The thriller from Panilla against the Villa

At the risk of making the blog look like one of those Face-posting frenzies that the PES forums are so fond of – who is this player?

Yesterday I was capturing a replay for today (yes, I scored a goal and bestirred myself to record it). Whilst flicking through the players I saw this face, and thought a mini-quiz would be amusing.

So who is the gentleman pictured above? How well do we really know our PES, and the faces of some of the most familiar players in PES?

Answer is at the bottom of the post.

Another few matches, and it’s safe to say PES2011 is here to stay. I’ve passed the halfway point of Season 2, stocked up with a few more players, and let a few go. Bye-bye Ordaz and Gutierrez. In comes Oscar from the Youths. And Pinilla up front for a bargain £750k. Aduriz drops to the bench, having been so poor that I can no longer continue with him spearheading the attack.

Pinilla made his debut in a top-of-the-table 6-pointer against newly-relegated Aston Villa, who are top of the table by a long way.

Straightaway he felt different from Aduriz – better, stronger, faster, and with an actual booming shot on him, rather than the weak pat-a-ball shot that Aduriz more often brought to the table. Individuality in old-school PES often manifests itself in the form of players not being able to do things. It’s a core value of Pro Evolution Soccer. Sometimes, your players suck balls rather than kick them. Do we think this core PES value will ever make a proper comeback in Online Panini Simulator PES? Nope. Not ever gonna happen.

The game was a tepid goalless affair, with Pinilla getting in a few encouraging shots, and then it happened – a fine debut goal, which actually motivated me to get the phone out and record the replay for uploading.

No, not an especially noteworthy goal. A decent goal, yes, but only really a memorable goal because of the overall context: 1) me going for promotion in my second season, 2) the opponent being one of my promotion rivals, and 3) Pinilla very satisfyingly scoring on his debut.

Guess what happened from Villa’s kickoff. No, it wasn’t a literal straight-from-kickoff goal. but almost as good as. The AI suddenly woke up. The PES2011 AI is only really aggressive when it’s behind.

I resisted a couple of waves of seemingly unstoppable AI attacks, until Villa forced their equaliser from a corner that I was oddly unable to clear, despite having several chances to do so.

Ah, PES never changes in some ways.

The match ended 1-1, and it felt more like 2 points dropped than 1 secured.

I remain in the top 6, within easy touching distance of the promotion places. I would be in those promotion places right now but for that equaliser. I felt properly grumpy about it all day.

This is how I know PES2011 is here for keeps. When I pay this amount of attention to the table and feel this sore about it, it’s serious.

Now here’s the answer to the question at the start of the post:

The mystery man is RUSKIN, of course.

My sole remaining Default, and a true stalwart not just of PES2011, but of PES. We should have seen the end coming when they retired him and his mostly-useless colleagues.

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  1. From previous thread….shed’s idea? Shed?! Ps2?!…I was pushing this idea a fortnight ago, outrageous….typical anti-northern bias on this forum!!

    Admittedly I didn’t opt for pes 2011 though, but it’s only a fiver at cex Paul. A huge mark up on its 50p PS3 cousin but not a sizeable sum to your good self. You likely pay more than that for a beer in mk.

    Nice quiz, I didn’t get it. But then Ruskin has never been one of mine. Did we ever solve the mystery of casteldine though? How he changed skin colour and face, yet not race or stats, from 2016?

  2. I guessed Michael Carrick! Didn’t Ruskin used to be bald?

    That is a lovely goal by your debut guy. It looks even better with those sexy nets we had in the first few PS3 PESes. Well done for scurrying off the end of the bed to capture it n-G. Did you consider that maybe disturbing your PES playing position led to that Villa equaliser?

  3. Uncle Turf – I’m pretty sure the War of the Roses started with something similar to this PS2 issue you’ve highlighted. Being very Southern, I think I’m within my rights to say I invented the PS2 and retro gaming in general.

  4. Turf – I just looked at who had commented about the PS2 on the last thread, I know others, yourself included had previously suggested that route, no northern bias here my son.

    I will probably scour CEX and the likes for a cheaper copy, and yes, you wouldn’t get change from £6 for a pint down this way.
    Was sat outside a nice bar overlooking the river in London on Sunday, enjoying the sunshine, bought a bottle of wine, £24. which is extortionate for a single bottle even in London, was in Iceland Food Warehouse yesterday here in MK and the same bottle … £6.50.

    Felt raped.

  5. AM now the proud owner of a PS2 slim console.
    Have ordered PES 11 off CEX for a fiver and a 64MB Memory Card.

    Have a spare 42″ HD TV in a box doing nothing so will set that up in the office, and connect the PS2 to that.

  6. Paul, I hope you do know that people from that bar have to pay rent, pay utilities, pay employees, pay for the wine bottle and also make a living out of it right?

    Also NG, that scripting about PES (and sometimes in Fifa too) is what turns me off when I play football games. If the AI wants to score, you can’t do anything about it.

  7. PES has always had that scripting – it just used to hide it so much better.

    Paul – I hope you’ll be able to take the initial wincing that comes with seeing PS2 PES stretched and exploded onto a big, modern telly when you get it. If your telly has the five composite sockets on the back (rather than the three) then you should be okay with the right cable. If not you might want to get one of these converters I’m using, although I just had to order another one as my first suddenly stopped working.

    As I’ve mentioned before, my decision to embrace proper retro PES has come with a change of routine that rarely affords me time on the PS4. The PS2 Slim sits nicely in the shed next to my PS3, ready for when I make a casual but oh so deliberate exit from the house when Britain’s Got Talent or Who Wants to be a Millionaire Get Me Out of Here is on. I’ve also got GTA Vice City ready for retro mooching ’80s style.

  8. Shed – I definitely was distracted from the game by all the mobile phone faffing, post-goal. It is the one remaining stumbling block with retro PES that I cannot get used to. It’s amazing how quickly we get spoiled. Your mention of Vice City reminds me of another middle-aged annoyance I have with people in warm weather: drivers. We get weather like this perhaps 10 days of the year, in total, if we’re ‘lucky’. But you see people driving around as if they’re in Miami. Open-topped, sunglasses, the works. I suppose if you have a car that can be open-topped, it’s nice to use the feature.

    Paul – congrats on the PS2 Slim. ‘The PES console’, as it might as well be better known. I hope PES2011 is up to snuff for your elevated southern tastes.

    Uncle Turf – re. the mystery of Castledine, I don’t think anyone has ever followed up the race-switch. Considering how iconic the Castello/Castolo/Castolis/Castledine eternal champion is within the PESverse, you’d think changing his race from black to white would get more than the mild peep it got here. In any other media there’d be a ‘whitewashing’ outcry as we’ve seen with recent Marvel movies making Asian characters white. A most peculiar and bemusing turn of events.

  9. JS Hutt, and a very nice living they must make too with those prices.

    Shed – Playability over graphics so the initial settling in should be ok, I’ve ordered a PS2 to HDMI converter, have read that setting the PS2 into widescreen mode, should fill 90% of the screen, but you’re left with black bars either side, as this is the overscan area and cannot be filled, but can be overcome by setting your tv to ‘zoom’ or ‘fill’ mode if it has it.

    A quick youtube browse showed PS2 PES 11 looking like most other PES PS2 games, it was the PS3 version that really looked different. That’s ok though, the PS2 can be used for the other classic PES’s – PES 5, etc.

    Anyone know of an option file of sorts for PES 11 on PS2 ?

  10. Paul – if you locate a PS2 PES2011 option file, how will you install it?! The only real way would be via Max Drive. I had one of them, way back when, and they’re still around. eBay looks your best bet. Me I’d just change the team names and forget about it.

  11. What did we used to do back on the PS2 then? I don’t recall ever using a Maxdrive.
    My memory fails me that far back.
    If not readily possible, team names will do.

  12. Paul – it used to be done with a Maxdrive, yes. That was the tech we had back then. No other way, although I’d bet there’s some hacky way of doing it that people have since come up with. Maxdrives are currently going on eBay for between 4-14 quid.

  13. Yep, I had and maybe still have a Maxdrive somewhere. I also remember the days when Game or it’s equivalent sold a hooky looking unofficial option file disk thingy for a couple of quid to sort the team names and add kits. I think a licensing issue and some weird story about someone putting naughty pics in team badges (this may not be true) put an end to that.

    Rather than drive myself mad trying to find option files, I’m doing what n-G suggests and embracing the raw retro PES. I’ll edit team names and maybe make a rudimentary Albion badge but that’s it. I just want to play. You can play a FIFA for all that real world kits, logos and tattoos.

  14. JS Hutt/Paul – yeah, I’m with Paul on that, some markup is fair enough but that’s taking the piss. Someone I knew who used to sell coffee for a large multinational told me they charged 1p per cup to restaurants, etc which is a scandalous increase to the retail price. I imagine it’s gone up a bit since then but still must be like having a fountain of gold.

    Shed – Werd and Darryl are just tooling up, there’s a fair few of you and it remains to be seen which way Abbeyhill and NG jump but I’m confident we can take your goalposts back north.

  15. sorry Turf, I’ve always maintained that Edinburgh is more southern than your dismal north England outposts despite geographically that not being the case

    A slight feeling of sadness as Fire Emblem Fates is at last complete, all three paths finished. Looking at my accumulated save files I have played it for over 180 hours. Also it was my final 3DS game to complete; although the unique 3D effect did not prove very popular I loved it

  16. Yes, it is – it’s not just geography it’s attitude, and your private gardens, old town and overpriced hotels make you practically London.

    Delighted with the likely feeble last day of the season scenario. Hopefully Huddersfield can get something at Chelsea and condem sky to an utterly pointless event.

  17. I would like to see Huddersfield relegated. One of the worst promoted sides for some years, they have brought absolutely nothing to the Premier League. If Swansea go down there’ll be no Big South Wales derby 0-0 damp squibs to look forward to next season.

    The UK is a strange place for how we use north-south terms in relation to the country as a whole. E.g. if we see or hear a UK weather report in the media, and it mentions rain for ‘the north’, we all just know that it means the northern parts of England, which is emphatically not ‘the north’ of the UK (it’s the Midlands of the UK). National radio weather bulletins are the worst for doing this, as they have to boil their info down to haiku-length snippets.

    Shed – I would bet I still have my Maxdrive somewhere too.

  18. I had something called an X-port rather than a Maxdrive but it did the same job. I remember using it to transfer PESFan’s legendary DJ Saunders championship option files and it felt like some miraculous gaming perfection – using a realistic Ipswich team against their promotion rivals on PES5

  19. Agreed, the noise around Wagner is baffling, he sets out for a 0-0 and has no plan b once the opposition score. However, swansea’s sale and the way they went from fan involved club to yet another overseas owned mob is the clincher for me.

    Haltwhistle – centre of the uk.

  20. Turf – I was brought the old ps3 slim down a few weeks ago for a few games pes 2011 – 2013 and mainly for fallout 3. Mrs Werd would never allow another console to clutter up the front room. But with a new house on the horizon Ive shotgunned a utility room as a possible man cave.
    I’m playing fallout 4 again and waiting for Dreams to be released.

    My ps2 has been kept but made many a strange noise when I tried to play PES5 a few years ago.

  21. Played footy for my work 6 a side team last night, my first proper match of any kind for about 2 and a half years, the limbs ain’t what they used to be, I feel as stiff as a board today.

    Is everyone excited and hyped up for the PES 2019 reveal today? haha.

  22. Paul – if an alleged leak of the info is correct, ML is getting improved budget management and transfer negotiations. Gameplay is getting generic PR-heavy skill additions. I’m not currently considering whether my nuPES departure was justified, put it that way.

  23. Paul – I played a few weeks ago for the first time in over 5 years. Took 2 days to get over it. Worse than the hardest leg day ever.

  24. I play six-aside almost every Sunday so the aches and pains have lessened somewhat. I did however pull my back out the other day playing pool!

  25. NG – where did you get the ‘leak’ from ?
    I’m fully expecting some CGI wishy washy trailer, teasing another trailer at a later date, with no full hard proper info, I fully expect to be totally dismayed by the ‘reveal’

    Lloyd/Shed – Now at the ripe old age of 38 (39 in a few weeks) I still expect to do what I was doing when I was in my 20’s, obviously the aged limbs make that more difficult.

  26. From what I’ve seen so far, PES2019 will cost £55 and be released end of August. Rumours of more licenses such as Russia, India, Thailand. Nothing to get excited about particularly.

    Edit: ML REAL SEASON – Experience life as a real manager with 3 significant changes: ICC pre-season, in-depth transfer system and new league licenses

  27. Wusses. I took small fella to taekwondo last night fully intending to sit out with a tight hamstring. They changed the session to self defence so I had to do it in my civvies. It’s unbelievable the pain that can be delivered from simply holding someone’s wrist and moving side to side.

    Werd – yes, clutter is my reason for offloading old consoles, that’s why I like the ps2 now, it’s almost palm size.

  28. Paul – everything that’s emerged so far was posted on WENB last night as a badly translated Japanese leak.

    Cook – the leagues are big for those markets, but it’s otherwise what we’ve seen in recent years and what I expected this year. What were they going to do, change a proven winning formula just to appease late-90s/early 2000s gamers? Never going to happen. Annual anticipation of wholesale change is a most peculiar (older) PES-fan phenomenon.

    I wouldn’t read anything into the shiteClub transfer changes either. Most likely a safety-first precaution in light of the recent ruling in Belgium about in-game gambling.

    I remain entirely comfortable with my decision to abandon nuPES. I await the first playtest reports with interest. In among all the feverish gushing about what a great time they all had playing each other, there’s usually enough of an indication for single players. I’d bet £100 on PES2019 having the exact same fouling/penalties/injury/stamina model from PES2018.

  29. Here you go

    Graphics look good and there are a few gameplay snippets for people to pore over and draw unlikely conclusions from.

    Confirmed music-disliker here, so the accompanying soundtrack (is that ‘hiphop’?) is truly grating.

  30. Graphics and lighting are great, the game really looks the part. Beckham free kick v Greece always warms the heart, which PES was that in the intro vid? I’m hoping the new leagues mean more stadiums and I guess the potential for a career in Asia is interesting. Using lower rated players, Licensed Asian Champions League… Air Force Central FC to FIFA World Club Cup glory.

    I like the early release date, plenty of time to get it done and dusted before the big games come at Christmas. The ML news is underwhelming and the price eye watering.

  31. Nonplussed as expected. Very meager als always from Konami. If this is it I’ll pass.

  32. Totally as expected and stated. A Pointless PR video showing CGI’d cutscenes of a retired player and Coutinho, with absolutely no info at all.
    ‘More details to come soon’ ……… Despite this being branded as a full reveal, which it was anything but.

    If they really wanted to bring fans back on board, under Real ML they could have shown pulls, nudges, tackles, and blatant fouls being given and have Coutinho and Beckham taking the resultant free kicks, players being injured, carried off etc.

    Completely underwhelming.

  33. snows back!

  34. Rather ironic that PES 2019 vid partly sells the game on David Beckham taking a free kick. Does this confirm free kicks are in the game?

  35. Amusing eh Shed. They used Beckham taking free kicks in last years hype build up videos showing off the new Free Kick system, which proved to be a farce as no one ever gets any.

  36. From the point of view of ‘what PES is now’ and where it wants to stay, it’s an excellent PR package. It has to hit the core demographic from a marketing perspective, and I think all the boxes are ticked. PES is a decent PES-flavoured FIFA-style football game. The days when PES was transcendent – ie. above and beyond all categories; effectively so far out on its own in terms of quality that there was literally no experience like it – are gone. Market forces=constraints on production. PES of the year 2018 is the only PES that can be produced.

  37. I guess its the first glimpse of whatever new lighting engine and physics engine may be used, and with 3 and a half months until release, lots more details are to come, so should really just wait and see what is delivered, but to hype up a ‘full reveal’ and then give that is just pure misleading.

    With all that said of course NG is totally right, I don’t expect PES 19 to have fixed any of the glaring issues from 18, because for Konami, they are not issues.

    If there is a demo this year, its pointless playing it as we know from years of experience that it bares little resemblance to the actual retail version.
    Will be a try and see for yourself purchase, rather than a nailed on day one, anticipated release.

  38. I’ve said it before but will repeat it again – I will return to the fold and play PES2019 if this very straightforward criterion is met:

    I will purchase PES2019 on Day 1 and play it if I see proof that, in any preview or demo session, across 10 ten-minute single-player matches, in any mode, played on Top Player or higher, there is an AVERAGE per match of 3 or more fouls committed by the AI against the human team.

    Simple enough for me. All the talk about graphics and pitches and licenses and modes and whatever else can all be boiled down to fouls. NOT simply because of fouls in-and-of-themselves. Fouls are a requirement in a serious football game, yes, and they’re also a representative issue. Their absence is 99% to blame for the awful unPES arcade flow that has blighted the series for years now. Player and team individuality also rest to a large extent on the ability to foul and be fouled.

  39. That clearly won’t happen – not because there may not be fouls in the game (there won’t) – but because all the footage of demos, reviews, early previews, etc etc etc will be journalist v journalist, or Adam v coutinho, or similar other person v person. It’s why every year all the focus is away from the problems of single player mode. It’s wifi that has killed the game, that and having an extra seat available. The game should live or die by being tested by a person in a stone walled cottage, sitting on a firm wooden chair, with no one else present and with no connectivity to the outside world. A bit like Werd on a Sunday sat reading the good book.

  40. It would take confirmed fouls (including penalties), improved player individuality, injuries, varying team playing styles and better shot variation to get me back to anywhere near the level of anticipation I used to feel for a new PES.

  41. Exactly what Turf Said, the reason we get all these offline ML issues, not contained to fouls, but also Poor COM AI, broken transfers etc, is because no one clearly ever tests offline play vs COM.

    It’s all mates and fanboy journo’s button mashing each other in clique playtest days, so no offline flaws are ever encountered until release, by which time its too late.

  42. Turf – I’ve come to like my wi fi hub. I always switch on the ps4 with excited anticipation of what game needs updating. Thats it though, no digtal purchases or what not, purely updates anything other than that is Book of revelation territory.

    Along with the fouls I would like a generic div 2 which can be attached to any league with one div (Eredivisie, portuguese, PEU) Its a bit of a chore lugging teams over to the english 1 + 2 divs each year.

  43. One of the PR blurbs for PES 19 was ‘Massive new fully licensed leagues, most from Europe’ ….. Imagine if the major European leagues all had 3 divisions WERD, all that editing to be had 😉

    They could do so much with the ML league environment, upon setup choose between 2,3 or 4 divisions, ability to load in generic teams via a txt file on your USB stick with Team Name, nationality, Players names in, then you’d just have to assign kits and badges the normal way, would be immense.

    They are going to have to do something impressive this year with the loss of the UEFA licenses, just hope we see a return of the ‘WEFA’ cup 🙂

  44. Paul – “Homer Simpson style drool”

  45. Absolutely nothing of all the license and league stuff means anything to me. Whatever they do or don’t do in the absence of the CL license. There is one real problem with nuPES and one problem alone: that damn windscreen-wiper arcade-style gameplay, chiefly facilitated by fouls and injuries having been removed from the game. ISS and PES were built on a kind of anti-pickup-and-play ethos that was actually a type of unfriendliness to the player. We all know this. FIFA players used to dislike PES for good reason. It was inaccessible to them, in a very fundamental way. Yet at the same time, it wasn’t some elitist snobfest — all it was, was properly constructed, like a long film with dialogue you actually had to sit down and watch and pay attention to. How many polygons are in this animation, and whether or not we can do X, Y, and Z in Edit mode, are all supremely not-relevant questions compared to this great primal question.

  46. Well all know that NG, but most of us, if not you, will play PES 19 at some point, so the more options, and variety, and customisation options it has the better.

    Think we are all in agreement that the game won’t fundamentally change and fouls etc will still be an ‘issue’ for us ‘elitist’ players, it is what it is, ‘Nu-PES’ is here to stay, some will boycott the game, such as yourself, and others will grudgingly accept the fact, and play the game anyway as its their game of choice.

  47. The additional leagues are telling insofar as focus goes. Also very clear that patches will be all about faces as they will obviously have to flesh out the additional leagues with recognizable players and there is no way in hell that Konami will deliver quality and quantity in this regard in time for release or at all for that matter. To me this will result in even less focus on gameplay and ML other than a few gimmicky catchphrases such as “rising shoot”.

    But I’ll give it a go anyways. Graphically and in motion it does look quite nice at least. Having a ball reading the forums as well, not a single soul is excited about the reveal save for a few Konami shills.

    Werd – you in survival mode on fallout 4?

  48. Paul – I’m not boycotting PES2019, I’m just not going to play it. The difference is that a boycott tries to make a point with the aim of bringing about change. nuPES ain’t ever gonna change, and thus I’m not boycotting it, it’s just over for me. For all the reasons we have talked to death, nuPES is what it is for better and worse, and nothing will change that. The only thing they could do is include the kind of customisable/selectable referee we discussed the other day.

    #1 – I’m actually surprised that the reveal is as basic as it’s turned out to be. The 3 little things mentioned for ML are all there’s going to be. I wonder which direction the menus will be in this year. Eh, I’ll be sticking with retro bliss.

  49. #1 – Also interesting how they have pushed release forward by 2 weeks, to end of August, its usually Mid Sept.
    They must be confident of a quality product to release so early, saying that, last years game was ‘the best package we have ever made’ quoted by Bhatti, and look at all the issues with PES 18.

    Very concerned with the fact that they tout ‘another pre season tournament’, improved transfers (which are just adding a re-sell and clean sheet option to negotiations) and budget control (split between transfer funds/salary) as epitomising feeling like a ‘real manager’.

    No Konami…. NO !!! Hiring of staff of different abilities, proper scouting process to uncover stats, in depth training mechanics, sponsorship targets, realistic transfers, finance management, invest in youth team, player interaction such as deal with demands, unhappy players, put players in the u21’s etc, all that kind of stuff is ‘Real ML’ not fixing crap you previously broke.

  50. I don’t know not-Greg, you don’t seem to be enjoying retro PES quite as much as expected. I reckon you’ll be on PES2019 come the end of August…..

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