Month: October 2018

Patch of the Day

That’s DIAWARA up above, my new Loanee DMF.

83 OPR. A bit slow and lumbering, and he hasn’t got much of a shot on him. Which makes him a bit of an oddity for me in DMF terms. To be truly beloved, my DMFs have to have great shots on them. But if they’re good enough as DMFs, I’ll overlook weak shooting. Neeskens in PES2012 was one of my legendary DMFs, but had one of the weakest shots in that game.

Diawara is astoundingly good so far. At the end of this season when the loan expires I will do my best to keep him. He’s immense.

Five days with the October PES2019 patch, and my own verdict more or less parallels the general verdict: great, but still with misgivings. My misgivings relate to general speed. I find the game faster now, and frequently unpleasantly frantic. The feeling comes and goes.

Fouls continue to be almost absent for me. I still average about 1.2 per match, which is I suppose an improvement on PES2018’s 0.25 per match.

LCS (Low Cross Spam) was not a thing for me before the patch and remains not a thing for me after the patch. I can see that the AI’s general wing-tendency is much reduced, though.

One fix that was critical for me was the fix to ‘AI dithering’ in and around the box. That was properly game-wrecking whenever it happened (at least once per session). I am happy to report not one instance of it in around five full sessions since the patch.

First business of my new season was to add a couple of new kits, courtesy once again of PESFX Kits maestro (and current FIFAFX blogger) Paul.

Home on the left here, Away on the right.

In the Transfer market pre-season, I decided to use the feature/exploit that sees you able to furnish yourself with plenty of high-quality Loan signings. More on that below.

I’ve played a lot. I’m already at the mid-season transfer window. Yes, it’s January already in my Season 4. I have covered a lot of ground since last Friday’s post.

Life in the Championship in PES2019 is something I desperately want to get away from – but one of the side-effects of the Great Patch, for me, was to make Top Player feel too easy.

Possibly it was the effect of all my loanees, but I think it was the patch,

This was the Season 4 table after 8 matches, all on Top Player:I was romping to victory in every match. And I mean romping. Promotion would have been a formality on Top Player.

I couldn’t have that. So I switched up to Superstar.

And here is the table after switching to Superstar:I’ve only won 2 matches since the switch. This is much more how I want my struggle to go. I want it to be struggley.

This is my full squad:

Teixeira and Nunes are Youth signings. As soon as I get the finances settled in a season or two, they’ll go out on loan themselves.

Of the others, the following are all Loanees: Diawara, Cuellar, Mas, Fydriszewski, G Gomez, and A Gojak (who loves ya, baby). That’s 6 (SIX) players on loan. Only 16 (SIXTEEN) of my players are my own.

Finances are on the way back to healthy, I am pleased to report. Currently £600,000 in the black. I predict the post-season will see some order restored.

My gut instinct is that promotion this season is going to be incredibly tough, maybe even impossible for me on Superstar at the moment. It’ll probably take me another season to acclimatise, being the average-skilled PES gamer I am. I’ll try my best for promotion this season, but a Season 5 in the Championship is a very real possibility. I am just not getting to grips with Superstar.

We shall see.

Finally today, my very first Lincoln R2 curler scored on Superstar. This happened only last night, and made me shout in delight just as much as the first.

Slightly different this time, with Lincoln facing the goal instead of running parallel as in all the others. I felt forced into the attempt by the defender closing in.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Premier League

All of the below occurred BEFORE yesterday’s Big Patch.

The final standings at the end of Season 3:A 6th place finish was disappointing in the end. I could have got a place or two higher. But I’d still made the play-offs.

My play-off semi-final was against 3rd-placed West Brom. I had beaten them twice in the regular season. One of the times was quite comfortably.

I wasn’t too worried.

At home in the first leg, I promptly went behind to two Jay Rodriguez goals.

That was still okay. It was a two-legged match. I knew if I kept them to 2-0, and maybe snatched a goal back myself, I would be almost certain to turn it around in the second leg.

I scrapped and scrapped the way you sometimes have to in PES – and I did get a single goal back.

So this was the FIRST-LEG result:More than a bit careless, but easily recoverable. I’m still on Top Player, remember. It still wouldn’t be easy by any means, but I’d back myself in this scenario. 98% of the time, I would turn that result around in the second leg.


In the second leg, I took the lead early on and thought l was going to do it.

Then Rodriguez popped up again to make it 1-1 on the day, and 3-2 to them on aggregate.

That was on 70 minutes.

Below are the last 10 minutes of the match. As the action opens in the 80th minute, I have just switched to a 4-2-4. I am desperate to score one goal to at least force extra time.

I’ve not long brought on a few fresh players, but most of my players are on zero stamina.

Yes. That really was that. The end of my promotion tilt. I will be in the Championship for Season 4.

For those not watching the vid: I did get that much-needed aggregate-equalising goal, right at the end of normal time. I worked the opening, then made sure of it with an R2 finish. I almost made too sure of it, but it went in. Making it 2-1 to me on the day, 3-3 on aggregate. Extra time was seconds away.

But my concentration slipped, and the AI did me straight from its kickoff.While I was still feeling exhilarated and relieved, the AI swept upfield from the kickoff and scored a heartbreaking goal to level it up on the day with seconds remaining. Jay Rodriguez again with the finish. That made it 3-2 to them on aggregate.

Ever since ‘straight from kickoff’ became an AI thing (in PES2012?), I have often been caught out.

I couldn’t mount a final attack with my tired players. The final whistle blew.I could have reloaded and simply played the match again until I got the result.

But that’s not what I play PES, and ML, for. The story has to have integrity. Whatever happens, happens. It’s meaningless otherwise.

The Chairman was scathing.Gomez finished as top scorer:But nothing could quench the feeling of anti-climax. It had seemed so certain that I would go up this season.All this happened prior to yesterday’s Patch of the Century, which I have been discussing in comments on the previous post and will do so again in comments on this one.

My Season 4 has already begun, with the opening matches being played post-patch. I’ll save my full thoughts for Tuesday’s post, by which time I should have racked up 20-30 matches on the new patch. At the moment I would cautiously welcome the improved AI behaviour, particularly around goal, but I deplore a seeming increase in game speed and what seems a further reduction in the amount of AI fouls.

As October heads for November, I’m enjoying Master League in PES2019. My unexpected failure to get promoted this season makes the story better, not worse.

Smells like Team Goal spirit

Over the weekend just gone, as I knew would happen, life and work conspired to slam the brakes on in my progress with PES2019. The previous weekend, I’d been just as busy with things, and made the mistake of trying to play whilst tired and really pushed for time – a deadly combination that no game, book, movie, or TV show could ever really shine in. Football gaming in particular needs a focused, considered approach. Every match should be swilled around and savoured like fine wine.

I picked up the reins again yesterday, and almost got to the end of Season 3, but not quite.

I still have two league matches remaining in the season. Here is the table after 44 matches:I’ve bobbed around in those playoff spots for about ten matches now, sometimes threatening to sneak up on the top two, but always falling away. As can be seen, one defeat or even a draw could see me drop out of the top 6 and face a Season 4 in the Championship. I would not like that and will be exerting maximum effort and concentration in these two big matches.

Quite randomly, out of the blue, at the end of a previous match (that I won), my players all flopped to the floor and did their best ‘Bayern Munich at the end of the 1999 Champions League Final’ impersonations.

Seeing these scenes confused me. Had I unknowingly played to a point where I could no longer finish in the top 6? Then I realised. It was after this match that I could no longer mathematically win the title. Rolleyes.

Today – Tuesday, the day of posting – I should complete the season.

I haven’t scored any goals worth recording and posting. Focused on racking up the points, I’ve been taking the ‘Team Goal’ route to goal. I side-foot in from 4 yards a lot (yawn). I always make sure of getting the points. I did score an R2 curler with Lincoln but it was only from about 22 yards.

I nearly scored the Goal Of All Time with Rice from 50+ yards (seriously, it was from the centre circle) – a first-time rising shot that I thought was going in, but it whistled past the upright. One day…

As ever, I have to file a dutiful report on how the AI is behaving or misbehaving. All I can say is, if the PES2019 AI was hot-swapped with the PES2018 AI, I would not notice the difference 98% of the time.

Low Cross Spam continues not to be even remotely a thing for me.

I do see a good deal of fast-passing followed by a shot (1-2-3-bam) but that originates from all zones on the pitch. This and other things constitutes the 2% of AI behaviour that does mark the PES2019 AI.

This coming Thursday sees the arrival of one of the most hotly-anticipated patches for a PES game since patches began. Not even the PES2014 patches generated this kind of anticipation.

I have decided I will be installing the patch from the outset.

It’s a peculiar one for me as I’m not seeing the main bugbear, LCS.

I am seeing a degree of ‘AI fannying around when it should shoot’ (AFAWISS) that I would prefer not to see. Also, a few long shots from the AI would be nice. So I am looking forward to the patch almost as much as the LCS-sufferers. It’s going to be an interesting day for PES2019 no matter the outcome.

Boys and curls

After 33 matches of Season 3 in my PES2019 Master League, the upper part of the Championship table looks like this:I have got to be happy with that right now. PES2019 continues to surprise me in all sorts of ways. On the pitch, gameplay is great and the AI more than adequate. I continue not to see most of the problems reported by others, and can’t base my view on things I don’t see.

There is a slight sign of a serpent in Paradise. The serpent named ‘nuPES’.

‘nuPES’ is a pejorative term for a particular kind of crappy-shitty-sprinty-slidey football gameplay. The sort that goes on without interruption, in a button-mashing trance.

PES2019 has always cleverly masked its essentially nuPES nature, of course, but the mask has started to slip of late. Matches are faster and interruptions are fewer.

Since last weekend I’ve played quite a few matches that have left me unimpressed. The PES2019 victory procession isn’t anywhere near being called off yet, but it has been slowed.

Still. They were only a handful of matches, out of many more that have still had that old-school feeling I crave.

A video next, and three goals of interest, The R2 curler from 25-35 yards is a relatively common type of goal for me in PES2019 now – here are two more examples of it, one from Castledine (with his wrong foot), and yet another from Lincoln. Finally there is a good old-fashioned laces bullet-strike into the top corner from Lincoln

The R2 curlers are now so common that you might think I am tired of scoring them. I am not. The ones I put on display here are the attempts that go in. What I don’t show are the dozens of attempts that don’t go in.

Individuality continues to feel high, although that always takes a nosedive when the game decides to put on its arcade-’em-up mask.

Stitching passes together and constructing a move that leads to a nice finish continues to be my most common type of goal. I never show them here. Why would I? Occasionally on the blog I will record every single goal I score for an entire season, and stitch them all together in one package for perusal. I might do that next season.

Where will that season be spent? If there is any justice in the world, it’ll be in the Premier League. I have worked hard to get this team where they currently are, on scant resources. I have been running with 19 (NINETEEN) players since mid-season.

By Tuesday’s post I will either be at or close to the end of the season.

And then the Konami patch arrives next Thursday with a whole host of AI ‘fixes’, some of which I am not sure I need. Low Cross has never (NEVER) been an issue for me in PES2019, but I know it definitely has for many others, so I can’t wish for the ‘fix’ (if it works) not to come. Certain other fixes – such as lack of AI long shots, AI strikers shuffling away from goal, and weak headers all round – will definitely be welcome.