Hi, I’m Clippy, and it looks like you’re taking a Rising Shot

I’ve come to the end of Season 1 of my PES2019 Master League.

I’ll start today, though, with yet another sign of where the Konami priorities lay.

I’ve been trying to score a long-range goal in PES2019 ever since I got it – and failing to do so.

Here I am with a long-range shooting opportunity, with Rice. I keep plugging away with him and his Rising Shot in the hope that one day, by the law of averages, one of them will actually go in.

Here is what happened in my latest attempt:

My wifi connection temporarily dropped while the shot was mid-flight. The game thought it was important enough to interrupt the single-player action to tell me about it.

As ever, the Rising Shot did piss-all. 10 fantasy bucks to anyone who can post any footage of a long-range Rising Shot actually going into the net. (Footage from the PES2019 promo, back in our now-long-dead summer, doesn’t count.)

So the season ended and I finished a creditable second-from-bottom:

One peculiar thing from the end of the season – the last two fixtures were in JUNE:

Very Konami-like, this whole PES thing, lately, isn’t it?

In the close-season I have sold a few of the Defaults and signed a couple of new players. I have also played the first few matches of Season 2. Progress speed is picking up.

DENTINHO is so far proving a revelation in the SS role just behind Necid. He oozes individuality, by nuPES standards, and seems to have altered the dynamic of the attack.

Also, I am focusing on creating optimum scoring chances now, rather than blazing away from distance all the time. The long-rangers are just not ever going to go in.I’ll cover my opening to Season 2 in detail in Friday’s post, but things have already slightly picked up.

An ML Season 1 quickly becomes a write-off for me in terms of promotion, and is therefore best used as a settling-in season – a time when I get to know my players and the nature of the new PES. I have certainly learned that long-range shooting is sub-optimal in PES2019, to put it mildly.

But I also learned that PES2019 is a surprisingly subtle edition in lots of ways. The last few years’ more arcade-oriented approach hasn’t done the series, or my muscle-memory, any favours. Build-up play in PES2019 seems to need to be slower and more considered. The best route to goal isn’t route one, or even route two. I really like the way they’ve nerfed the ‘blind forward pass from defence’ that always used to find my attacker in midfield, and spark an easy counterattack – that pass now goes, more often than not, to an AI player.

I have to mention the Great Controversy over the AI. As I remarked last night in a comment on the previous post, if I hadn’t heard so much about the AI online – here and on the forums – I would never have had any real reason to question it. A gobsmacking, and faintly ludicrous thing to say for all those who are suffering what they are undoubtedly suffering, but for me it is the straightforward truth. I don’t see Low Cross Spam. For me the big issue is the AI forwards’ ‘running away from goal’ thing, but even that is so rare it’s not a problem either. The PES2019 AI… is generally not a problem. Strange, I know.

All in all, PES2019’s score after one season of Master League would be 8/10. Which isn’t bad. Add a few long-range goals into the mix and things could get better than not-bad.


EDIT added on the Tuesday evening of this post:

I got a long-ranger!

Updated: 25th September 2018 — 20:25


  1. I’ve been trying as many long-rangers as I can in my exhibitions, but nothing has come off yet. Not even close. I may drop down a difficulty or two and have a little practice.

    Who is Deninho? Can’t find him anywhere.

  2. The more i play this game, the more embarassed I feel for Konami about just how broken everything is, it really is a disgrace.

    My defenders seem to constantly want to part like the red sea, and the stamina things has been well overcooked, professional footballer do not blow out of their arses before half time.

    I played Swansea, they are very overpowered, so setup my tactics to mark Bony, and set my defensive tactic to tight marking and chose Bony, this is the result…..

    Why the f*ck if I have my CB set to tightly mark Bony, does he just leave him in acres of space whilst he needlessly runs over to tackle a winger in the Lb position, leaving Bony completely free to score?!?!?! Absolute joke.

  3. I have noticed you can run long distances unchallenged but as soon as you get inside long ranger territory there’s a slide tackle. So shooting outside fails but venturing inside a touch also fails. There’s also a slight hesitation at times for me, say a player is running onto a pass and could have a shot on the run, there’s a pause where I’m hitting the button and it just won’t do it. Whether it’s contextual and he’s too far from the ball I couldn’t say but it’s odd that you can’t even do an air shot.

  4. From the last post

    Chris — is that Ultimate gameplay difficulty, or overall mode-based difficulty?

    Note sure I understand the question. What they’ve done make Ultimate, which was the top level in FUT, available in a career. See https://www.easports.com/fifa/news/2018/fifa-19-career-mode-most-authentic

  5. Mines clicked at about March in second season. Team spirit 89 grinding out 1-0 wins and sitting 4th.

    Headers are probably a third of my goals and I’m feeling guilty when I read the blog now.
    I honestly don’t know what I’m doing to make it different than so many others.

  6. n-G – Have you also been trying the R2 shot from distance? Crazy that such a fundamental part of PES as long range howitzers have been nerfed.

    I’m still enjoying PES 2019 when I get to play it but it does leave a lot to be desired. Playing PES 5, a 13-year-old game, is not exactly helping me ignore PES 2019’s shortcomings.

    I popped on a PES forum earlier today and I don’t think I have ever seen such a tidal wave of negative comments about the game.

    I’m not sure if this is because nuFIFA fever is high, PES is actually worse this year or that people are frustrated that a fundamentally good footy game has such glaring flaws – not that I see much low crossing either.

    The perfect top corner goals from the AI are starting to annoy a little. Was it PES 2017 that had the AI scoring the same bottom corner goals? That’s the Evolution part of PES I suppose.

  7. Tommy – let me check Deninho when back on the game later. He’s a 30-year-old, SS, 74OPR at the moment, good for a season or two I thought, but now I’m hoping he could be the F FRIDAY of PES2019.

    Paul – aren’t I always saying that pretty much all the tactical buttons and levers that they give us, are just busywork to help the monkeys imagine we’re flying the spaceship.

    Uncle Turf – releasing R1 just before you press shoot solves that problem. If you’ve got R1 pressed as you shoot, the sprint animation has to complete first.

    Chris99 – you said, quote, ‘FIFA have also added Ultimate difficulty to career mode this year’ – you specified Career Mode – which naturally made me wonder (having never heard of Ultimate difficulty in FIFA) if it was related to FIFA’s gameplay, or if it was a new custom setting in Career Mode’s own difficulty (i.e., can’t sign anyone, get the sack if you lose three in a row, etc.). You’ve answered that now.

    Prsgame – I think you mean you feel guilty when you read the comments on the blog and the wider PES-themed Internet, because in my blog entries themselves I can only be truthful about my own experience and report zero LCS and very little ‘running away from goal’. It is weird isn’t it? I can only surmise that it’s some individual trait in our playing styles. If I had the bandwidth I’d livestream a full session, as I wouldn’t blame the LCS-sufferers for being sceptical (I would be). I’ve done the next best thing and made that video of ‘all AI attacks’ from last week, which is still representative of how my PES2019 is playing overall. I had one match a few sessions ago where two of the AI’s three goals came from being worked inside from the wing in a daisychain of fast passes, and I thought ‘here we go, LCS club here I come’, but no, it just hasn’t happened.

    Shed – R2 from distance is just a long-range placed shot, surely? A sidefooted curler. I want, and expect, a PES to provide me with at least the chance of occasionally netting a cannonball shot from 35 yards. Only vanilla PES2014 has been so stingy in history. Even PES2018 and PES2017 would occasionally let me have one.

  8. Tommy – that is him, DENTINHO – it was late last night and I would have sworn there was no T in it. I’m editing the post.

    Early doors but Dentinho feels individual. A Cinalton type of SS.

  9. NG Yes meant comments. Maybe I’m ‘playing football’ wrong. I’d say my front 3 chase down balls like headless chickens and I look to win it back in advanced positions. Not much for the patient build up.
    I could put matches up as well but it would prob just make others feel worse.

  10. Prsgame – I rarely do that relentless sprint-clampy chasing down thing except when a goal down with seconds left. I’d say I play ‘proper’ most of the time, mixing it up between pass and move, and rapid counterattacking. Previous nuPES editions rewarded fast direct play, this one seems to want to slow me down a touch more. If you have 10 mins to spare you could make an ‘all AI attacks’ vid too but it’s probably pointless at this stage.

  11. I also have a front 3 chasing madly but if they fail then it’s backs to the wall with a deep defensive line waiting for the counter attack opportunity.

    I’m finding the defence needs micro-managing to mitigate LCS e.g. Secondary pressure, following the runner, maintaining shape etc. When I lose concentration I inevitably concede.

    Loving the challenge of scoring and clean sheets, the ‘AI we need’ more so than 2018 even?

  12. Cook –I already play like this anyway:

    micro-managing to mitigate LCS e.g. Secondary pressure, following the runner, maintaining shape etc

    -not to mitigate LCS, but because that’s my natural game. Holding Square to harry the ball-carrier, while my left-stick-controlled player tracks the wing-runner, is my whole defensive game. Paul and others will likely say they play that way too, though.

    As I say in the post, other than the running away from goal thing, if it weren’t for the furor surrounding the PES2019 AI, I would not have a complaint about it. It scores all but a few of its goals from inside the box, but then so do I. The shooting game is artificially constrained for the sake of online balancing, clearly, and the AI is modelled on that pattern.

  13. Now this has the potential to be something special https://www.evo-web.co.uk/threads/sider-module-gameplay-loader.79462/. It won’t erase the issues but at least it’ll provide some variety.

  14. I got one, I got one. I got one. A bloody long-ranger. They’re possible. I got one. A good one. Uploading soon.

  15. NG – post that shit!… Is what the kids would say. I think. Genuinely curious! Was it rice? Guess we’ll see soon..

  16. I’m calling it 27 yards. D Rodriguez (DMF) the scorer, picked him up from Free Agents on deadline day, 16 years old, he seems to be the Regen version of this player – no special stats or skills right now, just a wonderful moment of PES randomness. Fitting that my first PES2019 long-ranger should come from a 16-year-old Regen playing in the ‘DMF hole’.

    Still on Top Player (anticipating the question).

    Scoring this goal was the highlight of a wonderful session just now. Had a huge grin on my face and am still buzzing now. Saw so many great things. I played Castledine at the front of a midfield diamond and saw him running into space pointing ahead of him for the pass (the way Stoitchkov used to). Some of the goals I score are so well-constructed, because they have to be. No, I haven’t been recruited to the Konami shill-factory. This is what’s happening.

  17. n-G – FRIKER! That was a goal.

    Fouls, free kicks, penalties, the odd injury AND long rangers. PES 2019 has it all. Makes you wonder what all the moaning is about. 🙂

  18. The curl from outside the post…perfect. It had to be spot on to score from that distance of course.

    I’m having a great time with the game as well, must of played 6 or 7 matches back to back. The final game was really tight, 0-0, right up until the end when it become stretched and I snatched a goal off a corner using a near post flick on.

  19. wow, loved the final two replay angles showing the outside of the laces curl, a bit like the ex-Hibs player for Villa at the weekend (I’m sure prsgame could provide the link). And crashing in off the post for dramatic punctuation.

    having been sacked 3 times I’m restarting with the defaults on Legendary in the hope that the defeats will at least be more enjoyable

  20. Shed – I just need a penalty now and I’ll have the full set. A lot of my enjoyment at the moment is coming from deploying the ‘Nil-Nil Doctrine’ that I believe you know well – where you set out determined to secure a 0-0, playing very conservatively, and take whatever scraps you can feed off. It’s an approach that is generating great games at the moment.

    Cook – in my last match before dinner I went 0-1 down (the Nil-Nil Doctrine not working here), then had Castledine straight-redded for a proper reckless sliding lunge, then went another goal down. 0-2 down and down to 10 men at half time, I put the PS4 into pause mode and had dinner, and am due to resume that match later – and I can’t wait. What a challenge to try and get something from that match. PES2019 is working.

    abbeyhill – and look at the animation of the player – the same one that’s been in the series since forever. Brought a nostalgic tear to my eye, it did, seeing the ball swerve out and in off the post.

  21. All this positivity has brought a tear to my eye!

    Multiple, successive, positive comments! AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE. It is surely done.

    How many long rangers do you need to score per season for PES 2019 to be in that category with PES2017 if not PES5?

    Also, I implore anyone using secondary pressure (square) to defend in their own half or during an AI counter attack not to. This PES punishes it’s use mercilessly. Try defending through positioning and cutting off space alone.

  22. Jay – secondary pressure used on its own – no X, no R1 – and pressed sparingly (for a few seconds, to hassle the AI) is a very effective defensive tool, I find. My active player covers the space. I’ll post a little clips vid of what I mean later if there’s time.

    I’d be happy with PES2017 levels of long-rangers. I ended up with quite a few from that one.

  23. abbeyhill – John McGinn scored the goal and he also tweeted this week lamenting his FIFA likeness which nearly completes the circle nicely. His PES face is of course generic plasticine face not that he probably cares much about PES. I remember the time when PES was the game of choice for professional footballers but nowadays it’s all FIFA. The exception it seems is Antoine Griezmann who’s built a formidable team on MyClub according to his IG.

    Antoine Griezmann is playing PES 2019, his Myclub team. from WEPES

  24. Season 3 goals including Rice long range daisy cutter.

    After hitting the top three in February, results have nosedive with 6 defeats and 2 draws dropping me to 16th with 10 games to go. Only 6 points off the playoffs though. Boom!!

  25. I’ll help rain on the parade then….I’ve restarted very very slowly. Skipped the tournament and played opening two matches as Bolton wanderers (has any club squandered their premier league payouts and parachutes better?) A 0-0 and. 1-1. The one against caused me to scream all kinds of abuse as it was the most outrageous low cross, scripty, impossible to stop under any circumstances goal. As Paul identified no matter what you might want from your marking if you’re not controlling all eleven then it will spirit one of them away from just where you wanted him.

    That’s a great goal NG, and proof they exist, but collectively in all those games it’s one, I’ve had one penalty, it’s not enough to offset the bollocks I’m afraid – if they patched the flaws I could live with it, if they patched up the long rangers and crossing I could live with the flaws. Together, the jury is still locked away.

  26. Lloyd – A stunning selection of goals there and a nice way to continue this little wave of positivity about PES 2019. It’s also interesting to hear that this ML might not yield to a team with a high Team Spirit as it has, in Div 2 certainly, in recent nuPES.

  27. Lloyd – lovely collection of goals. Some real treats 🙂

  28. A few comments about a half long ranger doesn’t save PES 19’s arse. Its still a complete

    Was at home yesterday, and played a fair few matches, and the bollocks just gets more bollocky the more you play.

    And I don’t give a damn what anyone says about using players to cut off passing lanes, and using positioning to defend, it doesn’t matter, as shown by my clip where I had instructed Bony to be tightly marked, in that clip I was controlling the defender to cut out the passing lane, whilst using secondary press to close down the ball carrier, but the CPU controls your other 9 players, so if it decides its going to just let the opposition forward run past you at ease for a tap in, it will, and it does, regularly, you have absolutely no control or say over this.

    You can be prudent, careful, concentrate and focus on closing down space and positioning all game, then all of a sudden, the above happens and you lose through no fault of your own, that’s just pure bollocks.

    Couple that with the broken commentary, whereby it tells you that you have lost 5 matches in a row, but tells you after 6 losses, and 7 losses, and 8 losses, and 9 losses, that its 5 …. or that the score is 2-0, when its actually 1-0, or that you are playing in the mecca of football, such an iconic stadium, or that the crowds have struggled to get to the game, for every single stadium, in every match, or the repetitive one way attacking methods, or the repetitive 10 men behind the ball all out defense tactics that every team employs ….. and what you have is just a shitfest.

    If you are getting enjoyment out of the game then congrats, I guess different people expect different things from a football game, different levels of quality.

    Currently, as you may have guessed, I cannot even bare the thought of sitting through another 46 games of another championship season full of that.

    Had a few games on the FIFA demo after, a red card, a penalty, tactics you can actually adopt on the fly and instantly see them working, great commentary, and fantastic goals….

    Just gad there is another option, one that’s actually finished.

  29. Yeah, I’m more of a drizzle compared to Paul’s hurricane…I really want it to be great but it’s just not…at the moment. It could be if they gave a shit but they are clearly content to ignore the huge volume of criticism from ‘the community’. If only they had a manager for that…but hey what the hell griezmann is playing. I’ll persist, slowly.

  30. Turf – the few enjoying the game on here are very much a minority, nearly everybody, on forums, and websites and twitter is experiencing the games flaws in abundance, every single tweet by officialPES is hijacked with hundreds of comments about AI and other things, I want a copy of the game that NG has managed to get hold of.

    The PC versions don’t count as PES 19 because they have been modded.

  31. Paul – I don’t think I’ve used that man-marking feature in any PES ever. I’m in the n-G camp of being highly suspicious of many of the tactical options in PES so I just don’t use them. This in itself illustrates just how shoddily put together these games are.

    On the pitch though I’m still having fun and enjoying it. I’ve come to terms that certain things start to irritate me in every game I play – especially with prolonged sessions. Even PES 5 – yes PES 5 – has it’s annoyances.

    Now we’re at that stage of the footy gaming year when PES is compared to FIFA and of course PES 2019 looks like the poor relation once again. The test will be in three or four weeks time when we’ll see if that game holds up enough – right down to its AI tendencies and tactical settings – to stave of those inevitable PES pangs.

  32. Uncle Turf – that’s the question, whether this long-ranger (and it definitely is one) will be a one-off, or if there’ll be more. 1 in just over 1 season doesn’t seem to bode well, but we’ll see.

    Paul – b-b-b-but it is a long-ranger! I’m not getting the screenshot and measuring tools out, but it’s easily more than 25 yards, and close to 30. Up until nearly 3am last night playing happily. This is no joke.

    My TS is up to mid-80s now and seems to make a difference.

    I looked in on some of the FIFA discussion yesterday and they seem really happy with the full game – how have they got it early?! The commentator on FIFA this year sounds like a proper Alan Partridge-esque footy commentator bloke, in a style very reminiscent of the immortal Tony Gubba, RIP. As I said, best FIFA demo I’ve played since ’15, and I think it’ll serve you well.

    Lloyd – some amazing goals in there, and never mind Paul wanting the copy of the game I’ve got – I want the copy of the game you’ve got. Headers? And all those volleys and scissor-kicks?! I even saw a 20-yard Rising Shot goal in there (Pavon – he has the skill, I checked; and I’m going to make an exception to my usual rule, and get him). Looks like you win the 10 fantasy bucks bounty I put on it.

  33. abbeyhill – That Mcginn goal was a bright spot in my otherwise miserable current Villa existence.

  34. NG – I was comparing it to the other ‘long rangers’ you posted last week from 2014 etc, I’ve scored numerous goals from the range you just posted, but genuinely didn’t think they met the ‘long ranger’ certification by your standards.

    I earned the ‘World Class’ trophy yesterday by bagging a volley from nigh on 40 yards.

    Also had a penalty, duly despatched. Not enough to address the balance of negativity though.

    Great goals by LLoyd, I believe he plays on professional? It’s very easy to score, to turn markers, and to get longer range shots off on professional, compared to Top Player where you don’t get a second on the ball.

    I’m very open to being ‘turned’ by PES 19, but as you are NG, only commenting on what I’m experiencing, and currently its a wave of poor quality all over.

    Forget the comparisons to FIFA, each game should be based on their own merits, FIFA does what it does very well, PES doesn’t do much of anything very well, that’s the overriding factor, its not about PES vs FIFA, its about how good or not good PES is as its own standalone product.

    Maybe not Top Corner, but a long ranger nonetheless

  35. Ok here is most of the fabled Rotherham game. I missed the second half where I stole a 4-3. Maybe one day FIFA or PES will have an instant share feature for goals and the like. Plenty of other games do.

    If anyone can see what I do wrong or differently to get games like this feel free. I’ll admit I don’t play the beautiful game.

  36. Paul – you’re scoring numerous goals from the range that I was thrilled just to get one from… and you’re getting up to 6 AI fouls per match… and you’re getting penalties – and that’s a great goal you posted there – just how many different-feeling copies of this game are out there?!

  37. prsgame – well I don’t play that relentless, harrying, chasing-all-the-time style. Aren’t your players dead on their feet by the second half?! I notice Visual Fatigue especially in the last 10 minutes of a match where fresh CPU players destroy my knackered defenders.

    I’m currently uploading a short vid that shows how I play from the CPU kickoff. Instead of the instant R1 hunting of the ball that you do, I stand off and bide my time.

    So we have very different styles. (I think yours will be the most common one.)

  38. Paul – correct mate, on professional with manual passing. Going up to TP at end of season 3 regardless of promotion or not.

    NG – I’ve had Pavon on loan last season and this. Just dont have the funds to buy him. I was 55,000 short on wages on the option to buy last season. Should have released someone but forgot. School boy error.

  39. Some great goals there Lloyd. Are you still using manual passing (PA0)? Could the fact that you seem to be going for quite a few mid-rangers, long-rangers and shooting first time be related to not wanting to risk losing the ball with intricate short-passing moves? You also seem to have quite a handle on free kicks. Maybe you could post a few tips. That beings said, I’m on PES 2017, professional level/PA0 (though my passing is a fair bit more sluggish and conservative than yours) so maybe any tips wouldn’t be applicable. Strange how the PES 2019 experience seems to be so different for people.

  40. not sure about Legendary so far. On the one hand there are plenty of fouls and the AI attacks properly, none of this fannying about at the side of the box. On the other there are still limited options for scoring a goal, and being dispossessed instantly when you go near an opponent gets pretty wearing

    prsgame – ha, try being an Ipswich supporter at the moment!

  41. As has been sort-of requested a few times, here is a short vid that starts off showing my play-style defensively. It’s a conservative style at the outset. I don’t do that instant ball-hunting thing that nearly everyone seems to do. I do sometimes do it, of course I do, but only when the match situation demands it, and there’s a huge benefit to stamina-conservation this year. I lost a point last night because my LB was dead on his feet on 80 minutes, no subs left, and the AI skinned him alive.

    1. CPU kickoff. I stand off until I can get a foot in, and then instead of bombing forward immediately, get a feel of the ball early on.
    2. Pretty much the same, except I go on a counterattack that nearly gets something.
    3. A nice free kick. Are they too easy? When struggling to get anything going chances-wise, a free kick in scoring range feels like a great moment, so I’ll take it.
    4. An actual one-touch counterattack from an overhit AI corner. The final cross-pass is a Triangle through-ball. I’ve noticed the AI teams vulnerable to that version of a cross.

  42. NG- Watching it back it is a bit breathless. I tend to do that until I get a lead then I try to play a bit more measured. A bit like Klopp’s Liverpool. Unfortunately, the AI stunner in the first minute set the tone.

    I tend to change the most tired winger, the Tip of the diamond midfielder then either a striker or the DMF at around the 60-70 min mark. With any luck, the games won and I can try to play more stylishly.

    If you watch I don’t need to sprint with the centre-backs so they are good unless needed for last-ditch tackles. The Wing backs are workhorses so need to get good ones and good replacement ones. I’m usually one player in the midfield short for last 15 due to fatigue so they need to be managed.

  43. A few things I picked out of PRS video up there:-

    1:19 low cross, needless to do so

    1:45 low cross, again, unrealistic to perform it here

    3:40 100% laser guided perfect, ball winning slide tackle, every cpu slide tackle is like this

    4:32 Just one instance of a cross going in and the forward not getting anywhere near it for a header

    5:12 first time backheel and goal – this happens countless times – Also watch the player that scores, your CPU controlled defender just stands there and lets him run on to the ball and score.

    NG – Putting it into perspective, I’ve had ONE single penalty, across one whole ML season, and 2 other ML seasons I restarted where I played to around half way in each.
    So roughly about one single penalty in just under 90 matches.
    But Yes, fouls are not an issue at all, they are vastly improved over last year, no complaints at all, I get anywhere from 3-8 fouls per match, also get the odd 1 or 2, even a 0 now and then but mostly in that 3-8 range.

    And Free Kicks are way too easy this year, any player with a 72 FK rating or above can score, its as easy as powering to halfway, just before the yellow on the gauge appears, and adding curl with the LS, I will post my end of season one ML goals video ( the ones I could be bothered to save anyway) and you’ll see a few FK’s in there.

  44. Paul – Thanks for that. I was hoping you would dissect it.

    Is it still less than you are getting? Is that why I can’t pick these instances out when I play? After all the discussion I’ve actively started looking for the low crosses and this ratio is typical for me. There are at least 3 high crosses from the AI as well

    Already said I hate the slide tackles with a passion. You see my two knee high lunges straight after.

    I was giving AI benefit of the doubt on the backheel, done me like a kipper. It didn’t come from the low cross first though.

  45. abbeyhill – Ouch, it’s really hard for me being a pedant. The name of Apple’s new flagship phone is ‘iPhone Ten-S-Max’, not ‘iPhone Ecks-S-Max’. The year 2000 was the last year of the 20th century. And the top difficulty in PES is called Legend.

    Sounds pretty good though, apart from the no time on the ball thing. I think time on the ball is reduced enough as it is on Top Player.

  46. PRS – would have needed to see full matches, and several of them to see if your game mimics mine, I surely can’t have the worst playing PES copy ever, as I see so many others online and in the community lambasting it too.

    I will record a full match later, with voice over comments, if I get time as I’m at the Spurs v Watford cup match at MK Stadium later tonight.
    Then you can all dissect my game and will see that I’m not moaning for the sake of it, nothing more I’d love than to be enjoying PES.

  47. Paul – when it was 1-0 to weakened Man Utd last night I put an in-play bet of two quid on full-strength Derby to score the next goal, which they duly did, winning me a tenner. Watford will play a strong team against a weak Spurs team tonight and win me money, just got to work out which bet to place and when. Long live the Rumbelows Cup!

    Re. PES, I think it’s past the stage of mutual disbelief and has to be about individual play-styles. E.g. we all saw how prsgame’s pressing style left him open to a few situations. My conservative style tends not to.

  48. Abbeyhill – Legendary was just too frantic for me, you get to that ‘red zone’ as they say in the NFL and you have a perfect, move ending tackle come in, I could only work any kind of opening by playing one touch all the time – no attempt to do anything with the ball, just kick it on straight away. I was thinking about this while playing trivial pursuits and eating my single panini….

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