I used to prefer Equinox

My muscles and mind still remember the past 4 years of PES promoting the crash-bang-wallop, arcade-style gameplay. It’s difficult to go back to PES as it used to be – still fast and furious (and ‘fun’) when it wants to be, but massively tempered by the various realistic limitations that made PES PES.

I still automatically keep trying to play PES2011 as if it’s PES2018. Different times, different games. Only 7 years separate them, but PES2011 is like a 1980s episode of Horizon compared to today’s products.

Only one more session since the last time. Playing so seldom isn’t through choice. At the time of PES2011’s original run, I was playing every day, sometimes multiple sessions per day. Life and work have changed for me since then.

The mid-season transfer window is nearing and I have already agreed to sell two of my Defaults: DODO and ESPIMAS. Neither has done much by way of catching the eye. Most of the others will follow them, sooner or later.

The only Default who is likely to remain with me for the duration of this Master League is RUSKIN. The sturdy, dependable Side Back is only 24 years old and ripe for training up in a few skills. I might even do a position re-train and make him an SMF. Lord knows that thanks to one of PES2011’s most infamous quirks, he keeps appearing in the pocket just behind the strikers anyway. As does his counterpart on the other side of defence, El Moubarki/Giersen (they share the RB role).

CASTOLO will go. ORDAZ and GUTIERREZ will go. The two Hs – HAMSUN and HUYLENS – are already gone, which I might not have mentioned yet. I shipped them out before the first window closed in September.

By this time next season, I want to have my squad made up of only 20% Defaults, with the other 80% being my own personnel.

The new players I have already brought in – SHIMIZU, SCHWARZ, IAQUINTA, MOTTA, PALMIERI, SCHMIDT, and DE SANCTIS in goal – are variable in quality at the moment, to say the least.

All are certain starters when they’re fit and un-fatigued. But perhaps only Motta shows any real consistency. Schwarz is so far fairly disappointing, but he remains a fresh-faced Youth. I remember what a sledgehammer that left foot will turn into in a few seasons’ time. Shimizu, also a Youth, is surprisingly useful, which I don’t remember him being at all.

No goals to report, or show off. I’ve scraped one or two over the line, but none in any way worth recording.

I remain mid-table in the UEFA Super League Division 2 (England). Zero chance of promotion this season, I think. Next season, though, I do want to go up. My first go-round with PES2011, back in 2010-11, lasted 11 seasons, and I recall it took me 6 or 7 seasons to be promoted. That’s what Master League – and football gaming – was back then.

Here and now, I confess, I would like to be contesting for the Premier League title and European silverware by Season 3. Maybe that’s nuPES exerting its baleful influence once more.

Updated: 6th April 2018 — 11:35


  1. Nooo! Not Dodo?

    I’ll be back in the world of FIFA tonight. With season 2 just finished I could well go the whole night without playing a match as I plan for season 3. 3 or 4 pre-contracts coming in, one 34 year old CB to melt down for glue, and the small matter of how to spend £160m #firstworldfifaproblems.

    Definitely won’t be watching the golf, well not unless they make them play with semtex golf balls.

  2. Who are you playing as again Chris99? £160m ?? Thats a healthy kitty.
    My next FIFA forage will also be planning for season 3, I will be stepping up to world class, and have to decide whether to leave Newcastle a hero, having secured their first title in 90 years, and join Athletico Madrid, or stay at Newcastle and attempt a Fergie and dominate for years.

    I need a CM/CAM, CB, Wide Midfielder, and a CF this pre-season.
    Injuries left me short in those positions last season.

  3. Ah, the good old days.

    So, who do you guys play as? I am a Milan fan, and just cannot play as another team. It feels like cheating on your wife, that one time I tried Leicester.

  4. Paul – curious as to how you’ll find world class. It throws some scripting your way, PES style (not nearly as bad though). But it did have me returning to professional, for now.

  5. I can handle scripting #1, every footy game needs some form of scripting to make a somewhat balanced framework to operate in, the problem with PES scripting was that it was so blatantly cheat-orientated and in your face it was inexcusable.

    I shall be adopting the sliders for world class.
    If i dont like them, I switch back to vanilla, no tinkering at all.

  6. Season three in pes 2011 should be your promotion season. One awful grind, one promising signings and an even record, then the year you go up. It’s the top level difficulty law.

    What will be interesting is if schwarz’s left foot does not into a hammer turn. It would confound everything you’ve known about the man and the vintage.

  7. Cardiff City. £140m of that was for finishing fourth last season, another £10m for winning the FA Cup. I plan to scout a striker as I’ve never really clicked with Danny Ward. Hopefully the pre-contracts will prove their worth in the pre-season tournament.

  8. Uncle Turf – I’m feeling a bit of impatience with it, which is standard for this period immediately after a long multi-season effort on a preceding PES. I want Season 2 promotion, Season 3 to at least qualify for Europe, and Season 4 the title. Season 5 a serious Champs League effort, if there hasn’t already been one.

    Mr Noodles – in what game/mode? Assuming you mean PES/Master League (‘we got both kinds, Country and Western’), it’s always Coventry City. Once or twice I dabble with other teams, as in last year’s PES2017 St Etienne sojourn, but they’re token efforts.

  9. Interesting turn of events last night. I hired some better scouts and one of the players found was a certain Fred Friday.

  10. It will be a long way off before I am considering titles. Currently in 16th place with three wins and 12 games left of the season. It is nice not to have the grind of a 46 game, D2 campaign.

  11. I started in D2 once, with Newport I think. It is a hell of a grind, which I’m not sure my gaming year has enough time to do it again.

  12. There’s nothing worse than a full FIFA English season when you’re in mid table with numerous games to go – it happened to me a couple of times in a way pes and it’s rubber banding results would never allow that early.

  13. Aargh! FIFA caught me out last night as I hadn’t realised it still takes away the bulk of your money when you start a new season. Signed one new striker who was valued at £8m but had a £3.5m release clause. Already achieved a season objective by promoting a youth GK with a potential higher than my current keeper. Training will see him gradually become first choice.

    Also beat Chelsea in the Charity Shield with a 25m belter from my CAM. Apparently he’s top three in shirt sales.

  14. Chris99- I thought transfer budget rolls over now on Fifa?

    Coming to the end of season one now on PES 2011 with two games to go. Best I can hope for is 15th place with just five wins to my name. The new signings are now bedding in.

  15. Me too Darryl, but I’ve only got £16m to play around with. Still it does mean that even in season 3 I still have a high number of the original Cardiff team in my squad.

  16. I was going to say Chris99, wondered how you amassed that amount as Cardiff.
    I concluded season 2 last night with a 2-0 win over Wolfsburg in the Europa League final, so a nice Premier League/Europa League double achieved in season 2.

    I got £167 million for winning the league and Europa cup, but upon starting season 2 was only given 47 million as a transfer kitty, so I signed Lingard in CAM in a player plus cash deal, and also Signed Daniel Sturridge from Liverpool for 18mil.

    I really could use a wide midfielder and a RB too but with only 10mil left, that will be difficult.

    Adopted the Operation Sports sliders and moved up to Top Player, and entered the International Cup pre-season tournament, an opening game defeat 3-2 to Feyenoord, they scored in the last minute, already feeling the extra difficulty, and the sliders improve CPU marking etc so now creating chances are at a premium, so was happy to score 2 goals even though it was a defeat.

  17. Winning the league and Europa cup that early is not really cricket old chap. I’m dismayed by the lack of struggle on this blog at the moment, some of you have gone soft in your old age. World class is not that tricky, it’s a bit more awkward to score but I rarely face more than a handful of shots (7 against in 10 games says it all). I’m not even going to mention budget bugs and 2011….

    While Slimani has hardly set newcastle’s physio room alight signing Daniel Sturridge has not only bollocksed West Brom’s relegation fight it’s caused them massive financial difficulty too. We dodged a huge bullet there. I’d be delighted if Huddersfield joined them and stoke, more of a soft spot for Southampton. Guardiola will get the awards but I think Benitez and Hughton are right up there for their efforts, I was convinced at Christmas that we were gone.

  18. Turf – I started on professional after coming off the back of 10 seasons on PES, I needed the slightly more lenient bedding in period, Professional wasn’t ‘easy’ per se, I lost 6 games still and had to fight hard to win the title (by just 3 points) but I never really conceded many, not enough anyway, hence the move up to world class level.

  19. Paul — will you be able to resist Slider-itis going forward? I know you played a fair few FIFA17 seasons — did you use Operation Sports sliders back then? I ask because when I did in FIFA16, after the initial positivity (recorded on the blog somewhere), I started fidgeting from attacks of Slider-itis, and making a tweak here, a tweak there, and of course when that point comes all confidence in a football game is gone.

    Uncle Turf — your Purity credentials were permanently stained when you didn’t play the Default ML in PES2018, on Challenge, on Legendary….

    Re. my PES2011(PS3) adventure, the quality of the football gaming is dazzling,. Surprisingly few fouls, but averaging 3 per match which seems to be enough. Fouls enhance footy game gameplay so much that I’m now at the point where I feel comfortable in dismissing the contrary view out of hand. It’s not elitist to assert that a football game is better with football rules observed.

  20. No NG, I played the full 4 seasons on FIFA 17 with Vanilla settings, no sliders.
    Have definitely seen more proper realistic football from the COM after just one game using the OS FIFA 18 sliders, I shall NOT be touching them or coming down with Slider-itis, if for any reason I start to not enjoy the game play I shall then switch straight back to default settings, once you start tinkering, you never stop, and that’s not healthy.

  21. Finished season three of my FIFA 17 CM before a little Easter break away. Ended up sixth in League One, losing to Millwall in the play-off semis.

    Returned over the weekend and was looking forward to the start of season four in which my board expectation is automatic promotion. All started promisingly with a trophy from the pre-season tournament, then the season proper began.

    I switched to World Class midway through last season (still using Operation Sports sliders) and thought I had a grip on it but this season so far has been rock hard – certainly in creating chances and scoring.

    I stuck with it over a number of frustrating games in which defenders always seemed to just be in the right place at the right time to nick the ball at the crucial moment or block a goal-bound shot. I’ve lost count of the the times a header from a corner has been cleared off the line.

    Remembering some chatter on a forum somewhere about Legendary difficulty being “easier” than World Class, I decided to give this a go last night. For once what “they” say seemed to be true with the more attacking AI making it a little more open for my attackers. The downside was a very frantic end-to-end game, despite my slider settings.

    Went to bed too late and a feeling a little despondent that the old difficultly level issue has reared its head for me in FIFA again, albeit later than it has on previous games. My options now…
    1. Stick with it.
    2. Drop to Professional
    3. Fiddle with the sliders/go back to default
    4. PES in the shed

  22. Shed, Im finding it very hard to dribble at players in FIFA 18.
    I know all about the L2 shielding to hold the ball up, and the L1 close control dribbling, but no matter what I do, I cannot seem to ‘speed burst’ past a defender when dribbling, using the R2 sprint button doesnt seem to generate enough of a bur
    I know this is all down to player stats, and when I have the ball in full sprint mode with the likes of Atsu and Vardy, with open grass to move into, you can really see their speed stats come into play, but so many times I find my CF or winger with the ball, facing up to a defender and I just cant beat them very often using the LS normal dribble. Always poke a foot out or just push me off the ball or similar.

  23. Paul – It’s the same in FIFA 17 to the point that it rather ruins wing play, which is a shame because I have a couple of decent wingers.

    I too have now got to grips with holding up the ball and waiting for a runner to hit with a through-ball but it’s starting to make me play in a very one-dimensional way.

    I thought it might be down to having crappy players but I’ve developed a decent team now and against League One sides, I really should be able to play a little more expansively by now.

  24. The Sprint plus RS knock-on is too harsh as it always pushes the ball too far ahead and you lose possession, and the L1 tight control, doesn’t give enough momentum to move past, and I don really use skill moves ….
    I think they key is just plain LS dribbling, zig zagging, keep changing direction then precise impeccable timing to dash past any incoming tackle, difficult in the heat of the moment though.

  25. Isn’t the right-stick knock-on still a thing in FIFA? I believe it is, albeit you have to press L1 as well.

  26. NG, I mentioned using the RS knock in in my last comment.
    You have to use it with the sprint button, and no matter how delicately you flick it, it still knocks the ball on too far when attempting to beat a defender through dribbling.

  27. We posted at the same time. My long-faded muscle memory of FIFA16 might be steering me wrong, but I think L1 (not sprint) is the modifier for a short knock-on. Sprint+right stick is a ridiculously massive knock-on. Only 60% sure though.

  28. I will try that then, its not labelled in the controls anywhere, this L1 & RS knock on.

  29. Paul – my hazy recollection is that in FIFA12 to 15, right stick on its own was used to knock the ball on. A single twang of the stick knocked it on. A quick double-twang knocked it on a long way. Come FIFA15 I think it was, or maybe 14 (not really sure), and suddenly it needed a button modifier, which I’m 60% sure was L1, not R1. Or both. Or neither. Eh, where’s my PES2011…

  30. just edited my last comment and wrote long additional comments but then couldn’t post because there had been another post in between, can’t be assed to write it all out again but yeah, it used to be just RS for knock on, L2 and RS for skill moves, but now skill moves are just RS

  31. NG – me too am finding PES 2011 dazzling. Take for example the crossing. You can’t just point at the penalty box and fire one over like we got used to in 17 & 18. You really have to be aware of how deep you are and then use the left stick to determine where you want to land it (near post/deep etc). So much to learn in the game and this is just one area. I am in that ball park with fouls and average about 3/4 per match. The odd game with much more.

  32. FIFA 18 is averaging around 5/6 fouls every match for me, I’ve had matches with 2/3, and also some matches with 7 or 8, and you’re right, fouls absolutely do matter in a football game, both from an ‘observing the basic rules set’ perspective and also from an adding a strategic element viewpoint.
    fouls to a soccer game are akin to ‘downs’ in an american football match.

  33. Crossing is the sticky point for me in FIFA – I don’t really attempt dribbles, I go for guardiola inspired triangles between full back and winger to get by the defenders but then the cross inevitably veers toward the keeper as it seems so sensitive to after touch.

    NG – yes, you’re right, and I have resigned from the Roundhead puritanical commission in shame.

  34. Change cross assistance to assisted then Turf, I play with mine on semi-assisted, bu full assisted is less prone to your after touch inputs and more aimed at either the far post, near post or centre of the area.

  35. orlando.jabulani

    Last night I finally got to the WC final for the first time in months in my minnows-take-over-the-world challenge on PES5. Also did it on my first try with Tunisia, I think I really got along with those guys. As usual, went with a classic 4-4-2 with a false-winger-actually-offensive-midfielder and a false-side-midfielder-actually-striker on the midfield (it’s hip to be false nowadays); and focused on defensive execution and quick counter-attacks when the space for it is provided. This time around I didn’t focus so much on playing long balls because our strikers up front are all under 1,80m and excel at attacking the space with speed and aggression mostly.

    Wish I had been playing on PC to show you a few screenshots that demonstrate how the strategy worked so well. Throughout the competition we conceded only one goal and it was Spain on the extra-time (5 min. before the penalty shootout) in the WC final, which means teams like Argentina, Germany and England (faced them twice) couldn’t find a way to break our defensive strategy.

    In typical PES5 style, we had lots of injuries throughout the competition. One of my best players, striker “Gemandiar” (fake name) got injuried for 6 weeks when we played the round of 16 – which means WC was over for him – then my fake-winger for 4 weeks, and a few other players including my two best players by far (striker “Nemtos” and Trabelsi, an old-PES classic) for 1/2 weeks. At the WC final, I had to use a CM as a CF because all my other CFs were injuried and on the 90th minute Nemtos, the only striker left, got injuried again so I ended up playing the 30 min of extra-time with a CM and a left-back as my striker duo, since they had the best combination of attack-shot acc.-aggression – though in theory they can’t play the striker position.

    I don’t know who’s the great mastermind behind the “no-injuries” theme of nuPES but hey, hope that’s enjoyable. Though many could find it infuriating, I loved having to deal with injuries and modifying my strategy to overcome it – you know, like a real-life manager has to. Imagine this: you’ll be playing Argentina on the quarter-finals and your fake-winger is injuried, also you have no more wingers to take his spot. What do you do, considering Argentina sends their side-backs on attack often and you could explore that space on the counter? Do you replace that player with a defensive-minded one to help close the space on the back (given they have many artists such as Aimar, Saviola, D’Alessandro and you only have 2 CM to close that space)? Do you use another CM/AMF to help your team retain possession better against a team who applies a lot of pressure? I ended up using Trabelsi as RMF because he’s a tireless offensive-minded SB who could at the same time be useful defensively and offensively, given his speed and ability on the wing. The strategy worked as he pulled off a fantastic performance and we won against all odds; also, Argentina couldn’t score.

    Still I couldn’t win the WC, so I’ll be continuing my attempts of sabotaging my chances of winning it by using an even weaker team like China, one of the most shockingly bad National Teams in the game or Latvia again because I miss ZebrisaDeus ex Machina and his teammates.

  36. orlando.jabulani – that kind of tactical problem and decision-making that comes from injuries isn’t something that PES’s makers want to trouble their users with in the current climate. ~Mainly I don’t think they want the ‘problem’ of proceedings being interrupted by a cutscene and a forced exit to the squad selection screen to sub the player (remember when that was a regular and accepted thing in PES, fellow nuPES players?).

    Forum chatter of the past few years consistently gives Konami a pass on the injuries and fouls front. Many seem to believe that technical coding issues have led us to this sorry un-PESlike state of affairs. The ‘engine’ usually gets a mention.

  37. Paul – re. no fouls in recent PES games, Adam Bhatti’s oft-repeated line ‘some people like it like that’ is about as comprehensive a betrayal of core PES values as it’s possible to get. But it’s a commercial project now, so I understand why they/he have followed this path. We don’t have to though, and I’m so happy not to.

  38. The arguments for and against NuFouls in NuPES has been bludgeoned to death over and over, but I’m still yet to hear any reasonably justified reason as to why fouls are purposely stripped almost entirely from recent PES games.
    And it is intentional, players gesture and wave their arms about in an astonished manner when there’s a foul, and the ref hasn’t given it, which is 95% of the time.

    The game recognises a physical interaction by 2 players, recognises its seen as a foul, triggers the player bemusement animation/emotion, then blatantly just overrides it all and ignores it, and lets play continue, there’s no way on this planet it can be anything other than intentional.

    If Konami are going to go down the route of ignoring basic rules of the sport in favour of producing a seamless, end to end, free flowing game play experience, then expect PES 19 to not have any tunnel entrances, it will skip straight to kick off, there will be bumpers around the pitch like in bowling, so the ball never goes out of play, so no need for any stoppages,as a result throw ins, goal kicks and corner kicks will no longer feature, no fouls, no injuries, just non-stop flowing ‘fun’ game play.

    Welcome to Pro Evolution Pinball 2019.

  39. orlando.jabulani

    Paul – Exactly the argument I often make: if fouls are considered an interruption of “flow” as it’s been referred to by developers themselves, then we have to think what else interrupts the flow and naturally one reaches the obvious conclusion that throw-ins, corners and pretty much every stoppage of play is a liability for the game they idealize. It’s the ridiculous route you talk about that’s impossible not to follow if one makes up such a stupid premise of “not interrupting the flow of gameplay”.

    I say let them have their sh*tshow for themselves. I’ve already started updating PES5 on the PC to the current 2018 squads so that in a few months I don’t have to be a part of that sh*tshow if I don’t feel like getting dirty. I’m modifying the platform in a way that allows the game to be edited as much as possible, like for example making otherwise uneditable, licensed teams fully editable. Instead of using the kitserver to apply “official” kits to every team, I’ll let every team’s kits be edited ingame for it to be fully customizable at the player’s will and not dependent on external editors. A fully-editable platform combined with a timelessly great, realistic gameplay is, in my opinion, the ideal football game.

    Also, since PES5 ML has 4 leagues with 16 teams each, I imagined an NBA-style competition format that gets the best teams in the world in each of the 4 “conferences”. Therefore, I’ll get to eliminate the need for the clubs no one ever cares about, like most of the French, German, Italian and Spanish leagues that are only the sidekicks for the real competitors and the more important clubs like PSG, Bayern, Juve, Milan/Inter, Real, Barça, Atletico and others which will face each other permanently on this new format. That’s leaving me a lot of room for me to get creative since there are only 72 participating teams in the ML and there are 148 total teams in the game. At this point I welcome every idea you could have.

  40. Agree Orlando, as w e have discussed here many times before and as NG has reiterated before, its obviously designed this way purposely, its the new breed of footy gaming, Nu-PES is designed for a casual, disposable demographic who seemingly prefer this pinball style football, quick access, instant gratification, by means of a black ball player, points for a win, a place on a leaderboard or whatever, career mode, or ML as it is, is a second priority, well actually 3rd, behind Online and e-sports comps, for Konami these days, we can either like it, or do as NG has done and lump it, one thing is certain and that’s the fact that they wont be changing anytime soon.

    We had our day with PES 3 – 11 now its the turn of the online gamer.

    I often think about investing in the PC side for editable, customisable game play experience , whether its PES 18 with its camera mods and adboards etc, or an old school PES pimped up to modern day, but, in all brutal honesty – I really can’t be assed.

    I pick up the PS4 controller in the living room, press the PS button, the PS4 wakes up from its resting state, immediately able to carry on from where I left off, no loading, no waiting, no updating, no installing any mods, vids and pics are instantly captured with no fuss…. its just all convenient.

    Maybe once I have changed my home office room into a gaming room i’ll look at having a pc unit hooked up to host such a platform, until then Its either NuPES or FIFA as they come.

  41. Paul / shed: I’ve encountered the same issues re. Wingplay and dribbling in general on world class. The increase in difficulty is embedded in the defensive side of the CPU, which is less annoying to me than the route PES takes (ultra-accurate and always deadly attacking from the cpu) but still annoying. It made the game more “fidgety” for lack of a better word for me and made me drop back down to professional which to me is more enjoyable. Might have to try legendary later…

  42. Orlando-how about conf Latin: Italy,French,Portuguese Spanish. Conf north: British, Belgian,Dutch,German. Conf south: Turkish,Greek,ex yugo,other balkan. Conf east:Russian,Ukrainian,Czech,Polish etc.

  43. Werd – Yeah initially I thought of that, in theory it makes more sense to organize the teams geographically, but that creates a problem: too many powerhouses in the latin and north leagues, and few of them in the south and east. What I’m thinking about is dividing the best teams through the four leagues: for example, the top 4 spanish teams (Real, Barça, Atletico and Sevilla or Valencia) occupy a different league each, so will the four best from England, and so on. That way you have a balanced level of competitiveness throughout the 4 leagues and the “champions league” will have a greater number of excellent teams. The problem is, in doing so there’ll be no classic league clashes such as Barça-Real, unless they face each other in the “WEFA” competitions.

    Paul – The platform I spoke of will be as “mod-less” as possible. I’m not adding on balls, kits, stadiums, adboards and such – my current PC wouldn’t handle it anyway – so I’ll be using the original stuff from PES5. My main focus is the option file: to create a realistic database (using a few ideas for the players’ stats I shared with you guys here a while ago), shape it to optimize the ML experience and keep it completely customizable even for those who don’t understand a thing about kitservers and mods and are able to edit whatever they want on the in-game editor.
    And it’s kind of a fun thing not to have mods: last week I began assigning stadiums for a few teams and it was creative work indeed, figuring out what PES5 stadium looks more like Atletico Madrid’s brand new stadium or Juve’s own Juventus Stadium. I actually have fun doing this.

    not-Greg: yeah, that stops the “flow”. Subbing a player off takes less than half a minute of nuGamers’ precious time, and that’s too much. I think your blog is the only place on earth where I can proudly admit I spent 2-3 minutes tweaking my formation for the last play of the game on my PES5 WC adventure. It was a side free kick and I needed a goal badly to escape the 0-0 draw, so I prepared the team both for the attacking play but also for a possible ball loss. A couple of minutes spent for what eventually amounted to 3 or 4 seconds of actual gameplay, I briefly felt like an NBA coach.
    Myclub players think I’m mentally ill.

  44. Orlando, kudos to you if you have fun doing all that, but seems like way too much time effort and hassle to be spending on a 13 year old game to me.
    Besides the editing options in PES 5 were pretty limited, no way you could recreate clubs badges and decent kits using the in-game editor, not unless you are the pixel picasso of modern times.

    FIFA’S quick sub option is like the skip intro option on Netflix, you never really realised you needed it until you experience it, then you can’t do without it.

  45. Paul– I’d imagine for orlando it’s as much — or more — about a love of the effort for its own sake as any other reason. Me personally I currently just want to ‘wash and go’ after the barest minimum amount of editing, but one of the items on my to-do list for the endless summer of football gaming stretching out before me is to pimp out a PES5 installation to the absolute max, with probably 2018-2019 kits by the time I get there, and dive back into the undisputed heavyweight champion of football games, properly.

  46. Nothing wrong with that, everyone gets something different out of their experience, some like Orlando and Werd Love the editing and messing about with the games as much or more than actually playing it, for me, the editing and pimping is great fun, but only to ultimately improve the most important factor – the playing of the game itself.

    I had an unexpected change of events last night.
    I designed a few PES kits for a friend, whilst I was there I did a new set (Home/Away/Third/GK) of kist for my Bletchley Town team whom I was using in my PES 18 ML.

    I fired up PES 18 last night to test these kits and how they looked before sending them off to said friend, and suddenly found myself having loaded my own set of new kits in, and loaded up my 10 season ML career which I abandoned back in Feb.

    I have changed the settings to Advanced shooting and superstar, and found myself playing through the first 2 games of season 11.

    I still stand by the fact that FIFA presentation, stadiums, everything is far superior, but will openly admit right now that PES 18 looks and moves a lot better than FIFA on the pitch.
    I lost both opening games on Superstar, the FIFA muscle memory is set in, and I found myself a bit ‘lost’ with the PES controls.

  47. Paul – I think it’s possible you’re much more of a PES man at your core than you realise. It wouldn’t be surprising. Shame we can’t pick elements from a buffet of all football games – all PES and all FIFA, from all years.

    Who was it a few weeks ago who remarked that PES2018 with every control set to full manual and on Professional difficulty, was the real deal, PESwise? Just saying…

  48. NG – I’ve never purported to be anything other than a PES man at heart, absolutely I am, PES is always my first choice footy game, thats pretty much why PES gets the majority of the gaming year every year and FIFA gets second dibs.
    But FIFA has just been giving me more of what I want from a career mode recently, hence the siding with it.

    If we could have FIFA 18, with PES 18 graphics (on pitch) and animations, but minus the backheels and outside foot curlers, we’d have a pretty remarkable footy game.

  49. Paul – I had a sneaking suspicion you were edging back to PES 2018 when I read how you were planning to give it a spin to see how it plays now you’ve been engrossed in FIFA for so long.

    I bet it feels bloody lovely – a bit like a long walk on the pebbles here in Brighton and then that glorious moment when you hit the pavement. You might have to live here to fully appreciate that.

    I’ve removed the temptation to revert to PES 2018 as I traded it in. Would I go back to playing it now? Maybe, as it’s been long enough away to dull the irritation over the glaring issues that saw many of us move to FIFA. The fact that even Paul – easily the biggest critic of the game on here – is back playing it underlines that fact that PES 2018 is a good game.

    So we’re back in the old setting of PES STILL being better on the pitch than FIFA and no amount of CM bells and whistles makes up for that in the long term.

  50. Paul – you would be a Prodigal Son and no mistake! I believe you though when you say it was just a flying visit. But how about that PES2018 experiment with all manual and Professional? Or even PES2017.

    Shed – I’ve had the odd sneaky FIFA17 session these past weeks and the package is truly wonderful, CM is everything that ML used to be and no longer is, and the gameplay is often brilliant too, but somehow… No. I think FIFA for me is about context. I think its time will come for me eventually but I won’t force it to come.

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