Hi, I’m Clippy, and it looks like you’re taking a Rising Shot

I’ve come to the end of Season 1 of my PES2019 Master League.

I’ll start today, though, with yet another sign of where the Konami priorities lay.

I’ve been trying to score a long-range goal in PES2019 ever since I got it – and failing to do so.

Here I am with a long-range shooting opportunity, with Rice. I keep plugging away with him and his Rising Shot in the hope that one day, by the law of averages, one of them will actually go in.

Here is what happened in my latest attempt:

My wifi connection temporarily dropped while the shot was mid-flight. The game thought it was important enough to interrupt the single-player action to tell me about it.

As ever, the Rising Shot did piss-all. 10 fantasy bucks to anyone who can post any footage of a long-range Rising Shot actually going into the net. (Footage from the PES2019 promo, back in our now-long-dead summer, doesn’t count.)

So the season ended and I finished a creditable second-from-bottom:

One peculiar thing from the end of the season – the last two fixtures were in JUNE:

Very Konami-like, this whole PES thing, lately, isn’t it?

In the close-season I have sold a few of the Defaults and signed a couple of new players. I have also played the first few matches of Season 2. Progress speed is picking up.

DENTINHO is so far proving a revelation in the SS role just behind Necid. He oozes individuality, by nuPES standards, and seems to have altered the dynamic of the attack.

Also, I am focusing on creating optimum scoring chances now, rather than blazing away from distance all the time. The long-rangers are just not ever going to go in.I’ll cover my opening to Season 2 in detail in Friday’s post, but things have already slightly picked up.

An ML Season 1 quickly becomes a write-off for me in terms of promotion, and is therefore best used as a settling-in season – a time when I get to know my players and the nature of the new PES. I have certainly learned that long-range shooting is sub-optimal in PES2019, to put it mildly.

But I also learned that PES2019 is a surprisingly subtle edition in lots of ways. The last few years’ more arcade-oriented approach hasn’t done the series, or my muscle-memory, any favours. Build-up play in PES2019 seems to need to be slower and more considered. The best route to goal isn’t route one, or even route two. I really like the way they’ve nerfed the ‘blind forward pass from defence’ that always used to find my attacker in midfield, and spark an easy counterattack – that pass now goes, more often than not, to an AI player.

I have to mention the Great Controversy over the AI. As I remarked last night in a comment on the previous post, if I hadn’t heard so much about the AI online – here and on the forums – I would never have had any real reason to question it. A gobsmacking, and faintly ludicrous thing to say for all those who are suffering what they are undoubtedly suffering, but for me it is the straightforward truth. I don’t see Low Cross Spam. For me the big issue is the AI forwards’ ‘running away from goal’ thing, but even that is so rare it’s not a problem either. The PES2019 AI… is generally not a problem. Strange, I know.

All in all, PES2019’s score after one season of Master League would be 8/10. Which isn’t bad. Add a few long-range goals into the mix and things could get better than not-bad.


EDIT added on the Tuesday evening of this post:

I got a long-ranger!

Updated: 25th September 2018 — 20:25


  1. NG – I haven’t played enough of the FIFA 19 demo (only approx 12 matches) to gauge the fouls count, but I have had 3 penalties in those 12 matches, compared to one single penalty in just under 100 ML matches on PES.

    I also thought the Metro review score kinda contradicted the review, can only assume he gave it an 8 for realism and online/human vs human play, if I was to review PES 19 right now, it would get a 5 at maximum.

  2. Yes i remember now Shed, as I too bought a PS2 slim, with HDMi converter, but using it on a 55″ 4k tv it doesn’t look great, and replays are totally unwatchable.

    Maybe a smaller HD monitor/TV is the way to go.
    Next project is clearing the upstairs office out which has become a bit of a dumping ground, and gutting it, new carpet, wallaper, light fitting, get a 2 seater cubby sofa in there, and set it up as a gaming room.
    Hopefully have the PS2 setup in there.

    Its just those PES 5 nets ……. *shudders* look like chicken wire and are almost invisible.

  3. Paul – a few on the forums with FIFA19 early are saying the full version has drastically fewer fouls compared to the demo. The usual demo/full game switcheroo.

  4. NG – I’ve always found FIFA fair with fouls, ie if its a foul, its given.
    But PES 19 is vastly improved with fouls, just not in the area. I know you are not seeing much of this change but in true PES swing style, I am.

    I will see once FIFA is released how they hold up.

  5. Paul – Looking forward to the FIFA Chronicles. However grey text on a dark grey background is a bit tricky to read, and I was unable to vote for a team. Is the vote open yet?

  6. nG – If I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t either. But I would if it was an A.I. fix. But I’m kinda hoping that patch will blend into ongoing ML campaigns.

  7. I’m patching up – today I will start ML.

  8. Weird one for me last night in the taking it slowly Bolton ml…played against Middlesbrough and it was a shit fest – 4 shots, 4 goals, all identical, cross, flick, top corner. Then played Aston Villa…I had been awarded 7 free kicks by the end of the first half! Bizarre old school style fouling. The whole game felt as if it was raining heavily (which it wasn’t) and the weather impacted the pitch (like it used to). Numerous times I seemed to be going slow and ended up with a couple of incredibly scruffy goals to my name. It was me of those session variations within a session. Less of one and more the other would be really positive.

  9. Paul – Are you going to write just purely on Career Mode? I like the first season of Career Mode in older Fifas because it feels current but it doesn’t have the longevity of building your own team like the master league. How do you get over that hump? Or do you mix it up and do a season with different teams?

    I’m in the promotion places but the rubber banding of the league table is in full effect. 5 wins on the bounce were matched by the teams around me as was my one defeat.

  10. Tommy – the gameplay patch should spill over into all game modes as it’s an overarching thing… The transfer thing is only triggered upon starting an ML. I can switch freely between all available fan-made patches in ongoing saves.

  11. Chris99 – That text/screen issue will be sorted mate, i haven’t finished the design yet, whats up at the moment is just a placeholder, I agree its difficult to read.

    Turf – I think our experiences are closely mirroring eachother at the moment as I am experiencing everything that you are, in the same way.

    My 5-0 hammering vs Leeds for example, I had 58% possession, more corners, more pass completion %, but they had 5 shots, 5 goals, all the cross flick smash type goal, and it was impossible to stop.

    PRS – Yes, just career Mode, I don’t play Ultimate Team or anything else.
    I think the longevity of building a team is what you make of it. In PES you start with unknown, fictional players, and try to build a team, many of whom are well known.

    In FIFA its exactly the same except you start with a real team, but still try to mould it and sign your own players, discover players, build affinities with players etc.
    The only limit is how you imagine it to be. Last year in FIFA 18 I was Newcastle Utd and by season 3 I’d moulded my own team, with Sturridge and Gayle up top, Shelvey and Loftus-Cheek bossing the middle, with a Spanish winger I cant remember one side, but scouted him based on stats and turned out to be a really individual feeling nippy winger with tons of pace, no different to Seiffert or Harrington or anyone else being signed in PES, just different names.

    In FIFA you have every real stadium for most of the leagues, different broadcast presentations, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, Europa League, Champions League, Playoffs, relegations from any division, so for me the possibility of longevity with FIFA is much more appealing than the stale one dimensional affair of PES’s ML.

  12. Another little lunchtime PES 5 session today. A last minute winner in my last league game vs Birmingham City but it wasn’t enough. Missed out on promotion by one point. Gutted… but I like it!

    Div 2 cup final to come, also against Brum, and that’ll be season two done.

    Paul – The temptation with FIFA is to ‘do a PES’ and start in the lower leagues with a poor team and take them up. It’s one helluva slog though.

  13. Thats what i’m looking to do Shed, take a lower Championship side, and aim for promotion, then progress in the Prem, on to europe etc.
    Just undecided on what club to start with.

    Comiserations on missing promotion, good base though for next season with a signing or two?!

  14. Paul – I’m always tempted to start in League 2 with Colchester, sort of my second team. I got the to the Championship in FIFA 17 but then PES pangs have set in.

    As for PES 5 and no promotion, I’m quite pleased in a way as I really didn’t think I would go up so early, even with the extra funds I gave myself at the start. I’m looking forward to strengthening again and finding a way to up my goal tally as that’s what killed my promotion party this season.

  15. Paul/Shed – in FIFA though you have a devilishly tempting option of picking the worst, lowliest team imaginable in the world – Aston Villa, say – and moving them into any division complete with all their players and finances, and taking it from there. A difficulty level of its own. World Class difficulty with Macclesfield Town or MK Dons in the Championship, semi-assisted passing and shooting, would be a stern ML-like test.

  16. NG – Currently we play like the worst, lowliest team imaginable in the world. I think we’d do alright in Asia with our hoofball tactics

    I was a FIFA head from about 2008 after being PES/ISS from Psone N64 days until 2014 then PES came back for me.
    I always had a problem with the percentages in FIFA. Like how you would hit the bar or concede in last minutes. Basically when it really mattered the percentages would let you down.

  17. All tweaked and ready to go.
    get the votes in!!


  18. I voted Notts Forest for two reasons. They’re the weakest of the teams on offer, and I want to see an ML-style climb from the doldrums to glory. And I can’t think of the other reason now. Perhaps Tommy can help.


  19. Notts forest are just edging it so far, plus I like a Red kit 😉

  20. I also voted Forest as it’s a nice, traditional club with an old style stadium. That and they’re not PalARSE.

    Of course you could also stick MK Dons in the Championship to see if they can make it to the top division – like that proper club, Wimbledon.

  21. I didn’t know you could Move teams about in FIFA ?

  22. Forest as well. Plenty of Unknowns like the defaults.
    Villa has too good a squad hamstrung by a potato.

  23. Paul – I thought you could. I’m sure I’ve seen that option somewhere.

  24. The three premier clubs were out, partly for that but also theyre premier in status but not feeling or tradition imho. They’ve over achieved, the others should be there. I went for villa for various reasons…they are an old school big club that’s tasted success. So too could be said of forest and Derby but sorry Paul, you’re no Brian Clough, and I think they might be just before your time whereas villa was better more recently (by the way post Martin O’Neill some clubs don’t half crash spectacularly). I have always liked their kit, a subbutteo classic, forest and Derby are dull block patterns. Villa in my mind is Tony Morley, Gary shaw and a bit of flair….forest and Derby are John McGovern, dave McKay , that sort of 70s able to mix it hard man (hugely unfair on the creative players they had I know but it’s just how I remember it). I’ve deducted a point as it’s Birmingham, but Derby and Nottingham also lose marks, Nottingham an added point as the premier inn breakfast I had there was the worst one I’ve known.

    Good luck and God speed to all those who sail with you…

  25. Paul – you definitely could in FIFA17. I moved Coventry City into the Championship in FIFA17. They moved with their exact League Two setup, all the players and finances. I’m pretty sure I did in FIFA18 as well, the little I played of it. FIFA has always been about the customisation.

  26. I picked Forest before seeing others had because I like the book on Clough by Wilson

    Good luck!

  27. Really nice goal! It gives me hope for when I finally get the game in October

  28. Wasn’t entirely sure which Nottingham club I was voting for. Hopefully I picked Forest.

  29. I’m just a Paul made club emblem away from getting underway!

  30. Had a day off so booted up a new 2018 ML with Foggia. No fouls aside, it’s great to see the A.I. play some decent football again.

  31. Turf – you singlehandedly win the best and most detailed, obscure reply award. You have excelled sir!!

    Villa was there because I used to play for them, that’s the only reason.
    Overwhelming support for Forest at present.

  32. Ah, of course, sorry Paul I forgot about that. Clearly that would have added some agricultural tackling to the team’s creative flair…; )

    I’m sorry, that’s definitely it for the moment. I’ve given it three goes and hoped for change but after my initial enthusiasm I’m being battered by low crossing, unstoppable scripty shit and finding the other end of the pitch such a dull experience. I really thought it was just season one superstar grind when I started but it’s not, it’s just so repetitive trying to score with that edge of the box sliding challenge. Every time in it comes. You can’t cross round it, you can’t long ranger over it, through balls work best but not often enough. I hope they patch it for the AI but I’m not holding my breath. Fortnite season six and fallout 4 are here while I wait.

  33. A bit of steel in there of course Turf 😉

    Same Feelings here. Find the attacking play decent enough, well timed stabs of the sprint button and a direction change cN often evade the sliding tackles, but the lack of any reward with crossing and headers is disappointing.

    It’s the defensive end that it’s crumbled. For all the reasons we know, gonna give season 2 a go but FIFA drops tomorrow and the first agitated PES session will push me towards it.

  34. Uncle Turf – collecting power armour is a thing you can do in Fallout 4 that’s very rewarding. Some players have insane collections of the things. I currently have… 3 sets, which I keep in a cleared-out house in Sanctuary until I can build a storehouse of my own.

    That one on the left is one of the game’s many incomplete sets that I found underwater quite at random. That one on the right is my most modded one that I like to wear for special occasions.

    PES? Who needs it!

  35. It’s begun.

    The chairman is an odd ball; with a team the same strength – identical combined OVRs – as the Defaults, he set me a mission of winning the ICC. The ICC was with Copenhagen, Benfica and Atleti.

    I’ve set up in a 442 diamond with two out and out strikers and was delighted with how the two combined, supported by the AM.

    I was 1-0 down 6 minutes into my first game – Copenhagen – after attempting a feint in my own box; I imagine that’ll cost me a few goals this season as I like to play out from the back. That was my play for a 0-0 out the window, but I continued in the same vein. Made it to half time still 1 goal down but the second half saw me score 2 (TWO) headers from crosses, with the second coming in the 90th minute to win the game 2-1. A fantastic feeling.

    Benfica and Atleti were never going to be the same as Copenhagen – and even they should’ve beaten me – and to make matters worse one of my strikers missed the second and third game due to injury (INJURY), though this was an after game notification.

    Benfica dispatched me 4-0 with far fewer shots than Copenhagen but with much more precision. Atleti took an early lead but I was ecstatic at equalising – from a cross but not a header – soon after and a second nearly followed immediately but instead they caught me on the break to restore the lead and the AI then played clever football, pinging long balls over the top as my defence tired for Costa and Griezmann to go 2 vs 1 or 1 vs 1 numerous times, and there was no to the side stuff as they dispatched me 4-1. I hit the post to stop what would’ve been one of my best ever team goals, otherwise I wasn’t disheartened by the drubbing.

    My season opener – my mission is to win – is against Forest. My plan is to play numerous low crosses against them because I hear their new manager hates them.

    Here’s my victory:

  36. I went for Derby but a few more Championship club options would have been nice. Villa would also have been a good option as you would be playing in a real stadium. Good luck dude.

    To give this years PES some meaning I have set myself a challenge of earning all the trophies available. The problem with this is that you have to play all the games modes as they are all linked to each mode. So last night I ventured into the backwaters of Myclub. I can see why NG was so taken with it last year. Also sadly I have to say that the on-line side of things is much better than off-line this year. I have not really encountered the low cross problem in ML but the whole package is boring. Anyway oh with the adventure. BAL next up?

  37. Jay – Every single team, regardless, gets the mission to win the ICC Cup, and im guessing your chairman mission for your first season was to finish 9th?

    Its the same, every team, regardless, every season, another of ML’s unrealistic, half-assed components.

    And I can’t believe you shot from that FK right near the end, must have been about 45/50 yards!

    Kits look nice 😉

    I will count up the votes on sunday and the team with the most, gets the nod.

  38. Great stuff Jay, what settings are you using? The implementation of the ICC is textbook Konami ML, shoehorning it in to show off the amazing licence of a crappy pre-season tournament.

    I’m now into the second half of season 3. I was 6 points clear at the top of the table at the end of January but some questionably unlucky defeats (5 in a row) means I’ve dropped to 3rd. My scout is regularly returning mid-80 OVR players, I assume because the game feels sorry for me still being Div 2. I have the strongest team in the division (3.5 stars) but really finding life hard. Without question the most difficult PES since the PS2 days

    The forumites are really positive about FIFA19, I sincerely hope it’s not patched to oblivion by EA. I have unfinished business on FIFA18, 6 seasons into a CM after starting in League 2. I’m going to try to hold off buying the new one but if it’s as good as it sounds there’s no chance. If EA have really put some effort into gameplay it will be very difficult for Konami to keep up.

  39. Cook – Konami grabbing the ICC is quite possibly the most pointless exercise ever, the only thing that distinguishes it as the ICC is the adboards around the pitch that say ICC cup, apart from that what else is there that shows its licensed? No specific menu screens, like you used to get with Champions or Europa League, no specific ball, nothing.

    The last few years its always been 10 seasons or thereabouts on PES, then a couple, 3 at most seasons on FIFA, I want to give FIFA 19 a proper good go this year, hence starting with a lower club like you did and work up.

    The Timed shot feature in FIFA 19 is a nice idea and I like the fact that its unobtrusive as in you can have it on, but hidden, and use it, or just choose a normal powered shot, but that feedback is given via the player cursor, EA have put thought into how best to use the feature.

    Also the new dynamic team tactics are superb, so much scope for changing the way you play on the fly.

    Going by the demo, on slow speed, and broadcast cam, FIFA 19 does indeed play very nicely, its not as ‘organic’ as PES maybe, as in the ball doesnt bobble as much when passing, and could still maybe do with being slowed down a touch, but shooting feels beautiful, and has p[roper weight and momentum to it, unleashing the new L1 & R1 Driven shot into a bottom corner feels so good.

  40. The forums are buzzing about FIFA indeed so it seems. I’m half tempted myself looking at the thread over on EvoWeb, but I’m still enjoying PES, warts and all.

  41. Re: FIFA, I’m a big fan of Tactical Defending and Semi-Assisted settings, it won’t need much evidence for me to flip I think. There are three things I have a problem with in FIFA though, the unlicensed goalkeeper kits in the lower leagues, not being able to change stadium once started and not being able to change kits. Your stuck in year one of career mode for the duration. Relatively minor annoyances but they niggle away. Apparently there are some flaws in other aspects of CM but I didn’t find anything particularly bad in 6 seasons.

    Paul – I’m looking forward to your blog on FIFA CM. I voted for the Eagles but only because Selhurst Park’s oddness is well represented.

  42. #1 – Haven’t checked in on forums, will have a read later.

    Cook – That’s the only drawback to FIFA agreed, once you progress would be nice to be able to change stadium and kits, the kits will never happen as EA pay megabucks for the licenses, and teams want their real kits and sponsors represented in game, but it would be nice to be able to add 1 or 2 extra kits to a team, and choose.

    And with EA Openly admitting CM isn’t a priority for them anymore, I cant see them doing much to the mode in future.

  43. Paul – even a Career Mode freeze would still leave the mode in excellent shape for years to come IMO. It has all the features it needs (any more would be overkill) and just needs to be maintained bug-free. I have to say that but for the no-fouls (that trancelike ‘continuous play’ really aggravates me in FIFA), I’d be tempted too. And I’m not yet disaffected with PES2019.

  44. Darryl – as a mode in which you accumulate players and develop them against opponents, myClub isn’t bad at all. Remember you don’t have to have all the megastars the mode wants you to have. And you don’t have to play other people. But it seems your trajectory with PES2019 is set. I’ll ask in advance: please don’t get PES2020….

    Jay – well done on finally starting and I see a few 6-yard-box headers in your highlights. I get a fair few of them too. Now the question is: has anyone scored a header from farther out?

    You’ve missed out on the Defaults this year. A few of them are actually interesting.

  45. NG – If you are enjoying PES 19 then there’s absolutely no need for you to even think about defecting, and I still believe EA will continue to maintain CM mode, and even add little bits in, but we wont see any drastic overhauls or changes of direction with it.

    As much as I really want to be playing PES 19 and enjoying it, I just don’t, so may as well play something that I do enjoy, hopefully.

    Has anyone seen the video doing the rounds showing Konami latest bout of ineptitude? Big title screen in MyClub outlining the weekly competitons, and they have spelt ‘Callenge Cup’ instead of ‘Challenge’ – is there literally no one at Konami that checks anything, or gives a rats arse about anything!??!

  46. Paul – player and team individuality are being applauded especially along with a positive difference in gameplay compared to the demo. Which is good news to me since the demo didn’t really do it for me.

    Cook – My memory is hazy but i’m pretty sure you can switch stadiums as you go along, no? Or perhaps only with teams with unlicensed stadiums?

  47. Had a read, plenty of people saying Do Not touch this game EA as it plays amazingly well.

    This whetted my appetite:

    Just played first match…..

    Aston Villa v Rotherham, Legendary, Slow, No Sliders.

    I love this so far. So many little details in play, it’s difficult to list them all.

    Well done EA, they need kudos for listening to fans. Bigger ball, its slower, players individuality is better than ever.

    Different teams attack in different ways and react to whatever you do.


  48. #SteadyOnPaulYouHaven’tPlayedItYet

  49. Paul – I’ve seen the “Callenge” thing, utterly hilarous and inept. I do have to say that for Konami, feedback to customers has improved. They have fixed the ML issue and will at least provide a patch for the gameplay – if it solves anything remains to be seen but still – and yes it is slow and yes this should have been fixed upon release. But at least they are doing *something*.

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