Can you hear the drums, Rodriguinho?

After a golden session where several straight wins saw me approaching the playoff zone, I experienced a couple of bronze sessions. More defeats than wins. After 30 matches of Season 2 I am in 16th place, 12 points off the playoffs. I will remain confined to The Championship for another season.

Some late business from January deadline day: I picked up a new signing – youngster named RODRIGUINHO – from the Free Agents list. He’s a Regen of a real player. Here is his real-life counterpart, who is currently only 30 but close to retirement by the looks of things. One of those South Americans who never took the Euro bucks, and whose career currently seems to be winding to a close. An amazing in-game likeness as well. The PES database indicates he could develop to an impressive level, so I have high hopes.I got him mainly because of stats that are good for his age, and he has the Rising Shot skill. I want to score a 40-yard Rising Shot in PES2019. It’s my ambition.

I knew Rodriguinho wasn’t a good tactical fit for my setup. He has been on a down-arrow almost permanently since his arrival. The above screen popped up after he’d been at the club for an in-game month without playing.

When he did take to the pitch… he handled just as a 16-year-old Regen from the Free Agents should. Adequately, but nothing special. I saw his Rising Shot once.

Here is my First XI and squad for the backend of Season 2:

Lybohy and Cadavid are both teenage CBs from the Free Agents list. The Free Agents list is an absolute goldmine in PES2019 – at least at this stage of Master League.

Also new to my squad is that name right at the bottom of the list on the right: Fernandao. He should feature in at least one ABBA-themed punning post title.

I found Fernandao by searching in Free Agents for a player with the Heading ability. He’s also a youngster, albeit a few years older – 20. In general handling he’s very Veldwijk-like. He’s only played so far when one of the first-choice front two are unavailable. 4 goals in 6 appearances. I’m almost certainly going to give him a regular start.

The season is a write-off in terms of promotion, barring a completely unprecedented collapse by the CPU teams ahead of me. Not even Master League with its Scriptiest McScriptface on could bring that about, so Season 3 in the Championship it is.

And I’m not bothered. This is the best PES for me, at this stage, since PES2013.

The match above brought me a glorious last-minute winner. It was another match where fatigue and form forced me to play Karlsen at SS. Karlsen is one of the least-mentioned Defaults in Default history. When he plays LWF out wide, he’s anonymous for me. But played more centrally at SS just behind a CF, he’s phenomenal, and always seems to bag a goal.

In this match he bagged two goals. Then Jarvis popped up with the winner in the very last moments of injury time. A classic all-round PES encounter.

Jarvis performed some kind of ‘Gordon Strachan ’86’ mounting celebration with an advertising hoarding, and got me that GP award. And I got a trophy for the late winner.

Updated: 5th October 2018 — 11:53


  1. Lovely blog post! That’s a great likeness for your new player. I’ll sdmit here that one of my loose house rules is to only acquire players with Real Faces; it’s an essential part of immersion for me. Seeing a Lego head like player celebrate a goal is as immersion breaking as a striker turning away from goal as you described.

    The game, as you know, continues to hold up for me. And thanks for posting your squad; it’s good to see how squads compare. What’s the easiest way for me to post a pic here?

  2. Jay – many thanks, and I find the blank silhouette appearance of no-face players on the squad screen more upsetting than their generic in-game appearance. I might start refusing to get them too. I’ll see.

    To post a picture here, upload it anywhere online – Imgur is your best bet, no account creation needed – then (very important) get the link that ends in .jpg, .png, or .gif. Any other link will NOT work. Imgur gives you a default link that doesn’t work. Best way to get a postable link from Imgur (or anywhere) is right-click on the image directly and choose your browser’s equivalent of ‘Copy Link Address’. And just ctrl-V the link in a comment.

  3. I read the whole post properly today. Happy to be here.

    I notice your formation is very narrow, and uses AMFs instead of wide midfielders or out-and-out wingers. Even your full-backs are quite narrow. I assume you don’t use fluid formation? Might be worth me investigating, although I’m trying not to get drawn into any talk about LCS at the moment. I’ve not played 2019 for a couple of weeks now, so it’s easy to look back with crap-tinted glasses.

  4. Tommy – it is narrow and it plays narrow, just to add another layer to the LCS mystery. I wouldn’t say I even have to ‘cope’ with LCS, ignore it, or mitigate it in any way – it just doesn’t happen.

    I’ve favoured narrowness this year with crossing/heading being so nerfed. I think that is a deliberate gameplay nerf, rather than a coding issue.

  5. nG – An extra layer, but not a complete mystery to me. You would think the extra space out wide would be exploited, but the cpu is drawn to the human players. I think.

    Playing a lot of 2018 right now, and the wing spamming is still there, along with a bit of LCS, but not to the same degree. Most of the crosses go high.

    It’s annoying, but not game-breaking. But the cpu opting to pass when clear on goal thing, now that’s bad.

  6. Or use or flickr to upload pics. They both work right off the bat.

  7. It’s interesting that whilst I suffer from low to mild LCS Syndrome, I do not find heading or crossing particularly nerfed at all. I’d say half all my goals scored are headers and certainly no less than a third. I incredibly rarely cross with O alone, always with early cross or high cross.

    Paul – Thanks. What’s easiest way to get from PS4 to an image site? Do I *need* to go through USB to laptop?

  8. Jay – Do you have twitter? I usually tweet the pic direct from the PS4, save to my phone, then delete the tweet. Then upload to an image hosting site, and hey presto!

  9. I do – just seems long winded!

  10. n-G – I also don’t like the blank face players as they appear on the formation graphic. The made up ones don’t bother me. I’m glad the game is holding up although I’m not sure how big an accolade ‘the best PES since PES 2013’ is.

    PES 2019 isn’t doing it for me at the moment and it’s all the fault of the previously lambasted PES 5. Other than graphics, PES 5 has everything PES 2019 has (apart from a dubious AI) and a lot more besides. My little set up in the shed is more than fulfilling my PES pangs.

    I’m currently midway in Div 2 of season 3 (five-star difficulty) and top in a very congested top four. I’m out of the cup and going all out for promotion. The games I’ve had have been incredibly tense, exciting, with fouls, penalties, injuries and bucket loads of individuality.

    I have less time on the PS4 now so the return of the king of PES is timely. My plan now is to stick with PES 5 for all my PES needs although there will be times when I do get go all current-gen so I’m watching FIFAFX and Paul’s progress in CM with great interest.

  11. Shed – considering that (for me) PES2014 and PES2015 were very good editions of the series (belatedly in PES2014’s case), I think ‘best since PES2013’ is something of a coup for PES2019 at the moment. And I did say ‘at this stage’. Meaning, who knows what the next few seasons hold. The nuPES era of PES has been mostly disastrous from a single-player POV. The purity of PES watered down for the sake of the current market. The last 3 editions (16,17,18) have been truly appalling, really, from the PES purist perspective, looking back now. Here in PES2019 I’ll take a nuPES edition that currently seems to be a welcome partial return to form.

    But the One True PES blasts PES2019 and all other PES games and all other football games, now and in the past and in all the future to come, to smithereens. Nothing can match the brilliance of PES5’s balance between attack and defence, the punishment of fouls for and against, the wonderful shooting, and the player individuality that emerges from it all. There is no need for other PES games.

  12. End of season one. I scored the second most in the league (had 2nd and 3rd in Golden Boot) but conceded most in entire league by 16.

    Past three PESes I’ve finished rock bottom or bottom three in first season so I’m hopeful for next season. I think by default I’ll play one one bar down on ATT/DEF levels and make the target of each game a clean sheet.

    Also thought I’d share the below. 31 of my 85 goals came from set pieces (FKs of which I didn’t score a single direct one and CKs) and 22 from crosses, so a combined 53 of 85 (62%) of my goals came from crosses, of at least 50-75% would’ve been headers.

  13. I love that Rodriguinho plays for Pyramids FC. I only recently discovered them whilst choosing games for my Ladbrokes acca!
    I realised that my more enjoyable session was down to having lowered the difficulty (which I’d forgotten I’d done) so rather than mysteriously becoming good at the game, I’m still hot garbage.

    Red Dead 2 is out in a couple if weeks, if I can afford it that might keep me off PES for a LONG time.

  14. That’s the title that will keep my mits off a traded in FIFA as well. Although as is the way these days I’ll give it a week or two for the patch to be released.

  15. Whisper it but…first league game, I won – 1-0, a header from a short corner by Jarvis….not a single LCS, lots of offsides called against me as my wide front 3 swapped around and popped up in odd positions. Also of note…no fouls.

  16. I think LCS is far too much of a thing for those who have been affected by it ever not to see it, personally. In the course of a 10-minute match you’d expect many wing attacks and several low crosses – it’s a standard mode of attack in football, after all – but the LCS has made it so that any instance of wingplay/low cross, will trigger the LCS immune response syndrome. Open to being proved wrong of course, but I think until Konami does a Derren Brown on you all and ‘suggests’ that it has dealt with the matter via the October patch, you’ll get LCS.

    I think I’m the only player of PES2019 in the world right now who isn’t seeing it at all. Others are mitigating it, coping with it, not being bothered by it etc. I don’t see it at all. If there’s a match with the AI trying lots of wing attacks and trying lots of low crosses, that’s just a match. It’s not all the time in any one match, and there are sequences of matches without it. The psychology of this whole LCS thing is very, very interesting to me.

    It’s like me with the stumble animation in the year of PES2011. It became so much of a thing for me that any PES2011 activity wasn’t about anything else but the stumble animation. Every moment of every match, I was keyed up to watch out for the stumble animation – and whenever it happened (it always happened; it was and still is an innate feature of that game) that was it, ‘PES2011 stumble animation syndrome’ had struck.

    I remember the majority of commenters here being totally bemused as to what the stumble animation even was. The few who knew what it was were not bothered by it. I posted a video of it in action and the bemusement went to new levels. ‘That’s… that’s just part of the game….’

    I think the majority of the LCS-affected are in the same psychological space re. LCS as I was with the stumble animation. There is little to no chance that you will ever not see it. Your sensitivity to it is now raised to the point where even a ‘normal’ amount of wingplay and low crossing from the channels will trigger you.

  17. That stumble was so annoying and I’m sure it’s been in PESes since? When it happened you couldn’t do anything for a split second until the animation was over, rendering you useless.

  18. Jay – trust me on this, the PES2011 stumble was unique to that edition. Similar mechanics to the PES2011 stumble have been in PESes before and since. All these types of things (remember the PES5 ‘double-shuffle’ that was automatic and would frequently see you take the ball out of play?) are consciously designed to make the game hang together as a whole. In PES2011’s case, the ‘stunned post-tackle player’ effect – common to nearly all PESes – was dialled up to maximum, and I hated it. I actually quit PES2011 early because of it. But in a peculiar mirror image of this year, I was pretty much the only one who was ever bothered about it. Not many others even saw it or registered it as something problematic.

  19. I agree with jay that other pes’s have had a momentary ‘the button won’t work’ delay, particularly when trying to clear from defence but not in the same league as 2011s on goal stumble. That was particular to attacking scenarios in that game in my experience.

    Game two I lost 1-0 but my team spirit has remained high and it seemed to open up new options. Of course we have to consider im playing in Denmark so the opposition is poor. I’m gradually replacing all the defaults but dropping vasilj alone would hit me for 9 TS points. So it has to be slow and allied to decent results. I am firmly in the LCS is an excessively used AI feature but it has never been my number one bugbear. That is the flick inside the box to the player unmarked who shoots it high into the corner. Not along the ground, not a chip, a curler or a rocket, he simply rifles it into the postage stamp having been left all alone by wandering defenders and the ridiculous knock on (it is usually from a low cross mind). This reminds me so strongly of 2014s shot across goal into the corner as to render it a programmed issue that has a major downer on the game. I would be amazed if you don’t concede such flick-all alone-unstoppable into the corner goals at a higher rate than would be expected. At least half of mine have been this.

  20. yep, about two thirds of my goals against are popped into the top corner like that. This TS stuff is very interesting, mine is still in the 40s with predictably awful results. Hadn’t realised that the ‘impact’ bar towards the end of the stats pages actually indicates a player’s impact on TS. Now looking at some of the defaults as well as potential signings in a different way, e.g. Vrany and Legoida are hugely useful for TS despite not being much good. But does their impact on TS change depending on formation and tactics etc? Further investigation required…..

  21. I know the kinds of goal you mean – they’re PES2019’s equivalent of PES2016’s (or was it 17’s?) low finish (where the Ai would never shoot higher than knee-height).

    Frequency for me of the ‘within the box rifled finish to the top corner’ AI goal is about 3 in 10. They’re numerous enough for me to notice them, and law of averages says that there’ll be the occasional match where the Ai will score 3 goals and they’ll all be them.

    My point a few comments ago was that the LCS phenomenon has sensitised us to observe the AI with hyper-awareness and react to its doings (and not-doings) with a degree of hyper-sensitivity that has no precedent in PES history. Except for my PES2011 stumble animation thing!

  22. In addition to Team Spirit, I’ve come to realise the importance of having income generating players i.e. the star players and legends, who give a welcome boost to the monthly pay. I’m still some way short of having enough wage budget to splash it about freely and any savings tend to get eaten up by contract renewals. Although Master League is bare there is more strategy involved than in recent editions.

  23. The flick inside the box to unmarked defender is always from slow cross to start with and is categorised as LCS2.

    It’s the most annoying of the LCS variants as not only was it a low cross, but combined with a) your players automatically leaving com players unmarked and b) an unrealistic first time postage stamp rifled finish.

    I’d expect to see these types of goals maybe once or twice per season. Not 3 times per match.

    Having a shocking run of results on my Fifa career. Which I will post about on Monday.

  24. Nice player likeness there. I almost always go for real faces when bringing players in, even if I don’t know them from their real life counterparts. Reason why – with the real faces being so good it’s especially jarring to see the clownesque “random” Konami faves, with a few exceptions.

    BTW – wanted to share mid ranger from castledine. Nothing special but I like my goals going in off the post. Excuse the shaky hand syndrome, will look into doing this more efficiently next time around. Here it is:

  25. Unfinished business. Finally hit a decent long ranger in PES 2018!

  26. Just had a great game against Aston villa where things on the pitch actually made sense. The commentary team made note of how villa lost their last three games and sure enough they stormed at me from the off. All I could do was hang back, ride out the storm and take a few pot shots. Survived the first half without conceding after which villa dialed it down a notch,they could not keep up the tempo. I raised my att/Def levels to neutral and proceeded to score at around the 60th minute. 5 minutes later villa go into overdrive mode again to get back on level terms and employed “tight marking” on my LB, Mitchell Dijks who was my most dangerous man and left unchecked throughout most of the match. However this time around their depleted stamina caused all kinds of overhit and stray passes for villa and shooting was all over the place, which meant I could stand my ground easily. In addition I was “forced” to play Melikov in goal due to Stockdale, my slightly better rated real-face-having GK signing, being on a red arrow. What that resulted in was a bunch of hairy situations, deflected and punched-away balls which Stockdale would have take with just a little bit more authority. It felt like a match where everything “mattered”.

    Of course afterwards, I immediately got a random job offer for a ligue 2 team. Still not making sense off the pitch of course.

  27. #1 – I’m getting many matches that have that feel about them. The Ai overdrive periods of matches are actually hard to cope with on Top Player, so lord knows how Superstar will eventually feel.

    The mid-ranger from Castledine would be a long-ranger if it was higher up the goal.

    No screen recording software for your PC?

    Tommy – congratulations and PES2018 looks a bit peculiar in motion now but still a decent game.

  28. The off pitch stuff is not just ridiculous but astonishingly terrible. Bottom of the league season one in Scotland, similar losing record season 2, ah right, you’re just the man to offer the England job to….There is no career challenge whatsoever, you can manage whoever you like whenever. I’d love to build a management style journey but it’s as ridiculously simple as FM is hard to get any kind of job. No doubt if I stick with AGF at the end of the year I’ll be offered Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Brentford, somewhere in Brazil, etc etc or I can just pick anyone I like without a manager. House rules is the only way to make it sane.

  29. General point on LCS and roaming out of position defenders: TS and the player’s individual “heat map” that shows how acclimatised to your team’s style of play is absolutely vital. Defenders with no heat map around them at all are an absolute liability and the free man in the box slamming it into top corner *will* rear its head with two CBs with no fit in your formation; likewise LBs and RBs with poor TS/tactic compatibility will get spammed as they’re identified as the weak link. I tend to think this is one of the deeper and more meaningful on the pitch PESes in recent years.

  30. I think you’re reading too much into all that jay. I don’t think konami are that clever, after all they’ve finally accepted that the AI is flawed. It took them months to acknowledge that 2014 was dead on arrival. In general I’ve not played anything that has been that clever. Metal gear solid came close in terms of stealth, AI recognition, etc but ultimately you could simply run away and everything would reset. Even the greatest game ever made anywhere for anything ever….Skyrim*…has so many quest bugs and flawed bits of dialogue.

    (*That is official – a poll of peschronicles readers placed skyrim top, pes5 came in at 1084th).

  31. It’s not even reading deep – it’s basic game features. I inadvertently tested it and it was quite obvious.

  32. Have to agree. I think Jay has mega rose spectacled glasses on. Have to ask. You’re not an alter ego of Daniel Henry are you ? all the PES fanboy comments would allude to being so.

    Every single excuse that you try to explain for PES not performing how it should, is very easily counter contradicted with video evidence.
    PES is broken. Large parts do not work. The rest is so basic and crude that it’s amusing.

    I fired up the spare PS4 in the bedroom earlier. PES 2017 was installed so I had a few games. If you bump the sharpness and contrast on your tv up then PES 2017 looks pretty much identical to PES 2019. Pe 2019 has a few more animations but PES 2017, even being one of the easiest pes’s ever, was pretty much identical to it, makes you wonder what konami actually did for the whole year considering there’s so much missing and broken. Shambles.

    A final note. I’ve done several tests. In isolated ML’s with signing players ONLY aligned to my chosen formation and playing style. I commented on this way back weeks ago, go dig them out, and signing players that fully match your formation, Tactics etc. OR signing players that DONT match your tactics makes no difference. The AI will play the same way regardless.

    And on both situations, ie players that absolutely 100% match your tactical prefs and players that don’t, in both cases your Com controlled players just allow players to walk past them. They dont track. Or mark. just allow simple tap in goals.

    I’m bemused by people that constantly refute this. Even when faced with hard video evidence. And continue to claim PES is fine. It’s not. It’s more amateurish and broken then any PES before it. Fact.
    Some people have a very clouded view of how football is played and are happy to be seved up a pile of shot and pretend it’s freshly cooked enchiladas when it’s actually white dog shit.
    And it’s these kind of people that post on Twitter that Konami take not of. Ignore the feedback. Embrace the ass kissing.

  33. I’m really not keen on spending any time refereeing aggro about computer games on the internet, so I’d appreciate a cooling of temperature over the various issues on display here. I’ve always been on the sceptical side about the depth of PES’s visible tactical settings and knobs and levers. PES’s depth manifests itself through on-pitch action and stats and the interplay between them all. I think PES2019 has incredible potential to be a respectable PES for the first time since… PES2015, at least. No LCS for me, remember. That helps.

    I’ve just had another late late session in which I scored the goal of the century and came here to post it, but I think I’ll hang onto it until Tuesday’s post now. Worth waiting for.

  34. I think you could throw a blanket over everything since 2014 and aside from a slightly different foul count and one or two playing issues they’re the same game. Any mention of better transfer markets and enhanced master league management in marketing bumf is just guff – ‘mistruth’ as Velma said on a recent, and quite brilliant, new version of scooby doo (seriously it is so laden with adult level wordplay that it should be mainstream tv channel and time).

    The weird session variation is very much evident though, in the way scripty cheatfest was. Only two games last night and I had to sacrifice team spirit for actual decent players – all the TS in the world can’t make hettich quick or pallister good. It didn’t make much difference, I think it may be Denmark, or the fact I started this campaign well that has changed the narrative….I got a 0-0 where nobody on either side did much of anything and then a 3-3 after extra time in the cup against the side I just 0-0d. Of course I lost on penalties, and they were the most disgraceful fixed series of kicks imaginable – bottom corner, just touching the post and somehow the keeper saved it, even though his hand was clearly not across far enough, top left, oh yes, a flying leap. My team now only has defaults on the bench and the beast of all beasts up front. The descendent of Ribeiro possibly.

  35. Who on earth is Daniel Henry? Google not helping me here. Personally I still reckon/hope that TS and tactical compatibility might make a difference all over the pitch including LCS but don’t quite understand the implementation. Why does putting Legoida in at CB rather than Vasilj take my TS from 49 to 67?

    Think I need to find your beast, Turf, as patience running out with Jarvis

  36. Abbeyhill – if you go on the forums you will see his name pop up a lot and will explain who he is.

    NG – I know you are in a good place with PES this year and long may it continue. I would consider not ruling Fifa out when the game comes to a conclusion as it is the biggest change to a Fifa game that I have known. You would love the heavy ball feel and the cumbersome movement of weaker players.

  37. Abbeyhill – I’m not sure myself as when I bought new players they can be slotted in to positions with maybe only a 1 or 2 TS drop off, yet moving Vasilj (he’s not captain, not done anything really but has the ‘risk taker’ trait) makes a huge drop. Rooney, who also has a team trait – creator – can be swapped out for a bog standard amf with no difference. I’d like to think there is logic but I’m not sure there is, the combined sums of impact, trait, team player/lone wolf just don’t add up.

    My beast scored two in that epic 3-3, both were good feet for a big man. I’ve had him briefly before in ml and he’s (classic uncertain meaning phrase alert) ‘flattered to deceive’. For this pes he appears just what I need and was a snip at 240k wages. I don’t see myself actually buying anyone in this game at all, such are the depths of the free agency. That in itself is a complete bowl of turds.

    Which reminds me of a query I have for FIFA…

  38. That escalated quickly.

    I’m currently on a 10 game winless run at the end of the first season in the Premier League and couldn’t be happier about it because the game isn’t following the usual nuPES patterns of getting easier. The top teams are more difficult to play against, chucking together any old squad just won’t do and I’m desperately short of cash so have to juggle transfers and contracts to get better players who may not fit in after all the trouble. There seems to be more depth to this PES than previous versions, It’s still dogshit off the pitch but it’s the best nuPES at this stage. I’m getting a little worried about what the patch will do.

    I think Super Vasilj has some card/trait which boosts team spirit by loads merely because of his presence.

    Edit: Risk Taker improves Team Spirit when player is in good condition. Source:

  39. Which is a bit of an issue because I don’t think anyone would dispute that the condition arrows are completely goosed. Bring back those smiley/frowny faces I say…

  40. Cook – it escalated quite steadily actually, over several weeks. I was tracking it as a meteorologist tracks a low pressure whorl in the mid-Atlantic that is pretty much certain to make land eventually.

    I scored possibly the mother of all long-rangers on PES2019 last night. Maybe the goal of my PES century so far. It’s uploaded, I should save it for Tuesday’s post, but seeing it now will give hope to other long-ranger fans. I might post it later when I’m back at a proper keyboard. Fiddling with such stuff on a phone is a nightmare.

    Uncle Turf – the greatest nuPES sin of all is just how swappable all the AMF/SS/CF clones are.

  41. Hope I’m not giving it too big a buildup, but I just watched it again and was surprised when it happened.

    Should be up in half an hour or so.

  42. Too late, big buildup confirmed.

  43. When this starts, you will see Rice charging over the halfway line, and you will think you know what is about to happen. But you do not know what is about to happen…

  44. Sweet feet indeed! Goalie should have got though

  45. Bravo. I wasn’t expecting it from Lincoln, off-balance and all. How far’s that, 35 yards? Good strength from Fernandao in the build up and the gk reaction was perfect.

  46. NG – wow that was a corker on many levels. I love the player animation after he hits it as he tumbles over and lands on his feet.

  47. Bang! Love the way Lincoln doesn’t even curl it into the top corner from that angle, just slams his laces straight through it

  48. Long-term readers will understand the place such goals have in my affections, and thus how good it made me feel. 2am last night, and this match was my ‘just one more match’ long after I should have packed up and got to sleep.

    Neil – any goalkeeper beaten from distance could be said to be at fault. Whatever RNG generator in the code determines whether or not the long-range attempts go in or are saved by the super-keepers that generally do stop them, I’m content that my number came up this time.

    Cook – come on, that’s 40 yards at least! This is the culmination of a LOT of attempts. I’ve been getting closer and closer, rattling the upright a few times, seeing keepers tip them away a few times. ‘I know I’m going to get one’ I kept telling myself, and here was the reward.

    Darryl – it’s an R2 dipping type of shot as well, so not a ‘classic’ rocket-style long-ranger. I noticed Lincoln had this great left foot a few weeks ago and have been attempting this at least once in every match he plays in ever since. This was the farthest-out I’ve ever tried it and it ‘caught the keeper’ out, shall we say.

    abbeyhill (and other long-range fans) – this is my 3rd long-ranger in 2 seasons, to go with several borderline mid-rangers. I’d say the verdict on PES2019’s long-range potential is ‘good’. It’ll be interesting to see how the ratio of success-to-attempts improves with better players.

  49. Just want to reiterate that my ‘rant’ last night was in no way aimed at Jay, although reading it back this morning, it could hve seemed that way, but it wasn’t.

    The Daniel Henry comment should have had a after it to signify playful banter, so apologies to Jay if it seemed aimed at him, it wasn’t.

    I’m just disgusted by what konami have done (or haven’t done) this year, and a few grey goose’s leads to honest typing.

    That being said I know people are enjoying PES 19 here so that will be the last i mention of it.

    NG – youve certainly scored better goals than that. Nice goal for distance but keeper should have just caught that and not flapped around like a salmon.

  50. Paul — I have never scored a greater goal in PES! And neither has anyone else! I’m going to milk the shit out of this one. Supercut of The Goal for Tuesday, I think.

    On a serious note, it’d be in my top 10, and might even nuzzle the top 5. What makes a great goal for football gamers (speaking for all I think) is a blend of context and reaction when it goes in. This was the latest in probably 60+ attempts with Lincoln in that sort of position. I screamed like a woman when it flew in last night. The keeper aspect isn’t important to me. They save 99% of attempts from distance, so I’ll take the 1%.

    I think my favourite all-time goal in PES is one that most here won’t have seen. A Bergkamp volley from my fabled original Year of PES5. It is on YouTube somewhere, but needs to be pulled out of a longer highlights vid and posted separately. I’ll do it later if I get time.

    I’m currently 2 episodes into that Maniac series on Netflix that you mentioned a few months ago, and it’s brilliant. Seems like a Twin Peaks Lite setup, in an alternate world with no mobile phones. And I love Emma Stone. I wonder if she’d be impressed with my Lincoln goal? Where’s her agent’s email address…

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