Hi, I’m Clippy, and it looks like you’re taking a Rising Shot

I’ve come to the end of Season 1 of my PES2019 Master League.

I’ll start today, though, with yet another sign of where the Konami priorities lay.

I’ve been trying to score a long-range goal in PES2019 ever since I got it – and failing to do so.

Here I am with a long-range shooting opportunity, with Rice. I keep plugging away with him and his Rising Shot in the hope that one day, by the law of averages, one of them will actually go in.

Here is what happened in my latest attempt:

My wifi connection temporarily dropped while the shot was mid-flight. The game thought it was important enough to interrupt the single-player action to tell me about it.

As ever, the Rising Shot did piss-all. 10 fantasy bucks to anyone who can post any footage of a long-range Rising Shot actually going into the net. (Footage from the PES2019 promo, back in our now-long-dead summer, doesn’t count.)

So the season ended and I finished a creditable second-from-bottom:

One peculiar thing from the end of the season – the last two fixtures were in JUNE:

Very Konami-like, this whole PES thing, lately, isn’t it?

In the close-season I have sold a few of the Defaults and signed a couple of new players. I have also played the first few matches of Season 2. Progress speed is picking up.

DENTINHO is so far proving a revelation in the SS role just behind Necid. He oozes individuality, by nuPES standards, and seems to have altered the dynamic of the attack.

Also, I am focusing on creating optimum scoring chances now, rather than blazing away from distance all the time. The long-rangers are just not ever going to go in.I’ll cover my opening to Season 2 in detail in Friday’s post, but things have already slightly picked up.

An ML Season 1 quickly becomes a write-off for me in terms of promotion, and is therefore best used as a settling-in season – a time when I get to know my players and the nature of the new PES. I have certainly learned that long-range shooting is sub-optimal in PES2019, to put it mildly.

But I also learned that PES2019 is a surprisingly subtle edition in lots of ways. The last few years’ more arcade-oriented approach hasn’t done the series, or my muscle-memory, any favours. Build-up play in PES2019 seems to need to be slower and more considered. The best route to goal isn’t route one, or even route two. I really like the way they’ve nerfed the ‘blind forward pass from defence’ that always used to find my attacker in midfield, and spark an easy counterattack – that pass now goes, more often than not, to an AI player.

I have to mention the Great Controversy over the AI. As I remarked last night in a comment on the previous post, if I hadn’t heard so much about the AI online – here and on the forums – I would never have had any real reason to question it. A gobsmacking, and faintly ludicrous thing to say for all those who are suffering what they are undoubtedly suffering, but for me it is the straightforward truth. I don’t see Low Cross Spam. For me the big issue is the AI forwards’ ‘running away from goal’ thing, but even that is so rare it’s not a problem either. The PES2019 AI… is generally not a problem. Strange, I know.

All in all, PES2019’s score after one season of Master League would be 8/10. Which isn’t bad. Add a few long-range goals into the mix and things could get better than not-bad.


EDIT added on the Tuesday evening of this post:

I got a long-ranger!

Updated: 25th September 2018 — 20:25


  1. Cook – Superstar, classic. PA1, basic. No signings in the first window.

    nG – I assure you I’m not missing out on the defaults! Same players for a few years now and some would’ve automatically been dead to me, such as Rice. I sourced like for like OVRs from players in the Free Agents section and created my own team so they’re the same strength (weakness!) with the same OVRs – even managed to get 75% of them with faces!

    I’ve had a decent start to the season, having played 2. I’ll elaborate later.

    Paul – the kits look lovely, thanks for your help with it all! Had to have a pop with that freekick – I was going for the win!

  2. Paul – with a fix coming late October, hopefully PES isn’t dead for you and with the gameplay fixed I really do think this could join The Pantheon of Great PESes.

    I’m not waiting three weeks to (re)start ML though, at best I’ll just slow my progress, but the gameplay hasn’t ruined my experiences like it has others (I do notice it though).

  3. So late October it is for the offline fix that would have stopped so many PES fans haemorrhaging to FIFA this year. What exactly happened to Konami’s QA this year? Yes, we know it clearly didn’t happen, but why? I’d love to know. Did they really just focus on the online experience so much that offline QA was basically just one bloke in a broom cupboard?

  4. Yeah saw that Jay, not going any hopes up as we know Konami have a habit of a) Placebo Patches where nothing is actually fixed at all (see last Novembers fouls patch) and b) Will they break something else by ‘fixing’ Ai play? Quite possibly.

    But at least they are doing something.
    I genuinely do believe there was absolutely no Offline QA testing whatsoever.
    Their focus is purely online, so they created a game that’s good fun to play online, and looks good and moves well. That was it. Job done.

    Offline, the Ai, the presentation, the mechanics, everything was not even an afterthought.

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