Hi, I’m Clippy, and it looks like you’re taking a Rising Shot

I’ve come to the end of Season 1 of my PES2019 Master League.

I’ll start today, though, with yet another sign of where the Konami priorities lay.

I’ve been trying to score a long-range goal in PES2019 ever since I got it – and failing to do so.

Here I am with a long-range shooting opportunity, with Rice. I keep plugging away with him and his Rising Shot in the hope that one day, by the law of averages, one of them will actually go in.

Here is what happened in my latest attempt:

My wifi connection temporarily dropped while the shot was mid-flight. The game thought it was important enough to interrupt the single-player action to tell me about it.

As ever, the Rising Shot did piss-all. 10 fantasy bucks to anyone who can post any footage of a long-range Rising Shot actually going into the net. (Footage from the PES2019 promo, back in our now-long-dead summer, doesn’t count.)

So the season ended and I finished a creditable second-from-bottom:

One peculiar thing from the end of the season – the last two fixtures were in JUNE:

Very Konami-like, this whole PES thing, lately, isn’t it?

In the close-season I have sold a few of the Defaults and signed a couple of new players. I have also played the first few matches of Season 2. Progress speed is picking up.

DENTINHO is so far proving a revelation in the SS role just behind Necid. He oozes individuality, by nuPES standards, and seems to have altered the dynamic of the attack.

Also, I am focusing on creating optimum scoring chances now, rather than blazing away from distance all the time. The long-rangers are just not ever going to go in.I’ll cover my opening to Season 2 in detail in Friday’s post, but things have already slightly picked up.

An ML Season 1 quickly becomes a write-off for me in terms of promotion, and is therefore best used as a settling-in season – a time when I get to know my players and the nature of the new PES. I have certainly learned that long-range shooting is sub-optimal in PES2019, to put it mildly.

But I also learned that PES2019 is a surprisingly subtle edition in lots of ways. The last few years’ more arcade-oriented approach hasn’t done the series, or my muscle-memory, any favours. Build-up play in PES2019 seems to need to be slower and more considered. The best route to goal isn’t route one, or even route two. I really like the way they’ve nerfed the ‘blind forward pass from defence’ that always used to find my attacker in midfield, and spark an easy counterattack – that pass now goes, more often than not, to an AI player.

I have to mention the Great Controversy over the AI. As I remarked last night in a comment on the previous post, if I hadn’t heard so much about the AI online – here and on the forums – I would never have had any real reason to question it. A gobsmacking, and faintly ludicrous thing to say for all those who are suffering what they are undoubtedly suffering, but for me it is the straightforward truth. I don’t see Low Cross Spam. For me the big issue is the AI forwards’ ‘running away from goal’ thing, but even that is so rare it’s not a problem either. The PES2019 AI… is generally not a problem. Strange, I know.

All in all, PES2019’s score after one season of Master League would be 8/10. Which isn’t bad. Add a few long-range goals into the mix and things could get better than not-bad.


EDIT added on the Tuesday evening of this post:

I got a long-ranger!

Updated: 25th September 2018 — 20:25


  1. I mentioned it to Paul on twitter a few weeks back, but would enough of us here fancy playing online against each other in some form of PESChronicles Cup/League? Instead of stretching it out over months we could do it condensed over one month perhaps?

  2. NG – The Milk Cup !! Fully expect weakened sides tonight but always enjoy watching professionals up close, and as MK stadium is literally spitting distance from me, at £15 for a ticket to see two premiership sides, its worth a go.

    I’d have to disagree about playing styles causing the different AI mess.
    There’s more than enough hard evidence to disprove this theory.

    There are basically 3 ways to play the game, as you do, sit back, keep shape, track runs, cover passes, or go gun-ho and pressure the CPU, or a mix of both.
    I have tried every single way of playing imaginable I have tried tactics formations, advanced tactics, fluid formations, I’ve seen countless people online who all play different ways all have the same issues, the hard fact is that the AI is coded to do a specific thing, when it cant it improvises, but as soon as the opportunity to move to the wing, low cross, back heel arises, it takes it, over anything else.

    Also evidenced with the ‘in on goal but moves out to the side’ issue.

    and playing different ways does not prevent your CPU controlled team mates from standing still whilst forwards run past them to score.

    I’ve seen this with my lowly ML team, and have tested it in various exhibition matches with a variety of teams of all levels, makes absolutely no difference.

  3. So what is your theory about people’s different PES experiences Paul, if not playing styles? I am generally seeing the same sort of issues as you, although of course have switched off the commentary

    Turf – yes I fear that legendary might not be the solution as it does force that one touch passing approach. You can’t even shield the ball with a player’s body, the computer player just goes straight through his back to take the ball away. Are you on top player classic this time around?

  4. Jay – it’s been floated before and is in principle a great idea, but in practice it stresses me out having to be online at set times, and then there’s all the messing about with being delayed on your end and their end, so everything is shifted a half-hour or more this way or that way, etc., or moved to another day, and all that. I’d rather not deal with all that.

    Paul – FIFA19 looks like it’s being received well by the old footy gaming guard, at least pre-patch. Some of the FIFA19 endorsements from old PESheads are very interesting indeed. If I were you at the level of frustration with PES that you clearly are, I’d head FIFA’s way and circle back to PES after a few patches. They salvaged PES2014 from its appalling release state (IMO), same could apply here.

    Re. the moments you picked out of prsgame’s vid earlier – 5 moments, out of a 10-minute match. Is that the kind of proportionality you also see in your matches? Is it the fact such things happen at all the crucial factor, not their frequency? I thought you were having literally incessant LCS and other AI calamities.

  5. NG – Those 5 moments I picked out of PRS match earlier were just a sample of what I noticed, and that was only in one half. double that and times it by 2, and every match and you start to get the idea.

    The LCS issue as appalling as it is is just one of many things now, not the thing.
    Its boring and demoralising every time I play knowing its going to go like this:
    I attack, CPU puts every single man bar one in the box, I have to hover round the edge of the box, passing it about, then when they get the ball its a ping up to the lone forward, CPU players bomb forward, lofted through ball over top down the wing, low cross into the box, CPU leaves my players standing there, doesn’t mark or track, and first time shot and goal, or first time backheel, then shot and goal, every time, and not being able to do a single thing about it.

    When you add in the instances of laser precision slide tackles every time, wrong commentary, tactics not making a single bit of difference, 99% shot accuracy from CPU, it all gets repetitive and stale very quickly.

    Answer me honestly, when was the last time any of you saw a COM player, get the ball in midfield or last third, and take your player on, dribble at them, and unleash a shot?

    Someone post me video evidence of this happening. It doesn’t, COM teams only ever pass the ball, low cross, and shoot from inside or edge of the box, absolutely no variety to their play at all.

    This isn’t down to play styles, already disproved that.

  6. Paul – for me the debate has come to be dominated by the LCS angle, which has virtually zero impact on my experience of PES2019, and I’m fascinated why. Despite your impassioned nature, you’re too polite to directly say that it might be my (and others’) lack of discrimination and judgement. That might be so – curry sauce and chips satisfies me at mealtime, while the fanciest meals needs a good dollop of brown sauce to go down.

    I’ve just rewatched my ‘all AI attacks’ vid through your Sauron eye, and while there’s not a great deal of LCS (2 attacks out of 17), there is much fannying about by the AI when it could and should be more direct and clinical. I see many times when the AI wanted to go the LCS route, but couldn’t because of my Legendary defending, if I may say so myself. So the AI is certainly flawed, but play-style and patience can’t be ruled out either. Factor in perhaps my lower expectations than yours of what a football game AI can and should do, and we have the mystery probably solved.

    Time for my annual urging of you to start a FIFA Chronicles-type thing on your website.

  7. NG – haha. I wasn’t intentionally being polite, just understanding that you claim that you don’t have any LCS issues as that is genuinely what you are experiencing in your game, and why would you lie?? You wouldn’t.
    There are a few others that are genuinely happy with how the game plays too, but whilst understanding that you are only commenting on what you personally see, I am also just saying what I see, and currently I see thew game as providing a very poor experience.

    Play styles, formations, expectations etc all that aside, and LCS issue aside, I’d dare anyone to claim that there are not large parts of this game that are broken. That is hard fact, video evidence can be provided for any of the claims I have been making.

    In 2019, after 15+ years of ‘evolution’ I expect a better quality product, not for the game to go backwards each year.
    PES 18’s attacking AI was way more intelligent than this years.

    And that’s without touching on the modes, commentary, everything else that doesn’t do what it should.

    I am probably stuck in a circle of frustration, as I hope one day the game will just change and I will enjoy it but every time I see things happen that shouldn’t it angers me, so i lose interest, i then finish the session agitated without enjoyment and next session i go back in with pre-determined negativity, rinse and repeat.

    I will create that video though, and upload it soon, just for general consumption and will welcome open critique on it.

  8. Paul – would you say that PES2018’s AI was… the AI that you need?

    (Please say that.)

  9. Paul – You are right. I can’t remember any football game recently where the AI had a shot from distance. Maybe need to go back to PS2 days, when the dodgy default keeper would spill one out to the AI.
    You also had the horrible video of the shuffling winger that kept going until he got a low cross in. That hasn’t happened to me yet.

    I think the sprinting wing backs and wingers maybe help me cut the LCS out at source so my ratio is better.

    I’ve hovered over the order button for FIFA as I prefer it online and in multiplayer but I’ve the PES of wrestling games arriving on Friday in Fire Pro.

  10. abbeyhill – top player, but challenge (at the moment). I restart often enough without having a guaranteed sacking chucked in but i want to give it a go. first really noticeable thing was how much keener players were to join my Bolton team than either motherwell or young boys. I recruited very heavily and some well known (but not top level) names for not excessive wages. I suspect though you need the very best to properly unlock defences.

    (or play on beginner like lloyd…)

  11. No NG, I would absolutely NOT say that. haha.
    I would say that PES 19’s AI is most definitely not the AI that anyone needs or wants.

    A modern day football game where COM controlled attackers do not go in on goal, they’d rather squander an open scoring chance to move to the wing, or where COm controlled attackers do not dribble past players, ever, or do not attempt any shots from outside 20 yards …. most definitely not the AI I need.

    PRS – I have kept eyes on Fire pro Wrestling as a huge WWE fan, but it looked a bit crude. I wasn’t sold.

  12. Paul – I’ll let you know. It is the same argument as a good PES and FIFA. Fire Pro should have the Gameplay and can be endlessly edited.

  13. So (as the kidz say), this just happened…

    ” alt=”” />

    Smells good too.

  14. Turf – I will win everything on Legend and manual passing.

    Would that be classed as biting. 😉

  15. I still can’t post images on here. I’m following the instructions, but the comment is just completely blank when I click post. What am I doing wrong?

  16. Shed/All — I have now tweaked the site so just the link on its own (no HTML tags required) will display the image. I’ve just tested it out in another browser in a non-Admin comment and it does work. Anyone looking at the comments at 14.46 today who saw a strange Family Guy wall mural from Imgur, which is now gone – that was me, testing out the new plugin.

    Shed, that strat guide looks almost new. Well done. I considered getting a custom PES5 mug or t-shirt done, but I’m very invested in PES2019 right now and will save the PES5 nostalgia for summer 2019 (hopefully) when my usual flitting about will be going on.

  17. Tommy – see my comment just now, I’ve installed a plugin. Post the link on its own, no tags. It should work.

  18. n-G – Thanks for sorting out that pic I posted. The PES 5 guide has a lot more content than I was expecting. I’ve already read a few little titbits I didn’t know – some of which apply to nuPES – mainly tactical settings I have misunderstood.

    In celebration of this lovely arrival, I played three matches of my PES 5 ML at lunchtime when I really should have been working. Again, this 13-year-old game showed that it more than stands up to the new batch of games in every way other than graphics.

    I had one game – a second leg of a cup game vs West Ham – that was everything you would want from footy game. Fouls, free kicks, a rampant and diverse AI and a manic last few minutes holding on for a draw that the AI clearly knew would not be enough to see it progress in the cup. Final score: Brighton 1 West Ham 1 (2-1 agg).

  19. Good work NG

    Do you have the business WordPress Plan ?

  20. Shed – very strange, my experience of PES5 (and all the PES games, really) is that they weren’t programmed to respond to an aggregate situation, but to whatever the current match situation was. The PES2019 ‘different things’ effect is extending back in time, like some tentacled science-fictiony thing…

    Tommy/Paul – just a minor tweak to the (standard) WordPress software. I can’t have image files hosted on the site, as space is getting tight after 11 years now. I want to postpone the server upgrade thing as long as possible.

  21. NG – so you use an actual install of wordpress, rather than the wordpress.com blog website?

  22. Paul – yes, and have done almost since the start.

  23. nG – That’s fine. Spamming the comments with dank memes and Twin Peaks gifs is all I wanted to do anyway.

  24. No context, it’s just my favourite 7 second clip ever…or whatever the kids call it…mif, geme, rickastleytypething…

    Lloyd – I get where you are coming from; build the squad up on very easy level, get all the players and finance you need with great team spirit and then make it a bit harder for yourself when you’re already successful. Good plan. It’s not for me of course, and some may say ‘running scared’ but ignore them mate, as long as you know it’s the best you can do….

    Shed – looks in decent nick, surprising for an old guide to one of the better pes games….did it have legendary difficulty back then?

    Fallout 4 – I’ve not got very far and have killed quite a lot of people, I assumed everyone called a raider is equivalent to a skyrim bandit. Pleased the dog can’t die though and reckon I’ve probably squandered some resources on useless upgrades. Do I get to make a safe house sometime? I’ve got the option of making gun turrets but wonder if it might be pointless so soon?

  25. Have taken the plunge NG – http://www.pesfx.co.uk > fifafx
    will post regular FIFA career mode exploits up on here a la Chronicles style.

    No point persevering with a game I’m not enjoying. A DLC and patch is rumoured for end of October, disgusting we have to wait 2 months into a products life cycle to get it, but will see if it brings any improvements and maybe revisit PES then.

  26. Turf, all I have to say is My Cousin Vinny <3

  27. Paul – am very interested in reading about your exploits. Seems obvious FIFA is the better fit for you at the moment. I do agree 2 months of waiting is taking the piss. I’ll bet money it will be a half-assed effort that breaks a number of things and has to be patched again. It’s what I feared before release what with all the new leagues and stadia that are supposed to be added (let’s wait and see if that actually happens though).

  28. Mike – it’s not quite a guilty pleasure, it’s better than that type of film (Armageddon is my embarrassing return to) but it’s hardly French new wave. It also supplied the nickname of a solicitor friend of mine – he wants to be Sean penn in Carlitos way but he’s jerry callow to us.

  29. Paul – literally the last game I played had an AI player take on my defender, sell me a dummy, go round him one on one and score. It was Messi. I remember thinking “Wow, that was good. I haven’t seen that before.”

    LCS is definitely a thing for me, but not to the intensity or frustration you describe. I don’t fancy waiting another month for the ML Transfer Patch though. I’ll give it till Monday before I really start to itch and want to desperately start my ML.

    In general – the advanced tactics definitely work. I’m at a complete loss if there are people who genuinely don’t see the difference attacking full backs, counter target or defensive player make.

    Paul again – look forward to following your FIFAFX journey.

  30. Jay – nobody’s suggested that those d-pad tactics which have definite visual effects (like the three you name) don’t work. The tactics that really don’t work are the mark settings and detailed tactical sliders in the sub-menus on the formation screen – Compactness, Support Range, and the like. They were introduced around PES2010, I think, and they do sod-all. They’re just cosmetic. Sheer makework, I’m sure of it.

    Uncle Turf – the game is poor with tutorials. The most complex and deep systems get barely more than a token few messages. Looking at Fallout 4 settlements on YouTube or the like will explain it far better than I can. This video for example. It took me ages to work out what the game was offering and the scope of it all. Essentially, you only need gun turrets as your settlements level up and you level up and the game’s enemies level up, and attacks start happening. Even then you can ignore it when you get a message saying a settlement is under attack, but I always respond, and I like to beef up the defences. Sometimes I don’t actually play any missions at all for days, I just travel from settlement to settlement fine-tuning things.

    Paul – also looking forward to FIFAFX FC (possible name?). And – thumbshot incoming?!

  31. Ok, thanks NG, I was so sure that was going to be a rickroll…I’m not a fan of the map, or the whole wristwatch thing, not as crisp and easy to follow as skyrim. Everything will of course be compared to the greatest game ever made.

    Didn’t see this at the time but this pretty much sums up my feelings about the game, a bit overgenerous with the score though https://metro.co.uk/2018/09/03/pes-2019-review-what-could-have-been-7906980/

  32. Uncle Turf – Metro UK gaming is pretty much the old Channel 4 Teletext Digitiser service, which had the best games reviews in the world in its heyday. I see from that review that their standards haven’t dropped. Calling out the LCS and running away from goal in their review. Kudos.

  33. Very generous score there from the Metro. Goes to show how insignificant offline is these days. Another nail in the coffin.

  34. Had my best session on the game last night. Gone was the boring one dimensional gameplay, there was a variety of goals on both sides and free kicks from various positions. I was playing on-line divisions. Only on-line do you see the effect of fatigue and boy does it swing the game in favour of a player who wants to play properly and tactically. I remain unbeaten on the mode as opposed to my shit past record on-line. By the end of the night I was rubbing my hands if I came accross a sprint clamper. The key is to go defensive early on and absorb a bit of pressure. After a while they run out of steam and become like boxers at the end of a long gruelling fight. They have no other way to play so keep doing the same but there is nothing behind what they are throwing at me. Now you can pick them off and create spaces all over the pitch. Loved it.

  35. 1.04 update is live. Should update the ML transfer issue, but I guess most of you will never know! For the few of us that haven’t started ML yet, we’ll let you know soon if it works!

    0 gameplay changes, as expected.

  36. Tommy – that is excellent news. How close are you to a full OF? I am off today and tomorrow – tempted to patch up and get underway!

    How do you know it’s changed it though? Can’t find any information online or when the game starts. In fact when the game starts the maintenance log isn’t there at all. Something to do with servers being down, I presume.

  37. Jay – I’m going off things I read on various websites beforehand, so I don’t know for sure, but that’s what was touted.

    As for my option file, I’m no closer than I was 2 weeks ago really. I’m waiting on erzo77’s Liga MX and NikoAlbiore’s J-League, both of which are looking like being ready at the end of the month at the earliest.

    Currently re-installing 2018…

  38. Jay – Be interested to hear what you think of ML.
    Also as NG stated, the vast majority of sub-tactics do zilch. I shows the effect of tight marking in my video, which was to just let the player my defender was meant to be tight marking waltz past him at his leisure.

    NG – Thumbshot friday when I get FIFA 19.

    Had a few matches last night after I got home from the Spurs Watford game, last 3 matches of season one.
    Beat Notts forest 1-0, was quite an enjoyable match with minimal LCS and other issues, I was upbeat thinking ‘if only it could play like this even 75% of the time’, next match, Leeds whomped me 5-0, 4 of them coming from pure LCS, and the other from my defender watching the CF walk past him. Back to feeling p*ssed at the game.

    Anyway, have put in an hours solid work pre-season, shifting out 8 defaulters and fringe players, a couple on loan, and freed up 10 mil in transfer funds and 1.2 mil in salary funds.

    Managed to raid the free agents mostly and bought in a GK (75), CB (74), RMF (73), Youth LB (69), AMF (72), and CF (76).

    The CF, Cone, was 4.4 mil and 900k wages, so that was half my budget gone on just him.
    Hoping these give me a bit of a better chance than the last lot, and will give PES a second season.
    I’ve never ditched a PES game after just one season before, even the abomination that was PES 14 got 2.45 seasons.

    There was no end of season cash injection, and signing players as a result is much harder, which I applaud, after last years half a billion kitty with nothing to spend it on, would be interesting to see how the finances scale up once promoted to the Prem.

  39. Tommy – now that came out of nowhere didn’t it? Is there an official press release somewhere? Curious if it works as intended. I’m only about 15 games in so would have no problem restarting now.

  40. Eh, a few days of placebo impressions for the forums along with everything else. It’s as if they’ve never noticed session variance in PES in their entire lives.

  41. Servers are back up – got an announcement of the ML Transfer Patch applied and the issue solved.

    Tommy – do you mean end of September? IE Sunday? I can wait till then, I think. You never did tell me your method of installation of the Emerson Pereira OF. Did you do it two stage as recommended or one?

  42. Brilliant, so for those of us that have spent the last month playing a season or 2 of ML, if we want a fixed ‘realistic’ transfer environment, we have to ditch all that work and restart ?!

    Nice job Konami.

  43. Jay – Yes, end of September, but I’m not confident of it being that early. Truth is these things take time. I’ve been following both guys on twitter and I’d say early October.

    As for the Emerson patch, I didn’t read any “instructions” I just selected all and installed. The sky bet wasn’t updated, so I had to apply live update AFTERWARDS, which is odd as its usually applied before, but it updated the teams fine without resetting anything else i.e. Bundesliga.

  44. I should probably clarify, today’s patch is 1.01.03, not 1.04 as I stated above.


  45. I’ve taken the option of deliberately not looking at other teams’ squads in my ML, just in case they have indeed been hit by this transfer balls up. I don’t relish starting again unless I hear this patch radically changes things in ML.

    That said, I think I’ve gone and spoilt myself with these PES 5 sessions in the shed – now accompanied by my piggyback guide of course. I’m now three games from the end of season 2 on five-star difficulty and just a point behind West Ham who just handed me my first defeat of the season. Wigan are just a point behind in third so, with two promotion spots, I could be going up as Champions or be resigned to another season in Div 2.

    Matches have been tense, difficult in a good way and varied. PES 5 is indeed a little basic now but that’s part of the reason its so bloody good. Player individuality has never been bettered, in my opinion.

    After a few matches in the shed last night, I returned to the house to find the big telly and the PS4 unoccupied. Seizing a chance (like those of us with families in the way have to) I deliberated whether to have a quick spin on No Man’s Sky or PES 2019. The latter won due to my unease at how long I would be left undisturbed.

    What followed were two piss poor matches in which the AI did things to me as if it thought I was Paul. In a crazy ding-dong of a game against Preston, I went ahead three times only to be pegged back with the same little passing move, dinked back to a free AI player and smashed into the top corner.

    My irritation was probably a mix of coming straight from playing PES 5 and a heightened awareness of this kind of thing many are saying down with at the moment on here and, as I’ve just been reading, in that very concise review in Metro.

  46. Shed – are you playing PES 5 on a PS2?

    That Metro review was bang on. My game against Leeds last night, in which I was hammered 5-0, there was absolutely zero I could do to stop any of those goals, in fact i was doing everything humanly possible to stop them, tracking runs, dropping deep, covering the wings, it really didn’t matter, that CPU go-to method is a guaranteed goal every single time.

    The CPU’s accuracy in hitting first time top corner shots is also a nagging issue.
    As PES has it, the EFL Championship has some of the deadliest, most lethal, accurate finishers in the game playing in it, no one ever misses.

  47. Shed – anyone who remembers Digitiser on C4’s version of the Oracle service can recognise the same editorial standards and quality in Metro’s Gaming section – strangely for a free newspaper that’s otherwise packed with bog-standard content. That final score they gave the game is a little at odds with the review content, though. In the Digitiser days that 8 would have been a 6.

    And yes, you’ve really mixed things up with shed sessions on PES5.

    Tommy/Jay – I’m pleased for you both that your patience is being rewarded, but there is no way I’m restarting now. As tomorrow’s post will show, I’m a long way into my ML world now.

    Paul – I’m following FIFA19’s release week closely and other than a predictable lack of fouls, all seems good. Incidentally re. fouls on PES2019, I’m still averaging around 1.25 per match. It’s definitely a playstyle thing with me.

  48. Paul – Yes, playing PES 5 on my PS2 Slim using a HDMI convertor. I have a 22″ budget HD TV in there and I’ve got the game looking pretty good on it. I’m tempted to go and pick up an old CRTV for retro gaming but I’m not sure it PES 5 would look much better on it.

    Looking forward to your FIFA Chronicles by the way. I read the Metro’s review of FIFA 19 too and it sounds like it plays a solid game offline – as PES 2019 does at times.

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