Shimizu take a bow

Onward to mid-season, where it seems I might struggle to lay my hands on Old Forlan after all. In the space of half a season his transfer fee has mysteriously risen from £5m to £7m. I can only afford £5m. Entering into further negotiations over the fee only knocked off a few hundred thousand.

£5m is all I have in the bank. So I’m about £1.75m short of the final asking price. I could make up the extra cash by selling a player or two, but my squad is already quite threadbare as it is.

I’ve got the whole transfer window to do some sort of wheeler-dealering, but it’s not looking good.

This is the greatness of old-style ML, right here. These decisions really mean something. Old Forlan’s guile and goals might make the difference between a relegation scrap and a mid-table finish (or even better than that). But to get Forlan now I’d have to offload a good player (or players), and none of them are expendable. (I’ve still got Baumann and El Moubarki knocking around, but I’d be lucky to get half a million for them combined.)

Decisions, decisions.

Here is the table at the halfway stage:

Not far off the relegation places. I can hold my own against the supposedly big boys, but I keep getting thumped 3-0 by the likes of Swansea and Sunderland. Same old PES, of course.

I’m in the semi-finals of the FA Cup! It would be massive to win this trophy this season. I beat CSKA Moscow 3-1 in the quarter finals. Two of my goals were from the little magician, Shimizu. Both good goals too – here they are:

First a swiping half-volley, lofted over the keeper, from an aerial through-ball that I delayed and delayed until Shimizu’s surging run was just far enough advanced to enable the chance.

Second, a proper Bobby Charlton-style howitzer into the postage stamp corner, from 25 yards. Boom.

Shimizu in PES2011 might be the best Shimizu since the very first Shimizu I remember, which was in PES5. I’ve always thought Shimizu since that game was weak and lacked shooting prowess, but this PES2011 one, for some reason, goes on strong runs and has the kind of shooting power that is more than adequate for an AMF in one of my lineups.

So it’s official. I now love Shimizu.

Updated: 1st June 2018 — 10:06


  1. MY best memory of Shimizu was from PES 11, when he was a newly promoted 16yr old from the youth team, and then without having even started a match, he demanded the number 10 shirt because he felt his ability and reputation had earned it.


  2. NG – I would be tempted to buy him, sell a few players and plug the gaps with youth.

    Abbeyhill – Operation Sports sliders with following:-

    Pass – Assisted
    Long/Through Ball – Manual
    Shooting – Assisted
    Crossing – Semi

    Game speed -Slow
    Half length – 8 Mins
    Camera Broadcast – Height 0 Zoom 20s

    On these settings the CPU is not timid at all and averages about 10-12 shots per match with the odd game 20 plus. Feels right balance of difficulty and gets harder as you go up the divisions as my pre career more testing was done at various levels. Plus I have restarted a career with Fleetwood and am halfway through season 1. So this is a good set to start at D2 and you won’t need to change any settings as there is a big gulf in the divisions.

    Let me know if you need me to provide anything else and can do a vid if you like.

  3. wow, Shimizu certainly hits that second one. Straight as an arrow.

    Thanks Darryl that is a great help, I shall have a play around with some of these settings. Already noticed that Professional has more bite to it than previous FIFAs

  4. Darryl – I’m doing well to compete with the light squad that I have. Going the Youth route would dilute things too far I feel. I’ve got the whole transfer window to decide whether to stick or twist.

    abbeyhill/Paul – Shimizu is so much better than I remember him being on any PS3 edition of the series that I’m starting to wonder if my OF (that I must’ve installed in the original year of PES2011 and have no memory of) has been tampered with in some way. Was it ever possible to pre-Edit ML Youths?

  5. Shimizu’s base stats in PES2011 suggest he should be weak and lacking in shooting prowess here too – maybe you could compare your stats to these to discover the answer?

  6. NG – I had Shimizu in my ML I started a couple of months back and he was highly rated from the start and of course mine wasn’t an OF as I never use them.

  7. Just catching up on previous thread – really surprised at the positivity for the World Cup. For me the World Cup started in 82 (I remember bits of 78 but no specific matches) and ended in 90. Nothing since that date sticks in the memory – I couldn’t tell you who won any after 98 (I’d guess Germany, Spain, Brazil, Italy?) and I had to be told where 2010 was even hosted. Too many boring matches played not to lose between teams who have no right being at a ‘worlds best’ event, and English misplaced optimism/failure leaving no residual warmth. I remember what I was doing more clearly – 2002 pizzas in the office for our students at 10am, 2010 listening on a radio early mornings while assessing fields of wheat. I don’t anticipate watching any match live this time around. Mind it doesn’t help having spent the last four years reading work by people slaughtering the fa, FIFA and IOC. Hard to suddenly put to one side and bounce around in anticipation of mega events.

    Abbeyhill – finished the special research, caught mew, poor hp, no use to me, an interesting bauble that’s all.

  8. Darryl/abbeyhill – I will be scrutinising Shimizu’s stats in detail next time I’m in-game, Monday now.

    Uncle Turf – I think at least at the level of a world event, the World Cup is still a noteworthy event, even if (like me) you’re not holding out any hope whatsoever that the actual football will be anything worth watching. Of the 64 matches in total, I’d be content if even 10 of them rose above the average level.

    I counted it up today and this will be the 11th (ELEVENTH) World Cup of my conscious life. Not been thrilled by one since France 98, but there are still thrilling matches and special stories within the overall tournament. I was studying the calendar today and realised that I will miss watching many top matches live as I work peculiar hours. I could book a few key days off… but I’m not going to. I’ll be happy watching highlights after.

    I have placed my each-way World Cup bet on Belgium at a decent 11/1. I feel the augurs point to them. They’ve got the players. They’ve got the will. They’ve got, er, Roberto Martinez.

    Ludicrously, England are only 14/1. I was expecting to see 30/1 at least, but I suppose the domestic bookies do what they must to bring in the punters.

  9. I’ve come across your blog in past weeks and I must say you’ve done a terrific job here! I now have one more place I’ll be checking every now and then on the world wide web. I played pes 2011 with a neighbor and we had a very nice master league together. One of my dearest moments in football gaming was the day I sent a lobbed ball from the middle of the park to the goal.. and it went in! Too bad I was trying to get the ball to my goalkeeper. Hope Shimizu grows to become a beast!

    Cheers from Brazil

  10. Turf – I am with you there as I won’t be watching any of it and it all ended in 1990 as well for me. The World Cup will be like playing modern PES with bland footall played out before soulless stadiums. I saw the England squad on Sky Sports yesterday and didn’t even know some of the players.

  11. I like international football. It’s refreshing that the winners haven’t bought their way to victory unlike club football. Well not directly anyway by buying the best players but rather investing in infrastructure and youth development. I think France will win it by beating the Germans in the final and it will be well deserved due to the funding they put into the development of the game. Maybe England’s approach will bear fruit in the next few years but unlikely with limited game time in the Premier League for young english players.

    If I had to choose between a good national team or a good domestic league I’d pick the national team every time.

  12. Very true Cook. The Premier League now has so much power it effectively holds the FA to ransom. My Marvellous Mechanical Prediction Thingy came up with the same final BTW but I had the Germans edging it. I also predicted a low scoring affair with only 132 goals in the tournament.

  13. I saw a recent post from a scouser suggesting he’d rather see Liverpool win a corner than England the World Cup. Im of the same opinion, although I’m not even that arsed about Newcastle winning a corner. My complete detachment from England started aged 11 when I went to see them play the Soviet Union at Wembley. Two Spurs fans sat behind us berating everyone except their own. While I still wanted to see victory in 86 and 90 I knew then that I had nothing in common with those following the team. 96 was a momentary spark, crushed by the middle class bandwaggoning lad/ladette culture.

    I think my lack of excitement at a World Cup is because we now see these players all the time. Back then all I knew of them was what the sticker album and daily mirror ‘guide to the world cup’ added. When one emerged like boniek or you saw what zico et al could do it was a big deal. Even when scillaci came along it was a ‘who’s this’ moment. Now there will be so many straight out of the champions league, and even tier two players will likely play their trade in the championship. Looking at ticket sales it’s going to be hugely devoid of atmosphere like Darryl says – barely 1500 fans buying tickets for the first England game against more than half of the entire sales going to Russians.

  14. France won’t win it. Decent players but the wrong manager playing the wrong system and they aren’t great tactically when a plan B is needed.
    Germans are always in the last four, of course Brazil have something to prove this time round, and have some great flair players in form.
    Argentina are always useful with Aguero, Messi, Higuain, Dybala, etc, they have plenty of goals but aren’t the best defensively.

    Belgium are the dark horses, superb team on paper, Kompany, Courtois, Lukaku, DeBruyne, Hazard, Mertens … solid! Just if they can play to their individual abilities as a team.

    England have one of the most balanced teams at the tournament, and on paper should do very well but i think the lack of big match experience and tournament football at International level, along with the media and fan pressure, will, as always prove too much and a quarter final at best.

    I prefer club football, I’d take a Liverpool trophy over an England trophy any day.

    I setup a World Cup on PES 18 last night, all proper groups and fixtures, Broadcast Cam, Superstar level, bloody difficult, I was England, drew 1-1 with Tunisia, Lost 1-0 to Panama and Lost 3-1 to Belgium.

    PES 18 though, does look and move superbly, best looking footy game we’ve ever had, on the pitch.

  15. Araraquara – hello and thank you for your kind remark. The overhit long ball is a key feature of PES2011. You can very easily send the ball out of play – and this is a good thing I think. All in all, my return to the past (this is the longest sustained spell that I’ve ever played a past PES) is really restoring my faith in the series and in footy gaming.

    Cook/Uncle Turf/Darryl/Paul/Chris99 – re. the World Cup, no matter what else happens or doesn’t happen, the tournament will generate stories that are worth being part of, and it’s also certain there will be at least one match, likely a couple, that I know I’ll want to be able to say I was watching while events unfolded. E.g. Germany going 7-0 up against Brazil in 2014.

    My rationale for backing Belgium is mainly that it’s a good bet – decent odds for a dark horse team. Germany, Spain, Brazil etc are of course much more likely. 8 times out of 10 the winner is one of the big 5. Statistically the World Cup is overdue a Greece 2004-type outcome with somebody outside the usual teams taking it.

  16. No time for any footy gaming over the weekend although I hope to be back at either PS2 PES or FIFA 18 tonight.

    Paul – What made you fire up PES 2018 again? You always seem to wind up back there – as many of us do – despite the game’s obvious irritations. Although it is a very good game of course.

    As for the World Cup, I’m really looking forward to it. The fact there is such low expectations around England make the tournament all the more interesting as far as I am concerned. I also have an each-way bet on Belgium.

  17. Shed – I remembered FIFA’s WC Mode was out, and the PES 18 disc was in the PS4, I couldn’t be bothered to swap it over for FIFA then download the sizeable update etc, so just set up a WC in PES, and the game in broadcast cam really does excel.

    I will of course try the FIFA WC mode too, probably tonight.

  18. Shed/Paul – nothing innately wrong, as such, with PES2018. It’s like a good song that’s poorly mixed in too many areas. You can’t hear the lead singer for the sound of the synths, and that middle eight instrumental goes on too long, and so on. Good song otherwise, but could be so much better if it wasn’t blatantly and self-evidently mixed for a very particular market that I am not a part of.

  19. When you look at who the other countries have left out I reckon you’re right about England Paul, and only because group H is weak – finishing first or second means little in the last 16 draw. Sad thing is a quarter final appearance would encourage them to think they’re on the right track when in all likelihood they’ll have only beaten panama, Tunisia and one of Japan/Poland/Senegal/Colombia. They’re not going to get past Brazil or Germany. If they did that would be one of NGs ‘moments’ and I’d have to head to Scotland to get away from all the irritating taxi driver flags and pub bunting.

  20. Turf – Couldn’t believe Germany have left out Leroy Sané. Seriously, what do you have to do to go to the world cup!?
    The guy won the premier league, league cup, quarter finals of the champions league, scored 15 goals, 11 assists, won the PFA young player of the year award …..

    England’s system that they played against Nigeria gives me hope, as that style of play is flexible and with the players we have, could be a match for anyone, I just think the pressure and lack of big game management will get the better of them and as always England will be there to make the numbers up in the latter stages.

  21. Paul – I watched most of England’s friendly on Saturday and rather enjoyed the fact that I know relatively little about most of our players. It’s quite refreshing not to have the nation pinning their hopes on a Beckham, Rooney or Gerrard superstar performance.

    I have my replica World Cup ready to be placed next to the telly and am currently looking out for a nice wall chart in readiness for the big kick off and all the controversy, disappointment and mundane matches to come. Can’t wait.

    Darryl6464 – Are you using the Operation Sports community slider by Matt 10 for FIFA 18 or the Professional difficulty tailored ones? I’m going to use a set and give FIFA 18 another go.

  22. Yes Shed, quite nice not having the ‘Golden generation’ constantly setup for failure, England have a young, inexperienced team, but hopefully they’ll show a bit more passion, pride and hunger than the last lot did.

    Nice little PDF wallchart here:

  23. Uncle Turf — the worthy and memnorable ‘moments’ I mean are all in-game, in-tournament. E.g. Schillaci story in Italia 90, the Tardelli scream in ’82, Lothar Matthaus seeming to blast in a cannonball shot every group game in ’86, Howard Webb’s hilariously cowardly performance in the final in 2010, and that kind of thing. As jaded as I am towards professional football in general, I’m still looking forward to more like this. Guaranteed there’ll be someone you’ve never heard of who’ll do something you’ll want to see. As for the hoopla that surrounds the tournament, if England get past the Round of 16 you won’t escape it in Scotland, as they’ll be constantly going on about how tired they are of hearing about it.

    Shed — I don’t buy newspapers anymore but every World Cup a work colleague hands me her Sunday Mirror wallchart, which I am the possessor of as of yesterday. They’re most useful for seeing exactly which dates and what times the kickoffs are. Once again this year I will miss a huge chunk of live matches whilst at work, which I’m not too bothered about. Highlights or ‘as live’ when I get in. I’ll see enough. The plodding dull goalless matches are going to enrage me. The Continental and South American refs ignoring the penalty box grappling is going to enrage me. I’m looking forward to it.

    Played my morning session of PES2011 this morning, and something very interesting happened. I’ll save it for tomorrow’s post.

  24. Paul – Thanks. That’s quite nice, although I’d have to cover up the Daily Mail logo with a Panini sticker. Speaking of which, my son brought me home a free World Cup album from town. The stickers are tiny and expensive. They’ll be no got, got, got, NEED, NEED, got, got -ing here this World Cup.

    n-G – It’s been a while since we had a “what happened next” type game from you. Have you bought a superstar player? Have you hit top spot? Was your Tesco home delivery driver called Shimizu?

  25. Shed – 80p per pack now, the Panini WC stickers, and they’re tiny.
    Remember when they were 10p per pack, and the foil stickers were amazing.

    Will be on holiday for most of the tournament, so hoping to catch a few key games and the England games in an outside bar, where i’ll be so beer sozzled I won’t care if England win or lose, unlike the other Saturday when Liverpool’s UCL final match turned out to be one of the worst Saturday’s of my life.

  26. Paul – I remember going to Falaraki during the World Cup of 1994 with a mate for 2 weeks. We timed this so that we could watch the end of the group stages and up to the quarters. The plan was to watch the games in the outdoor bars but I got drunk on the second night and was chased by a goat on the way home. As a result I lost my glasses and could not see a thing without them.

    Shed – I went for the Matt10 ones.

    My re-start with Fleetwood should come to the conclusion of season 1 tonight as I have 5 games left. Should be promoted as I sit comfortably in second. All season I have been in the play off spots but a good run of form has come at the right time.

  27. Yes, despite my feeling and expectation I’m finding talk of world cups past nagging away at me. I suspect I will watch it but simply fail to remember anything about it come four years time. I guess this is an age/golden spectacle type thing but as a small boy I vividly recall the name Kempes and ticker tape if not actual games, by the time I was in cubs (82) Bryan Robson was scoring after seconds, tardelli, falcao’s veins, the Italy beating Brazil shock, (86) Mexico heat, maradona, the Danes and all that, 90 of course had so many glorious moments, 94 was mainly terrible with Diana Ross but a bit of jack charlton light relief and then it all tails off – up to the final I can only think of owen’s goal in 98, 02 I can’t remember any of it, 06 likewise, 10 nope, and then 14 at least had Brazil farce which was so funny. If anyone can fill in the 02-14 blank I’d be grateful!

  28. 02 – England showed promise but ultimately disappointed.
    06 – England disappointed.
    10 – England disappointed.
    14 – England disappointed.

  29. Very good chris99…I avoid the ‘lol’ for obvious reasons.

    Been reviewing the tournaments and no wonder I don’t remember 2006, apart from the head butt it offered nothing. I’m not even going to think about European championships. Didn’t they stop when Denmark won it from the beach?

  30. Shed – it’s something that’s only happened once before in all the years I’ve been doing the blog. The only clue I’ll give before noon tomorrow is that it happened during the original PS3 years (i.e. PES2008-PES2014). Which doesn’t narrow it down much.

    Chris99 – I’d actually scrub the ‘showed promise’ from 02. ’98 was the last time England looked as if they could play a bit, instead of just turtle up and hope to feed on scraps. The Brazil-England game in the 2002 tournament was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen, enlivened by Seaman’s memorable howler of course – one of those ‘moments’ that make it still worth watching any World Cup.

    Lloyd – a step into the Promised Land (or a return?). I have no superlatives left.

  31. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a 4:3 aspect ratio right there Lloyd…might even be a standard definition telly. Promising start, playing PS2 as god, or Seabass, intended it to be played 🙂

  32. It’s a old Bush HD ready TV, but it has the red yellow and white ports on the back. Gran Turismo 3 looks marvelous on it.

  33. On the World Cup, I like Cook’s point about the teams not being put together based on financial clout. Vague memories of watching the 1970 final. ’74 was great at the age of 10 (Cruyff and Beckenbaur). Agree with Turf that the atmosphere in ’78 was untouchable, especially when Argentina had to play in that compact stadium in Rosario, having lost to Italy in the group stage. But ’82 would probably be my favourite…Brazil and Italy had amazing collections of players. ’86 was more moments than a great tournament for me…Laudrup’s goal v Uruguay and Maradona’s against England and Belgium. ’90 cos I’m Irish…and Chris Waddle was great. Then the shine went off, possible due to age-induced dwindling enthusiasm, tho’ I enjoyed 2010 cos I’ve lived in Madrid for almost 30 years and liked the way they played. I’ll take in as much of it as work and other commitments permit this year.

  34. nG – My apologies, you are correct. I got mixed up with my Argentina matches. 1998 was Owen’s arrival on the international scene with his decent goal.

  35. Last night turned out to be one of those nights. At 10.05pm I fired up Fifa 18 on the PS4. I was looking forward to a relaxed evening as I was 9 points clear in 2nd place with 5 games left. At 12.10am I had a squeeky arse as my lead had been cut to 1 point with the last game to come thanks to losing all four of the nights games. The wheels had come off and were last seen rolling down the road. Walsall were the opponents for the last game and just needed to win. I turned off the scores from other games and just tried to concentrate on what I needed to do. I came out of the blocks up for it and took the lead after 20 mins. I was looking comfortable but not creating much. Then with 10 mins left on the clock Walsall grabbed an equaliser after looking dangerous down the flanks. I was now bricking it but went all attack, which paid off with a winner with 3 mins to go. Went to bed knackered.

  36. 1986 – was my first world cup mem. I was 8. My dad sent off for a radio times wall chart, it was the biggest poster I ever owned. I swear it was the size of the living room.
    I got my first footy book that xmas and then avidly watched the euro 88 through to wc 1998 then a break as relationship took over and then back on the virtual footy wagon with PES.
    I cant relax until England are out of the world cup, never liked them or the strip. Germany all the way. Join me at 🙂

  37. rhymes450 — I think the World Cup has dwindled from great matches to great moments since clubs ‘levelled up’ in the mid-90s and players started earning so much that an International tournament didn’t mean that much to them any more. I remember a Nigerian player screaming in the back of the net after just scoring in USA ’94. He later said he was calling on his ancestors to witness the glory he had won for their name. In various ways, that was the attitude of most players until around that tournament, I think. The World Cup was a really, really, really big deal for them. Is it now? Does anyone think Adam Lallana is at all bothered, wherever he is, that he’s not on the plane to Russia? Or that a good chunk, perhaps most, of the squad would not willingly swap places with him?

  38. Darryl — an authentic ML-type experience in a FIFA. Who’d have thought it possible. Is that you properly in it until Fleetwood lift the Treble in the Premier League now?

  39. Should possibly have mentioned 2002. I had just got a PS2 and played out a full World Cup, starting with the real group games, flipping a coin to see which was the unfortunate team I would control, and alternating between PES, ISS Pro Evolution and ISS Pro Evolution 2 (such was my allegiance to the PS1 games that I was emotionally incapable of leaving them out of the World Cup, as it were). I didn’t have much time left over to actually watch much of the “real”tournament.

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