Can you hear the drums, Rodriguinho?

After a golden session where several straight wins saw me approaching the playoff zone, I experienced a couple of bronze sessions. More defeats than wins. After 30 matches of Season 2 I am in 16th place, 12 points off the playoffs. I will remain confined to The Championship for another season.

Some late business from January deadline day: I picked up a new signing – youngster named RODRIGUINHO – from the Free Agents list. He’s a Regen of a real player. Here is his real-life counterpart, who is currently only 30 but close to retirement by the looks of things. One of those South Americans who never took the Euro bucks, and whose career currently seems to be winding to a close. An amazing in-game likeness as well. The PES database indicates he could develop to an impressive level, so I have high hopes.I got him mainly because of stats that are good for his age, and he has the Rising Shot skill. I want to score a 40-yard Rising Shot in PES2019. It’s my ambition.

I knew Rodriguinho wasn’t a good tactical fit for my setup. He has been on a down-arrow almost permanently since his arrival. The above screen popped up after he’d been at the club for an in-game month without playing.

When he did take to the pitch… he handled just as a 16-year-old Regen from the Free Agents should. Adequately, but nothing special. I saw his Rising Shot once.

Here is my First XI and squad for the backend of Season 2:

Lybohy and Cadavid are both teenage CBs from the Free Agents list. The Free Agents list is an absolute goldmine in PES2019 – at least at this stage of Master League.

Also new to my squad is that name right at the bottom of the list on the right: Fernandao. He should feature in at least one ABBA-themed punning post title.

I found Fernandao by searching in Free Agents for a player with the Heading ability. He’s also a youngster, albeit a few years older – 20. In general handling he’s very Veldwijk-like. He’s only played so far when one of the first-choice front two are unavailable. 4 goals in 6 appearances. I’m almost certainly going to give him a regular start.

The season is a write-off in terms of promotion, barring a completely unprecedented collapse by the CPU teams ahead of me. Not even Master League with its Scriptiest McScriptface on could bring that about, so Season 3 in the Championship it is.

And I’m not bothered. This is the best PES for me, at this stage, since PES2013.

The match above brought me a glorious last-minute winner. It was another match where fatigue and form forced me to play Karlsen at SS. Karlsen is one of the least-mentioned Defaults in Default history. When he plays LWF out wide, he’s anonymous for me. But played more centrally at SS just behind a CF, he’s phenomenal, and always seems to bag a goal.

In this match he bagged two goals. Then Jarvis popped up with the winner in the very last moments of injury time. A classic all-round PES encounter.

Jarvis performed some kind of ‘Gordon Strachan ’86’ mounting celebration with an advertising hoarding, and got me that GP award. And I got a trophy for the late winner.

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  1. I’d like to think on here we don’t ever rant at people, we might regard their opinion of something as hopelessly one-eyed, but not let criticism be about the person. Apart from when NG vents on Werd for his stop start, never play, always edit chicanery. You been to houghton feast yet Werd? I mention it’s hideous properties in my youth to Mrs turf the other day and she decided she wanted to go. I dread the prospect of bumping into an ex classmate.

    NG – I have to congratulate but also correct you on your mid range curler. While it may look ‘long’ as the crow flies, were we to bring the action inside and parallel to goal I think we’d find it was not quite as distant as it seemed. Maybe 32-3 yards or so. It was quite nayim over seaman like – was it a cross? Good effort though because of the many hundreds of attempts ive had I reckon one might squeak into a decent distance goal….

  2. was it a cross?

    [user was infracted for this post]

  3. And because we’ve flipped over to page 2, to save having to page back:

  4. Surely length as the crow flies IS the distance of a shot? If you bring it inside and parallel to goal it is indeed less of a super long ranger because it is much closer than the actual shot that not-Greg hit. Typical fucking stupid comment from Turf. Wanker.

  5. Would just like to reiterate that my comment a couple of minutes ago was in no way directed at Turf, even if it could be misinterpreted as such.

  6. Lol! Not only to show I found that amusing Abbeyhill, but because I hope Lol will be received badly by the grammarian purist owner of this blog. In fact…Lolz, respect Bruv. You can f’k off for any more Pokemon gifts though ; )

    I say as the crow flies to highlight that looking at it on an angle makes it look long, whereas where we to put a marker down at that point in the pitch then drag the chain marker across to the yardage lines parallel to goal we’d find our eyes have been playing tricks and it was in fact short. Um, I might have got the wrong type of football there though…

  7. Really like that goal due to the build up. For me it beats a player running onto a ball and hitting a dead straight 45 degree laser guided rocket.

  8. Paul – no offence taken. Never heard of that guy either!

    NG – I hope Lincoln got to see his shot cross the line. I’ve watched it a few times – the final replay – to gauge whether he’s looking up as it goes in!

  9. Happy ‘Greatest NG Goal of all time day’ everyone !! 😉

    Glad you are getting on with that Maniac NG, I haven’t watched it myself yet, balls deep into the latter stages of Sons of Anarchy, don’t want any distractions.

    Did have one of the best sessions on any football game, ever last night though.

  10. n-G – That is quite a goal. I had a feeling R2 from distance would produce some special goals in this PES. I have Lincoln in my currently paused PES 2019 ML. For an AMF he has a least some individuality.

    Paul – Please say it was PES 2019.

  11. No Chance Shed. PES 19 is firmly tucked away in its case, where it shall stay.

  12. Paul – I thought as much. It would have been a great popcorn moment to see you change tack so dramatically.

    Looking forward to your next FIFAFX post, assuming that is the game on which you’ve hit this purple patch of yours.

  13. New post will be up on FIFAFX in 5 mins Shed. Not a purple patch being hit as such, FIFA 19 has been superb since I got it, just last nights run of games emphasised why, will comment more detail on the new post.

  14. Uncle Turf/abbeyhill – in a PES that seemed so inhospitable for long-rangers, to have scored such a beauty so early…

    It’s 40 yards.

    Paul – hold on, it might not be Greatest NG Goal Day yet… I found the clip of my Bergkamp goal in PES5, scored circa 2005, and am about to post it. Terrible quality as expected for footage from 2005 – it was recorded on a Maxdrive.

  15. Now this is the one I would pick as my greatest ever goal. Bergkamp. PES5. Recorded in 2005 via Maxdrive, so excuse quality.

    That’s Regen Maldini sending over the cross-field aerial through-ball for the power volley. I used to play Regen Maldini at RB.

    I think my PES2019 Lincoln one would be number 2 or 3 at the moment. There’s at least one other Bergkamp PES5 goal that would get in ahead of it.

  16. Nice goal, not as far out but to take it on the volley…
    But those ball physics, they are absurd, the way Bergkamp kicks across the ball and it flies off in the opposite direction.
    The ball would never follow the path or trajectory that it did there, ad if you kicked across the underneath of the ball like that there would be serious backspin and swerve on it, not just fly straight.

    Of course I’m being pedantic, great goal, even if it was unnatural 😉

  17. Just to carry on the PES5 love the cover stars could be rocking up at Villa Park to have their careers ruined.

  18. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I present to you exhibit one, a football pitch dimensions….

    100-130 yards permissible for the entire length. Difficult to say what the pes pitch is but lets go for the middle of that – 115 yards. So each half is 57.5, let’s call it 58. The penalty area is 18 yards long, so from edge of the area to the halfway line is 40 yards. Pausing that goal when Lincoln strikes it I’m not buying the distance from the edge of area to halfway is more than twice the size of the penalty area but let’s keep the numbers for now. Lincoln appears to me to strike the ball from halfway between the area and halfway, so 20 yards. Plus the 18 yard area gives a grand total from lincoln’s boot to goal line of 38 yards. At most. And as I said I reckon the edge of the area to halfway is more like 30m.

    40 yards? Lincoln’s shot? The one thing we can be sure on members of the jury is that they are not…..

  19. Maybe they will introduce a 2005 style of football to Villa Park PRS!

    Turf – if the PES 19 pitches adhere to FIFA rules for sizing then it would HAVE to be fitting the dimensions of 100-110 yards in length and 70-80 yards in width, anything outside these parameters does not meet the criteria set for an official professional, FIFA accredited playing field.

    Taking that into account, Lincoln’s shot was probably more like 36 yards.

  20. Lovely retro goal there n-G. The kind of goal that would have the pundits on MOTD telling us ‘only fans’ how technically brilliant it is to catch a ball on the volley like that as it drops over a player’s shoulder.

    The physics of football and how a foot propels a ball has never really been part of PES has it? I like how that kind of thing has never stood in the way of a friker of a goal. Physics defying ‘keepers? Now they do get in the way.

    Talking of PES 5, I won the Div 2 Championship over the weekend, sparking more of those celebrations we just don’t see any more. But, I have to say, it all felt a bit hollow for a number of reasons.

    One is that I have been playing this ML on five-star difficulty with the intention of going up to six when I won promotion.

    The second is that the financial boost I gave myself meant signing players was easy and my promotion season felt like a formality. Scoring was tough but only three goals conceded in 14 league games!

    I also forgot to change the difficulty up for my first season in the Premier League, meaning I’m stuck on five-stars for another season.

    I’m thinking of biting the bullet, calling this ML a trial run and going all out with a six-star difficulty ML with no cash bonus using the defaults.

  21. I thank the expert witness for his evidence. While we can not be sure konami even know of these guidelines it’s likely, and given the goal was in an official competition we have to assume so.

    36 yards, or 32 metres.

  22. Analysed by using a piece of software that’s bundled with the Unity gaming engine, that measures space between objects in a 3d environment.

    Facts don’t lie.

  23. Uncle Turf – score your own 40-yard R2 arcing postage stamp unforgettable Goal Of The Century long-ranger!

    My only worry is that I won’t score a goal anywhere close to like it for the rest of PES2019’s run. In PES2018, around the same stage, I scored a long-ranger with Veldwijk that I ended up harking back to all year. Never really got another.

    Shed – I had my weekly game on PES5 yesterday – 5*, Premiership, a star-studded squad, and lost 1-2 to Newcastle. It’ll be viable, but if you have to go the purity route, basic Defaults is necessary.

    I have a few Bergkamp PES5 goals like that stored up. The original compilation is here – remember all that this is from the actual year 2005. It still showcases the absolute joy of goal-scoring in PES5. The clutch of Bergkamp replays is in the middle.

  24. Paul – you’re not taking into account diagonal travel. Distance from Lincoln’s kicking foot to the far post just at the edge of that shot? I thank you…

  25. I have a feeling this debate will rage on …. with McGregor / Khabib style brawls all over the place.

    As a seasoned PES 5 Player NG, maybe you can help – whats with most of the players taking heavy touches where the ball is pushed out far in front of them in PES 5 ? Not sprinting, just normal LS movement ?

    I played with Arsenal, and the Arsenal of ’05, a highly skilled bunch, and they all did this, I got dispossessed quite a lot.

  26. n-G – I’ve never seen that PES5 compilation of yours before. Some cracking goals there.

    I did start with the defaults but the 50,000 ML budget boost I bought myself in the PES Shop meant I was able to bring in seven or eight top quality players over my three seasons in Div 2. No doubt the poor quality of sides in the lower league has made it easier to keep clean sheets too. PS2 PES was always good and replicating the gulf in class between the top sides and the Div 2 fodder.

  27. Hang on a minute…we are forgetting the notorious slope on that pitch….he was in effect kicking downwards which would take it back to about 30 yards…

    Go on then, I’ll call a halt to the stick prodding. It was a special goal, but (and this is not taking the piss now) not one for all the ages for me as 2013 would have let you do that quite regularly. Since then it’s in the very top drawer but I remember getting a few Minandinho howitzer’s from not far off the halfway line and folk like Lloyd seemed to phone in whole reels of them. It’s basically one of the best in the Premier League era as they say.

  28. Paul – combination of two things there: first and foremost, the famous PES5 R1 knock-on. This is the cause of most of it. You will swear you’re not touching sprint, but even if you just lightly tap it once at the moment the ball is received, your player knocks the ball a few yards ahead of him. It’s a purposeful feature of the game and one that’s still embedded in my muscle memory to this day. It’s used to race into space and knock the ball out of feet to get ready to let rip with a shot.

    Also player stats. Even the most skilled players have a looser ‘grab’ on the ball than in the modern-day games we’re used to where nearly all have instant control and magnetic dribbling.

    Also bear in mind you’re not actually playing PES5. WE9 is slightly different, custom-made for the 2004-era Japanese and North American market at the time. I found it had a looser feel when I played WE9LE for a few months a few years ago.

  29. Uncle Turf – I think PES goals, footy game goals in general, are special or not relevant to the edition they’re scored in. What we could do or not do in PES2013 – great game, total collapse with good players – shouldn’t enter the equation IMO. Every game is an island. We might get to multi-season stage with PES2019 and discover that these goals are actually quite common – I think trying them is the only way to find that out.

    Shed – really? I have posted it here before. I made that vid (and its sequel, Volume 2) in 2004-5 when I’d just got a spanking new desktop PC with a whole 2GB (TWO GB) of RAM and everything, and I was enjoying pissing about with Windows Movie Maker, as you could see from the filters later on. Volume 2 had bits intercut of films and other games and everything, and lots of licensed music which got it took down from YouTube at the time (different era: YouTube had just begun!) and I’ve lost it now.

  30. Thanks for the insight NG, I’d hate to think how far ahead of them the defaults kick the ball in WE9 then.

    As for your Special Long ranger, the Lincoln one, would it not make it even more special if those types of goals only come along once or twice throughout PES 19?
    You surely don’t want to be able to bang them in like that every other game?

    PES 13 did indeed allow you to score ridiculous goals, mostly due to the skewed stats from the stupid RPG elements they introduced.
    Magic water bottles, and training items that boost players stats.

    I remember giving Minandinho a pair of boots that boosted his shot power and unleashed one from about 40 yards which not only disintegrated the keeper, ripped the net from the goal, burst through the back of the Tv, but also took out the rear wall i my house.
    I think that shot is still going somewhere, probably reached alpha cunturi by now.

  31. Paul – please don’t edit ‘Alpha Cunturi’.

    I’d be more than happy for the Lincoln goal to be a one-off. It taking 60-odd attempts to get 1 goal indicates there’s a good chance it will be rare. I’d like for the regular long-rangers – laces-driven rockets – to be a touch more common though. Currently 2 in 2 seasons for me, which still isn’t bad by any means.

  32. Haha How apt!

    PES 13 was certainly a ‘bangers-laden’ game.

  33. NG – did you make that Meme or find it?
    I was just surprised to not receive any fouls, but every time i went near a player it was a foul, another of the slight variations between WE9 and PES 5 I guess.

  34. Paul – I made the meme. It represents an actual conversation I had, via IM at the time, with the curator of the WE9LE fansite, Lukasz, when he was evangelising the game to me. He took the view that the fouls in PES5 were irritating, and that WE9LE’s much, much lower rate of fouls was a huge point in its favour. Other than that disagreement, Lukasz and WE9LE was a great experience. His fansite was still going strong the last time I looked but now seems to have vanished. Maybe they ascended together.

    EDIT: and I got confused and meant to post that meme on your blog. I will do so now, to add to the confusion.

  35. Great long range goal.

    NG, just a bit of trivia regarding Rodriguinho and Fernandão. I found you getting them somewhat amusing, because “inho” and “ão” in this context serve as the Portuguese equivalents of “Little” and “Big”. So you got Little Rodrigo and Big Fernando.

    I am thoroughly enjoying my new Professional difficulty Master League. No long rangers so far…

  36. Luis – I have a feeling The Goal will be popping up in next August’s End of Year retrospective…

    and both Fernandao and Rodriguinho are living up to their nicknames. The former big and strong as seen in the buildup to The Goal. The latter is skilful but quite weak at the moment – still just a 16-year-old Regen, shades of Shimizu when he used to come from the Youths.

    Professional is a lot easier this year, depending on settings. PA0?

  37. Wow, never knew that Luis. I can see that might come in handy, might even take to calling myself Uncle Turfao.

    Has anyone managed a chip/lob in 2019? It was my favourite type of goal in days gone by – the defence splitting pass, one on one, cheeky dink. I can’t remember the last year I even got a one on one, defending the edge of the box seems to be the main tactic of every single AI team now.

  38. one on ones don’t exist in PES Turf. no opportunity for them to, as the AI defence just packs the box and sits there once you get the ball.
    I’d love to see a video of a break away counter goal in PES 19, that leads to a one on one.

  39. Paul. I had a few one on ones (again, Regular and Professional).
    What i can’t seem to do is a simple tense low kick to one of the sides of the goal. Even the quickest taps on the shootings button seem to originate a strike to one of the top corners, getting the ball normally too close to the arm reach of the keeper.

  40. Lets see some videos Luis.

    On advanced shooting you can just aim for the bottom corner, (pull back on the LS to either corner) then tap shoot and it would do a softer more placed type of low shot, on normal shooting a stab of the shoot button ‘should’ keep the trajectory low.

  41. Thanks Paul,
    Since i wrote about it i did went to see some videos, and the fact is i used to know how it worked, somehow i was convinced it no longer worked that way (pulling LS aways from the goal…). Will try once i get home.

  42. That’s a nice read indeed.

  43. A good little read indeed, how unexpectedly pleasing to hear how much it affected his life for 7 years. I’ve never been one to moan about the commentary – mainly because I don’t really listen to it after the first day or two, having radio/podcasts/audiobook on to listen to instead – but it was fascinating to read how many different versions of each line have to be said. A 900-page script is about right.

    Disappointed that the article writer didn’t ask him just what ‘Header too! [or was it to/two?]’ was supposed to mean.

    Luis – I do get basic one-on-ones, I.e. where my player will be a yard or two behind the defense with just the keeper to beat. Time was though that in PES and in football generally you would see strikers racing almost from the halfway line in the clear. They were always exciting in PES as in real football, because you’d have a few seconds to think about it. Is he going to score, or is he going to mess it up? A couple of things stop that in PES these days. ‘Balancing’ for one, of which the famed ‘catchup bug’ (NOT A BUG) is the most obvious example.

  44. NG.
    Yes, it is quite obvious that there are some mechanics “balancing” things in unrealistic ways. The lonely striker that suddenly slows down while the defender suddenly accelerates to win the ball is something that i have seen several times. As if the COM suddenly made a little “match” between stats, after you gain an advantage through clever passing and decided “no, this cannot be…”

    The reverse being the AI brain farts while going alone and deciding to turn away from the goal, as you described.

  45. Nice interview but his efforts don’t come across in the konami execution. Beglin is even worse for having the same repeated phrase come out regardless of circumstances.

    A couple of goals I found I’d saved from my early, aborted Motherwell campaign.

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