You can’t always Ettori what you want

13 matches in my PES2011 Bundesliga UEFA Super League Division 2 in the English League!

The current table:The 9th session was not as good as the 8th, but it was still epic.

The highlight was scoring a goal, just one single goal, against the top team, CSKA Moscow.

This goal might be the most ordinary goal I have ever uploaded to this site. It is not worth your click. It is not worth the 20-odd seconds that it takes to watch. It’s just a bog-standard PES goal, but for that very reason, it’s remarkable.

PES – true PES – creates the contexts in which ordinary goals feel extraordinary and meaningful.

I’ll describe it, and you can decide if it sounds like a goal you want to watch.

I’m 0-1 down to the league leaders, CSKA Moscow, midway through the second half.

Iaquinta gets the ball inside his own half and runs at the CSKA Moscow defence, which retreats in that curious PES2010-like fashion that I don’t remember noticing originally in PES2011 all those years ago.

Finally blocked off, I lay the ball off to Shimizu, and try to tee up a shooting opportunity with him. My Shimizu in PES2011 has a waspish shot on him, again, not something I recall from back in the day.

The shooting window won’t open, but what’s this I see behind me – is that… is that Ettori coming like an express train, surging through a gap from midfield??

One tidy through-ball layoff later, and Ettori is through on goal.

This is the first time I can remember having this kind of opportunity in the box for a long time in PES2011. (See the league table above. See my Goals Scored column.)

Ettori finishes, to make the score 1-1 at this juncture. There was no fairytale finish. I went on to lose this match 2-1. CSKA Moscow got their winner in the 94th minute with the last meaningful kick of the game.

A sickener, but I was pleased with my goal. Here it is:

The time is coming when goals like this will be replaced by the 35-yard Schwarz howitzers that I’m not too far away from scoring.

But these goals, the bread and butter goals, the constructed goals, are what PES does well.

How is PES2011 going in general after a few weeks now? Work-and-life currently mean that I only get to play a bit, relative to how I used to be able to play. So my football game has to be one I really do want to play, not one I feel I have to play. PES2011 is that game.

It’s not all wine and roses. The PS3 environment continues to annoy me in a number of ways. It’s not just the lack of screenshot and video recording – the lengthy loading times are truly tiresome. ‘Move to PC, then’ is the obvious solution here, but no. I won’t be moving over to PC, having started this ML. The surest way to never playing anything is to be constantly moving and restarting. I am slowly getting used to it, though.

Updated: 3rd April 2018 — 11:10


  1. Ettori showed some legs with that run !!
    Those goals mean as much as the 35 yarders, probably more as it shows you can create good chances, rather than take pot shots from anywhere, bread and butter of any footy game those.

  2. Paul – Ettori has never been a beloved Default for me and was only playing because everyone else was purple-arrowed. There’s a reasonable chance Ettori won’t play a featuring role ever again.

    I half-saw a notification that 30-something Castolo is retiring at season’s end.

    I think only the evergreen Ruskin will be sticking around.

  3. NG – similar that to a goal I scored yesterday morning but couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of recording. Mine had an extra 1-2 in the early build up. Remember thinking how you don’t get clear on goal chances like that anymore in nuPES. The chances do start opening up eventually but you have to think quickly with passing and not dwell on the ball ,otherwise you get punished.

  4. Very nice goal. I know I haven’t always been kind in my comments about PES 2011, but the passing movements are sublime, aided by the excellent off-the-ball movement showcased in that video.

  5. NG – pretty close from Ronaldo tonight.

  6. Lloyd – now that was a bicycle kick. Slight yaw of the hips to the left during the bicycle-kick action itself, but nowhere near enough to pass the threshold into scissors kick territory. The shoulderblades were virtually parallel to the ground. Comfortably an actual bicycle kick. They’re justifiably rare.

  7. Finally I have got my first win in PES 2011. In my 16th match I beat Coventry 1-0 away. Having took the lead in the 70th minute there was no way I was giving that up. From then on I went to the lowest defensive level and hoofed the ball as far as possible whenever a defender got on the ball. All backs to the wall stuff. It is a long while since I have felt that sense of achievement in a footy game. I then followed this up with a 1-0 win at home in a game where I had 2 shots to the CPU’s 12. Now at transfer window stage. What makes the old Master Leagues so good? Well it it is like the saga of the pearl and the oyster. The pearl only happens when the sand gets inside the oyster and irritates it. Without the irritation there would be no pearl. A genuine pearl can only be found in these older games as the nuPES games have stopped the irritation from happening.

  8. Bicycle or ‘overhead’? Reminded me of pele’s against the entire Wehrmacht in that famous Ipswich town heavy side.

  9. Was a Bicycle kick, because of the leg action, great goal and nice to see the Juve fans stand and applaud him after it, classy.

    5 matches left of season 2 …. 5pts clear at the top, the title is looming, and an upcoming Europa League Semi Final. a season 2 double of league and europa league would be nice, shall definitely be moving up to world class for next season.

    Hoping any success bolsters the transfer kitty, currently only have 30mil to spend, and need to sign a wide midfielder, attacking midfielder, and a CF.

  10. Darryl, nice analogy there. I would add the nuance that I don’t think nu pes removes the irritation – it delivers on that front in spades in my view – it just removes the sense of progression that should go along with the irritation. For instance, in old pes you know you are crap and are not expected to win because your squad is crap and you need to bring new players in / train them up / what have you.

    In New pes every player can do everything from the get-go, the only limitations being team spirit and the invisible – and nowadays not-so-subtle – hand of scripting. There is no progression or hardly any that can counteract this type of irritation or grind if you will. It’s all mostly predetermined and – excuse the term but I can think of no better word for it – scripted.

  11. Spot on #1

    Old School PES titles gave a sense of achievement, struggling with the hopeless defaults, being able to take that one golden chance when/if it came up to nick a match 1-0, building enough funds to sign a slightly better player that may be able to take 2 out of every 5 chances instead of one… slowly building, progressing, so by the time you win a trophy you know its through hard work and strategy by either investing in signings, or staff, or youth etc, a sense of accomplishment.

    NuPES just hands everything to you on a plate. You could play 10 seasons and win a treble with the same starting set of 11 defaults that you had on day one.
    Theres no staff to hire, all stats are immediately available, no injuries, no Francis Benali’s to have to shift on asap ….. just purely instant, accessible success.

  12. Darryl – classic PES and classic ML were unafraid to be irritating. That is one of the differences from then to now. The Casteldines and Arcases and Coutinhos of the past few years are so un-PES and un-ML it’s astonishing how we didn’t instantly revolt at their first appearance.

  13. Werd/Abbeyhill or any other wiiu folk…official pro controller or do third parties work just as well? (outrageous prices for controllers ive always thought but have never found clones too reliable). Any games suggestions? I’ve got Mario kart 8, windwaker (I’m going to finish the fecker in hd for definite) and Mario tennis (not my choice). I’m thinking things like rayman and all the Mario stuff will be solid.

    Re above conversation – that lack of default struggle is my one big sadness for FIFA. I don’t think a made up squad would necessarily sit right with their licensed glitz but they have made up players in free transfers and youth teams so there’s no reason they couldn’t include it as an option. It would make the journey so much more rags to riches. Even on world class partick thistle can play well, Ireland was truly awful but it was the finances and expectations that made it so.

  14. Having just seen the Ronaldo goal, my first thought given that this was a European match was how come no one is talking about high feet? If the Juve defender had gone to head the ball he could have kissed his nose goodbye.

  15. Chris99: from my understanding, high feet only applies when there is a defender close to you. If not, bicycle kicks would be banned from football.

  16. LAW 12 Fouls and Misconduct an item called (Playing in a dangerous manner!) The act of doing a high kick or bicycle-kick is not illegal or wrong. ONLY if in the opinion of the referee the actions presents real danger to an opponent or the player himself. IN USSF literature of the ATR (advice to referees)it has a section that deals with what consitutes in their opinion the rational for stopping play in certain cercumstances.Quote USSF ATR.12.13 PLAYING IN A DANGEROUS MANNER.Playing “in a dangerous manner” can be called only if the act, in the opinion of the referee, meets three criteria: the action must be dangerous to someone (including the player himself), it.was committed with an opponent close by, and the dangerous nature of the action caused this opponent to cease his active play for the ball or to be otherwise disadvantaged by his attempt not to participate in the dangerous play

  17. Turf – it is possible to have a default squad in Fifa. What you do is take a side like Celtic and put them in League one for example. With default squad selected you get made up players.

  18. What what what? I didn’t even know you could do that with the teams let alone the squad.

  19. Having seen the goal I would argue that there was a defender near, and he appeared to pull back from going in with his head.

  20. I concur about the defender. Didn’t see him first watch through but yes, he definitely waivers in putting his head forward.

  21. Turf – yes when you are selecting the team you want to play with there is an option right at the bottom to swap leagues. It isn’t the most obvious and is easy to miss.

  22. Darryl – I know about that one but not the default team one..where is that option?

  23. Beat Chelsea 3-2 on Agg to reach the Europa League final last night, then Man City drew 2 games on the bounce, I needed a win from my penultimate league match vs Leicester, after going a goal down ……………

  24. I’ve scored 7 goals in my last 10 games. I’ve only conceded 7 though so am sitting in the top third of the league. One top player would make all the difference.

  25. Turf – Vardy has been instrumental in my side, League top scorer 2 seasons running, his pace and finishing ability has won me games I wouldn’t have won without him.
    Worryingly, he picked up an ankle injury in the title winning second-last match of the season, so will be out for 8 weeks, so will miss the Europa League final.

    I’ve had a job offer from Athletico Madrid, the lure of playing in La Liga against fresh teams, with a big club is very tempting.

  26. Uncle Turf – can confirm the FIFA moving-teams-around-divisions thing. In my mess-around with FIFA17 before Christmas, I started a Career Mode with Coventry moved to the Championship. I could easily have moved them to the Premier League, but on that occasion I went to the Championship with their League 1 squad and budget. I don’t recall seeing an option to switch to a Default-style squad, but FIFA’s design UI in recent years can often hide key options in that right-stick breadcrumb menu style it has, so the option might well be there somewhere.

  27. Pretty sure there’s no option in FIFA to start with made up players.
    Why would EA spend all that money on FIFPRO licensing to then allow the licensed players to be ignored and have a bunch of no names in proper clubs?

    Can’t see the option anywhere either.

  28. With regards to the Fifa question it isn’t an option and is something that happens when you swap a team from one of the other leagues, which is why I mentioned Celtic as example. I don’t know about this with Fifa 18 as I haven’t played it but this was the case in previous versions. Likely it is a bug rather than an option. But what it does is allow you to have a made up squad.

  29. Will test on FIFA 18 later Darryl.
    A fully licensed club with made up names wouldn’t appeal to me anyway, don’t see the point unless their stats were meaningfully low.

    FIFA should allow a Master League style setup, create a club, badge and start with a team of defaults, pre-set, or name yourself.

  30. Paul – that would be great and maybe the end of pes for me if things stay as they are otherwise.

  31. #1 – Now 2 seasons in to a FIFA 18 career and I’ve had a superb time of it.
    Such a difference when every game is different and every match matters, especially during a league title/cup run in.

    If EA allowed us to create our own club and edit kits, there would be no need for PES to exist, I do plan on firing up PES 18 some time soon just to gauge how it feels after now being fully settled in to FIFA and its mechanics.

    I had 10 largeley enjoyable seasons on PES 18, so there should still be some flicker of enjoyment there, just a shame I dedicated so much time to PES when FIFA was the much better career option.
    unless PES 19 is vastly different in terms of ML and for the better, it will be FIFA from the outset come September.

  32. My brief experience with League 1 Coventry in CM suggested it would be a very Default-like experience with those players.

    There was a FIFA where we were able to create custom teams kits badges etc. I vividly remember making a Classic ML side in FIFA and being jokily barracked for it. I’ll guess it was FIFA10. Can only imagine the feature was dropped through lack of use.

  33. I think that was the creation centre NG ?
    You could design a very basic generic badge and kits using the pre-built templates, and create players with custom stats and names, but i recall only being able to use the team online or in friendlies, not in Career mode.

    EA dropped it back in 2016 i think.

  34. Paul – it was Creation Centre! And the team I created was available in Manager Mode as it then was, I’m 100% sure. I believe I did a few posts about it. Will look later.

  35. Good find NG!!!
    Such a shame they disbanded the creation centre.
    It really could be the ML we all want, wrapped up in a shiny FIFA gift bag.

  36. Paul – agreed it is not something that holds any appeal just a comment that it was there. The more I think it had to be a bug. Unless I dreamt the whole thing up.

    Ah Creation Centre and that is another bug bear of mine. What a great idea that was. You could download leagues others had created. Again this was another feature that was dropped as we went to the next generation of gaming. Someone touched on this in another post as the PS4/X Box One era has brought us games with less features.

  37. It might be a lot of work, but you can create the 23 ML defaults from PES in Fifa, swap them to the team you want, and then start the new game moving that team to the spot you want and selecting current customized for the squad options.

  38. I imagine I’ll be in a minority as I was with the cricket tour down under but I’ll be keenly watching the action from Augusta over the next four days. I couldn’t follow golf all the time but certainly more often than the once a year I commit to snooker and tennis. And the fa cup come to think of it.

  39. Most probably was Darryl – was probably filled with those indian and egyptian fake names you see in the free agents list in FIFA,

    JS Hutt – That sounds decent, wouldn’t be that much work, but you’d still have the PES default player names having to be assigned to a real club, with real kit that you cant changed and their real badge, so the whole fantasy element of ML wouldn’t be able to replicated within FIFA.

    Turf – Golf is another one of those sports that is complete dross and boring to watch, but requires a lot of skill and patience to play.
    I love golf clash on the iphone and used to play Tiger Woods Golf on the PS3 a lot, just not for me as a proper TV spectator sport.

  40. Tiger Woods Golf on a games console, you say? Can I interest you in a story about when I bought a Wii console with a copy of Tiger Woods, anticipating lots of happy living room swing-action? What Happened Next Will Shock You!

    Re. Master League in FIFA, the FIFA12 Creation Centre effort was a nice novelty item, I remember at the time. This post details the whole thing. But nothing can match the secret sauce of the original. The only way to get that is to do what I’m doing, and hop in the DeLorean and suckle on the original teat.

  41. Haha, I think we are all aware of your disdain for the Tiger woods Wii game NG.
    Probably best to leave it there 😉

    Agree about not matching the original ML recipe, was thinking more of a side-alternative for those playing FIFA, blending the ML feel, and fantasy world, with the presentation and authenticity of FIFA, Pipe Dream anyway.

  42. Paul – sounds like a description of the World Cup…

    Those Indian et al fake names in FIFA are a glaring jobby in the soup. I never sign any of them as the prospect of a 6 ft striker from downtown Bangalore banging them in week to week is a unlikely as a fast bowler from Beijing hitting the top of off in the cricket World Cup final. I sometimes take the odd Egyptian centre half or Chinese midfielder but the rest are nonsense, why not just have ‘jack smith’?

    Golf on a console used to be a haven of near perfection (wii aside) but in the last few years a lot of options have been stripped out – funny that, can’t think where that’s familiar from.

  43. I never even look at the indian/egyptian fake players either Turf, always omit them from any searches etc, Pradmaljit Poojari playing up front for Newcastle ….. Nah.

    Have you played Rory Mcilroy Golf on PS4 Turf? I assume its a follow on clone of Tiger woods, just with a different face attached, a non-womanising one, is it any good?

  44. Uncle Turf – Tiger Woods 2003 on the PS2 remains the greatest golf game I’ve ever played on any platform. I grabbed the ISO for my PCSX2 setup a while back and it runs flawlessly and is just as good as I remember, cheeringly. (Old games often aren’t.)

  45. Paul – the Indian fake names in FIFA are an attempt to create interest in the product for the 1.2 billion-strong market that is growing and only going to get bigger. We can imagine a young Indian lad having much enjoyment on an ML-style fantasy adventure with a team made up of homegrown stars. That’s what the Indian fake players are for. Ditto the Chinese.

    Similar to how the written language of FIFA is resolutely American English, e.g. the skill games that encourage you to ‘take shots to score on goal‘ (an American sports term, alien to our shores). And of course Alan Smith always gets the sidedness of the corners of the nets wrong, from our perspective, but right from the US commentary perspective.

  46. Interesting assumption NG, could well be right, I wonder what FIFA sales are like in India/China ?
    I play Golf Clash and Snooker on the iphone and literally every single player you always come up against, no matter what time of the day, is Indian/Pakistani.

    FIFA being developed by EA in Canada obviously has a big influence on the american-english interpretations.

  47. You wouldn’t need to with a team of that standing Paul but for myself they are about on a par with my starting eleven. The wages they tend to want are insane though – 9k a week for a Chinese centre half to play for partick thistle.

    I have got Rory mc – the only game I’ve got on that there new fangled ‘download’ method as it was a fiver in the store. That’s what I meant when I said the newer ones have far fewer options. I used to really like unlocking upgrades slowly by winning matches. Of course it reached a point where you could spin the ball back fifty metres after driving a par 5 green so you often needed to disable your hard won abilities.

  48. Paul – re. sales in India and China, I imagine the strategy behind the fake players is to make the sales even more. There’s no way they can realistically make Career Mode more relevant to those ‘markets’, so they provide them with the tools to do it themselves.

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