a long way in influencing your pes 19 enjoyment level?

  18. Just wanted to share this, things like this make me glad I chose pc this year along with the gameplay patches that actually work this time around :

    Phenomenal stuff.

  19. NG – Certainly wasn’t trying to persuade you to jump ship and play FIFA, far from it, you are quite clearly enjoying PES 19 and the experience it is giving you, absolutely no need to entertain another football game.

    I was speaking purely from a personal standpoint, that even if LCS was fixed in PES, after sampling FIFA 19, I doubt I could play PES again, as it just doesn’t offer me what I want, and that is a realistic football game experience.

    I’m past being able to ignore a bare bones ML where half the ‘features’ don’t work properly,. where there is nothing to do aside from play matches, and where every single team plays exactly the same in those matches.

    It’s just not for me. In this day and age as a consumer I expect a finished product quality wise, and for 50 quid I expect a solid football gaming experience.
    PES falls way way short of that.

    #1 – I will say it now, FIFA 19 is the best FIFA EA have ever made.
    Game play is bang on, proper pace, every team plays differently, each match does indeed contain multiple phases of play, tactics work, and individuals shine through.

  20. Paul – I know you weren’t, it’s just I can tell you and Uncle Turf are mystified to varying degrees, and perhaps others too (abbeyhill seems to have a foot in the mystified camp too) – and I enjoy explaining how and why PES2019 is ‘doing it’ for me. You’ve been there with stripped-down editions of PES over the years that somehow ‘do it’ regardless, and you know. Arguably PES has never been anything other than a stripped-down experience, and that’s why and how it works.

    #1 – what does that PES2019 mod do? I think that thread assumes we’ll automatically know what a ‘switcher’ is and does.

  21. NG – but does it ‘work’ I guess thats open to what you want from a game, it does not work for me on so many levels.

    Watched a few youtube vids of that EvoSwitcher tool, incredible.
    Amazing to see that fans on a forum can do more with the UEFA CL branding that Konami ever bothered to, also quite embarrassing that fans can make the game look 100 x better than Konami do.

    Incredibly tempted by the PC ver of PES, with all the mods but there’s no way I’m paying £700 quid just to play PES 19, because Konami cant be bothered to release a finished product on the PS4.

    That switcher tool adds league/country branding to team screens, menus, adboards, stadium detail, adds UEFA CL & EL branding, and trophies, scoreboards, etc.

  22. Paul – it definitely does work, yes. Ah, so the Jenkey magic has returned to PC PES! (I think of such in-depth mods as ‘Jenkey’ mods, in the same way we think of stadia crowds doing waves as Mexican Waves.)

  23. For you, maybe NG, not me.

    I want a bit more from a footy game than PES offers, and I’m still disgusted at the way Konami blatantly lied to all their fans on social media and then tried to cover it up, that absolutely reeks of suspicion and just shows the sort of atitude they adopt towards paying customers and fans.

    Not for me.

  24. not-Greg – not really in the mystified camp as I would say first and foremost that PES2019 feels like a proper PES. The way the game handles, player individuality, fouls, high level of difficulty, squad building in ML a challenge. It’s just that the AI is really disappointing

    Any hints about long range shooting, are you doing anything different in the last few days which has upped the conversion rate?

  25. Paul – the doctored Liverpool screenshot was a shocker.

    abbeyhill – it’s a double combination of 1) trying them a few % more of the time (having reined back the attempts due to lack of success) and 2) I’m hitting them with more belief that they’ll actually go in. It’s very PES2012-like in that respect. I vividly remember that year eventually becoming a superb long-range year, after initially seeming not to be one.

  26. Certainly was NG. Rather than fix it, they initially lied via Adam that everything was fixed, the released the screenshot, then withdrew it, Adam lied again saying this wasn’t indicative of how transfers were in PES, then rather than ACTUALLY fix it, they just photoshopped the Liverpool badges over the screenshot and put it back out.

    They must think we are genuinely stupid.
    They wont be getting any more money off me, that’s for sure, any future copies of PES played will be attained via other means.

  27. I am mystified by how you and a few others don’t seem to have encountered the issues some of us have. I don’t mean mystified as in ‘how can you not see this’ just genuinely puzzled as to how the game has been so different. I understand where the old school perspective is coming from, it rewards patience, ball retention, probing, etc but I think it does it too much – the edge of the box, perfect slide tackle is a disgrace, and every team does it. I can believe most experiences can be different but I am not having it that AI teams play differently – leagues in England, Scotland, Denmark, Celtic, Middlesbrough, AAB – its all the same, they do not play to the strengths of any individuals they have, or approach the match any differently based on the score or the opponent. The only time I’ll accept they do are derbies. Which are horrific.

    LCS killed my first efforts but it’s less of a problem now, however with that I’m seeing far fewer free kicks, and one penalty in 200+ matches? Total bollocks, fouls aren’t fixed, they’re there but not in certain situations. I’m also seeing a very nasty repetitive move to beat my full backs – lay off, run past full back, chip it over the top of him. I know it’s coming, I move my full back to stay with the runner, he never does, there is always some movement towards the ball that creates a gap. Nothing I do stops it. It’s old school scripty shite. Whatever formation you tinker with this sort of thing goes on. Which of course means none of this is new, there’s always been issues with pes but having been away from it for a while and felt really good about the game when I first fired up I think I now see the full force of these flaws. It’s patch or trade for me as I couldn’t play this even remotely to Christmas.

  28. absolutely echo everything you just said Turf.

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