You kern not be serious

I finally got promoted to Division 10 in myClub.

Using my Irregulars! It was their first notable performance and victory online. I was as pleased and proud as could be.

Look at the odd kerning between the ‘r’ and the ‘o’ in ‘Chronicles’ and ‘rouge’. And between the ‘r’ and the ‘d’ in ‘Tardini’. Shudder.

My opponent here was just a 1-star team like mine, but he still had Hazard and Lallana in his team. The rest were the starting no-hopers, Vasilj and Hettich & co.

I think it was his very first game in the mode. I used Veldwijk and his strike partner, Zigoni, to torment the life out of him. I bombarded him with long balls and feasted on the knock-downs from my front two. I stood off in defence, let him play his ping-pong triangles, held my players in position, and then pounced when he lost patience and tried to play past me.

At half-time I’d had 6 shots, 3 of them on target. He’d had 1 shot off-target. I knew this match was set up for me to win it, but I often blink in sight of victory and end up losing.

Eventually my goal came from a through-ball that I kept calm enough to tuck inside the post with Veldwijk. A good touch for a big man.

And that was promotion to Division 10 in the bag. Using my Irregulars no less.

If PES2019 ends up being a go for myClub, expect an Irregulars storyline to feature prominently on the blog over the coming months. I would assemble a core squad of 60-something OPR players, close the door to any new players, and see how far they get. My Irregulars are the best thing that has happened to me in PES for a long old time.

I also took a look at my old Master League save. Just to see what it felt like now after a few weeks of myClub. In a way it was a false test, as I’ve spent a lot of time playing single-player in myClub.

There was one immediate and obvious difference. My Master League game speed setting is on -1 speed. In myClub, it’s locked to 0 of course, for both online and single-player matches.

The -1 matches on Master League felt like squeezing plasticine through glue. In a positive way. I noticed that my myClub weeks have made me less prone to hang onto the ball. This, right here, is why the growth of online gaming in football gaming is a net negative. It has had a deadening, pseudo-Darwinian effect on football gaming. Survival of the sprintiest.

I’ve remarked many times that even a poor PES AI plays a better and more wholesome standard of football than the average online player. I stand by that assertion. I’ve played enough online matches now to know that there are great players online, who can really make the PES engine shine. But they’re what, maybe 1 in every 5 opponents? And that’s me being rather generous.

myClub in PES2018 has a few weeks left to live – possibly. I could play on until the servers are deactivated next spring.

It remains to be seen if player development, via the accumulated EXP mechanic, is retained for PES2019.

We know Konami of old, and they are just as likely to remove player development from myClub in PES2019 on a random whim, than for any coherent reason. Although I can think of at least one coherent reason. The new transfer market would likely be unbalanced by the inevitable exploitation of player development.

But player development does encourage single-players to test the water, as I have done. A positive, you would think. Do Konami think so too? We shall soon find out.

Updated: 10th July 2018 — 11:17


  1. Congrats on the promotion.
    Patience is key with playing online, frustrate the other player and he will inevitably start chasing around haphazardly, leaving space to exploit.

    I was promoted to Div 7 last night.
    My team fluctuates between 2 and 3 stars depending whom I put on the bench.
    I have had straight promotion seasons in every division, I dominate possession in every match, have more shots, more on target and a higher pass completion than 90% of my opponents, I’m fully expecting to hit a wall around Div 5 or 6, as it’s all been quite easy so far.

    Came up against one player who was decent, but not that great, predictable style of play, I had 62% possession, 14 shots on goal (9) on Target, he had 3 shots on goal, (2) on target, and scored both his goals with Timo Werner up front, ridiculous finishes too.
    So I set out to acquire Werner, 24 hours, a Germany scout, a CF scout, and a Liepzig scout and 30,000 GP later and I had him.
    He’s going up top with Brewster.

  2. Paul – I came up against a player with Werner and he destroyed me in that too. Instantly put Werner on the To Get list but I’ve never had that GP cushion to enable it.

    I think Gary said he hit a wall around Divisions 3-5, endlessly coming up against 5-star teams packed with the usual suspects. I wonder how different the experience will be playing with low star teams against other low star teams? And then, as your low star team develops into 4 and 5 star teams, imagine the confusion of the Messi-Ronaldo players when they see the likes of Brewster in your 5 star line up! That’s a huge attraction for me.

  3. NG – I have distinctly found that playing any higher than 3 star equates to teams full of galacticos, with the most ridiculous tiki-taka one touch pinball style, they pass to the fastest player, most have Mbappe, and just run, that demographic are also the quickest to rage quit and lag cheat.

    Playing 2/3 star I tend to get a good game most of the time, and have only had about 5% of everyone I’ve played Lag Cheat or quit or just f*ck around in menus etc.
    My Rating is now up to 550, and I have matchmaking settings set to only find teams of an equal strength and players of an equal rating.

  4. I’ve been swatting up on myclub. It’s all starting to make sense a bit now.

    But what’s the deal with your irregulars? Are you just swapping out your best first team players for the subs/reserves as normal, or can you switch between multiple starting 11 templates?

  5. Tommy – multiple squads possible, each with their own personnel and manager etc. and swappable. You can have players in multiple squads or keep them all separate, up to you. Access via Triangle or Square from main myclub squad screen.

    I have 4 squads, each with differing members. 1. A Team (Dominguez manager) is my strongest possible lineup. 4-stars and growing. 2.Irregulars (Dominguez again) is my 1-star weakest (but are now developing and getting good, as intended). 3. B Team (Sabatini manager) is a halfway squad between the two, with members from each. I hardly use this squad. 4. Kelsen’s Folly, a squad shaped around its manager, the Kelsen, whose formation is a 5-3-2 that just doesn’t work online.

  6. Squad names are purely for your own convenience, they don’t have any showing online, no one else sees the name its just a label to be able to differ between the different squads, as such I have PESFX A Team and PESFX B Team, A team was the best team, but is now defunct, as I have melted down most of the 80+ players into trainers, and the B team is now my Main team.

  7. n-G – If you do end up getting PES 2019 and if player development in myClub stays the same, would you still research the expected potential of a player or would you just see how it goes as part of the journey?

    I have to admit that an Irregulars/Expendables myClub campaign is enticing. Master League might now be best played with original squads making it more akin to FIFA’s Career Mode. Who would have thought even a few weeks back that we could be getting our defaults kicks out of a mode almost all of us despaired at?

  8. Paul — looking at the personnel in the 2-4 star teams, and the more ‘proper’ way their human owners play, I’d speculate there’s a far higher % of ‘proper’ players in this grouping who want to play for PES’s sake, rather than to pwn the noobs with Ronaldo etc. I think a larger proportion of them will be motivated by the same sort of quasi-ML urge to develop an individual or a team of also-rans. So say overall that 1 in 5 of the online fraternity play ‘properly’ — that figure rises to 3 in 5 opponents if you stick to low-and-middle-star teams as we’ve been doing. I’ve had some great games these past weeks with the Irregulars vs other 1-star opposition. Had maybe one good game with the A Team versus other 4-star opposition. It’s a small sample size so it’s hardly conclusive evidence, but I’d say it’s broadly true.

    Shed — if all goes well with PES2019 and myClub, then I would not look up future development, no. I’d proceed by ‘feel’ alone. E.g. one of my strikers in the Irregulars is called Zigoni. Never heard of him and I trust neither have you. He is a real player, playing in the Italian third tier currently. I sensed something special about him from the first game. The PES database says he will develop into a low-80s OPR player with proportional stats. Nothing truly outstanding, then, but enough to have a featured role in an Irregulars project, for sure.

    If this becomes a PES2019 thing, no way would I look up Zigoni on that, but would go with the ‘feel’ that there is something worth developing.

    I think my Irregulars on PES2019 might have to be called the Vincibles.

    Unless ML has some seriously top secret innovations, I won’t do more than go on a GP harvest in it. Who would have thought the day would come…

  9. Quite ironic that the mode which we’ve all slammed for ages, that has ultimately driven our beloved ML into the ground, has pretty much forced us to play exactly that.
    When PES 9 hits, it will be ML all the way for me, MyClub is just a side-glance as theres nothing else to do at this point of the year, enjoying it as I am, ML will always be the bread and butter.

    (with the nice option that if ML fails, MyClub is there to fall back on)

    No major innovations for ML this year NG. Just revised transfers, so more realism, players do not leave after 6 months, Messi doesn’t joing WBA, MBappe doesnt go for 15 million, that sort of thing.
    Plus now you negotiate with the club, once that fee is agreed then you have to negotiate separately with the player to finalise the deal, much like FIFA.

    ICC Champions Cup pre-season tournament is in, fully licensed, but I’d assume you only get to play that if you win the league.

    Bigger player DB due to more licensed leagues.

    That’s pretty much all. First year of a 3 year plan to revamp ML apparently, which we have been hearing every year for x number of years now.

    I do quite like the idea though of taking Hibs or Aberdeen or Stevie G’s Rangers and trying to break the Celtic Stronghold in the licensed SPL.

  10. Your experiences guys have mirrored mine somewhat and I imagine going forward will be something similar. therefore I say do not knock on the 5 star completely just yet your own teams organically will grow as you will through the levels. A couple of months ago I could never imagine wanting or competing with 5* I was happy with my team of misfits. However as they grew and I acquired some tip top players so did my need to essentially move to the next level. 2/3 weeks ago I have become 5* 90% of the time. I do not fear players like Messi, naymar, riedle etc. I know they can hurt me but I know I can handle them. You will find plenty of top level pure Pes players on all * ratings and to try an equate it between them in my closing in on 1000 games expirience is impossible. There are always tossers! Ronaldo is the only player I honestly hate facing but this is lessening because now a guy with lesser ability and Ronaldo cannot get at me as much someone with the skills is a joy to watch when using him correctly.Paul your mention of mbappe I have him in my team and grew him from a low 70,s to 89ovr sometimes you will have a player who has suffered to grow what you see against you. Mbappe on 5* is not in 90% of teams faced and where you see him at level 30 or below not really a threat.
    I am currently in div 4 tomorrow that could be div 5 or 3 and that tends to be my cycle. It is hard to live from div 5 up with 3* 4* or 5* imo. The mode is ever evolving for me I just hope 2019 can give me similar.

  11. While all of you are playing MyClub, I am playing ML in pes 2014 PS2. I put all the best teams of “other leagues” into the second division, 3/5 difficulty and… I hate it.

    I don’t know how to play that game. After one whole season, I have scored only 2 goals. I finished rock bottom in the table. I will try another season and see how that goes…

  12. JS Hutt – Those PS2 PES MLs are rock hard, especially with the defaults on higher difficulties. I’m a couple of seasons into a PES 2011 PS2 ML with a similar set up to yours and while it provides the challenge and gameplay we all remember and think we want now, it really is tough to the point that I rarely feel like firing it up. I’m also enjoying a complete break from the ML format in any shape of form across all eras of PES.

    I was reading about this latest update to No Man’s Sky last night. It sounds like, two years after release, the game is finally about to reach its full potential. Either that or it’s being turned into another online fest. The “NEXT” update is released on July 23 and it’s rumoured to be resetting the whole universe of the game. This mean all progress, bases, ships etc will be lost and anyone interested (mainly Xbox One owners who are getting the game for the first time) will have to create an avatar and start afresh.

  13. Gary – a definite air of tension as we wait to see just what has been done to PES2019’s myClub. A potentially very rewarding adventure with a new incarnation of the Irregulars could be snuffed out before it’s even begun. Konami have a certain track record.

    JS Hutt – classic ML, classic PES. You might try the PS3 version if you have one handy.

    Shed – 2010: I bet on Holland to win. They finish 2nd. 2014: I bet on Argentina to win. They finish 2nd. 2018: having learned my lesson, I decide to be crafty and put an each-way bet on Belgium. They lose in the semi.

    No Man’s Sky is still sitting on my shelf, played occasionally with each update, and begging to be played again – but Fallout 4 will not be diluted.

  14. n-G – I’ve got a very similar record when it comes to betting on these things. I’ve done alright match-to-match this time but Belgium let me down last night in a match that proved there is very little between them and the likely winners of this tournament. Looking forward to tonight’s match which I suspect will be equally tight but a lot more stressful for those of us on the England bandwagon.

    I so nearly got rid of No Man’s Sky a couple of months ago but I’m glad I didn’t now. I was about to pick it up again as chilled gamey-game when I noticed this news of the update and the likely complete reset so I’m holding on for that now.

  15. Talk about a slap in the face to the people that have been playing NMS for the last 2 years, and built up a huge array of assets, bases, acquired ships etc, to have it all completely reset after an update because the developers didn’t release a finished product at the time.

    If it was me I’d be done with it.

  16. Paul – I quite agree although it’s been so long since I played the game that starting again is actually more enticing than trying to decipher what I was doing and why in my existing save.

  17. orlando.jabulani

    JS Hutt – If you think PES2014 PS2 is hard, wait until you try PES2008 PS2…

  18. Shed – that would cause me to play NMS again having not bothered since they included bases, etc. Is there an ‘end’ point or place to work towards now (or to come) because I was hugely intrigued by the story, keen on deciphering language, yet let down like a lead balloon going,over a cliff when I finally found out what the story was all about. After that it just felt like inventory churning with no particular purpose. I love a good inventory churn as much as the next rpger but usually there’s a reason.

    I’m still hooked on fortnite though, it’s really really addictive because it’s so shallow. I thought I’d have come out of it now but it’s just not going away. I’m am however the coolest dad in the kids playground as none of the others know what the hype or the popcorn are.

  19. Orlando, I have tried all of them. I just picked 2014 because I like the sponsorship thing you have each season. The problem is not the game itself, the problem is that I am really bad at it. And I cannot find any information or tutorials online on how to learn to play it, so 2/5 is too easy, 3/5 is too hard.

  20. Well Pride and honour came home, but the trophy didn’t.

  21. Paul/Shed – re. NMS, just shows that that’s how long they would’ve needed – an extra 2 years – to finish the product. Released August 2016 under pressure. And I’m very much OK with the galaxy reset.

    Re. the coming home, agreed it was a great tournament for the national team, but even my non-footy-watching work colleague remarked that England could have played all night and still wouldn’t have made a chance to score. That really puzzled me the whole tournament, given that the players play in teams like Spurs and Liverpool that make tons of chances for fun.

    Uncle Turf – no one seems to know quite what the imminent NMS update will add, but there is a useful catchup thumbnail of what’s been added so far here.

  22. Paul – There was some serious scripting going on in that match. It was almost as if the difficulty was ramped up in the second half and there was nothing we could do about it. And how many times do shots hit the post in this game!?

    Seriously though, I can’t help but be very disappointed that we don’t get to play in a World Cup Final on Sunday but I’m happy that we’ve reconnected with our national team and established that there are some mega-rich footballers who really do want to play for England.

    I’m going to enjoy the end of this tournament over the weekend and then it’ll be a footy break before the new season and of course PES 2019, if I decide to get it. I suppose there will be a demo at some point.

  23. Cheers NG – although I pressed the link half expecting Rick…

    Two shots on goal in two hours says it all. I don’t want to put the boot in now we are out, that classic British media pastime of being hyper critical moments after lauding people to the skies, but they were, as NG says, struggling to fashion chances throughout the tournament – ironically Kane may end up as golden boot winner. Could it be three at the back and not having a better combination up front? Venables team didn’t struggle but shearer sheringham is much better than Kane sterling. Maybe a lack of a gazza is the problem – the way the Lampard gerrard thing went. I don’t know enough about tactics to say but it felt like football for the person who appreciates off the ball running and tireless work ethic than moments of creativity. Pes would hate it, it’s the season one ml grind rather than the Neymar flicks of promo videos.

    I may resume my dogged season 2 2016ml soon while you lot of Johnny come latelys and your fancy multi squad myclubs go all sprint clampy (shakes his head in wonder at how the world went to hell in a handcart like this)…

    I can’t believe Werd is not on here talking about fortnite, surely if ever a game was invented for someone – build shit, shoot people, run around, 5 mins it’s over next game. It’s you it really is!

  24. All this not creating chances stuff is pure horse shit !!
    This is international football, not only that, its the last 4 of the biggest tournament in world football, you are playing against the very best teams in the world containing the best players in the world, you are not going to create 10 – 15 chances to score every match, this isn’t the premier league.

    England have so far scored 13 goals in this World cup, the winning team of 1966 only scored 11 all tournament.

    England have scored the second most amount of goals in this tournament only one behind Belgium with 14 goals.

    Not creating chances – horse shit!

    England created the chance that led to the free kick from which they scored, they created several other chances that on their day, could have scored, and then there was the Kane incident, If he had squared that ball 3 yards to Sterling, it was a tap in to an empty net, 2-0, game over, World Cup final.

    As it turned out, Kane had the worst match he’s ever had in his entire professional career and shot straight at the keeper, then hit the post.

    Some slack defending for Croatia’s equaliser, then a scuff off the back of the head ball that could have rebounded anywhere, out for a throw, a corner, to one of our players but instead it fell perfectly into the place of their CF 8 yards from goal, who finished nicely.

    England were pretty much 1 bad decision and 1 unfortunate rebound from a WC final.

  25. Paul – who mentioned 10 or 15 chances? 4 or 5 chances at International level would be a good rate of return. Croatia made 7 chances and thoroughly deserved to win. England only made 1 chance, Kane’s fluff. Can’t expect anything other than defeat – or scraping to penalties – when things are like that. They scored 2 goals from open play in the whole tournament. Interesting to see the post mortem today being so considered. I thought England were better than West Germany in 1990 and Germany in 1996, and at least on par with Argentina in 1998, so the day-after pain was a lot worse. Croatia were bloody there for the taking in the first half though. A missed chance indeed.

    p.s. when the World Cup is over, I am returning to my standard policy of not engaging with real-footy talk on the blog. I wonder why…

  26. I agree with what you say NG, but the facts remain, England are second top scorers in the whole tournament, Kane is the leading goalscorer, it doesn’t matter how you score, you still have to score.

    Croatia were the better team for the 2nd half and for most of ET, but England were still in the game. If Kane had squared that ball, 2-0, final.
    If the back header hadn’t fell so perfectly into Mandzjukich’s path, he probably wouldn’t have scored, penalties.

    Yes Croatia were better overall on the night and deserved to win, but the fact again is that England were not swamped or outplayed, save for a couple of unfortunate occurrences that fell Croatia’s way, they could have won.

    And once more, you do not become the 2nd highest scoring nation and reach the Semi finals into ET without creating chances, however they’re created.

  27. Paul – I thought Stones was slow to react to that knock-on, but haven’t heard any criticism of him, and it was a semi-flukey moment anyway. I knew Croatia would win when Kyle Walker shanked a straightforward clearance out for a corner a minute after being booked. It’ll be interesting to see what team England put out on Saturday in the bronze medal match. Martinez in his post-match interview Tuesday signalled he’d play the same Belgium team that contested the semi. I doubt Southgate will.

  28. Paul – with the greatest of respect…. bollocks. You know how many shots on target they had v Belgium…2, Colombia….2, Sweden….2…and of course last night. I know it’s not as simple as that but the other teams in those games registered 4, 4, 3 and 7. At times we looked like we didn’t know what to do once we reached the edge of the box. 8 of those 13 goals came against two very weak teams and the majority were set pieces or penalties. You’re right, a bit of luck and at 2-0 they would have been well on the way to the final but only because they’ve defended well, they look short on ideas for a plan b or lack of corners. It’s like rugby’s kicking to touch for line out position. They made the most of what they have because right now we don’t have anyone even close to the likes of modric.

  29. I saw us create plenty of chances but few resulted in an actual shot on target. There’s just too much shot variation in real footy. Best to stick to PES if you want a steady stream of shots on target. (See how I’m trying to save us from a real footy debate here).

  30. and with the same respect Turf – Bollocks back at you.
    Ok so chances created vs Belgium – 2 (1 scored), vs Colombia 2 (2 goals scored) vs Sweden 2 (2 goals scored).

    We took the chances we created in those games. Last night we didn’t. if we had we would have been 2-0 up and into the final.
    It’s better to create 2 chances all game and take them both, rather than create 4 or 5 chances and only take 1. And I’m fully aware that the more chances you create then the higher probability there is that you will score more, but those teams we faced with the exception of Belgium, didn’t.

    Arguably our best player, and captain, Kane, was completely anonymous, both in his performance and his use of the captaincy, I don’t see him as an influential player, a leader, someone who will put the sh*t up players and get them to step up a gear.

    And I completely agree, our midfield is a workhorse midfield, decent technically, strong, lots of steel, but we don’t have one single player of the Modric mould, a player who can put his foot on the ball, pick out passes and create something from nothing.

  31. Paul – have you mis-typed Belgium and Colombia there? England scored 0 against Bel and 1 against Col (a penalty). The whole chances debate is a serious one that can’t be handwaved away, and comes down to: did England do enough last night to deserve going through? Answer is a solid No, really. And is it a concern going forward to the next round of Premier-League-interrupting Euro qualifiers in September? Potentially yes.

    The more serious debate is: what has happened to VAR in the knockout phase?! I miss VAR. Bring back VAR.

  32. Yes, we agree on all that – creating 2, scoring 2 is better than 10(1), and given this side I think that’s the problem, we need to create more as we don’t have players who quite have that lethal quality (yet). Kane to be fair looked knackered, he must have played pretty much every game for Spurs when not injured but he’s still relatively young and only has a few seasons under his belt. I concur, he’s not obvious captain material but then I’m not sure who is – maguire? Would he even have played if Gomez was fit? Sterling, again he ran himself flat but we’ve seen all year he needs ten chances to get a couple of goals and Man City can give him that.

    TBH I’m not sure why I even care – I missed all the first half as we went training (taekwondo grading next week). I didn’t really care in extra time as only one team looked likely. I’ve spoken before about how my England allegiance was destroyed by Spurs fans as a child. I think I just despise the hype and endless repeats of that song. I will gladly now return to the lack of professional football discussion.

    Before we do though – do you reckon ronaldo will now be marginalised as a pes figurehead? I’ve always thought they bigged up Spanish footy and it’s players much more than any other league. If Madrid now buy Neymar or mbappe surely they’ll spend weeks getting the hair right.

  33. They will never allow VAR to be used like it was in the group stage again. It clearly embarrassed them how many decisions were revised and how often it stopped games.

  34. Uncle Turf – there’s no danger of Ronaldo being forgotten by the players of PES. Marketing might change from the Konami side, but the cult of Ronnie is deeply embedded in the (online) players’ psyches. Mbappe will now of course be the ‘Adriano in PES6’ of PES2019. He already almost is in PES2018, as it happens. I’ve come across a fair few Mbappe-mongers.

  35. I’m a bit late to this lively discussion, but on the VAR front, for grappling from corners I think teams wised up to what I will call the nG Paradox. If you rugby tackle a forward multiple times from corners in a game then, lo and behold, with VAR the other team will be awarded multiple penalties in a game. By the knockout stages teams learnt to adapt their set piece defending styles.

    What I can’t understand is why VAR wasn’t used more often for simulation. That became my bugbear of this tournament. Although I backed Brazil to win in our works competition, I was ultimately relieved when they were knocked out purely because of the antics of Neymar.

  36. VAR was only supposed to be used in cases of Misidentity, goal decisions inc penalty calls or a Red card decision, simulation doesn’t fit any of those.
    And this WC was one of the worst for simulation, players acting like they’d been shot or run over when they wasn’t even touched.

    MY wife suggested they should be made to war fluffy pink tails on the back of their shorts if they are caught play acting. Not a bad idea.

  37. Paul – Simulation must really have you frothing at the mouth, as grammar and spelling went right out the window on that last post. Either that or you’re on your phone.

  38. Chris99 – Grammar and spelling went out of the window how? because I mistyped ‘war’ instead wear’ ?

  39. Misidentity, Red, they wasn’t??

    Does pedant have a capital P 😉

  40. Regarding chances last night for England. I recall a Stones header cleared off the line, two (in one) for Kane, the goal and one Maguire header wide from a corner. Not much but plenty for a World Cup semi-final and if Kane hadn’t missed an open goal from 2 yards it would be England in the final. The 7 shots on target for Croatia, at least 2 were hopeful long rangers. I think it was an even game but England’s inexperience showed in the end. The team is short on quality but their performance equaled more than the sum of the parts. Lovely to see after 20 years of shite. With any luck some of those U20 world champions will get some game time in the Premier League and the future won’t look too bad for the national team.

    I pre-ordered PES last week so I have it for a week before holidays. I’m not expecting much but even a few seasons on ML is good enough for me. Like Paul I’m looking forward to playing some of new licensed leagues.

  41. Well I was typing on my phone, whilst walking and carrying a shopping bag Chris, but I was more interested in the discussion, than picking out grammar auto-corrects and typos in someones post, but I guess if you have the time on your hands for that kind of thing …… 😉

  42. If Kane had simply toe-poked part II of his chance…

  43. Or looked up and squared part one of his chance…

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