Great Boo’s Up

Football game Puritans in general and PES Puritans in particular might want to look away now.

My PES2011 setup period is over – and here’s Puritan Strike 1: I have stuck with the Advanced Start.

I initially ran into it without realising. Advanced Start bug in PES2011’s Master League is where pre-Editing the team makes you start with more money and a higher team ranking than you ‘should’ do.

I’d played a couple of matches before realising. It’s too much work to unpick the stitching and start again.

It all means that I’ve been able to furnish myself with some good players from the outset. Iaquinta up front, Motta at DMF, and De Sanctis in goal.

The squad is still 90% Defaults, but would’ve been 99% Defaults without the Advanced Start.

Eh, whatever. I just want to get on with things. I’ll go the full-on Bible-thumping Puritan route at some point in the open-ended footy gaming future.

Puritan Strike 2: my Division 2 is called the UEFA Super League. I’ll still be promoted to the Premiership, as it then was, eventually, but Division 2 isn’t Division 2. And it’s stuffed with the oddest teams. I remember hand-picking them years ago when I spent a few days one summer fooling around with this game.

To add to the Puritan heebeejeebees: whenever the game shows me a replay, the logo that swooshes across the screen is for the Bundesliga.

And finally, Puritan Strike 3.

This is a vaguely long-range goal from Thiago Motta – who’s only with me because of Strike 1, remember – in which the defence backs off and backs off and backs off, instead of closing me down. That was a hallmark of the AI coding around that period of PES, I recall. PES2010 was particularly noted for it, but it was in PES2011 too, on lower difficulties at least. This was from my first two matches on Regular. I’ve changed up to Professional since, and space is very much at a premium

I love PES2011’s shooting. Adore it. Its variety of outcomes and the sheer subtlety of it all – based on the player, his stats, where he’s facing, and what’s happening near him – is as complex and interesting as anything we’ve had since, in any football game.

Arguably PES2011’s was the best shooting we’ve seen in PES since PES5. (Everything in PES5 was and is the all-time best-ever, of course. Everything before and since is jostling for second place.)

I’m mid-table at the moment, and into the second round of the FA Cup. Looks like I’m in this for the long-haul.

It’s not all wine and roses, as the next weeks and months will bear out. I really miss the PS4. I’m very tempted by the allure of FIFA.

But PES2011 was and is unfinished business. And most of the reason I’ve dumped nuPES is to get back to PES fundamentals. PES2011 certainly feels like that.

Updated: 20th March 2018 — 11:42


  1. Shed –that does sound very AI-that-we-needy, good stuff. I like the resting of big players, which is of course exactly was does happen and has been the case for 15 years is it now? I can’t remember the last time the FA Cup was treated as a significant competition by the big teams.

    #1 – re. the shielding thing, remember that if you’ve changed the control scheme around it won’t be L2. E.g. in my PES-style FIFA controls setup, it’s L1.

  2. look at 7s in to the video, after Shelveys pass, the L2 shield to hold the ball up and wait for Vardy to run on to the ball then a little lay off pass for him to strike first time.

  3. Ng /Paul / Shed – well i’ll be damned. Who knew?! Well obviously I didn’t. Something to look forward to when I flop back to FIFA18. I find myself making allowances for PES 18 again so that should not take long. REally hard to appreciate the good stuff after FIFA 18 laying bare all the shortcomings of PES 18, mostly in the area of CPU AI van Team ID. What does remain very good is the whole champions league thing – both the license and presentation and the games itself.

    By initially flopping though I run the risk of being stuck in flop-limbo. So I at least will finish the season I’m currently on on PES which will bring my grand total of actually completed seasons to…three.

  4. ah right you are Chris…must’ve missed that somehow.

  5. I don’t understand now why anyone at all is still puzzled about the direction football gaming has gone in in recent years. Granted it took me a few years to wake up and admit the truth. Convincing myself that nuPES was fine, vis-a-vis classic PES values, and that ‘it’s all a mistake, they’ll fix it next time’, was a great example of self-deception in action.

    #1 – currently not tempted to give PES2018 a whirl. Whether it would feel good or not, I’m playing PES2011, a distinct footy game with its own ruleset and muscle memory requirements. To dilute that adaptation and enjoyment by going off to play another football game, for no reason, would be pointless. The only reason to do it would be if I wasn’t enjoying PES2011…. You’ve invited the devil in by flopping back to PES2018, after seeming to be so impressed with FIFA18, which is interesting. Some of that FIFA ’emptiness’ manifesting itself? You may well spend the rest of the footy game year flopping back and forth without ever settling, and being pointlessly anxious about it. So there’ll be no other football games while I’m playing this one.

  6. I certainly have, and good that you are staying the course. As I said it has nothing to do with fifa itself but rather the sense of unfinished business with pes and me not having explored the higher difficulties yet (top player and onwards). After almost a season on TP I see it holds little to no merits. This is, most definitely “the last chance saloon” for pes 18 as Jim beglin would put it. The only good games (with a few exceptions) I’m getting are in the CL but those are few and far between. The rest is just a generic blur. You and others have already seen and felt this but I guess I had to experience it for myself. When I move back to fifa 18,and I will, then that ‘ll be it.

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