Arice, Sir Rice

Just over a week into PES2019 and things are looking good – better than ever, in fact.

Is PES2019 the best PES of the PS4 generation? Ridiculously early to say so, but it feels so. If Konami can find it in themselves not to mess it up, maybe, just maybe.

Visual Fatigue has turned out to be an actual thing, albeit not quite in the way we were expecting. I assumed it would result in dramatic collapses on the pitch and enforced substitutions (which would still be nice to see, by the way). However, it seems to function more as a general background effect that influences gameplay in the latter stages of matches, or in a cumulative fashion after many matches. I like this and want more of it.

Fouls, too, are a thing – only just a thing, for me, but I’ll take the few that are coming my way.

The AI constantly attacking down the wings and always seeking to put in low crosses… this is most definitely not a thing for me.

I can appreciate how peculiar, and perhaps annoying, that will sound to those whose matches feature more low crosses than a midget Golgotha, but what can I do. I simply don’t see the already-notorious low crosses in my matches.There above is the star of PES2019 so far for me. J RICE, Esq.

He is still very much the scampering workhorse that we’ve seen over the past few years, and he now comes equipped with the most delicious new skill seen in PES for many a year: the Rising Shot. I haven’t liked a PES skill more since Middle Shooting was a thing.

Rice’s Rising Shot is a thing of beauty. The Rising Shot in general is a thing of beauty.

He must be on the candidates’ list for entry to the Master League Default Hall of Fame by now? Along with the likes of Ruskin and Vornander and Irjescu and Castolo and the rest of them. (Not the likes of Espimas and Ximelez, though. Never saw the point of them two.)

I keep blazing away with Rice from distance – and missing. For now. One day I am going to score the eternal goal that I keep trying to score. I know it.

Here’s Rice scoring my best long-range goal so far – a 25-yard ‘rising daisycutter’:

The tail-end of the first transfer window saw some activity taking place. I spotted this geezer in the Free Agents list, and had to try him out:

Veldwijk was one of my heroes of PES2018, maybe the only hero. Proper Master League heroes haven’t come along very often in recent years, so it’s best to treasure them.

I can’t think of a single instance, though, where they transfer from one edition of the game to the next.

And after 10 matches and no goals, it seem that the Curse Of The Previous PES Hero has struck again. I have decided not to persevere with Veldwijk. Time for new heroes. I placed him on the transfer list – and took the first offer that came in.

I picked up a fee of £3.6m for this Free Agent signing, which means I’m £3.6m in profit.

Back to my current favourite subject, J RICE.

I’ve tweaked my 4-2-2-2 formation to accommodate Rice. Here it is mid-game:

This formation is now a 4-1-1-2-2. Really it’s a 4-1-3-2, but I like the novelty of saying there’s a 1-1 buffer between defence and midfield, so that’s how I think of it.

This is the formation that Rice flourishes in. He has to play as a CMF in the upper half of the centre circle as we look at it.

He’s wasted as DMF. Too deep for too much of the time to affect the attack.

Playing as CMF in either of the two wide positions, while possible, isn’t optimal either. Rice needs to be involved. He needs to have easy access to the full length and width of the pitch. That’s his game.

nuPES tradition dictates that after a few more gushing posts like this one, and maybe one more goal, I’ll almost never mention him again. Until Season 4 or so, when I’ll finally sell him, and muse ‘whatever happened to Rice?’ We’ll see.

Three talking points now, with three 20-second clips to illustrate them.

First, I do have a wonky AI issue. I might not be seeing Low Crosses, but I am seeing another worrying thing that has got attention in the general PESverse chatter about PES2019.

It’s when the AI works a good position in front of goal, but elects to pass to another player instead. Could this be part of the same underlying code that produces the Low Cross phenomenon?

The AI player who finally receives the ball is pretty much in on goal – he can either take a shot there and then, or take a decent touch and then have a shot. We’ve seen the AI do either one of those things a thousand times or more. But the AI player chooses to square the ball instead, and they lose the ball. I see this roughly once or twice per average session. Not often enough to be game-breaking by any means, but often enough to be immersion-diluting.

Next, the great side of PES2019 – the modelling of real physics and real player capabilities:

What happens there is that I try to take a quick shot with Rice from silly distance, encouraged by his wonderful Rising Shot mechanic (one day, I am going to get a Bobby Charlton howitzer with Rice, I just know it). But here his body shape is all wrong, the ball is under him, and he fluffs it, the ball trickling embarrassingly wide along the ground. #itwouldhaveworkedinPES2018

Finally, an example of how Visual Fatigue actually works. Here my Redmond is almost out on his feet, with just a nubbin of stamina left, and he misplays a simple through-ball into touch. Keep watching for the header chance that resulted from the same passage of play.

Visual Fatigue in action there, followed a few moments later by a cross to the Default new boy, MIHAILOV. I loved the way he peeled off the last defender for the nod into the net. I’ve found Mihailov a better player than his partner, not-Coutinho, whatever he’s called now. Goios. Him.

In the celebration cutscene I noticed a certain reselblance between Mihailov and an American character actor by the name of Richard Kind, whom I know as Cousin Andy from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Look at this side-by-side comparison here:

Look at the nose. Just look.

Updated: 7th September 2018 — 11:15


  1. You’ve been at the sherry abbeyhill.

    For a start the best ever would play a 3-5-2 formation.

    Gk – none, there isn’t one who has ever been worth keeping (dont pardon the pun).
    CB – Valery (valeny once the equity clash was discovered) – short but fast and my back three cover man along with…
    CB – Jaric – even though I like big fellas his free kick ability gave him the nod on the left side of the three (honourable mention for paccini)
    CB – Vorlander – pedestrian but Teutonic, as you say the corner threat, just don’t leave him one on one
    DMF – Irjescu purely for that shot
    Rmf – Ettori – quite creative but let down by power, could be switched to cmf or amf, without much additional reward but filled a hole.
    Lmf – castolis – controversial choice of casto and controversial position but it’s because of the front two being untouchable. This Casto felt more robust.
    CMF – perm any one from myrheim, eborcany, coynborough et al – none lasted long
    AMF – Minanda – piss poor really but a survivor
    SS – Aakobjerg – the old turn and shoot on his left peg from a right sided position was a huge weapon
    CF – Minandinho – 2013 – the man scored 100 goals in a season for me. Ridiculous year but counts as history.

  2. not-Greg, Castello certainly had the best stats of the original defaults but I just can’t recall many great contributions, aside from in Winning Eleven GBA which is not canon. Eddington definitely, the bald head adding to his iconic status. You are probably right about Rice though. Just can’t think of many great DMF/CMF defaults. Even Irjescu only appeared in one ML, in which he did nothing for me, so even less qualified than Rice

  3. Uncle Turf – for me the likes of Minandinho would never be in with a shout even with 1000 goals in that one season. I think the qualification for the Default All-Stars to be akin to joining the European Union where states have to spend years as associate members or however it goes.

    Here’s mine based on that criteria – formation is my classic 4-3-3 (4 defenders, 1 DMF, 2 AMFs, 3 CFs):

    GK – IVANOV. All terrible and ‘none’ is the sane choice, but there has to be one and it might as well be the original ML keeper.
    LB – RUSKIN. Any other choice is crazy and incomprehensible.
    CB – VORNANDER. Again, the original incarnation. I remember keeping him for the entire career in PES2 I think it was.
    CB – JARIC. Solid and that free kick ability was amazing in your struggling first season. Also could step up to DMF when needed
    RB – GIERSEN. Lack of quality choices here means the generally average player gets a nod. Giorza doesn’t make it at this stage. Another few editions of the series needed from him.
    DMF – DODO. Makes it ahead of Irjescu for years served.
    AMF – CASTOLIS. A slight cheat having two separate incarnations of the Casto-character in one list. But quality AMFs in the Defaults were and are rare. Castolis gets the nod ahead of Castledine for me as the latter was only great in one edition (PES2016) whereas the former was useful in PES2014 and a real star of PES2015.
    AMF – MACCO. A controversial choice ahead of other candidates, particularly as the mysterious Welshman’s first position was SMF and he was never totally comfortable as an AMF, but he was always reliable.
    CF – ORDAZ. Sometimes horrible to play with, but often sublime.
    CF – CASTELLO. (nb: the very 1st incarnation of the character; not Castolo) Another of the rare Defaults who would stick around for the duration.
    CF – GUTIERREZ. Sometimes dreadfully poor, like his fellow Default CFs, but good enough often enough to make it.

    Players like Rice and Giorza and others would be on the list of potential members of the larger 22-man squad. In fact I think both of these would make it. But not First XI material. Not yet.

  4. Turf – yes, some fair points even though there is not that much difference between our favourites. I purposefully avoided the defaults in 2013 owing to their overpowered development so Minadinho is out

  5. Shimizu deserves a mention!

  6. Jay – the little fella was never a Default in any edition, so doesn’t get anywhere near the list.

  7. Ok, I accept 2013 was an outlier and should therefore be considered void, and I understand the time served criteria (hence arcas et al can’t yet be considered in the fullness of time). In that case I choose Gutierrez and Huygens. Mercurial was the word applied to the Gut whereas ‘peter’ Huygens was one of the few who could even score for me in season one. He never lasted but those early efforts were always greeted with huge praise.

  8. Thank goodness someone remembered Dodo.

    Turf – What platform was your £6 purchase for?

    nG – Smart kettle? Possibly the most useless of household smart devices.

  9. I wasn’t surprised at the sacking, I remembered from last year that if your trust level is low with the owner, then January is the first window where you can be sacked.
    I loved to red star in the dominoes Ligue 2, thought I’d see if a different club/country/style may affect the low balls issue, played one game against Metz. Lost 3-0. All 3 goals were low crosses and one touch finishes.

    Closed PES 2019 and deleted the ML save file.
    Tonight I will restart again on challenge mode.

    Couldn’t use PA0. Would be too frustrating. Far too many short 5 yard passes go astray, attacks just fall down when you hve to keep close possession in a packed final third.
    Plus PA0 renders player stats completely pointless. The pass goes where you aim and how hard you press. Haven’t ever seen any evidence that suggests the accuracy of your complete manual input is affected by the adding players underlying stats.

    Who did you edit over with CCFC NG ?

  10. Paul – I edited over PES United.

    so many of the PA0 enthusiasts swear that stats still show through. Not seen much evidence myself in my little dabbles, but it might emerge over time. I tend to abandon PA0 quite quickly when passing moves start breaking down beyond my ability to be patient. There’s a wall to be got through and it might be a project for later in the year.

    Several matches late last night. Took some fearsome thumpings and scrambled some good results. Conceded about 10 goals in all. I think 2 came from ‘low crosses’. There was one match where the AI didn’t seem to want to go down the wings at all

    Uncle Turf – neither Huygens nor Huylens ever did much. I’d take Hamsun before either of them. But none of the ‘H’ Default strikers would even make the squad for me. We have to separate sentiment from judgement here!

  11. Apologies for the length.
    As glorious and satisfying a comeback as I’ve had in years.

  12. As I came late to the party I have started my Master League straight away. Playing as PNE as their players are worse than defaults. My first impressions are very,very good. It’s the first time since 2015 that it feels like a new game. I love the natrualness of the play and the animations post tackles when the ball is in open play. Even on Pro I am finding it tough with 1 Win, 2 draws and 3 defeats. Out of the 8 goals I have conceded about 6 have come from low crosses. Seeing about 4/5 fouls per match. Only concern is over the long run the game may get a bit repetitive.

  13. Prsgame – I enjoyed that comeback; Rekip’s equaliser moments after coming on and a real humdinger of a winner!

  14. Chris99 – ps4. I got 16 quid for no mans sky having bought it for about £8 when it was reviled. If you take vouchers rather than cash from cex you can play the market so to speak. Incoming dlc or a revisionist patch has doubled its value.

    Hamsun is a lunk, purely battering ram, I might have accepted a casto played in the SS but no, not ordaz or any of the others, dispassionately or otherwise.

    This is without doubt one of the hardest ever starting mls I’ve played. 8 goals in 28 games, 2 wins, regular hammering from the likes of Hamilton accies. Will be interesting what happens with free agents and regens, it would be a huge bonus if they are tight and tricky to acquire but the big squad self offs don’t inspire confidence.

  15. Prsgame – I watched all of that. Quite a goal from Vlasic! You’ve got some good players this early. I notice you play with the secondary cursor on. How is that this year? Seemed glitched last year, and I disabled it then and again this year. Also – do you never change your ATT/DEF levels or your D-pad strategies?

  16. Darryl – it’s a shame the whole low cross thing has come to dominate the online discussion so much. Would you have noticed them without being pre-equipped with the tendency to notice them? Remember it’s a ground pass from the corner quadrant (i.e. the rectangles of space on either side of the penalty area) – not simply any low ball in from any wide position. I concede a decent mixture of all types of goals. Not seen any repetitive behaviours from the AI yet, apart from the one where it turns down a clear shooting chance to pass instead. Even that I’ve only seen about 5 times.

  17. None of the many goals I’ve conceded has been from outside the box. That’s not unusual in my experience but they simply don’t shoot at all from distance. No headers either. It’s not too distracting but a bit of variety wouldn’t hurt.

  18. Uncle Turf – I’ve conceded 2 or 3 outside the box goals, but I’d like more outside of the box scoreage on both sides, really. The amount I’m trying (and I’m trying), I should really have got one by now. Hmmmmm. I am starting to suspect vanilla PES2014-style nerfage of all long-rangers. At least in PES2018 I had a handful.

    As for the AI, if Konami are noting current coaching strategies that encourage players not to shoot from distance (the Guardiola doctrine) and they’re watching how online players play (curious fact that humans online don’t shoot from more than 20 yards, ever) – the AI will very rarely try them.

  19. NG – I would say they were all mainly from the corner quadrant. The thing is it doesn’t bother me that much and just mentioned it due to it being a hot topic. Any future concerns about variety will not only come from the CPU goals but also the goals scored for you as early impressions are that headers have been nerfed as well as long range shots.

  20. Jay – was a great end the useless Hernandez finally came good.

    NG- I use the red/blue defensive or offensive but I have a massive distrust of the other tactics. They weren’t available back in the day and a part of me blames them for weird AI.
    As for the good players that’s the only thing I’m good at. Unearthing gems. I’d be good at director of football game rather than football manager game.

  21. NG – I think we must have been typing about long range nerfing at similar times as I hadn’t seen your post when I commented about it. 2015 was a good game for long range goals.

  22. I’m still scoring plenty of headers. Are the end of the month stat breakdowns still a thing in Master League.

  23. Long range goals are not nerfed from what I’ve seem. Scored a few already.

  24. My problem with long rangers is the quality of the keepers – they catch them all, not just save but catch, so no rebounds. Maybe it’s superstar or the low level of my default squad but I’ve not been close to scoring one and I try at least ten per game as I can’t get in the box.

  25. oh dear sacked on 31st December, Challenge Mode certainly is not messing about this season!

  26. Jay – you do still see full stats in ML at month’s end. Good for moneyballing.

    Tommy – I don’t get it, that’s just a list of the Defaults – ? Is it the fact that that bloke knows about them? Who is that bloke?

  27. I fear for PES 19’s long term Playability. 9 matches into my restarted ML after being sacked in January on challenge mode and the repetition of thenAI’s play is borderline unplayable.
    9 out of every 10 attacks are absolutely identical regardless of club.

    Play out to the wing, low ground pass into the box edge of Y yard box. Shot. Goal. Every. Fucking. Time.

    Seriously every single AI attack. It’s at the point where if they do anything differently, I’m sbocked.
    You know it’s coming. You track runs. Block passing lanes, try to intercept or cut off the low ball, but the defaults are , slower and weaker so the COM player always gets there first and slots in.

    Couple that with the fact that professional is a bit too easy and Top player just takes the piss and there’s no middle ground.
    I started on TP, after a 7-0 defeat to Lyon and a 5-0 defeat to PSG, In the pre-season ICC cup, I simmed the final match and moved down to professional. Am Mid table. But scoring 2 or 3 goals every game and am in the quarter finals of the FA Cup having beaten Leicester, who played identically. Wing. Low cross. Tap in.

    At my wits end here. The core game plays, animations, flow etc is superb but the AI is truly broken offline. Take long shots. Dribble. High cross. Play 1-2s anything, just not the same fucking wing low cross every time.

  28. I have a bit of a niggle and that I’d the look of the grass on every stadium I play in as it looks grainy. I have tried the brightness and contrast options but no good. I have also tried adjustments on my TV but just get 50 shades of grainy.

  29. Paul – One of the reasons Proffesional is poor is the fact that teams don’t really use the advanced tactics and then go ultra attacking (red) in the second half when the game is level. This means you can pick them off with a counter attack. What about TP but with a team with a high Team Spirit. Notts Forest are one.

  30. Well I’m really enjoying it despite being slaughtered and it’s because it’s so brutal on superstar but there’s the promise of light ahead. I’ve won 2, drawn 8, which I think is classic old school. My best player is castledine, followed by arcas, so I’ve not even had a shot at the transfer market yet. At times it’s 5-0 but other games I find defending quite straightforward and only lose to a single goal when I fail to react with the right player (I do find I have to manually switch a lot). Their goals are similar in that I think that calculation of what is most likely to score goes on – no speculative shots or solo runs, it’s all pass till it reaches 10 yards out and is swept into the top corner – and their goalies are overpowered but I’m hoping bothchange once my players improve and can force the game in different ways.

    Despite my record and a 5% chairman approval I was offered a new contract just before the Scottish bottom six playoffs. I signed.

  31. Darryl – I respectfully disagree mate.
    I know you have only just got PES 19, and having played over 80+ matches on the demo and a total of around 40 matches on the full release, across friendlies, and 2 ML’s, I can assure you it has nothing to do with professional or not using advanced tactics, as the CPU teams did exactly the same thing regardless of difficulty or team.

    The AI is hard coded to always attack down the wings,it does NOT change with any different tactics employed by the human player, on TP and above its just even more clinical and accurate and more difficult to counter.

    It needs a patch immediately for ML to have any chance of surviving.

    The strange thing is maybe 5 out of every 30 people don’t see so much wing-low cross play, like NG, which suggest that something is amiss somewhere.

    I could, and will if wanted, record a few full matches, where you will see, and be left with absolutely no doubt that I’m not just over reacting to this issue, its EVERY. SINGLE. ATTACK.
    Every one.

  32. I don’t see it either mate, and I’m usually the first to lose my rag and trade the game. It’s very strange

  33. Turf – Baffles me mate because if it was literally hard coded, then everyone should have the same experience, if it is the COM reacting to the way you play, that also seems odd as I have tried numerous formations and tactics and its still the same on each one, and whilst 90% of all people who play ML offline are seeing it, there’s the few such as yourself and NG that aren’t, weird.

    I’m wondering if you are seeing it but not realising its the same issue and just accepting it as AI wing play?

    What is your formation and tactics setup? such as compactness, defensive line, etc ?

  34. Darryl – try activating Game Mode on your TV if it’s not already on, or deactivating it if it’s on. Also check the PS4’s HDR setting and toggle it the same. I found PES2019 a challenge to get looking right.

    Oh, and see what happens as soon as you get the game? That’s right – it starts to disintegrate. (Not for me…)

    Paul – I simply don’t get it, in either sense. I think the issue has burrowed into your mind, made itself a nest there, and is sending out its babies to eat you.

    Do record an entire match in which it happens and post it, I would be interested to see.

  35. Just the pitch looks grainy Darryl or the whole game? as PES 2019 looks stunning. the pitches have more of a grain to them, as the turf detail is alot higher, try altering the sharpness and contrast settings on your TV.

    NG – must be me and hordes of other people that have become nested by the evil PES thoughts then, even community streamers that stream ML haven’t started one until theres a patch, if there ever is one.

    I will record a match tonight.
    During the course of a match, you would expect a fair bit of wing play, and also some low crosses into the box, but it would be ‘in the mix’ with other styles of attack, 1-2’s, high crosses, dribbling, shooting etc, that’s not the case here.

    As soon as the CPU gets the ball it plays it out to the wing, and tries to get level with the edge /corner of the penalty box, and then plays a low ground cross into the box, every time.
    Even when there’s no man on, when its a packed penalty box, doesn’t matter, they wont high cross, or dribble, or shoot, just low cross.

    Of course there’s things you can do to prevent a goal such as track runs, close off the passing lanes etc but that’s just a band aid over a 12 inch gash, the issue is that this is all the AI tries, all the time, no variation.

    I’m speaking purely on experience of Professional/Top Player levels, as I haven’t played on SS, but would imagine its the same just more clinical.

  36. Paul – The low cross boring cpu play is definitely there for sure. I’m completely on your side with this, although not letting it ruin my new game just yet.

    I worry that I’ll get bored of it after a while, but I’m still hoping that the better teams play… better! I’ve binned my 2nd trial ML in favour of waiting for a more complete option file, so in the meantime I’ve been messing around with Random Selection Match. There’s a lot more variation in the cpu play, playing several games with two teams made up of top-level players. The wing play/low cross/jew goal (sorry) whatever you want to call it is still there though, just not as much.

    It’s evident in all of the build-up and wing play too. The coding must be as simple as ‘cpu pass to nearest available asset ahead of ball, no inventiveness’.

  37. Paul/Tommy – I’m not doubting that you and the other ‘hosts’ for this mind-virus are speaking truth. But the truth here is that I see this:

    ‘in the mix’ with other styles of attack, 1-2’s, high crosses, dribbling, shooting etc

    and don’t see this type of thing at all:

    As soon as the CPU gets the ball it plays it out to the wing, and tries to get level with the edge /corner of the penalty box, and then plays a low ground cross into the box, every time.
    Even when there’s no man on, when its a packed penalty box, doesn’t matter, they wont high cross, or dribble, or shoot, just low cross.

    The match I recorded and shrunk to uploadable length is still online (I forgot to delete it). I know it’s unwatchable as a whole, but click anywhere in it and watch for a few seconds. The CPU for me doesn’t act as you say it does.

    Me agreeing or not agreeing won’t affect Konami’s actions here one way or the other, so you don’t actually need my vote in order for something to be done.

  38. I will record a live match tonight but but this also shows it in effect.

    Watch the very first attack, then every other attack after that, all the CPU does is gets the ball to the wing as soon as possible and every cross is a low cross, even when its ilogical to do so, just pounding it into a group of defenders.

    I’ve picked a few instances out below

    5mins 22s – 9mins 20s – 10mins 10s – 15mins 30s – 16m 08s – 19m 20s

    There was zero play through the middle of the pitch, all wing play, and this was on SS, with one of the best teams in the game.

  39. Paul – indeed as mine was a theory and as you have played much more of the game you will have seen the difference of difficulty levels, which then is more of a worry.

    NG – I have tried all that and only in Broadcast does the pitch look OK. If only I could get used to the swing as the rest of the time the game plays stunningly well on broadcast as you see much more of the new aminations.

  40. Paul – I just watched most of that, a good video. I liked his commentary on how he found PA0. The AI’s goal around 7:25 came from a passing move through the middle.

    I’m still not seeing any AI fouls in PES2019. Average of maybe 1 per match. A touch better than PES2018’s miserable 0.5 per match, but not so much better that I could truthfully say PES2019 a proper fouls-filled football game. Every now and then there’ll be a match with 3 or 4 AI fouls in it, but 1 or so is the norm. This is not your experience, and from what I can tell, not the majority experience either. So what is the truth – the truth about AI fouls, and the truth about AI low crosses? It’s weird isn’t it?

  41. I saw the examples you gave earlier Paul, where the attacker seems intent on doing a Matthews final every five minutes and dragging the ball to the touchline and it’s just not been there for me. I play 4-1-2-1-2 if that makes sense, a narrow diamond basically, with the deepest line possible and containment rather than aggressive pressing. Not that it matters to the score. I usually stay on three bar attdef level till I concede.

    The goals I concede are similar in that five shots five goals is not uncommon, the AI waiting for a clear strike close in before dispatching but nothing as bad as NGs and smith must score three point turn.

  42. Paul – I was just about to post that TTB video too! It showcases a lot of what the issue is, but I think it also showcases how good the cpu can be. The general cpu play in the their first 2 thirds of the pitch, from evading their man, one-two passes, clearing the ball, is very good in that video. The cpu is quicker to make up their mind, and the one-touch passing can be brilliant at times. This may be a factor in the low cross issue. As I touched on before, I think the cpu is just programmed to get the ball the nearest man ahead of the ball as quickly as possible. The “low-cross” is evident in most of the build-up too in a roundabout way, in most of the forward passing in the final third.

    The low cross can be tamed. My worry is that the cpu has very little in the way of inventiveness, and won’t try anything else. It’s a shame, because I think they’ve done a hell of a lot right with the AI this year. Overshadowed by this issue.

  43. Darryl – Custom Cam Zoom 1 or 2, Height 0 angle 10 – Broadcast like but without the zoom ins. much more realistic.

    NG – Its a strange old affair. for sets of people to have such a wildly different experience, as I do see quite a few fouls, 8 in one match last night, 3 shooting range FK’s, several yellows, for you to not see this is equally as strange.

    At a loss to explain it.

    But you saw from that video above, every AI attack was the same.

  44. Paul – sorry to hear about your 12 inch gash but otherwise I’m with you on this. For me the default AI goal is a low cross into the box followed by a further low pass across the 6 yard box for an even easier tap in. Hoping next ML attempt has a different throw of the dice and gameplay more like not-Greg’s.

    Anyone recommend a PC option file – what are you using Cook/#1?

  45. Well, I got my wish and managed a proper session – two in fact – of ML over the weekend. Actually, I think I played it a little too much, to the point that the ‘churn’ of nuPES emerged.

    Firstly, I found I was definitely encountering too much of the same kind of AI attack – the one Paul is clearly having a nightmare with. I was playing a 3-5-2 formation for the first few games but after switching to a 4-4-2, I haven’t had any problems. I seems the out-to-the-wing-low-cross is dependent on tactics.

    Otherwise it’s clear that PES 2019 is a better game that PES 2018 – on the pitch at least. There are slightly more fouls (I even won TWO penalties), shot variation is a little bit better and there is a little more in the way of player individuality.

    I do feel that attacking headers have been nerfed a little too much though and long range shooting is as frustrating as it was last year.

    As for ML, it’s a decent challenge. Keeping the AI out is particularly tough. I’m currently rock bottom in January of season one but I have no doubt that things will soon turn around given how ridiculously easy it still is to sign players.

    I’ve turned Challenge mode off, by the way, as I see no evidence whatsoever that this poorly programmed feature from last year has been improved.

  46. nG – Fouls are a little light for me in ML compared to the demo, but still up on last year. But I think that’s to do with quality. I’m assuming the defaults are 1.5 stars? They just aren’t good enough/quick enough to skip away from their opponent that split second earlier to draw the foul. If you went and played 10 games now with a 3.5+ team, maybe you would probably see an increase?

  47. Shed.
    I’ve tried 4-4-2 diamond, 5-4-1, 3-5-2, 4-1-2-3, and a numerous raft of different advanced tactics, and nothing made any difference, so not convinced its anything to do with tactics.

    Enough people are seeing this, for it to be a thing, in fact more people on this blog even are experiencing it than not.

  48. Paul – actually in the TTB video, the AI’s goal on 7.25 came from a central passing attack, and there were other attempts to get through the middle as well (whereupon the AI, if blocked, would spray the ball out wide). Maybe I’m easy to get through the middle of.

    I’m really at a loss to know what to say. You seem to want my agreement, but you can’t honestly have it. It’s mine and I’m keeping it!

  49. I’m a variation of 4-4-2 as well. As NG pointed out I don’t use a lot of tactics on the fly.
    I’m going with the AI has a set way to play against your given formation. Like you are playing against different teams each time under the one coach.
    With 4-4-2 I find the AI exploits my weakness through the middle more than anywhere else.

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