PES2011 is here again

It’s here.

It’s happening.

It’s now.

PES2011 is hopefully going to be the PES game of PES Chronicles for the foreseeable future.

I’d already be well into Season 1 of Master League if I hadn’t run into the ‘Advanced Start bug’ that I clean forgot about.

Here’s a nostalgia-filled screenshot of my first tinker with the First XI and squad:

This screenshot is from the Advanced Start savegame that I won’t be sticking with.

Master League on PES2011 must be a Default slog from the outset, or it won’t be ‘real’.

Soon as I’ve rectified the issue, I’ll be starting proper.

Or will I abruptly jump ship back to the PS4 and FIFA17 (or PES2018)? Regular readers will recall many a similar about-face in years gone by.

All I can say is: I’m enjoying PES2011 again, but not enjoying the PS3 so much. Time has become squeezed for me over the past 8 years. Those extra PS3 minutes of loading time really count for something. Also the lack of the PS4’s Standby function that enabled me to keep a single power-on session ‘live’ over the course of a day or two without rebooting the console. Strange how very spoiled I so quickly got.

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  1. Darryl6464 – Sorry to hear about your family troubles mate. As n-G says, this is the worst part about hitting your forties. Life might begin at 40 but seeing others edging towards the end of theirs is just awful.

    Having considered giving up footy gaming, I now appreciate it as an easy way to decompress at the of the day.

  2. Chin Up Darryl, Hope everything’s calmed down a bit mate.

    Concluded my first season on FIFA 18 last night, and in all honesty, what a season !!
    Absolutely everything I wished PES was, was there in abundance in FIFA.

    The run in saw me lose 2 back to back matches 1-0, I dropped down to 5th, having held a Champions League place most of the season, a resounding 3-0 win vs West Brom helped but we went into the last match of the season needing a home win against Chelsea, who were 2 points above us in 4th, to overtake them, and grab the last CL spot.

    Firstly, What an amazing atmosphere, the crowd were ferocious, noticeably louder than previous matches,singing all kinds of songs, the commentary was all based around the previous fixture between the 2 sides, and how much this game meant in terms of stature and financial security, and even mentioned my over performing exploits this season.

    The match itself was tense and tight, we kept Willian and Hazard fairly quiet and it finished 0-0, Arsenal leapfrogged us both with a final day win, to finish 4th, Chelsea 5th, and us 6th, so Europa League football next season.
    Vardy finished league top scorer with 22 goals.

    We received just over £100 million for a 6th placed finish, the board only allocated 38mil to my transfer funds. I achieved all my targets, including the 88mil profit which was made of of shirt sales, prize money and sponsorships, and finished with my manager’s rating at 94.

    Pre-season saw me ship Slimani back to Leicester, recall Mitrovic from his loan, sell Matt Ritchie, Yaya Touré, and Diame, and bring in Christian Tello at RM, Upamecano (who I had in PES and was a beast) from Leipzig at CB, Yannick Bolassie from Everton at LMF, and Adrian from West Ham at GK.

    Opening day fixture was a 1-1 away to Palace at Selhurst Park.

    Can’t wait to crack on.

  3. Paul – Finishing a season and playing through to the opening fixture of the next in one session is the sign of a great footy game.

    I’m looking forward to FIFA 18 later this year and when I’ve come to some kind of suitable conclusion with FIFA 17. I’ll be back with Brighton in the AMEX, starting in the Premier League. I’ll happily make the switch around the time FIFA and PES release their new games – just to enjoy a different and cheap kind of release day.

  4. nG, hahaha, I love me my Switch. Zelda: BotW was handsdown the best game I’ve ever played, finally pushing Kotor from the top spot. Mario Odyssey was a lot of fun as well.

    I am pretty sure I would have enjoyed proper Fifa 18, like on the Xbox, had EA been fully committed to it, and not given me effectivly Fifa 17.5. Maybe next year.

    Played some online. Man, that was beyond awful. So much of elastic AI I had seldom experienced. The thing that irritates me most about Fifa is how overpowered speed is, and how bad dribbling and passing is compared to PES.

    Fifa feels a bit soulless, but then I might just be projecting.

  5. Shed, I look forward to every match on FIFA 18, as every match is different, its such a refreshing change to actually play against teams and be able to field youngsters, or rest forwards etc, knowing I’m a stronger team, and not coming up against Barcelona every single match.

    I finished season one, went through all the pre-season work, and ended up playing the first fixture of season 2 just before 1am, could have carried on playing but the having to get up for work this morning and the heavy eyelids prevented it.

    I would urge anyone wanting a solid realistic and thoroughly enjoyable career mode to at least give FIFA 18 one season, you cannot fail to be impressed.

  6. Noodles, assume you are still making those claims based on the Switch FIFA?
    its non comparable as those switch / DS / Wii / Vita style ports are purely revenue chasers, they bare no resemblance to the actual full proper game, as there is no way on this planet you can call FIFA 18 on PS4 soulless.
    Especially compared to even the full blown PES where every team plays identically, there’s no atmosphere, games are riddled with back heels, fouls don’t exist, and you don’t even get given a trophy when you win the league, now THAT’s soulless.

  7. Oh, just one thing that frustrates me about both Fifa and Pes: trying to sign a player is never a negotiation. The AI team says we want X. You either offer it, or you are screwed.

    The one thing that Fifa does incredibly well is randomness: out of the blue you’ll get a mail saying your star player wants to leave, for instance. But you still get those games you are not allowed to win.

    All in all, as mentioned, I reckon I would love proper Fifa on the Switch. But in the meantime, Xenoblade rules.

  8. Again Noodles, not true, maybe the switch version, but that isn’t proper FIFA.

    In FIFA on the PS4 you have interactive negotiations, a proper office cutscene where you directly negotiate with the other clubs manager, you discuss signing fee, sell on clauses, image rights, etc, then once agreed, and you can go back and forth and haggle, you then repeat the process with the player and his agent and have to agree on wages, signing on fee, appearance bonuses etc.
    or you can set a min and max offer and delegate to your assistant to carry out the negotiations.

  9. Paul – that’s very different from 17. I’m really disappointed how similar to 14 it is for transfers, even down to the same crop of starting free agents. They must have decided to completely alter it for 18 as all I do now is as Noodles says – they want 500k, I offer 300k, they say no and we agree on 500k. Player wants 3k, I offer 2k, they say 3k and then might try and shaft me at the last minute for 4k with that ‘I like living here bullshit’. It’s exactly the same as it was in 14, 15, etc.

    I think for 17 they must have focused on training changes as I see little else upgraded (I didn’t play 16 though). I’m glad I only paid £4 otherwise I’d wonder why I’d traded 15 in. Enjoyable but not much new.

  10. Turf – the new Interactive negotiations are indeed a new feature specific to FIFA 18, it’s really well done.
    Last night when signing Upamecano from Leipzig, I’d scouted him so had an idea of his market value and wage, so offered 5 mil under, the manager came back with a counter, I countered again, we eventually met at 1 mil under his market value, but after having agreed on a 10% sell on clause.

    Once that was agreed, I had to deal with his agent, we agreed on wages and contract length, then I had to state what type of role he would play at the club, ie prospect, squad player, crucial 1st team player etc, then he wanted a 1 mil bonus after 5 clean sheets and a signing on fee of 1.5 mil.

    I haggled that all down to a 1.5mil bonus after 10 clean sheets and a loyalty signing bonus after 30 matches.

    The great thing is you can choose to do all this, which I do for key signings, but for selling fringe players etc you can delegate it all to your assistant who will come back to you saying he’s arranged a deal worth X and X and do you agree?
    At which point you can sign off the deal, or take over yourself and negotiate further.

  11. In my experience in FIFA 18 there really isn’t much leeway in negotiations, you may shave 0-10% off wages/bonus/next fee but it’s not really negotiation, more like haggling at the local street market. I wish I could turn off the cut scenes, I just hold to skip to get to the details anyway.

    I played a few games yesterday evening. Start of season 2, two 1-0 wins in the league against Rotherham and Colchester and an excellent 2-0 win against Bristol City in the League Cup. My 36 year old striker scoring 3 of my 4 goals and I finally scored from a corner. I’m still waiting for a goal from a free kick, the set pieces aren’t easy. Is it just me or do none of the corner kick routines work at all, EA aren’t even trying to pretend this does anything.

  12. My experience has been different Cook, highlighted an example above where lots of countering and haggling took place, that’s one of a handful.
    A player will have his market value too which acts as a driver for negotiations, as it would in real life, so you’re never going to pay 10 mil under for a player rated 30 mil, just doesn’t happen.
    And you can turn the interactive negotiations off in settings, or just delegate as also mentioned above.

    FIFA’s corner routines are no different from PES’s.
    You can run near post, far post, crowd the keeper, or edge of box, all they do is move the players around a little, how you deliver the ball and in to what area is more important.
    I score from maybe 1 in every 10 corners on FIFA.
    I could score from 8 in 10 on PES, the PES corner routines were not much more effective, the AI was just piss poor at defending.
    Aim for 6 yard box, choose dash, aim at 11 o clock, power up to 75% press shoot as ball was on its way in – goal nearly every time.

    I’ll take FIFA’s more realistic corners.

  13. I have deep, dark doubts about whether anything tactical and deep really, really works in either PES, FIFA, or Football Manager. Tactical Sliders in PES, for sure, are just makework – a shiny set of buttons and levers for us playing monkeys to push and pull, and imagine we’re flying the spaceship. I don’t know enough about FIFA to comment for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same. As for Football Manager, I’ve grumbled about this before, but investing in pacy wingers with good crossing and then instructing the team to focus play down the wings does NOTHING.

  14. NG – from someone who has just played through a whole season on FIFA 18, I can honestly say that any changes I’ve made, tactically, have had very noticeable effects.
    Instruct players to hold back and anchor the midfield – they do, instruct a CF to get in behind, he will always be looking to run off the last man, instruct a winger to have a high att work rate and stay in attack – you will often find him way up the pitch, often leaving the full back exposed.

    it works, I’ve used them.

    FIFA sliders – absolutely do work and are instantly noticeable.

    PES ‘tactics’ during a match are a bit more hit and miss.
    the ‘High pressure’ tactic or Gegenpress, does work, I used that a lot in PES and you instantly notice your players pressing and pushing higher up the pitch, but all those advanced tactics, fluid formations etc – didn’t notice a thing.

  15. Paul, I’ve only played one season in League 2 so it’ll probably change once the sums get a little larger. I agree regarding PES corners being overpowered but I do prefer all set piece mechanics in PES, just personal preference though.

  16. Speaking of tactics – isn’t pes 2011 the one where you can assign tactics per phase of the match? I e. Counter attack in first 15 minutes, wingplay in the final 15 min etc?

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