myClub’s mad at me

It is true. myClub. I am playing it. For a few days at least.



For many years I’ve ritually disembowelled the very concept of playing online, and in particular myClub (a.k.a. ‘shiteClub’ in my personal lexicon of Infamy).

Monday’s PS3 YLOD has prompted this dabble in the dark and choppy waters of all things online.

Look at the evidence of the screenshot above. That’s me, that is, playing with that lot.

Note the high Team Spirit – I used a few ‘items’ within the game world to get it up from the low 70s.

Also note that the team is still a 1-star outfit.

And the presence of all those Defaults.

One of the attractions of this little fling I’m having with the dark side is the ML-like progression of players, and of the squad/Club as a whole.

The four or five non-Default players I currently have are ones I got from ‘spins’ and things at the start.

As you can see, none of the newbies are anything special. The team remains a 1-star team.

I am now pretty much skint.

I have just a few thousand remaining from a starting bounty of 80,000 GP (the mode’s in-game currency, which runs parallel to the it-can-be-paid-for-but-I’m-never-going-there Coins).

I need to change formation. I am finding the locked 4-5-1 of the starting manager surprisingly agreeable – you can tweak the various positions, but not change them. I’ve got the two wide men pushed up as far as possible, making it a quasi 4-3-3 with ATT/DEF maxed out. I’m saving for a new manager.

I got rid of Usain Bolt straightaway in the best way possible. You can convert unwanted players into Trainers, who can then be assigned to other players, giving them a one-time EXP boost. You can chain these Trainers together to slingshot your players up a few levels.

It’s an intriguing mechanic. Early days though. I will need to see a palpable difference on the pitch from all these overlapping mechanics, if I am to be impressed.

I believe I will have time before Monday/Tuesday (when I get my new PS3 set up) to play a complete Division 12 season, plus a few offline COM fixtures.

And what happens then? I return to my mid-flight Master League, of course. But do I drop myClub completely? Maybe, maybe not.

What prompted this madness?

I was just musing a while ago that it’s been a few years since I actually played anything online. Then, whilst getting into PES2011, I was reading up on some of the lore that surrounds that game.

Like every decent PES instalment, a considerable body of nostalgic lore accompanies PES2011 everywhere it is still talked about online (including here).

I stumbled across a discussion somewhere about Master League Online, the prototype for myClub, and how good it (MLO) was. That planted a seed in my mind. That seed has now flowered.

But is it a weed, or a gorgeous red rose?

So much depends on other people.

You see this screen above before every encounter. You check it from the Formation setup screen (and get some GP for doing so the first time). It’s a snapshot of how players play.

Look at my sliders on the left, and my opponent’s on the right.

The arrows show what kind of players we are, in a graphic equaliser-style presentation.

I’m all about Possession. He’s nearly all Counter-Attack.

I mix it between short and long passing (something I’m actively trying to do). My opponent is nearly all about short passing.

I favour All Out Defence when defending. He’s more aligned with Frontline pressure– but not overly so (nearly all online players have the full dark alignment).

I’m exactly midway between Aggressive and Conservative. He is also midway, but just tilted toward Aggressive.

You can see at a glance what kind of match you’re in for. This opponent was one of the ‘better’ ones who seemed to want to play some PES.

I doubt many opponents look at this screen. I also have never seen any opponent (including this ‘better’ one) change the ATT/DEF levels in a match, or use a d-pad strategy. Nor does anyone at all shoot from outside the box, except me, natch.

Of the 6 online opponents I have so far faced, 1 was truly obnoxious. A total jerk, sprinting at me all the time like a homing missile, and running in straight lines down the middle of the pitch himself when he had the ball. I always wonder if these kinds of players actually have any love for the game. They seem merely to be playing an online game, rather than playing PES online. The two approaches strike me as very different, qualitatively speaking.

Another 3 were semi-obnoxious. 1 was fine. And 1 was actually bloody decent, and a great player too (he’s the 5-0 winner in the screenshot below).

After that fearful drubbing on game 1, I steadied the ship and lost the next 3 quite narrowly, I thought (defended well, then conceded more whilst chasing a goal).

Then I won my first point in my 5th match.

That Real Madrid player had a FOUR STAR team. I’d got fed up waiting several minutes to be paired with another newbie, and changed the matchmaking criteria to ‘Any’.

I was penned back by wave after wave of attacks. I am a good defender online. I didn’t panic, but held firm, and was very sparing with the old sprint-clampy double-pressure. He had Benteke and Ronaldo up front, and seemed bewildered when his usual go-to approach plays weren’t working out. I was rewarded when, on a break, a Giorza through-ball found Coutinho free on the edge of the box. I slotted it in with all the aplomb of my thousands of matches of ML experience. Scoring that equaliser, too late for him to do anything about it, was a deeply, deeply satisfying moment.

There are about 5 days before I’m back up and running on a new PS3. My PES2011 ML career will be restored to full working order, thanks be to backups.

Let’s see what happens.

Two online goals to finish. First, a tidy Sessegnon goal from a raking cross-field aerial through-ball. This was my first online game in 3 years, played as a warmup prior to myClub. I picked Fulham. My opponent picked Spain. That goal was the winner.

Second, a nothing-y sort of goal scored against a Barcelona team in myClub. Note the Defaults in his team – he even has A REDMOND (56OVR) out playing, which is a step too far even for me.

Ibrahimovic is playing in mine. He was a loanee that the game gives you for 6 matches. He was rubbish and I didn’t miss him when he left.

NB: I initially called my myClub team ‘SINGERS FC’, which was Coventry City’s original name. I changed it back after this match. You can change your team name as much as you like in myClub. In many aspects, the mode is strangely solipsistic.

I’m decked out in the custom kits made for my Master League career by a regular commenter, and fellow myClub enthusiast, Paul. It’s nice to take that little bit of ‘home’ with me on my online travels. Whether the other online players can see those kits is still an open question.

Updated: 8th June 2018 — 12:33


  1. In FIFA you can of source play FUT without ever having to match up against the great unwashed. I take it this is not possible in PES?

    PS Nice title nG.

  2. Just passed Richer Sounds, popped in and picked up a shiny new 55 inch Samsung QLED UHD HDR Tv.

    Holy Christ, never seen colours or detail like it!!! Amazing how much you miss out on playing in ‘just’ HD.

    I could see the stitching as the ball span on PES 18. well worth 2 grand!!!
    Netflix does look pretty tasty too though.

    Sounds like you are fully invested NG, you’ll be creating a youtube and tewitch channel next and wearing a custom printed footy shirt with your team name on.

    At least you’ll get invited to Konami playtest and receive freebies.

  3. Chris99 – there is a full suite of offline options in myClub too. Downside being that you can’t seem to adjust the AI difficulty to earn extra rewards, as I remember Ultimate Team offering. You risked a loss against World Class AI or higher, but could get proportionally more coins in return, so it made the offline matches so much more meaningful.

    Paul – I want one of those TVs and pop into Argos every so often to drool over the displays and check the prices. Some are nearly within my price range but the one you’ve got is ideally the one to get, and I’m really waiting for that to come down much more. This autumn/winter, I think.

    Re. myClub, am I immersed? Not sure. Maybe not as I’m still planning to give a new PS3 some loving attention and get back into PES2011 early next week. But maybe so, as I just played a thrilling 1-1 online against an opponent quite similar to me, i.e. good defensively but shaky in attack. Both goals were comedy giveaways by each player. And I was making use of tactics and marking in ways I never did in ML (every slight edge really counts). And seeing how well certain of my players played, etc.

  4. n-G – I’m open to the idea that MC is a lot better than I have given it credit for but the line about changing Usain Bolt from a player to a coach reads horribly.

    How are you feeling playing your fellow onliners n-G? Do you find yourself tense and sweaty-palmed in a way you rarely are when reclining on your PES bed for ML session? Are you punching the air all “get some!” like when you score?

    I’ve not played much this week but I have had a few FIFA 18 sessions. I’m still not feeling it. The more I play it the more I think I might as well be playing PES 2018, which still has the better overall gameplay in my opinion.

  5. Shed – playing people isn’t relaxing no, as they never give you a moment on the ball, and you’re aware every clanger you drop is being smirked at somewhere. Listening to podcasts and audiobooks is also completely out.

    And Usain Bolt, yes. Still unbelievable that that was ever allowed to happen. Even more so that some people are playing with him online.

    When I get around to FIFA18 I will have to sample Ultimate Team. Baseball cap on backwards. Mouthing off into a microphone in that sub-Ali G vocal register they all have.

  6. orlando.jabulani

    I am astonished. Someone hijacked the blog, NG’s being held captive somewhere.

  7. Cant recommend it enough NG. The difference is so much more than the leap from SD to HD. 4K plus HDR10+ is where it’s at.

    FIFAs WC mode on it looks astonishing. Firing up Detroit: Become Human later for a visual treat.

    Don’t get too bedded in on MyClub. Konami are changing it all for PES2019. Will be much more FUT looking I assume.

  8. orlando.jabulani – but I am real comrade not-Greg. He fine. He love all the West.

    This isn’t as astonishing as that, depending how far back you go. I have ‘previous’ on summertime sojourns with football gaming’s dark side. See these myClub posts for three years ago: 1, 2, and 3. They’re in chronological order. I wasn’t as impressed with PES2015’s myClub as I so far am with PES2018’s. It was a very basic mode back then.

    And there have been a few attempts at FIFA Ultimate Team too. Here I am in FIFA09 – the first Ultimate Team – trying to work out what it’s all about.

    Here, still in FIFA09, I ventured online and had some thoughts on the topic.

    Here in FIFA13, when Ultimate Team had matured somewhat, and it had a phone app that I enjoyed tinkering with.

    There’s plenty more where they came from. All in all, since the blog’s inception, I have played online probably more than anyone, including myself, realises. Granted, just odd little episodes that fizzle out fast, but they’ve happened.

    Will this one fizzle out?

    Gary – I am zeroing in on the Scouts required for a 100% chance at Veldwijk. I put the bids in on the Auction house. The auctions end while I’m at work though. Is there any way to check their outcome without having to wait until the next time I’m in-game? Is there a website or an app?

    And I know if I do get Veldwijk – who scored this goal for me in my Master League this year:

    – then I will want to see how he performs, and develops, in my myClub club. This is the main interest of myClub, really. I was disappointed to note that Castledine performed badly in today’s two matches, while my John O’Shea put in a couple of sterling shifts in my back 4.

    Which gives me a hint about the eternal question of ‘what’s it all about really?’ when it comes to this mode (and Ultimate Team).

    It’s about the players, isn’t it? myClub could be described (note the ‘could’) as a mode that shifts focus entirely to players and what you want to do with them.

  9. Leaving aside my obvious disgust…

    You mentioned last post that so few people seem to shoot from long range and your v Barca goal was very ‘turflike’ in its arsenalicity- is that an indication that scoring booming long rangers just doesn’t happen online? Either due to pressure on the ball or players just not seeming to pull it off because as we know you need 100 raffle tickets to win the odd screamer prize?

    Back to revolted of tunbridge wells…

  10. NG- I have always had to wait until I booted it up on the PS to find out, it marks it with a CSI like “Chung-Chung” sound to let you know the outcome when I signed Falcao like this when I got the last agent I gasped could not get him quick enough still my go to guy for a late goal. I think you have summed it up perfectly its all about the players seeing their improved interactions on the pitch space opening and closing where it would not have before. The manager also plays a massive role for me I am a 4-4-2 guy but with my current manager a 3-2-3-2 because this works best for my top players, I have grown, my play style and repertoire have grown, team-spirit plays such a role that I hate it if its less than 98.
    Uncle Turf- Oh the long rangers happen I have personally scored some of my best goals online they become more apparent as the stars increase.

  11. Uncle Turf – I’m revolted and appalled too. It’s like one of those TV soap opera affairs where one party says ‘what are we doing?!’ and the other says ‘I don’t know!’

    The online play style is very Turfy, yes. Nobody blazes away from distance as there is such a low % chance of one actually going in that it’s considered a waste of possession. The go-to move online, from what I can tell, is a sprint down the wing, cut inside, and pull back to a striker on or near the penalty spot. Nothing wrong with that per se, it’s a legitimate football move that it’s up to me to defend against (and I nearly always do, to their chagrin).

    I continue to blaze away from silly yardage, but not often. I will get one one day and whoever I’m playing won’t watch the replay.

    Gary – shame there isn’t at least a website where I could log in to check progress. I doubt I will get on the game over the weekend so it’ll be Monday before I find out if I can get Veldwijk. I need the exact Scouts I’ve bid on to be sure of getting him. It really is all about the players and the squads you build. I’ve read of some people with a hundred players all in different arrays of squads with different managers. I imagine each player is known and considered and beloved. Although it’s an online mode, it’s as self-focused and private as ML in a way.

  12. I took bal for a spin last night. It was 2016 so I’ve no idea if it’s been updated but bloody hell, what a potentially great option rendered lumpen and useless. It’s still 70 mins of sitting on the bench with only a modest speed up button, or playing for 70 mins before being hauled off. There is just so little activity, even when I put myself in as a classic 10. Pleased to confirm for chronicles readers that it’s still not worth it. it’s not even as good as spectrum classics ‘footballer of the year’ and ‘player manager’.

  13. What a damn shame about BaL. If it wasn’t for the huge chunks of time spent being forced to watch CPU vs CPU action, it’d probably be one of the principal playing modes of PES by now. I remember when I played it for a couple of seasons (back in PES2011 again), I was being subbed all the time, and it finally got too much.

  14. In the FIFA equivalent to BAL you can skip the game when you are not on the pitch, although this was added surprisingly late to the mode, and whilst playing can call for the ball to be passed to you. Having said all that though I still don’t play it.

  15. Chris – yes in Fifa you get to see the highlights before you come on. Not touched it or The Journey this year. Started my Championship season 2 with Fleetwood this morning. Pleased to see there is a big difficulty leap in divisions as I haven’t won any of my first six games. To even compete at this level I will need a much better squad but I have stretched my budget as far as it goes to get them to the level they are. Still growing on me.

  16. Darryl – your immersion in FIFA18 sort-of mirrors my current infatuation with myClub. In your case there’s precedent, of course – mine is almost completely unprecedented – but I think both have taken us somewhat by surprise. Keep going and don’t deviate!

    Chris99 – I played some Be a Pro on FIFA17 just before Christmas in that short spell I had on it, and it was so much better than the PES version mainly due to being able to skip the CPU-only action. Total madness from Konami.

  17. If I’d had more time this year I’d have played some Journey as it’s really story driven Be A Pro with cutscenes.

  18. NG – I will try not too. It is a sign of a good footy game as it means stats matter. Sides in the Championship are more clinical in front of goal. The fact that I can’t sign who I want gives it an old ML feel.

  19. Darryl – That’s how I felt in my Cardiff career too. Even when you get promoted to the Premier League the budget is still small and leaves you looking at pre-contracts to boost the squad. There is no influx of world beaters unless you decide to use the takeover option.

  20. Just resumed my french season two 2016 ml. After the mad nuPes summer transfer market I’m well placed to fly away with the division. Three games, ten goals, top on nine points. There will no doubt be a run of scripty hiccups but if ever I’ve been set up for an invincibles….

  21. Honestly I like that NG is trying MyClub. Along with Fut, I think those are really interesting game modes, but the problem is that you depend on your opponent. A lot of people quit if you are winning, and there is no penalty for them. That for me is what ruins those game modes.

    And I think that BAL is my favourite game mode, but I don’t play it for the same reason, I don’t want to see the computer playing vs itself until I can play.

  22. Had a few matches on MyClub over the weekend, have a much better understanding of how it all works now, and admittedly, I can see the appeal and fascination in developing players, but I still get that ‘whats the point of it all’ feeling in the back of my mind.

    I was also getting frustrated that as quick as I played matches and earned a couple of thousand GP, a player contract needed renewing which used it all up again.
    Then I looked in the inbox section of the menu, and had hundreds of messages from Konami regarding MyClub that I’d just ignored for the last 8 months, each seemingly with a GP gift, so i ‘Received all’ and was awarded 350,000 GP Ka-ching.

    Is anyone else finding auction priced ridiculously high?
    I’ve been trying to bid for scout with the DMF position ability, several times I’ve bid upwards of 25,000 GP but been outbid in the final round every time.

    The one thing that’s annoying as well is the matchmaking.
    Im fed up of, and don’t have the time to sit and wait 5-8 mins every time to be matched up for a game, it takes ridiculously long, I also tried changing my matchmaking settings to ‘find any’ and was paired up against a guy with a 5 star team, who had Ronaldo and Neymar up front, Sané and Sterling out wide, Rakitic, Isco in Midfield, DeGea in goal …. absurd. I lost 5-0.
    All he did every single time he got the ball without fail was long pass to Neymar, 1-2 give and go with Ronaldo and a close range finish, and I was unable to stop it because his players were so much faster and better than mine. Every single goal.
    How he can enjoy playing like that I’ll never know, oh I do, its not about the enjoyment, its just about winning at all and any cost.

    Apart from the ridiculously long matchmaking times, and the actual people that play the mode, MyClub is actually pretty decent.

    And I’ll never know how anybody has gotten the Maradona, Beckham etc legends, ball spins are 99.9% silver players at best. The times I have spun a Gold ball, its been the lowest rated gold players you could imagine.

  23. Paul – Reading that, my advice to you is DO NOT play MyClub.

  24. Haha Shed – I thought it only fair after bashing the mode to at least give it a proper go, and then make a proper informed judgment on it.
    The verdict is still out.

  25. Paul – Well, I’m glad you did give it a proper go. Feeling your agony through your write-up means I never have to endure such an ordeal.

  26. Its actually a well done mode and I can see why people invest a lot of time in it Shed, if you play MyClub purely offline, so offline challenge cups, divisions etc, then the appeal of building a team, developing players etc could be a fun challenge, its just when actual people get involved it all falls down, either the agonising waits for being matched up, and maybe that’s because I am only now just starting to play MC after 8 months, and there’s not many players as lowly rated as me still left to match with, or, the awful win at all costs of people when you actually do get matched up.

    I realise others claim they have had amazing online games, I don’t doubt that, just in my own experience, which is all I can comment on, nearly every single online player appears to be an angst fuelled, spotty, 15yr old, with temper issues and an attitude that is based on social media, instant gratification and a very odd idea of what football is about.

    On a sidenote, if anyone gets the opportunity to play PS$ on a PS4Pro, with a 4K UHD HDR Tv – absolutely do it, its changed the way games look and feel for me.

    DEtails you see are incredible, I didn’t know before that pitch deterioration was a thing in PES 18.
    You can see turf scuffs, slide marks, divots etc inj the pitch during a game, the ball even bobbles more over them.

  27. Uncle Turf – I’d say ‘take a look ay myClub’ semi-jokingly, but the servers for PES2016 are long since shut down. That’s one of the mode’s demerits. You can’t pick up an old club years later and give it a whirl. If I wanted to play my original PES2012 ML tonight, I could (getting the PS3 today!).

    Shed – I think the point of myClub would eventually be clear to any ML aficionado. In many ways it’s even more of a strangely self-centred mode than single-player ML. It’s all about the players you want to get and how good you can be with them. Sadly it features ‘the AI that we don’t need’ – many humans – but many humans are OK opponents too, and there’s an AI component as well.

    Paul – glad you played it until it did click: it really is about the players. You’ve also seen just how tough it is to get any players. I also remain slightly puzzled at the teams stuffed with Ronaldos and Messis. Having spent the weekend with my mind set on getting VELDWIJK (spoiler: and getting him), I reckon those players have either leveraged every single special offer as the year has gone on, or done what I did, which is to persist in bidding for the exact Scouts needed to get them. The Scouts I needed for VELDWIJK cost me a combined 12,000 GP for a Level 1 63-rated player that only me and his Mum have ever heard of. Imagine that GP outlay and effort scaled up for a Neymar.

    I’ve also met a few of those players and they are truly appalling. Made me wish there was some mechanism to quit without penalty after seeing their profile pre-match.

    I bet though you also met a few middling players, who were also more than a bit assholey but who were playable. I enjoy playing them. I also weirdly have a grim liking for taking on the capital-A Assholes of the online footy gaming world, and seeing if I can disrupt them. Of course I’ve had my arse handed to me eventually, but keeping it to 0-0 past halftime always seems to make them angry through the screen. And once, I snatched a goal and nearly came back for a draw.

    It’s about the players. As I remark to Shed above, in many aspects myClub is weirdly like a focused Master League. E.g. I used all my rubbish Scouts to deliberately sign a load of Bronze and White Ball players – the lowest of the low – and got another manager and made a separate squad called the Irregulars. How will they fare online? Or even in the offline Challenge Cups? Which ones will develop quickly and have a chance of getting into the A or B squads? What other themed squads could I make?

    And does anyone know if Ultimate Team has player levelling up? I’ve got my Veldwijk up to Level 4 already (this is sounding disturbingly like Turf and abbeyhill’s Pokemon thing now) and enjoying the idea of a long road ahead just to get him to the 72-ish that he is when I met him in Master League. I wonder if this player progression is Konami’s secret edge or are EA doing it too.

    Overall I am pleased I’ve had this little diversion, and I think I finally ‘get’ what it’s all about now after years of not really getting it. I think I knew it was all about the players, but I assumed it was about the marquee players – the Messis and so on – but it’s about the players you yourself want to get, and the squads you build with them in your individual Club.

  28. Can you have multiple squads per Club?
    and Move players freely between them, almost like a youth setup ?

    My Team is now at 3 star level.
    I have Yaya Toure, Sneijder, Sergo Ramos, Huntelaar, Aspas, buffered out with other players rated high 60s through to mid 70’s.

    I like the option to view a player and it tells you exactly what scout you need to get him.
    as Toure is on loan, I need a DMF player, I thought I’d acquire the scout and go from there, but failed with 4 or 5 25,000+ bids for a DMF scout, so went for a Liverpool Player scout instead, thinking whoever I got would be decent.
    I wont the LFC scout for 16,000 GP. Span the ball, white ball …. Rhian Brewster, 17yr old, level 1, rated 55. for 16,000 GP !!!! gutted.

  29. Paul – certainly, press Triangle for Team Menu, then it’s Squad Management and you can create more squads there. Assign your spare manager(s) and players to them. I’ve made one for my remaining ML Default players as a nursery for Project Castledine. I’ll probably stick Veldwijk in there with them too, eventually, as he grows. (He’s much too green to be in the A squad, which now has Bacca and Torres up front – now a three-star team).

    Re. your LFC Scout disappointment, you should have combined it with another Scout e.g. Attacking Prowess, then you’d have had a high % chance of getting one of Liverpool’s stars. Add yet another Scout into the mix and you could target a specific player name. That’s the weird way it works. I got Veldwijk with using the 3 Scouts for FC Groningen/South Africa/CF. Guaranteed outcome. The spin a formality.

    Seriously, though, use up your rubbish Scouts (the one and two star ones) to get random Bronzes and Whites and stick ’em in their own squad too. Be sure you don’t need them for targeting Salah or the like. Click the player name to see a big long list of Scouts that get him. E.g. Salah (show only 100% combinations) you need 5* Scouts (going to cost you some GP, them) for things like English League/Egypt/Acrobatic Finishing etc. I think that’s how some of the squads with Messi and Neymar et al are put together.

    Having splurged my little nest egg of GP on a few things (Veldwijk was a weekend-long pursuit in the Scout Auction house), I’m down to 100GP with no means of getting more, so I face a bit of grinding now. I’m paying for preventing the game from accessing the Internet all year.

    p.s. you can skip paying GP for new contracts without danger of losing the player(s) concerned. They just can’t be picked.

  30. I’ll also say – and hang my head in deep shame saying it – that I see more player individuality in myClub than I ever did in ML. I think it’s down to the fact that when competing against people, every slight edge really matters and really shows up. So a beast of a DMF on paper in Master League will seem to be just an OK midfielder, good but nothing special. In myClub, that beast of a DMF really stands out. I came up against someone who had Kante last night, and without writing another essay, I now want to get Kante.

  31. And yes, I know. I have almost literally sold my soul to the Devil.

  32. n-G – I like it. I can’t wait for the n-G vs Paul big online derby clash.

    I have to admit, the player development and individuality almost has me tempted to have a go. Almost.

  33. Maybe Konami need to bring back MLO based on current MyClub, but you then compete in an actual ML style league, with other real (or COM) players, and compete in FA Cups etc.
    That would be quite appealing to me.

    gutted I missed all of the Liverpool legends, just seen a video of Gerrard, McManaman, Dalglish linking up and Rush finishing it. Thing of Beauty.

    Does this have any impact at all on your decision to boycott PES 19 NG?
    Don’t fancy a fresh go at the PES 19 MC Mode ?

    Get a match room setup under Online friendlies, we’ll go head to head as Per Shed’s comment Above, winner takes the golden Ocelot trophy.

  34. It’s like the Eagles ‘hell freezes over’ tour.

    Off topic, I’m currently filling in a job application form – it’s been years since I did this – f’k have they become unnecessarily complicated. There’s an entire sector of jobs been created purely to design and sift through these bloody things. Whatever happened to simple letters and two page summaries, I had to create a profile just to get hold of the form. It’s put me right off working, not sure I’ll bother for the next thirty years.

  35. Paul – I’m up for it. I could do 7pm this evening – for 1 match only though. My three-star team versus your one.

    When you have a reserve squad up and running, it’d be interesting to pitch them head to head too. My ‘C’ squad – The Irregulars – are currently 1-star. I also have a two-star ‘B’ team made up of a mixture. (Your players can be in multiple squads, or one, or none.)

    Re. the Brewster disappointment, look at what he potentially develops into:

    ” alt=”” />

    A lot of pace and power, there. Finishing is weak, but he’d bully a lot of online defences. That’d be a destiny worth pursuing for me, and I suspect for most ML migrants too. It’d take a load of matches and lots of Trainers and the highest level is a long way off. The slider there shows he gets to the upper 70s quite quickly. Imagine having a five-star team and going toe-to-toe with the Messi-Neymar-Ronaldo whores, and you’ve got… Brewster up front. I’m planning to do that with Veldwijk.

    And of course this is all food for thought for PES2019. Master League remains a lost cause for nuPES, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t contemplating getting in at myClub on ground zero and enjoying a full season of it. I’ve heard the Scout system (which is enjoyable, but weird) is being ditched in favour of an orthodox transfer market-style way of getting players. Hmmmmm. Lots to think about.

    Uncle Turf – my last job interview and application was in the early 2000s. Still a traditional sit-down and chat about how great you are, back then. Now, they want a bleedin’ dossier on you, and for you to do all the cringey mission statement too.

    I am scared about the myClub thing too. I have no idea how it has all come about.

    Oh, I do – the PS3. I have just returned from town with a big brown box. 500GB PS3 from CeX. Just about to start the long long process of restoring the image from my external drive.

  36. NG – Unforunately I will be at the gym at 7pm, I don’t usually get on the PS4 til gone 9:30PM, but if you’re ever about, lets have a match.

    I have a load of players I just added to MyClub Members section, so could easily create a new ‘bronze level’ team, which I will do later.

    Re Brewster, IRL he is of course a World Cup Winner with England U17’s, he’s thought of very highly at Liverpool, and no doubt he could develop into an amazing player, like his PES pixelised version, I was just hoping to get a ready made better player for the outlay of GP.

    I still have 295,000 GP to spend though.

    I was amazed how easy the Data transfer was from the PS4 to PS4 Pro, connect both via an ethernet cable, go to settings and transfer data, and it just does it, took about an hour and half to do 350GB of data, and upon turning on the PS4 Pro everything was there, games, saves, friends, videos and images in capture gallery, everything.

  37. Paul – I could do tomorrow after 9.30, I will update you as and when.

    Ah I forgot to tell you – if you haven’t already spotted it, Edit Club allows you to locate and copy the kits, badge etc of any club in your Option File. So you can indeed bring MK Dons into the myClub world.

    Spend that 295k on some 100% Scouts for Salah. You know you want to. I would too. The auctions are pains in many aspects. I got lucky with two of Veldwijk’s Scouts – FC Groningen Scouts are not in much demand, and there are always CF ones expiring in a few minutes. The South Africa Scout, though, cost my 8,000 GP and I had to wait 14 hours to clinch it. Placed the bid Saturday night (with a hefty reserve bid just in case I got gazumped) and spent all day at work wondering if I’d get it. Logged on last night and there it was. One minute later, I had Veldwijk.

  38. p.s. I’m dealing with 2005-era USB ports on the the PS3. Current estimated time: 13 hours.

  39. Sounds good NG, i’ll drop you an email.
    I have gym after work, then a footy match, but will be home for 9 so works out just right.

    I’ll take a look at the edit club options later, I’m currenty using kits and badge of Los Argentinas Juniors!
    I can feel a sparkly new MyClub Kit design is in order.
    Be a good way to test if we can see each others kits too.

  40. Paul – and I got your PESFX admin email today about the new season. You should openly cater for myClub users too. At least we can definitely see our custom kits in myClub. I suspect others can’t see them (think how ripe for abuse it’d be), but they possibly can. I played somebody the other night who had an obscure Red Bull FC kit that I don’t think was part of my hasty Week 1 OF.

    I really like having my four Coventry kits from ML that you kindly provided, in myClub. The alternative away brown kit is a personal favourite.

  41. So at about 1am tonight (I’ll be waiting up), my PS3 will be restored. Doubtless it’ll spool through a few updates, as my HDD image is from about a year ago. Then I’ll need to restore the savefile from PS+. Then I certainly will be back into my ML tomorrow morning.

    For now, since last week I’ve been impatiently waiting for PESfan to return from its extended maintenance downtime, as I have heard there’s lots of myClub discussion on that forum. But it’s remained stubbornly down ever since, and the situation amusingly reminds me of the start of GTA: Vice City when the bridge to the other half of the city is mysteriously closed due to bad weather.

  42. NG – Good, glad it worked, gave PESFX a little facelift.
    Waiting for confirmation on whether the kit templates will remain the same for PES19, before I update the site with new content.

    Just designed a new kit for my PESFX team in MyClub, shall import into the game later:

  43. Some would see this as Ali v Frazier, ray Leonard against hagler….for others it’s philby and quisling fighting over their dirty spoils. Like the night someone shouted ‘judas’ at bob Dylan it feels like a ‘remember this moment’. I fear history will judge you poorly gentlemen. If Werd comes on to tell us he’s got the new European football handbook in PDF format I’ll know the castle walls have been breeches.

    You’re not wrong about the sodding dossier. Even the feedback questions at the end of the exercise were ill designed, over long and pointless.

  44. Paul – there’s something about a predominantly black kit (or very dark grey) that inspires a certain kind of style. Cantona did his famous kick in the Man U black kit of that year, and I believe referees have some professional lore about matches with black kit-clad teams in them being more difficult to manage.

    Uncle Turf – Anthony Blunt was always my favourite Cambridge traitor, as I was old enough to notice and understand the kerfuffle when he was outed as such. So I’ll be him in the battle of the Master (League) race traitors.

  45. NG – the MyClub badge I designed (ages ago) was dark so just went with a match high contrast themed Kit, If i get chance to knock up an Away Kit it will be lighter.
    Possibly white with thin pinstripes.

    Turf – Interview processes these days are a bag of sh*t!
    Recently redesigned my CV to look all modern and standout-ish, uploaded it online and had ten times as many emails off the back of it than using a standard white page and normal text.

    Goes to show that people are attracted to how your CV looks rather than what it contains. Same with an interview, so many people blag their skills these days it often comes down to whether the interviewer likes you as a person, rather than your experience or skills for the job.

    I’d imagine Werd is currently researching the architects and materials used in all of the Russian WC Stadia and painstakingly trying to recreate them with the freehand drawing tool in PES 2009.

  46. I’ve just spent ages checking the Scout requirements for Stepinski (one of my quiet stars of PES2018) and Crouch (undoubted star of PES2015) and Mathieu (peerless star of PES5). Mathieu seems astonishingly well-rated in PES2018, particularly when levelled up. Crouch seems on the low side. 69 for Jump seems a little low – even levelled up he would only be 71, and 79OVR. Granted he was strangely never a superb Hateley-style header of the ball, but his height alone almost made up for that.

    I was never thinking like this in Master League, but in myClub, it counts, as there’s a desire not to have one’s ass sliced and diced by opponents who are maximising their different players’ edges.

    This fling with myClub is filthy, just filthy.

    And all the while, my new PS3 progress bar inches toward completion and the resumption of ML on PES2011.

  47. Turf – Not interested in the big clash personally as it is more like Mayweather v Mcgregor as both of them are selling thier souls to the devil. Shame on them……..

  48. ” alt=”” />

  49. I was old enough to hear the name of blunt and know he had been unmasked as a spy but couldn’t reconcile the job title they gave him – keeper of the queens pictures – with being some Russian espionage guru.

  50. Darryl – from my perspective, its purely something to fill the void, as this time of the footy gaming year is often in limbo.
    I have many other games to play (and am playing) but I always need that quickly accessible, disposable footy game to fire up for a quick 10 min match whenever I want.
    A ML or career mode isn’t feasible at this time of year so the MyClub dickering is filling the hole for now.

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