PES2019 Demo: 1st Impressions

Just visible on the left is the reflection of the August sun streaming through the window of the room. This sight – PES demo downloading, late summer sun filling the room – is evocative of so much. It’s always good to be here every year.

I grabbed the demo this afternoon, 24 hours early thanks to New Zealand, where it was crazily already the 8th of August. I really don’t understand how that is even possible. It’s as if this whole time and calendar system we live by is just a made-up convention or something.

I’ll get straight to it: I like this PES2019 demo. It has made me optimistic about the quality of the game that it represents.

PES2019 feels different to me straightaway. It looks fantastic – crisp and grainy, in a good way. I did see one crazy graphical glitch (captured and on show as the last item in the short vid at the end of this post) but otherwise, all was smooth as butter.

PES demos are very hit and miss. I can only think of two that have ever had me playing them for longer than a few days – PES5(PS2), and PES2010(PS3).

This demo is one of the stronger ones. The nasty surprise that match lengths were limited to 5 minutes actually enables you to play lots of matches back-to-back. You don’t have to head to the top menu after each match, and can just instantly play again. I played about 7 matches. Five as Liverpool vs Inter on Professional, then two as France vs Argentina on Top Player.

I was most interested to see how Visual Fatigue was going to work. This was billed, early summer, as something for us old-time players to treasure.

I didn’t see any Visual Fatigue in my 7 matches. Not one sign. ‘That’s because the matches were all 5 minutes!’ Maybe. Maybe not. We will see. I commented last night that I would put money on Visual Fatigue becoming the new TeamVision (remember that? me neither). Today I would put even more money on it.

I don’t think this pre-match tip is meant to be amusing, but it is:

Japanglish literalism there.

Fouls next, and there are some encouraging signs here. In my 7 matches of five minutes each I had roughly the same fouling rate as I’d expect in a 10-minute match on PES2018. Which hopefully means – logically should mean – that there should be proportionally more fouls per 10-minute match in the full PES2019 game. Again, we will have to see.

Somehow, the concept of PES being ‘free’ or ‘not free’ has emerged this year to stand proudly alongside ‘organic’ as one of the key buzzwordy-concepts of our times.

The game does feel a touch more ‘free’ to me on PA1 level. I saw enough loose passes to persuade me that there has been work in this direction.

Shooting? Too early to tell. I tried many long-rangers and it was pretty much as per PES2018: either the shots flew wide, or were tipped aside by the the keeper, or caught. We all know this routine by now. Scoreline management for online matches is at the back of the absence of long-range goals in PES these days.

I played France-Argentina, as France, to see how Mbappe would handle. Like bloody greased lightning, is how he handled. As did Salah for Liverpool.

Has the hideously misnamed ‘catchup bug’ finally gone from PES? I doubt it, somehow. I think the developers have instead found a clever way to cancel the ‘catchup bug’ sometimes, contextually, based on certain conditions. More study is needed here.

My first goal saw Salah streak away from the defence in a most un-catchup way. That goal is the first thing on this vid below.

Second thing is a nice moment where an AI defender ducks in front of my striker to head the ball away when it seemed a certain goal. #theAIthatweneed.

Third is that crazy graphical glitch. NB: it only happened once in realtime. The repetition is my sloppy editing, trying to show it off. My player is moved out of the way so the AI can pinch the ball.

All in all, I’d give today’s demo experience a solid 8/10.

PES2019 is the PES I was never going to play. I had already changed my mind by today, but I have to say that if I’d stuck to my decision, but then played this demo, it would have changed my mind.

I’ll be back with another new post at midday on Friday as usual. Let’s see what my 2nd and 3rd impressions are like.

Updated: 7th August 2018 — 21:13


  1. Late-night session just now, and I finally got to see Visual Fatigue in action after deliberately running one player for the whole match with the ball at his feet as an experiment. Visual Fatigue is a cosmetic animation with no gameplay effect that I can tell. Players visually ‘worry about their legs’ by means of a crouching animation. As soon as they receive the ball, they’re off sprinting and passing as if there’s nothing wrong with them.

    I hear that the online matches are 10 mins in length, which is a nice bonus. I also hear the opposition sprint-pressure the whole time without even the visual part of Visual Fatigue, never mind making any subs or getting injuries.

  2. I’m not going to have a chance to play the demo until the weekend but it sounds promising so far. How is shot variation this year?

    Visual Fatigue is just visual then? At least it’s a new animation I suppose.

    I look forward to more of your impressions n-G.

  3. I downloaded the PES 19 demo from the UK store about 7am this morning.
    Only had time for a few matches but in those quick few matches here’s what I found:

    – The game looks stunning. Youtube videos don’t do it justice, when playing on a PS4 Pro on a 4k QLED TV with HDR, the game looks incredible.

    – PA1 passing is definitely more free, passes go amiss much more frequently

    – I turned the stamina gauge on above players heads so I could see who was flagging, in one match Robertson at LB (playing as Liverpool) did the crouched over, hands on knees, knackered animation, then Monaco played a long ball down the wing, Robertson slowly started chasing the player, but only at a jog instead of a sprint, allowing the player to race away from him, he then gestured by a wave of his arms towards Van Dijk, as if to signal he was shattered, So I subbed him.

    – Next evidence of visual stamina ocurred when I had spent most of the match bombing down the wing with Salah, his stamina was almost zero,a little speck of red bar left, playing passes with him at this point were weak and inaccurate.

    – Won easily on Top Player vs Monaco, Superstar also seemed too easy (playing as Sao Paolo vs Colo Colo)

    Heres my first PES19 goal, a nice little scissor kick from Salah.

  4. I love it in real football when a player starts worrying about their legs. I worry about my legs constantly. Great to see.

    Just downloaded, hopefully a few games this morning. Although, I have chores.

    Glad to hear more people saying PA1 is more free. I’ve read a lot of talk recently saying the opposite.

  5. Where have you read that Tommy? Intrigued, as literally all over Twitter, everyone that has actually played the game prior to the demo were all saying PA1 is more free.

  6. Paul – Evo Web, all last week. People that have played the builds. Maybe they tweaked it for the demo?

  7. I’m not happy with PA1 although it is slightly more free it’s still very easy to one touch your way up the pitch. I’ve been hoping for something more akin to semi-assisted passing in FIFA. I struggle to see the point of 3 assist levels when there’s not much between them but I imagine it’s something to do with that dastardly online crowd.

  8. I tell you what, that CPU is deffinitely more aggressive. Willing to go to ground, on your case almost instantly. Foul count is 1-1-2.

    Graphics are fantastic, they’ve really done well. Lighting, everything.

    Crowd sounds like garbage, as usual.

  9. Like rabid dogs, they were.

  10. Tommy – I had a France-Argentina match where the AI fouled me 4 times in open play. For a 5-minute match, that is very good going indeed. The match quality was enhanced because of the stoppages. Can we see the fouls translating to the full game, and to 10-minute matches? If so, can we see them surviving the first few patches? Possibly, as I hear online is a pretty much fouls-free zone, so this might suggest the devs have implemented some kind of offline/online separation.

    Paul – this is what I was talking about the other night. Visual Fatigue is in danger of being the new ‘well, I see it’/’well, I don’t’ thing. I don’t see it. I have seen 1 player worrying about his legs, who then immediately sprinted and passed and crossed as normal the moment the ball came to him. We need to be forced to substitute players who are worried about their legs, rather than just notice them being worried about their legs. That was Hudson of Sao Paulo, whose stamina I had run all the way down to nothing.

    Overall, though, there’s so much to be encouraged about in this demo. The fouling is fantastic so far. A few matches with 0 or 1, but I will happily accept that if there are frequent matches with many.

    And those graphics. Even on my regular old 32″ HDTV and a launch-week PS4, it looks out of this world.

    Cook – my subjective feel for PA1 in PES2019 is that it’s about 7.25% more ‘free’ than PA1 in PES2018. I hate myself for saying and thinking ‘free’, there. If you ever see me using ‘catchup bug’ unironically, send a hitman to put me out of my misery.

    Shed – early indications are that the ‘shot lozenge’ (there’s a bit of terminology that’ll never catch on on the forums) is narrower and more sensitive this year. I dragged so many shots wide. Perhaps there is more of a relation to the player’s condition. The 5-minute demo means you end up replaying the same fixture over and over again, because it’s easy to do straight after finishing one. Often I did this without first heading into Game Plan to check the players’ arrows. Like yourself, I will never pick a player on any of the down-arrows. After shanking three easy chances wide with Firmino, I went into Game Plan and saw he had been on a down-arrow all the time.

  11. I can see this ‘worrying about his legs’ being used a lot this year.
    I think we’ll only really be able to gauge the visual fatigue element once we get the full game, as stamina scaled down to 2.5min halfs really isn’t a benchmark by which to compare.

    PA1 is definitely loser, but like you say, not by much as much as I was expecting it to be.
    What is a welcome addition is more intelligence in the ways passes and through balls and crosses are made, I’ve seen players use flicks to pass, driven through balls, curled through balls, and whipped crosses, looping crosses etc based on presumably their stats, and position on the pitch and player proximity to them.

    Good stuff so far, will have a few more matches tonight.

  12. Paul – why was your Robertson even signalling to your Van Dijk? ‘Hey, Virgil. I’m worried about my legs’??? It’s an absolute gift from Konami. From now on there is no more ‘injured’ or ‘not injured’. There is ‘worrying about his legs’ and ‘not worrying about his legs’.

    See the middle clip in the little vid I posted above where the AI CB stoops in front of my player to nick the ball out of play. If that was in PES2018, I don’t remember seeing it. Countless times in the PES2019 demo I’ve seen little things like that and thought ‘wow’. Very encouraging demo all round, probably the best nuPES demo of them all. The 5-minute matches actually work out as you can restart each one straightaway and play lots of separate matches. Longer matches would still be better. Looking forward to 3 weeks from today now.

  13. Presumably NG, because Van Dijk had gestured over to Robertson, as if to say ‘why didn’t you chase back’.

    from now on, when a player is f*cked, he’s ‘WAHL’.

    I bet I know one thing which you HATED about the PES 19 demo NG…….

    …. That misaligned font during the loading tips and menus.

  14. nG – apart from those 5 fouls, there was probably another few occasions where the cpu slide tackled and won the ball, so there’s a definite increase in the amount of aggressive sliding in the cpu is willing to do. One of those fouls I remember being a good old agressive barge. Probably wouldn’t compare to online as they don’t have a tenancy to slide in, these online types.

    Feeling very positive right now, but yes, we don’t now what the patches will bring.

  15. Any of you lot into fantasy football? PES Chronicles league anyone?

  16. I’ve always disliked the player flesh tones since they jumped to the Fox engine. This year however they look better. Salah looked really good in that video nG. I may have to download the demo tonight and give it a go.

    For the record I spend more time worrying about my stomach than my legs.

  17. You and me both Chris99!!!

  18. In a sign of how behind the times I am nowadays I downloaded the free 2018 lite last night. I’m definitely not demoing, no point as I won’t buy day one, but I’m curious to catch the tail end of this my club about face. If only to deride you for downing your principles and taking the filthy money.

    Quick query connected to me playing the obviously pure and ethical Fortnite… is everyone on fibre? We are still plain old broadband, fine for most things but recently feels a bit slow when we are all using. It’s exactly the same price for the fibre contract for the first 18 months but they want a set up fee. I resent these but if it’s significantly better I will, I just wonder if we will even get the supposed speed.

    I do respect the tech opinions on here. Everything else I consider you all socially below me of course

  19. Uncle Turf – fibre optic is definitely worth it and you will most likely get the full speed advertised. My current 15MB standard broadband is really feeling slow now, particularly for streaming in HD (lots of buffering), and also for uploading anything. 10 years ago it was one of the best speeds you could get, much more than adequate for everything, but nowadays only just about adequate. The rise of smart TVs and so many connected devices really takes a toll. I haven’t been able to take advantage of cloud services to store big files because even a 1GB movie file will take a full day to upload at something preposterous like 0.5MB, max. Standard broadband now is the equivalent of having permanently low water pressure. Cannot wait to get my hands on proper 2018-era speeds eventually. They laid the cable in my area a year ago and BT tell me it’ll be good to go by Christmas. I’ll be their first customer, hopefully. The way prices are now, it’ll work out the same or cheaper for 18 months.

    Tommy – never dabbled with fantasy football. I have enough things to touch base with, sadly, and could actually do with tossing a few things off the pile, not adding to it.

    Lots of two-footed vicious lunges from the AI in the PES2019 demo. Let’s see how this all plays out in the full game and after a patch or two.

  20. Does the lite ver of PES18 let you play MyClub in its full Turf? I was under the impression it was a very feature limited offering.

    As for Fibre, couldn’t live without it.
    I’m with BT, Infinity Fibre, and get 90mb download, and 20mb upload, realistic speeds are usually anything between 65-85mb down and up to 18mb up.

    I constantly stream 4k video, with no buffering at all, have a NAS box at home that stores all my files, itunes libraries, videos, music etc, and I can upload to it lightning fast.
    Have a AAA connection on PES 18, never disconnected once, and when I transferred everything over from the old PS4 to PS4Pro via network, it copied 500GB in half hour.

    Also setup an IPTV server, so I get over 7000 channels from across the world, including all the USA prime time channels, cinemax, HBO, NBC, FOX, ESPN etc, as well as every UK Sky channel, including movies, sports, and pay per View channels, and it all loads instantly, never buffers, and is in full HD, some channels even 4k.

    So yes, you need fibre, instantly.

    PS: gone for the dark, Minimal design on the new site header NG

  21. Just had a quick go, played one half. All I had time for for now. First impression is “meh”. Passing error on PA1 or seeming lack thereof is a bit of a downer. I don’t understand why some people at some forums persist on calling it “free as a bird” when it’s anything but. Peculiar.
    Weight of players seems very good, shooting seems improved.
    Will play some more and see how it holds up.

  22. Cheers both – yes, what NG said was what I was getting – data updates at 1Mb upload.

    No idea yet on 2018 lite Paul – downloaded last night and been out all day, will have a look tonight. It’s purely for looking as I have no coins etc to spend from a long ml subsidy.

  23. Ordered. It won’t be Paul like speeds because we are in the godless north and there’s not enough coal to power the lines but it should be faster.

    As far as I can see the lite is the same, you just can’t export team data to other modes they say.

  24. Except it appears divisions requires ps plus, is that the same for usual version? When I try and access it I get diverted to the shop, yet some forums suggest it’s not needed? I’ve played two games, won both – one at a canter against Napoli, the other a classic 4-3 v Liverpool. There is something there with the play, the development and the spinning balls, I get how it could be an ml alternative, but it needs that league table and end game for me and it is currently missing.

  25. Uncle Turf – you do need PS Plus to play online against other humans, unfortunately. Whether it’s worth it is your choice, but don’t you already have PS Plus for Fortnite?? I ended up playing 95% offline in myClub. The one-off matches vs the AI (accessed via the big box called VS COM) very much do have a point and an end-game. You ascend through the difficulties, and after a surprisingly short time, the matches mean as much or more than the average ML match. I have had the feeling nobody believes me on this despite writing it up quite a lot over the past few months.

    Re. superfast broadband, it is to regular broadband what regular broadband was to dial-up. If you can get it, you just have to.

    Paul – don’t you find that when you can watch anything, you end up watching nothing, or next to nothing? I certainly do. When I was a kid, if you had told me the time would come when I could watch literally any film or TV show ever made from the start of the cinema age to now, and also any TV channel in any part of the world live, I would have been astonished. But I would have been even more astonished to hear the follow-up: ‘…but you won’t really want to’. Dara O’Briain does a great routine about the kind of decision paralysis that gets us when confronted with too much content.

  26. #1 – I’m pleasantly surprised by much of the demo, although just today I felt it all devolving back into PES2018 territory, but we’ll see. So much will depend on the retail game handling much the same as the demo AND the goodness not being patched out following ‘feedback’.

  27. I’m going to post a video after this post. It contains the Holy Grail of Mendy getting injured and me being forced to take him off. I carried on without subbing him and in the Final part of the video you can see I only have 10 players on the pitch. Unbelievable Jeff!!

  28. Lloyd – when you say Mendy got injured and you were forced to take him off… do you mean he was worried about his legs and you voluntarily subbed him… or was it that long-lost sight of PES, an actual sudden injury followed by being forced to the squad screen?

  29. NG – no, fortnite just runs out of the box as long as you have a connection. I saw the vs box but couldn’t see where it showed you ascending leagues other than by accessing the ‘divisions’ box which was ps plus only. The faults of the on field action are still evident to me – zero fouls for in two games, one a clear penalty. Three conceded, rather arbitrarily. An outrageous straight from kick off, etc etc. It’s probably time to stop calling these out as they aren’t going away.

  30. Uncle Turf – the system goes: you play 1 match VS COM (offline, vs the AI) and you always start on Regular. Win back-to-back matches home and away, and you go up to Regular Strong. Win back-to-back matches home and away and you go up to Professional Weaker. Win back-to-back matches home and away and you go up to Professional Normal. Win back-to-back matches home and away and you go up to Professional Stronger. Win back-to-back matches home and away and you go up to Top Player Weaker… And so on. Lose or draw a match and you stay where you are. Lose back-to-back matches and you go down a notch. Start with a weak squad (like my Irregulars) and you will meet your match roughly when you hit Professional Stronger. That’s when the slight edges of individuality and the few points of player EXP development really start to matter. Then when you get up to Top Player the fun really starts. It’s a way of making the one-off single matches vs the AI meaningful, and it works. This must be the tenth time I have described how this works since I started playing myClub! I have actually written full, detailed posts about it. Nobody seems to believe that it’s real and that it’s good.

    Lloyd – that’s it! Second Coming of PES confirmed. I really didn’t think it was real. I have now seen it all.

  31. On analysis paralysis-

    Anyone else also have a stagnant brain? The only things that stimulate the pleasure centres are things I’ve *already watched*. It’s a little less of a problem with video games, but I still prefer games that are *like* what I’ve played before. In my experience, the brain crystallises in the early twenties- and joy becomes a rare premium.

    I am told that this is not a problem for many others. I have my suspicions they are just lying to me though. You could say im less worried about the legs, more worried about the meaty throne of consciousness; which has already begun to pass it’s peak- like a legendary Minanda taking a coaching role with WE united to the chagrin of the hardcore..

    Anyway, I’d check the demo out if I didn’t have extremely limited internet (30gigs a month from a phone). Im jealous of this fibre chat- I’ll take your broadband off your hands.

    As a PES casual for the last 8 years, all I have to say is:

    The graphics look lovely.
    But everyone still runs and looks like they are coked up artificial intelligence machines.

  32. Lloyd – Hallelujah! I saw a video from the demo yesterday where Henderson started clutching his hammy, but then carried on as if nothing had happened, so the Mendy injury is a welcome sight indeed.

  33. NG – yes, thanks, I did read those, and I did understand the level increase – noting regular weaker when I started. I don’t lurk purely to look for typing errors or grammatical inaccuracy (although I rarely watch videos through in full). However, I also thought there was a table to view, with the points going towards moving up divisions. So my two wins increased my level but also saw me go from division 12 to 11. That’s the bit I need, just going up a playing level isn’t enough, I have to see tables. I guess that’s ps plus only?

  34. Good news on that Injury front Lloyd. Hope it carries over to the final release.

    Played about 20 matches on the demo last night with various teams, It is hands down, the most gorgeous, realistic looking footy game ever made.
    However, PA1 is not as free as first thought, in fact I see no difference from last year.

    Turf – Online Divisions is where its at, I’m not a fan of NG’s churning through the difficulty levels, as it means nothing to me, I have never ever played a game to be able to ‘beat’ it on the highest level, if I’m enjoying the story or experience, then happy to be playing on Amateur or easy.

    The Online Divisions element of MyClub is addictive, as the ‘seasons’ are short, 10 match jobbies, with a set no. of points required to a) be relegated b) stay in the division or c) be promoted.
    The lure is in winning enough games to be promoted and seeing how high you can get , in the relatively short time I played MyClub, I went from Div 12 to Div 6, Once you start getting higher up the divs, the quality of games do get staggeringly better, ie less idiots online to play.

    Going back to the demo, here’s a couple of clips from last night.

    First, the ultra realistic Liverpool Counter attack, then Liverpool’s Gegenpress in full effect, and lastly a clip showing visible fatigue at play, near the end of the match, player trying to control the ball was depleted of stamina, and his first touch to control was poor, losing possession.

  35. I think I want the best of both – the vs com matches but within the division format. Please see to it.

    Btw – anyone know why the ‘real’ transfer window is closing on a Thursday at 5pm? What happened to the late night shenanigans?

  36. Uncle Turf – myClub’s one-off VS COM matches remind me of how I used to play ISS in the pre-PES/pre-ML days. I’d pick a ‘lesser’ team and play an International Tournament and try to win it on top difficulty. Group stage then knockouts. Elimination was elimination, and I had to start again. I would get to the stage with, say, Turkey or Ukraine where it was a true struggle to win the tournament on top difficulty. When I did win, it felt like an incredible achievement. Ascending the difficulty ladder in offline PES2018 myClub with my Irregulars felt much the same as that. The same intensity. The only reason I focused on that towards the end was the imminence of PES2019 and knowing I’d be starting again. Otherwise, yes, I’d have been at least 75% Online Divisions. You need PS+ to partake of that. I imagine PES2019’s Lite version will be out in November.

    Paul – encouraging clip of a leg-worrier at the end there!

    Given – you could grab the demo via your phone relatively straightforwardly. Set up a tethered wifi hotspot on the phone, connect to it from the PS4. It’s only 3.5GB, leaving you most of your 30GB intact.

  37. NG – more visual evidence of the stamina system working, and with Lloyd’s evidence of injuries, the revamped graphics and animations and fully licensed leagues, barring anyone at Konami panicking and hitting that big red button, we could be in for a more than decent ML year.

    Im excited to play as Rangers in the licensed SPL, will be different and Novel playing against teams like Motherwell, Celtic, St Johnstone etc, in a new league format.
    Anyone know how many games are played in an SPL season? With there only be 12 teams in the premier league, do they play eachother 4 times?

    Turf – they changed the transfer deadline this year because too many clubs complained that letting the transfer window stretch into the new season caused too many problems, and that the window should end before the first match is played.

  38. There’s a demo game length modifier mod available for PC if anyone is interested.

    I downloaded the PC demo yesterday and I’ve decided to cancel my PS4 pre-order and just get it on PC instead. The modding and ease of option file trumps the 50″ screen. I’m still not convinced by the game but I’ll get a few season of ML done which provides value for money.

    Great news about injuries, I can barely believe it’s true. I had Iniesta worrying about his hamstring whilst playing yesterday but no sub was required.

  39. If you’ve got a PC capable of running PES19 in high settings Cook, then go for it, I’d go PC all day every day if I had one.
    The PC Mod community last year made PES 18 look like a different game, worth getting for the camera angle mods alone.

  40. Cook – I’m going to grab the PC demo and the expander today and play a few 10/15-minute matches to see how things are. Then that should be it for me and the demo. Less than 3 weeks to release.

    My player who was struggling (i.e. doing the soon-to-be-infamous ‘I am worried about my legs’ animation off the ball) also carried on as if nothing was wrong as soon as the ball came to him. I naturally feared the Konami worst. Good to see that’s not how it will always go.

    Paul – very tempted to shell out for a PS4 Pro now, and a fancy 4K TV to go with it. Not just PES2019 but games like this look as if they’ll have to be played on the better hardware to fully appreciate.

  41. NG – I can’t describe enough how much difference the 4k with HDR makes.
    The graphics and details literally pop out of the screen, you see things you have never seen before. world of difference.

    Id be wary about making judgments on the PC demo if you use an expander to play 10/15 min matches.
    The demo is coded so that the stamina system reflects the 2.5 min halves or 5 min matches, an expander may increase the half time but chances are it doesn’t alter the code/algorithms for how the stamina works, in line with the lengthier halves.

    My bet is that the 5 min match stamina model would still apply to the new expanded matches, meaning you’d get players blowing or worrying about their legs, very quickly into a 10 min match.

  42. Paul – the only thing giving me pause is that we’re always rumoured to be close to a PS5 announcement, and eventually it is going to happen. But then I think, even if they announce the PS5 tomorrow, it’ll still be likely a year or more before the new console is out… I might pull the trigger. 50″ 4K TVs seem incredibly good value now, the same price or cheaper than the PS4 Pro consoles.

  43. Sony CEO stated about 3 months ago that the PS4 was ‘nearing the end of its life’, but we wont see a PS5 until late 2019 at the very earliest.

    I just bought the new Samsung 55″ QLED TV with 4k HDR10+ and I cannot recommend it enough, SKY Q, Netflix and PS4Pro all look amazing.To go back a few comments as well, to the having so much channel choice, you end up not watching anything, I don’t really get that as I watch relatively little TV, and of the TV I do watch its pretty select stuff.

    for 10 quid a month it’s just nice to be able to have every pay per view channel, and all the footy channels, showing every saturday 3pm Kick off, and all the paid wrestling, boxing and other PPV events for free.

    Also, for anyone thinking of buying PES 2019, £34.85 on cheapest I’ve seen anywhere.

  44. Paul – that was my point, though, we have all this content available literally at our fingertips, but we toddle along just watching our usual handful of TV shows at a time, the odd film, the odd bit of sport, etc. We can play any game, read any book, listen to any music, instantly and without paying a penny if we don’t want to – and what do we do? We watch the first half-hour of RoboCop. Having all the content available to consume somehow automatically devalues the content. I’ll never forget getting one of those R5 carts for the DS back in the day, with thousands of games on it. Suddenly, I didn’t want to play anything.

  45. Haha, I think that maybe says more about your personality traits than anything NG.
    I too had one of those R5 NDS cards, but only loaded 10 or so games on at a time, which I would play. Same with the TV, may have thousands of channels available but within that selection, I have quick easy access to the ones I want, when I want.

    Obviously none of us have time to sit and watch Tv or play games for 12-15 hours a day, if we did, those thousands of channels, films, books etc would take on a different meaning.

  46. “I’ll never forget getting one of those R5 carts for the DS back in the day, with thousands of games on it. Suddenly, I didn’t want to play anything.”

    Yes indeed! Might check it out with such a comparatively low download size.

  47. Played 7 games of the demo last night; 3 Liverpool v Schalke and 4 France v Argentina.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the demo, it is the best PES demo I have played on the PS4 (which I think accounts for PES 2016 onwards). Lovely graphics and camera angle, and I noticed as opponents Schalke and Argentina did play differently. Most notable was Argentina’s willingness to pass backwards and rebuild from the back.

    However some things did annoy me quite quickly:
    * In seven games I was only fouled once.
    * I clattered them several times, occasionally receiving yellow cards, and although I saw Embolo calling for a stretcher for the injured player a few times, the player always got up and carried on.
    * I’m already fed up of the animation of the opposition goalie urging his players away so he can hoof the ball up the pitch.
    * Konami must be very proud of the dipped header animation too, as that occurs an awful lot.
    * No one of either side was ever worried about their legs.
    * Why in god’s name are there so many replays. The options key is not natural to do an automatic skip (is that just my loss of PES muscle memory?)
    * I fared very badly winning headers from goal kicks. Is it not shoot?

    Lloyd – In your video why did Mendy go down?

    R5? I feel as though I’ve deprived my family, as my kids had R4s.

  48. Chris99 – quite right, Options is an unnatural reach-across a bulky gamepad. You end up tilting it towards your right hand automatically to lessen the bother. It does end up back in your muscle memory though. Not being fouled once in 7 games is more of a worry. I won’t ever relax about the fouls until I see the full game and have played it for at least a week.

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