Harry Schwarz

Just look at those red arrows. My defence and keeper were well up for this game. Shimizu too.

The rest of them? They were so-so about it.

A nice bundle of red arrows was always a cheering sight in a pre-match formation screen. Back when they actually seemed to mean something. Maybe they’ve never meant anything, or maybe they still mean something even in these benighted nuPES multiplayer-action-frenzy days, who knows.

In mid-season of Season 1 now, and I have a few incoming transfers lined up. Quite a few of the Defaults are on their way out too. More on all this next time, when the window has passed.

The match where my defence and Shimizu were red-arrowed was against Brescia in my bespoke Bundesliga-logo’ed UEFA Super League Division 2 (England). How I love twanging the reader’s nerve that that hits!

Brescia had the cheek to take an early 1-0 lead that I just could not seem to overturn. I laid siege to their goal at times, and at other times, was laid siege to. This old PES AI wasn’t too great. PES2012, just one year later, had a much better AI, and of course we’ve had very competitive (if cheaty) ones in recent years.

It all ended 1-1 and here’s the goal that got me back into the match. The only reason I recorded it is that it’s a bit of a novelty item. The game awarded the goal to Schwarz, who knew nothing about it.

Shimizu with the snap half-volley after Schwarz’s failed header, and it should have been his goal. I’m developing an unexpected soft spot for the little twerp, after years of dislike. He was awesome in PES5, but everything and everyone was awesome in PES5. Even the players who were terrible in PES5 were terrible in an awesome way.

Cut to the Silver Age of PES – the PS3 era – and suddenly, Shimizu is a highly-rated player who can’t really do anything. But this PES2011 incarnation of Shimizu seems to overturn everything I thought I knew about Shimizu in Silver Age PES. He can tackle, he can shoot, and he lasts full games.

Shimizu’s shot glances in off Schwarz’s head. The merest graze. The game showed Schwarz wheeling away in shameless celebration, Harry Kane-style. Fair enough.

How is PES2011 so far? Still decent. It’s settled at an 8/10 sort of experience, overall, on average, from session to session.

The only real demerit is the PS3 platform itself. Loading times are really starting to grate, not least the initial booting load time. Sometimes that spinning green circle spins on a black screen for over a minute, to the point where I think the console has gone kaput. And then when it finally loads, there is a seeming eternity between game-weeks while the game auto-saves and loads the next week. It is somewhat aggravating. And no, I won’t disable auto-save.

But that is all that’s the matter. I’m mid-table, and the first transfer window is here. I do need new players, and will be getting them.

Updated: 10th April 2018 — 10:27


  1. NG – Interesting stuff. Shimizu is turning out to be my favourite player. I play a 4-3-3 (or 4-5-1) and have him in an attacking wide right position. He got 8 goals for me last season and is very effective in this role. He does a bit of everything and is also good at winning the ball back. As for arrows I feel like they do really mean something as the game feels much harder when you have downward pointing arrows. This wasn’t the case with editions 16-18 as team spirit appeared to override this. Could all be in my imagination though. I also like how form dips as the season gets to a close as tiredness kicks in. After a few games and peaking between Christmas seems the best time. I also have a coach who specialises in keeping players in form. This is what made ML great. Lots of decision with their own impact and effect.

  2. Do you remember PES 11/12 where we could load in our own crowd chants? And depending on how well you was doing it would dictate the crowd attendance (some empty portions of the stands) which in turn dictated how often/loud your chants were played.
    That coupled witht he stadium editor and in depth ML features as you describe is what made for a solidly engrossing ML.

  3. Darryl – Motta is my current favourite player, but he is a DMF, and DMFs really shine in old-school PES. Having the proper sense of players and their positions is one of the major draws of PES2011.

    Paul – I’ve still got most of the sound files sitting on the PS3 hard drive. Still got your kits to add, too. As I have just remarked on the previous comment thread, playing time for me at the moment is all about playing time. Spending 5 minutes on Editing is literally the difference between being able to play 3 matches instead of just 2. I’ve got some time off next week and should be able to really spruce up my PES2011 then.

  4. n-G – Were you tempted not to invest in Schwarz again? I think I might have been tempted to leave the big man’s legacy at the legendary state I left in when PES 2011 was nu, sorry I mean new.

    Still debating what I’m going to do for my footy game kicks now I’ve had a bit of a falling out with FIFA – elements of its gameplay at least.

    I do actually wish I hadn’t traded in PES 2018 now as I never brought my ML to a proper conclusion. I do still have PES 2017. Weirdly, I can’t actually remember how it differs from PES 2018.

    As others have commented, the ease of use of the PS4 is making it harder to go full-on with an old PES, and it would be PES 2011.

  5. Shed – not tempted at all, a good Schwarz was always a massive element of a great PES, and getting him was one of the first things I did. PES2011’s Schwarz was one of the best Schwarzes ever. PES5 Schwarz was the best ever, of course.

    Re. PES2017, there’s a minor forum buzz about it at the moment (or last week anyway), with many having ditched PES2018 going back to PES2017 and finding it better. PES2017 of course actually had fouls – I think I used to get an average of 2 per match, which is a hell of an improvement on an average of 0.5 per match that I ended up getting all the way through PES2018. When PES2015/16/17 were skimping on the fouls, not once did I ever think it would go to effective zero, but PES2018 did just that.

  6. Paul – For now I’m using the game’s original badges (unlicensed and licensed ones) but I’ll be replacing the unlicensed ones through the external editor, whilst still allowing further editing through the ingame edit mode if the player desires to replace that badge.

    As for the kits, I’m keeping it absolutely simple. Let’s say I’m editing Real Madrid: I’ll create a head-to-toe white kit and roll with it, also no sponsors or brands whatsoever. If I’m unhappy with it, maybe I’ll add a few details on the kit if I want to – and not necessarily copying the real-life kit for the current season. Let’s say I want to create my favourite Real Madrid alternative kit of all-time, or I want to create something absolutely new from scratch. It
    allows me to get creative and anyone playing the game could create too according to his will.
    I think the no-sponsors rule will be a great thing. I’ve edited a Barça kit just for fun – rough and superficial editing, 1 min and I was done – and the typical Barça stripes without sponsors + the crest on the shirt looks so classy, looks like a kit from the beginning of the last century.

    Because I’m not adhering to the cycle of yearly disappointment of nuPES, I don’t have to rush things. Last week I catched the Liverpool – City UCL match and took advantage of it to edit a few players’ stats from both sides, tonight maybe I’ll do more of them. Bit by bit I’ll get the whole database ready, but I really prefer moving slow but getting an accurate database, instead of the current developers who rush it all because of the yearly release of the game and then the result is what you currently have: not even the biggest football stars have accurate statsheets.

  7. Out of curiosity Orlando, who are you doing this for? Who is your expected target audience when you say ‘users can further edit if they wish’ ?
    Are you planning to release this on all the main forums as a PES retro option file of sorts?

  8. Mostly, for myself. Then I’ll share it with a few friends and if I think the work is good enough, I’ll consider sharing it online too. As for your target audience question, I only know there will be at least one guy playing this when the work is over. Besides that guy, don’t know how many people would be determined to play PES5 or would even appreciate a fully-editable platform for the game. I don’t expect modern gamers to like the fact that Pogba’s hair won’t have the little blonde “stripe” on the game, or that there are no Nikes or Adidas kits on display.

  9. Shed – for one thing pes 17 is quite a bit faster. Fired it up myself for a few games a few weeks ago. Shooting is certainly more zippy and packs more of a punch. Passing is a bit more like fifa compared to pes 18 in the sense that it’s quicker and doesn’t spring / bobble around the field. Not a bad game at all when revisiting. Read about multiple forum-goers going back to it as well. Not an option for me at the moment as I really played that one to death.

  10. NG – my current preferred 1st team going into season 2 will be:-

    Ivarov (GK)
    Ruskin (LB)
    Palmieri (CB)
    Schmidt (CB)
    Giersen (RB)
    McCourt (LMF)
    S.Davies (CM)
    Dodo (CMD)
    Rus (CM)
    Shimizu (RWF)
    Schwarz (CF)

    Doubt I will be making many changes in second season and concentrate on filling two key weak areas and that is GK and CDM.

  11. A first for me.

  12. Forgive the poor video. This was my opening game of season 2 and the goal was scored from a last minute corner to level 1-1.

  13. Darryl – I vaguely remember doing that once in my PES history, but not for a big dramatic equaliser. Not too bad a vid either. It’s a pain holding the phone in one hand and manipulating the playback on the PS3 controller with the other, isn’t it?

    My First XI is the one pictured above at the top of the post. I’m coming to think Palmieri and Schmidt are my weak links in defence. Yes they’re high-rated, but they’re both 16 yr old Youths. I need experienced CBs. And Shimizu is a central playmaker for me!

  14. I might stop laughing about the Barca Roma game sometime next month. I love it when pes’s flagship goes down with all hands, tattoos and all. Bring back referees as the box star!

  15. PES 3 – Pierre Luigi Collina – I think he appeared on PES 4 too with Henry and Totti?

    Whilst we are talking UCL semi finals ……… YNWA !!!!!!!!!

  16. Had a little reunion with PES 2017. I have a terrible memory for games but as soon as I loaded it up it all came flooding back – the speed, the passing, the Team Spirit.

    What I wasn’t prepared for was the fouls and free kicks. I can’t believe that I considered this game on a par with PES 2018 for its lack of fouls. I played three matches of my old ML (two as England) and was stunned to get a free kick count of 4,5,3. The opposition also booked three opposition players.

    I did wonder if my muscle memory from PES 2018 and FIFA 17 and all that right-stick work might have coaxed more fouls than I would usually get on PES 2017.

    I can see why people might be rolling back to this PES. Still not sure if I will.

  17. For me, PES 17 was decent, but PES 18 much improved graphics, physics, animations and passing, also slowed the game speed down a little, so rolling back to 17 wouldn’t be an option.

    I played 2 more matches of my 10 season ML last night whilst waiting to go play in a real footy match.
    I have dropped back down to Top Player as Superstar is just broken, fact*

    I’m playing on TP, with manual passing and advanced shooting.

    *SS is broken because stats simply do not matter on that level.
    Holding the ball up with Lukaku, possibly the strongest player in the game, sees him just get shoved off the ball effortlessly by even the smallest players, this is replicated across the whole team, no matter how fast your wingers are, COM players always catch up even with a 2 yard deficit to make up, COM shots have a ridiculously high accuracy rate…. its just a shitfest.

  18. Shed – the fouls in PES2017 are a big part of what’s sending some people back to it, so you’re not drawing an unusual amount there. I remember fuming about there ‘only’ being an average of 3 fouls per match! Unbelievable that Konami actually went the other way, to less than 1 per match. And of course as we all know you can play several PES2018 matches in a row without a single AI foul.

    The heaviness of PES is a big part of its enduring attraction. Maybe that’s the secret sauce.

    Paul – with my cynic’s hat on, I wonder how much of that form/fitness arrow screenshot actually translates to on-pitch effects.

  19. I think a lot of the ‘features’ in PES are pure placebo, a feature to buff the product out, that actually does nothing, by the very premise of it being there, people will expect and assume it does something.

  20. Paul – stats and individuality are bad for online gaming, bad for ‘balancing’. The concept of balancing itself is an anti-PES, anti-football concept. When was the last time you heard buzz about Gran Turismo? Ten years ago that series had as much prestige as PES. You’d think in the online era, Gran Turismo would be massive, but it’s virtually dropped off the radar and is never spoken about. Enough said. There’s no appetite – no ‘market’ – for old-style PES individuality/Gran Turismo-style depth.

    Uncle Turf – I only saw the highlights, what did the referee do or not do that was so noticeable. He gave a penalty that was definitely a penalty. He didn’t give at least one other. Just a bog-standard inconsistent, context-influenced Association Football ref, really.

  21. NG – Stats don’t matter in online PES games, and the game even tells you so.
    When you play online it displays a notice saying that stats are disregarded and that both teams will be equally balanced regardless of who you choose.

    So Barcelona vs Hull is only that in name, its really Team A vs Team B, its left to the human ability to decide the better teams.

  22. Paul – you’re kidding me right about that notice? If so that is actually pretty fucking outrageous. At least they’re honest about it.

  23. Not kidding at all #1 – In one of my very few and rare ventures online I saw it, before the match selection screen, just tried googling to fnd a screenshot and cant find anything but know i didnt just dream this up.

    will check again next time im on it

  24. One thing I have noticed while exploring where to go for a footy game next (and I did predict this) is just how much I miss the attacking AI of PES 2018.

    Yes, I know it’s heavy on the lofted through-ball to the wings but on playing PES 2017, PES 2011 and FIFA 17 it’s rare to really feel under pressure by the AI. PES 2011 feels particularly toothless at times when it comes to opposition attacks.

  25. Shed – play FIFA 18 on World Class, you will see what proper intelligent attacking AI looks like.

  26. Morning All, apologies for this not being Football game related.

    NG – Buffon’s comments with regards to the referees (correct on both counts) decisions in the last minute last night completely highlight the issue with contextual decisions in football that you often speak of.

    Basically along the lines of “he shouldn’t have made those decisions because it ruined a great comeback and my last Champions League game”.

    It was a tight penalty decision but a penalty I think. Then Buffon as one of the most experienced professional players alive verbally and physically confronts the ref who sends him off. Michael Oliver should be congratulated for following the laws of the game (I did only see the last ten minutes so don’t know if there were any contentious decisions earlier however).

  27. Agree Keith, it was a blatant penalty, a) fr the push in the back and b) for the kick in the chest and c) for not playing the ball.
    If that has been given with Juventus only 1-0 up or the game level, it wouldn’t have had any of the controversy around it.

    whether its 3-0, 94th min or 0-0 in the first min, a penalty is a penalty and Oliver gave the right decision.

  28. Keith/Paul – of course it was a penalty – the problem is that referees, players, fans, and pundits have created an atmosphere in which the old ‘defender’s sneaky shove in the back in the box’ isn’t deemed to be enough of a penalty most of the time, meaning that it is entirely up to the referee’s subjective feeling in the moment as to whether it’s going to be a penalty or not. Sterling should have had at least one the night before. You’ll see a hundred instances of little shoves like that this weekend across the leagues. Will you see a a hundred penalties? Of course not. One or two, here or there, depending on the ref’s random mood at that moment. Is there any other professional sport (or even amateur one) that tacitly employs that kind of officiating?

  29. Neither of Sterlings ‘penalties’ were actual bonafide penalties.
    They weren’t given, and the analysis given by ex professional refs after the game confirmed that the referee was right to not give either.

    Sterling was going down like a sack of sh*t every time anyone was near him, if anything he should have been booked for simulation.

  30. Paul – this is the exact issue. None of the context should matter. If a defender makes contact in a manner clearly intended to lever the player away from the ball, then it is a foul, and if it’s inside the penalty box, it’s a penalty kick. When the decision time comes it should not matter who the player is, how exaggeratedly he throws himself to the floor, the time on the clock, the teams playing, who the manager/s is/are. One of the Sterling incidents was an illegal contact by the defender and a foul and a penalty kick. I didn’t catch the professional refs’ verdict, but I bet they said it wasn’t enough of a penalty and Sterling was looking for it anyway. Both of which are irrelevant considerations… in my ideal total-rules football world. In the real world, we all know that penalties are massively contextual decisions, as we saw last night when one ref broke so many unwritten rules, demonstrating their power over the game.

    The bottom line is that every match of professional football ‘should’ feature approximately 4 or 5 penalties per team. But we know and the players know that the game’s officials work to an unwritten ruleset that exists nowhere except in our collective heads. Funny old game.

  31. All of what you said is correct NG, except for the main part, it wasn’t a penalty.
    One of the Sterling incidents was never a penalty and he should have been booked for simulation, the other, where Robinson came sliding in, Sterling could see the tackle and he goes to ground before Robinson had even made any contact.

    So yes, ther may have been contact, inside the box, but Sterling had already simulated a foul by falling before contact was made, so in this instance, Robinsons tackle did not lever the opposing player away from a ball playing position, because he had already gone to ground.

    No Penalty, correct decision.

  32. Paul – I’m thinking more of one where I think Milner was behind Sterling and levering him off the ball with his forearm, and Sterling chose to go down. Penalty.

    Re. the Robinson one, that’s a post-incident standpoint having seen the replay, though. In realtime, there’s no way any ref can make that call on the same basis that Sterling was already going down. In the moment, the ref just didn’t want to give a penalty at a crucial time in a big match with the scores balanced in a certain way, when giving a penalty might have been decisive. That’s what made last night so exceptional, and the kind of exception that proves the rule.

    And p.s. wouldn’t it be amusing if Man City lost every match to the end of the season now and lost the league.

  33. I agree, in real-time, full speed that decision would have been at very best a guess, I don’t think it was a case of not giving the penalty because of the situation and circumstances, but going by what we just said, about how difficult it is to give that decision, then it shouldn’t have been given if the officials are not 100% sure.

    Imagine if every penalty claim was given by premise of ‘giving the attacker benefit of the doubt’ ?? there would be 10 penalties every match.

    City will go one of 2 ways, they will have the bit between their teeth and know they now only have the league title to play for and go out all guns blazing, or they will suffer a serious confidence knock and limp through the next few games, but will still do enough to cement the title with games to spare.

    They deserve to be champions anyway, over the course of the season they have been the best, most consistent team, but the last few matches have perhaps shown that they aren’t quite as good as everyone made them out to be.

    It’s easy to look good when scoring goals and winning games, but to be a great side you need to be able to perform when your back is up against the wall and not coasting in games.
    Ultimately it doesn’t matter how nice your football is or how many goals you score, a win is still only 3 points whether you score 1 or 5, and to be compared to the greatest premier league sides such as Man Utd’s treble winning side, Chelsea’s Double winning side, or Arsenals Invincibles team, then you need to do something other than ‘just’ win the league.

  34. If I need to watch the replay more than once to decide if it is a penalty or not, the referee is right no matter what.

    But I agree with you all. The rules change depending on the moment, and that is not fair because reaching that point is not a sport anymore.

  35. It’s the inconsistency in referee decisions that causes the kind of response as seen from Buffon in that match last night. I was a foul and it was in the box so it’s a penalty. ALL fouls in the box should be a penalty and I would love to see it replicated in video games too.

    I was just reading some previews ahead of the big M23 derby (Brighton Vs Palace) and in response to one of our players being suspended after a failed appeal to a red card, our manager Chris Hughton said this:

    “We certainly wouldn’t have appealed if we didn’t feel we had a chance. Our opinion is still the same that we’ve seen numerous challenges like that every Saturday that don’t see a red card.”

    So basically, even vastly experienced players like Buffon and mangers like Hughton are using the inconsistency in decisions as basis to call a foul not a foul.

    I’ll leave you now to continue pondering real world footy issues but I’ll just stick my head back around the door to just casually mention that I just re-purchased PES 2018 for just over a tenner on the Playstation Store.

  36. I may be banned from the blog for this blasphemy, but …..
    Last night, in a frustrated, bored season on my 10 season ML, I quit (after saving of course) and played …….


    *Hangs Head in shame*

    just wanted to try something different.
    I wont be going back.

    I have decided to start a bran new ML from scratch, Top Player, Advanced shooting, with just one house rule – Every Player has to be British.
    By British I mean English, Welsh, Irish or Scottish, I cannot sign any other nationality, it will be an all GB ML.

  37. Season 2 on PES is proving to be as tough as the first one. Record so far is Won 1, Draw 1 and Lost 6. Oh dear. It takes time to get the teamwork rating of players up to a decent level as new signings start off low. I am paying the price of trying to buy to many at once. I think I will try the cagey approach in tonights session.

  38. Ouch Paul – that is blasphemous and then some. I assume it was proper shit, no?

    I will be following you into a brand new ML as well on pes 18 though I will be starting on professional and basic shooting, manual passing with the defaults. I take it fifa 18 is on hold indefinitely for you now then?

  39. Wtf?! I’m away for a couple of days and Paul’s gone insane? What happened to FIFA?

    I’ve got a technical query of the wii u….I bought one second hand from cex, all works well but there is an icon for Mario kart 8 on the home screen. The game can be played without the disc that we bought at the same time so I take it the previous owner downloaded the title? My understanding is these downloads are console specific so presume cex simply left it alone and it will be here for us to play so we can resell the disc. Is there a potential fly in this soup?

  40. Turf – yes I think you should be fine. Nintendo first party games tend to keep their value really well so presumably some resale value in the disc. Re your question a few posts ago (sorry have been on holiday!) I never tried any 3rd party WiiU controllers, just the game pad. Favourite family game by a long way was Super Mario 3D World, and I also loved ZombiiU, which presumably is available for about 50p now, absolutely fantastic atmosphere and story.

    My PES2011 3DS adventure is now over after 12 seasons. We finished 3rd in the league again, lost the Italian cup final to AC Milan again, 3-0, with a remarkable overhead flick from Ibrahimovic the pivotal moment. However the great European record continued, with the European Masters Cup added to last season’s Champions League triumph thanks to a 2-0 win over Arsenal in the final. Next will probably be FIFA18, despite everyone here suddenly dramatically jumping ship after barely a season on what they were previously claiming to be amazing!

  41. Cheers Abbeyhill – ended up paying a bit more for the official pro controller. I’m considering stocking up on the Mario stuff as the little fella has got himself fixed up and is flying on it in a way he never has with the ps4. I can’t get near him already on Mario tennis. I’ll have the odd zelda on there but it’s not going to be my thing I don’t reckon, one for the visiting friends and cousins.

  42. Paul – it’s the permissive atmosphere that makes defenders put in the risk-challenges like Robinson’s though. They know they’ll get away with little shoves and crazy slide-tackles (like Young’s against Man City) often enough to make them worth doing. Give a penalty for every single one and at least a yellow card too, and players will stop putting in those challenges. But it has to be every single one, or the problem just goes on. This will never happen, of course.

    Also, Robinson was ‘working the ref’ and fiercely implanting the impression of Sterling as a diver – much like Suarez used to have opposition players ‘working the ref’ against him. I wonder if there’s any group of people in the world more vulnerable to suggestion and influence than Association Football match officials. I remember a Merseyside derby when Suarez was at Liverpool where Mirallas shockingly karate-kicked Suarez, as clear a red-card offence as you’ll ever see. The Everton players got around Suarez as if he was feigning injury and created enough of a doubt to keep Mirallas on the park.

    All of this entire issue is about the mindset of the referee – how he feels – and there should never, ever be any question of ‘how the ref feels’ playing a part in any professional sport. Alas, football is what it is and will never change. If we had proper refereeing professional football might not have decayed into the sterile tactical face-off that it too often is. Last weekend’s Merseyside derby was, I’m afraid, more representative of the modern game than any of the rare 7-goal thrillers that crop up from time to time.

  43. Shed – ah, the taste of PES just cannot quite be replaced, can it? I hear what you’ve said about PES2011’s AI – it is relatively toothless compared to The AI That We Need in PES2018. The overall PESness of Silver Age PES is worth it though.

    Will you have a go at the all-manual/basic shooting/Professional challenge, like #1? A commenter a few weeks ago suggested all-manual for everything (passing, shooting, through-ball) on Regular difficulty, saying that was the real old-school PES feel. Sounds tempting but I really think much of The Joy of PES is the assisted shooting.

  44. #1 – I see that wobble you felt a few weeks ago when that commenter posted that suggestion, has now borne delayed fruit… To be fair it did sound intriguing and I’ll be interested to hear how it all goes.

    Darryl – I’ve picked up a few players too. It’s our Advanced Start that enabled it. It is a glitch that we both inadvertently triggered. In a ‘real’ PES2011 Default ML experience, you’d struggle to get any good players, as the finances and team ranking would be so low.

    abbeyhill – I know, it’s crazy isn’t it? The next thing will be me saying I’m going back to PES2018 and that PES2019 is a go again.

    JS Hutt – we are long past the point where referee decisions in football were based on the rules. E.g. if a penalty is awarded, there is almost no prospect of that team getting another one in the same match, particularly if they are the away side. I hear an argument about this all being part of what makes football great, but I disagree. Football would be so much greater if its officials properly enforced the rules. You watch the World Cup this summer, if it goes ahead in any form (there’s an Evens chance the World will be radioactive rubble by then), and see how the grappling at corners is just allowed by all refs from all nations now.

  45. NG: I completely agree. And what makes me crazy is that in Spain, people usually say: but if you award that penalty, you should award 10 penalties per game. My answer is always “so be it!!”. Also, once you start awarding those penalties, defenders would stop grappling in corners and all those things.

    And hopefully we will not be radioactive rubble by then…

  46. Ditch referees and implement Robots, who call every single decision based on textbook rules, no emotion, no being swayed just cold hard robotic decisions.

    FIFA was, and is a great great game, not perfect, it has a few niggles that frustrate, but I enjoyed my 2 seasons, and had I started FIFA back in Sepetember, I’d be 10+ seasons in by now, but I have Far Cry 5 to play, and theres not enough gaming time, or adaptive muscle memory to play 2 football games and a shoot em up, and I really want to try this All GB ML, so PES for now it is.

  47. NG – oh yes, I knew it was coming as well… This has been a flip-flop year for me like no other but I’ve accepted it and just play what I want when I feel like it. And as the rest of us I am a pes man at heart so will always flock back to it sooner or later. Fifa 18 is a VERY good game but somehow fifa is never the sum of its parts for me. Flagrant pes fanboyism? Maybe.. At least I got farther with it than I ever have and it continues to intrigue, just not enough at the moment.

    Will be keeping all posted on the manual passing front and the pc modding side, as reportedly there are now some new gameplay mods out (the one cook mentioned earlier improved apparently) for pes 18. As always I remain skeptical.. But we’ll see.

  48. PS: About the MyClub experiment, was purely out of interest.
    I can actually see what it may be appealing/addictive to the crowd that like online gaming and all it brings, but I couldn’t play it long term.

    Firstly, the ball spinning ….. even after spending about 35,000 of my amassed GP, spinning for rare players etc, I didn’t uncover any of the Maradona’s, Figos, Beckhams or anything.
    I did however as my opening pack of spins, get Dybala, Sneijder, and a few other decent names so had a half decent squad to start with, just a low Team, spirit due to being forced to play with a formation that didnt suit the manager I have.
    Then the matchmaking screen, every match took about 3 mins+ to match me with a similar opponent, an age when you’re sat there twiddling thumbs, then every single match I palyed, whether I was winning or losing, the opponent always resorted to going postal in the second half.
    Every Human I played against found it necessary to blatantly hack me from every angle as soon as I got near the ball, and not one red card was given in any match.

    No thanks.

  49. Paul – it would be nice if refs would simply make decisions based on the events concerned, not the context they occur in. E.g. if Liverpool get 1 penalty in a match, we all know there is a drastically reduced % likelihood that they will get another penalty in the same match – and if they do, everyone goes nuts about it. Why should that kind of un-sporting, illogical rubbish be handwaved away as ‘part of the game’?

    One more dispatch from Pedant’s Corner: you can’t have Irish players in your GB ML. Northern Irish at a stretch, yes. Republic of Ireland, no. I think the criterion should be: would this player be eligible by birth for a Great Britain football team?

    Interesting myClub excursion, unsurprising about the opponents you met. myClub (and Ultimate Team) wouldn’t be at all bad if it wasn’t for other people. Goddamn people. They ruined Peopleland!

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