A low cross to bear

Veldwijk finally netted his first goal for the club since his fairytale reappearance in PES2019.

I originally swooped for him in the Free Agents list, motivated by his impressive showing in PES2018 – another game, another PES cosmos completely – but he has so far been totally unimpressive this time around. When it comes to Master League players transferring from one edition to another, it really doesn’t work out.

I’m still selling Veldwijk in the January transfer window. There’s no way to cancel the deal even if I wanted to, and I don’t want to. His goal was just a straightforward sidefoot into the net after an AI keeper parry to the side (which they do too much, by the by).

Whilst poking around, I discovered this screen, which I don’t recall seeing in any previous PES. A handy all-in-one-place list of my current squad’s comings and goings. Yes, it is a shame about Harrington’s face.

This screen does only show the transfer activity of my current squad. It doesn’t show all the Defaults I released or sold before August ended. I can’t even remember their names.

I haven’t spoken about my keeper, MURIEL, or my left-back, SAAVEDRA, so far.

Both were Scout discoveries, and both have proved useful. Muriel in particular is a solid presence between the sticks.

That CB, CINEMRE, is a signing made after the window closed, and so won’t be joining until January, which I am almost upon in-game right now.

Results have been awful and I am bottom of the league.

The season is a complete washout in terms of getting promotion.

One of the debates surrounding PES2019 since its release – under two weeks ago – has been the behaviour of the AI.

Many PES players are satisfied with how the AI plays, up to a point. I am one of the satisfied (overall). I don’t perceive any of the repetitive play that many others see.

My only issue with the AI is the way it will frequently spurn a good opportunity to shoot or develop play for the sake of passing to a teammate.

The AI generally dicks around in front of goal too much.

I would hope and expect there is an AI patch in the works. The AI needs to be more clinical, and yes, it does need to shoot more from distance.

Another angle of the AI debate is its alleged liking for getting out wide and putting in Low Crosses. Repeatedly. Over and over and over again. All match.

Those who are suffering from this problem are really suffering from it, as the forums and the comments here have shown.

I’ve never seen this Low Cross behaviour from the AI, and to show this I decided to record an entire match.

Now there’s nothing duller than watching an entire PES match of somebody else playing when you’re only looking for particular instances of a certain thing. In this case, all we need to see are the AI attacks.

Here are the team sheets before the match:

And here is the 3m40s video – which only shows the 17 instances when Stoke mounted an attack:

I normally play with more conservative fullbacks, and a deeper defensive line. Here I deliberately played in such a way as to allow the AI to head out wide if it wanted to.

Of the 17 AI attacks on show, there is an overall preference for the wings, yes – but there’s just as much a tendency to work the ball back inside. And only two instances of the Low Cross. The AI’s winning goal came from a High Cross and a rare PES2019 (weak) header.

So why are the Low Cross people seeing Low Crosses so much? Investigations are ongoing.

A fair few things need fine-tuning with PES2019 out of the box, it seems.

I hated the couple of instances where the AI, clearly in on goal, chose not to shoot, and instead sort of tamely dribbled away to the side.

At the other end of the pitch, I have a mounting concern over the fate of long-range shooting this year. I’ve yet to score anything from 25+ yards.

My only goal from outside the box was a 22-ish yarder from Rice that was a low fizzing shot into the bottom corner.

I need to see a postage-stamp 30-yarder. I won’t feel comfortable until I’ve got a couple of them, in fact.

Rising Shot is a sumptuous new skill, certainly, but it needs to produce actual goals, or it’s just window-dressing.

Some matches I will blaze away with Rice and others, only to see the AI keeper either catch cleanly, or do that eye-rollingly predictable ‘parry to the side’ thing that keeps the ball in play and keeps things ‘exciting’. Great for online players, I suppose, who want that constant churning cycle of events.

The crazy thing is that, the above issues with AI and long-range shooting aside, this is still the strongest start to a new PES for many a year. General gameplay feels so deep and satisfying. The AI defences, at least, are proving hard to unpick.

As ever, the first season of a Master League with rubbish Defaults is a washout. And that feels pretty good.

Updated: 11th September 2018 — 11:48


  1. If it has HDR Darryl then they are often sneaky, you often need to go into the settings and enable HDR output on the HDMi ports, its sometimes referred to as ‘deep colour’ output instead of HDR.
    Pointless anyway with PES unless you are playing on a PS4Pro, the normal PS4 doesnt output in 4k or HDR.

    FYI – even on a PS4Pro the game looks better with the PS4’s HDR setting OFF

  2. I keep expecting Low Crossing to rip off its mask in my sessions and say ‘Bwahaha, look at me, I was here all along!’ – but no, it simply doesn’t happen.

    If I end up condemning the PES2019 AI, it’ll be for very different reasons. I have to fend off so many central attacks that of course sometimes the AI strikers get clean through on goal – but do they race in on goal and have a shot or score a goal? No they do not.

    I captured a ‘good’ example today when I was trying to ‘do an Allisson’ with my CB, and the AI CF pinched the ball. With literally nothing between him and the goal, what does he do? He sort of vaguely shuffles to the side, of course, allowing me to get back and retrieve the ball

    So Low Crosses are not a thing for me – not even remotely a thing. If I ‘d never read so much about them, I’d never even know the phrase ‘low cross’ in relation to PES2019.

    AI Strikers In On Goal But Dicking Around is very much a thing.

  3. If you need examples of the poor AI, whether it be crossing/passing into the box or cutting back when being in a good position/through on goal, then try coach mode. You can sit back and watch the tomfoolery unfold! I tried it earlier, and it was all evident. Some lovely flicked passing from the cpu, all ruined by cutting back and spamming the wings.

    In one game I saw at least 4 instances of passing into the box from out wide where it needs at least two other players to flick it on before ending up with the guy in the middle of the box, an all-to-frequent variation on the low cross mechanic.

  4. Its fair to say that the core Game Play in PES2019 is the best for quite some time, it looks and moves beautifully, but the offline AI is one of the worst ever.

    Either Konami just do not test offline AI in any way shape or form, or they do and either a) dont notice these issues or b) do, and just dont care.

    How can we be expected to play a ML when:

    – GK’s are rooted to their spots, allowing an easy walk-in on goal
    – AI Spams Low Crosses leading to over-repetitive play
    – AI prevents itself from scoring when in on goal (checks back, side shuffles etc)
    – AI refuses to shoot from outside the box

    We got fouls back to some degree, but in true Konami style they f*cked up a whole lot more.

    Certainly, most definitely NOT the #AIWeNeed
    possibly will have the shortest lifespan of any NuPES game if a patch isn’t issued soon.

  5. Might I suggest people disappointed with the AI try going up a level? (That’s not meant to be a flippant statement, I mean it, give it a go). Superstar was so brutal to me in my first season that I’d have taken any kind of flaw as relief from the endless battering. Season two has started 1/1/1 – all quite close games, I’ve had more chances but the keepers are just so good.

  6. Agree with Turf here – baffles me when people say ML isn’t challenging enough but then don’t play on the highe(r)st difficulties and turn off challenge mode. Again, not flippant but sometimes we are guilty of limiting our experiences ourselves.

    On a brighter note – boom, as Lloyd would say!

  7. Paul – I have finally sorted it as there was an extra setting for each of the ports and the one the playstation was in was set to Regular. By changing this to Enhanced it has transformed the look and the physics of the game now. Just had a quick go and the game looks stunning now. I owe you one as I would not have found it had it not been for your suggestion. Can’t wait to play tonight and a new ML is on the cards with defaults.

  8. well I’ll be….that gameplay patch actually works (@Abbes – I tried V2). It is INSTANTLY noticeable, no placebo effects here as was the case with all the gameplay patches for pes 18. It all but complete erases Paul’s last 3 points: far less focus on wing play, CPU gives it a go regularly – lots of first time shots and out of the box as well, and I haven’t seen ANY of the weird shimmying when the CPU is in the box, they take a chance when they get it.

    It’s apparently a simple set of adjustments – strangely enough the value for the propensity for the CPU to shoot was reduced from 10 to 5 (from Pes18 and 17 to 19) which is now corrected – but it makes a lot of difference. Tested it out on Professional by the way.

    Regardless, I’m sticking with vanilla gameplay for now. It is very nice to have this on hand though in case things go tits up.

  9. Jay/Turf – its not about the CPU not being challenging enough, it’s very challenging on Top Player, in fact the COMS finished are clinical, one touch back heels from a low cross into the box, first time finish, boom, every time.

    Those tactics I posted help a tiny bit but the CPU’s propensity to play this way with every attack still rears its head way too much. Going up to SS would not changer the way there AI plays, just make it even more clinical and likely to play that way, No Thanks

  10. Darryl – Great to hear you are sorted mate, when you first mentioned the Pic quality was poor I knew it had to be a TV setting because one thing PES 19 is, is stunning too look at.

    No idea why TV manufacturers piss about like that, they must know people who buy 4k TV’s obviously have 4k blurry players, or SkyQ or a 4k Games console to play on it, so why they hide the HDR settings under a pseudonym, and have the ports set to off by default baffles me.

    Anyway, enjoy now!

  11. #1 – I saw the TTB v ixdedo showing off that PC Mod, Looked superb, I find it incredible and quite a piss take that some random guy can mod Konami’s game, in weeks and fix a massive issue, but you get Bhatti on Twitter saying ‘fixes aren’t as easy as you think’ – Yes there fucking are!!! some random Dave from Milford just did what you are saying your team of devs can’t do.

    Seems the only way to play PES properly these days is to shell out 700 quid for a high spec PC and wait for the community to finish the game for them.

  12. Just discovered there’s a way of knowing if you have scored a”long ranger” as you will earn the trophy ‘world class’ – scoring in open play from 30m or more. Mine was a lay off to rice who clobbered one straight at a defender on the edge of the box, it spun viciously and dribbled past an already dived the wrong way keeper. I’d have been foaming and called all kinds of script but I was already 0-5 down so it didn’t even raise a small cheer.

    If you dont have that trophy NG you ain’t in the club…

  13. Jay – Paul beat me to it, but people on lower difficulties are griping about the little things the AI does/doesn’t do, not that it’s not challenging enough down here.

    Paul/#1 – I’m keeping an eye on the PC side, with that nice gaming PC in reserve – but I’m nowhere near ready to even think of making the crossing yet. It’s literally 2 weeks since the game came out. The game isn’t even starting to fall apart yet!

  14. It is here. Well and truly falling apart. No matter what I do. Every single attack is a low cross into the box. First time finish or one touch backheel then shot. Every attack. It’s getting monotonous now.
    I can prevent the goal 6/10 times but the monotony is in knowing what’s coming every single time. No variation.

  15. Paul – seems to be falling apart quickly for you now unfortunately… Disappointing I’d imagine. As far as the gameplay patch goes I agree. The modder showed the values over on evoweb and it looked like a relatively simple fixes. Just changing a few values in a game file. Of course there’ll undoubtedly be knock on effects later on. But it just works, instantly.

    Am staying on vanilla for now though as the game is nowhere near close to falling apart for me.

  16. Well it’s not happening for me either and I’d at least consider superstar as an option. Although after 42 games Legend is now available abbeyhill….

  17. With the TV sorted I started afresh with Stoke and the defaults. which sounds like a 50s band. Huge improvement with quality of games. When I was playing on Pro with club lineup the games seemed to end to end like the last few years. It is tough going on TP but seems fair at the same time. Lost first three games 1-0, 2-1,4-0 (cup) but won my last game 2-0 at home to Blackburn. I took an early lead and then hung on heroically, before hitting them on the counter late on. Things have started now.

  18. New PS4 does nothing to fix AI issues, apparently.

    Nice little twitter thread with some gif examples of the 3 key AI problems.

  19. I played 2 games this morning before work on 1.03 and its right, does absolutely zero to any game play.

    I setup my team as per yours NG, identically, same formation, same attack and defense tactics, we even largely had the same players, 2 games, Villa and Ipswich, both games, complete over use of the low cross into box from wing just outside box tactic, I conceded 3 goals, across those 2 games, all 3 were the same.

    I will definitely do one of those vids where I show just the CPU’s attacks (anything where they cross halfway line).

    and headers don’t exist in this game, the 2 i have managed to connect with have just resulted in floaty looped over bar affaisr, the other 964,328 crosses I put in, no one gets a head on.

    And if i hear the commentary team use the same gushing lines about the stadium being a mecca for football, iconic, known the world over and a fitting place for such a high
    profile match (MK Dons v Ipswich) then I will scream.

    Patience level is currently teetering on zero.

  20. Paul – Sorry to hear you’ve hit the wobbles with PES 2019. That two week mark is always telling.

    I’m not having too many issues with the attacking AI but the heading thing is getting a little annoying. I’m starting to feel like I’m being forced to play a certain way and that certain way makes crossing virtually pointless. I suspect things might improve with better players but something doesn’t feel right.

    It’s odd because so many elements have been improved just enough from PES 2018. They didn’t really need to tinker with the attacking AI and headers.

    As for commentary, it’s as bad as ever. The only saving grace is that the volume seems to have been turned down this year. It’s almost as if even Konami finds it annoying now, just like the rest of us.

  21. Whoops

    *New PS4 patch does nothing to fix AI issues, apparently.

  22. One thing I meant to ask, are those of you on PS4 Pro seeing any weather effects? I’ve heard the odd mention of nasty weather in commentary but I’ve so nothing in game. Even PS2 PES had soggy pitches (although Uncle Turf will know why these don’t happen any more) and a visible downpour once in a while.

  23. Shed – my frustrations are mostly inflamed by disappointment if I’m honest.
    Its always ‘next year’ with Konami. Then PES 19 comes about, it shows signs of being something a bit different, we get all the hype about ML transfers being fixed, and whilst we knew there would be no major additions, to have a mostly-realistic world to play ML in, would have been a start, but it was all lies, actual lies, and what we have been served up is yet again a broken, unfinished mess.

    When I say lies these are actually real lies, look on Twitter, Konami released a screenshot pre-release showing the ML hub screen, whereby Liverpool had sold Mané, Salah & Firminho all in the same season, their entire front line, people pointed it out and said ‘So the transfers are still broken’ to which Konami hastily released a photoshopped version where they have removed the club badges of the teams those 3 players moved to and replaced with the Liverpool badge.

    Then Bhatti tweets saying ML transfers were not indicative of that screenshot, and they were fixed. Well they aren’t and never were, they’re more broken than ever with squads selling half their team and buying 5 goal keepers.

    Bhatti also claimed he had been playing ML and it was a breath of fresh air, really?!?! How so?? In what way? Its in worst shape than last year with broken AI, broken transfers, GK’s rooted to their lines, headers don’t work, CPU teams don’t shoot.

    Obviously as a consumer you don’t know any of this until you have paid your money as no one ever playtests offline, probably exactly why the demo was only 5 mins long, damage limitation.

    No Twitter official account will ever acknowledge the feedback, they’d rather post 50 times about Barca’s 3rd kit, its just a complete and utter shambles top to bottom.

    And a random nobody from the PC Mod community can fix most of these game play issues with a few tweaks inside 2 weeks, but a multi hundred-million dollar turnover games developer says the changes ‘aren’t that easy’ !!!!

    FIFA demo is out today, hoping for some kind of saviour.

    Shed – Played a few games last night where it was snowing, you see the snowflakes falling during the game but nothing ever settles, no snow on the pitch, half assed effort, was same as playing ina rainy match, the ball control was a bit looser, you see wetness flicking up off the pitch, thats about all.

    Have yet to see any of this dynamic lighting where the sun moves and casts different shadows during a game etc.

  24. Shed – ah yes, I’ll keep it brief – modern pitches are basically giant golf greens, 70% plus of sand under the top so water drains very rapidly through them and the grass is usually reinforced by either desso (plastic blades either side of a real blade) or its cushioned by a rubberised material in the sand (fibrelastic). So when I hear talk of ‘plastic pitches’ it’s laughable – they’re all plastic to some extent now.

    As for pes – I had one game of slightly wintery aspect and zero rain – in Scotland?! I noticed in the stadium pre match screen you can alter these settings but I didn’t know if it actually gives you what you pick as I didn’t want to dick about and have snow in August. Might have a play around if my memory isn’t letting me down.

    Commentary is truly awful – i top your Mecca Paul with my known the world over home of Motherwell…it’s just the same tape,year after year, zero context and Beglin repeating comments sometimes three times in a minute. It’s a mark of how little they give a shit.

    I’m enjoying it and feel I will get value this year but not so much I can’t acknowledge what a piss poor effort konami has delivered on the whole presentation side, and the pitch for a lot of you.

  25. You mean you don’t consider Fir Park the holy shrine of world football Turf?
    And dont like to be reminded of it every other sentence?

    when you choose a stadium in exhibition mode, it shows icons on the stadium pic of what weather options are available, not all can have snow etc, which again baffles me as the snow is literally just a snowflakes falling overlay, there is never any snow on the pitch, so how it can only be used in certain stadia I have no idea.

    I’ve noticed in ML, when you select stadium and choose your weather ops before each match, for August/Spet its set to summer, so summer/fine. summer/cloud with rain, summer/night etc, once it gets to October, that changes to winter, you can no longer select any summer options, which is strange, as summer day/fine, is exactly same as winter day/fine etc.

    Also has anyone noticed that the stadium announcer sounds like some street boy Yardie, ‘SubStaChoooooshyunnnn’ … been waiting for him to say’alright Bruv, you feel me’ after every announcement.

    What a mess.

  26. PES2019 is not falling apart for me yet either – all going well on Top Player. Still no Low Crosses.

    Still no fouls (averaging 1 per match currently), and still no long-range goals either. If FIFA had fouls (Imma happy if it has fouls for you, but it doesn’t have fouls for me) and was about 20% slower on Slow, the football game wars might have ended for me some years ago,

    Uncle Turf – long-range trophy info noted.

    No weather that I’ve noticed. I have fond memories of playing on rain-soaked pitches in PES2 (TWO). Sectors of the pitches had massive puddles that slowed passes down and you had to adjust your approach and expectations accordingly. We went from that glory to the ‘motorbike static’ rain of PES2008, and things are pretty much the same today.

  27. Paul – I fully agree, it’s blatant lies and they are putting less and less effort in to cover them up. The commentary is a good example – woeful. Obviously Konami know this now so what do they do – turn the volume down. Shameless. The photoshop thing with all the players that left visible in the screenshot – almost criminal. That’s just blatant misleading of customers.

    As it is, I’m enjoying the actual gameplay a lot at the moment. Still unacceptable what Konami is doing.

  28. #1 – When I have the ball, I love the game, best PES I’ve ever played, when I dont have the ball, or when I’m in menus or doing anything that does not involve having the ball at my feet, its a complete disgusting shambles.

  29. Very nearly from Rice!!

  30. Some great goals Lloyd, seems you have mastered the manual passing, Not on Manual shooting though are you?

    What level is that on? SS?

    Rice has a meaty shot but I find stamina wise he’s poor, always blowing by half time.

  31. Lloyd – some great goals and great play on show there. That free kick midway through was amazing. I nearly got one just like that yesterday, and recorded the keeper’s miracle save for tomorrow’s post. I don’t have any great goals to show off yet. I keep doing that same ‘nearly but not quite’ attempt with Rice.

    Great lay-off to set up the final goal, on PA0 passing that was some pass.

    Paul – Lloyd’s manual routine is to play PA0 passing and crossing, but Basic shooting. Looks like it’s working out well for him. In the eternal ‘stats matter in PA0’ debate, I cannot decide. At times it feels yes they do, at times it feels no the don’t (and how could they), and it’s the latter times that generally put me off persisting with PA0, for now.

  32. Last few games I’ve put FK’s in the top corner postage stamp style and every time the keeper has flown across the goal mouth and caught it.

    I read somewhere that holding L2 for manual passes is purely manual, but setting passing to PA0 it is stats influenced.

  33. Paul – totally agree with you on the headers front. I have stopped crossing the ball as the outcome is always the same. You seem to have control of your player when the ball leaves the crossing players boot but by the time it gets into the box the receiver turns into a zombie and the defender always gets there first no matter what. This is a case of headers being seen to be overpowered in the last two versions. So as a result Konami just nerf them all together.

  34. Goalie catches are far too frequent, especially now the vogue is to punch them away.

    I’ve had a couple of headers, my overall goal sample is too small to really know, but I feel like they are a very small window of opportunity and it’s a deliberate nerf revision rather than my timing being off. Corners are pretty much pointless. I also have to manually change the player in control all the time when defending, the little ‘about to’ triangle outlines but rarely then becomes solid unless I hit L1. I don’t remember that being the case?

  35. Darryl/Turf – Definitely a case that Konami have nerfed headers, but rather than tone down the frequency with which they are scored, they have gone full postal and just dont even allow you to get on the end of them anymore, think I scored one header, on release day and that was a rebound off the keeper, looped into the air and my CF was unmarked to just freely nod in from 6 yards.

    You have next selection cursor on Turf? thats always hollow then fills when you select to that player, I turned it on because I thought it would be useful when using secondary press to cover passing lanes when trying to stop the wing play, but it seemed as if it was causing some sort of slight delay between selecting players, so i turned it off again.

  36. Paul – on Professional mate. 16th in January of my 2nd season.

  37. Uncle Turf – don’t know about this year, but last year the secondary cursor felt glitchy and I deactivated it, and not even tried it this year.

  38. Yes, I’ve got that on Paul, I’ll knock it off and see thanks.

    Just played a couple of games and now they are a bit closer I’m seeing both more frequent low crosses and the dont head for goal nonsense. Not as extreme as NGs video but numerous times strikers who would otherwise go hell for leather check back and try to pass it. It’s not great. Myclub won’t be a refuge for me as it seems they’ve done their best to have everyone playing with a ridiculously over powered team immediately. I have an insane number of points already and could get 20+ top signings.

  39. Definitely helped me Turf.
    Sad to see the game is going wayward for you too, even if its not quite as bad as what I’ve been experiencing.

    I could handle it if they didnt attempt a low cross in every situation, there are scenarios when you’d never dream of a low cross due to all the bodies in the box, but they do it anyway, and the wing – low cross into box – CF first time blind backheels to another player waiting by 6yd box – first time smash in.

    Those 2 are the bane of my PES life right now.

    Lloyd – sounds like Pro is giving you a good challenging time, I actually thought Pro was easier this year, hence why I stepped up to Top Player after only 5 games.
    I’m currently 17th just approaching Feb of my 1st season.
    But in the FA Cup Quarter finals, beat Everton 1-0 in the last match.

  40. Paul – Manual passing has definetly added a layer of difficulty for sure.

  41. Safe to say FIFA 19 isn’t the answer either. Like every year the perfect game lies with bits of each. Three full games no fouls and even more shocking was one game with 0 tackles recorded. The AI is varied but there’s no intricacy. It’s like battering against a wall until space appears.
    PES for me offline anyway. Did score a nice one

  42. Turf – I’m still 2 wins away from unlocking Legendary, and will not be rushing to do so! Very happy with the game now that those defensive tactical changes have encouraged more variety in the AI, the teams in my French Ligue 2 feel quite distinctive

    Prsgame – shame about the FIFA demo, apart from the lack of fouls and space how did the gameplay feel? I thought FIFA18 was the most interesting and sim-like it (and PES) had been for several years, and feel a bit guilty about dropping an enjoyable career mode to join in with the PES launch excitement on here!

  43. prsgame – i have to agree on FIFA19. had a go with the demo just now and came away surprisingly deflated. I did like fifa 18 and 17 quite a lot after all. Strangely enough a few things seemed to have regressed. Commentary (new team? didn’t know that. they still do a way better job than PES though), game speed (it is FAST), and graphics / animations actually seem worse to me than FIFA 18. I was hoping for a bit more to be honest. Champions League atmosphere is fine but not much different to how PES did it to be fair. Shooting is still ace, still ahead of PES I think but PES has made great strides here this year and is a close contender.

    A bit disappointed, but at least I’m not tempted in the least to screw around and switch games. I will try the demo later in the year when PES starts to get stale, but for now it is full focus on PES for me.

  44. Abbeyhill – there’s just a horrible crowded feeling about FIFA like too many small children on a playground before it eventually breaks loose to the good kid. It’s not without some charms as I think it’s set up for playing online but it’s not football as we know it. Also there’s nothing like master league and until there is there’s no changing.

    #1 yep I had FIFA 18 for the Xbox in the spare room and it seemed better than this. It’s slick but seriously not even a recorded tackle in a match!

  45. Completely disagree.
    Only had 2 matches on the Fifa demo but what I saw was very very good. Takes getting used to the heavier feeling ball. But the gameplay was very good. Was a joy to play an AI that played varied attacking realistic football.
    Graphics are sumptuous too.

    Scored a few belters. And had a penalty in my first game.

    Makes you realise just what a shambles PES is in every aspect other than what you have the ball at your feet.

    Fifa demo is more of a finished product than the whole package of PES 19. Sad but true.

    PRS – that problem isn’t with FIFA feeling crowded, it’s that PES leaves massive gaps and space all over the pitch. The scale is way off.
    You have to use the custom close up cam in PES to get anything like a realistic view, midfield should be tight. Space should be a premium. PES default cam looks like a subbuteo set on a real size pitch

  46. maxitos pes goals...

    i thought this blog died years ago? Used to love it and remember posting a few belters with Irjescu(Rice).

  47. maxitos pes goals...(Max)

    So i just dived into the archives and i used to post as Max and will do from now on.
    I think that when you had that mini break, 2013/14?, i thought you shut the blog down… Looks like i have a 4 year back log to catch up on! x-)

    This is actually the first year i have never bought PES on release because i have some life stuff i really need to concentrate on but by Oct 1st i should be free. In the mean time i will enjoy catching up on the blog!

    By the way are long shots back this year? its been a while…

  48. Max – hello again and of course I remember you well. After my year off I revived the blog midway through PES2015.

    Long shots are allegedly back this year, but I have so far not had one go in. I hear solid testimony from others that they are back though. But the experience of playing against the AI seems wildly variable this year to say the least. For example,I am experiencing an average of 1 AI foul per match, which is only about 0.35 fouls better per match than PES2018, whereas others are reporting averages of 3 or 4.

    Tommy – I think that would have nabbed you the trophy! I’ve had one or two of them myself. I’ve seen actual footage of long-rangers going in on PES2019, so don’t lose the faith.

  49. Welcome back Max good to see you again. Get the impression this is not going to be a great year for belters! What has been your opinion of the last few PESs?

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