Jarvis takes the wheel

It is now October, the traditional release month for PES. What will this most spiritual month of PES bring for the many disaffected players and fans of this game? Not since PES2014 has there been such a dramatic reaction to a new PES.

I almost feel guilty that I don’t need a patch or DLC to make my experience of PES2019 good again.

I’m having the time of my life on PES2019.

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how I’ve avoided the AI’s Low Cross Spam. Even the one AI brainfart I did see – AI strikers turning away from goal when clean through – doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

Maybe there’s a materialist explanation? Maybe PES goodness is like gold. Only so much PES goodness can exist on Earth at any one time, and I’ve got it all.

It’s amusing, and it’s not. At a seemingly universal time of PES revolt, I’ve landed some sort of exceptional prize goose. Don’t know how, don’t know why.

A golden session of 6 matches late last night has changed my Master League for good. 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 solitary defeat – all pushed me to the top half of the table for the first time this ML.

(Still on Top Player difficulty.)

Regular commenter Paul, who has just kicked off a FIFA19 Career Mode blog, kindly provided me with a couple of updated CCFC kits. The new away one (bottom right) is my 4th alternate.

I’ve replaced the 1st choice strip with his updated lighter-Sky-Blue-and-white-striped jobby.

Master League is a fantasy hinterland where anything goes.

Jarvis, as seen above, is a little magician. His Finishing stat of 89 makes him comfortably the deadliest finisher in my squad. One of my wins in my miracle session last night was a 2-0 win, both of them from Jarvis. A true fox in the box. Give him the chance and the ball will go in the back of the net.

I’ve had dalliances with Jarvis in previous editions, but never stuck with him past a certain point, and he’s been a squad player at best. I have a dream this time round, of building a long-term squad around Jarvis – and a few other players too, of which more later….

The only downside to my PES Shangri-La is the continuing lack of AI fouls.

In those 6 matches last night, the AI fouls count went like this: 0-0-0-0-1-1.

4 matches straight without a single AI foul. Then 1 each in the last two matches. Giving an overall session average of 0.33 fouls per match.

It’s never usually as low as that. My global PES2019 average so far would be around 1.3 AI fouls per match – still much, much lower than other players of PES2019 are experiencing.

After the demo, I do feel kind of cheated on the AI fouls front. That FIVE-MINUTE demo regularly yielded 3 or 4 AI fouls per match. My play-style in the demo was exactly the same as now.

The January transfer window came.

I sold Vasilj to free up some wages. I’m not very impressed with the Youths this year, and quite right too. It’s a relief not to see a long list of star name Regens in the Youths.

M Gomez is there, though, and rated 74OPR overall. But he wants a salary of £700,000. No way.

I picked up a few young defenders from Free Agents to cover for the departed Vasilj.

Then I spotted a few star names Regen. Samuel Eto’o is still there, this time as a fresh-faced Regen, but again his wages are silly: £1.7m. No way.

Then I spotted Robben. A poor likeness, yes, but it’s still him.

I had a look at his wages, saw that his wages were good, negotiated them even lower with a token goal bonus to sweeten the pot – and swooped.

Arjen Robben, 17 years old, 69OPR, is now in my squad.

Coming to the end of January, Season 2.

Mid-table, only 6 points off the play-offs.

Poor Defaults leaving, good Defaults developing, solid youngsters coming in.

PES2019: it’s all (somehow) happening.

Updated: 2nd October 2018 — 11:24


  1. Fair play Jay – I wasn’t insinuating you haven’t played much PES, far from it, just that I wasn’t sure how far back you went with the series, as being 24 I think you said you are? So You would have been only 9 when PES 5 was out.

    My point was that since PES 6’ish, us older fans have grown up with the series, and with Konami constantly promising everything and delivering nothing, but chipping away at the mode we love.
    I don’t think you get the same view on things from retrospectively playing the older games in modern times, you had to be there at the time, expecting things and receiving little.

  2. Paul – I played PES5 (It came out as I started secondary school – 11y.o) onwards at time of release, the earlier ones I played in chronological order but can’t guarantee I played them within a year of release.

    I think where we very much differ is I didn’t have the internet at home until I was 13/14 so 2007/08 so I literally bought the game and played it: I didn’t read previews, reviews or blogs/forums or even discuss my experiences with anyone – at best I played with my two cousins who introduced me to PES and my best mate. So I didn’t experience PESes with external influences.

  3. just a quick note on playing styles – there seems to be some effect on actual behavior on field next to stats dependent on which playing style you choose to train someone up in. Case in point – only offensive keepers seem to come off their line, defensive goalies don’t. a borked way to do it and i haven’t 100 percent confirmed it myself, but could be some truth to it. I cán confirm that I have trained my LWF Nathan – who i PLAY as a AMF – on my Arsenal save as a “prolific winger” and miraculously he does take to the wings a whole lot more often than his counterpart on my Liverpool save who I have chosen to train as a “classic no.10” or whatever it’s called. Make of that what you will…

    On pes 17 and especially pes 18 – zero effect though. pes 18 might as well have been called “the pes were nothing ever matters, ever”.

  4. Ah, there’s the problem you see Jay. If your first experience was PES5 then anything after that is going to be good. Nothing could ever be as slow, clunky, graphically dark, devoid of meaningful decisions, spoiled by poor AI, etc etc as that beermat of a game.

  5. Can always count on Turf.

    *sits comfy and gets popcorn ready*

  6. ?itemid=3579864

  7. Beer mat is kind. I used mine as a frisbee for the dog.

  8. He won’t, he just won’t…

    I’ve just had half an hour spare and as fortnite was patching I decided to…good job I’ve never smoked as I’d be hopeless at quitting. I decided to leave all as is for the pointless ICC hammering…and hmm, hmm hum hum, hmm hmm…. I think I may be on to something. Going to test it later tonight but there was a very noticeable difference in my 0-2 defeat by Liverpool on superstar.

  9. what did you do Turf? intrigued to hear …..

  10. I was reading on a forum that choosing a skinhead manager appearance on ML completely eliminates LCS – is this what you’re trying Turf?

  11. Abbeyhill – I wouldn’t be surprised if that actually did appear on a forum.

    Just seen a video of someone installing a PS2 copy of PES 5 on a Jailbroken PS4, and it looks pretty easy, I have a spare PS4 at home so something to tinker with one rainy day.

  12. Abbeyhill – that’s part of it, you also have to have the default setting of disgust at the state of public libraries.

    No, what I did, after I transfer listed the entire squad (defaults on superstar for AGF – I’m sure Werd will known them) was to do nothing. Team spirit was 59, that weird 4-1-4-1 formation, which is more like a 4-1-2-wide2-1. Liverpool duly scored on 13 mins – seriously the first 15 mins are stupidly overpowered AI – and then on 20 but neither was an LCS and I actually had a lot more of the play, more chances, more different situations. Team spirit and formation can’t explain it alone – in my season 3 I was up to 80 odd TS and it was still shit – but I really liked what was happening so I’ll try it a little more. Usually my tinkering plunges TS to mid 30s so maybe it’s possible to avoid my early season rage quitting if I take it more cautiously. I’d never ever have chosen that formation, one up front is a disgrace. But if it helps.

  13. Turf – I have played a bit of Fortnite. Not a lot I can add to the that. The game is OK I suppose but seems to be played by the lowest common denominator folk.

  14. Well, I didn’t have time earlier to join in the PES5 fun, but will just now reiterate my line (which I firmly believe, no tongue in cheek here):

  15. To weigh in on the training argument – yes it does work. If I have a player who is lacking in a certain area, I’ll put all the eggs into that basket. You can see the hexagon shape change to co-inside with this over time. I usually focus on stamina, or to give extra pace to full backs or centre backs.

  16. Ooh, I see the first shot has been fired by General NG – his skirmisher Darryl landing a stinging blow across the chops. I fear I’m going to be somewhat short of troops in the war of PES5. No matter, like all insane leaders I feel I have the almighty on my side and it’s just a case of pressing on till fate comes to pass.

    Pes5 comes in a ridiculously big box, its very size makes it look like it belongs to the Betamax era….

    (TBH Darryl if it wasn’t for mini turf I’d have deleted fortnite a while ago. He’s only allowed on it towards the end of the week once homework etc is done so I go on once a day to receive the daily quests. It’s quite addictive but horrifically repetitive and devoid of any sense of achievement once the quests are done).

  17. There’ll be no first season promotion for me. With 5 games left I am 12 off of 6th. I thought I had a chance a few games back but then I lost 4 of my last 5, two of which I didn’t deserve – but that’s football! I’m 10 points off of the bottom three so smack bang in midtable at 14th. I’d like a top 12 finish, personally.

    I know where I need to strengthen in preseason for a second season promotion – I’ve conceded the most goals in the league – LB and RB for sure and CBs for depth. I’m also much better when I move the ATT/DEF bar up one but get hit on the break easily when I do. Hopefully I’ll strengthen sufficiently to allow for that.

    I continue to score plenty of headers with my formation of 2 strikers both over 186cm

  18. still that is a pretty decent first season effort on SS Jay, what formation and tactics are you using?

    the one thing I did like about PES5, at least on the PS2 original, was the lack of any visible crowd in the stadia – perfect counterpart to the borefest on the pitch

  19. NG – can I upload a video file here or does it need to be YouTube? Got a long ranger I’d like to share…

  20. Abbeyhill – playing a 442 diamond (DM CM CM AM) with two CFs with the right one slightly higher then the other.

    Advanced Tactics I have both strikers as counter targets, the DM on Defensive and Attacking Full Backs.

    Attacking: counter attack (though my personal style is possession based, this just gets the players up the pitch quickly) central and maintain formation.

    Defensive: frontline pressure, conservative and middle.

    I have the support range with all but one bar on, the defensive line all but two, and for compactness I have three bars on.

    I am tempted to use my last five games of the season to experiment with a 3-4-1-2
    GK-CB-CB-CB-RM-DM-CM-LM-AM-CF-CF as I already have players that I can bring into the LM and RM slot that currently don’t feature much due to my formation but are more than capable of being in a starting XI. If I did so I’d change one of the defensive instructions from counter target to wingback so my LM and RM defend off the ball, and I’d change attacking full-backs to Centring Targets. If I experiment with it I will report back.

  21. I would rather watch 24 hours of footage from the Tory party conference than be subjected to playing that awful dinosaur of a game called PES5.

  22. #1 – has to be YouTube, just post the link and it will display inline.

    PES5 – untouchable. All bullets go ding.

  23. Marvellous, reassuring to know who would be in the trenches beside you. Now 2008, there was a game!

  24. No wonder sea bass was sacked after dishing up Potato Evolution Soccer 5. abysmal.

    Jay – headers, no LCS, no AI issues, training and tactics noticeable, I bet keepers come off the line to narrow shooting angles too!?

    You have definitely struck gold with your rare copy of the game 😉

  25. I shit you not, this time it’s different. Completed the ICC with purely the defaults, the starting formation and tactics. My TS is 60. Lost to Liverpool 0-2, drew with Milan 1-1, drew with anderlecht 1-1 (castledine sent off). Not one example of LCS, although insane attacking first fifteen mins in all three games. I also saw….an in game injury to a Milan player. He didn’t go off. Five mins later he went down again.

    I know the TS and tactics can not explain it, and I am going to have to bring in new players but that 4-1-4-1 is going to be my formation and I’m trusting to the gods that NG has been favoured by that it continues.

  26. 2008 will forever be regarded as one of the worst in the series, but it’s one of my most memorable master leagues. HJK Helsinki in a cobbled together European super league. I also did a few seasons as a two-player master league with a house mate. Shimizu ran the show. Memories.

  27. Turf – interesting… Who are you playing in your default 4-1-4-1? I have Melikov; Canning, Vasilj, Eriksson, Giorza; Hettich; Sahoune, Castledine, Arcas, Pallister; Jarvis. And what are the starting tactics? I get the impression they sometimes change even with the defaults

  28. Here it is! My first proper long ranger this year. Felt good.

  29. Turf – sorry dude. I call session variance. I’ve tried every formation under the sun inc. 4-1-4-1 and still got bombarded.
    Forget ICC. Play ML proper matches then see.

  30. Wow, that was a real long effort.

    Abbeyhill – well I’ve had to bring in some players as you win nothing with defaults do you…erm..but for the first time ever I looked at the later screens. Usually with me it’s page 1 of the stats – speed, power, finishing, defence, etc. This time I noticed when I swapped eriksen in for vasilj my team spirit dropped by 6. They had both played the same games and had the same familiarity but vasilj’s ‘impact’ bar was huge, eriksen’s very small. I tried similar swaps around the game plan and likewise moving a higher impact player had a fair effect on spirit. Whether that translates to the pitch I’ve no idea but I started looking to buy based on impact and those potentially pointless ‘lone wolf’ ‘instinct’ and so on things. There are so many free agents of a similar nature you can easily filter out enough. For example for all his good vibes Lincoln is a real one man band.

    For most of my players the familiarity is now 22/52 in favour of my tactics, new signings are 29/29. Those are all out defence, deep line, middle containment, mid pressure. For attack it’s counter, long pass, wide and middle support. As I found them as far as I can recall. The current eleven are a new keeper (that hurt me badly on TS), giorza, vasilj, new cb, new lb, hettich, arcas, Rooney (400k a year, didn’t even get a cut scene!), pallister, karlssen,Jarvis. Castledine will swap in for a knackering Rooney and I’m looking to sign a big bomber centre forward.

    It might be a crock of shit but usually I replace all eleven asap. Usually my 3-5-2 has bluffed me through old pes till the quality improves and the grind ends, but nuPes has been all over the place – promotions year one, relegations year two, 10-0s, 8 goals in a game for a striker, etc etc. Maybe I just need stability and to introduce gradually while focusing on the team?

  31. Paul – yes, that’s my suspicion, the league games will revert to type, but it’s a straw I’m clinging on to.

  32. Cling on dear Turfy. I can guarantee once you start league games it will revert to type. It did for me. In every ml restart I tried. With every formation imaginable.

    Keep us posted.

  33. #1 – I’ll have to take your word for it that that was Rice (no Rising Shot?) – GREAT long-ranger though, from an indisputable distance as well. Classic trajectory. I’m holding up a 9 for position and a 9 for flight of the ball.

    Uncle Turf – as ever I’m puzzled about the whole LCS deal and how I’ve got some lucky ‘it’ that evades it, but hoping you can get ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is.

  34. NG – thanks for that, appreciated. I rarely post goals since strangely enough on pc it’s more of a hassle, hence the old school recorded-with-a-mobile-ohone job, than on ps4 but that felt goooood. And yes, it was the man Rice. No rising shot though as you say! That’s a bit random and I think triggered only with a clear path on goal.

    Got some news on LCS as well. Looks like I am shifting to the Paul camp. It popped up for about 3 consecutive games in my Liverpool save which I thought was “safe”. Went back to the arsenal save and it was all gone. Keep in mind these saves run more or less parallel so same opponents and I have the exact same sqauds, difficulty, tactics and whatnot. Still not seeing it in any measure that it bothers but I think I can put the silly “random seed” thought to rest. What is it then? Extreme session variance? Don’t know but I’m deleting one of two saves and putting the “testing” to rest.

  35. Turf – the team cards are certainly not pointless as different ones have different effects in all areas such as finance, training, team spirit etc. They make a huge difference.

  36. Paul – I’ve said I’ve suffered from LCS since day one, I can just defend it well enough for it not to bother me too much, at least not to the extent it does you. Goalies rarely rush off their line but on SS it’s hard enough to work a one on one anyway! But yes, headers are plentiful and like nG my general experience is one of enjoyment. It goes without saying that tactics and training work. Come round and I’ll spank you on my deluxe version of PES2019 😉

    Darryl – yup; they all make a difference. It’s almost as if the more attention you pay to the small things the more it pays off! PES2019 isn’t a plug in and play, you gotta learn and caress it.

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