Bruce Hornsby and the Long Ranger

Another good meaty session of PES2011. Today I don’t feel like talking about the multitude of ways the game highlights current-era PES’s shortcomings. Today is all about the game itself and my struggles in it. Currently I’m surprised at how much of the Master League environment I didn’t remember from 7 years ago.

I pride myself on my good memory. I’m the man in my office who remembers keypad codes to all the doors and that kind of thing. But there’s so much about PES2011 that I had forgotten. Not the headline elements, of course. That weird little side-shuffle the players do when they’re approaching a loose ball. (Seriously, what was that meant to be?) The stumble animation. The featherlight shooting model (one of PES’s best-ever). Shimizu and Schwarz. All that sort of thing is securely lodged in memory forever.

But the nitty-gritty of the transfer system, the in-depth training system, the stamina and form arrows, all of these are becoming familiar again after all these years. Predictably, I love it all.

In today’s only mention of nuPES, I will assert that if PES2016/17/18 had featured a Master League with PES2011’s kind of ML environment, things might be very different for the series, looking forward. But in the prevailing multiplayer-focused climate, players cannot be incentivised to play a single-player mode, oh no.

I’ve played about 6 matches since my last post. As ever, the weekend was a wash in footy gaming terms. It all happened on Monday.

The current table:

I’m pleased with my goal-scoring. Also pleased that I’m just 5 points behind the promotion places, heading towards the mid-season January break.

I’m still ‘only’ on Professional. My main grumble with this level is that the AI is curiously passive most of the time, only really springing into life when I take the lead in a match.

Goals are still at a premium, and none of the few that I score have been worth the trouble of recording and uploading.

Here’s the recordability threshold that a goal has to cross. To record a PES2011 goal I have to sit up, unlock my phone, open the camera app, and hold the phone with the lens pointing at the screen in one hand whilst awkwardly manipulating the PS3 controller to advance the replay with my other hand. Then I switch angles, and film another angle from the player’s point of view, which involves yet more fuss and fiddling (and all the while, my immersion in the game is going cold). Then after the match or session is over, I use my phone’s rudimentary editing suite to trim the video. Then upload it to YouTube, directly from my 4-year-old phone, which often sends it into a tizzy for several minutes.

Such is the level of rigmarole required to get a goal replay from PES2011 up on the blog, so only truly special goals will ever show up here. Perhaps only ever the occasional long-ranger. That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change. That’s just the way it is…

I’ve got a strong chance of promotion this season, I think. If I get a few more good players in the mid-season break, the results will pick up enough to haul myself up that table. I fancy making PES2011 a 6-season effort, so I’m strongly motivated to do this.

Updated: 1st May 2018 — 11:07


  1. How does PES 11’s transfer system vary? I cannot recall it in depth.
    4yr old phone? Surely you have been due at least 2 upgrades by now?

  2. Paul – I buy my phones outright and stay on Pay As You Go. I won’t have a contract. They’ve always been a ripoff IMO but nowadays the prices are eye watering. The whole ‘upgrade culture’ of phones is a hamster wheel that never stops turning. Buying my phones works out cheaper and I get to really extract the value from every phone I have. My Galaxy Note Edge is the best phone I’ve ever had, if a touch slow at times now, inevitably. My next phone will likely be a Galaxy X in 2019.

    PES2011’s transfer system, in brief, its very tough to get players interested and then you can easily run out of time. Not that different from NUPES in fairness, but stricter and with a much more punishing financial climate. At the time I quit PES2018 I had half a billion in the bank.

  3. I’m with you on the phone thing nG. Can’t understand people who chose to be locked into paying £40 a month for two years, and then decide to go through the whole thing again for a newer phone that is 0.2mm thinner and can send animated poo emojis?

    My other phone requirements are expandable storage and replaceable battery.

  4. not-Greg – completely agreed on the phones, it’s disappointing how easily people have bought into the whole new phone and contract every 2 years thing. I’m not on pay-as-you-go but have a cheap contract only SIM. Recently had to make an upgrade after the microphone went on my previous phone (which lasted 4 years) and botched a repair attempt. Now have a relatively cheap Lenovo phone that lasts several days without needing a charge and does everything I want, for hundreds of pounds less than the latest big name models.

    Also, the comment you make about the AI lacking aggression in some ways is something I’ve also noticed in going back through the years. Which is odd, given that one reason I gave up on FIFA 18 was the ease with which I would dominate many games. If the AI scored, it would be from one of very few attacks in each match. I don’t remember this being the case several years ago, but appears it is to some extent. Of course some of that will likely be my changing ability over the years.

  5. I do remember PES 2010 and 2011 being rather lacklustre in the AI attacking department. PES 2012 was good for having to all-out defend against a rampant AI at times while PES 2013 had the magic through-ball the AI often used to pull off.

    I did say that returning to old PES would be tricky after PES 2018 and it’s AI That We Need or not depending on your point of view. I’ve played a few PES 2011 matches recently and the AI is very static – both in terms of the opposition making runs and your teammates, although the latter can be helped with the old R1+X 1-2.

    Meanwhile a major change has occurred in my footy gaming routine. I find my old pre-bedtime routine of a ML match or ten before turning in has become rather problematic mainly due to work and the fact I really struggle to do more than the odd late night these days.

    This means I rarely got on the PS4 (as its in the living room), so sloping off to the shed for a PS3 session while Britain’s Got Talent or whatever is on has become my thing. I’ve played PES 2011 a bit and am tempted to start a ML but that PS2 version of the same game is calling to me.

    I’m now thinking of giving my full attention to PS2 PES 2011 as a PES I have never played. The only issue with this is midi-Shed, in full awkward teenage mode, flatly refuses to let me have the PS2 from his room. Fair enough in a way as I did give it to him, stupidly.

    Sometime this week then I plan to pick up a nice PS2 Slim (not had the skinny one before). This will be ideal for Shed retreats and can even come with me for a crafty match or two in the house or even when I go to the inlaws. Retro PES it is then – only even earlier than I planned.

  6. I guess it depends on how much you use the phone and what you use it for, it isn’t necessarily any cheaper being on PAYG than a contract in some circumstances.

    By the time you’ve spent a couple of hundred minimum for a phone, and that’s for a basic model, then £10 / £20 whatever each time you need to top up over the course of 12 or 24 months, plus the added hassle of having to go through the top up process all the time.
    Factor in that data eats away massively at a top up allowance, and you’d easily be spending at least £20 a month on top ups if you use the phone for web browsing, apps, games etc as well as the basic phone calls and texts.

    A contract seems expensive but that £40-80 monthly fee is inclusive of unlimited calls, unlimited texts, more data per month than you could ever realistically use, the actual cost of a top range handset, and the convenience of not having to worry about running out of credit, its my preferred choice anyway.

    cd452 – what Difficulty level was you playing FIFA 18 on?

    Revisited my new All Brit ML last night, managed a win against bottom of the table Panathinaikos, followed by a 2-0 defeat away at top of the league Arsenal, and a crushing 4-0 loss to Real Sociedad.

    There’s certainly no argument for stats being meaningless in this game any more, as my lowly player stats are proving that you just cannot compete with low rated players.
    Players dont make runs (Low team spirit), any through balls are impossible to latch on to as the COM players all out-run you, shots always go wide …. slog.

    heres my current starting XI.

  7. I was under the impression you’re not paying monthly for the service but for the phone ie. 20 quid a month for 24 months is your 480 quid iphone5s, prices rise from there as the phones are more expensive. A lot of people must sell their phone at the end of the contract, recoup some of that cash, and start again – this is the first year I’ve stuck with mine and I’ve got the unlimited deal for bugger all sim only. Guess it depends what you get for your two year old handset.

    Delighted to read you not remembering 2011 in so much detail as that’s how I’ve felt for years about anything pre-2012. I thought it was just me going forgetful in my dotage but maybe not, or maybe you’re joining me? Cex had as many ps2 games in today as they did PS3, there is definitely an odd market at the moment – PS3 looks cheap as chips for some titles, then that FIFA pops up, ps2 games are 50p for the most part, but then a weird high price for something innocuous. As with every advertised product you have to consider whether it actually sells – cex’ price doesn’t mean anyone would shell out such a lump of cash for fifa17 on an old gen box. I think I’m on the right track straddling that old but still quite nice (ps2) and new (ps4). Almost bought world championship snooker!

  8. Paul – purchased phones on PAYG typically last me for 4-5 years, which means the big outlay is at the start of the period, and then £120-£200 average per year for those 4-5 years. But contract phones have a major plus-point, you can sell your old phone whenever you upgrade for what will usually still be a very good price, so I think cost-wise it works out about even overall in the long run. I like not being tied into the upgrade cycle and really getting to know a phone. I had an iPhone 4s for years before this, that was literally being held together with an elastic band by the end of its life.

  9. Turf – contract monthly fees are for the service (texts, calls, data) and also subsiding the cost of the phone.
    My current contract is an iPhone X 128GB, £1179 to buy outright, I pay £80 a month, that includes unlimited calls, texts, apple music and 20gb of data per month.
    Its a 12 month contract, at which point, I get a free upgrade.

    As NG said, if you pay say 200 quid for a PAYG phone then a yearly outlay of say £200 (just under 20 quid top up a month), over 4 years then that equates to around £1000 – The same price as an iPhone X Contract, except you don’t get a shiny brand new phone every year or 2 years, so in my opinion, the contract is better value than PAYG.

    Just seen a ‘Fat’ original piano black/chrome PS3 with 4 USB ports on the front, which means its one of the original backwards compatible versions, in CEX for £45 – tempted.

  10. Paul – what did you pay up front for that 12-month contract… Cheapest iPhone X I can see currently (on a very quick look) is a barebones data deal from Virgin for £1500 on a 3-year contract. PAYG is definitely cheaper for me, even factoring in the sell-on value of a contract phone, but not by much and it depends on the model and your own usage patterns.

    As I said, I’m holding out for the Galaxy X, rumoured to be 2019, which will do to the tech paradigm what the original iPhone did in 2007. I’ll leave you all to look it up yourself and be as sceptical as everyone else is. ‘What? Foldable smartphones? It’s just a stupid gimmick that’ll never catch on! Now, where’s my touchscreen device…’

  11. The only problem with a contract is if your circumstances change mid-term but otherwise it’s a good way to procure an everyday essential item. Despite this I pay upfront and use PAYG. Buying cars is the same now I think too, best value by buying on contract but I still go and get a 2nd hand one and take my chances.

    The most difficult PES I played recently was PES 2008 PS2 edition, even compared to the PES 2018 AI it was ruthless.

  12. I have been playing Fifa 18 since the weekend as it was bought for me. Impressions so far are that I am not all that keen. It seems very different to the last few Fifa’s and a bigger shift than what I was expecting. Maybe that is a good sign and the game will be a grower. At the moment though I can’t get to grips with the defending and there seems to be an invisible shield that prevents defenders getting close. The result has been high scoring games. Also dont like the weird crab like animations defenders adopt when jockeying. I have also yet to find a camera angle I like as adjustments seem to make no difference with every one seeming too small, except the Dynamic one, which I don’t like as much as Fifa 17. Off the pitch it is fantastic and the Squad hub is a wonderful addition with everything you need at your fingertips. The design of it is a joy to use. So all in all a bit mixed.

  13. Chris99 – phone manufacturers deciding we all need to be protected from water damage also conveniently stopped people fitting their own new batteries to extend the life of their devices. I doubt I’d still be able to use my Galaxy Note Edge in 2018 if I hadn’t been able to get a new battery for a tenner and snap it into the back myself.

  14. Paul – I do miss my fat old PS3 but they are sadly extremely prone to overheating. At least CEX offer a 12 month guarantee on console, I think.

    I also recall playing PES 5 and 6 on my fat PS3 when I first got it – mainly due to the first PES games for PS£ being so poor. While the backwards compatibility worked, I remember both PES 5 and 6 having a weird frame rate issue which created an annoying little skip/stutter when shooting at goal.

    Otherwise the fat PS3 was an awesome machine. Annoying that Sony decided to remove one of its best features for later PS3 models. Now you get the thrill of downloading old PS2 games onto the PS3/4 hard drive direct from PS Store, any hope that backwards compatibility would somehow return is lost entirely.

    As for phones, I had six year love affair with my old iPhone 3GS until it literally started falling apart in my pocket. I still have it in a drawer next to my old Motorola Razr.

    My current phone (a Samsung S6) is the first I have had on contract (I only pay about £25 per month). The other day I received a text saying I get to upgrade this July. I can’t deny I’m excited – especially if I get to keep the old one. Maybe I’ll trade it in for some game treats in the local smelly CEX.

  15. Shed – looks like I’m the only one not flip-flopping all over the place. To be fair this is the time of year that usually triggers the football gamer’s equivalent of the birds flying south for winter. A nice dose of classic PES will see you through the summer. There’s a strong argument to be made that PS2 PES was the only ever real PES we’ve ever had, and everything since has been a varyingly doomed effort to recapture that magic.

    cd452 – the AI in PES2018 will always give you a good game, and if you’re somewhere on the autist spectrum like me then you won’t mind it does it by nefarious methods mostly. #theaithatweneed

  16. Darryl – without meaning to you actually make FIFA18 sound enticing there. Soon as it drops to £15 or below on PSN, I’ll grab it.

  17. Still got my Samsung S5. Sim only, 500 mins, 5000 text and 1GB data for £7 a month, but as I sit on wifi all day at work and all evening at home I rarely get close to using my data.

  18. n-G – This may seem like flip-flopping but in this case, it’s been forced upon me. I really don’t have enough access to the PS4 to make a ML campaign work. My need for footy gaming and I have been forced to withdraw to the shed where we will now fully embrace true rather than nu PES.

  19. Chris99 – I use my phone for the internet more than anything, like you, connected to wifi at home. Just think, if we had a truly free and widespread wifi service, we wouldn’t need phone contracts at all. Of course this will never happen.

  20. I got my iPhone X on the day of release, I paid £90 up front, and then 80£ a month for a 12 month contract – total price comes to £1050. Cheaper than buying the phone outright (£1129) and then having to fork out £20 min a month to use it.

    Darryl – FIFA 18’s defending uses the Tactical defending model you can switch it in settings to classic defending, meaning you can squeeze the button to auto-close down and tackle, but I liked the new defending method, it requires patience, and concentration and timing the tackles right.

    Shed – my original Fat PS3 lasted a good 4 years, then gave up the ghost, YLOD, Console doctor ‘fixed’ it in that when I got it back it would now power on and boot up, sometimes only for 30 secs, other times for an hour, but long enough for me to remove the HDD and copy all the data off it on to a new PS3.

  21. Paul – yes, I know theyre included but realistically the calls/texts cost nothing to the provider, hence chris99s 7 quid a month. Your 80 quid a month is almost all phone. It might be cheaper in the long run but bloody hell, for a phone?! Im on 14 quid for unlimited whatever and enough data to play Pokemon go and whatever else. I’ve never used the thing as a tv as why would you when the likelihood of you being away from an alternative and desperately needing to watch West Brom v Swansea is so remote.

    Shed – I have wanted shot of the phone line for years and find it antiquarian that my home internet requires something I never use. It never drops so I’m not swapping providers but it seems so far behind the times.

  22. Paul – I was playing FIFA18 on Legendary. Believe I first made the jump to Legendary around FIFA11, and have stayed on it ever since. FIFA18 isn’t the easiest game – I found FIFA13 by far the easiest – but I consistently dominate possession with ease and the AI never have more than a handful of chances in a game. That is preferable to a game like FIFA13 where I won every competition going with ease after a few seasons, but still not ideal. Your comments on PES 2018 are encouraging me to pick it up at some point.

    not-Greg – as with Paul’s comments, some form of player individuality and a challenging AI are suggesting I should probably try PES 2018 at some point. I’ll be keeping an eye on that Reddit thread that was posted here the other day about trying to get the AI teams playing different styles.

    A switch to PES 2018 is a long way away yet however, as I’m still enjoying PES5 (in the European qualifying spots after around 10 games of my first D1 season, after a lot of narrow victories) and have also been persuaded by a housemate to begin a co-op career mode on FIFA 18. We’ve put all the best teams in the game into the European leagues, mixed the leagues around a bunch, chosen a team in League 2 and will be attempting to move up the ranks only using the youth scouting/academy feature. You can certainly tell the difference even between our youth players and the regular League 2 players so player individuality is there, but I much prefer the AI on PES5 with fouls and all the rest of it that is always mentioned.

  23. NG – I thought you would say that and yes I think you will like it as defenders have the movement of Sherman Tanks. In the past I was always singing the praises of Fifa in the initial stages before things turned flat. This looks promising and not liking it is no bad sign…….

  24. Darryl – all I can say is stick with it…it will pay off or at least it has for me. Movement is very un-PES like with the weird crab animation as you say, but the gameplay and especially the shooting shows flashes of PES at its best.

  25. Phones are a ripoff. I will switch my 3.5 years old iPhone 6 only if it breaks. It is getting slow but I don’t really care.

    Also, something funny happened me today: PES 2013 on Nintendo 3DS. Lately I realized that with fast players you can dribble the keeper if you have enough time and space and score freely.

    Cup game vs Sporting Portugal (my league is a mixture of Spanish teams plus Sporting & Porto from Portugal and CSKA Moscow. I dribble their goalkeeper with Dybala (my new signing) and… penalty plus red card. Five minutes later, I tried to do the same and… penalty plus red card. You will never see this in any football game, no mater what happens. Two keepers sent off before half time.

  26. Was it a pes or an iss that you could stop with the ball on the edge of the box and the attacker would simply look at you, allowing time to run out?

  27. cd452 – some interesting info about your gaming there – Legendary on FIFA since ’11, means that your 6-0 win on 6* difficulty on PES5 makes a lot more sense. You’re ‘one of those’ gamers who must look with bafflement at how everyone else toils on lower difficulties. You’re one of these 1337 gam3r types, I bet. They’re always skateboarding down our local shopping centre. There’s an occasional commenter here called Pete who is a gam3r like that, and I believe Cook is also something of a gam3r type as well. (You’re duty-bound to hastily deny being anything of the sort, but that’s just a form of social politeness.) Your experience of footy games will always be qualitatively different from the majority. And I think you really would like PES2018 as well (no-fouls and no individuality and no injuries aside). Its AI on Superstar is unlike any we’ve seen before, and Legend is just an impossible joke. But the AI overall consistently offers the challenge, cheaty and predictable or not. #AIThatWeNeed

  28. Uncle Turf – you can do that in pretty much every PES, I think. The reasonable solution is: why would you? Similar to hunkering down in an empty room in an FPS, and wondering why nothing happens. Not too sure if FIFA has the same. I agree that it shouldn’t be the case.

  29. And I just looked on the PS Store to see what price FIFA18 is currently. The basic edition: £60. Outrageous at this time of year.

  30. actually I just did the same thing not-Greg and was similarly horrified. Two and a half months of gardening leave kicks off today so I popped down to Sainsbury’s for a FIFA18 to keep me occupied but surprisingly could not find a physical copy

    JS Hutt – yes I loved that on 2011 3DS, one on ones with the keeper are superb fun in a footy game and even better if you get a red card and penalty. Never managed two in one half though!

    (keeps quiet about being one of the sheep locked into the new phone every 2 years contract…)

  31. NG – I know it is daft as it was £25 on the PS store only a few weeks back. Mine came from CEX (via misses) for £22. Agree with #1 in that there are signs of PES of old there and further adds to our theory that both games are heading in the opposite direction.

  32. Garden leave Abbeyhill? Embargoed before a new job? Sounds like perfect time for Pokemon…I’m struggling with special research at the minute. I’m on 5/8 but can’t find any ghosts. I know 6 is evolve a magikarp so I’ve been stockpiling but all the ghosts have gone.

  33. Turf – that’s right, the pleasant position of being paid to sit around at home to stop me joining a competitor! My main project is going to be creating a wildlife pond in the garden, but obviously huge potential for lots of gaming too. Field research on Pokémon is going well, we’ve already got a Moltres and Zapdos, but really not up for evolving another Magikarp….

  34. Marvellous, only had the pleasure once when I was in I.T and was escorted off the premises as I was joining a rival. I felt decidedly criminal in that long walk. I’m in the lucky position that I had 350 odd magikarp candy and was told not to evolve until I hit 6/8. No zapdos and still no sign of the ghosts, I’m convinced they make them rarer once they’re a task. Up in Edinburgh in a few weeks so am hoping to hit a new area with new stops.

  35. not-Greg – I’d like to hastily deny the suggestion that I’m some sort of skilled/elite gamer …

    A few years ago I may have agreed that I was – I can recall a particularly stunning 13-1 win against Manchester City on FIFA 13 – but in recent years it’s a rare season where I win more than a handful of games by a wide margin (say 4+ goals). Currently, and thankfully, the PES5 6-0 win remains an outlier. The vast majority of my games are tense, nervy affairs which could go either way. Oddly, I think the modern defending in FIFA which relies less and less on the pressure buttons has helped me adapt to the older games. I’m so used to just moving my players around without auto-pressure buttons that I haven’t fallen into that trap on PES5, and largely use my defenders to block passing lanes. As has happened in the rare times I’ve dabbled with online on recent FIFAs, the PES5 AI it seems often does not know what to do when they’re often given plenty of space, but a lack of passing options. Online players tend to make their mind up what pass to play, then refuse to change their decision even well after I’ve moved a player to block that pass off (and in so doing, creating space for the original player to dribble into if they wish). There’s hints of that in PES5’s AI, which I think is what has enabled me to have a solid defence even with the defaults.

    Your description of Legend on PES 2018 as an ‘impossible joke’ does entice me, I have to say. It’s on the next-to-play list if and when I tire of PES5.

  36. cd452 – ah, you forgot to say that [game name] on [highest difficulty level possible] ‘isn’t really that hard’. That’s an essential part of the standard pro forma denial of being a top gamer. I know you all have access to the template document on your shared G:Drive (G standing for Gam3rs), so can only assume you’re AFK at the moment 😉

    Darryl – I’ve seen the CeX copies for £22 but I’m really not enthusiastic about another box and another disc. By the time I actually got round to playing it, it’d be mid-summer anyway, so I’ll see what happens on the PS Store.

  37. Kiev Here we come!!!!!

    Turf – just to quickly comment on the phone thing, of course there is a cost to the service providers providing texts, calls etc, they have to maintain the masts and all the other overheads that go with it, admittedly the overheads may be very low in comparison to what they charge the customer, and that my 80 quid a month contract is largely subsidy for the handset, but as i previously mentioned, I guess it al depends on how you use the phone as to whether its worth that fee.

    I regularly connect to my NAS box at home and watch tv shows/movies when away from home, or watch Netflix at lunch breaks etc, so for me its worth the money.
    for Joe bloggs if he is happy to chase virtual creatures around a forest, and just make calls and texts, then for him, the 7 quid a month and a 5 year old dated phone is more applicable.

  38. You wouldn’t be dissing Pokemon go would you Paul….? Sounds to me like you’re a secret trainer, throwing up a smokescreen while you hunt for legendaries.

    I’m having a very nice, completely unexpected, time on euro 2016 pes. Really good matches in french div 2. I picked lens – partly for kit loveliness reasons (am I right Werd?!) and partly for licenses, authenticity, avoiding championship churn. Really open football, scoring goals from the off but also struggling not to concede with the defaults. It’s similar to my experience with the revisit of 2015 and there is still a nagging feeling that in season 2 or 3 the supremely irritating no foul shit will kick in with a vengeance. But for the moment it’s a good place.

  39. Me? Course not Turf. If grown men want to wander round fields and look for pretend Japanese creatures and pretend to collect them, then that’s their own choice in how they spend their free time 🙂

    PES 16? that was a poor PES edition.

  40. Turf – Too right! Tours 2018 kit was spoiled by the McD’s logo on the shorts.

    Shame you cant edit the officially licensed teams kits in 2016 by adding a 3rd, 4th kit in the editing which you can in 2018.

  41. Yes, indeed it was Paul, complete with sliding hook hack, outrageous barges, stupidly good keepers and the rest. I gave up on it early (unlike Lloyd and his 85 title wins) – that’s what is so surprising, that I’m really liking it.

    But I don’t understand ‘pretend’…

    Werd -Lens kit is slightly spoiled by the visit Azerbaijan logo, what with their rather dubious track record. Perhaps the away kit could carry ‘say hello to iraq’ or the like.

  42. PES 16 is one I remember as really impressing me at first and giving me a genuine “PES is back” feeling. Not kidding when I say I thought we finally had a PES 5 beater. How quickly that fell apart. Stopped quickly and never looked back.

    Just noticed a cool little touch on FIFA. I’ve jumped ship from Hull to Everton and playing Liverpool the crowd booed Rooney with every touch he made. Not the team per se but just Rooney. The commentary team made a mention of it as well. I like that kind of attention to detail.

  43. #1 – I saw several instances of this when I was playing my Newcastle Career on FIFA 18. Really adds to the atmosphere and big match feel.

  44. Uncle Turf – PES2016?

    #1 – PES2016!

    Paul – PES2016…

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