Your Highness Your Highness

This is Zigoni.In real life he is a Serie B striker for Venezia.

In PES life (the reallest life), my Zigoni looks happy because he has just scored a goal that won a tight match. The goal might even qualify as a long-ranger (just about). It’s the final goal on the brief compilation video at the end of this post.

The win gave me a shot at taking my Irregulars up to Top Player difficulty for the first time.

And I won that second match. The Irregulars are playing on Top Player now.

Finally, finally, finally. To the baffled bemusement of many readers, I have been patiently plugging away at single-player myClub for the past few weeks, trying to move my Z-squad – The Irregulars – up the only ladder of achievement that single-player myClub has to offer: getting to play at harder difficulty levels.

In single-player myClub, there are all the familiar levels of difficulty, up to and including Legend. But within each difficulty there are three sub-levels.

So Professional, for example is subdivided into:

  • Professional Weaker
  • Professional Medium
  • Professional Stronger

It works as you would expect it to work. Professional Weaker is close to Regular. Professional Stronger is more like Top Player. It’s a straightforward, and for me strangely compelling, idea. The main attraction for me is the sense of progression in and of itself. But you also earn more rewards – the mode’s currency, GP, plus better items – the further up the difficulty ladder you get.

I have spent most of the past few weeks bobbing up and down between Professional Medium and Professional Stronger. In the course of the struggle I have bonded with my no-hoper Irregulars in a way that doesn’t tend to happen outside the early seasons of Master League – and one of the older, classic Master Leagues at that.

You move up the levels (and sub-levels) by winning consecutive matches: 1 home, 1 away. Opponents are other user-created myClub teams (controlled by the AI). It is peculiarly hard to get back-to-back wins. It’s taken me this long to do it on Professional Stronger. (And back-to-back losses, of course, see you demoted the other way.)

I rarely feel I have the time or the energy for the ‘proper’ myClub experience, i.e. played online versus another player. The typical online player plays in the kind of way that drains my bloody stamina, never mind my players’ stamina. Single-player football gaming is still the king of modes.

It’s hard to appreciate just how hard it is to get anywhere in single-player myClub with a team like this:

Kramaric at 79OPR is the best player in the squad. That difference in quality shows.

Veldwijk and Zigoni are catching up fast, as are a few others.

The time is coming soon when PES2018’s myClub will be abandoned. This will probably be in a few weeks’ time, to give myself a nice cooling-off period before PES2019 hits.

Yes – the pre-order is in. There will be an Irregulars story in PES2019, this time starting from Day 1 (and at least half the time online). Maybe even a Master League dabble too.

Here is Hettich celebrating the win that finally got the Irregulars ‘promoted’ from Professional Stronger to Top Player Weaker:

The name of the other team interests me here. MAN RED. The player who made that team had to have called them MAN RED deliberately. That suggests some peculiar reverence for pre-Option File PES.

Finally a brief highlights video, 1m 30s long, featuring three notable goals. Zigoni’s possible long-ranger is last of the three (does it qualify, from 23 yards or so?).

First of the goals is a remarkable AI goal, from Liverpool. A free kick that Pogba(!) steps over to allow a strike that completely flummoxes my keeper. I loved seeing this. One of the replays shows the wicked swerve on the ball.

The goal sandwiched between the two is a direct, fast-breaking effort from an opposition corner that I don’t remember scoring many of with the Irregulars.

(*Bonus points to any reader who can ‘solve’ today’s post title.)

Updated: 21st July 2018 — 16:04


  1. Personally, IF I decide to buy PES 2019 – and I most likely will – it will be with full and complete understanding that I am buying and supporting nuPES in all its no-fouls/injuries, tattoo sleeve accurate, house rules at the ready ML glory. And by glory I mean not the PES we all knew and loved.

  2. I will buy PES in the knowledge that I will be getting NuPES, dont hold out any hope for anything like the old PES, but even as a NuPes for a new breed of players, its worth buying and the best offering pure gameplay wise on the market.

  3. I might buy PES19 deep into the twenties.

  4. I think there is little chance of me buying PES 2019. I know I have said this in the past but the difference is that in the past few years I have made a conscious decision that I wasn’t going to buy it but relented. This year I can say in all honesty I have given the game so ltitle thought. I don’t think the game will hold any suprises.

  5. how you are getting on in Witcher 3 Darryl? I finished off in Novigrad last night and embarked on voyage for the next episode in Skellige. Still not convinced there is much real ‘game’ accompanying the amazing graphics, atmosphere and story but it is still oddly compelling to play.

    Actually quite enjoyed Plants v Zombies 2, there is a degree of strategy to accompany the frantic action, in fact the whole family was playing it on our recent holiday

  6. Chris99 – Best Seved Cold by Joe Abercrombie. Superb.

  7. Thanks Lloyd. Read that series, you are right about the quality, especially that book.

  8. Given – if you’re getting what you’re getting out of a past PES, why move to current-year PES? This annual update thing is a mania I would like to shake off if I could.

    Darryl – in release week you’ll feel the urge again, but there’s really no point for you. It’s not going to be anything more than the last 3 years. No matter what I or anyone says in release week itself. A new PES always feels amazing to get and play.

  9. Watched a PES19 gameplay video this morning and learnt something new. The “top” PES League players all play on full passing assistance! No wonder it always looks like spammy tika-taka bullcrap.

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