Blankety Blank sheets

That’s me, firmly bottom of the league. Played 11, scored 4 (FOUR). I’ve only conceded 6, which tells you that I’ve had a high proportion of nil-nils.

PES2011 is unafraid to be… the word for it is stodgy. It will quite blatantly very often just be awkward and seemingly aimless. But never dull – and that’s the key element that separates classic-feeling PES from the newer flavours of the series.

One day soon I’m going to stop drawing these contrasts between old and nuPES. But here and now I’m still in the early stages, relatively speaking, of my return to old PES. I’m still at the part where I’m continually struck by just how much PES has changed since then, and mostly for the worse.

Never, ever forget this one undeniable truth. Online multiplayer KILLED Pro Evolution Soccer. Killed it stone dead. Everything that was great about PES, everything that was distinctive about PES, everything that mattered about PES, had to be obliterated in order to appease the expectations of a userbase who are not fit to sniff the case of a true, proper PES game. Fuck their accursed spinning balls.

Each of my front 3 in PES2011 (Schwarz, Aduriz, Iaquinta) is already a clearly defined individual. They’re as different from each other as three, uh, different things. In nuPES, the designers are terrified of boring their core userbase – the slavering online masses – and inconveniencing them by giving them strikers who are vastly different to the strikers that everybody else has got (i.e., Balancing).

In old-school PES, there is awkwardness. There is staccato flow. Stop-start rhythms, the ultimate no-no for any online game.

Like I said, the point will soon come when I cease making these observations about The State of PES Today, in the light of my PES2011 adventure. If nothing else, we all know how useless it is. The State of PES Today is not ever going to change.

I’m waiting with impatient excitement for the PES2019 preview season to start. It should be very entertaining to watch from the outside, now.

11 matches into Season 2 of PES2011, and there ain’t gonna be no promotion this season. I’m still on Professional difficulty. Matches are a slog, chances are at a premium, and despite the Advanced Start, all my players handle like a team of oil tankers genetically spliced with circus elephants. I do have a few agile, nimble little terriers – Shimizu for one – but the others handle like the worst players in the world. Every session of PES2011, it amazes me that PES ever used to be this way.

Thinking back to the original year of PES2011, 7 years ago now, it took me many seasons to go up – I think a whopping 8 seasons. It might be that again, you know.

Updated: 27th April 2018 — 11:32


  1. Paul – agree and I’m of the same mind. Will not be trying this anytime soon but will follow the thread with semi interest.

  2. Offloaded all the junk this morning and saw some very odd pricing – fifa 17 on ps3 for 18 quid? Did think that lma 2004 for 50p was a must have, especially since fm went too far. A lightweight footy management sim can always be useful.

  3. Uncle Turf – LMA 2002 was the one that people fondly remember, including me (took CCFC all the way to Treble glory, with only Magnus Hedman in goal surviving all the way through). It’ll be interesting to hear how 2004 fares.

    Something is keeping the PS3 disc prices inflated beyond all reason, and it’s got to be growing scarcity/collectability, although FIFA copies remain as common as muck so who knows.

  4. I still have PES 2010 on Physical disc for the PS3, no idea why as I don’t have a PS3 anymore.

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