Harry Schwarz

Just look at those red arrows. My defence and keeper were well up for this game. Shimizu too.

The rest of them? They were so-so about it.

A nice bundle of red arrows was always a cheering sight in a pre-match formation screen. Back when they actually seemed to mean something. Maybe they’ve never meant anything, or maybe they still mean something even in these benighted nuPES multiplayer-action-frenzy days, who knows.

In mid-season of Season 1 now, and I have a few incoming transfers lined up. Quite a few of the Defaults are on their way out too. More on all this next time, when the window has passed.

The match where my defence and Shimizu were red-arrowed was against Brescia in my bespoke Bundesliga-logo’ed UEFA Super League Division 2 (England). How I love twanging the reader’s nerve that that hits!

Brescia had the cheek to take an early 1-0 lead that I just could not seem to overturn. I laid siege to their goal at times, and at other times, was laid siege to. This old PES AI wasn’t too great. PES2012, just one year later, had a much better AI, and of course we’ve had very competitive (if cheaty) ones in recent years.

It all ended 1-1 and here’s the goal that got me back into the match. The only reason I recorded it is that it’s a bit of a novelty item. The game awarded the goal to Schwarz, who knew nothing about it.

Shimizu with the snap half-volley after Schwarz’s failed header, and it should have been his goal. I’m developing an unexpected soft spot for the little twerp, after years of dislike. He was awesome in PES5, but everything and everyone was awesome in PES5. Even the players who were terrible in PES5 were terrible in an awesome way.

Cut to the Silver Age of PES – the PS3 era – and suddenly, Shimizu is a highly-rated player who can’t really do anything. But this PES2011 incarnation of Shimizu seems to overturn everything I thought I knew about Shimizu in Silver Age PES. He can tackle, he can shoot, and he lasts full games.

Shimizu’s shot glances in off Schwarz’s head. The merest graze. The game showed Schwarz wheeling away in shameless celebration, Harry Kane-style. Fair enough.

How is PES2011 so far? Still decent. It’s settled at an 8/10 sort of experience, overall, on average, from session to session.

The only real demerit is the PS3 platform itself. Loading times are really starting to grate, not least the initial booting load time. Sometimes that spinning green circle spins on a black screen for over a minute, to the point where I think the console has gone kaput. And then when it finally loads, there is a seeming eternity between game-weeks while the game auto-saves and loads the next week. It is somewhat aggravating. And no, I won’t disable auto-save.

But that is all that’s the matter. I’m mid-table, and the first transfer window is here. I do need new players, and will be getting them.

Updated: 10th April 2018 — 10:27


  1. JS Hutt – football will never change now, it will continue to be an interpreted drama dictated by the momentary whim of the referee, governed by everybody’s awareness of what ‘should’ happen (i.e. so-called big decisions have to be shared out equally, and all that rubbish). Ever since I fully appreciated how decisions are given or not given following a set of rules that only exist in everybody’s heads, I haven’t taken ‘real’ football seriously.

    #1 – well, if the true PES2018 mod ever does appear, I’ll be there, but I’m not grazing and installing and hoping, I’ll have to rely on hearing about it as a confirmed, finished thing.

  2. n-G – No manual shenanigans for me. I’m returning to PES 2018 in all its nuPES glory to resume my house-rules heavy ML which is only four seasons in. I loaded up the game last night with Brighton seventh in the Premier League at the start of the January transfer window. My poor memory for games meant it took me a while to familiarise myself with my squad again and work out what’s needed by way of transfers.

    The rest of my precious gaming time was spent downloading a new option file as somehow, between moving from a hard copy of PES 2018 to digital, I lost all kit, badge and logo images.

    The upside of that hassle is I now have a complete Bungdasliga, fully kitted-up international sides and no more gobbledygook teams vying to buy my players.

    As for FIFA, I fully enjoyed my three-and-a-half seasons on my £2 copy of FIFA 17. I may well return to it or I’ll give FIFA 18 a go once it’s in the bargain bin come new nuPES/FIFA time.

  3. Agree NG, if a foul results in a penalty by law then it should be given if a team is given 5 penalties in one match so be it, would never happen though as you rightly said.

    Yes N.Ireland players, not republic. Obviously I will have to start with the defaults, who are multi nationality, but will weed them out over time.
    Or maybe I can do some pre-ML edits.

  4. Paul – that sounds bad enough. I remember the forums going on about there being more than enough fouls online as opposed to the offline experience. Guess that goes out the window then as well based on what you’ve seen. BTW – you will be starting with the defaults and by extension in the championship I assume in your revived PES / ML experiment? Like that restriction on nationalities as far as signing players goes… Quite fancy doing the same, going with Dutch / Belgian players only (maybe a few Germans). Linguistically and geographically speaking it makes sense, sort of..

    NG – rightly so re. mods. I won’t be experimenting for more than one or two matches at the most out if curiosity. I just want to play the damn game and not fiddle around endlessly.

  5. Paul – at least you’ll get to keep Jarvis. And with the ML’s ease of transferring players, you could probably weed out all the non-GB players and bring other GB players in during the very first pre-season window, never mind over time! Sounds interesting though, and I confess to feeling a nudge of nostalgia that’s more about the ease of the PS4 platform than nuPES itself. PES2011 really is going great guns, its somewhat timid AI aside.

    #1 – why not go Benelux? That’s still a thing. Are there any Luxembourg players in the game?

  6. NG- I may edit the defaults, changing names and nationalities to english, maybe even include a few PES classic names and maybe a few blog names 😉

    The reason for my excursion is purely that boredom set in within m 10 season long current ML, and I want to be playing PES at heart, so a new ML with house rules, like all british etc, may breathe a bit of renewed interest in to it, I will see where it takes me.

    #1 – The claim of fouls being fine online is utter rubbish, seen so many people (online players) argue this on forums but when they post videos, or you watch videos of myclub on youtube, and you see the stats screen after the game there are no more fouls in any matches than offline, in fact I’ve seen plenty of online matches with zero or just one foul per match.

  7. Pedants corner number 2….I believe m’lud that “Great Britain” is the island consisting of England, Scotland and Wales. To include Northern Ireland would make it “the United Kingdom”. Eligibility for a British team by birth is a bit vague, I heard john Barnes interviewed a few weeks back and he confirmed he didn’t even have a British passport when selected for the squad, they had to give him one at a later date – bizarre how that was never well known yet around the same time zola budd was front pages everywhere.

  8. Uncle Turf – Pedant’s corner number 3… if you look back through my 2 comments on this, you’ll see me carefully stepping through the whole NI/GB/UK minefield. Northern Irish athletes compete within Team GB at Olympic level, for example, prompting discussion about whether it should be renamed that’s never gone anywhere. Also it’d have to be ‘by birth’ in PES as the simulated ML world is nowhere near in-depth enough to check grandparents’ birthplaces. Curse those sellout Konami bastards.

  9. Ok ok NG, just England/Scotland/Wales then, can we exclude Scotland too on the basis that they have awful aggressive accents?

    Already designed my home kit for ‘Team GB’ 🙂


  10. I’ll just join nG in the corner for a moment and say definitely not to either Ireland. For those in the UK check your passport where it says at the top “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

  11. Paul – exactly what I thought re. fouls. As far as editing defaults go; where can you do that? Can only find the option to edit Youths. Quite interested in that myself as one of the mods I use sees Jon CHampion on commentary duty and he uses callnames for the old defaults. Might rename everyone to the old defaults because of it. BTW – that kit looks proper awesome.

    NG – good one! Thought of that, but think i will replace LUxembourg with Germany. Reason being there are barely any (interesting) players from there in the game…

  12. Calm Down Chris.

    #1 – You are right, you can only edit youths, not defaults, my thinking though was edit the youths into English names, then upon starting ML, sign all the youths and start with them and sell/release the defaults.

    From that part on only sign English/Scottish or Welsh players.

  13. Paul – Says the man who amuses me daily with his lambasting of LinkedIn narcissi 😉

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