I used to prefer Equinox

My muscles and mind still remember the past 4 years of PES promoting the crash-bang-wallop, arcade-style gameplay. It’s difficult to go back to PES as it used to be – still fast and furious (and ‘fun’) when it wants to be, but massively tempered by the various realistic limitations that made PES PES.

I still automatically keep trying to play PES2011 as if it’s PES2018. Different times, different games. Only 7 years separate them, but PES2011 is like a 1980s episode of Horizon compared to today’s products.

Only one more session since the last time. Playing so seldom isn’t through choice. At the time of PES2011’s original run, I was playing every day, sometimes multiple sessions per day. Life and work have changed for me since then.

The mid-season transfer window is nearing and I have already agreed to sell two of my Defaults: DODO and ESPIMAS. Neither has done much by way of catching the eye. Most of the others will follow them, sooner or later.

The only Default who is likely to remain with me for the duration of this Master League is RUSKIN. The sturdy, dependable Side Back is only 24 years old and ripe for training up in a few skills. I might even do a position re-train and make him an SMF. Lord knows that thanks to one of PES2011’s most infamous quirks, he keeps appearing in the pocket just behind the strikers anyway. As does his counterpart on the other side of defence, El Moubarki/Giersen (they share the RB role).

CASTOLO will go. ORDAZ and GUTIERREZ will go. The two Hs – HAMSUN and HUYLENS – are already gone, which I might not have mentioned yet. I shipped them out before the first window closed in September.

By this time next season, I want to have my squad made up of only 20% Defaults, with the other 80% being my own personnel.

The new players I have already brought in – SHIMIZU, SCHWARZ, IAQUINTA, MOTTA, PALMIERI, SCHMIDT, and DE SANCTIS in goal – are variable in quality at the moment, to say the least.

All are certain starters when they’re fit and un-fatigued. But perhaps only Motta shows any real consistency. Schwarz is so far fairly disappointing, but he remains a fresh-faced Youth. I remember what a sledgehammer that left foot will turn into in a few seasons’ time. Shimizu, also a Youth, is surprisingly useful, which I don’t remember him being at all.

No goals to report, or show off. I’ve scraped one or two over the line, but none in any way worth recording.

I remain mid-table in the UEFA Super League Division 2 (England). Zero chance of promotion this season, I think. Next season, though, I do want to go up. My first go-round with PES2011, back in 2010-11, lasted 11 seasons, and I recall it took me 6 or 7 seasons to be promoted. That’s what Master League – and football gaming – was back then.

Here and now, I confess, I would like to be contesting for the Premier League title and European silverware by Season 3. Maybe that’s nuPES exerting its baleful influence once more.

Updated: 6th April 2018 — 11:35


  1. Paul, I went back to PES on Sunday after a FIFA break to test out a gameplay mod by NESA over at Evoweb. I too was surprised by how amazing PES is cosmetically and it is better for pick up and play IMO. Ultimately though it’s very shallow due to poor AI and lack of individuality. Back in the olden days I played PES despite the better looking FIFA because gameplay was king and now it’s the other way around.

  2. Just to clear things up, this was a flying visit back to PES, I don’t expect to be back playing it daily or long term, as whilst PES 18 looks better on the pitch (nothing else just the pitch), it only took me 2 matches to start to become deflated with the poor AI and bland non-atmosphere and staleness of every match being identical.

    PES is definitely not king on the pitch, FIFA’s core game play is miles better, PES just looks and moves better, and I’m glad I had those 2 seasons on FIFA 18, they were superb, I now need to decide whether to carry on with FIFA 18, as I have champions league football with Newcastle to look forward to, and have to defend my league title, or whether I try an experiment as NG said and something different in PES.

    I don’t want to just be playing to experiment with things though, gaming time is a precious commodity, so if I play, its got to mean something and be worthwhile, not just an experiment.

  3. Cook – I tried that nesa patch as well. Didn’t notice much of anything except a heavier ball and shots being even weaker than before. Otherwise you’d have to squint your eyes to notice anything different really imo.

    How did you find it, what did you see / experience?

    Paul – I’m thinking about a similar experiment with pes 2018. Basic shooting and manual passing and professional difficulty. Fifa is starting to settle in, honeymoon period is over and even though I still find it superb, it is getting somewhat stale for me after two seasons.

  4. #1 – As I stepped up to World class and implemented th OS Slider changes, FIFA is still feeling fresh as gameplay is different now to my first 2 seasons, I have to find new ways of unlocking teams, so I reckon I could easily get another few seasons out of it yet.

  5. #1 – I struggled to spot any differences but I’m really hoping the modders can get to grips with this series of PES games.

  6. Paul – quite right, precious gaming time is for gaming, not faffing about with things. What you said yesterday about the convenience of console gaming is exactly why I’m still a console gamer despite having a gaming PC.

    Cook/#1 – the day a PES2018 mod appears that isn’t just moonshine and forum mass suggestion, please let me know. I have a PC copy of PES2018 that’s only ever been started up once, to check that it worked. Without a true mod for the gameplay, there’s literally zero point to it for me.

  7. NG – I will. Nothing as of yet and you’ll recall that 17 had none either. Pes 18 on the whole has less mods than 17, at least 17 had stadium mods.

    Paul – I would get a few more seasons out of it if u were you, if the game continues to intrigue. There is a lot to like, I hope EA continue down this path in the foreseeable future. Not sure why it is getting stale for me. Maybe football gaming is just on the downslope for me in general. I started really late as well and was doomed as soon as I started flip-flopping. Ah well. I’ll see what I can wring out of fifa 18, better luck next year.

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