Jarvis takes the wheel

It is now October, the traditional release month for PES. What will this most spiritual month of PES bring for the many disaffected players and fans of this game? Not since PES2014 has there been such a dramatic reaction to a new PES.

I almost feel guilty that I don’t need a patch or DLC to make my experience of PES2019 good again.

I’m having the time of my life on PES2019.

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how I’ve avoided the AI’s Low Cross Spam. Even the one AI brainfart I did see – AI strikers turning away from goal when clean through – doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

Maybe there’s a materialist explanation? Maybe PES goodness is like gold. Only so much PES goodness can exist on Earth at any one time, and I’ve got it all.

It’s amusing, and it’s not. At a seemingly universal time of PES revolt, I’ve landed some sort of exceptional prize goose. Don’t know how, don’t know why.

A golden session of 6 matches late last night has changed my Master League for good. 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 solitary defeat – all pushed me to the top half of the table for the first time this ML.

(Still on Top Player difficulty.)

Regular commenter Paul, who has just kicked off a FIFA19 Career Mode blog, kindly provided me with a couple of updated CCFC kits. The new away one (bottom right) is my 4th alternate.

I’ve replaced the 1st choice strip with his updated lighter-Sky-Blue-and-white-striped jobby.

Master League is a fantasy hinterland where anything goes.

Jarvis, as seen above, is a little magician. His Finishing stat of 89 makes him comfortably the deadliest finisher in my squad. One of my wins in my miracle session last night was a 2-0 win, both of them from Jarvis. A true fox in the box. Give him the chance and the ball will go in the back of the net.

I’ve had dalliances with Jarvis in previous editions, but never stuck with him past a certain point, and he’s been a squad player at best. I have a dream this time round, of building a long-term squad around Jarvis – and a few other players too, of which more later….

The only downside to my PES Shangri-La is the continuing lack of AI fouls.

In those 6 matches last night, the AI fouls count went like this: 0-0-0-0-1-1.

4 matches straight without a single AI foul. Then 1 each in the last two matches. Giving an overall session average of 0.33 fouls per match.

It’s never usually as low as that. My global PES2019 average so far would be around 1.3 AI fouls per match – still much, much lower than other players of PES2019 are experiencing.

After the demo, I do feel kind of cheated on the AI fouls front. That FIVE-MINUTE demo regularly yielded 3 or 4 AI fouls per match. My play-style in the demo was exactly the same as now.

The January transfer window came.

I sold Vasilj to free up some wages. I’m not very impressed with the Youths this year, and quite right too. It’s a relief not to see a long list of star name Regens in the Youths.

M Gomez is there, though, and rated 74OPR overall. But he wants a salary of £700,000. No way.

I picked up a few young defenders from Free Agents to cover for the departed Vasilj.

Then I spotted a few star names Regen. Samuel Eto’o is still there, this time as a fresh-faced Regen, but again his wages are silly: £1.7m. No way.

Then I spotted Robben. A poor likeness, yes, but it’s still him.

I had a look at his wages, saw that his wages were good, negotiated them even lower with a token goal bonus to sweeten the pot – and swooped.

Arjen Robben, 17 years old, 69OPR, is now in my squad.

Coming to the end of January, Season 2.

Mid-table, only 6 points off the play-offs.

Poor Defaults leaving, good Defaults developing, solid youngsters coming in.

PES2019: it’s all (somehow) happening.

Updated: 2nd October 2018 — 11:24


  1. Shed – There’s an Iceland food warehouse (bulk/large sized kinda like costco) near us, and they sell boxes of 30 bags of crisps for £3.
    picked one up a few weeks ago, it had a mix of salt & vinegar transformers, Tomato snaps, and prawn cocktail skips in. Winner !

  2. Paul – I went back to the traditional (for me) PES Wide cam ages ago now. I was enjoying the look and feel of the Custom cam close-in, but couldn’t see enough of the pitch and players to play as I wanted. Maybe I was just feeling how important off-the-ball defensive coverage would be in this PES, and it is.

    I had the amended kit loaded on USB but automatically pressed to start my session without applying it.

    Jay – it was a great 3am session all right, but one in which I actually lost all but one match. I brought in a few other new players on deadline day, and it seemed they changed the balance of my team just enough to do me over.

    After the long-ranger on the previous page put me 1-0 up, the AI did me straight from kickoff, and then got its winner on a heartbreaking breakaway. The goal it scored was a pisstake in a good way. Did you ever at school end up as lone defender against two attackers, and the two attackers really took the piss passing back and forth between them, tying you in knots? That’s what the AI did to me and brilliantly well. Neither of the two attackers sought the wing or ran away from goal. They just focused on tormenting my lone defender. I think I played 5 matches in this late late night session, and lost 4 of them.

    The Vidiprinter FYI: a Saturday teatime feature on Grandstand in the 1980s and 90s. As all the final scores came in, it would print them on-screen as the presenter, David Coleman or Steve Rider or whoever, talked over them. If a team conceded 5 or more goals, the Vidiprinter would display 5 (FIVE) – or 6 (SIX) etc – to assure the viewer that they hadn’t misread, or the Vidiprinter operator mistyped. Example here:

  3. I avoid bulk buying crisps now as it’s been known for me to burn through them in a weekend of watching box sets.

    Like the hopeless addict I am I thought if no one is going to rise to the Villa challenge then I will. First game of the pre season tournament was indeed different…river plate smacked me 7-1. No particular LCS but they did only have 7 shots. My goal was highly unusual, a superstar own goal when defender made an air shot, hit his standing leg and rebounded off keeper. I had to check the replay to confirm it really did happen. Maybe this is the time??

    Do we know if Jarvis can be trained to be faster? He has always been the final default striker but he’s just too slow for that accuracy to be useful.

  4. Just on the vidiprinter for you youngsters…I used to have to write down the scores in the daily mirror listings as the results came in so my grandad could check his coupon. None of yer fancy looking it up after the event – if you missed it, you missed it!

  5. Uncle Turf – re. Jarvis speed, head into the custom Training menu and pick the option that gives Jarvis the most green up-arrows next to Speed. It’ll either be one of the preset options or Focused Training.

    And if #1’s speculation is correct and there is some sort of random seed at work with the differing experiences of PES2019, you might have rolled the dice well this time. I suspect Paul has had a sneaky look at a Liverpool ML after #1’s remark yesterday.

    Re. crisps, I used to like the Walkers Max and the McCoy’s ridged crisps, but in both cases, about a year ago they turned into generic tasteless crud. That might be my palate adjusting to them, but it’s more likely them lowering the flavouring powder quotient at manufacture by 10% or whatever.

    The little newsagent near me stocks Chipsticks and Discos. They’re all I need right now.

  6. Turf – just to jog my memory, you are playing on Superstar right?
    Just that some guys over on EvoWeb suggested playing on SS for a more fair and balanced game, they said the LCS isn’t as prevalent on SS level, but that contradicts what you have said, and I’d be more inclined to go with your views than that of a forum where people always claim there have been huge game play updates when there haven’t been.

    Not tempted by a Liverpool ML. I’m not restarting all over again for a third time.
    Besides, I’ve done a test already by starting ML’s with other teams and playing the first 2 games, and they’ve all been LCS ridden.

    Crisps and Confectionery in general are being made smaller, with less flavour, and costing more, ‘Fun Size’ is the new normal size. Rip Off Britain.

  7. Abbeyhill – it is a great game isn’t it? Possible best game of all time for me. I think i got the ending where..

    *spoiler alert*

    Geralt ends up with Yennefer and Ciri survives to become a witcher. Which by all accounts seems to be the “good” ending.

    DLC’s – YES. get them. They’re better than the main game by a considerable measure, awesome stories and in the case of the second one, completely new landmass to explore. Absolutely humongous in scale and quality. You won’t regret getting them.

  8. Paul – I remember someone saying the keepers are incredibly frustrating on Superstar in the sense that they catch everything. I had the same experience on the demo. Worth exploring though, even if it is luring you away from FIFA 19.

  9. Shed – “and another!”

  10. Jay – thanks, looks like we are shopping in similar markets. I am eyeing up a couple of veteran CBs to shore up my ropey defence plus an up and coming Danish LB. Will spend some proper money on the best RMF I can afford as not convinced by Pallister’s end product. Jarvis can have the first half season up top to prove himself

    #1 – simply stunning. I also got that Ciri ending although having subsequently googled it was very close to the bad ending which would have been a bit of a downer after 125 hours. Hard to be a good ‘dad’ sometimes. Sadly my Geralt ended up alone having been overly flirtatious. Definitely going straight into the DLCs

  11. nG – The highly paid regen youths really make a difference this year. I have Evra in the youth team and desperately needed a LB but there was no way I was paying a 16yo twice as much as anyone else so settled for the weaker option. All adds to the layers of difficulty this year. Speaking of which, the early wins in the Premier League have dried up and currently on a 7 game winless run. It’s still only November but starting to worry about relegation rather than the Europa League.

    Pickled Onion Monster Munch and those caramel digestives melted over a cup of tea.

  12. Cook – Asda’s version of Monster Munch (Monster Bites I think) are now far more monstrous and munchy than the pathetic modern version of this once mighty snack. FACT.

  13. Am I alone in disliking all crisps and biscuits? The food is essentially dead, baked months or years ago, stuffed full of preservatives and artificial flavourings before packaging, dry and with zero nutritional value. Do like those nice fresh Eccles cakes they sell at Sainsbury’s

  14. Yes, Abbeyhill, you’re a weirdo. I’ve never met another gamer who couldn’t get through a family size pack of doritos or similar maize snack in the time it takes to load a title screen.

    Paul/shed – yes, I played superstar for my two season ml and found it incredibly frustrating when not only did long rangers and headers fail to come off even once in a hundred but keepers flew across the goal and caught balls – particularly as NG and others were saying how frequent rebounds were on top player. I dropped to top player and the LCS was ridiculous. I went to legend-ary and it was just like trying to play keep ball with a manic jack russell. Went back to superstar and aborted two brief ml’s due to ridiculous AI. I don’t think there’s a level way out of it, I think it’s simply the same thing just with the % stat boost turned up a notch. I’ve set up my 3-5-2 slightly differently this time but who knows, it seems there’s no consistency at all across peoples experiences and I’m not sure that will alter with a patch. They’re surely not going to fundamentally rebuild the game, they’ll likely just dial down the values.

    Monster munch are awful, they leave your hands caked in chemical dust. See also wotsits. Now your Worcester sauce french fries are classy.

    I’ve got the book the witcher was based on. Should I read first then play or vice versa?

  15. Shed – totally agree on the sad decline of Monster Munch. At one time the brand seemed unassailable. If you wanted a bag of crisps that tasted great, gave great tactile experience (the crumbling crunch of each bits; the bits left on your fingers), it has to be Monster Munch. 40 years ago, a bag of pickled onion Monster Munch was the most flavoursome, filling snack you could get. What are they now? Shrunken, tasteless crud. And seeing/hearing somebody else eat them is an appalling experience. How people can dare to eat crisps in public with their mouth open whilst crunching them, I’ll never know.

    abbeyhill – only some crisps remain worthwhile, as the discussion is showing. ‘Kids today’ have no idea of the vanished rich world of taste and satisfaction compared with today’s fun-sized bland crisps. Biscuits are a broader question, as there’s been no watering-down of the product and experience there. Any kind of biscuit you want, you can still get. Marks & Spencer white chocolate cookies are my current diabetes-baiting favourite.

  16. Cook – the Free Agent list is the only one worth shopping in for me. Robben at £120k wages was a steal (predictably bland on the pitch so far though, nuPES-style).

  17. Shed – I just checked and they’re called Beastie Bites. They look fantastic but sadly no Asda for miles.

    nG – Just watched the long ranger. Brilliant. You’ve two more than me now. I’ve finally given up on Rice, managed to swap him for a decent DM, so will be looking to sign a new long range specialist soon. A quick search reveals the same player I had in 2018 to be most promising although I think you mentioned Rodriguez wasn’t blessed with the long range stats so maybe the special ingredient is something else.

  18. Abbeyhill should be banned from this blog. and the internet.

    Now THIS is how to act on fan feedback and communicate with customers after release:


    Konami should read that and take note.

    Those were the days, will also add Frazzles and Rib n Spicy Nik Naks to faves as well.

  19. Skips for me, all the way. You usually need two bags on the go as they rapidly dissolve, in order to equate to the size of a standard bag of crisps.

  20. Paul – Wow that is some list.

    As for the seed suggestion I doubt it but you never know. I think it has more to do with our personal investment and perception again. In all honesty I am perfectly fine whatever it is and am not bothered about having what someone else is experiencing. It is what it is and my days of getting worked up about a football game are long gone. Really am loving Myclub but really don’t have the time or will to sell it to anyone else.

  21. Darryl, see where you’;re coming from mate, but can conclusively say that Seed, Perception, investment, tactics, play styles, all have zero impact on whether the AI repeatedly uses the LCS method. Zero.

    I’ve tried numerous formations,ways of playing, tactics, various teams of all abilities,started numerous ML’s to test it…. all played the same, with the same broken AI.

    If it was seed, then could suggest why NG and others maybe don’t get the same issues, but then they don’t get fouls, and I’d have expected to stumble across one favourably seeded AI, across my numerous restarts and experiments.

    Its just poor, broken, coded AI.

  22. Paul – the million-dollar question remains: what other explanation is there? If it’s pure-and-simple AI buggery, then every player of PES2019 would experience it, no exceptions. I remain convinced it’s a combo of ‘Seed, Perception, investment, tactics, play styles’ plus AI buggery. It’s not possible it can be anything else IMO.

    Darryl – there is nowt at all really wrong with myClub is there?! Very pleased you’re into it and have had the ‘oh, so that’s what it’s about…’ moment and carried on with it. Have you had any hero moments with any of your squads yet? In PES2018 I took my Irregulars online a few times against the Ronaldo-Neymar-Ibra crowd, and I could always defend well and not concede. And how I enjoyed their clearly growing frustration and anger! I rarely scored, and only actually won once, but I remember the game and the moments around it with such vivid recollection. Crazy that I’m so into ML in PES2019, and crazier yet that I still have myClub to go.

    Cook – there is nothing in Rodriguez’s stats or skills that seems to make him long-ranger-prone – it really is just where I play him. He’s my rear DMF and has been in that ‘DMF hole’ as I call it outside the box, and has had plenty of efforts that haven’t gone in. Him and Rice between them account for probably 75% of my long-range efforts.

    I also am climbing off the Rice train. Rising Shot is purely cosmetic with no end-product, at least in his case. One of my Free Agent signings is an AMF with the Rising Shot skill. Going to be very interesting to see if the skill ever actually leads to a goal, at any time.

  23. That’s the million dollar question, what causes such varying experiences, I set up my team just like you NG remember, same players, same difficulty, same formation, same tactics, and passed the ball mostly, yet I experienced a mass of LCS.
    Maybe its a seed thing but how the hell would that even be programmed?
    You’d need two different AI codes, and a random seed that decides which Ai you get? Hardly likely.

    At a loss to properly explain it.

    Example of ‘Rising Shot’ in action with Rice.

  24. Paul – have you been sitting on that Rice Rising Shot all this time?! I remember that vid but missed that one. Great goal, and it is a long-ranger in my book. It’s a sign of how your experience has gone with PES2019 if you’re not enthused about your own goals.

    I’m not keen on the AI seed theory for the same reason as you. It doesn’t logically add up. No reason for Konami to do it.

    You’ve got the bandwidth for it – why not upload an entire LCS-infested match? I’m as curious to see it in action.

  25. NG – I knew about the focused training option, what I meant to say was if anyone knows if it actually works? Can you make Jarvis both fast and accurate or do you get the same average plod from training like you seem to get every recent year? Personally I don’t think it makes any difference whether you target ‘goal poacher’ ‘dummy runner’ or whatever, they just click over to some predefined level.

    Second pre season game went better – villa lost 1-6 this time. Absolutely ridiculous. Has anyone else noticed the AI is scoring much quicker in games this year? Within the first five mins has been very common for me, not as I’m half asleep but because they seem to get the rub of the ball and hit me with a really direct attack. No gentle feeling out, no particular build up or obvious setting out of tactics, just an out of the traps all out assault.

  26. Not at all NG, I posted that video on here weeks ago, maybe you just didn’t watch until the end.
    I very much enjoyed the goal, as I did with others, but for me its all dampened by the fact that this sort of goal can happen, then in the next breath the AI attacks and I will know whats going to happen, do everything I can to stop it, but its pointless, its going to be a goal 9/10 times.
    And that this happens all the time, every game, it wears you down to the point of being numb about the game.

    Will have a few hours tonight, need to collect content for tomorrows FIFAFX post though, so if I get chance, I will play a match in PES and record it and upload it for scrutiny.

  27. Turf – I’m very dubious about training, I think each player has a set, pre-determined growth rate, and he will develop to that level regardless of what training you employ for him.

    Much like the deeper tactical options, I think its all just nobs and dials for the sake of looking like it does something.

    Previous evidence of this showed that in PES 18, I had a player that I bought, decent stats, young, around 25 I think, but didn’t hardly ever play him, maybe 2 games all season, didn’t loan him out, and his training was just set to default ‘balanced’, in one season of not being specifically trained, or played in any matches, his OVR went up by 6 points from 71 OVR to 77 OVR.

    Same as this year, I had a player get an injury for 2 weeks due to fatigue by being overplayed, but this was the very first match all season this specific player had played in, it was obviously pre-determined that a player, maybe that player specifically, was due to get an injury on that game week, regardless.

    Busyness, but no substance.

  28. Master league as 70s sci fi show? – lots of flashing lights and switches but they’re just stuck on to a cardboard box? I have to admit I’ve not noticed any managerial influence on any aspect of player development since 2013s nuclear heights, and there hasn’t been any choices to make over the ability of coaches, doctors, scouts, etc for years.

  29. In PES 2017 I used focussed training on the vast majority of my players and it unequivocally made a difference. My CBs were bog standard when I bought them (frees) and around 68 OVR. I got their OVRs past 80 and close to 85 and the whole time they were focussed purely on Defence. Their other stats barely rose by ball winning, defensive prowess and heading all shot up. Likewise my 100 goal a season striker Oulare went from 70 to 81 and never higher but I focus trained his heading, jump and physical contact and he was practically unbeatable in the air.

    There’s enough that doesn’t work well in PES eithour starting to slam the things that do but subtly so.

    On a brighter note – Austin and Winks on loan on deadline day! Winks with two assists on debut.

  30. Jay – if you had left those players training schemes on ‘Balanced’ they would have rose just the same. Players stats akin to their positioning always rises quicker.
    A CF stats in finishing, shot power, agility etc will all rise quicker than say ball winning, tackling and jump.

  31. They simply wouldn’t have. I fundamentally disagree with you.

  32. I’m firmly convinced the tactical sliders are makework — I love my monkeys flying the spaceship metaphor a bit too much, so I won’t use it again — but the Focused Training would need some sort of time-consuming parallel test that I haven’t got time for. Maybe somebody else has? Make 2 separate copies of your current ML save. Make sure to keep your original save safe and separate.

    Load up one of the new saves and keep the Training settings as normal, and SIM 10 matches.

    With the other new save, set the Focused Training options to the opposite of your first save’s settings, and SIM 10 matches in that one as well.

    If the players stats in both these parallel ML worlds are the same, we have a result. If they’re different, as they should be, we also have a result. Either way, there’s a definite conclusion to be had.

    Of course then there’s a whole new level of debate: do stats matter in PES anymore? I think yes, of course they do, but not by as much as they should.

  33. They grew disproportionately in those stats and not the others. I trained Oulare until he hit 99 in physical contact and jump. He wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t focus the training.

  34. But also being able to train a player until hes 99 in a stat is also argument that training doesn’t work, if you can make a player the absolute best, cant get any better, surely he should have a growth ceiling, if not why not just train him in every key stat and get 99 dribbling, 99 shot power, 99 finishing, 99 heading etc.

  35. I found that I couldn’t get his OVR to increase above 81 and I had about two seasons out of him at 81 where he just wouldn’t improve and growth of stats slowed right down when I tried to focus training elsewhere, so in that sense their is a ceiling.

    I don’t get why we are so desperate to bash the game all the time.

  36. NG – my record on-line is surprisingly not bad as I have won about 5 of my last 8 games. Yes I have had a few of those moments. My favourite being in a cup competition where I was up against a player ranked much higher than me with a team of all-stars. To save condition I alternate between my first team and reserves. The reserve team is default players and a mix of bronze players who are developing well. I played them in this particular game and won 2-0. I scored in the first few minutes then felt like one of the 3 little pigs as he threw everything at me. Then with 10 mins to go I scored on the break. I love the fact that the players with thier Globetrotter teams don’t alter attack/defence or use Adanced Tactics. As a result you can out think them.

  37. Steve Bruce has gone and I have a whole new enthusiasm for football.
    Hopefully it gets me over the line for promotion this season.

  38. Jay – I agree with you about individual training, and have my whole squad mapped out with their own regimes based on my vision for the player. As not-Greg says this sort of debate should be relatively easy to prove through stats, if anyone can be arsed to do so. I’ve got my Jarvis on ‘fox in the box’ so we could compare him with not-Greg’s and others’ in a few weeks time

  39. I’m not the man to try that, I’ve donned my white coat before, my focus now is on replacing the cabbaged one.

    I don’t fundamentally disagree with your disagreement Jay, but I do lean towards the of no particular impact camp, in the same way that I think the ‘skills’ are purely in name only. I’ve never noticed any particular growth in something that has three arrows rather than none, just like ‘malicia’ adds nothing. I reckon match time gives them a boost but otherwise they just chug along on some preordained path. Ive now got Jarvis on focused 5 blocks of speed. I’ll try and avoid selling the useless lump so we can check.

    The bashing imho is related to the fact that we get lied to, receive no responses and generally get treated like mugs by the developer. Just about every review I’ve read has highlighted how little effort seems to go in every year.

  40. Just lost my best midfielder to a 3 month injury caused by a Slabhead slide tackle from behind in the 92nd minute. I don’t ever recall having a player sidelined for so long in nuPES.

    Is the focused training different this year? I’ve taken to using it instead of the presets once the player role has been trained. I’m not sure whather any of it makes a difference but I try to ensure the role suits the position being played and there’s a few more to choose from this year at least. Full back finisher is my new favourite.

  41. Cook – I take the same path as you but very much feeling it works with it.

    I’m 10 points off of 6th with about 12 games left. I had 4 wins from 4 mid January but then lost 4 of my next 5 league games so scuppered my own progress. I’d give first season promotion a 30% chance.

    It’s a shame we can’t search for players based on tactical match; I know it’s viewable but a lot of clicking

  42. Jay – I don’t think there is a ‘desperation’ to ‘bash’ the game, just a cynicism, based on years and years of experience.
    Also not sure how long you have been playing PES for but as you are much younger than most of us here, we maybe have many more years of Konami skullduggery in our minds.

    If the game does something and does it well, I’ll be the first to hold my hands up, and training may well improve stats, but in all the years I’ve been playing PES, if I set my CF to be a ‘Fox in the box’ training wise, then get told weeks later that he has now developed his own play style, I never see any difference in his play that suggests he has had that training.

    He doesn’t get on to the end of parries first any more than normal, he doesn’t make any more darting runs behind defenses any more than before, he doesn’t hang off a defenders shoulder any more than normal, the very essence of ‘fox in the box’ traits are not apparent. Hence my skepticism.

    Also, If the game didn’t do x, y or z very well, but did a, b and c well, that would be complimented on equal terms along with the negatives, but IMO what is there to compliment this year?

    Ok – admittedly – graphics. That’s all.

    ML – Worst its ever been, release fees are broken, features removed en masse every year, All cm teams play at 99 TS and up form.

    Commentary – Abysmal, only word for it

    Audio – Abysmal, no atmosphere, no chants, no team specifics, just one generic wall of sound that gets a little louder when a team scores.

    Gameplay – Broken, for some that have some form of lucky dice roll, its decent but for thousands, as evidenced by reports all over the web, the game is a broken mess, whereby AI is repetitive, one dimensional, keepers stay stuck to their lines, CPU players squander golden shooting chances to move outside, moving of defensive line up or back does not work, COM controlled team mates act like zombies and let players walk past them to score

    Combine all this with the fact that Konami KNEW the transfers in ML were broken but made no attempt to fix before release, instead chose to doctor a photo to make it look fixed, then lied to everyone on social media, it will be 3 months after release by the time an AI ‘fix’ is issued, if it even does anything, and will we get all those stadiums from licensed teams as promised in ll the hype and buildup?
    Ibrox, Celtic Park, Stade Lous II, etc etc

    Basically we get served up an unfinished game, lied to about its quality and content, and are expected to wait 3 months after purchase for any of it to be addressed, or the content to be delivered that the game was sold upon.

    If you are happy with that as your lot then so be it, but I’m not.
    And as a paying customer, for over 15 years, often on multiple formats, I’m entitled to ‘bash’ the game however and whenever I choose.

  43. I’m just fed up of the same reheated leftovers year after year. Champion and Drury are good commentators imho and yet konami never seek to add to the soundtrack, they just knock out last year’s tape. I tried again last night and I just can’t do it. I’m used to early frustration but not to the extent that I hate what the AI does.

  44. You think Turf? I think the commentary is dreary, drab, delivered with no conviction, and often doesn’t even relate to whats happening on screen.
    This is probably more down to Konami’s implementation, and scripts than the actual commentary though.

    I wish Konami would just come out as EA did and say ‘ML is no longer a priority, we will maintain it but wont be developing it, our focus is online’ rather than spewing out this 3 year ML plan bollocks every damn year.

    PS: New post now live on http://www.FIFAFX.com

  45. abbeyhill – did you play Gwent in Witcher3? If so, does it get really involved and complex?

    Jay/Paul – I’m between the two camps. I know that you, Jay, adore the series and tend to view individual games through the prism of the series as a whole, which is letting Konami off the hook IMO. Each new PES must be considered as its own individual instance of a football game. Which actually lets each game breathe on its own.

    I’m 99.99% sure that all those Compactness and Support Range sliders in the tactical menus do absolutely nothing at all. Not ‘little’. Nothing!

    I’m probably about 30% that the Focused Training does little. Not nothing – just little. It all depends on how vital you see stats in PES these days.

    Darryl – the Globetrotter teams nearly always win by doing what they do, of course, so it’s the optimal way for them to go. I used to love being that occasional opponent who would cause them problems.

    Cook – back when injuries in ML weren’t a special thing – when they were just a normal part of the mode and only a crazy person would ever think they’d be removed – I’m sure I had a multi-month injury too, to someone vital at the time. PES2010, I’m vaguely thinking.

  46. Bug or Incredible feat of Randomness??
    So i started my ML (on PC) back then, with the default players. Now on 3rd season and having Nottingham Forest been promoted to the Premier League. My Squad saw a fair amount of new blood coming in from the youth and a few youngsters free plater lying around.

    Among all stands the Mighty Arcas. For some reason i can’t explain, ALL the “player is looking good, give him time on the pitch” thingies went to Arcas. He is now 91 and just entered a new period of fast progress. His market value is over 30 million Euros, and i don’t have the salary budget to renew his contract. He asks for 4 million + and poor Nottingham just being promoted has only 3mil in reserve for salaries. Any one else had all fast development focusing on one single player?

    Regarding the youth team recruits.. i think i went a bit over the top. When you bring them to the first team, they are automatically hired for the season, at a very low salary. So suddenly i am facing several requests for renewal at a much bigger price tag. And so i fear that coming the end of the season, a lot will force their way out.

  47. I have got fed up of PES commentary purely from watching highlight clips on here, literally cannot imagine having it on In the game!

    Not-Greg – sadly not, the game seemed massive enough even without distractions plus I have no natural affinity with card games. Started the first of the dlcs last night, Hearts of Stone, combat seems quite a lot tougher

  48. Paul/Abbeyhill (although im not sure you should even be allowed to speak given your anti crisp stance) – what I mean is drury n champion are fine in that real life stuff, it’s just konami who render them lifeless and irritating. For true pain you should have heard Alan green back on the ps1 and one of those ‘soccer’ games.

  49. Turf – Konami probably give them a pre-written script translated from Japanglish, and they probably record their lines separately, so when its all stitched together it sounds disjointed and exactly like they were reading lines, separately, sat in an office somewhere, not like they are at a live football match feeding off each other.

  50. Paul – I’ve played every PES without exception I’ve always had it on the latest PS console at the time plus one or two of them on PSP concurrently. Though I didn’t start looking at or reading forums/blogs until 2014 and now this is the *only* one that I do.

    I am 100% with you on the titles of the training regimes having zero effect on play style, but I don’t use them as meaning to: I think it’s purely the regime’s title based on the stats it focuses on rather than meant to change the actual playing style – at least that’s how it works in practice. So for me the training is stats based only and it works as thus.

    And of course you’re entitled to criticise the game and without it we wouldn’t have a debate. Off to read FIFAFX……of which I’ve played each FIFA since 2012, with the exception of FIFA 18, and from memory FIFA 2003 and FIFA 2006 beforehand. In fact I only play football games. I really enjoyed the career mode of This is Football where you started as a college team of 16-18 year olds.

    I’m thefalseliberty on FIFAFX btw due to having an account on WP

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