Worry and Rice

January of Season 1. I picked up two tasty-looking Free Agents: Tomas Necid, and Siem de Jong. Not as first-tier as I could have got, if I’d only had the wages, but they’re more than adequate.

Necid is a name that has been mentioned on this blog before, albeit in a different game. Football Manager 2010 being the game. Necid was my big signing in one of my first FM2010 Premiership seasons, and bagged a load of goals that kept me up. The big clubs came calling and he sulked until I let him go, after which everything disintegrated and I was sacked.

Here in PES2019 he is on the freebie list along with a mouthwatering load of other players. My wages bill ended up on minus-200k until I moved a few other players out – Arcas and Goios among them.

I ended up selling Goios (not-Coutinho) before the window closed, so this screenshot is already out of date. I brought in a Youth striker named VINER to cover.

Other than that difference, the above is the formation and squad that I will be using to scrape some points together – hopefully – in the second half of the season.

Results continue to be awful.

I had a session last night that was one of the best nuPES sessions, all told, that I have ever had.

The AI was brilliant, frankly. Hassling and harrying me, launching waves of varied and inventive attacks. Positionally in defence, it’s the tightest AI PES has ever seen, I think. The PES2019 AI has such a poor renown that many a befuddled PES2019 player will be shaking their heads and wondering if I am taking the piss. I am not.

The only sign of the infamous Low Cross in my game is a GP award given to me for pulling off a low cross in a game. (Double-tap the cross button from out wide.)

Necid and de Jong haven’t really set the ML world alight yet. Necid has done adequately, netting three goals since his arrival, including a debut header with his very first touch, which bodes well. De Jong has been totally anonymous and I am starting to worry.

I have more or less settled on the view that there is no point persisting with anonymous, identikit players in nuPES anymore.

A squad of proper individuals, even if they are poor overall and don’t win me anything, will be preferable to the rotating door of samey-feeling players that besmirched the likes of PES2016.

I had a fatigue situation in one match that forced me to play with a lone striker up front and two wide forwards/wingers. I thought this formation was a 4-5-1, but the game says it’s a 4-3-3. I was very interested to see how it played out, but no, it didn’t really do anything special. And it did feel like a 4-3-3 in practice.

A brief little highlights clip now. Necid’s debut header is here. There are some brave attempts at shooting from Rice – finishing with an actual goal from Rice, from distance, that won me the World Class long-range shooting trophy. Still not a proper long-ranger though…

Updated: 18th September 2018 — 11:28


  1. Yeah SPL Darryl – 12 teams? then the split? could shake things up nicely.

  2. Uncle Turf _ I thought you could alter budgets this year? I’m actually glad to hear the game doesn’t allow an easy team of superstars given the ease I had in signing players before season 2 of PES 2019’s ML.

  3. Started a third trial ML to cure the itch (gonna wait for these last two leagues). Started with my custom Freebridge swapping out Rotherham and transferring in a squad of free agents with similar OVR, just a bit younger. Playing on Superstar this time, and actually won the opening two games! Still the same old wing-spamming low crossing shit-show, but I knew this, and defended according, which I was proud of, but also worried. The A.I. play is so drab. Is this really it for the A.I.? How many seasons of this can I stand?

  4. Shed – no, what you can do is decide which budget your income goes to but making 50k from sponsorship hardly leaves a dent in the coffers. Like you I like the inability to pack the team with stars but being able to sell the while squad makes me suspect it’s not necessarily deliberate, you just never quite know with konami if it’s a fuck up. I’d be really interested if someone was managing Liverpool in season 3 and had 100k wage budget or if they were similarly limping along on nothing. It might be linked to my choice of small team?

  5. Paul – ‘does not ship to United Kingdom’ in description (hit the translate button), and I can’t be arsed messaging the seller to open negotiations. This isn’t a major thing, just something I’ll get for myself if I can do so easily and straightforwardly.

    Shed – PS2 PES5 manual is £1.49 on ebay right now. If you haven’t already seen the EvoWeb retro PES thread, it’s worth a look.

    Re. PES2019, it’s still more than holding up for me on all fronts. I’m still not even at the end of Season 1 though.

  6. Ahh sorry, did translate but didnt see that bit.
    I have a copy of it somewhere up at my parents house, if i ever get chance to look and manage to find it then i will let you know.

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