Jarvis takes the wheel

It is now October, the traditional release month for PES. What will this most spiritual month of PES bring for the many disaffected players and fans of this game? Not since PES2014 has there been such a dramatic reaction to a new PES.

I almost feel guilty that I don’t need a patch or DLC to make my experience of PES2019 good again.

I’m having the time of my life on PES2019.

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how I’ve avoided the AI’s Low Cross Spam. Even the one AI brainfart I did see – AI strikers turning away from goal when clean through – doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

Maybe there’s a materialist explanation? Maybe PES goodness is like gold. Only so much PES goodness can exist on Earth at any one time, and I’ve got it all.

It’s amusing, and it’s not. At a seemingly universal time of PES revolt, I’ve landed some sort of exceptional prize goose. Don’t know how, don’t know why.

A golden session of 6 matches late last night has changed my Master League for good. 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 solitary defeat – all pushed me to the top half of the table for the first time this ML.

(Still on Top Player difficulty.)

Regular commenter Paul, who has just kicked off a FIFA19 Career Mode blog, kindly provided me with a couple of updated CCFC kits. The new away one (bottom right) is my 4th alternate.

I’ve replaced the 1st choice strip with his updated lighter-Sky-Blue-and-white-striped jobby.

Master League is a fantasy hinterland where anything goes.

Jarvis, as seen above, is a little magician. His Finishing stat of 89 makes him comfortably the deadliest finisher in my squad. One of my wins in my miracle session last night was a 2-0 win, both of them from Jarvis. A true fox in the box. Give him the chance and the ball will go in the back of the net.

I’ve had dalliances with Jarvis in previous editions, but never stuck with him past a certain point, and he’s been a squad player at best. I have a dream this time round, of building a long-term squad around Jarvis – and a few other players too, of which more later….

The only downside to my PES Shangri-La is the continuing lack of AI fouls.

In those 6 matches last night, the AI fouls count went like this: 0-0-0-0-1-1.

4 matches straight without a single AI foul. Then 1 each in the last two matches. Giving an overall session average of 0.33 fouls per match.

It’s never usually as low as that. My global PES2019 average so far would be around 1.3 AI fouls per match – still much, much lower than other players of PES2019 are experiencing.

After the demo, I do feel kind of cheated on the AI fouls front. That FIVE-MINUTE demo regularly yielded 3 or 4 AI fouls per match. My play-style in the demo was exactly the same as now.

The January transfer window came.

I sold Vasilj to free up some wages. I’m not very impressed with the Youths this year, and quite right too. It’s a relief not to see a long list of star name Regens in the Youths.

M Gomez is there, though, and rated 74OPR overall. But he wants a salary of £700,000. No way.

I picked up a few young defenders from Free Agents to cover for the departed Vasilj.

Then I spotted a few star names Regen. Samuel Eto’o is still there, this time as a fresh-faced Regen, but again his wages are silly: £1.7m. No way.

Then I spotted Robben. A poor likeness, yes, but it’s still him.

I had a look at his wages, saw that his wages were good, negotiated them even lower with a token goal bonus to sweeten the pot – and swooped.

Arjen Robben, 17 years old, 69OPR, is now in my squad.

Coming to the end of January, Season 2.

Mid-table, only 6 points off the play-offs.

Poor Defaults leaving, good Defaults developing, solid youngsters coming in.

PES2019: it’s all (somehow) happening.

Updated: 2nd October 2018 — 11:24


  1. Love Jarvis’ facial expression in that Yellow card pic.

    Great to see you having such a good time with PES 19 too, this is where I wanted to be, seems we have done almost a complete opposite U-turn, with you swearing not to buy PES 2019 only a few months back, and me being hyped for it, now you are enjoying the hell out of it, and I’m not even playing it.

    The way PES 19 plays for some will be a universal mystery for years to come, 8th wonder of the world kinda stuff.

    Same Game. Same console. Same Option file. Same difficulty level. Same formation. Same tactics. Totally different games.

    the LCS issue single handedly ruined my experience, but I was getting an abundance of fouls most matches. You don’t even see LCS, but scarcely ever get a foul.
    What is the underlying factor(s) that is causing such a different experience for different people?

    There MUST be something, anything, its the same game,. all copies were cut from the same gold master image when it went into production, the AI code is the exact same for everyone, regardless of tactics, placebo, play styles etc.

    There has to be an answer.

    PS. Kits look nice, although I’m unhappy with the size and position of the logo on the back top of the shirt, needs to be smaller and lower down, I shall rectify.

  2. How’s the foul count holding up?

    That wage for Robben is ridiculous. But this has always been the case with the created players. He will get to 90ovr and still only be worth about £5m.

    SPOILER ALERT http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=55270 Jarvis’ predicted development peak. Don’t move the slider if you don’t want to ruin the journey.

  3. Paul – there has to be a reason and I think the only possible answer is individual playstyle. Last night I tried to notice what I do and don’t do to get different results on the LCS front and the AI fouls front. Without writing an essay (Im on a bus on my phone) With LCS I always double up on AI wing-runs and even cover the zone befre the Ai gets there. With fouls, I rarely let the AI near me. This doesnt answer how I was getting 3-4 fouls per demo game tho.

  4. Tommy – there’s a good few paragraphs in the post about the foul count…. Its low. 4 straight matches last night with 0.

  5. nG – Apologies. Skim reading (at work).

  6. NG – I have tried every style of formation, and tactic, as I showed in that video where I pushed the entire back four back as far as possible, I covered wings runs, used doubling up on the players etc, and the COM still insisted on trying it all the time.
    Even when I forced them inside, as soon as a yard of space opened up on the wing, they would stop, and immediately move the ball out to the wing where they would attempt a low cross.
    So I’m not convinced its play style.

    Play style could however be the cause of your low fouls count, if you don’t let the CPU near you and always move the ball on, then naturally tackles, and as a result, fouls, will be lower.

    Just try this in a few games, see if it bares any fruit for you, something I like to do, dribble towards a COm player, either midfield, or more advanced positions (don’t use sprint) and time it so that just as the COM player gets about a yard from your player, double tap the sprint button for a speed burst, and press the LS at a 45 degree angle to the either left or right of him.

    The COM will either step in and be done by your change of pace and direction, great for making a yard for long shots, or they will tackle you and most of the time, foul you. I’ve won countless shooting range FK’s using this method.

    As mentioned, amended home kit.
    Made the logo on back of the shirt smaller, and moved it down so that its not cut off by the collar, also added the sweeping stripes to the long sleeves so it continues on from the body,as noticed the long sleeve cuts off the top of the short sleeve.

  7. Hi.
    I Started my ML on regular and wasnt getting much on the way of AI fouls. Then i moved to professional and suddenly the increased agression Started to bear fruits. A lot more fouls coming my way, now. Funny how the whole game changes. Ir also shows my limitations. In order to score i amor forced to use more fingers than i was used to. Not an easy job for an aging 51 year old father of 3.

  8. I stand corrected, forget Tyson and Al, that video shows that it’s clearly that Greg bloke from master chef and all those inside the factory type programmes.

  9. It is all a mystery. I haven’t had a LCS issue but failed to see anything different in this years PES to the last 3 games. For me it is the lack of variety in both the goals you score and those from the CPU. On the goals for front it is down to nerfing of long shots and headers, so the majority of goals come from Robbie Fowler territory. As for goals against the AI issues have been discussed at length. This leaves quite a soleless experience. On top of that modern ML is just piss poor. Then there is the comparison with the career mode on Fifa and I am left with no desire to play ML. Am happy with Myclub at the moment though and keeps me amused for a few hours each day.

    As for Mr Fury I really can’t say I have been compared with him but will take that as a compliment. Werd was closest with his description of my PJ’s.

  10. I had two matches in my PES 2019 ML last night – the same two that gave me such a horrible session last week. Yes, I admit, I was so appalled I quit without saving.

    This session looked like it might be starting the same way with Brentford going all LCS on my ass. I made a mental note to count how many times the Bees bobbled one low into my box but by half time they had given up. I suspect it may have been my extra focus on stopping the buggers but that was it for LCS over two very enjoyable matches indeed. Both were 2-1 wins. Three free kicks for me in one match and two in the other, by the way.

    I’m now nearly at the January transfer window of season two in 9th place, just three points off the play offs but I don’t expect to get promotion this season.

    n-G – Jarvis was a star for me in PES 2018 as he is proving to be in this game too. He really is a deadly finisher, the kind perfectly suited to this apparently howitzer-light PES.

  11. Loved Jarvis in PES2017, took us all the way to the treble, his finishing was sublime. Haven’t really tried him in 2019 but would agree with Shed that it should be an ideal PES for him. Might give him a run out in place of Goios for a few games tonight

  12. I’m actively trying to play both PES and FIFA. I’m beginning to think the two companies are in cahoots as the faults in each game are mirrored by the best bits in the other.

    Keep thinking I have multiple shooter games, racing games etc. Surely I can train myself to play both Football games?

  13. Shed – If you replayed those 2 matches again, they would probably use the CS loads again, its session variance, the the ‘good’ games the LCS is almost bearable, in the ‘bad’ games they are disgusting.

    I never played Jarvis, always favoured Mihailovic or Goios, then sold him, but Pallister came to the fore towards the end of season one for me, that’s where I’ve left it for now.

    I wish Konami would reinstate the original default names.

  14. Sounds like we are both getting as much enjoyment from PES as each other – a first!

    I’ll count my fouls in the upcoming session

  15. Paul – I wish Konami would just press the randomiser and give us different defaults each year – maybe with the odd cult hero thrown in now and again.

    Pallister was decent in my first season but I flogged him before season two. As handy as Jarvis is, he’ll be off as soon as I get a decent offer or find a better player as he’s very much PES 2018 to me. Arcas has been good too but his days are numbered due to his story having played out in PES 2017.

  16. I’m the other way – I’d prefer the same defaults just aged a year, and the odd change when they clearly hit retirement age. Coynborough would have been into his swansong now, irjescu maybe a little less powerful…I wouldn’t be surprised if konami simply forgets their names with the likes of castolis, castolo, etc and they seem so immune to creating any form of familiarity in recent years. As ever, what could ml have been – we might not have cared about authenticity if we could have had the journey of a group of players over a decade of releases.

    Darryl – that’s pretty much it as I see it, fowler territory indeed.

  17. That’s a great Idea Turf, a 19yr old Castolo in PES 5 would now be a 34yr old Stalwart, probably about to retire, he could then be hired as a scout.

    seen a post on a forum where the guy dissects the PC version of PES 19 and through his findings using sideloading mods to open up the database, finds that every single COM teams Team Spirit rating is set to 99, and that their form arrows are always on the up pointing Green arrow (good form) which boosts all stats by between 4.8% and 8%.

    This would explain why every team plays like every other team, why Burton play like Barcelona, because they are always set to their highest TS, meaning their reactions, runs, movement, awareness, agility etc is all super-boosted to the max, and each individual players stats have been boosted due to the constant good form.

    So if you are a 70 OVR rated team with a TS of 70, a COm team rated 62 OVR will actually be a better, more able team than you, because they are playing way outside the scope of their abilities, all the time.

    Pretty damn lazy from Konami, but absolutely not surprising.

  18. Paul – think I prefer the old scripting, compared to just flat out super-humans on the other team.

  19. Paul – That would explain why the game seems harder this year. Team Spirit has been badly implemented from the very beginning, in my opinion.

    Uncle Turf – Yes, that’s a good idea with the defaults. Didn’t they use to age them a year for each new game back in PS2 PES? Now all they seem to do is trot out the same youthful bunch with the just the odd name change, like Coutinho to Goiis.

  20. Darryl – I find the game very different this year. Some people saying there is no real difference across resent clusters of PES versions is not new – back in the Golden Age of PES (PES2-PES6), there were many voices saying PES5 was no different to PES4, for example, which I strongly disagreed with at the time. When PES6 came out, I thought that was very similar to PES4, so there is always similarity. PES2019 is closest to PES2017 in terms of ruggedness. But it is as different from that and the other recent PES games, IMO, as the Golden Age games were from each other. Close kinship but different natures.

    Shed – I’m still keeping an eye out for a PES5 book of my own. See this one here (which I’m not getting – description describes a few creased pages with underlining on them)

    Scroll down to look at the authors’ names:

    Daujam Mathieu and James Price

    First, a Mathieu co-authored the strategy guide to the game in which he has a namesake who remains celebrated. It’s a bit like a ‘Derek Calrissian’ putting together a Star Wars guide. I assume it’s his real name. Mathieu is as common in the Francophone world as Matthews is in ours.

    And I believe James Price is the occasional commenter we have seen here over the last few years by the name of James. He once mentioned as part of a long, long comment that he used to write Piggyback guides in the PS2 days.

    Both authors have a ton of Piggyback guides credited to them on Amazon.

  21. abbeyhill – Goios did naff-all for me and went. Jarvis… it is Time for Jarvis, I think. ML being all about stories and destinies, this is his time. That 89 Finishing stat is a marvel. My next-best Finisher is Necid on 79.

  22. prsgame – I’ve never heard of anyone successfully playing PES and FIFA concurrently, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. I think what makes it a doomed endeavour is that the experience of swapping back and forth between both games doesn’t really let any real expertise develop, fails to connect with any ‘stories’ in any mode, and levels out to all-round ‘meh’.

    Jay – it certainly is a first by this stage (Release day+5 weeks). The only precedent for PES2019 was really PES2014, which I was one of the dislikers of that year. I vaguely remember looking at Paul’s USB blog at the time (I was still Reggie Perrining) and seeing how he seemed to like it for a lot longer than most, so it is a funny old (made-up computer) game.

  23. Uncle Turf – I’m on your side on this one. The Defaults of old were allowed to age and retire, and even had their own retirement announcements prior to ML starting. (What edition was that in?)

    Renaming and remixing the Defaults almost every year makes no sense at all. It’s as if Konami don’t really understand what they’ve got in Master League…. unless they do know, and it’s a conscious strategy to ‘nudge’ stubborn single-players towards myClub. In which case, the strategy clearly works. I’ve played. Paul’s played. Darryl is playing. And why not – it is a good mode with a lot of attraction for ML vets.

    But Coynborough & Cinalton & co… they could have been legends. As it stands, them and the other ‘one or two MLs and they’re done’ players are more like George Lazenbys than Sean Connerys.

  24. NG – it’s even worse than usual that I have them both on PS4 instead of FIFA on XBOX. I think the only way to do it is to do them week about.

    There is just something nagging about both games at the minute. FIFA definitely gives me anger issues compared to the Zen approach I take to PES, sometimes you just need to let the devil out.

  25. prsgame – it might be the only way you get to play both. By the time spring rolls round and I’m feeling done with PES, I’ve used up all my ML-style gaming juice and FIFA rarely gets more than a brief look-in.

  26. n-G – I wondered if that author’s name and his ML namesake could be a thing. Interesting that Price woz here too. Maybe he’s still lurking and can sort you out with a copy of his guide. It’s actually very well put together.

    It’s a shame these books are useless now what with the way games are updated and changed over their lifespan. I have a Star Wars Battlefront guide which I bought for a quid earlier this year. Beautiful artwork and fun stats but useless as any kind of guide to a game with more patches than Captain Hook’s lilo.

  27. NG – just call me the fixer!!!
    Will be in touch soon.

  28. Paul – fixer in regard to what? If you mean the PES5 guide, I’ve gone for a better-condition one from another eBay seller – was waiting for its arrival to post a thumbshot! Cheers anyway if it was that, but I’m sorted.

  29. No worries, I found the ISBN code and contacted a friend who runs a book selling website, he had a copy in so I’ve ordered one. anyone else want a good condition PES 5 strategy guide ??? lol

  30. Paul – You should offer it up as a very quirky goal of the month prize on FIFAFX.

  31. Paul – if you’d got me just 20 minutes earlier… I can’t cancel the eBay purchase now. Never mind! Maybe do as Shed says. I hope FIFA19 demo goals would count, as I would join in. The last GOTM you did on USB, though, you Reggie Perrined yourself!

  32. Shed – you think anyone playing FIFA would want a copy of a 15 yr old strategy guide from a different game?!!?

    Nevermind NG – at least you’re sorted.

  33. Paul – Exactly! It’s just this kind of content that will make PESFX/FIFAFX as essential as PES Chronicles. Maybe open a debate on crisps or biscuits too while you’re at it.

  34. Crisps – cheese and onion McCoys
    Biscuits – Malted Milks

    Don’t @ me

  35. The uk crisp market has gone very wrong in recent years. Walkers dominate far too much and their way of running pointless competitions for flavours (it’s like the X factor type rubbish – they don’t want the outcome, they want the numbers the outcome generates – for singer/ratings swap crisp/bags sold).

    Biscuits I kind of understand that they shift with other food influences, like a box of chocolates now includes numerous pralines as favoured by yer European continental crowd. I query whether they are also cheaper to mak though.

    Surely it’s got to be seabrooks Canadian ham and a Wagon wheel.

  36. Roast beef monster munch or going back 20 years … oinks or potato puffs.

    As for biscuit. Depends on the beverage but a bourbon or a good old digestive. Quite partial to a shortbread too.

  37. nG – 0-0-2-2-6-4-5-5-1 was today’s session of fouls; an average of 2.77 and I really do enjoy and notice the 5 plus games.

    I’m one game into the second half of the season and sit in 15th on 30 points, 10 points off of 6th.

    Remarkably I twice came from behind to take Spurs to penalties where I made 4 (FOUR) consecutive saves to book a date with Chelsea.

    I’m practically at the end of the January Transfer Window and have brought in 6 (SIX) players: a goalkeeper, two CBs, a CM, an AM and a CF. The CF has made an immediate impact, scoring 4 in 4.

    I can’t remember if there’s an (unsaid) rule on naming signings here. I know I’m unlikely to sign a player someone else raves about so I’ll keep schtum unless people aren’t bothered.

  38. Fewer crisps in smaller packets is the way things are going and I don’t like it. I like flavouring that makes the eyes water and the mouth tingle. I had a lovely pack of Chipsticks today.

    Jay — I see you had a few foulsless games as well though. I doubt fouls will just magically start happening for me. The way I play.

    And just checking — are you old enough to remember the Vidiprinter? the origin of the 1 (ONE) etc. thing? I ask because it occurs to me you might well know nothing about it and think the 1 (ONE) thing is just some weird random quirkiness.

  39. If I was American ….. chicken and biscuits. With gravy.

  40. The very thing I missed last year is now my albatross. Despite all the problems I’ve encountered I still want to start an ml. I know what will happen but I want to poke at it to check. I’d be a terrible scratcher if I had some horrible disease. I don’t want to wait for the patch. I don’t want to be disappointed by the patch. I want what NG has.

  41. Turf – I’m in the NG camp as well. I’m suspecting there’s some random seed thing working behind the scenes to determine if an ML goes to shit or no. Reason why I say so is that I’ve had two parallel saves, one with arsenal and one with Liverpool. Arsenal one : frantic high pace games with lcs all over the place. Liverpool one: great engaging games with hardly any sign of lcs. Same players, same tactics, same opponents and same leagues. Bizarre.

  42. Haven’t played PES 2019 but I feel pretty sure that NG is right when he suggests that people’s different experiences are due to playing styles. Strikes me that NG defends with great patience and the AI sits up and takes notice, so to speak.

  43. Turf – I’m really warming to the game now. Defaults on superstar with a 4-1-4-1 formation, tactics set up to discourage LCS (e.g. defensive line and compactness both set at 2), you can start to appreciate the positives of this PES – fouls, decent level of difficulty, good feel to the gameplay, financial constraints make team building a real challenge in ML. Obviously the limited range of goalscoring options and unimaginative AI are still issues

    Jay – not sure what the ‘rule’ is, but personally quite interested in hearing about your signings in season 1 of ML. I get the impression there are no hidden gems, i.e. amazing players available on low salaries

    #1 – just completed Witcher 3 at last this evening, well worth the 125 hours that Steam informs me I put into it, absolutely superb story and experience. Which ending did you get? Are the two DLCs worth getting too?

  44. Another long 3am session, which, among many good matches with lots of variation and goal types, brought me this – Rodriguez again:

    The mystery continues.

  45. nG – that’s – an albeit incorrectly placed – postage stamp goal! I can imagine your 3am joy! I have vague memories of vidiprinter but I’m more ceefax and teletext. For me the 1 (ONE) is very much an enjoyable quirk of this site.

    Abbeyhill – in which case:

    • GK – Ortolá – 70 – 25y – free
    • CB – Botía – 72 – 29y – free (white boots at CB is always going to make a player feel individual and add to that he is noticeably strong and good in the air; can also play DM and RB)
    • CB – Marcellis – 72 – 30y – free – can also play LB and RB
    • CM – Chirivella – 70 – 21y – free – also DM and CM
    • AM – de la Cruz – 74 – 21y – £4.8m – felt individual and looked individual from the off but only had the one game with him; tiny little player with great agility and movement on and off ball
    • CF – Chris Wood – 74 – 28y – £3.6m – from Burnley, this target man is very strong yet mobile and oozes individuality for me; 4 in 4 from the off and some real thumpers; currently teaching him ‘Header.’

  46. I am with NG on the crisp debate as you get nowt in them now as the other day I honestly had four crisps in a packet. My favourites used to be Smiths Square Crisps (Salt and Vinegar) or Scampi Fries.

    Paul – Chicken and biscuits with gravy? Are you a dog?

  47. Darryl – the Chicken and biscuits is an American thing, completely weird to us over here but to them, Biscuits are a staple breakfast item.

    NG – why did you choose to revert back to the old cam?
    Also dont forget to apply the amended kit i posted above, noticed you dont have the arm stripes

  48. Pic Onion Monster Munch, KP Beef(class advert)and Tudor Spring Onion and I concur about the Canadian Ham.
    Just had 4 Bourbons for breakfast.

    Jay – my homebrew Defaults are holding up indiv wise. Different running styles goal celebrations, hair styles and ability all tweaked by myself.

  49. First of all, I’d like to apologise for sparking a crisps/biscuit debate that really should be on FIFAFX.

    For the record, I think Walkers are killing crisps with their experimental flavours and minuscule crisp-count per pack. Luckily, I’ve found a newsagent that does spicy Space Raiders and Transformers crisps. Otherwise, even supermarket own-brand crisps or those massive bags of pretend Walkers from Aldi are better than what Gary Lineker is flogging.

    Tommy – Nice giffy thing of Alan Partridge there. I never fail to think ‘FRIKER!’ or ‘SHIT! Did you see that?’ when a real or virtual player bangs one in from distance with a foot like a traction engine.

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