I have seen the Yellow Light

Monday morning, 4th June 2018, started like any other. It’s my cherished Monday morning tradition to have a leisurely breakfast and then spend an hour or two on whatever football game I’m playing at the moment. In recent years, Monday morning is often my first footy gaming since at least the Friday before.

I’m playing Master League in PES2011 on the PS3. I am in the middle of Season 3. It’s been a wonderful experience so far, going back to play a PES that was not made with the online player uppermost in mind.

My first order of business was to decide whether or not I was going to get Old Forlan in the mid-Season 3 transfer window, I’ve been dithering about it for a few sessions now.

I also put a very cheeky bid in for the ageing Drogba, who is currently at Stoke in my ML world. Drogba was way out of my price range – £16m.

I decided not to get Forlan. My squad, such as it is, is a settled one. And Old Forlan is not as old as I thought. I thought he was about 36 going on 37. Turns out he’s actually 34. So he’ll be 35 in Season 4. I’ll get him then, and enjoy a season with him. Or so I thought…

My first match after the transfer window happened to be against Stoke, and Drogba happened to be their pre-match screen representative.

I went into the formation screen, checked that all my First XI were on their customary positive form arrows (the benefits of investing in quality backroom staff).

I clicked Kick Off.

The loading screen started to go through its paces.

I was fiddling with my phone. I let the loading cutscenes continue without interruption for longer than I usually do.

I was still looking at my phone when I heard my PS3 make a peculiar sound – or rather, make the absence of sound. It was the sound of silence.

All consoles make noise. There’s an ambient wheeze in the room at all times. When that wheeze suddenly goes silent, you know something is up.

This was the sight on the TV:

Just that. Nothing else.


I waited for a minute. Then I sighed, and pressed and held the power button on the PS3 for several seconds, an attempt at a hard reboot – but it did nothing. Eventually I had to unplug the PS3 at the power socket. I still wasn’t too worried. We’ve all done this hard-hard reboot of a games console several times. The kind of scenario where the console gives you a gentle bollocking at the next power-up. Nothing to be greatly concerned about.

I waited a polite minute for the capacitors to discharge or whatever, then turned it back on.

Three sharp, loud beeps. Again, this was nothing to worry ab-


A Yellow Light.


And that was that. My PS3 had gone for the old Yellow Light Of Death. I knew what to do, what to try. All the unplugging of leads, and blowing into vents, and whatnot. I did them all.

This has happened to me before – way, way back in April 2009, my original 60GB backward-compatible PS3 died a similar death.

From August 2009:

Nobody expects the Yellow Light Of Death

(I’ve only just discovered that I can place snippets of previous posts like this. Click the title to read the whole thing.)

On that occasion I sent the PS3 off to a firm called ConsoleDoctor for a repair, which cost £70. Which was well worth it. I got many more months of use out of that PS3 before it died its final death in April 2010:

Requiem for a PS3

The brand new slim PS3 that I describe myself buying and setting up in the above post, is the PS3 that has now died, 8 years later.

It hurts, it’s annoying, but not as much as you might imagine. I am completely backed up on EVERYTHING.

I have a full clone image of the PS3 hard drive stored on an external HDD, which includes all the PES2011 Option File images — but not the most recent saves, unfortunately.

Fortunately, I renewed my PS+ a few weeks ago. My most recent saves should all be safely stored online.

It won’t take much for me to get back up and running. At worst, I think I will lose a session’s progress.

But of course for that to happen, I need a functioning PS3.

I am not getting a brand-new one. I will check the prices on eBay and Amazon, and also in physical stores. I will also check to see if a ConsoleDoctor-type repair is more financially viable. (It’s looking like it’s not.)

So there we have it. At best it’ll take me several days to get back on my feet and resume PES2011 on another PS3. I think it might be a week or more, though, as there’ll be lots of faffing around to do with restoring the clone image from the external HDD to the new PS2 and so forth. That’s a few hundred GB of data. And I have to actually get the new PS3 first.

But I will do it. PES is worth it. PES2011’s ML was just getting going, really. I have to see where it takes me.

What do I do in the meantime? Obviously I am not going to play any other Master League and risk disrupting my immersion in PES2011.

But I have to play something.

FIFA17 or FIFA18 on the PS4? But what mode would I play? Ultimate Team? World Cup?

Or are there any devoted PES2018 myClub players lurking out there who want to seize this opportunity to persuade me that it’s worth giving a chance to? Don’t be afraid to tell me how mistaken I am, and how good it all is.

This little hiatus from the flow of events is most unexpected.

Normal service will soon be resumed, I am sure.

Updated: 5th June 2018 — 11:43


  1. If anyone is going to be in the west midlands in the next few days and can spare a couple of hours I’m building a wicker man….

  2. Lloyd – all football gaming throughout all recorded time, past, present and future, is just a footnote to PES5.

    Paul – people indeed are the weak link in any online gaming experience. Got a replay of the Huntelaar goal? What mode was the match in, was it Divisions?

  3. NG – No replay as the div I was playing immediately skipped it, despite making me sit through 3 angles of his deflected shot from 6 yards.
    At the time I didn’t think to capture the last minute from the PS4 auto recording either.

    Yes, was online divisions. Div 12. If people act like that in the lowest div, imagine what its like once you move up the divisions.

  4. Paul – I’ve played a few now and not met anyone as bad as that, but they’ve nearly all been ‘on the spectrum’. Sprinting warlords whose annoyance with my patient passing game (65% possession at the end, usually) is loud and clear through the screen.

    I’ve not seen any of this forcing others to sit through replays. Either player seems able to skip any replay by pressing Start.

    All in all, I do really like the myClub interface and menus etc. Which prompts a thought: why can’t this sort of UI be in Master League???? There’s the main squad screen with all the players appearing as cards on a 3D-style pitch. Ability to create reserve squads (and then play their matches yourself, or sim them). So much that’s in myClub properly belongs in ML!

    Whether I stick with myClub or don’t, seeing the love and attention that the mode is getting is a real eye-opener. Makes Master League look even shoddier.

    NB: my Vow not to play PES2019 still stands. Only a (still unlikely) Damascene conversion to myClub would overturn my decision not to get any more nuPES games.

  5. p.s. I’ve been capturing a few replays from the end-of-game highlights (when there have been highlights worth capturing).

  6. Gary – if you’re still there – you mentioned checking your phone on Thursdays for the current weekly offer etc. Is that checking done on an app? Is there a myClub app? I remember Ultimate Team having an app. If it’s just a website you’re checking, which one?

  7. The only reason Online players claim there’s more fouls is purely because of the hack-cheating that goes on in nearly every game.
    This is enforced even more intensely if you try to play a passing game, they hate not having the ball.

    Scripting was also in full force last night.

    new Cov MyClub Kit NG ? 😉


  8. I’ve seen one or two fouls per match in my 5 matches so far. I think my long-standing grievance holds good, that the fouls-to-aggression ratio in nuPES is way off entirely to appease online play, where there would be 20 fouls per half if things were properly calibrated. As things are now, the ultra-aggressive players (90% so far) are permitted to play like that by the forgiving mechanics.

    That’s a lovely kit again Paul and if this thing lasts beyond Monday, it’s going to be my main kit. I’m not convinced anyone else can see my custom kits, though. It’d be too easy for somebody to make a kit plastered with hairy vaginas and play in it. Another thing to do if myClub takes off would be to play somebody here and have them confirm/deny the appearance of your custom kits.

  9. Happy to hook up for a MyClub match NG and confirm/deny the kit query.
    How are you even using your Cov ML team in MyClub?

  10. The mode asked me to choose a team whilst setting up. I navigated to SkyBet Championship and was surprised to see that my Edited CCFC was there as a choice. Name, badge, your kits, home stadium name (New Highfield Road), the lot. All transferred into and showed up in myClub.

    Back in September before setting up ML I swapped my Coventry team in for Burton Albion, I think (or maybe Rotherham), then chose them in ML itself. CCFC in the Championship is a permanent feature of my Edited world in PES2018.

  11. I should have gone through the same process then, but I named my team PESFX FC and have a generic red and white kit and the badge of some Argentinian team, maybe i missed the option to choose the Bletchley town ML team I edited over Bristol City

  12. I’m always here NG like a cross between The Predator and Santa Clause! Just the website for the Thursday check and triple ex has me way over excited this week along with a few gold agents free!
    Guys I can really help you with advice here on the online assholes you will encounter. Paul counterintuitive I know but the higher up the divisions the better the player focus becomes. Look once People what a bunch of Bastards to quote are involved there will always be issues here are a few of my findings!
    Most importantly watch your team rating Paul you were playing against a 5 star team there last night no doubt with that talent. What rating is your team? My advice lower divisions keep to 2star max 3 and only allow matchmaking with same level teams it will be better!
    Always check play analyst before the match go straight to the type of goal scored if it’s 70% through ball Mark the he’ll outta their striker.
    Replays can all be skipped and only 1 full celebration a game can’t be! If an opponent scores a screamer against me I wait for them to skip if they wish I never mind watching a good goal.
    Watch out for kick off high through ball it’s a weakness and if you see it chances are you are playing a prick!
    Where the auto shielding happens you can easily disposses with small practice by running in at the side with x held it works and it drives them crazy! The pausers are just scum just don’t follow them from the pause menu as once their own timer runs out they can’t pause again for that match!Just let them sit once and never again.
    Learn to draw fouls it is a skill that online can eliminate the cess pit players. I find a little tap of r3 mid run is a lovely little move.
    I have seen some amazing skill online and have experienced matches that no ai could ever match I also know that the bad are there but it does get better up the divisions and keep those stars relevant to you your skill level and your team this is the most important thing for fun gaming! Wait until you see a player take full control of a goal keeper for the first time it is amazing. I had a 1_1 last night where the opponent goal came from a tapped up volley from 25 yards it was beautiful straight after he came back with a message to me thanking me for a great game and a screen shot of his division table he needed that point to go to div 3. There are good people out there to and the more of us that take part…..

  13. Gary – I’ve met a couple of OK players out of my 5 or so matches so far. I’ve only played similar rated teams (2-star). (so Paul, adjust the matchmaking to fit. No way you should be playing teams of superstars at the start – maybe restart as Milton Keynes??).

    I got absolutely creamed in my very first match, 0-5. I got carried away trying to get goals back and he punished me severely. A good player he was, with a team full of Defaults like mine.

    I’ve managed to stitch together a team that can hold its own defensively (I’ve always been good defensively online, going all the way back to PES4), but I’ve got nothing going forward.

    I spent a few items on raising my Team Spirit, was that bad?

    Otherwise after 5 matches I’ve still got more or less the same no-hopers I started with. I have 1 (ONE) Gold player who lowers my Team rating so much that I don’t even pick him yet. (Need a new formation to accommodate him. I really don’t like the 4-5-1 Sabatini manager you start with).

    And re. custom kits online, have you had it confirmed by any opponent ‘yes, I see your kits’? I see all my opponents’ AC Milan/Barca/etc/ kits, but they’re probably from my own local OF, I’m thinking. I just can’t see any way Konami would risk having a local .png file showing on other players’ TV screens around the world. Ripe for abuse!

  14. My team isnt highly rated at all
    avg OVR of about 65

    Matchmaking is set to find similar strength teams but the Konami matchmaking is so crap it often doesn’t find players and widens the search criteria – unavoidable.

    95% of people I’ve ever payed against online, whether it be hustle kings, FIFA, PES, Snooker whatever, over the years, have all been of this fucktard mindset.

    and you mentioned tapping R3 whilst dribbling Gary, thats pressing the right analogue stick in, whats this meant to do?
    R3 in PES is a flick up the ball before you receive it command.

  15. Paul – I’m on it now and have only played players at 2* level, also packed with Defaults. The matchmaking doesn’t look for higher rated teams unless you tell it to. Have it on ‘Similar Level’ and it’ll only look for your level. Drawback is it takes time – 5 mins or so just now. Did you change the setting in the past?

    Gary – I like the screen you see before every match with 4 sliders that shows how the player you’re about to play plays. ‘Frontline Pressure’ is maxed out for 90% of opponents so far.

  16. NG, I thought I’d explained previously, my matchmaking settings are as you describe, set to play similar strength teams. never changed it.
    irrespective of whatever level you play against they all just play to win at all costs and to piss you off as much as they can.
    A decent player with etiquette is few and far between.

  17. Just played final game of day and have enough material for tomorrow’s post. I finally didn’t lose!

    All opponents were at my level and neither good nor bad etiquette wise really. Nothing enraging but nothing great either.

    Strange thing is, nobody seems to ever shoot from outside the box.

  18. what sense of achievement did you get from your play NG?
    Did it bother you there was nothing to really aim for?

    I couldn’t get engrossed in it knowing it was irrelevant whether I was in Div 12 or Div 1 – there are no trophies or actual recognition of your achievements, its just an endless mode with no set objective.

  19. Paul – there’s more than a glimmer of that feeling of identifying with my squad in an encouragingly early-ML fashion. Of course I already know Hettich and Co. so it’s more about seeing them perform in a totally different arena. I’m fascinated by the levelling up mechanic. I played the one off COM match that got me 5 special trainers and splurged them all on… Castledine. Got him up to 71 which is one of the highest in my squad (sorry, in my Club).

    I think it does matter about progress in your Division. There’s a target to aim for. But it seems the main draw is the sense of your Club as an entity nurtured over time. I brought in a few just above average players to start but I’m skint now. There’s no crazy turnover of players.

    I’ve got a few days to kill before ML and PES2011 is back on the table. Why not. It’s amusing on a number of levels and who knows…

  20. Paul – I had a similar sense of “what’s the point?” when taking a break from footy games and playing Star Wars Battlefront II last night. That game is typical of online games in that it’s all about levelling up, cosmetic add ons and the strangely satisfying unpacking of..erm…packs.

    I played an hour of SWBF II with this sense of it being pointless but it still kept me entertained for an hour. The spawn-die-spawn-die gameplay is even more annoying than online footy matches but it’s a short lived pain compared to being matched with a win-at-all-costs type for 10 minutes I suppose.

    n-G – Very much looking forward to you post tomorrow and the conclusion to your crazy fit of joining the online masses. Or could it be the beginning? This time next year we could all be thrashing it out in the PES Chronicles Pointless League.

  21. Fair Play if seeing players turn into 90+ rated players is a satisfying achievement for you, it just doesn’t do it for me.
    I want to be in tense FA cup semi final battles,k scrapping with 2 or 3 other teams to fight for league titles, qualifying for europe then pitting my wits against the best teams, the omission of all that in MyClub is a step too far, I enjoy the actual dickering around in MC, leveling players, scouts etc but that nagging knowledge of there being nothing of any substance to do with these players just puts me off.

    Shed – I got Star Wars BF2 with the PS4Pro, was looking forward to it, but a little confused as to what it actually is?!
    Is it purely online? or is it a single player story mode too ?

  22. Shed – I don’t know if I’ve got the time to do a thousand-worder for tomorrow’s post that would encapsulate all my findings thus far. Picture me somewhere between Paul’s keeping-his-arms-folded-and-not-having-it posture, and Gary’s full-on immersion. I’ve had phases like this before, I’m sure you remember, on both Ultimate Team and myClub. I’ve always bounced off them before, put off not just by the awfulness of some online players but by the emptiness of the mode(s). I find this year’s myClub, so far, refreshingly beefed-up in terms of things to do and aim for. Master League-like levelling up of players is new this year, as far as I know, and it really brings something to the table that wasn’t there before.

    Paul – each player has an upper limit to levelling, beyond which they cannot pass. There’s a database somewhere that would tell me how far I can possibly take Castledine or Giorza or any other player.

    In other gaming news I am also hip-deep in Fallout4 now, which is entirely single-player of course. Which I’m glad of, as I cannot shake this feeling whenever I play anything online – from snooker to chess to football games – of feeling embarrassed to be there, as if this is some awful social encounter that has to go smoothly for both parties. It’s very weird. I hear online play isn’t popular in Japan because that feeling – whatever it is – makes them feel so awful and unJapanese.

  23. I just don’t get what the allure is to levelling players up, when there is nothing proper to aim for?
    Ok promotion, promotion in a division which isn’t contested by teams or human players as such, you just need to attain a set number of points to be promoted, so for Div 12 its 3, Div 11 its 5 etc … you are not competing against anyone to be promoted, just yourself.

    Ie, you can draw 3 matches and lose the other 7 (10 games in a season) and still be promoted. How is that an achievement?

  24. Paul – not sure, but I assume the promotion/relegation criteria change as you move up the divisions. Gary might chip in here. He was saying yesterday he’s been stuck in the D2-D5 region for a while. After 500+ matches in his case, that while might be a long while.

    I also assume, but again not sure, that occupying a Division means you only play against others in that Division? So it’s a secondary – or even primary – matchmaking criterion. Again, call for Gary there.

    Bottom line, though, is that the bulk of involvement must come from squad-building. For that to be the case, it must require effort and skill to amass the GP required for the players you want. After 6 matches now, I’m in no position to judge, but it feels quite pleasant to have Castledine growing, and know that I need a CB, etc. Where is the line between that idyllic pseudo-ML feeling, and having a team packed with superstars, though? That is the big question. If that line comes too fast, all is hollow.

  25. NG – Yes and Yes. Yes the number of points needed to be promoted changes the higher you get, and yes you only play against people in the same division.
    But once again, I reiterate, from a purely personal viewpoint of course, what is the ‘fun’ in building up a team to all, say, 90+ rated players?
    The whole ethos of classic ML was to develop players to win leagues, cups, and european cups, you are developing your team in MC for what? to just have the label of the division you play in change.
    Whether its Div 12 or Div 3, what difference does that make to the overal objective? There isn’t one.

    After just under 600 PES 18 ML matches, I could say that I won the treble back to back, Won the Champions League, developed Embolo into being World Player of the year 3 times, theres a sense of achievment.

    After 500 MC games what could you say? I’ve levelled up a few players so they’re now better than when I started, and have been promoted 3 or 4 times to another generic set of 10 games vs better opponents.

    Not for me.

  26. I think me and Paul have swapped bodies.

  27. I just am of the opinion that MyClub is a great mode, very well designed and entertaining if all you seek to do is play match after match, stream it on social media and have a dedicated Youtube/Twitch following.

    If I spent 8 months of the year playing endless runs of matches, flitting between divisions, and all I had to show for it was a set of players that were a bit better than when I first started, I’d have considered it a waste of those 8 months.

  28. Have to say I totally agree with everything Paul is saying here as I just can’t see the point personally. If Myclub and Ultimate Team had a clear league structure and a purpose, then maybe it would keep me interested for more than a few days. Good luck to you all but not for me one bit. The immersion for me was found in my last game promoption with Fleetwood in Fifa 18. I knew full well that if I had done a Van de Velde there was no chance of me picking myself up for the playoffs. Where could I find such tension in Myclub?

  29. Yes, I’m in the Paul camp too. I can see how the team building is of interest, after all it’s why we all played master league, but ultimately we’ve always wanted to go for some prize, a promotion, title, etc against what we know is outrageous rubber band scripting toughness. Myclub reminds me of all those app games where you are constantly playing and levelling stuff to be higher up a huge list of players with no aim or end point.

    However, I can see the potential of a closed loop 20odd team division comprised of me, NG, Paul, Werd, Darryl, chris99, shed, Abbeyhill, Lloyd and all the rest of the gang of lurkers and posters. Could be interesting if that’s actually possible. Or to adopt current NG confusing enthusiasm..it would be great for bants…

  30. Paul-R3 begins the juggle whislt stationary and acts like a tap on whilst running so for a flying winger if you see a broadsided tackle coming you can tap to not only out pace it but hurdle it.
    NG- All division have differing points requirements take Division 5, 15 points for safety and 18 for promotion. Its tough to to that over 10 games and it is the Division I find myself in the most. I can also confirm that no not all of the players you meet will be in the same division as you again their stats are available through their user name on the main screen and it is the third page over, their win %, total games, and Division is displayed. I can feel the daggers sharpening as I write that, I class it as a good thing it tests you more and sometimes gives you a little break class it as playing City this week and Wolves next week.
    Paul-But you hav’nt really won the league have you or the Prem? Its a game…..I jest for me the constantly developing nature of my team, agents and Division is a challenge and a rewarding one. I am no ML free runner here either I have been there since the beginning a treble is always a treble but it is my belief that it is a choice to view the mode in the negative or the positive based solely on the Divisions principal the sense of achievment comes from you, I know if I ever get to Div 1 I will be elated and to win it!!!!
    There are also the online tournaments when I have a proper 5 star team I will try or probably late in the life of this or early in 2019, I have friends who have qualified for the knockouts and enjoy them immensly.

  31. Turf – in theory that is a good idea but the reality is that we all lead different lives and have varied gaming times. For example NG likes to play in the morning where I play after 10pm when the family are all tucked up in bed. Would it be practical.

  32. http://pesdb.net/pes2018/
    Gives every player (bar the defaults) in the game with a slider to see Level up effects and all agent combinations to sign them.

  33. Fair point Darryl, and I’m not setting myself up as a myclub Richard scudamore figure, just suggesting it’s the only scenario I can see where I’d enjoy online gaming. If I didn’t know my opponent so I could dance over their pummelled corpse then there’s nothing in it for me. I also suspect some folk would have to come clean about their blog personas – “paul” and “Werd”…actually the same fifty year old housewife from Peebles.

  34. Uncle Turf – in theory it is a great idea, but as Darryl remarks nobody here is a youngster anymore. I personally would feel depressed and anxious if I knew I had to be sat at the PS4 at 8pm to play an appointed game.

    I don’t believe the functionality for private custom online leagues is there in either PES or FIFA anyway.

    But never say never… Look at me and my baffling enthusiasm for the long-hated mode right now. And despite Paul’s very passionately argued anti-case, the squad building and growing of the Club does feel like a worthy endeavour for its own sake.

    Gary – those higher Division promotion/relegation requirements sound brutal. I can imagine the competition being pretty fierce. I start sweating in online chess when my opponent looks like capturing a pawn.

    You can ‘win’ Division 1? How does that work?

    Thanks for the pesdb link. Just to check I’m using it correct, verify something for me: I looked up VELDWIJK just now (my first good striker in PES2018 ML, scorer of my only real long-ranger this year) and it seems to tell me he doesn’t develop at all, just stays at 72 no matter what. I’m guessing I have looked at it wrong.

  35. Ng-23 points is what is required from division 1 to stay in it. I don’t know if it does anything (like an invisible trophy presentation oh Konami).
    VELDWIJK tops out at 80 ovr when you go into the individual player stats look to the bottom of that there is a little blue bubble slider that I think your missing. He actually appears to develop quite well but has a long road ahead to get to 80!

  36. woah – feels like I stepped into the Twilight Zone here. MyClub?! Color me intrigued. NG – what you said about the UI always struck me as a good indicator of how much attention goes into ML – none. How easy would it be to copy the MyClub menus, UI et al to ML? Looks much better from what I’ve seen.

    In other news I’ve started an ML on PES18 again…just a few seasons on Professional, nothing more.

    Werd – Fallout 76 doesn’t seem to be a pure online game after all. More akin to the campaign mode that Destiny has. i.e. you can see other players but you don’t need to do anything with them. all rumours of course…

    Looking forward to all the E3 snippets and rumours for both PES and fallout.

  37. Gary – ta, I was missing that extra layer of info by clicking the player’s name. I see now. I see it all… I’ve got a Dutch scout, just need the others.

    I think my myClub will be a weird personal project. I will develop Castledine and other Defaults, and get my favourite Master League players like Veldwijk and Can from this year, and maybe Mathieu of classic ML fame (develops from 80 to 83).

    #1 – you’ve missed possibly the most startling news from your perspective: I am playing Fallout4. Level 11 and just starting to build my own settlements. I’ve done about 15 quests.

    That in conjunction with m-m-m-myClub is bizarre behaviour from me, and I think I have worked out what it is. I am at liberty in the world of gaming right now. Total freedom to do what the hell I want. It feels pretty good.

    Last night I found myself looking at versions of Football Manager to start playing. I would want a version with a 3D match to watch (always enjoyed watching the matches), but crucially without all the crud that has accumulated in more recent years. I.e. where you spend an hour setting up before playing the first friendly. So everything after 2014 or so is probably out. FM2010, something like that, would do the trick.

  38. #1 – I wait with baited breath. In the meantime I have been making my version of Dordrecht in Cities Skylines 🙂

  39. I’m a massive lurker on PESChronicles and have only posted once previously in the past 7 years, but for what it’s worth, I’d be interested in an online league as suggested by Turf.

  40. Lance S – if it ever happens, you and any other lurkers would be very welcome. I know you’re all out there from page view stats, and from being a lurker myself on other blogs and forums.

    For it to happen, a few unlikely criteria would have to be met. First and foremost, a PES would have to offer the functionality for a private custom online league, preferably one with the myClub infrastructure. And that mode would have to allow for users NOT turning up for their matches, i.e. if you don’t show up then the AI plays on your behalf, as it would properly do my head in having to be at a certain place at an appointed time.

    Very much a tenuous proposition right now, but I’ll never say never.

  41. NG – next thing I know you’ll be starting witcher 3 as well! Good move there I think, it is a pretty enjoyable game fallout4, nothing too overly demanding and can be played casually as well. Curious if you’ll get to complete it! It can be done quickly but you can take hundreds of hours as well if that’s more to your liking.

  42. Werd – so will I. If they ruin fallout then elder scrolls is fair game as well. If they ruin that then I might just become a retro gamer as well..

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