No Man’s Fallout Manager

The blog will be taking a break for new posts until the PES2019 demo appears.

The next new post will be the day after Demo Day – on Thursday, August 9th (or possibly on the day itself, Wednesday the 8th, depending what time it arrives). Either way, it’s less than 2 weeks away.

I will be active in comments here until then, and reserve the right to pop out a surprise new post if something unexpected occurs. I’m always likely to randomly start up PES3 or the like, and have something to say about it.

The only real reason I would play either PES or FIFA right now would be to have something to blog about, and ‘playing for the sake of blogging’ has never been what the blog is about. The blog is driven by my footy gaming activities, not the other way around.

I’m barely playing any football games other than Football Manager 2012. I’ve also got Fallout 4 on the go, the rejuvenated No Man’s Sky, and as ever I’m reading a couple of books.

Football Manager is going well. I play a session of one or two matches a couple of times a week – for me, this is the only way to play Football Manager and keep it going as a live proposition. I started the Blue Square North season with Hinckley. I got a first-day away win and then a home draw against better opposition, so a great start.

No Man’s Sky’s long-awaited major update is a wonderful transformation of what was already an intriguing, peculiar game. The NEXT update added a few mainstream gaming loops, but also a lot else that deepens and widens the core experience of being a lone traveller in a mysterious, fantasy sci-fi galaxy. Actual in-game screenshot here. No one has ever remarked that NMS screenshots can look like 1970s prog-rock album covers. No one. Ever.

Fallout 4 has settled into a grinding groove. I’m bogged down in updating settlements and doing the quests.

All in all, the typical midsummer period of a football gamer.

What of the latest PES2019 news? When it comes to nuPES, I’ve transitioned from saying every year: ‘oh dear God where are the fouls?’ to the much more interesting question: ‘why do I think, every year, that they’ll bring back fouls?’

It is the much more interesting question now. It must be abundantly clear to everyone that fouls (and penalties, and injuries, and deep single-player modes) are gone from Pro Evolution Soccer for good.

I’ll never stop being amazed that this diabolical transformation was done right under our noses over the past 4 years or so. We watched and saw it happen, but somehow always remained convinced it was some kind of mistake that was going to rectified.

The ‘hardcore’ PES community effectively fiddled while Rome burned – always a case of ‘next year… next year… next year…’ Then, every summer, it was ‘this year… this year… this year!’. Then inevitably back to ‘next year… next year… next year…’

And Konami just kept on quietly pumping out the game that the marketplace demands: a fast-flowing, interruption-free, online video game based on the sport of football, that bears the PES name.

I’m getting PES2019 and doubtless will have an epically awesome week 1 dabbling with everything and getting over-excited – and I am looking forward to it, after genuinely believing I wouldn’t bother again – but a week of mania is really all I’m expecting. After that comes the disillusionment, the acceptance of a pseudo-PES product, and getting the best from it I can. I’m looking forward to trying out my Irregulars idea in myClub 2019, and curious to see if Master League will still fly.

Updated: 27th July 2018 — 12:37


  1. I don’t think Liam visits the blog any more anyway. Not sure if the recent ‘Not Given’ commenter is the same Not Given (who is from Northern Ireland) , but h
    I think he would approve. Despite being raised in a proper Irish family I was never indoctrinated into the whole Celtic thing so it’s all good with me.

  2. Couldn’t give 2 shits either way. It’s just a game.
    Prs19 demo is out on NZ PSN

  3. The gameplay looked interesting in that last video. Only one pass went astray, but maybe it was assisted passing. Also noticed two (count them, one, two) whole fouls, but no one fatigued to the point of exhaustion. The camera was ridiculously zoomed in, don’t know if that is the default or a user change, and it also switched bizarrely two or three times, but I’m assuming that was player ham fisted-ness.

  4. Paul – Pro Regression Soccer 2019 demo??

  5. Chris99 – its the default Broadcast Cam on show in that video.
    one feature of it is that the camera pans in for close ups now and then when the ball is on either wing, like a broadcast style.

    Its a great camera angle, loved playing with it in PES18, very realistic, but on the harder levels, you don’t see enough of the pitch for my liking, its not as easy to pick out runs on wings etc, hence why I said it would benefit from being zoomed out more.

    There are custom pc camera mods that do this, and it looks incredible, like below:

  6. ” alt=”” />

    We have lift-off. I will definitely get a 1st impressions post up tonight, around 8-9pm.

    And yes I have heard about the match times being 5 mins. They’ve done this before once or twice but still not very nice. Incidentally (I’m sure), 5-min matches also lends ‘plausible deniability’ to Visual Fatigue. If/when we don’t see it much (or at at all) in this demo, the reason could be given as ‘they’re only 5-minute matches’ (even though all match effects should scale up or down regardless of match length).

  7. I’ve played a few (5) games and my initial impressions are… PA1 is too assisted (same as PES 2018), I’ve averaged 1 foul by CPU per 5 min match, dribbling is sublime, it’s a little easier than 2018 and no sign of visible fatigue.

    The two games I played with the lower rated teams were better than the games with Barca or Liverpool. I’m not too impressed so will be back on FIFA 18 until the full game is delivered.

  8. Cook – the PC version of the demo will land sometime tonight or tomorrow, and is guaranteed to be unlocked for longer match times. I’ll be there for that.

    I noticed FIFA18 updated at the same time the demo was downloading today. What’s that all about? I very rarely play a PES demo longer than a day or two, so might be in the market for a 3-week spin on FIFA18 after all.

  9. NG – I think the latest FIFA update was mainly fixes to World Cup mode and that FUT nonsense. I’ll play some more of the demo with a PC fix for match length, maybe the elusive visible fatigue will make an apperance with longer games.

    I’ll be interested to hear your opinions of the demo later. I think there are more fouls, maybe even up to 2/3 average per 10 minute match.

    The speed of the game is perfect which may tempt me online this year.

  10. Cook – do you mean literal average (almost half of matches will need 3-5 fouls for 2-3 to be the mathematical average)? Or do you mean figuratively average (fouls will remain at 0 or 1 for most matches, but there will be frequent matches with 2 or 3 fouls in them)? Depends on whether it all tracks over into the full game, different modes etc. But having now played it myself I can see that work has been done on the fouls front. Argentina are brutal in this demo.

    1st impressions post will be up around 9 to 9.30 this evening.

  11. NG – I mean literal average. I’m currently averaging about 1 – 1.5 fouls on 5 minute matches (a mix of 0-3 fouls per game) maybe the number will double when playing 10 minute matches. I’ve only played about 10 matches on the demo but I’ve had 4 free kicks in shooting range. There’s still niggly fouls not being called though which is frustrating.

  12. Cook – what I’ve seen is encouraging for sure, and if 1) it translates to the full game, 2) carries over to 10-minute matches, 3) is the same in other game modes, and most importantly 4) survives being patched out after negative feedback, there’s a strong chance of a 2-3 fouls per match average. Which would be something we have not seen in PES for many years. So we’ll see.

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